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Local Chronology, 1908-9.


Dec. 29.
Severe storm of wind, snow, and hail.
Dec. 30.
Meeting of representatives touching the operation of the Patents and Designs Act.


Jan. 1.
First pensions paid in Wigan and District under the Old-age Pensions Act.
Jan. 5.
Amateur Operatic Society's treat to old folks.
Jan. 6.
Empire Ball in the Drill Hall in aid of the Indian and Crimean Veterans' Fund.
Jan. 7.
Death of the Rev. Richard Smith, Rector of Lowton, in his 74th year.
Jan. 9.
Abram Old Folk's treat. - Football match, Wigan v. Australia at Central Park; game in a fog.
Jan. 13.
Annual meeting of the Haigh, Aspull, and Blackrod Ploughing Society. - Wigan Conservative ball.
Jan. 22.
Re-play game between Wigan and Australia at Central Park.
Jan. 22.
Train collision at Hindley and Blackrod Junction: Driver's terrible death.
Jan. 26.
Wigan lady health visitor appointed.
Jan. 27.
Memorial stone laid in the new building of All Saints' Men's Institute.
Feb. 3.
Wigan Town Council discuss the question of erecting houses for tramway employés on land in Melverley Street.
Feb. 10.
Wigan annual brewster sessions.
Feb. 11.
Announcement at the Wigan County Licensing Sessions that, in consequence of ill-health, Mr. T. R. Taylor, the magistrates' clerk, had resigned, and that the justices had that morning unanimously appointed as salaried clerk Mr. George James in succession to Mr. Taylor.
Feb. 12.
Engines in collision on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway at Hindley.
Feb. 13.
Announcement that Mr. M. Stafford, postmaster at Wigan, bad been appointed postmaster of Hastings.
Feb. 15.
Death of Mr. William Langford, of Hindley, aged 52 years. - Death of Mr. George Edward Walker, F.R.C.S.
Feb. 16.
Annual dinner of the Wigan Butchers' Guardian Association.
Feb. 18.
Death of the Rev. H. P. Owen-Smith, Vicar of Douglas, Parbold.
Feb. 19.
Death of Canon Sommer, of St. Patrick's, Wigan. - Death of Lieut. Edward Leary in his 42nd year.
Feb. 21.
Opening of St. William's Roman Catholic Chapel, Ince.
Feb. 24.
Annual meeting of Wigan Subscription Bowling Green.
Feb. 26.
Annual meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society.
Feb. 28.
Death of Mr. Edward Alker, Newtown, in his 80th year.
Mar. 1.
Burgess Auditors' election: A record poll.
Mar. 3.
Fifth annual meeting of the shareholders of the Wigan Bowling Green, Limited.
Mar. 4.
Ince education rate reduced. - Death of Mr. James Hart, Hindley Green, in his 76th year.
Mar. 6.
Publication of review of work done by Wigan County licensing justices during six years ended 1908. - Wigan and District Sunday School Union Eisteddfod.
Mar. 8.
Adjourned borough licensing sessions.
Mar. 9.
Sentence at the Liverpool Assizes in the Bryn mail bag case.
Mar. 11.
Adjourned licensing sessions for the Wigan County Police Division.
Mar. 15.
Slander action from Ince heard at the Liverpool Assizes.
Mar. 17.
Meetings of the National British Women's Temperance Association in Wigan.
Mar. 18.
Marriage, at Washington, U.S.A., of the Hon. Ronald Lindsay, fifth son of the Earl of Crawford.
Mar. 22.
Maypole explosion inquiry resumed.
Mar. 25.
Annual meeting of the Wigan Cycling and Athletic Club.
Mar. 26.
Opening of the New Pavilion in Library Street.
Mar. 27.
Right Hon. George Wyndham, M.P., addressed a meeting of Conservatives in the New Pavilion. - Thirty-sixth annual general meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Opening of a new Council school at Bryn Gates, Bamfurlong.
Mar. 29.
Annual meeting of the Wigan Branch of the British Women's Temperance Association.
Mar. 30.
Annual meeting of the Wigan Camera Club. - Annual meeting of the Ladies' Association for the Care of Young Girls.
