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Local Chronology, 1909-10.


Dec. 17.
Death of the Rev. Father Langshaw, aged 41 years.
Dec. 21.
Death of Mr. Henry Martlew, of Pemberton, in his 47th year.
Dec. 22.
Four men died in Wigan as the result of drinking raw brandy.
Dec. 23.
Dr. Monks appointed Police Surgeon.
Dec. 28.
Death of Margaret Dowager Countess of Crawford and Balcarres within three days of completing her 85th year.
Dec. 29.
Opening of the new Council Chamber at Ashton.


Jan. 4.
Amateur Operatic Society's Old Folk's treat.
Jan. 5.
Old Folk's treat at Hindley.
Jan. 8.
Announcement that Dr. C. W. Edkins had been appointed Headmaster of Hindley and Abram Grammar School. - Abram Colliery Company's old folk's treat.
Jan. 10.
Empire ball in the New Pavilion, Library-street. - Carl Rosa Opera Company at the Royal Court Theatre.
Jan. 12.
Annual meeting of the Haigh, Aspull, and Blackrod Ploughing Society.
Jan. 16.
Mr. T. P. O'Connor addressed an Irish demonstration in the New Pavilion.
Jan. 17.
Wigan Parliamentary Election: result, H. Twist (Lab.), 4,803; R. J. N. Neville (C.), 4,293.
Jan. 22.
Foundation stone laid In connection with St. Paul's Congregational Church, Hindley.
Jan. 23.
Death of Mr. William Smetburst, J.P., aged 65 years.
Jan. 24.
Ince Parliamentary Election: result, Stephen Walsh (Lab.), 7,723; W. Greaves-Lord (C.), 5,029.
Jan. 25.
Annual dinner of the Wigan Branch of the Lancashire Farmers' Association.
Jan. 26.
Gas explosion in York Street; two houses wrecked. - St. John' annual ball.
Jan. 29.
Publication of Home Office report on the Maypole Colliery explosion, 1908. - Annual festival of the Wigan and District Co-operative Society.
Feb. 2.
Mr. R. G. Taylor, of Wigan, appointed Professional Auditor for the Borough. - Licensed Victuallers' ball in the New Pavilion.
Feb. 5.
Announcement of the death of Ex-Inspector Townsend.
Feb. 7.
Mining case, Eckersley v. the Wigan Coal and Iron Company, heard in the Court of Appeal.
Feb. 9.
General annual licensing sessions for Wigan. - Chapel fire at Far Moor; Primitive Methodist Sunday School gutted.
Feb. 10.
Wigan County licensing sessions.
Feb. 12.
Foundation stones of Ashton Baptist Church laid.
Feb. 15.
General annual meeting of the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
Feb. 16.
Dedication of a new organ at Hindley Parish Church. - Annual meeting of the Wigan Temperance, Rescue, and Police Court Mission. - Centenary bazaar at the Primitive Methodist Church, Whelley. - Annual general meeting of the Wigan Subscription Bowling Green.
Feb. 19.
Rating appeal, Coop and Co., Ltd., v. the Assessment Committee of the Wigan Poor Law Union at the Wigan Quarter Sessions.
Feb. 21.
Death of Mr. James Urmston, first Sub-Postmaster of Haigh, in his 67th year. - Annual meeting of the Wigan Auxiliary of the Church Pastoral Aid Society.
Feb. 23.
Colonel Driscoll, D.S.O., addressed the local Legion of Frontiersmen.
Feb. 25.
First annual meeting of the Orrell Sick Nursing Association.
Feb. 26.
First presentation of certificates, in connection with the Lancashire and Cheshire Coal Owners' Rescue Station, at the Wigan Mining and Technical College.
Feb. 27.
Death of Mr. Samuel Davenport, watch and clockmaker, aged 88 years.
Feb. 28.
Opening of Ashton new Public Baths.
Mar. 1.
Messrs. D. Kelly and T. L. Brown re-elected Burgess Audltors.
Mar. 2.
Death of Mr. Thos. Hesketh, a director of May Mill, in his 71st year. - Annual meeting of the Wigan Subscription Bowling Green, Limited.
Mar. 5.
