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Local Chronology, 1918-19.


Dec. 16.
Handing back Colours of the 5th Manchesters.
Dec. 18.
Upholland and Ashton Grammar Schools Prize Distributlons. - Cotton Strike Settled.
Dec. 19.
Hospital Saturday and Sunday Annual Meeting.
Dec. 21.
Announcement of Extension Scheme at the Technical College. - Report, Public Meeting, at Ince re War Memorial. - Result of Ballot for first Permanent Officials of Miners' Federation.
Dec. 24.
Death of Mr. Jonathan Phillips, J.P., aged 76 years.
Dec. 25.
Hearty Observance of "Peace" Christmas.
Dec. 28.
Declaration of Polls in Local Parliamentary Elections. - Presentation to Councillor T. Watson, J.P.
Dec. 29.
President Wilson passed through Wigan.


Jan. 1.
Admiral's Daughter Married to Bombardier at St. Thomas's Church.
Jan. 4.
Publication of report of Wigan Air Raid. Also report of Visit to Battleflelds. - Damage by Overflowing of River Douglas. - Abram Old Folk's Treat.
Jan. 5.
Thanksgiving Services for Cessation of Hostilities.
Jan. 8.
Haigh and Aspull Ploughing Match.
Jan. 10.
Death of Mr. John Mawdsley, Jam Manufacturer, aged 76 years.
Jan. 11.
Publication of report of the Explosion at Gathurst.
Jan. 15.
Induction Services at Scarisbrick Street Baptist Church.
Jan. 17.
Appointment of Registrar for Pemberton District. - Death of Mr. George Sidwell Holmes, aged 84 years.
Jan. 18.
Report re Mr. S.. Walsh, M.P., and Government Office. - Rev. F. A. Sadler, M.A., appointed Vicar of Ince Parish Church. - Report of Gathurst Explosion Inquest.
Jan. 21.
Mr. Henry Brierley's Legal Jubilee. - Wigan and District Free Church Council Meetings.
Jan. 22.
Annual Meeting of Temperance and Rescue Mission. - Death of Mr. R. M. Peers, aged 72 years. - Presentation to Rev. J. NeaIe, Vicar, of Ince, prior to leaving for his new sphere at Congleton.
Jan. 24.
Death of Mr. William Hampson, retired Colliery Manager, aged 80 years.
Jan. 28.
Wigan Soldiers' and Sailors' Comforts Committee; Treat to Returned Prisoners of War.
Jan. 29.
Local Friendly Society Case at Liverpool Assizes: Collector acquitted on Forgery Charge.
Jan. 30.
Annual Meeting of Licensed Victuallers' Association.
Feb. 1.
Announcement of appointment of Mr. David Halliwell, Assistant to Superintendent of the Line of L. and Y. Railway Co. - Annual Meeting of Lancashire and Cheshire Colliery Deputies' Association.
Feb. 3.
Local Libel Case at Birmingham County Court. - Strike of Wigan Nightsoil Employees.
Feb. 4.
BeIgian Refugees depart from Wigan and Hindley for their native country. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Y.M.C.A.
Feb. 5.
Discussion of Increased Tram Fares at Wigan Council Meeting. - Borough Annual Licensing Sessions.
Feb. 6.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions. - Lecture in Wigan by Mr. John C. Van Der Veer, Editor of the Amsterdam Telegraaf.
Feb. 7.
Decision to re-establish the Wigan Cricket Club.
Feb. 11.
Death of Mr. Edward Smythe, J.P., Ince, aged 70 years.
Feb. 12.
Wigan Chamber of Trade Annual Meeting.
Feb. 13.
Death of Mrs. Bessie Brown, Widow of the late Mr. Joseph Brown, J.P.
Feb. 16.
Death of Mr. John Peterkin, J.P., in his 82nd year.
Feb. 19.
Death of Capt. John Campbell, M.D., aged 30 years. - Death of Mr. George Lea Walker (Messrs. Walker Bros.), in his 42nd year.
