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Local Chronology, 1906-7.


Dec. 27.
Lord Gerard's Dinner to his Farm Tenants at Ashton.
Dec. 29.
Laying the Foundation Stone of an Extension to the Weaving Shed of the Platt Lane Manufacturing Co., Hindley.
Dec. 30.
Unveiling the new High Altar at St. Cuthbert's, Pemberton.


Jan. 2.
Wigan Town Council reject a proposal to re-establish the Wigan Pleasure Fair. - First Annual Show of the Pemberton Central Homing Society.
Jan. 3.
Wigan Amateur Operatic Society's Treat to Old Folks.
Jan. 5.
Abram Coal Co.'s Treat to Old Folks. - Old Folk's Treat at Goose Green.
Jan. 8.
Presentation to Mr. W. T. Gee on his departure to Nottingham.
Jan. 10.
Mine Managers' Examination Results Announced.
Jan. 11.
The Mayor's Juvenile Dance in the Drill Hall.
Jan. 14.
Wigan Sewage Scheme: Corporation Deputation before the Ribble Joint Committee.
Jan. 16.
Licensed Victuallers' Ball in the Drill Hall. - Annual Match of the Haigh, Aspull, and Blackrod Ploughing Society.
Jan. 17.
Announcement of Ptomaine Poisoning Cases in Wigan. - Re-opening of Wigan Parish Church Bells. - Serious Fire at May Mill, Pemberton. - Anniversary of the Ince Election Victory: Labour Meeting at Pemberton.
Jan. 19.
Wigan and District Co-operative Society: Annual Festival. - Death of Mr. J. C. Samuels, aged 44 years.
Jan. 23.
Founding of the Wigan Branch of the National Service League. - Annual Meeting of Hindley Technical Evening School. - Evidence of Mr. T. R. Ellis before the Eight Hours Committee. - Wigan Conservative Ball in the Drill Hall. - Co-operative Exhibition at Hindley.
Jan. 24.
Board of Education Decision on the Wrightington School Question Announced. - Library Association Meeting in Wigan.
Jan. 26.
Opening of the new Council Schools at Hindley. - Annual Meeting in Wigan of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Federation.
Jan. 27.
Death of Mr. Herbert Wragg, Photographer, in his 80th year. - Temperance Sunday in Wigan.
Jan. 28.
Letter Box Thefts in Wigan: Case at the Borough Police Court. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Property Owners' Association.
Jan. 30.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Swimming Club. - Marriage of Mr. P. S. Mayhew. - Presentation to Mr. G. S. Simm, Goods Agent, on retiring from the service of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Temperance and Rescue Mission.
Jan. 31.
Wigan Charity Organisation Society Annual Meeting. - Makerfield Ploughing Society: Match at Garswood.
Feb. 2.
Collision at the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Station.
Feb. 5.
Annual Dinner of the Wigan Butchers' Guardian Association.
Feb. 6.
Wigan Brewster Sessions. - Father Day delivered an Address on Socialism at Ince. - Liberal Ball in the Drill Hall.
Feb. 7.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions: All applications Refused.
Feb. 8.
Death of the Rev. Philip Hains, aged 79 years.
Feb. 10.
Dedication of a new Lectern at St. George's Church.
Feb. 12.
Board of Trade Inquiry at Wigan, touching the Collision at the Lancashire and Yorkshire Station. - Death of Mr. David Henderson, formerly a tradesman in Wigan, aged 72 years.
Feb. 13.
Opening of two Council Schools at Ince.
Feb. 14.
Inspector Wright, of the Wigan Police Force, appointed Chief Constable of Newark.
Feb. 15.
Shocking Death of Mr. J. E. Hurcombe at Holland Colliery. - Opening of the enlarged Premises of the Electric Light and Tramways Employés' Club. - Sudden Death of Mr. Thomas Naylor, Confectioner, aged 66 years.
Feb. 16.
Dr. S. Monckton Copeman's Report on the Sanitary Condition of Wigan, published in the "Observer."
Feb. 19.
Local Government Board Inquiry at Wigan.
Feb. 20.
Opening of an Exhibition of Pictures in the Old Council Chamber. - Coming of age celebrations of the Wigan Cyclist Club.
Mar. 3.
Death of Mr. R. H. Widdows, formerly of Pemberton, aged 67 years.
Mar. 4.
