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Local Chronology, 1908.


Jan. 7.
Presentation to Father Clarke, O.S.B., by the Parishioners of St. Benedict's, Hindley, on his return to the parish after severe illness.
Jan. 10.
An Association of Church Teachers formed in Wigan.
Jan. 13.
Mayoral Juvenile Dance in the Drill Hall.
Jan. 15.
Licensed Victuallers' Ball in the Drill Hall.
Jan. 19.
Irish Demonstration: Address by Mr. T. P. O'Connor, M.P., at the Royal Court Theatre.
Jan. 22.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Temperance and Rescue Mission. - Wigan Conservative Ball. - Annual Meeting of the Haigh, Aspull, and Blackrod Ploughing Society. - Death of Mr. Thomas Wylie in his 71st year.
Jan. 23.
Death of Mr. Walter Cripps, aged 70 years.
Jan. 24.
Death of Mr. E. P. Hall, ex-Supervisor of Excise, Inland Revenue, aged 70 years.
Jan. 25.
Co-operative Festivals at Wigan and Hindley.
Jan. 27.
General Baden-Powell, C.B., delivers an address in Wigan on his system of boy scouting in peace time. - Death of Mrs. Alfred Hewlett.
Jan. 30.
25th Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Property Owners' Association.
Feb. 1.
Board of Trade report on Cost of Living of Working Classes in Wigan published in the Observer.
Feb. 4.
Death of Alderman James Hilton, J.P., 78 years of age. - Death of Mrs Rylands, widow of the late Mr. John Rylands.
Feb. 5.
Wigan Liberal Ball in the Drill Hall.
Feb. 8.
Opening of the New Institute connected with St. Mary's Church, Lower Ince. - Death of Mr. H. S. Threlfall, Solicitor, in his 53rd year.
Feb. 9.
Capt. Rigg, D.L., J.P., delivered address on Temperance Legislation. - Death of Mr. Giles Heaps, Pemberton, aged 73 years.
Feb. 10.
Death of Mr. Isaiah Piggott, Mining Engineer, in his 66th year.
Feb. 12.
Wigan Borough Licensing Sessions.
Feb. 18.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society. - Lecture in the Drill Hall on "The Navy and the Nation," by Lieutenant H. T. C. Knox. - Annual Dinner of the Wigan Butchers' Guardian Association.
Feb. 21.
Death of Mr. John Taberner, formerly Station Master at the London and North-Western Wigan Station, aged 75 years.
Feb. 22.
Announcement of an increase of Printers' Wages in Wigan. - Councillor J. Parkinson, J.P., Wigan, appointed Miners' Agent.
Feb. 25.
Presentation to the ex-Mayor (Councillor O'Donahue) by the Catholic Young Men of Wigan.
Feb. 26.
Anaual Meeting of the Wigan Subscription Bowling Green.
Feb. 29.
Volunteer Sergeants' Dinner at the Drill Hall.
Mar. 2.
Burgess Auditors' Election.
Mar. 4.
Action against the Wigan Corporation at the Liverpool Assizes. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Bowling Club.
Mar. 5.
Dr. Clifford in Wigan.
Mar. 7.
Sir John Gorst in Wigan.
Mar. 9.
Opening of the new Orrell Council Offices. - Adjourned Borough Licensing Sessions. Licences taken away.
Mar. 12.
Adjourned County Licensing Sessions. - Alderman W. S. Barrett, J.P., appointed Chairman of the Lancashire County Council.
Mar. 19.
Mr. Hy. Twist adopted Prospective Labour Candidate for Wigan.
Mar. 25.
Memorial to Rev. P. Hains unveiled in St.George's Church.
Mar. 28.