Feb. 22.
Announcement that Wigan Corporation had come into possession of a Captured German Machine Gun.
Feb. 25.
Wigan Butchers' Annual Dinner resumed. - Deatb of Mr. John Hankin Taylor, formerly of Wigan, Cotton Master, aged 93 years.
Feb. 26.
Wigan Education Authority: New Scholarship Scheme.
Feb. 27.
Nominations for Lancashire County Council.
Feb. 28.
Death of Miss Vera Walsh, youngest daughter of Mr. S. Walsh, M.P.
Mar. 1.
Presentation to the Vicar of Upholland (Rev. G. F. Wills) in recognition of war services. - Lord Crawford, Lord Gerard, and Mr. S. Walsh, M.P., appointed Deputy Lieutenants for Lancashire,
Mar. 4.
Houses referred for Compensation at Adjourned Licensing Sessions.
Mar. 5.
Mr. Wm. Billington appointed General Manager of Corporation Tramways. Mr. B. Hall appointed Tramway Works Manager. - Question of Sunday Cinema Performances discussed at Town Council Meeting.
Mar. 7.
County Council Elections.
Mar. 12.
Lt.Col. N. ff. Eckersley appointed Sheriff for Shropshire. - Annual Meeting of Wigan After-Care Committee.
Mar. 17.
Re-opening of Elementary Schools after Influenza outbreak. - Mr. Wm. Gorman appointed Secretary to Wigan War Pensions Committee.
Mar. 20.
Rev. E. Baguley (St. Paul's), appointed President South-West Lancashire Federation of Free Church Councils. - Funeral of Mr. Joseph Winstanley, Pemberton, aged 66 years. - Rev. P. Temple's address in Wigan in connection with the life and liberty movement of Church of England.
Mar. 24.
Wigan Council Budget Day. - Annual Meeting of Wigan District Branch Catholic Young Men's Societies.
Mar. 25.
Publication in Observer of Judgment on an application regarding table of fees for the Parish of Haigh-with-Aspull.
Mar. 26.
Sub-Postmasters' Federation Meeting in Wigan.
Mar. 27.
46th Annual Meeting of Wigan Rowing Club. - Presentation at St. Patrick's School to Father W. Westhead.
Mar. 29.
Sixth Annual Report Wigan and District Division of Red Cross Society. - Announcement that Mr. R. J. N. Neville does not intend to seek re-election for Wigan. - 21st Annual Meeting of Wigan and Districts Miners' Permanent Relief Society
Mar. 31.
Presentation to Mr. John Dean, J.P., Chairman of Standish Urban District Council. - Mr. George Wm. Bond, a Wigan Tradesman, found drowned in a cistern. - Death of Rev. Father Walmesley, Standish, aged 61 years. - Closing of the Woodlands Hospitals.
April 2.
Exciting Scenes at Wigan Council Meeting: Business unfinished. - Deatb of Mrs. Elizabeth Cowper, second daughter of the late Alderman T. Cook, Wigan. - Wigan Catholic Bazaar in St. John's Hall.
April 5.
Presentation to Mr. Harold Sumner, M.B.E., J.P., at Woodlands Hospital.
April 7.
Wigan Territorials: Return of the Colours from the War. - Urban District Council Elections. - Heywood-Davenport Concert at Queen's Hall. - Death at Sunderland of Mr. Arnold Miller Johnson, Solicitor, a native of Wigan.
April 9.
Annual Meeting of Wigan and District Grocers' Association.
April 10.
Annual Meeting of Wigan Charity Organisation Society. - Lord Leverhulme distributes prizes at Technical College.
April 14.
Mr. Walter Farrar appointed Chief Engineering Assistant in Borough Engineer's Department.
April 15.
Quarter Sessions: No case for hearing.
April 22.
Death of the Rev. O. Jones, Welsh Presbyterian Minister, aged 65 years.