Adjourned Borough Licensing Sessions: Bee Hive Licence Refused.
Mar. 6.
Adjourned County Licensing Sessions: Eleven Licences Refused. - Bazaar at St. William's, Ince, in aid of a new Church. - Death of Mr. William Melling, Billinge, aged 57.
Mar. 8.
Explosion in an Ince Dwelling-House: One Death.
Mar. 9.
Visit of Mr. G. H. Roberts, M.P., Norwich, to the Wigan Typographical Association.
Mar. 11.
Mr. J. A. Kensit in Wigan.
Mar. 14.
Death of the Rev. J. G. Hollingworth, Vicar of Coppull, aged 77 years.
Mar. 16.
Opening of a new Conservative Club in Scholes. - Shorthand Writers' Conference in Wigan.
Mar. 17.
Irish M.P.'s at the United Irish League Hall. - Presentation to Canon Sommer, Rector of St. Patrick's.
Mar. 18.
Exhibition of Malagasy Curiosities at Hope Congregational Schools.
Mar. 21.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Auxiliary of the Church Pastoral Aid Society.
Mar. 23.
Announcement in the "Observer" that a picture by Sir Godfrey Kneller, the great portrait painter, had been found in Wigan. - Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society: Mr. D. Shaw appointed General Secretary.
Mar. 24.
Branch of the Independent Labour Party formed in Wigan.
Mar. 25.
Sudden Death of Mr. John Thomas Pope, Paper Bag Merchant, aged 40 years.
Mar. 27.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Sunday School Union.
Mar. 28.
Dinner at Goiborne in Commermoration of the thirty years' service of Mr. C. S. Bennie as Clerk and Surveyor to the Golborne District Council.
Mar. 31.
Mrs. Martha Hargreaves, 9, Douglas Road, Wigan Lane, found dead in bed.
April 2.
Increase in the Wigan Poor Rate. - Proposed Local Testimonial to Sir F. S. Powell announced. - Inquest at Aspull on the body of Elijah Churchbouse, a General Dealer, 53 years of age, who was found dead in his house. Verdict, "Wilful Murder against some person or persons unknown."
April 6.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Action in the Royal Court, Jersey, in connection with the late Alderman Richard Johnson's Estate.
April 8.
Memorial Tablet to the late Mr. John Pendlebury, J.P., unveiled in St. George's Schools.
April 9.
Pit Shaft Accident at the Lindsay Pit: A Fireman Killed.
April 10.
Reception at the Young Men's Christian Association.
April 11.
Death of Mr. Zechariah Hubbert in his 75th year.
April 12.
Mr. S. Walsh, M.P., moved the second reading of the Coal Mines Eight Hours Bill.
April 13.
Announcement of the Death of Thomas Sutton, the Oldest Engine Driver in England, and member of an old Ashton family.
April 15.
Wigan Compensation Authority: Licences Referred for Compensation.
April 16.
Publication of the Scheme for the re-arrangement of the Boundaries of the Wigan Parishes. - Death of the Rev. H. E. M. Siddall, son of the Vicar of St. Thomas's, Ashton.
April 17.
Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions: The Irish Butter Frauds. - Marriage of Major H. A. Thompson and Miss F. M. Bankes, of Winstanley Hall.
April 19.
Presentation to Supt. Burns, of the Wigan Fire Brigade, on the occasion of his Appointment to the position of Chief Officer to the Birkenhead Fire Brigade.
April 20.
Announcement of the death in California of William Dainty, a member of an old Wigan family. - Death of Mr. James R. Taylor, aged 50 years.
April 23.
Complimentary Banquet by the Unionist members of Parliament at the House of Commons to Sir F. S. Powell on the occasion of his Parliamentary Jubilee.
April 25.
Archdeacon Madden's Visitation to Wigan Parish Church. - Annual Meetings in Wigan of the South-West Lancashire Federation of Free Church Councils.
April 29.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Smallpox Joint Hospital Committee. - Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hewlett's Golden Wedding.
May 1.
Hindley Street Paving Case decided at the Wigan County Police Court. -Mr. Wm. Arnold ordained Pastor of Golborne Baptist Church.
May 4.
Joseph Archer sentenced to seven years' penal servitude at the Liverpool Assizes for attempted murder at Shevington.- Carters' Demonstration at Hindley.
May 6.
Death of Mr. T. D. Swift, aged 76 years.
May 8.
