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Local Chronology, 1919-20.


Dec. 18.
Prize Distribution, Ashton Grammar School.
Dec. 19.
Inquiry at Standish regarding proposed additional Councillors for the Township.
Dec. 22.
Opening of the County Playhouse, King Street. - Wigan Labour Party Dinner to celebrate Election Victories.
Dec. 23.
Death of Mrs. Lymn, wife of Mr. Alfred Lymn, J.P., Ince.
Dec. 26.
Death in London of Mr. Humphrey Jeffrey Walmesley, aged 73 years.
Dec. 27.
Announcement of retirement of Mr. J. R. Macmillan, Manager, Manchester and County Bank, Library Street.
Dec. 28.
Mayoral Visit to St. Mark's Church, Newtown.


Jan. 3.
First list of names published in "Observer" for Wigan War Memorial. - Report of Funeral of Rev. E. H. E. Franks. - Death at Appley Bridge of Rev. Wm. Walker, B.A, aged 79 years.
Jan. 5.
Presentation to Mr. W. W. Dewse and Mr. F. Buckley, former Corporation Officials.
Jan. 7.
Shortage of Household Coal discussed at Wigan Council Meeting. - Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions. - Hindley Aged People's Treat.
Jan. 8.
Judge Thomas took his seat for first time at Wigan County Court.
Jan. 9.
Right Hon. Arthur Henderson, M.P., addressed Labour Meeting in Queen's Hall.
Jan. 10.
Abram Old Folk's Treat. - Presentations to Mr. and Mrs. Boydell, Hindley Green.
Jan. 12.
Opening of "Woodfield" School, Wigan Lane.
Jan. 13.
The Mountain Mine Fatality: Colliery Managers Prosecuted. - Conference in Wigan as to Coal Shortage.
Jan. 14.
Haigh, Aspull, and Blackrod Ploughing Society's Show. - Presentation of Prizes to Grocery Students. - Presentation to Father Finn, on leaving St. Patrick's, Wigan.
Jan. 16.
Presentation at Hindley to Mr. Sydney Raynor, on the occasion of his marriage.
Jan. 17.
Photographs in "Observer" showing Monument in English-French Cemetery at Mudros.
Jan. 18.
Hospital Sunday: Mayor's State Visit to Parish Church. - Unveiling Tablets at St. John's Church, Pemberton, in memory of Jeffrey Baynes and John Rigby.
Jan. 19.
Wigan Conservative Ball.
Jan. 21.
Local Inquiry re making Wigan and Pemberton one Parish.
Jan. 22.
Meeting in Wigan in connection with the National Alliance of Employers and Employed. - Makerfield Ploughing Society's Match.
Jan. 23.
Annual Meeting of Wigan Juvenile Organisations Cornmittee. - Mr. G. H. Gater, Director of Education for Lancashire, addressed Wigan Education Society.
Jan. 24.
Reports of Cotton Mill Sales.
Jan. 26.
Civic Currency advocated at Wigan Town Council Meeting. - Death at Kilhey, Worthington, of Alderman James Lawrence, J.P., C.C., aged 69 years. - Housing Conference in Wigan.
Jan. 28.
Local Slander Action, Dearden v. Ryan, at Liverpool Assizes. - Annual Meeting of Wigan Temperance and Rescue Mission. - Mr. Albert Sammons, violnist, at Mason Bros' Concert, Queen's Hall.
Jan. 29.
Death of Mr. Thomas Ralph Weedall, eldest son of the late Mr. Peter Weedall, Wigan, aged 42.
Jan. 30.
Mayor's Juvenile Ball.
Jan. 31.
Report of Death of Capt. E. W. Maltby, Ashton. - Report of Presentation to Aspull Platelayer who saved an express train. - Report re offer for purchase of Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Company by Armstrong, Whitworth, and Company. - Wigan Cooperative Society's Annual Festival.
Feb. 1.
Death in California of Mr. Harry Browne, aged 43 years.
Feb. 2.
St. John's Ball.
Feb. 3.
Catholic Billiard League: FinaI for the Benson Cup.
Feb. 4.