Mr. T. A. O'Donahue, mining engineer, appointed a minerals assesor for the Government. - Visit of members of the Manchester and District Junior Gas Association to Kirkiess steel Works.
Mar. 7.
Local Government Board Inquiry into the application of the Wigan Corporation to borrow £36,000 for the Electric Light Works.
Mar. 11.
The question of the sale of the Wigan Electric Light and Tramways undertaking discussed by the General Purposes Committee.
Mar. 12.
Thirty-seventh annual general meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 14.
Death of Mr. Allen Riddlesworth, aged 63 years.
Mar. 15.
Mr. H. Twist, M.P., made his first speech in the House of Commons.
Mar. 19.
Announcement that the Platt Lane Weaving Shed, Hindley, had been purchased by private treaty.
Mar. 29.
Retirement of Colonel ffarington from the position of Rector's warden at the Wigan Parish Church.
Mar. 30.
Half-yearly meeting of the Wigan Cricket Club.
April 2.
Annual meeting of the Wigan and District Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
April 4.
Inaugural meeting of the Wigan Junior Conservative Association. - Official opening of the Board of Trade Labour Exchange in Wigan.
April 5.
Presentation to Mr. W. Greaves-Lord by friends supporters in the Ince Division. - Death of Major A. Bell, formerly Chief Constable of Wigan, aged 58 years.
April 6.
Wigan and District Philharmonic Society perform Berlioz' "Faust." - Visit to Wigan of the Rev. J. Tolefree Parr, President of the British National Council of Christian Endeavour Societies. - Offer to purchase the tramways discussed by the Wigan Town Council. - Induction of the new Vicar of St. Mark's, Newtown.
April 9.
Celebration of the Wigan Labour victory at the Parliamentary election.
April 11.
Death of Mr. W. Salter, late treasurer of the Wigan Enginewinders' Association, in his 65th year.
April 13.
Opening of a new organ at Central Hall, Wigan.
April 18.
Death of Mr. Joseph Simpkin, Pemberton, in his 70th year.
April 20.
Inauguration meeting of the Wigan and District Grocers' and Provision Dealers' Association. - Formation of the Wigan and District Junior Liberal Association. - Opening of the new organ ar the Scarisbrick Street Baptist Church.
April 26.
Death of Mr. Richard Makinson, tea merchant, aged 75 years.
April 27.
Death of Mr. T. W. Paton, Postmaster of Wigan, aged 54 years. - Departure from Wigan of Rugby Club players for Colonial tour.
April 28.
Annual meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society. - Archdeacon Madden's annual visitation at the Wigan Parish Church.
April 29.
Bryn manslaughter case at the Liverpool Assizes.
April 30.
Night manoeuvres of Wigan Territorials at Parbold. - Opening of Ince Subscription Bowling Green.
May 1.
The Rev. Travers S. Stoney appointed Vicar of St. Catharine's, Wigan. - New rules affecting the joiners', plumbers', and painters' branches of the building trade came into force.
May 2.
New motor mail service inaugurated at the Wigan Post Office.
May 3.
Formal opening of the new Workhouse Infirmary at Billinge.
May 6.
Settlement of a strike at Norley Collieries.
May 7.
Death of Mr. William Halliwell, aged 66 years. - News of the death of King Edward VII. received with deep regret in Wigan.
May 9.
Proclamation of King George V. in Wigan.
May 11.
Death of Dr. George Wolstenholme, J.P., of Pemberton, aged 52 years.
May 12.
The Gas Committee decided that the sum of £3,000 be handed over out of the gas profits to the relief ot the District Rate.
May 14.
Wigan Territorial Force proceed to camp on Salisbury Plain.
May 17.
Passage of a balloon over Wigan witnessed by crowds of people.
May 18.
Annual meeting of the Wigan and District Rugby League.
May 20.
Funeral of King Edward VII.: local observances. - Death of Mr. E. Grime, J.P., Hindley, in his 51st year.
May 23.
End of a strike at Bispham Hall Colliery, Billinge.
May 24.
Mr. C. W. Mallins, general manager of the Liverpool Corporation Tramways, engaged to report on the working of the Wigan tramways system.
May 25.
