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Local Chronology, 1920-21.


Dec. 18.
Marriage of Mr. F. B. Merriman, K.C., Recorder of Wigan
Dec. 21.
Sudden death of Mr. C. H. France, Chief Sanitary Inspector, aged 44 years. - Death of Mr. John Hart, Holly House, Appley Bridge, aged 42 years.
Dec. 22.
Wigan Works of Vulcanite, Limited, opened.
Dec. 23.
Resignation of Chief Constable accepted.
Dec. 25.
No Tram Service on Christmas Day.
Dec. 29.
Presentation at Pemberton to Alderman W. L. White, J.P., in recognition of public services.
Dec. 31.
Closing down of Douglas Bank Collieries. - Presentation to Mr. W. S. Watmough, Wigan Bank Official, on Retirement.


Jan. 2.
Death of Mr. John Laithwaite, former official of Wigan Coal and Iron Company, aged 68 years.
Jan. 3.
Death at Southport of the Rev. Canon C. Cronshaw, aged 82 years.
Jan. 6.
Wigan's New Parliamentary Bill approved by Town's Meeting.
Jan. 7.
Death of Mr. James Stott, J.P., Hindley, aged 69 years. - Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions.
Jan. 8.
Abram Old Folks' Treat. - Open Show of Wigan and District Utility and Exhibition Poultry Society.
Jan. 12.
Sir John D. McClure at Wigan Mining and Technical College. - Ploughing Match at Aspull. - Death of Mr. William Winnard, Contractor, aged 80 years.
Jan. 16.
Mayoral Visit to Wigan Parish Church.
Jan. 17.
Third Mossel Concert at Queen's Hall.
Jan. 18.
Sir William Scott Barrett retires from position of Chairman of Liverpool County Quarter Session.
Jan. 21.
Presentation at Chester to Mr. R. H. Wood, J.P.
Jan. 22.
Publication of Lady Wantage's Will.
Jan. 26.
Local Perjury Trial at Liverpool Assizes.
Jan. 27.
Visit of Her Highness Princess Marie Louise to Wigan district. - Makerfield Ploughing Match.
Jan. 28.
Death of Dr. Whiteside, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Liverpool, aged 64 years.
Jan. 29.
Princess Marie Louise visits Wigan. - Right Hon. John Hodge, M.P., in Wigan.
Feb. 2.
Report at Wigan Town Council Meeting that the Town Clerk withdrew his resignation, the Deputation appointed by the Corporation to interview the Hackney Council being successful in obtaining his release from the position of Town Clerk of that Borough. - Wigan Annual Brewster Sessions.
Feb. 3.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions. - Resignation of Sir Wm. Scott Barrett as Chairman of Lancashire County Council.
Feb. 4.
Claims for Damages, at Liverpool Assizes, arising out of Accident in connection with a Workmen's Train at Park Lane Halt, on Great Central Railway. - National Labour Party's Irish Peace Campaign Meeting at Queen's Hall.
Feb. 6.
Death of Mr. James Christopher, Tea Merchant, aged 53 years.
Feb. 7.
Philharmonic Society's Concert at Queen's Hall.
Feb. 8.
Death of Mr. George Formby, aged 45 years. - Annual Dinner of Wigan Butchers' Guardian Association.
Feb. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Chamber of Trade. - Opening of Ince Red Cross New Headquarters.
Feb. 10.
Address in Manchester by Dr. R. Prosser White on "Some Microbes Hostile to Industry."
Feb. 14.
Travel Pictures, "With Allenby in Palestine" at Queen's Hall. - Death of the Rev. James Johnston (Bolton), a native of Wigan, aged 67 years.
Feb. 18.
Death of Mr. T. W. Hilton, M.E., F.R.G.S., aged 83 years.
Feb. 20.
Death of Mr. Richard Ainscough, J.P., Lathom, in his 65th year.
Feb. 21.
Labour Councillors' Association Annual Dinner.
Feb. 22.
Meeting in Wigan to launch a Housing Bonds Campaign.
Feb. 24.
Annual Meeting, Wigan Amateur Operatic Society. - Adjourned Borough Licensing Sessions.
Mar. 1.
Mayor's Juvenile Dance at Empress Hall.
Mar. 2.
Wigan Town Council: Attack on Labour Party. - Inspector Thomas Pey appointed Chief Constable of Wigan.
Mar. 3.
Adjourned County Licensing Sessions.
Mar. 5.
Reports of deaths of Mr. T. R. and Mr. George H. Barlow.