Wigan Council Meeting: Reference to Electricity Developments. - Wigan Annual Brewster Sessions.
Feb. 5.
Wigan County Division Licensing Sessions. - Distribution of Awards to Wigan Allotment Holders.
Feb. 7.
Rev. F. E. d'Anyers Willis, Vicar of Haigh, appointed Rector of Warrington. - Report of Sale at Royal Hotel, Wigan, of Major Stapleton Bretherton's Rainhill Estate.
Feb. 10.
Wigan Grocers' Association First Annual Ball.
Feb. 11.
Death of Mr. Alexander Gibson, retired Draper, in his 91st year. - Wigan and District Philharmonic Society's Second Concert of the season. - British Tank, presented to Wigan by the War Office, installed in Mesnes Park.
Feb. 12.
Annual meeting Wigan Charity Organisation Society.
Feb. 14.
Rev. C. H. Richardson appointed Vicar of Hawes in Wensleydale, Yorkshire. - Annual tea party of Lancashire and Cheshire Colliery Deputies' Association.
Feb. 15.
Coldstream Guards' Band in Wigan. - Unveiling of Memorial Tablet to Mr. Matthew Baird in Hope Church.
Feb. 16.
Annual Meeting of Wigan Y.M.C.A. - "Save the Children" Campaign Meeting at Queen's Hall. - Special Council Meeting as to diversion of local footpaths.
Feb. 17.
Butchers' Guardian Association Annual Dinner. - Annual Meeting of Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
Feb. 18.
Public Meeting in Queen's Hall on proposed Wigan Paper Currency.
Feb. 19.
Annual Meeting of Wigan After-Care Committee.
Feb. 23.
Death of Mr. Philip Coldwell Thicknesse, third son of Bishop Thicknesse, aged 60 years.
Feb. 25.
Annual Meeting, Wigan Subscription Bowling Green. - Licensed Victuallers' Ball. - Decision to form a Branch of the League of Nations in Wigan. - Annual Meeting of Wigan Chamber of Trade.
Feb. 26.
Annual Meeting of Wigan Swimming Club.
Feb. 28.
Presentation to Mr. J. F. Simpkin, J.P., on completing 21 years' service as Superintendent of Atherton Wesleyan Sunday School, Lamberhead Green. - Announcement of a Syndicate of Cotton Spinners acquiring the business of William Brown and Nephews, Limited, Wigan.
Feb. 29.
Mayor's State Visit to St. Michael's Church.
Mar. 1.
Borough Adjourned Brewster Sessions. - Borough Auditors' Election.
Mar. 3.
Wigan Council: Purchase of Sewage Farm at Hoscar. - Annual Meeting of Wigan Bowling Green, Limited.
Mar. 4.
Two German Field Guns captured by Lancashire Troops placed in the Mesnes Park.
Mar. 6.
Death at Hales Owen, Worcestershire, of Mr. James Proctor, a native of Wigan, in his 79th year.
Mar. 10.
Death of Dr. James Chronnell, Hindley, aged 62 years.
Mar. 11.
Mishap to Workmen's Train on Great Central Railway: 2 deaths. - Nomination of Guardians and Urban District Councillors.
Mar. 13.
Announcement of resignation of Mr. and Mrs. J. Caldwell, Superintendent and Matron of Wigan Corporation Baths. - Land Reform Conference in Wigan. - Unveiling of Hindley Hall Golf Club War Memorial. - Welcome Home to Standish Soldiers.
Mar. 14.
Death of Miss Elizabeth Wall, third daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Wall, J.P., of Wigan and Southport.
Mar. 15.
Inquest on Victims of Railway Mishap. - Annual Meeting of Wigan District Council Catholic Young Men's Societies. - Public Inquiry as to application of Corporation to borrow money for purchase of the Sewage Farms.
Mar. 16.
" Alliance of Honour" Meeting in Queen's Hall. - Annual Meeting, Wigan and District Grocers' Association.
Mar. 17.
Heywood-Davenport Concert at Queen's Hall. - Death of Mrs. Mary Swalwell, aged 75 years.
Mar. 18.
Aeroplane Flying at Standish.
Mar. 20.