April 23.
Conference of Boot Trade Association in Wigan.
April 24.
Death of Mrs. James Marsden, aged 74 years.
April 25.
Death of Mr. Harry Weedall, Wigan, aged 40 years. - Presentation to the Rev. A. P. Thorne, St. Mark's Church, Newtown.
April 26.
Mr. George Airey's Will published.
May 1.
Local Breach of Promise Action at Liverpool Assizes.
May 2.
Milk Strike in Wigan.
May 5.
Presentation to Rev. C. J. Buckmaster (Hindley), on his 70th Birthday. - Presentation to Rev. Father John Lynch, at Ashton.
May 7.
Induction of Rev. W. A. Wood, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Wigan.
May 8.
Annual Meeting of Governing Body of Wigan Workshop' for the Blind.
May 9.
Local Government Board Inspector's Visit to Wigan regarding Corporation Housing Sites. - Presentation to Mr. John Dean, at Standish. - Death of Mr. Charles Mather, Hindley, aged 53 years.
May 10.
Annual Meeting of Wigan Branch of Workers' Educational Association. - Official opening of Municipal Bowling Greens. - Institution and induction of the new Vicar of Ince, Rev. F. A. Sadler.
May 14.
Inaugural Meeting of Lancashire and Cheshire Councli of Boot Trades Association, held in Wigan.
May 15.
Visitation at Wigan Parish Church.
May 21.
Death of Mr. John Kellett, Iron Merchant, in his 84th year.
May 22.
Local action, Wordsworth v. Tagg, at Manchester Assizes.
May 24.
Annual Meeting of Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
May 25.
Death of Rev. Samuel Mort, Wesleyan Minister.
May 28.
Wigan Football Club Annual Meeting.
May 30.
Wigan Miner's Wife gives evidence before the Coal Commission. - Funeral of Mrs. Margaret Johnson Houghton, grand-daughter of the late Mr. T. Knowles, M.P. - Mr. R. B. Mawson appointed Chairman of Board of Management of Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
May 31.
Report of Closing Festivities Billinge Military Hospital..
June 4.
Town Hall question before Wigan Council Meeting. - Local Government Board Inquiry in Wigan relating to application to borrow £101,250 for the Electricity Undertaking. - Gallipoli Commemoration Concert at Drill Hall.
June 7.
Wigan Corporation Motor Bus Service begins. - Wigan County Police Sports. - Institution of the new Vicar of St. Mark's Church, Newtown. - Death of Rev. J. M. Courtenay, Vicar of St. Thomas's, Ashton.
June 9.
Gala at Abbey Lakes in aid of an Infirmary Memorial. - Military Sports at Ashton.
June 10.
Death of Mr. Cornelius E. Beazer. J.P., C.A., aged 81 years.
June 11.
Death of Mr. Arthur Stones, Mining Engineer, Hindley, aged 58 years.
June 16.
The Edward Medal awarded to Mr. R. E. Finch, Colliery Manager, Park Lane.
June 18.
Wigan Tradesmen's Holiday.
June 19.
Murder Charge at Lincoln Assizes against ex-Sergeant Joseph Woodhall, Goose Green.
June 21.
Announcement of Death in America of Mr. John Hyslop, a Wigan gentleman, in his 83rd year. - Wigan and District Miners participate in Demonstration at Blackpool.
June 23.
Death of Mrs. William Richard Bryham, Bank House, Wigan.
June 24.
Centenary Celebrations commence at St. John's R.C. Church, Standishgate.
June 27.
Annual Meeting of Wigan Permanent Benefit Building Society. - Second Annual Meeting of Wigan Soldiers' and Sailors' Rest Rooms.
June 28.
Thanksgiving Services on receipt of news that the Germans had signed the Terms of Peace.
June 30.
Wigan Infirmary Annual Meeting.
July 2.
Wigan Council: the new Corporation Houses
July 3.