Mar. 7.
Sale of Contents of Garswood Hall. - Clara Butt and Concert Party at Queen's Hall.
Mar. 8.
Conference in Wigan in connection with the Nationat British Women's Temperance Association. - Presentation to Mr. P. J. Conroy, Chairman, Eagle Picturedromes, Limited.
Mar. 9.
Meeting in Wigan on behalf of Lifeboat Saturday Movement.
Mar. 10.
Mr. G. H. Bankes, Winstanley Hall, appointed Sheriff of Lancashire.
Mar. 13.
Mayor's State Visit to United Methodist Church, King Street.
Mar. 15.
Death of Mr. Henry Ambrose, Commercial Traveller, aged 60 years.
Mar. 16.
Wigan Rugby Football Club formed into a Limited Liability Company. - Conference to fix Wigan Holiday Week.
Mar. 17.
Sale of the Standish Hall Estate.
Mar. 21.
Mr. H. H. Asquith, Leader of the Liberal Party, met at L. and N.-W. Railway Station by deputation of Wigan Liberals. - Dr. Henry Whitehead, Oldham, appointed Medical Officer of Health for Wigan.
Mar. 23.
Presentation to Dr. Fred E. Wynne at Whelley Sanatorium.
Mar. 24.
Presentatiton to Mr. W. H. Hewlett on retiring as Managing Director of the Wigan Coal and Iron Co.
Mar. 26.
Rev. H. Lionel Gibbs, appointed Vicar of St. Catharine's, Wigan, in succession to Rev. E. Mayson, appointed to Bootle.
Mar. 28.
Serious Water Burst in Wigan Lane.
Mar. 30.
Death of Mrs. Folkard, aged 69 years, widow of Mr. H. T. Folkard, Wigan Librarian for 39 years.
Mar. 31.
National Stoppage of Miners began at midnight. - Presentation to Mr. G. H. Mockler on his impending retirement as Director of Education. - Death of Mrs. Marshall, aged 78, widow of the late Mr. Thomas Marshall, J.P. - " Warriors' Day": Concert at Queen's Hall.
April 2.
Announcement that Mr. G. H. Bankes, Winstanley Hall, had been appointed a Deputy Lieutenant for Lancashire. - Annual Meeting of Wigan and Districts Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Publication in "Observer" of will of Mr. H. N. Widdrington Standish.
April 4.
Death of Councillor Wm. Bentley, Standish, aged 53 years. - Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions. - Urban District Council Elections.
April 5.
Death of Mrs. Amos Jacques, aged 81 years. - Death of Mr. Frederick George Heaton, Architect, aged 51 years.
April 6.
Wigan Town Council: Rate increased for coming year. - Resignation of Councillor Guest.
April 7.
Mr. T. Boyce, Coventry, appointed Director of Education for Wigan.
April 9.
Annual Meeting of Ince Divisional Labour Party.
April 11.
Death of Mr. W. Wetton, retired Wigan dyer, aged 84 years.
April 14.
Wigan Town Council Meeting: Scholes Market Question discussed. - Councillor Cowser appointed Deputy Mayor.
April 17.
Death of Dr. W. O. Meek, a native of Wigan, aged 77 years.
April 18.
Performance of "Proof" at Royal Court Theatre by Wigan and District Amateur Dramatic Society.
April 20.
Induction of the Rev. W. A. Thompson, Presbyterian Church, Wigan.
April 21.
Judgment at Liverpool Assizes in Park Lane Halt Accident Case. - Second portion of Standish Estate offered for sale. - Councillor E. Walkden elected County Councillor for Ashton.
April 24.
Death of Mr. George Dickson, former Borough Treasurer, aged 70 years.
April 28.
Archdeacon Spooner's Visitation to Wigan Parish Church.
April 29.
Wigan Board of Guardians give Loan Relief for Miners' families.
May 1.
May Day Labour Demonstration in Wigan.
May 2.
Annual Meeting of Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.
May 3.
Wigan Corporation Bill before Select Committee of the House of Commons.
May 4.
Consecration of Haigh Churchyard Extension.
May 7.
Mass Meeting of Miners on Market Square as to Working of Outcrop Coal Seams.
May 11.
Opening of first premises under the Standish Housing Scheme.
May 12.
Presentation of Trophies and Medals in connection with the Football section of the Wigan Juvenile Organisations Committee.
May 14.
Announcement that Mr. F. J. Garroll, Postmaster, of Barnsley, had been appointed Postmaster of Wigan, in succession to Mr. R. Brown, retired.