Foundation Stone-laying Y.M.C.A. Club, Orrell. - Opening of Standish Labour Club. - Death of Mr. Thomas Hough, formerly of Newtown, aged 76 years.
Mar. 21.
Mayor's State Visit to Wesleyan Church, Standishgate.
Mar. 23.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Leadbeater, Southport, appointed superintendent and Matron at the Corporation Baths.
Mar. 24.
Wigan Rate Increases. - Death of Mr. Arthur Ranicar,. J.P., aged 57 years.
Mar. 25.
Judge Shand first sat at Wigan County Court. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Workshops for the Blind.
Mar. 26.
HindIley and Abram Grammar School: Prize Distribution.
Mar. 27.
Annual Meeting of Wigan and Districts Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 29.
Urban District Council Elections. - Meeting in Wigan of Lancashire Council Of Meat Traders' Associations.
Mar. 30.
Death of Mr. James Hague, Master Builder, aged 69 years.
April 3.
Announcement of Local Recipients of Empire Order Honours.
April 5.
Local Holiday Tours by Corporation Motor Bus.
April 6.
Church Councils formed at Easter Vestry Meetings.
April 8.
Auction Sale of Warrington Lane Brewery Houses.
April 10.
Swinley Labour Club Stone-laying Ceremony.
April 11.
Unveiling of Tablet in Wesleyan Church, Standishgate, in memory of the late Mr. F. R. Dawson, J.P.
April 13.
Death of Mr. John Parry, Managing Director of Douglas Forge Co., Ltd., aged 61 years. - Liverpool Assizes: Bogus Baronet sentenced.
April 15.
Result of Miners' Ballot on Government's Wages Offer.
April 17.
Mr. Greaves-Lord, K.C., adopted Prospective Conservative Candidate for Newton Division. - Dedication of War Memorial in St. James' Church. - Unveiling of Standish War Memorial. - Publication of Mr. H. J. Walmesley's Will.
April 19.
Deadlock over Chairmanship Question at Annual Meeting of Golborne Council.
April 24.
47th Annual Meeting of Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
April 26.
Death of Mr. Peter Atherton, J.P., of Pemberton, aged 70 years.
April 29.
Presentation to Mr. Thurstan Cocker, Headmaster of St. Thomas's School, Clayton Street, Wigan, on retirement. - Meeting of Wigan Branch of Bank Officers' Guild. - Marriage of Mr. Reginald J. N. Neville.
April 30.
Marriage of Col. Walmesley, D.S.O., M.C.
May 1.
Labour May Day Demonstrations in Wigan, Hindley, and Ashton.
May 3.
Motion in case Grundy and others versus the Bryn Hall Colliery Co., and others, at Chancery Court, Liverpool. - Death of Mr. William James Lees, Solicitor, aged 50 years.
May 5.
Wigan Council Meetiig: The Question of Growing Flax.
May 6.
Chancellor Dowdall's Visitation Service at Wigan Parish Church. - Presentations to Bishop Chavasse on being 50 years in Holy Orders.
May 9.
Death of Mr. William Clarke, Ince, Licensee and former Racing Cyclist, aged 41 years. - Death of Mr. William Marsden, Evangelist, at Kalgoorlie, West Australia, and formerly of Wigan, aged 59 years.
May 11.
Death of Mr. John Naylor, Safety-lamp Manufacturer, aged 52 years.
May 12.
Annual Meeting in Wigan of Lancashire Parish Register Society. - Dedication of War Memorials in Douglas Parish Church, Parbold, and St. George's Church, Wigan. - Annual Meeting in connection with St. Margaret's Home, Wigan.
May 13.
Death of Mr. Alfred Caunce, Golborne, aged 68 years.
May 14.
The Kiihey Court Estate, Worthington, offered for sale by auction.
May 15.
Announcement that Colonel H. C. Darlington bad been appointed to Command the Manchester Infantry Brigade, T.F.
May 18.
Action commences in Chancery Division: Pemberton Colliery Co., Ltd., v. Worsley Mesnes Collieries, Ltd. - Head Teachers and members of Wigan Juvenile Employment Sub-Committee visit Victoria Pit, Standish. - Death of Mr. Thomas Uttley, Hairdresser, Wigan Lane, aged 76 years.