Temperance Meeting in the Drill Hall. Addresses by the Bishop of Liverpool (Dr. Chavasse), Sir Edward Russell, and Mr. S. Walsh, M.P. - Thirty-fifth annual general Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Re-opening of Billinge Parish Church after alterations. - Annuai Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Ince Division Labour Registration Association. - Temperance Meeting in the Drill Hall: Addresses by the Bishop of Liverpool (Dr. Chavasse), Sir Edward Russell, and Mr. S. Walsh, M.P,
Mar. 29.
Foundation Stone-laying of a new Catholic Church at Ince. - Death of Mr. John Taylor, author of the articles "Searchlights on Land, Labour, and Social Problems."
Mar. 30.
Public Meeting at Ashton in opposition to the Government Licensing Bill.
Mar. 31.
Ceremony at the Drill Hall to mark the change from the Volunteer system to the Territorial Army Scheme.
April 1.
Wigan Poor Rate reduced to 3/4 in the £. - Opening of the Queen's Hall.
April 2.
Opening of the Miners' Rescue Station at Atherton.
April 3.
Licensing Appeal Case, Pennington v. Pincock, heard in the King's Bench Division.
April 4.
Presentation to Mr. Henry Hill on retiring from the position of Overseer at the Observer Office. - Second Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Rambling Club.
April 6.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Lifeboat Fund.
April 7.
Death of Mr. T. B. Rowe, Solicitor, aged 50 years.
April 9.
Mr. Charles Burgess, of Kirkcaldy, appointed Tramways Traffic Manager. - Committee formed for the Wigan district to raise funds for local War Veterans.
April 21.
Death of Mr. Thomas Myers in his 67th year. - Licensing Appeal Case at the Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions.
April 23.
Death of Alderman R. R. Daglish, Mayor of New Romney, and a member of an old Wigan family.
April 25.
Grand Master A. Dempsey addressed a gathering of Oddfellows in Wigan. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
April 27.
Death of Inspector Harrison, of the Wigan County Police Force. - Presentation to Father Sheehan at St. Joseph's Church. - Meeting of the Wigan Licensing Compensation Authority.
April 29.
Local Government Board Inquiry in Wigan respecting the application of the Corporation for sanction to borrow £22,250 for the Gas Undertaking.
May 4.
Opening of the Labour Parliamentary Campaign in Wigan.
May 7.
Archdeacon Spooner's Visitation to the Pariah Church. - Art Exhibition at the Girls' High School.
May 8.
Cage Accident at No. 7 Pit, Garswood Hall Colliery: eight men injured.
May 13.
Charge of Manslaughter against Henry Watt Brown, heard at Liverpool Assizes. Imprisoned for two months.
May 14.
Hearing of Serious Charges against William Close, Schoolmaster, of Abram, at Liverpool Assizes. Sentence of twelve month imprisonment with hard labour.
May 23.
Opening of Ince Parish Church Recreation Ground.
May 24.
Mayor's State Visit to St. Thomas's Church in commemoration of Empire Day.
May 27.
Death of Mr. William McNaught, 65 years of age. - Presentation to Mr. J. F. Dowswell, Headmaster of Presbyterian School, by the Head Teachers of Wigan and District. - AnnuaI General Meeting of the members of the Wigan Rubgy Football Club.
June 1.
Meeting of the Wigan Compensation Authority: Awards in referred Licences.
June 2.
Coroner's inquiry into the circumstances attending the death of Mr. Tom Martin, a Wigan cashier.
June 3.
Wigan Town Council abandon the Rodney Street Town Hall site.
June 6.
The Hon. Richard Newsam, President of the State Mining Board of Illinois, U.S.A., in Wigan. - The Recorder of Wigan delivered judgment in the Scholes Licensing Appeal.
June 7.
Wigan Territorial Force leave for camp at Ramsey, Isle of Man.
June 8.
Catholic Demonstration in Wigan.
June 9.
Demonstration on the Woman's suffrage question on the Market Square.
June 11.
Death of Alderman C. B. Holmes, J.P., in his 74th year.
June 12.
Meeting of the North-Western Branch of the Library Association at Haigh Hall.
June 17.