Samuel Graham, Stockbroker, sentenced to three years penal servitude at Liverpool Assizes.
July 4.
Inquest on J A. Dewar, Coal Merchant, aged 45 years.
July 5.
County Bowling Match at Garswood Institute.
July 6.
Peace Thanksgiving Day: Mayor's State Visit to Parish Church: Death of' Mr. George Holcroft, Licensee.
July 9.
Wigan Compensation Authority Awards.
July 10.
Unveiling Memorial Tablets, Wigan Grammar School. - Funeral at Aspull of "Daff" Hulme, ex-Footballer. - Dedication Memorial Windows in Bickershaw Church.
July 12.
Verdict in Soutbport Scrap Brass Case at Liverpool Assizes,
July 16.
Presentation to Mr. W. Williams, retired L. and N.-W. Stationmaster.
July 18.
Presentation to Mr. James Brown at Eckersley's Mills.
July 19.
Official Peace Day: Great Celebrations in Wigan and District. - Wigan Territorials' Colours in London Peace Procession. - Total of £478,893 18s. 6d. invested in Wigan in the Victory Loan.
July 21.
Miners' Strike begins in Wigan and District.
July 24.
Wrightington Estate Sale.
July 26.
Rose Queen Festival resumed at Abram.
July 28.
Local Miners resume work.
July 29.
Mr. Robert Smillie, President of the Miners' Federation, of Great Britain, gave Address in Wigan on Nationalisation of the Mines. - Philharmonic Society decide to give two public concerts in the coming season.
July 30.
Scene at Wigan Council Meeting: Conservatives leave Chamber as protest against a resolution "of a political character." - W/igan Education Authority: Resignation of Mr. Henry Brierley and Mr. John Browne. - Unveiling Roll of Honour at Wigan Post Office.
July 31.
No cases for trial at Quarter Sessions.
Aug. 2.
Death of Mr. John Henderson, Scotch Draper, aged 78 years. - Death of Mr. Roger Green, formerly passenger agent for L. and Y. Railway in Wigan, aged 77 years.
Aug. 6.
Serious Fire at Messrs. Griffins' Furniture Premises, Market Place. - Death of the Rev. O. E. Hill, formerly Curate of Ince Parish Church.
Aug. 9.
Report of Death of Mrs. Bridget McHugh, Highfield, Pemberton, oldest Pit Brow Woman. - Haigh Foal Show. - Inquest on Wigan Soldier at Sutton (Surrey).
Aug. 11.
Death of Mr. Andrew Carnegie, a Freeman of Wigan, in his 83rd year.
Aug. 16.
Billinge and Winstanley Foal Show.
Aug. 17.
Death of Mr. Thomas Smith, Estate Agent, aged 68 years.
Aug. 18.
Presentation at County Police Court to Officials for rescue work at Park Lane Colliery.
Aug. 20.
Final for Blundell Bowling Cup. - Death of Mr. R. H Entwistle, Blackrod, formerly of Wigan, aged 80 years.
Aug. 23.
Memorial Tablet at St. Paul's, Standishgate. - Allotment Holders' Show in Mesnes Park.
Aug. 27.
Mrs. Annie Besant in Wigan.
Aug. 29.
Important local farms for sale.
Aug. 30.
Hindley Allotment and Garden Association's Second. Annual Show. - Parbold Allotment Holders' First Annual Show.
Aug. 31.
Closing of Soldiers' Rest Room, Wallgate.
Sept. 3.
Presentation to Mr. N. Wright, President Grocers' Association.
Sept. 5.
Appointment of New Borough Magistrates.
Sept. 6.
Ince and District Fur and Feather Society's First Show.
Sept. 7.
Dedication of Memorial Bed in Infirmary.
Sept. 11.
Death of Mr. G. A. Cowburn, formerly Headmaster of St. Catharine's School.
Sept. 12.
Annual Meeting of Wigan and District Band of Hope Union.
Sept. 14.