Mar. 31.
Presentation to Mr. G. H. Sowter in recognition of his long services to the Wigan Cricket Club.
April 1.
Reduction of the Wigan poor rate.
April 2.
Presentation to Mr. W. R. Toulson on resigning the position of secretary to the Wigan Philharmonic Society.
April 3.
Death of Mr. Richard Lea, J.P., aged 74 years. - Annual meeting of the Wigan and Districts Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Opening of a new Council school at Orrell.
April 4.
Resignation of the Rev. H. Wilson, for 38 years pastor of Ashton Congregational Church.
April 5.
Urban District Council elections. - Labour demonstration in Wigan.
April 6.
Last of the Maypole explosion compensation cases at the Wigan County Court. - Annual meeting of the Wigan and District Sunday School Union.
April 7.
Death of Mr. Amos Jacques in his 80th year.
April 12.
Death of the Rev. Rupert Large, curate of Ince, aged 56 years.
April 15.
Licensing appeals at the Liverpool County Sessions. - Death of Mr. George Duckworth in his 85th year.
April 18.
United mission conducted by Mr George Clarke of London, opened in the New Pavilion, Library Street.
April 24.
Death of Mr. Anthony Craston, B.A., aged 81 years.
April 26.
Rev. R. J. Campbell, of the City Temple, London, preached and lectured in Wigan.
April 27.
Major-General Sir John French visited Wigan in the course of his tour of inspection of the headquarters of the Territorial force.
April 28.
Annual meeting of the Wigan and District Lifeboat Saturday Fund.
April 29.
Death of Mr. William S. France, sen., aged 75 years.
May 3.
Mr. D. J. Shackleton, M.P., addressed a meeting of factory workers in the Queen's Hall.
May 5.
Statement at the Wigan Council Meeting as to the year's tramway losses. - Performance of "St. Paul" by the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.
May 6.
Archdeacon Madden's visitation at the Parish Church.
May 10.
Wigan Gas Committee decide to hand over the sum of £4,000 to the general district rate against £3,000 last year.
May 11.
Death of Mr. Joseph Ballard, J.P., aged 67 years.
May 13.
A man named Richard Rudd died suddenly while attending a funeral at Haigh.
May 14.
Death of Mr. Israel Knowles, J.P., in his 74th year. - House of Lords decide the appeal in the action Orrell Colliery Co., Limited, v. Lawrence Schofield.
May 19.
Wigan general district rate reduced.
May 22.
Demonstration of casting from the reel on the Wigan football ground.
May 23.
Dedication of the new organ at St. Thomas's Church, Caroline Street.
May 25.
Extensive fire in Market Street.
May 26.
Annual meeting of the Wigan Rugby Football Club. - The 12th annual Summer School organised by the North-Western Branch of the Library Association opened at the Wigan Public Library.
May 28.
Mr. Henry Ackerley resigned the office of clerk to the Wigan Union and Superintendent Registrar.
May 29.
Announcement that Mr. Paton, postmaster of Wrexham, bad been appointed postmaster of Wigan. - Mr. Andrew Carnegie admitted as honorary freeman of the borough.
May 30.
Wigan Territorials encamp on Salisbury Plain. - Death of Father Tuttle, aged 31 years.
June 1.
Death of Mr. John Pollard, mining engineer, aged 51 years.
June 4.
Mr. Gordon Ackerley appointed clerk to the Wigan Board of Guardians in succession to his father.
June 5.
Report of interview in the "Observer" with Mr. Henry Ackerley, late clerk to Wigan Board of Guardians, on local poor law administration.
June 15.
Death of Mr. William Moss, of Orrell, in his 67th year.
June 21.
Annual meeting of the donors and governors of the Infirmary.
June 26.
Foundation stone-laying of a miners' institute at Platt Bridge. - Wigan County Police Sports.
June 28.
Guardians election in Victoria Ward.
June 30.
Annual festival of the Liverpool Diocesan Board of Missions held in Wigan. - Annual meeting of the subscribers to the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society. - Annual meeting of Upholland and District Agricultural Society: decision not to hold a show this year.
July 1.