Annual meetings of the South-West Lancashire Federation of Free Church Councils at Central Hall. - Annual meeting of the Wigan Rugby Football Club. - Death of Mr. John Turner, of the firm of Messrs. W. and J. Turner, coal proprietors and merchants, aged 60 years.
May 26.
First annual meeting of the Pemberton District Nursing Association.
May 28.
Death of Councillor M. Segrave, aged 48 years.
May 29.
Death of Mr. David McKay, aged 59 years.
May 31.
Presentation to Mr. Henry Hall on his retirement from the position of His Majesty's Chief Inspector of Mines for the Liverpool and North Wales District.
June 1.
Wigan General District Rate increased.
June 2.
Death of Mr. T. G. Halliwall, tailor, Standishgate, aged 51 years. - Branch of the Free Trade Union formed in Wigan.
June 4.
Library Association Meeting at Ashton. - Memorial stones of a new Independent Methodist Church in Kendal Street laid. - Past Grand Master, Bro. Winter, visited the Wigan District of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows. - Pastoral play given by St. John's Dramatic Society at Romiley.
June 8.
Wigan Grammar School Sports.
June 9.
Marriage of Viscount Wolmer. - Mr. Reginald J. N. Neville, Conservative candidate at the last election, and Mrs. Neville presented with several pieces of plate in the Pavilion, Library Street. - Violent thunderstorm in Wigan; houses struck in Delph Street.
June 10.
Death of Alderman Henry Swift, Newtown, aged 72 years.
June 15.
Tradesmen's annual general holiday.
June 20.
Annual general meeting of Infirmary Governors and Donors.
June 23.
Mr. Henry Hall, formerly Inspector of Mines, made a Knight . -Death of Mr. Joel Marland, tea and general dealer, aged 48 years.
June 25.
Wigan County Police Sports.
June 28.
Annual meeting of the Wigan Permanent Benefit Building Society.
June 30.
Exhibition of art work at the Wigan Grammar School. - Subsidence in Mesnes Terrace: steam roller engulfed and driver injured. - Induction of the new Vicar of St. Catharine's, the Rev. T. S. Stoney.
July 2.
Wrestling match between Berry, of Wigan, and Irslinger, of Austria, at Central Park Football Ground. - Annual trip arranged by the Wigan Poor Children's Treat Association. - Annual demonstration of the Newton Division Labour Party at Ashton.- Q uarterly meeting of the Lancashire Division of the National Union of Conservative and Constitutional Associations at the Masonic Hall.
July 5.
Death of Mr. Thomas Crompton, J.P., Ashton, in his 81st year.
July 6.
Discussion on preferential rating at the Wigan Council meeting; an Industrial Committee appointed.
July 13.
Two young men overcome with black-damp while exploring old pit workings at Ashton . -Upholland and District Agricultural Show.
July 16.
Announcement of the gift of an operating theatre to the Wigan Infirmary. - Second annual sports of the Wigan Schools Athletic Association. - Laying foundation and memorial stones of a new Primitive Methodist School at Orrell. - Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions.
July 19.
National Service League: Meeting on the market ground.
July 22.
Death of Dr. Wright, of Park Road. - Action in the Chancery Court, Manchester, arising out of the estate of the late Alderman Johnson. - Consecration of the new portion of St. Matthew's Church, Highfield.
July 25.
Mayor's Million Sixpences Fund changed to King Edward VII. Memorial Fund. - Presentation to Mr. John Browne, for forty-five years one of the principal officials at Parr's Bank.
July 27.
Two aeroplanes destroyed by fire near Coppull.
July 28.
Laying foundation Stone of Wigan Electric Station extension.
July 29.
Death of Dr. Berry, Medical Officer of Health for Wigan, aged 58 years.
July 30.
Wrestling match at Central Park between Tom Rose, of Bolton, and Jack Carroll, of Hindley.
Aug. 1.
Church Lads' Brigade in camp at Skegness-on-Sea. - Twenty.first annual show of the Winstanley and District Floral and Horticultural Society.
Aug. 10.
Death of Very Rev. Austin Powell, Billinge, aged 68 years.
Aug. 12.
Appointment of five new magistrates for Wigan. - Death of Mr. Justice Walton, formerly Recorder of Wigan.
Aug. 13.