May 15.
Rector of Wigan announced intending retirement.
May 16.
Wigan Rowing Club Regatta.
May 22.
Death of Mr. George Lord, Licensee of the Minorca Hotel, aged 60 years.
May 23.
Council Elections in Pemberton West Ward and Pemberton South Ward.
May 24.
Local Government Inquiry in Wigan re Purchase and Adaptation of Premises for a Maternity and Child Welfare Clinic in Billinge Road, Pemberton.
May 25.
Mr. George Guest appointed Director of Education for Wigan.
May 26.
Death of Mr. Joseph Ashton, Ince Signalman O.B.E. Medalist, aged 60 years. - Colonel H. C. Darlington, Parbold, appointed a Deputy Lieut. for Lancashire.
May 29.
Mayor's State Visit to St. James's Church.
June 1.
Death of Rev. Father W. Southworth, formerly of St. Cuthbert's, Pemberton, aged 51 years. - Wigan Town Council: Statement on New Rate Demands. - Local Government Inquiry in Wigan into the Application of the Corporation to borrow money to purchase Royal London Buildings, Library Street.
June 2.
Death of Mrs. Johnson, Widow of late Mr. John Johnson, Schoolmaster, Wigan.
June 3.
Death of Mr. John Proe, Undertaker, aged 64 years.
June 4.
Report of resignation of Dr. Aziz, Wigan Tuberculosis Officer.
June 5.
Death of Sir William Scott Barrett, D. L., J.P., C.A., aged 78 years.
June 7.
Death of Mr. Thomas Watson, J.P., Golborne, aged 62 years.
June 8.
Annual Meeting of Wigan Rugby Football Club: New Company commence operations.
June 11.
Announcement that Col. H. C. Darlington had received the C.B. in King's Birthday Honours.
June 12.
Sunday Postal Labour Ceases.
June 13.
Death of the Rev. S. W. Skene, Vicar of Dalton, aged 54 years.
June 15.
Wigan Tradesmen's Holiday.
June 16.
Death of Mr. John Grundy, Colliery Official, Bamfurlong, aged 49 years.
June 17.
Miners' Ballot resulted in favour of continuing the Stoppage. - Presentation to Mr. James Ohm, M.A., by Grammar School Old Boys.
June 18.
Article on "The Wigan Seal" in the "Observer."
June 19.
Census Day.
June 20.
Farewell Presentations to Rev. E. Mayson at St. Catharine's School.
June 23.
Rev. Peter Jones Roberts, Ashton-in-Makerfield, drowned in Menai Straits.
June 24.
Death of Miss Mary A. Rothwell, only daughter of the late Mr. John Rothwell, Wallgate, aged 58 years.
June 25.
Heat Wave: Parbold Field Takes Fire.
June 26.
Presentation to Mr. Thomas Graham at London and North Western Railway Station, on Retirement. - Infirmary Annual Meeting. - Mr. W. M. Milnes (Coventry) appointed General Manager of Corporation Tramways. - Education Committee's School Camp at Ainsdale.
July 1.
National Coal Strike Settled. - Presentations to former Wigan Chief Officials.
July 4.
Death of Mr. H. N. Bryan, Solicitor, Hindley, aged 75 years.
July 6.
Visit of Prince of Wales to Hindley, Abram and Ashton.
July 7.
Judge H. C. Dowdall took his seat for first time at Wigan County Court: Test case re Nett Rent following Direct Rating by Wigan Corporation. - Sir T. R. Ratcliffe-Ellis retired from Secretaryship of Mining Association of Great Britain. - Death of Mr. Thomas Strowger, Master Printer, in his 77th year.
July 8.
Prince of Wales Visited Wigan. - Report of Double Tragedy at Standish.
July 9.
Consecration of a New Portion of St. John's Churchyard, Pemberton.
July 10.
Death of Mrs. Mary Murray Fitz-Adam, Widow of a former Recorder of Wigan.
July 11.
Wigan Holiday Week.
July 16.
Rev. Cuthbert C. Thicknesse accepts Rectory of Wigan. - Report of work of Wigan Profiteering Committee.
July 17.
Mass Meeting of Railway Workers in Wigan.
July 18.
Death of Mr. B. B. Glover, Mining Engineer, aged 81 years.
July 19.
Judgment in County Court in Direct Rating Test Case.
July 20.