Death of the Rev. John Leach, formerly Vicar of Pemberton, 69 years of age.
May 11.
Death of Mr. Wm. Lees, Solicitor, in his 68th year. - Death of Mr. Thomas Cookson, aged 64 years.
May 12.
Railway Servants' Demonstration at Ince. - Terrible Thunderstorm broke over Wigan and District.
May 15.
Stone-laying Ceremony at the Queen's Hall, in connection with the Wigan Wesleyan Mission. - Welcome Home at Rodney Street Chapel to Mr. Bartley Ellis after 12 months' mission work in South Africa. - Death of Mr. Henry Mills, aged 74 years.
May 16.
Foundation Stone-laying at Billinge of the new Workhouse Hospital for the Wigan Union.
May 17.
Lady Balcarres turned on the water of the new Service Reservoir at Standish.
May 18.
Visit to Hindley of the Hon. Richard Newsam, Head of the Illinois State Mining Board, U.S.A. - Wigan Volunteers journey to Camp on Salisbury Plain.
May 20.
Infirmary Gala in Mesnes Park. - Catholic Procession in Wigan. - Death of Mr. C. S. Bennie, Golbome, aged 52 years.
May 24.
St. Michael's Church struck by Lightning.
May 28.
Announcement of Serious Losses in connection with the Wigan Corporation Tramways Undertaking.
May 29.
Death of Mr. Thomas Aspinall, Mining Engineer, aged 45 years. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Rugby Football Club.
May 30.
Meeting in Wigan in connection with the Bishop of Liverpool's Fund for Diocesan Needs.
June 1.
Death of Mrs. Pickard, widow of the late Mr. Wm. Pickard, J.P., Miner's Agent of Wigan, in her 79th year.
June 5.
Tramway Losses discussed at the Town Council Meeting.
June 12.
Wigan Tradesmen's Holiday.
June 19.
Foundation Stone-laying of the new Offices of the Orrell District Council.
June 20.
Annual Meeting of Infirmary Donors and Governors. - Meetings in Wigan in connection with the South-West Lancashire Federation of Free Churches.
June 22.
Death of Mr. Moses Morris, Colliery Proprietor, Hindley Green, aged 77 years.
June 25.
Decision to erect a Bronze Statue of Sir F. S. Powell in the Wigan Market Place.
June 26.
Death of Mr. James Brown, of Haigh, aged 75 years.
June 27.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Lifeboat Saturday Fund.
July 1.
Dr. C. M. Sheldon, of America, delivered an Address in Hope Church. - Presenthtion to the Mayor of Wigan (Councillor O'Donahue) by the Northern District Trotting and Galloping Association. - First County Cricket Match at Wigan: Lancashire II. v. Lincolnshire.
July 3.
Belgian Swimmers at the Wigan Baths. - Wigan County Borough Council rescind resolution as to Town Hall Site.
July 4.
Pemberton Library Struck by Lightning.
July 6.
Annual Poor Children's Treat. - Wigan County Police Sports at Springfield Park.
July 7.
Gaelic League Gathering at Springfield Park.
July 9.
Wigan Motor Car Fatality: Action at Manchester Assizes.
July 13.
Stone-laying to Commemorate the Restoration of Billinge Parish Church.
July 14.
Mr. John Lobb delivers Addresses in the Drill Hall under the auspices of the Wigan Spiritual Society.
July 16.
Aspull Woman Charged with Manslaughter at the Liverpool Assizes: Verdict, "Not guilty."
July 20.
Consecration of the Extended Portion of the Pemberton Parish Churchyard.
July 21.
Terrific Thunderstorm in Wigan.
July 22.
Mass Meeting on the Market Square demanded a Government Inquiry into the Wigan Tramways Department. - New Play, "The Lady of Haigh," produced at the Royal Court Theatre.
July 24.
Upholland and District Agricultural Show.
July 27.
Labour Demonstration at Ashton.
July 31.
Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions: Corporation Appeal in the Swinley Paving Case Allowed.
Aug. 5.
Sudden Death of Mr. John Howe, J.P., aged 68 years. - 18th Annual Show of the Winstanley Floral and Horticultural Society. - Wigan Co-operative Trip to Ireland.
Aug. 7.
Wigan County Borough Council appoint two separate Committees for the Tramways and the Electric Light Undertakings. - Presentation to Father Walmesley, Standish, on his Silver Sacerdotal Jubilee. - Coppull Ring Spinning Company: Naming and Starting the Engines.
