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Local Chronology, 1905-6.


Dec. 29.
Death, at St. Helens, of Mr. Wm. Melling, a native of Wigan, aged 67 years.


Jan. 2.
Election Campaign in Wigan opened this week. - Death, at Southport, of Mr. John Gibson, late of Red Rock, aged 74 years.
Jan. 5.
Sudden Death, in London, of Mr. Wm. Ratcliffe Ellis, J.P., Mining Engineer, Wigan, aged 61 years. - Death of Miss Amelia Chaster, Wigan, in her 75th year.
Jan. 7.
Celebration of the hundredth anniversary of St. James's Church, Orrell.
Jan. 8.
Opening of the Labour Campaign in the Ince Division. - Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions : the Recorder explains the Aliens Act.
Jan. 9.
Mayor and Mayoress give a dance to adults in the Drill Hall, Wigan. - Death of Colonel Frederick Silvester, J.P., of North Hall, Worthington, in his 79th year.
Jan. 10.
Mayor and Mayoress's dance to Juveniles in the Drill Hall. - First Meeting of the Governors of the Wigan Mining and Technical College, under the new scheme of the Board of Education. - Eighth Annual Ball of the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
Jan. 11.
Board of Education Inquiry at Wrightington on the question of School Accommodation. - Death of Mrs. Baldwin, Appley Bridge, aged 87 years.
Jan. 14.
Death of Alderman Joseph Partington, J.P., Pemberton, aged 54 years.
Jan. 17.
Wigan Parliamentary Election Result: Sir F. S. Powell, Bart., 3,573; Mr. Thorley Smith, 2,205; Col. Will Woods, 1,900. - Fifth Annual Meeting of the Haigh, Aspull, and Blackrod Ploughing Society.
Jan. 18.
Alarming Accident at Brookhouse Mill, Hindley. - Ince Parliamentary Election: Result, Mr. Stephen Walsh (Lab.), 8,046; Col. Blundell (C.), 3,410.
Jan. 23.
Wigan Swimming and Water Polo Club Prize Distribution.
Jan. 24.
Announcement of the Capture of James Buckley, who escaped from the Wigan Police Cells on Oct. 17th, 1905. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Temperance and Rescue Mission. - Wigan Conservative Club Ball.
Jan. 26.
Presentation to Chief Inspector Fearn on retiring from the Wigan Police Force.
Jan. 28.
Citizen Sunday: Addresses in Wigan on the Drink Traffic.
Jan. 31.
Serious Fire at Worsley Mesnes Collieries.
Feb. 2.
Announcement of the Death of Mr. J. P. Edmond, formerly Chief Librarian to the Earl of Crawford.
Feb. 3.
Presentation of Musical Instruments to the Wigan Salvation Army.
Feb. 5.
Settlement of the Strike at the Pemberton Collieries.
Feb. 6.
Poll of the Electors of Wigan on the question of Purchasing the Tramway proposed to be constructed from Standish to Coppull by the Preston, Chorley, and Horwich Tramways Co.
Feb. 7.
Wigan Borough Brewster Sessions. - Liberal Ball in the Drill Hall.
Feb. 8.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions.
Feb. 10.
Death of Miss A. C. Darlington, daughter of the late Ralph Darlington, aged 57 years. - Wigan Enginewinders' Anniversary.
Feb. 11.
Captain Rigg, J.P., Ex-M.P. for North Westmoreland, at St. Paul's P.S.A., Wigan.
Feb. 12.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society. - Annual Festival of the Wigan and District Band of Hope Union.
Feb. 13.
Wigan Butchers' Annual Dinner.
Feb. 14.
Tragedy at Hindley Green: Husband shot his Wife and then Committed Suicide.
Feb. 16.
Deputation from the 8th Liverpool Scottish Volunteer Battalion visited the Mayor's Parlour, Wigan, and presented the Mayor (Councillor Hugh Ross) with a memento of his efforts in establishing the corps. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Harmonic Male Voice Choir.
Feb. 17.
Death, at Tuebrook, of Mr. William Wilkinson, Consulting Engineer, late of Wigan, aged 68 years. - Death of Sergeant-Major Burton, aged 55 years.