May 19.
Wigan Grammar School Sports - first since 1914. - Annual Meeting 5th Battalion Manchester Regiment Old Comrades' Association.
May 20.
Mr. Frederick Baker, Cardiff, appointed Wigan Parks Superintendent. - Royal Investiture at Preston: Local recipients decorated.
May 21.
Presentation to Mr. J. Leary and Mr. T. Gerrard, Wigan Post Office Officials, on retirement. - Death of Ex-Alderman William Fairhurst, aged 79 years.
May 22.
Wigan Rowing Club Regatta.
May 24.
Brilliant Holiday Weather. - Catbolic Demonstration and Procession resumed. - Inflrmary Gala at Central Park. - Serious rioting in Scholes.
May 26.
Death of Mrs. Holt, wife of Rev. C. F. Holt, formerly of Hindley, aged 69 years.
May 27.
Annual Meeting of Wigan Rugby Football Club.
May 28.
Serious fire at Messrs. Eckersley's No. 2 Western Mill. - Presentations in connection with Wigan Juvenile Organisations Committee's Football Competitions. - Death of Mr. Thomas Barton, J.P., Ince and Southport, aged 80 years.
May 29.
Announcement of Death of Lieut. Col. J. R. Burrows, V.D. - Floods in Wigan and district following severe thunderstorm. - Presentation to Mr. William Mack, on retirement as Headmaster of Digmoor School, Upholland.
May 31.
Annual Meeting, Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.
June 2.
Future of Aspull Tram Route discussed at Wigan Council Meeting.
June 3.
Sale of the late Captain J. R. Prescott's Estate, Dalton Digmoor, Upholland.
June 4.
Gathering at Drill Hall in celebration of 5th Manchesters actively entering the Great War.
June 5.
Report of election of representatives to House of Laity National Assembly of Church of England.
June 10.
Watch Committee: Chief Constable's resignation submitted and withdrawn.
June 12.
Wigan County Police Sports. - Presentation to Alderman McQuaid at Earlestown.
June 13.
Mayoral Visit to Hope Congregational Church, Wigan.
June 14.
Dr. Andrew Gilmour, of Paisley, appointed Medical Officer of Health for Hindley. - Death of Mr. Wilfred Chamberlain, a well-known local musician.
June 15.
Dame Nellie Melba's songs heard by wireless telephony in Wigan.
June 16.
Death of Alderman Alfred Bywater, J.P., Orrell, aged 79 years. - Wigan General Holiday.
June 19.
Death of Mr. Henry Ackerley, aged 77 years.
June 21.
Mr. Rigby Swift, K.C., Recorder of Wigan, appointed a Judge of the High Court.
June 23.
French Champion Swimmers visit Wigan.
June 25.
Sale of ground rents, building plots, and freehold farms In Ince, Coppull, Shevington, and Wigan.
June 29.
Wigan Infirmary Annual Meeting.
June 30.
Unveiling Wigan Cricket Club War Memorial. - Garden Party at the Infirmary.
July 2.
Meeting in Wigan in connection with National Alliance of Employers and Employed. - Conference in Wigan as to flax and linseed growing.
July 3.
Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws conferred at Manchester University on Mr. Henry Brierley, of Wigan.
July 7.
Wigan Council: The Allocation of gas profits.
July 10.
Wigan Coal and Iron Company: War Tablets unveiled.
July 12.
Tenants' Defence League Meeting in Wigan.
July 13.
Death of Mr. Thomas Johnson, Engineer, aged 72 years.
July 17.
Collision between Wigan and Bolton trains at Lostock Junction. - First Annual Carnival of Ince Branch of Comrades of the Great War. - Consecration of King's Colour for 2-5th Manchesters.
July 20.
Mr. Edward Lund, Wigan Borough Treasurer, appointed City Treasurer of Carlisle.
July 21.
Unveiling of Platt Bridge War Memorial.
July 23.
Sale of farms in Upholland and Billinge, &c.
July 24.