Aug. 10.
Announcement that Mr. Robert McLeod Percy, eldest son of Mr. T. M. Percy, J.P., Ince, had received a mining appointment in Russia. - Twenty-third Annual Show of Douglas Floral Society, Parbold.
Aug. 12.
Death of Mr. Wm. Painter, Ashton, aged 72 years.
Aug. 17.
Death of Mr. Henry Sawbridge, 74 years of age. - Flower and Vegetable Show at Standish.
Aug. 19.
Death of Mrs. Woodcock, widow of the late Mr. Henry Woodcock.
Aug. 21.
Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society's Pic-nic to Rufford.
Aug. 22.
Objections to renewal of Music Licences at the Wigan Police Court. - Election in South Pemberton Ward to fill a vacancy on the Wigan Council caused by a Councillor's resignation.
Aug. 25.
Mr. C. H. Cox, Birkdale, appointed Headmaster of Upholland Grammar School.
Aug. 27.
Celebration of Col. R. A. ffarington's Seventieth Birthday.
Aug. 28.
Presentation to the Rev. A. A. Brookes, Curate, St. Thomas's, Wigan, on his departure to a new sphere of labour.
Sept. 2.
Death of Mr. James Aspinall, of Pemberton.
Sept. 4.
Wigan Town Council decide to abolish Contract Tickets on the Tramways.
Sept. 5.
Death of Mr. Robert Lea Walker, of the firm of Messrs. Walker Bros., Wigan, aged 33 years.
Sept. 7.
F. Kearsley, of Wigan, fourth in the 15 miles Swimming Race in the Thames.
Sept. 9.
Death of the Rev. G. W. Hearle, Newburgh, aged 84 years.
Sept. 11.
Horse and Cattle Fair at Hindley. - Opening of a new Organ at Golborne Parish Church. - Wesleyan Methodist Synod at the Wesleyan Church, Standishgate, Wigan.
Sept. 14.
Revision of the Wigan Voting Lists. - Dedication of the new Vicarage of Pemberton.
Sept. 16.
Wigan Water Polo team defeated in the Final of the English Championship. - Sudden Death of Dr. Worsley, of Golborne, aged 62 years.
Sept. 21.
Great Labour Demonstration at Ince: twenty thousand workers present. - Congregational Lay Preachers' Conference at St. Paul's Church, Wigan.
Sept. 23.
Address in Wigan by Mr. Victor Grayson, M.P., for the Colne Valley Division.
Sept. 28.
Announcement that a Relic of Wigan's Political History had been presented to the Free Library by Col. ffarington.
Sept. 29.
Pemberton Servant's Suicide: Pathetic Farewell Message.
Oct. 1.
Letters published from the Board of Trade and the Local Government Board replying to the request for an inquiry into the working and financial position of the Wigan Electric Light and Tramways Undertakings.
Oct. 2.
Serious Fire at Bamfurlong Farm. - Mr. Charles Latham, Lecturer in Mining, appointed Professor of Mining at Glasgow University. - School Children's Swimming Gala at the Baths.
Oct. 4.
Formation of a Wigan Branch of the National Home Reading Union. - Wigan Grammar School Sports at Springfield Park.
Oct. 5.
Wigan Water Polo team win the County Championship.
Oct. 6.
Rev. Granville Gibson, B.D., designated and valedicted at the King Street Baptist Church. - Rev. A. J. Newman commenced his ministry at Scarisbrick Baptist Church.
Oct. 8.
Technical Instruction Classes Prize Distribution at Ince Public Hall.
Oct. 9.
Death of Mr. Samuel Vincent, Haigh, aged 81 years. - Wigan and District Cricket League: Presentation of Medals. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Band of Hope Union.
Oct. 10.
Announcement of the Decision to Constitute a Temperance Brass Band for Wigan. - Death of Mr. John Hooton, Wigan Lane, aged 61 years. - The members of the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society gave a banquet to Mr. Henry Brierley, their Chairman.
Oct. 11.
Lecture in Wigan by Mr. Joseph McCabe, the well-known Scientist.
Oct. 14.
Death of Mr. James Fairhurst, Licensed Victualler, aged 87 years.
Oct. 15.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Golf Club.
Oct. 19.
Unveiling Memorial to the late Col. Blundell in Alexandra Park, Newtown.