Presentation to Mr. R. Brown, Wigan Postmaster, on retirement. - Death of Mrs. William Wall, aged 66 years. - Town's meeting in connection with the Wigan Borough Association Football Club.
July 23.
Annual Meeting of Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
July 27.
Wigan Council Meeting: Tramway Losses announced. - Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions. - Meeting in Wigan of Lancashire Cheshire and North Wales Ironmongers' Federation.
July 31.
Wigan Territorials Camp at Carnarvon.
Aug. 1.
Death of Mr. Sydney M. Haworth, Mawdesley, aged 37 years. - Centenary of Wigan Savings Bank, King Street.
Aug. 6.
Haigh Foal Show.
Aug. 11.
Death of Mr. Alfred Mercer, M.Sc., late Inspector of European Schools, Bengal, aged 34 years.
Aug. 13.
Earl of Crawford appointed Knight of the Thistle. - Douglas (Parbold) Flower Show. - Billinge and Winstanley Foal Show. - Wigan County Police Sports.
Aug. 14.
Death of Mr. W. Tyson Wilson, M.P., aged 66 years.
Aug. 15.
Inquest and Verdict re Standish Tragedy.
Aug. 16.
Death of Mr. Elias Ranicar, aged 88 years. - Death of Mr. James Paxton, Poolstock, aged 62 years. - Death of Mr. William Waring, Retired Colliery Manager, aged 68 years.
Aug. 17.
Wigan Corporation Bill received the Royal Assent.
Aug. 18.
Institution of Rev. H. Lionel Gibbs, new Vicar of St. Catharine's. - Death of Mr. J. S. Thomson, Bank Manager, aged 63 years.
Aug. 20.
Hindley Allotment and Garden Association Annual Show. - Devastating Fire at Appley Bridge Chemical Works. - Lifeboat Saturday Demonstration.
Aug. 23.
Mabs Cross re-erected in Grounds of Girls' High School.
Aug. 25.
Tramway Losses discussed by Corporation General Purposes Committee.
Aug. 26.
Wrightington Estate Sale.
Aug. 27.
Publication of Census Report. - Death of Mr. James Ball, Corn Merchant, aged 59 years. - Hindley and District Agricultural Show.
Aug. 28.
Death of Lieut.-Col. John Lancaster, Nephew of late Mr. John Lancaster, formerly M.P. for Wigan, aged 72 years.
Sept. 3.
Presentation to Mr. Roger Crompton, Umpire, Wigan Cricket Club for 30 years. - Shevington Poultry and Horticultural. Show.
Sept. 4.
Death of Mr. Robert Pickles, retired Schoolmaster,. aged 72 years.
Sept. 7.
Wigan Council Meeting: the next Mayor.
Sept. 8.
Annual Meeting of Wigan and District Dramatic Society.
Sept. 10.
Report of Garswood Hall sold for Demolition. - Up-holland and District Allotment Show.
Sept. 12.
Christening New Motor Pump, Wigan Fire Brigade.
Sept. 17.
Institution of New Vicar of Dalton.
Sept. 19.
Mr. A. E. Baucher adopted prospective Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Wigan.
Sept. 20.
Death of Dr. Herbert Burland, second son of the late Mr. Richard Burland, of Poolstock, aged 58 years.
Sept. 24.
Carnival in connection with Wigan Infirmary Week (the Mayor's Appeal). - Eisteddfod at Queen's Hall. - Death of Mr. H. J. Ainsworth, Haigh, aged 67 years.
Sept. 27.
Treasure Trove Inquest at Upholland.
Sept. 30.
Resignation of Mr. R. Halliwell, the Wigan Registrar.
Oct. 1.
Announcement of the death in New Zealand of Mr. Wm. Roger, an old Wigan journalist, age about 70 years.
Oct. 2.
Annual Demonstration of Catholic Young Men's Societies.
Oct. 3.
End of "Summer Time." - Relief Schemes for Unemployed considered by Wigan Corporation General Purposes Committee.
Oct. 5.
Wigan Council discuss Relief Work and Scale of Pay. - Westhoughton Election Result: R. J. Davies (Lab), 14,876, James Tongue (C. L.) 10,867.
Oct. 6.
Presentation to Ex-Alderman John Counsel on Retirement from the Council. - Conference of Local Authorities on Unemployment Problem.
Oct. 7.
Death of Mr. R. H. Scott, Master Plumber, aged 52 years. - Dr. Joseph Carroll Appointed Wigan Union Medical Officer.
Oct. 9.
Mayor's State Visit to Queen's Hall.