Mines Eight Hours Act came into operation.
July 2.
Death of Mr. Thomas Farrimond, late of Newtown, aged 70 years.
July 7.
Col. ffarington resigns the office of alderman of the Wigan Council.
July 8.
Conclusion of Maypole Colliery explosion inquest.
July 9.
Presentation of a portrait to Sir F. S. Powell at Sedbergh School. - Presentation to Major W. Taberner for 30 years honorary secretary to the Infirmary Gala Committee.
July 10.
Poor children's treat to Newburgh.
July 16.
Death of J. E. Boardman, the Wigan jockey, aged 33 years.
July 17.
Dedication of a new lectern at Billinge Parish Church. - First athletic festival of the Wigan Schools Athletic Association.
July 21.
Henry Cassidy sentenced at Liverpool assizes to fifteen months' imprisonment with hard labour for assault on a Wigan auctioneer.
July 28.
Colonel ffarington, acceding to the request of the Wigan Council, decided to retain the office of alderman.
July 31.
Heavy floods in the district.
Aug. 5.
Church Lads' Brigade camp at Prestatyn.
Aug. 10.
The Ellerbeck estate sale in Wigan.
Aug. 11.
Annual members' sports of the Wigan Cycling and Athletic Club.
Aug. 12.
Christening the new motor fire engine.
Aug. 15.
Death of Mr. William Valiant, J.P., of Ashton, aged 76 years.
Aug. 18.
The Mayor unfolds his scheme for raising a million sixpences to relieve the Infirmary of heavy debt.
Aug. 19.
Inquest at Hindley Green on a child who had died through eating poison berries.
Aug. 21.
Dedication of Christ Church, Miilgate (Reformed Episcopal Church).
Aug. 24.
Testimonial from teachers and scholars of the Presbyterian School to Mr. J. F. Dowswell, headmaster, on his retirement.
Aug. 25.
Ladies' bowling competition at the Wigan Subscription Bowling Green.
Aug. 28.
Announcement of Colonel ffarington's succession to the Worden estates.
Aug. 31.
Record sitting at the County Court, 1,240 cases being down for hearing.
Sept. 1.
First annual sports promoted by the Wigan Corporation Electric Light and Tramways Social Club. - Death of Alderman William Riley, aged 61 years.
Sept. 2.
Inquiry at Orrell under the Small Holdings and Allotments Acts.
Sept. 4.
Motor trip to Rivington to crippled and poorly circumstanced children.
Sept. 7.
Demonstration in favour of the Budget in the Co-operative Hall.
Sept. 8.
Hindley Horse and Cattle Fair.
Sept. 14.
Commencement of the revision of the Borough voting lists.
Sept. 15.
Death of Mr. John Armstrong, aged 59 years.
Sept. 16.
Wigan water polo team win the English championship.
Sept. 18.
Publication in the "Observer" of the first notice of an illustrated manuscript History of Wigan. - Dedication of a memorial lych gate at St. David's Church, Haigh.
Sept. 19.
Annual church parade of the United Irish League.
Sept. 25.
Conference of colliery enginemen and boilermen: demand for an eight hours day.
Sept. 28.
Announcement that Sir F. S. Powell would not stand for Wigan again at the close of the present Parliament.
Sept. 29.
Laying the foundation stone of the second extension of Hindley and Abram Grammar School. - Opening of All Saints' Men's Institute.
Oct. 4.
Budget protest meeting in the New Pavilion. - Borough Quarter Sessions: one case for trial.
Oct. 6.
Wigan County Borough Council adopt resolution of Education Committee as to feeding of necessitous school children. - Consistory Court of Liverpool grant faculty for laying out the Parish churchyard as an open space.
Oct. 8.
Wigan Girls' High School prize distribution.
Oct. 9.
Great carnival in Wigan in aid of the Infirmary million sixpences fund.
Oct. 11.
Performance of "David Garrick" by St. John's Amateur Dramatic Society.
Oct. 12.
Decision to form a Liberal Association for Wigan.
Oct. 14.
Death of Mr. George James, clerk to the Wigan County justices, aged 46 years.
Oct. 16.