Oct. 22.
Presentations to the Mayor and Mayoress at St. Joseph's Schools.
Oct. 23.
Annual Meeting of the Borough of Wigan and District Permanent Benefit Building Society. - " Olde English" Bazaar at Hope Church.
Oct. 24.
Presentation to Mr. T. Fyans, J.P.
Oct. 27.
Resignation of the Rev. N. Bosworth, Pastor of King Street Baptist Church.
Oct. 30.
Half-yearly Meeting of the Wigan Cricket Club.
Oct. 31.
Wigan Girls' High School Prize Distribution.
Nov. 1.
Death of the Rev. H. Siddall, Ashton, aged 69 years. - Death of Mr. Henry Rawcliffe, of Gillibrand Hall, Chorley. - Municipal Elections: Contests in thirteen wards: Conservatives and Labour Party win Two Seats each.
Nov. 2.
Publication of Details of the Fifty Years' Existence of Ince Cemetery.
Nov. 3.
Conclusion of the Jubilee Celebrations of the United Methodist Free Church, Lamberhead Green.
Nov. 6.
Annual Meetings of the Wigan and District Free Council. - Hindley and Abram Grammar School Prize Distribution.
Nov. 9.
Wigan Division of the St. John Ambulance Brigade makes its first appearance in public service. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Town Council: Councillor S. Wood elected Mayor. - New Zealand Rugby Football Team play at Central Park: Victory of the Wigan team.
Nov. 10.
Death of Mr. John Wood, Master Tailor, Standishgate, aged 58 years.
Nov. 14.
Address in Hope Congregational Church by Sir Joseph Compton Rickett, M.P., Chairman of the Congregational Union of England and Wales.
Nov. 18.
Opening of a Court of Inquiry at Chelsea Barracks to investigate the Complaints of Lient. H. C. Woods, of the 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards, and elder son of Lieut.-Col. Woods, J P.
Nov. 19.
Decision at the Liverpool Assizes in the Slander Actions, Sharrock v. Stoker and Sharrock v. Fletcher: Verdict for the Plaintiff.
Nov. 22.
Annual Prize Distribution at the Wigan and District Mining and Technical College. - Debate on Socialism at Wesley Hall.
Nov. 23.
Presentation to Mr. W. S. Barrett, J.P., C. A., by the Norley Hall Cricket Club.
Nov. 28.
Public Meeting in the Drill Hall, touching the objects of the National Service League. - Wigan Grammar School Prize Distribution.
Nov. 29.
Mr. Yoxall, M.P., Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, delivers an Address at Hindley.
Dec. 2.
Wigan Tramways Committee adopt a Bonus Scheme for Motormen and Conductors.
Dec. 3.
Death of Mr. Thomas Catterall, of Upholland, aged 80 years.
Dec. 5.
Death of Mrs. Bankes, of Winstanley Hall, aged 70 years. - Annual Meeting of the Makerfield Ploughing Society.
Dec. 7.
Presentation to Mr. Thomas Watson, Golborne, Agent of the Enginemen and Boilermen's Federation. - Death of Mr. Joseph Barton, for many years Manager of the Wigan Tramways Co., Limited, aged 59 years.
Dec. 9.
The War Office issue the Decision of the Army Council on the Report of the Court of Inquiry appointed to investigate the Complaints of Lieut. Woods. - Tram Collision at Orrell: a Farmer's Son killed.
Dec. 11.
Lord Balcarres, M.P., opened the Pemberton Carnegie Library. - Recognition Meeting at St. Paul's Church, Standishgate. - Ashton Grammar School Prize Distribution. - Rev William Pollock-Hill appointed Vicar of St. Thomas's, Ashton.
Dec. 16.
Pemberton Carnegie Library Opened for use. - Performance at the Royal Court Theatre by the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Scoiety.
Dec. 18.
New Scheme of Scholarships submitted at the Meeting of the Wigan Education Authority.
Dec. 21.
Gas Explosion in a House at Pemberton. - A goods porter, named Wallace Frampton, 57 years of age, fatally injured by a tram car at Lower Ince.
Dec. 23.
Annual Public Meeting in connection with the Hospital Sunday and Saturday Fund.
Dec. 25.
A woman named Ellen Worrall, aged 33 years, found dead in a ditch at Pemberton.
Dec. 26.
Performance of the "Messiah" by the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.

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