Demonstration of National League of the Blind.
Sept. 17.
Opening of New Labour Club for Ince.
Sept. 20.
Official Welcome to Returned Soldiers and Sailors at Wrightington. - Announcement that Mr. John W. Taylor, Wigan, had been appointed Post Master of Eccles. - Announcernent of the Death at Frimley, of Dr. W. O. Meek, in his 40th year.
Sept. 21.
The King's Proclamation as to the claims of Disabled ex-Service Men read in Churches.
Sept. 23.
Wigan Profiteering Act Committee appointed.
Sept. 24.
Mr. Frank Hodges, Secretary of the Miners' Federation, of Great Britain, addressed meeting at Ashton.
Sept. 25.
Death of Mr. Peter Sixsmith, a forner Wigan businessman, aged 68 years. - Annual meeting of Wigan Chess Club.
Sept. 26.
Great Railway Strike Begins.
Sept. 27.
Report of Sale of Local Hotels and Beerhonses belonging to the Albion Brewery Company.
Sept. 29.
End of Summer Time. - Mayor presented 40 representatives of Demobilised Sailors' and Soldiers' Assoclations cheque for £500, which was handed over to the Management of the Infirmary for endowment of a bed.
Oct. 1.
Opening of New Labour Club at Poolstock. - Coundfilor. J. M. Ainscough, J.P., selected as next year's Mayor.
Oct. 4.
Publication of special report on health of St. Patrick Ward.
Oct. 5.
Railway Strike settled.
Oct. 6.
Mab's Cross removed from its old position.
Oct. 7.
Death of Mr. Robert Barlow in his 80th year. - Quarter Sessions Court not held, there being no cases for trial.
Oct. 8.
Induction of new Vicar of St Thomas's, Ashton (Rev. A. P. Burton).
Oct. 11.
Mr. H. Twist adopted Labour Candidate for Leigh. - Death of Mr. Edmund Brown, Hindley, an old Bellringer, in his 81st year.
Oct. 12.
Mayor's Visit to St. John's Church, Pemberton. - Soldiers' and Sailors' Unemployment Demonstration at Ince. - Annual Conference of Catholic Young Men's Societies.
Oct. 13.
Inquest opened re gas ignition at Bispham Hall Collieries.
Oct. 15.
Election in All Saints Ward: Woman Candidate defeated. - Death of Mr. W. Carnelley, for some time Chairman of Messrs. Rylands and Sons, Ltd., 96 years of age. - Grand Concert at Queen's Hall. - Annual Meeting of the Borough of Wigan and District Permanent Benefit Building Society.
Oct. 17.
Important Farm Sale at Royal Hotel: Corporation purchase Pemberton Sewage Farm.- A nnual Meeting of Wigan Golf Club.
Oct. 18.
Dr. J. S. Haldane, F.R.S., at Wigan Mining College.
Oct. 23.
Mr. A. J. Hawkes (Aberystwith), appointed Chief Librarian of Wigan Libraries.
Oct. 24.
Nomination of Candidates for Municipal EIections. - Departure of Col. Broome Giles, C.B., from Ashton Military Convalescent Hospital.
Oct. 25.
Announcement of Captain P. W. de Courcy Smale's appointment as Organist at Wigan Parish Church. - Death, at Wigan, of Mrs. Emily Hannay, mother of Rev. Canon Hannay, better known as "George A. Birmingham," Irish novelist. - Irish Demonstration in Wigan.
Oct. 27.
Death of Mrs. E. H. Woodcock.
Oct. 28.
Case, Ogden v. Mason, at Liverpool Assizes. - First Meeting of Wigan Profiteering Tribunal.
Oct. 29.
Hambourg Concert at Queen's Hall. - Wigan Council: Report on Motor Bus Services to out-districts.
Oct. 31.