Wigan Tradesmen's General Holiday.
June 18.
Death of Mr. J. M. Hall, cutler, in his 73rd year. - Formation of a Wigan Troop of the Legion of Frontiersmen. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Permanent Benefit Building Society.
June 21.
Serious farm fire at Park Lane.
June 22.
Annual Meeting of Infirmary Governors and Subscribers.
June 23.
Annual Meeting of Standish Miniature Rifle Club.
June 24.
Dr. H. Holmes delivers a lecture at the Wigan Chess Club. - Open-air Schools suggested at the Meeting of the Wigan Education Authority. - Annual Conference of the Railway Women's Guild.
June 27.
Inspection of the Wigan Division of the St. John Ambulance Association. - International Swim through London: brilliant performance by Kearsley, of Wigan. - Ben Jones, the Wigan racing cyclist, competed in the National Cyclist Union Championship at the Stadium, London.
June 28.
Window dedicated to the memory of the late R. Gibson, of Wigan and Southport, unveiled at Southport.
June 30.
Sun's wonderful afterglow seen in Wigan at midnight.
July 4.
Publication of the Annual Report of Mr. H. Hall, H.M. Inspector of Mines. - Demonstration of Free Churches at Ashton. - Wigan Poor Children's Treat Association: Annual Outing to Needy Children. - Death of Mr. Torn Taylor,. prominent member of Wigan Swimming Club, in his 19th year.
July 7.
Wigan Water Committee inspect the Waterworks at Worthington.
July 8.
Presentations to J. Leytham by members and supporters of Wigan Rugby Football Club. - Opening Ceremony, Primitive Methodist Church, Lower Ince.
July 10.
Mr. George James, Assistant County Magistrates' Clerk appointed Joint Clerk (unsalaried).
July 13.
Shaft accident at the Duke Pit, Platt Bridge: one man fatally injured.
July 16.
Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions: three cases for trial. - Blind Wiganers taken for an outing to Mawdesley.
July 18.
Labour Demonstration in Haydock Park. - Wigan County Police Sports.
July 27.
Wigan Grammar School Sports.
July 29.
Resumption of the Inquiry into the application of the Wigan Council for sanction to borrow further money for purposes of electric lighting. - Action at Liverpool Assizes against a Wigan Footballer.
Aug. 1.
The travels of Ex-Lieutenant Woods in the Near East: Interesting Record published in the Wigan Observer. - Pemberton Lifeboat Demonstration.
Aug. 3.
Winstanley and District Floral and Horticultural Show. - Wigan Co-operators' Trip to Scotland.
Aug. 6.
Church Lads' Brigade at Prestatyn.
Aug. 12.
Thirteenth Annual Show of the Upholland and District Agricultural Society.
Aug. 15.
Publication of Colonel Pilkington's Will: Stipulation against public-houses. - First. Annual Show of Ashton Botanical and Horticultural Society.
Aug. 18.
Explosion in the 7 feet Cannel Mine, No. 1, Maypole Colliery, Abram, 75 killed.
Aug. 20.
Opening of the Inquest on the Maypole Victims.
Aug. 21.
The King sent to the Mayor of Wigan a touching message of sympathy with the wives and families of those killed at Maypole Colliery. - Mayor of Wigan opens a Fund for the relief of the distress caused by the explosion.
Aug. 25.
Death of Mr. Percy Proe, son of Mr. John Proe, Wigan, in Canada, aged 24 years.
Aug. 26.
Golden Wedding of Sir Francis and Lady Powell. - Local Government Board Inquiry at Billinge touching the application of the Billinge Council for sanction to borrow £12,000 for works of water supply.
Aug. 30.
Bishop of Liverpool (Dr. Chavasse) held a Memorial Service in a field near the Maypole Pit.
Sept. 3.
Meeting of the Coal Conciliation Board in Edinburgh: decision to reduce miners' wages five per cent.
Sept. 5.