Feb. 20.
Mr. S. Walsh, M.P., delivered his maiden speech in the House of Commons. - Death in Nova Scotia of the Rev. John W. Turner, formerly of Hindley.
Feb. 21.
The Mayor and Mayoress held an "At home" at the Municipal Buildings.
Feb. 23.
Death of Mr. Jas. Hilton, Mining Engineer, aged 61 years.
Feb. 24.
Celebration of the Completion of Alterations and Additions at Kirkless Ironworks.
Feb. 26.
Suppression of Off-Licences by the Wigan County Magistrates.
Feb. 28.
Celebration of St. David's Eve by Welsh Inhabitants in Wigan.
Mar. 1.
Mr. Daniel Kelly and Mr. Albert Edward Stoker elected Burgess Auditors for Wigan.
Mar. 3.
Announcement of the appointment of Mr. Harry Twist, Miners' Agent, in place of Mr. Sam Woods, retired. - Death of Father Baldwin, S.J., aged 56 years.
Mar. 6.
Junior Reform Party formed in Wigan.
Mar. 7.
First Annual Dinner of the Wigan and District Canine Society.
Mar. 12.
Mass Meeting of Catholics in the Drill Hail on the Education Question.
Mar. 14.
Death of Mr. James Clough, of Lamberhead Green, well known locally as "Old Jim Clogger," aged 85 years.
Mar. 16.
Death of Mr. James Gerrard, late Station-master at the L. and N.-W. Station, Wigan, aged 51. - Prize Distribution at the Wigan Mining and Technical College.
Mar. 17.
Death of Mr. E. Mollatt, of the Manley Hotel, Lower lnce, aged 58. - Opening of the new Carnegie Library at Ashton.
Mar. 18.
St. Patrick's Day Celebration in Wigan: Addresses by two Irish M.P.'s.
Mar. 21.
Public Meeting in Wigan, under the auspices of the Lancashire County Union of the National British Women's Temperance Association.
Mar. 28.
Ordination and Induction of the new minister of the Wigan Presbyterian Church.
Mar. 29.
Licensing Confirmation Day in Wigan: Pemberton Hotel Licence granted. - Japanese Bluejackets pass through Wigan.
Mar. 31.
Thirty-third Annual General Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
April 2.
District Councils and Guardians' Election. - Annual Rally of Christian Endeavour Societies in Wigan.
April 4.
Assault-at-Arms in the Drill Hall in connection with the Church Lads' Brigade.
April 7.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
April 10.
Death of Alderman Richard Johnson, J.P., at Ince Hall, aged 54 years.
April 11.
Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions: No Prisoners for Trial. - Opening of the Wigan Subscription Bowling Green. - Opening of the new Tramways to Aspull and Upholland.
April 13.
Visit of Wigan Polo Players to Belgium. - Annual Eisteddfod at Ashton.
April 23.
Welcome to the New Minister of Park Lane Chapel.
April 24.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
April 25.
Stormy Meeting of the Wigan Town Council: the Mayor vacates the Chair: Resignation of Alderman Gee.
April 28.
Mr. S. Walsh, M.P., at the Goose Green Reform Club, gave the first account of his Stewardship in Parliament. - Old Colliery Workings Disclosed at Standish.
April 29.
Death of Mrs. Simon S. Brown, aged 61 years. - Opening of the Young Men's Society of the Mission of the Sacred Heart, Springfield.
April 30.
First Compensation Court in Wigan under the Licenciug Act, 1902.
May 2.
Mr. Thomas Ashton elected an Alderman of the Borough in the room of the late Alderman Richard Johnson. - Pirated Music seized in Wigan.
May 5.
Annual Circuit Convention of Methodist Free Churches.
May 7.
Great Demonstration of Churchmen in Wigan against the Education Bill.
May 10.
Archdeacon Madden's Visitation Charge at the Wigan Parish Church.
May 11.
Trial at the Liverpool Assizes of Thomas Hickey and Margaret Hickey for Manslaughter: Verdict, Not Guilty.
May 12.