Wigan Rugby team defeat Warrington at Central Park in the first round Lancashire cup competition.
Oct. 20.
Professor Leonard Hill, F.R.S., lectured at Abram on rescue work in mines. - Sir Henry C. Burdett, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., visits Wigan Infirmary. - Wigan and District Cricket League prize distribution.
Oct. 21.
Labour demonstration in the Co-operative Hall.
Oct. 23.
Dedication of St. Michael's vicarage. - Great foot race between Postle and Holway at Springfield Park.
Oct. 25.
Presentation to Mr. H. L. Trotman on the occasion of his leaving the Wigan Coal and Iron Company for India.
Oct. 27.
Half-yearly meeting of the Wigan Cricket Club. - Dinner given at the House of Commons by Unionists in honour of Sir F. S. Powell and two other members who had announced their intention to retire from political life.
Oct. 28.
Annual meeting of the Wigan Golf Club.
Oct. 29.
Wigan Town Council meeting: resignation of Alderman Sharrock.
Nov. 1.
Municipal elections: twelve contests.
Nov. 2.
Death of Mr. James Pigot, aged 53 years.
Nov. 4.
Judgment in the Chancery Division in the case Eckersley v. the Wigan Coal and Iron Company.
Nov. 5.
Interesting paper on "Mining Life in Siberia," by Mr. Robert McLeod Percy, read at a meeting of colliery managers at the Victoria Hotel. - Wigan and District Cage Bird Society: annual open show.
Nov. 6.
Mr. Arthur Smith, B.A., LL.B., appointed clerk to the Wigan County justices. - Death of Viscount Selby, formerly Recorder of Wigan.
Nov. 8.
Mr. Reginald J. N. Neville, Recorder of Bury St. Edmunds, recommended for adoption as Unionist candidate at a meeting of the Consultative Committee of the Wigan Conservative Association.
Nov. 9.
Alderman S. Wood re-elected Mayor of Wigan. - The King conferred the decoration of the Royal Red Cross on Miss Annie Fletcher, of Ashton-in-Makerfield, in recognition of her devoted service as nurse rendered by her to His Majesty and the Queen since 1902.
Nov. 11.
Resignation of the Wigan police surgeon.
Nov. 12.
Prize day at the Wigan Grammar School.
Nov. 16.
Work of recovering bodies from the Maypole Pit commenced.
Nov. 17.
Local Government Board inquiry at Hindley into the proposed scheme for the erection of a new infectious diseases hospital. - Ada Crossley concert at the New Pavilion.
Nov. 20.
Celebration of the coming of age of the Wigan Rolling Mills Co., Limited. - Edward Gee, postal clerk, sentenced at Liverpool assizes to 18 months' hard labour for larceny at Wigan Post Office.
Nov. 22.
Wigan and District Mining and Technical College prize distribution.
Nov. 24.
Annual meetings of the Wigan and District Free Church Council. - Close of the Rev. H. Wilson's long pastorate at Ashton Congregational Church.
Nov. 25.
Death of Mr. James Platt, Wigan Borough Auditor, in his 79th year.
Nov. 28.
Death of Mr. Edward Law, headmaster of Hindley and Abram Grammar School, aged 59 years.
Dec. 2.
Fifty-fourth annual meeting of the Makerfield Ploughing Society.
Dec. 4.
Opening of the new Bamfurlong miners' institute.
Dec. 6.
Public meeting held under the auspices of the Wigan Conservative Registration Association to thank Sir F. S. Powell, Bart., for his services as M.P. for Wigan.
Dec. 7.
Annual dinner of the Wigan and District Building Trades Employers' Association. - Death of Mr. Thomas Melling, J.P., 72 years of age.
Dec. 8.
First performance in Wigan of Brahms "German Requiem," by the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.
Dec. 9.
Thirteenth annual meeting of the subscribers to the Wigan and District Merchants' and Traders' Association, Limited.
Dec. 12.
Silver Jubilee celebration at St. Patrick's Church.
Dec. 13.
Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society's performances of "Tom Jones" at the Royal Court Theatre.
Dec. 16.
Mr. Ramsay Macdonald, M.P., addressed two Labour meetings in Wigan.

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