Announcement that Dr. M. G. McElligott, Wigan, had been appointed on the Outdoor Medical Staff of the Ministry of Health. - Wigan Juveniles Camp at Ainsdale. - Mr. T. McKnight appointed Chief Librarian of Tyldesley. - War Memorials at Standish Pits of Wigan Coal and Iron Co. - Unveiling Wigan Golf Club War Memorial.
July 26.
Presentation to Sir J. S. Harmood-Banner, M.P., on retirement as Chairman of Directors of Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Company, Limited, following the amalgamation of the firm with Sir W. G. Armstrong, Whitworth, and Company, Ltd.
July 28.
Wrightington Estate Sale. - Death of Mr. John Gerrard, Inspector of Mines, aged 70 years. - Death of Mr. R. C. Haworth, Hindley, aged 75 years. - Wigan Town Council: Corporation new houses: Building Guild obtain the contract.
July 30.
Election in South Pemberton Ward to fill vacancy by Councillor J. Fairhurst being appointed an Alderman.
July 31.
Strike of Wigan Gas Workers. - Announcement that Mr. Frank Boyd Merriman, K.C., had been appointed Recorder of Wigan. - Induction Service at St. James's Church, Wrightington. - Death of Henry Noailles Widdrington Standish, Standish Hall, at Contrexeville, France, suddenly, aged 73 years.
Aug. 2.
Wigan Territorials in Camp at Fleetwood.
Aug. 5.
Death, in his 69th year, of Mr. Josiah Dean, Solicitor, a native of Crawford Village, Upholland.
Aug. 7.
Foal Show at Haigh.
Aug. 9.
Wigan Gas Workers return to work. - Death of Lady Wantage, aged 83 years.
Aug. 11.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: Welcome to the new Recorder. - Women on Jury for the first time.
Aug. 13.
Death of Mr. Robert Johnson, retired butcher, aged 65 years.
Aug. 14.
Annual Show of the Douglas Floral Society, Parbold.
Aug. 16.
Old Prince Pit, Haydock, closed.
Aug. 19.
Presentation to Mr. William Aspinall, in recognition of his 40 years' service as Clerk to Abram District Council.
Aug. 21.
Announcement that Mr. Douglas G. Hunter had been appointed wholetime Secretary to the Wigan Y.M.C.A. - Rev. W. H. Skene, Rector of Tarleton, appointed Vicar of St. George's, Wigan. - Visit of Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarians to Standish Parish Church. - Billinge Foal Society Show. - Mr. Ernest Bevin, the "Dockers' K.C.," in Wigan.
Aug. 22.
Death at Southport, of Miss Alice Leach, aged 78 years. - Wigan Council of Action, Mass Meeting in Wigan.
Aug. 24.
Death of Mr. William Ball, aged 56 years.
Aug. 25.
Bowling Final for Infirmary Cup at Mesnes Park. - Ballot of Miners for or against a Strike on Wages Question.
Aug. 26.
Mass Meeting in Wigan to protest against Government's treatment of Archbishop Mannix.
Aug. 28.
Mr. Hedley Lucas, Wigan Infirmary, appointed General Superintendent and Secretary of Queen's Hospital, Birmingham. - Report of death of Mr. William Wilson, second son of the late Mr. Joseph Wilson, Builder, aged 60 years - Report of Settlement of Wigan Hosiery Dispute. - Death of Mr. James Wilson, Solicitor, in his 67th year.
Aug. 30.
Death of Mr. Charles Dickson, Dalton, Poor Law Guardian, aged 67 years.
Sept. 1.
Open-air Baths and Playing Fields discussed at Wigan Town Council Meeting.
Sept. 2.
Death of Mr. John Swift, Pemberton, aged 95 years.
Sept. 3.
Vestry meeting to confer Parish Council Powers on Wigan Corporation.
Sept. 4.
Shevington Poultry and Horticultural Show.
Sept. 5.
Death of Mr. William Lord, late of Gathurst, in his 80th year.
Sept. 8.
Hindley Housing Scheme Foundation Stone Laying. - Mr. Tom Burke, the eminent Tenor, at Queen's Hall. - Hindley Horse and Cattle Fair revived.
Sept. 10.