Treat to Wigan crippled children. - Conference of School Attendance Officers in Wigan. - Demonstration in Wigan in favour of the Government's Licensing Bill.
Sept. 8.
F. Kearsley, the Wigan long-distance swimmer, began his attempt to swim the Channel.
Sept. 9.
Meeting at Wesley Hall to welcome the new Wesleyan Ministers. - Hindley Horse and Cattle Fair.
Sept. 10.
Inquest on a Wigan Compositor: verdict that he "Died from tuberculosis, accelerated by lead poisoning." - First Meeting of the Wigan Old Age Pensions Committee.
Sept. 11.
Death of Mr. Henry Litherland, Chemist, aged 72 years.
Sept. 12.
First first team match at Central Park: Wigan v. Hunslet.
Sept. 13.
Thomas Bleakley, Wigan, Solicitor's Clerk, found dead at Newburgh.
Sept. 14.
Revision of the Wigan Voting Lists. - Ince and Hindley Green Evening Schools Prize Distribution.
Sept. 15.
Action against Directors of the Wigan Town Association Football Club at Wigan County Court. - Prize Distribution at St. Nathaniel's Evening School, Platt Bridge.
Sept. 16.
Bishop of Liverpool addresses Church Workers at Wigan Parish Church. - Visit of Ince Council to the Waterworks at Golborne. - Hindley Evening Technical Classes Prize Distribution.
Sept. 17.
Death of Mr. Francis John Moon, in his 63rd year .- Transfers of Licences at the Borough Police Court. - Opening of the Revision of the Ince Division Voting Lists. - Library Committee decided to open the Library on all Bank Holidays except Christmas Day and Good Friday.
Sept. 18.
Presentation to Mr. John House, J.P.
Sept. 22.
Death of Mr. John Pearce, Draper, aged 58 years.
Sept. 24.
Forms of application under the Old Age Pension Act first issued at the Wigan Post Office.
Sept. 27.
Madame Albani sang at the Maypole Fund Concert in the Drill Hall.
Sept. 29.
Maypole Explosion inquest resumed.
Sept. 30.
Wigan Education Authority decide that no further Supplementary Teachers at appointed. - Christening the engines at the new Trencherfield Mill, Wallgate.
Oct. 1.
Maypole Compensation Claims heard at the Wigan County Court.
Oct. 4.
Meeting of Representatives of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul at St. John's Hall. - The Rev. Ambrose Lewis accepts a call to the pastorate of King Street Baptist Church.
Oct. 5.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: three prisoners for trial.
Oct. 7.
Wigan County Borough Council decide to confer the honorary freedom of the Borough on Dr. Andrew Carnegie and Alderman Robert Richards. - Girls' High School Prize Distribution.
Oct. 8.
Factory Operatives on strike against a proposed reduction of wages. - Wigan and District Philharmonic Society give a complimentary Dinner to the President, Sir F. S. Powell, Bart., M.P.
Oct. 11.
Death of Dr. Edward Swales, aged 31 years.
Oct. 14.
Health Committee decide to advertise for a Female Health Inspector.
Oct. 15.
Marriage of Miss Winifrede Gerard-Dicconson.
Oct. 23.
Unsealing the shafts at Maypole Pit. - Death of Mr. Thomas Greener Pickering, aged 43 years. - Annual Prize Distribution at the Mining and Technical College: Address by Sir Henry H. S. Cunynghame, K.C.B.
Oct. 24.
Rodney Street Chapel Jubliee Celebrations.
Oct. 28.
Half-yearly Meeting of the Wigan Cricket Club. - Wigan Town Council decide to appoint a Lady Health Inspector.
Oct. 29.
Local Government Board Inquiry at Ashton as to an application for sanction to borrow £6,000 for the erection of Public Baths. - First Annual Meeting of the Wigan Branch of the National League of the Blind.
Oct. 30.
Mr. Cecil Berry appointed School Medical Officer for Wigan.
Nov. 2.