Oct. 13.
Corporation General Purposes Committee approve important Electricity Scheme.
Oct. 15.
Australasian Football Team at Central Park.
Oct. 17.
Presentation to Rev. R. G. Matthew on Retirement as Rector of Wigan.
Oct. 21.
Annual Meeting of Wigan Golf Club.
Oct. 24.
Death of Mrs. J. F. Morris, Upholland, aged 77 years.
Oct. 25.
Death of Mr. James Ireland, Parbold, aged 75 years. - Marriage of the Hon. Lionel Lindsay and Miss Yone Kennedy.
Oct. 26.
Death of Alderman John McQuaid, aged 68 years. - Half-yearly meeting of Wigan Cricket Club. - Sale of effects at Wigan Rectory.
Oct. 29.
Lord Haldane Addresses Wigan Education Society.
Oct. 30.
Annual Conference Wigan and District Catholic Young Men's Societies.
Oct. 31.
Death of Mr. W. H. Baker, brass founder, aged 70 years. - Wigan Council Meeting: Aspull Tramway Route and Direct Rating.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections: Conservatives gain two seats.
Nov. 2.
Case re Mr. H. Twist, J.P., and others settled at Liverpool Assizes. - Death of Bishop Thicknesse, aged 92 years.
Nov. 3.
Earl of Crawford received the Order of the Thistle from the King.
Nov. 4.
New Vicar of Haigh (Rev. A. L. Marsden) instituted.
Nov. 9.
Wigan Council Annual Meeting: Councillor Francis J. Pagett elected Mayor. - Wigan and District Philharmonic Society Concert at Queen's Hall: Elgar's "Music Makers" and Coleridge-Taylor's "Hiawatha's Wedding Feast."
Nov. 10.
Death of Mr. C. G. Durrant, Hindley Registrar, aged 73 years.
Nov. 11.
Armistice Anniversary Observances. - Death of Mr. Thomas Lymn, Mining Engineer, aged 67 years.
Nov. 13.
New Mayor's State Visit to St. Patrick's Church.
Nov. 15.
Death of Mr. James Henry Johnson, youngest son of the late Mr. J. H. Johnson, Abram Colliery Coy., aged 46 years.
Nov. 16.
Wigan Girls' High School Prize Distribution. - Bishop Mercer at Wigan and District Free Church Council Annual Meetings.
Nov. 18.
Death of Mr. P. O'Loughlin, Wigan ex-Schoolmaster, aged 62 years. - Death of Mrs. Talbot Fair, Lytham, aged 78 years.
Nov. 20.
Coming of age of Lord Balniel. - Death of Mr. John Unsworth, retired Colliery Manager, aged 80 years.
Nov. 21.
Death of Mr. Harry Swales, Jeweller, aged 43 years.
Nov. 23.
Golden Wedding of Mr. Wm. Rigby, J.P., and Mrs. Rigby, Wigan. - Dr. R. Prosser White's Lecture on Occupational Diseases before Royal Institute of Public Health.
Nov. 24.
Death of Sister Agatha, fourth daughter of the late Mr, Henry Woodcock, J.P., Wigan.
Nov. 25.
Death of Mr. William Anderson, Retired Grocer, aged 84 years.
Nov. 27.
Death of Mrs. Laycock, widow of the late Mr. James Laycock, Wigan, aged 75 years.
Nov. 30.
Death of Miss Elizabeth Berry, sister of the late Dr. Wm. Berry, J.P., aged 61 years.
Dec. 1.
Presentation to Councillor J. I'Anson Cartwright, J.P.
Dec. 6.
Dr. Brierley (Wigan) entertained at luncheon by Lancashire Parish Register Society.
Dec. 7.
Wigan Council: Another Debate on Tramway affairs. - Upholland Grammar School Prize Distribution.
Dec. 8.
Annual Meeting, Wigan Infirmary Hospital Sunday and Saturday Funds. - Wigan and District Building Trades' Annual Dinner.
Dec. 9.
Notre Dame High School Prize Distribution.
Dec. 11.
Ter-Jubilee Celebrations, Trinity Presbyterian Church.
Dec. 12.
Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society's Performances of "Tom Jones" and "Miss Hook of Holland."
Dec. 13.
Inquiry in Wigan into Town Council's application to borrow £4,200 for purchase of Adlington Hall and Estate.
Dec. 15.
Corporation Decide on Experiment with regard to Aspull Tramways.
Dec. 16.
Wigan Grammar School Prize Distribution.

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