Death of Mr. T. J. S. Clephan, retired ironmonger, aged 75 years. - Presentation to Mr. Alfred Caldwell, Chief Clerk, Locomotive Office, Springs Branch.
Sept. 11.
Presentation Mr. H. Holt, Headmaster, Ince Wesleyan School, on retirement. - Death of Mr. James Davies, former Hindley Master Printer, aged 73 years. - Hindley Allotment and Garden Association, Third Annual Show.
Sept. 13.
Death of Mr. Jonah Stuart Mason, tradesman, aged 77 years.
Sept. 14.
Councillor Edwin Yates selected to be next year's Mayor
Sept. 16.
Dedication of War Memorial at Bickershaw Parish Church.
Sept. 17.
Death of Mr. Percival S. Mayhew, Duxbury Hall, aged 56 years.
Sept. 18.
Presentation to Mr. Hy. Brierley at Authors' Association Meeting, Lancaster. - Autumn Conference of local Federation of Church of England Men's Society at Ince.
Sept. 20.
"Mayflower" Tercentenary Celebration service in Wigan. - Meeting in Mayor's Parlour in aid of the Lifeboat Institution. - Presentation to Mr. S. S Brown and Mr. T. Brown by the Employees of Worsley Mesnes and Poolstock Mills.
Sept. 23.
Local ladies appointed County Justices.
Sept. 25.
Public account of Zeppelin raid on Wigan. - Miners' Strike Notices suspended for a week. - Report of presentations to Rev. C. D. Wood, St. George's, in connection with his departure for India.
Sept. 27.
Disastrous Fire at Motor Bodies Works, Brook Mill.
Sept. 28.
Special Wigan Council Meeting: Abolition of Compounding by Property Owners.
Sept. 29.
Start of the Standish Housing Scheme. - Final for Blundell Bowling Cup.
Sept. 30.
Inquest on Man who fell from Scotch Express as it passed through Wigan. - Presentation of Trophy at Preston to Wigan Borough Police Bowling Team as first champions of Lancashire Police Bowling League.
Oct. 2.
Lathom House in course of demolition. - Opening of new Wigan Y.M.C.A. premises. - Institution of new Vicar of Haigh (Rev. A. C. W. Rose).
Oct. 4.
Bishop of Riverina (Australia), in Wigan.
Oct. 6.
Announcement of retirement of Aldermen R. Layland and T. Ashton from Wigan Corporation. - Visit of Nelson Male Voice Choir to Queen's Hall.
Oct. 7.
Public meeting to consider re-organisation of Wigan United A.F.C. - Actors' Church Union Meeting in Court Theatre.
Oct. 8.
League of Nations Mass Meeting in Queen's Hall.
Oct. 15.
Professor D. Burns, M.I.M.E., Glasgow, delivered address at Wigan Mining College.
Oct. 16.
Great Coal Strike began. - Report of opening meeting of Red Triangle Club, Orrell.
Oct. 17.
Grenadier Guards Band at Court Theatre.
Oct. 20.
Institution and Induction of Rev. W. H. Skene, M.A., as Vicar of St. George's, Wigan. - Wigan Grocery Classes Annual Prize Distribution.
Oct. 21.
Application re Morris-Mayhew v. Halton, in Chancery Division.
Oct. 24.
Mr. Hilaire Belloc in Wigan.
Oct. 25.
End of Summer Time. - Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions. - Wigan Council Meeting and Death of Lord Mayor of Cork. - Handing over Red Cross Ward at Wigan Infirmary. - First of the Mossel Concerts at Queen's Hall.
Oct. 26.
Mr. A. Stanley Brunt appointed General Superintendent and Secretary of Wigan Infirmary.
Oct. 27.
Sir John David McClure made an Honorary Freeman of the Borough. - Wrightington Wounding Case at Liverpool Assizes.
Oct. 28.
Serious Fire at Water Heyes Mill.
Oct. 29.
First Woman Magistrate at Wigan County Police Court. - Death of Mr. Benjamin Marks, former Wigan Tradesman, aged 71 years. - Death of Mr. A. R. Hoggins, Schoolmaster, aged 51 years.