Municipal Elections: Contests in Eleven Wards. Conservatives gain four seats.
Nov. 4.
The Hon. Mrs. Bertrand Russell, of Oxford, and London, delivered an address at the Queen's Hall on "Schools for Mothers." - Distribution of Medals in connection with the Wigan and District Cricket League.
Nov. 6.
Presentation to Mr. C. A. Farnell, late Headmaster of St. Joseph's Schools, Wigan.
Nov. 9.
Alderman Robert Richards admitted an Honorary Freeman of the Borough. - Alderman S. Wood re-elected Mayor. - Wigan Factory Dispute settled.
Nov. 11.
Re-trial of the Case, the Committee of the Wigan Rugby Football Club v. Edward Croston, Coal Dealer, of Whelley; Defendant sent to prison.
Nov. 12.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Education Authority.
Nov. 13.
Death of Mr. William Webster, Pemberton.
Nov. 14.
Mr. Keir Hardie, M.P., addressed a Meeting in the Hippodrome. - Fall of a Blast Furnace at the Kirkiess Works of the Wigan Coal and Iron Co.
Nov. 16.
Presentation to James Fox and Thomas Morris for bravery at the Maypole Colliery after the Explosion on August 18th.
Nov. 17.
Maypole Explosion Inquest again adjourned.
Nov. 20.
Annual Show of the Wigan and District Cage Bird Society.
Nov. 21.
Prospect House, Standish, destroyed by fire. - Opening of the Wigan Mission at the Parish Church. - Twentieth Anniversary of the re-opening of the Wigan Rolling Mills.
Nov. 22.
Presentation to the Rev. John Wood on retirement from the Curacy of Highfield.
Nov. 27.
Miners' Hall, Wigan, offered for sale.
Nov. 28.
Wonderful Sunrise-called a "Morning Sunset" witnessed in Wigan. - Appeal in the case of Lawrence Schofield v. the Orrell Colliery Company, Limited, decided in the High Court.
Nov. 30.
Four Kensit's Wickliffe Preachers visit the Parish Church.
Dec. 1.
Annual Meetings of the Wigan and District Free Church Council.
Dec. 3.
Miss Jean Fyans appears in Goetz's Opera, "Francesca," in London.
Dec. 4.
Sale of the late licensed premises known as the "King's Head," Market Place.
Dec. 7.
Mr. W. Scott Barrett appointed Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Lancaster. - Local Will Case - Heyes v. Heyes, settled at Liverpool Assizes.
Dec. 8.
Annual Dinner of the Wigan and District Building Trades Employers' Association.
Dec. 9.
Philharmonic Concert in the Drill Hall. - Prize Distribution at the Wigan Grammar School. - The Home Secretary declines to advise any interference with the sentence passed on Edward Croston.
Dec. 10.
Conference in Wigan for the purpose of ascertaining suitable sites for new industries, in view of the Patents and Designs Act, 1907.
Dec. 13.
Performances at the Royal Court Theatre by the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
Dec. 15.
Public Meeting in the Drill Hall in connection with the National Service League.
Dec. 16.
Recognition Meeting of the New Pastor at King Street Baptist Church, Wigan.
Dec. 17.
Death of Mr. F. W. Hayes, a director of Abram Coal Company.
Dec. 19.
Wigan Rugby Football Club win the Lancashire Cup.
Dec. 20.
Death of Mr. J. B. Almond, Stendish, aged 63 years.
Dec. 21.
Hearing of an Acton against the Wigan Corporation at the Liverpool Assizes. - Annual Public Meeting of the Hospital Sunday and Saturday Fund. - Presentaton to Mr. John Knowles, J.P., on the occasion of his silver wedding. - Mr. W. Greaves Lord adopted Conservative Candidate for Ince Division.
Dec. 22.
Board of Trade sanction the borrowing of £11,100 by the Wigan Corporation for the erection of fifty cottages to accommodate Tramway Employés.

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