Announcement of Mr. David Sinclair's invention of a Rotary Turbine Air Engine.
May 13.
Annual Volunteer Church Parade at Hindley.
May 15.
Mr. H. Barton (C.) elected a Councillor for All Saints' Ward.
May 16.
Local Government Board Inquiry in Wigan into the Application of the Wigan Council for sanction to borrow £78,900 for sewage works, &c. - Opening of the Wigan Bowling Club. - Mr. Joseph Thomas Gee re-elected an Alderman of the Borough.
May 17.
Dinner at Aspull to Celebrate the Completion of Mr. L. Athron's thirty year's services as Clerk to the Aspull District Council and the old Local Board.
May 19.
Terrible Experiences of Wiganers in the San Francisco Earthquake reported in the "Wigan Observer." - Opening of Lamberhead Green New Conservative Club. - Wigan Cycling and Athletic Club Sports at Springfield Park.
May 24.
Mr. John Burns, President of the Local Government Board, received a Deputation from the Wigan Board of Guardians on the Workhouse Question. - William Buckler began his attempt to walk 2,050 miles in 1,000 consecutive hours at Springfield Park, Wigan.
May 29.
Death of Mr. Patrick Mehers, Colliery Manager, aged 62 years. - Inaugural Meeting of the Wigan Nature Study Rambling Club. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Rugby Football Club.
June 3.
Catholic Demonstration on the Market Square against the Education Bill.
June 4.
Liberal Pic-nic to Ashurst Beacon.
June 7.
Death of Mr. G. L. Campbell, J.P., aged 57 years.
June 8.
Three hundred Churchpeople leave for London to take part in the Lancashire Churchmen's Demonstration against the Education Bill. - Death of Mr. William Livesey, Master Plasterer and Builder, aged 49 years.
June 9.
Garden Party at Haigh Hall in celebration of Lord Balcarres's Victory in the Chorley Division.
June 10.
Dr. Quirk, Bishop of Sheffield, at Platt Bridge.
June 12.
Wigan General District Rate raised to 5s. 8d.
June 13.
Opening of the Extensions to the Ashton Infectious Diseases Hospital. - Announcement of the Reply of Mr. John Burns on the Workhouse Question.
June 14.
Annual Meeting of the Donors and Governors of the Wigan Infirmary.
June 16.
Wigan Cotton Operatives' Wages Advanced.
June 20.
Annual Meeting in Wigan of the Liverpool Branch of the Catholic Truth Society.
June 21.
Death, at Port Said, of Mr. W. J. Orsman, Borough Analyst, aged 44.
June 22.
Acceptance of Tender for Building the New Workhouse at Billinge.
June 27.
Laying Foundation Stones of Two New Public Schools at Ince.
June 29.
Death of Mr. J. J. Bellis, formerly Secretary and Registration Agent for the Borough of Wigan Liberal Association.
June 30.
Announcement that the firm of William Woods and Sons, Trencherfield Mills, had been turned into a Public Limited Company.
July 1.
Death of Major L. R. Rowbottom, formerly Borough Coroner, aged 70.
July 4.
Announcement that the bells of the Parish Church had discontinued ringing owing to repairs to the framework being necessary. - Wigan County Borough Council reject, by 26 votes to eight, a proposal to reduce Officials' Salaries.
July 7.
Treat to Thirteen Hundred Children by the Wigan Poor Children's Treat Association. - Wigan County Police Annual Sports at Springfield Park. - Foundation Stone Laying of a new Church MIssion Room, Platt Bridge.
July 8.
Rev. D. C. Tincker, Pastor of St. Paul's Congregational Church, Wigan, announced that he had accepted a call to Hillhouse Church, Huddersfield.
July 14.
Temperance Meeting in Wigan: Address by Mr. Fred Maddison, M.P.
July 18.
Two Young Men Suffocated in a Sand Pit off Platt Lane.
July 19.
Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Wigan. - Junior Institute of Engineers' visit to Wigan.
July 21.
Inquest on the body of Mr. John Rigby, Estate Agent, who was found with a gun shot wound in the head in a railway carriage on the 27th June.
July 23.