Retirement of Councillor J. M. Ainscough as Mayor-Designate. - Death of Mr. James Higham, Master Plumber and Painter, aged 70 years. - Skelmersdale Tragedy: Mother sentenced to death at Liverpool Assizes. - Death of Mr. E. H. Ambrose, formerly Wigan Workhouse Master.
Nov. 1.
Announcement of Death of Very Rev. Dean Barry, formerly Rector of St. Marie's, Standish, in his 80th year. - Wigan Municipal Elections: Labour Party gain three seats; two women Candidates contest. - Councillor James Walkden selected to be Mayor of Wigan for ensuing year.
Nov. 4.
Death of Mr. J. S. R Phillips, Editor of the Yorkshire Post, and formerly associated with Wigan. - Brotherhood Demonstration at St. Paul's Church, Standishgate.
Nov. 7.
Death of Mrs. Kellett, widow of the late Wm. Kellett, J.P., Mining Engineer. - Meeting in Wigan regarding Farmers and Co-operation.
Nov. 8.
Complimentary Dinner to Alderman Cheetham, the retiring Mayor.
Nov. 9.
Golden Jubilee of St. Benedict's Church, Hindley.
Nov. 10.
Wigan Council Annual Meeting: Councillor James Walkden appointed Mayor. - Home Secretary respited sentence of death (with a view to reprieve) passed on Elizabeth Williams for drowning her son at Skelmersdale.
Nov. 11.
Armistice Anniversary Observances.
Nov. 12.
Old Age Pensioner roasted alive in house fire in Wigan. - Wigan Cricket Club Annual Meeting.
Nov. 14.
Annual Meeting of Wigan Education Authority.
Nov. 15.
Death of Mr. John Lockhart Young, Director, Messrs. R. Burland and Sons, Bishopgate, aged 36 years.
Nov. 16.
Death of Mr. J. M. Whitehead, Secretary, National Union Life Assurance Agents, aged 63 years. - Mayor's State Visit to the Parish Church.
Nov. 17.
Wigan Police Force Entertainment.
Nov. 19.
Annual Meetings Wigan and District Free Church Council.
Nov. 26.
Death of Mr. James McLellan, Draper, in his 63rd year. - Grand Concert at Queen's Hall.
Nov. 27.
Funeral of Mrs. Linton, of "Oakdale," Wigan Lane.
Nov. 28.
Death of Mrs. Mather, Wife of Ex-Councillor A. E. Mather, aged 67 years.
Nov. 29.
Rev. E. F. Forrest, Pemberton, appointed Hon. Canon of Liverpool Cathedral.
Dec. 1.
Death of Mr. Joseph Speakman, Parbold, in his 81st year. - Death of Mrs. McCorquodale, widow of Mr George McCorquodale, in her 84th year.
Dec. 2.
Death of Mrs. Knowles, widow of Mr. John Knowles, J.P., aged 57.
Dec. 3.
Corporation Building Scheme discussed at Wigan Council Meeting. - Mr. Benjamin Hall appointed General Manager of the Tramways.
Dec. 4.
Wigan Girls' High School Prize Distribution.
Dec. 6.
Annual Meeting, Wigan and District Association, National Union of Teachers.
Dec. 7.
Death of Mr. Henry Dee, Shevington, in his 79th year.
Dec. 8.
Address in Wigan by Sir Robert Horne, Minister of Labour.
Dec. 9.
Wigan Amateur Operatic Society decide to resume Performances. - Death of Mr. Harold O. Timmins, Hindley, Gas Engineer, aged 46 years.
Dec. 10.
Upholland Grammar School Prize Distribution.
Dec. 11.
Wigan Grammar School Prize Day. - Hospital Sunday und Saturday Annual Meeting.
Dec. 15.
Presentation to Mr. Henry Brierley at Wigan Girls' High Scbool. - Inquest Double Drowning Fatality at Shevington.
Dec. 16.
Judge Spencer Hogg's farewell at Wigan County Court. - Builders' Annual Dinner.
Dec. 17.
Performance of "Elijah" by Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.

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