Death of Mr. P. O'Brien, ex-superintendent of the Borough Police Force, aged 74 years. - Death of Mr. Brassington, ex-superintendent, County Police, formerly of Wigan, aged 72 years. - Third annual show of the Ashton and District Botanical and Horticultural Society.
Aug. 17.
Annual meeting of the subscribers of the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.
Aug. 20.
North Ashton Club defeated in the final round for the Lancashire Club Bowling Championship. - Publication of Mr. C. W. Mallin's report on the working of the Corporation tramway system.
Aug. 22.
Announcement of the amalgamation of Parr's Bank, Limited, and the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, Limited.
Aug. 24.
Wigan and District Grocers' and Provision Dealers' Association pic-nic to Parbold.
Aug. 27.
Announcement of the appointment of Mr. G. F. Herring, Postmaster of Wigan.
Aug. 28.
Death of Mr. Ralph Lythgoe, aged 62 years.
Aug. 29.
The Rev. Edward O'Sullivan, rector of Blackbrook, appointed to the deanery of St. Mary, in succession to the late Dean Powell.
Aug. 31.
Re-opening of St. George's Men's Institute in new premises in Dicconson Street. - New Primitive Methodist Church at Almond Brook opened for worship.
Sept. 3.
Lord Crawford guarantees £1,000 for the King Edward Memorial Sixpences Fund.
Sept. 5.
Wigan Polo Team win in the English Cup semi-final at Ashton Baths.
Sept. 7.
Wigan Town Council adopt a resolution that the Medical Officership be a whole time appointment. - Exhibition of students' work at the Wigan and District Mining and Technical College.
Sept. 12.
Amateur Operatic performances at the Royal Court Theatre in support of the Million Sixpences Memorial Fund.
Sept. 13.
The claim to the Orrell Estate: action in the Wigan County Court.
Sept. 14.
Revision of the Wigan voting lists.
Sept. 15.
Fire at Water Heyes mill: woman fatally injured.
Sept. 17.
Carnival and Pageant in Wigan in aid of the King Edward Memorial Fund.
Sept. 20.
Local Government Board sanction the borrowing of £30,083 for extensions at the Wigan Electricity Works.
Sept. 24.
Announcement that the Rev. W. J. F. Baker, Curate of Eccleston, had been appointed Vicar of Wrightington, in the place of the Rev. J. T. Wilson, who had resigned owing to ill-health.
Sept. 25.
The President of the Wesleyan Conference, Rev. John Hornabrook, at the Wesleyan Church.
Sept. 26.
Presentation of prizes in connection with the shop window dressing competition. - Wigan Water Polo team defeat London Polytechnic in the final for the English Championshp.
Sept. 27.
Death of Mr. James Keen, mining engineer, aged 66 years.
Oct. 1.
Death of Mr. Henry Glover, potato merchant, aged 69 years.
Oct. 5.
Elementary Schools Swimming Gala at the Wigan Baths. - First scholars' gala at the Ashton Public Baths.
Oct. 8.
Presentation to Mr. J. H. Pinder, on retiring from the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway after sixty years' service. - Death of Mr. George Heaton, engineer and surveyor, in his 71st year. - Mr. Chiozza Money delivered an address on Free Trade and Tariff Reform in Hope Street Schools. - Oddfellows' Centenary celebrations at Standish. - Marriage of Miss Evelyn Gerard and Colonel Balfour, D.S.O. - Mancbester Freemasons' visit to Wigan Library and Haigh Hall.
Oct. 10.
Death of Mr. John Riddlesworth, aged 69 years.
Oct. 13.
Decision to appoint a Medical Officer of Health for Wigan at a salary of £500 a year, to devote his whole time to the office.
Oct. 15.
Death of Alderman R. A. ffarington, aged 73 years.
Oct. 19.
Annual meeting of the Borough of Wigan and District Permanent Benefit Building Society. - Fatal accident to Mr. Peter Taberner, a native of Pemberton, and Clerk to the Horwich District Council.
Oct. 20.
Institution of the first Vicar of the new Parish of St. Matthew, Highfield.
Oct. 22.
Oddfellowship Centenary celebration in Wigan; visit of Grand Master Barnes.
Oct. 23.
Golden Jubilee celebration of St. Mary's Young Men's Society. - Service at the Wigan Parish Church in memory of Alderman ffarington.