Oct. 31.
Mayor's State Visit to the Parish Church. - Diamond Jubilee Celebrations at Rodney Street Church.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections: Labour Party secure premier place in Wigan Council: First Lady Candidate elected.
Nov. 3.
End of Miners' Strike. - Annual Meeting of Wigan Free Church Council.
Nov. 6.
Report in "Observer" of appointment of Mr. James Boucher as Borough Treasurer of Wigan.
Nov. 8.
Death of Mr. James Brown, Master. Cotton Spinner, in his 75th year. - Death of Dr. William Hamilton, Surgeon, aged 53 years.
Nov. 9.
Councillor Edwin Yates elected Mayor of Wigan.
Nov. 10.
Half-yearly meeting of Wigan Cricket Club.
Nov. 11.
Armistice Day Observances.
Nov. 13.
Gift to Wigan Mining and Technical College of the John Gerrard Scientific Collection: Publication of account of collection in "Wigan Observer." - Report re purchase of Wrightington Hall Estate.
Nov. 14.
Newly-elected Mayor (Councillor E. Yates), paid State Visit to Wesleyan Church, Standishgate.
Nov. 15.
Death of Mr. James Gee, Ince, aged 70 years.
Nov. 17.
Death of Rev. J. Gough Eames, M.A., aged 82 years. - Philharmonic Society's Performance of "The Mystic Trumpeter."
Nov. 18.
Four members of Wigan Fire Brigade receive medals in Manchester in recognition of bravery at Gathurst Explosion on May 13th, 1916. - Inquiry in Wigan as to Corporation's application to borrow £130,862 for sewage disposal purposes.
Nov. 19.
Wigan Corporation Motor Bus Service between Hindley and Westhoughton commenced.
Nov. 20.
Publication of details of Wigan Corporation's Parliamentary Bill in the "Observer."
Nov. 22.
Bishop of Burnley at Wigan Parish Church.
Nov. 24.
Mr. W. H. Tyrer, Town Clerk of Wigan, appointed Town Clerk of Hackney.
Nov. 28.
Visit of Archbishop Mannix to Wigan.
Nov. 29.
Resignation of Wigan Chief Constable.
Nov. 30.
Municipal Bye-election Contest in West Pemberton Ward.
Dec. 1.
Wigan Council: Resignation of the Town Clerk.
Dec. 2.
Death of Father John Lynch, Standish, aged 45 years. - Wigan Grammar School Prize Distribution.
Dec. 3.
Big Beech Tree at Orrell Post blown down during violent gale.
Dec. 4.
Ince and District Fur and Feather Society's Show at Ince Public Hall.
Dec. 6.
Wigan Girls' High School Prize Distribution.
Dec. 7.
Rev. G. A. Studdert Kennedy, M.C. ("Woodbine Willie," Chaplain to 5th Batt .Manchester Regt. during the war), at Queen's Hall.
Dec. 8.
Death of Rev. G. F. Grundy, formerly Vicar of St. Elizabeth's, Aspull, aged 89 years. - Upbolland Grammar School Prize Day.
Dec. 9.
Sinn Fein discussion at Watch Committee meeting. - Master Builders' Annual Dinner. - Hospital Sunday and Saturday Annual Meeting.
Dec. 10.
Death of Mr. James Potter Halsall, aged 61 years.
Dec. 11.
Annual Meeting of Wigan and District Association of National Union of Teachers. - Death of Miss Elizabeth Wilkinson, Bryn, a worker on the pit bank for over 60 years.
Dec. 13.
Performances of "Merrie England" by Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society at Royal Court Theatre.
Dec. 14.
Ashton Grammar School Prize Distribution.
Dec. 16.
Fire at the "Wigan Observer" Office; three firemen gassed. - Special Wigan Council Meeting decides to promote Corporation's Parliamentary Bill. - Meeting of General Purposes Committee with regard to retaining the services of the Town Clerk for the Borough.
Dec. 18.
Announcement that Mr. Walter Greaves-Lord, K.C., bad been appointed a Commissioner of Assize. - Illustration in "Observer" of relic discovered at Strangeways Hall Farm, Hindley.

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