Oct. 25.
Wigan grocers discuss the question of Christmas gifts. - Half.yearly meeting of the Wigan Cricket Club.
Oct. 26.
Opening of the new St. Paul's Congregational Church, Hindley. - Distributjon of prizes in connection with the Wigan and District Cricket League.
Oct. 28.
Estate of the late Alderman Johnson offered for sale.
Oct. 29.
Opening of a new Labour club at Golborne.
Oct. 31.
Local will case, Lowe v. Lowe, before the Chancery Court, Liverpool.
Nov. 1.
Eight contests in the Municipal Elections: Conservatives gain a seat.
Nov. 2.
Death of Mr. William Seddon, of the Minorca Hotel, aged 42 years.
Nov. 3.
Judgment in the House of Lords in the appeal case, Wigan Coal and Iron Company v. Mr. James C. Eckersley.
Nov. 4.
Unveiling the Powell statue in Mesnes Park.
Nov. 6.
Death of Councillor James Lowe, aged 54 years.
Nov. 7.
Tariff Reform demonstration in the Pavilion; address by Mr. Austen Chamberlain.
Nov. 9.
Alderman S. Wood elected Mayor of Wigan for the fourth year in succession.
Nov. 10.
Mr. C. F. G. Masterman, M.P., Under Secretary of State for the Home Department, distributed the prizes at the Mining and Technical College.
Nov. 11.
Wigan Grammar School prize distribution.
Nov. 13.
Death of Mr. William Leadbitter, Lord Gerard's agent, aged 39 years.
Nov. 16.
Performance of "Elijah" by the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.
Nov. 17.
Local Government Board Inquiry in Wigan regarding an application for sanction to borrow £3,000 for purposes of the Small Dwellings Acquisition Act, 1899. - Wigan tradesmen decide to hold another shopping week and window-dressing competition.
Nov. 18.
Wigan Girls' High School prize distribution.
Nov. 21.
Meeting in Wigan under the auspices of the Wigan and Ince Labour Parties calling for a reversal of the Osborne Judgment.
Nov. 23.
Death of the Rev. J. T. Wilson, for many years Vicar of Wrightington, in his 74th year. - Presentation to Father Carolan on leaving St. John's, Wigan, for Bristol.
Nov. 26.
Annual show of the Wigan and District Cage Bird Society.
Nov. 28.
Annual meeting of the Wigan and District Free Church Council.
Nov. 30.
Mr. T. P. O'Connor addressed an Irish demonstration in the Pavilion.
Dec. 2.
The Duke of Norfolk addressed a Conservative meeting in the Pavilion.
Dec. 3.
Northern Anglers' Association Conference in Wigan. - Parliamentary Election in Wigan: result, Reginald J. N. Neville (C.), 4,673; Henry Twist (Lab.), 4,110. - First open show of the Wigan and District Canine Society.
Dec. 5.
Dr. J. R. Hutchinson, Manchester, appointed Medical Officer of Health for Wigan.
Dec. 7.
Wigan County Borough Council decide to enlarge the baths. - Annual dinner of the Wigan and District Master Builders' Association.
Dec. 8.
Ashton-in-Makerfield Ploughing Match. - Mr. Will Crooks, M.P., and Mr. J. Parker, M.P., in Ince Division.
Dec. 10.
Ince Division Parliamentary Election: result of previous day's poll announced to-day: Stephen Walsh (Lab.), 7,117; W. Greaves-Lord (C.), 5,332.
Dec. 12.
Annual performances of the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society. - Death of Mr. William Latham, colliery proprietor, aged 55 years.
Dec. 16.
United Kingdom Alliance demonstration in Wigan. - Second annual singing contest of the Wigan and District Cage Bird Society.
Dec. 17.
Death of Mrs. Daglish, widow of Dr. George Daglish, in her 93rd year.
Dec. 21.
Terrible explosion at Hulton Colliery, Atherton: Over 300 lives lost.
Dec. 23.
The Mayor of Wigan opens a fund for the relief of the sufferers in the Hulton Colliery explosion.
Dec. 27.
Football Match at Central Park, between the Northern Union players who toured in Australia last summer and the Colonials playing in this country.

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