Three Wigan Colliery Firemen presented with Certificates of Honour by the Prince of Wales in recognition of their bravery at Douglas Bank Collieries.
July 24.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Merchants' and Traders' Association.
July 25.
Upholland and District Agricultural Show. - Death of Mr. John Smith, Hindley Librarian, aged 72 years.
July 26.
Unveiling a Memorial of Old Douglas Chapel, Parbold. - Junior Institue of Engineers' Visit to Wigan.
July 28.
Opening of a Catholic Club at Golborne.
Aug. 2.
Trades' Exhibition in the Drill Hall. - Mr. S. Walsh, M.P., appointed on the Departmental Committee inquiring into the Truck Acts.
Aug. 4.
Party of Wiganers Visit Paris, and accorded a Civic Reception.
Aug. 6.
Winstanley and District Floral and Horticultural Show in Winstanley Park. - Wigan Perjury Case tried at the Liverpool Assizes.
Aug. 11.
General Booth Visits Wigan. An Address of Welcome presented by the Mayor.
Aug. 13.
Death in Nova Scotia of Mr. Horace Dixon Mayhew, mining engineer, aged 32 years.
Aug. 18.
Mass Labour Meeting on the Market Square. - Visit to Wigan of Prebendary Carlile, Founder of the Church Army. - Standish cottage Gardeners' Association Annual Show.
Aug. 20.
Opening of the New Conservative Club at Ashton.
Aug. 22.
Church of England Temperance Fete at Bull Hey.
Aug. 25.
Foundation Stone Laying of a New Cotton Mill at Standish.
Sept. 12.
" Wigan Observer" Wednesday and Friday's editions issued at a half-penny. - Laying the Foundation Stone of the Pemberton Carnegie Library.
Sept. 17.
Marriage of Lord Gerard and Miss May Gosselin.
Sept. 19.
Opening of New Laboratories at the Wigan Grammar School.
Sept. 22.
Jubilee Celebrations at the Wigan Methodist Free Church.
Sept. 25.
Annual Meeting of the Ince Labour Registration Association.
Sept. 28.
Sudden Death of Colonel Blundell, C.B., aged 75 years.
Sept. 29.
Autumnal Convention of Independent Methodist Churches at New Springs.
Oct. 1.
Annual Distribution of Scholarships and Certificates to Students attending Evening Schools in connection with the Wigan Education Department.
Oct. 3.
Seventh Annual Gala of the Wigan Elementary Schools' Swimming Association.
Oct. 4.
Death at Southport of Mr. John Evans, formerly partner with Mr. J. McClure, of the firm of Messrs. Evans and McClure, drapers, aged 77 years. - Visit of Mr. Joseph McCabe, a well-known lecturer, to Wigan.
Oct. 8.
Train Collision on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Station. Plucky Action by Railway Servants averts a Disaster. - Death of Councillor R. Bannister, J.P., in his 54th year.
Oct. 9.
The dead body of Mr. John Sawbridge, butcher, found on the Scotch Coast.
Oct. 13.
Death of Mr. John Worswick, aged 67 years.
Oct. 15.
Visit to Wigan of Mr. Leif Jones, M.P, Successor to the late Sir Wilfrid Lawson, as President of the United Kingdom Alliance.
Oct. 16.
Presentation to Mr. John Browne, in recognition of his services as Warden of the Wigan Parish Church for twenty years.
Oct. 17.
Opening of the Gladstone Liberal Club at Lamberhead Green.
Oct. 24.
Death in India, of Mr. S. A. Oliver, J.P.
Oct. 28.
Judge Moss, of Chester, delivered an a4dress in the Drill Hall.
Oct. 31.
Announcement of the Appointment of Superintendent Pincock, Wigan County Police, Superintendent of the Blackburn Higher Division. - Half-Yearly Meeting of the Wigan Cricket Club.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections: Conservatives Gain Two Seats.
Nov. 3.
Motor Car Accident at Lathom. Wigan Railway Clerk Killed. - Meeting at the Mining School of the West Lancashire Branch of the Association of Teachers in Technical Institutes.
Nov. 9.
Annual Meting of the Wigan County Borough Council. Councillor James O'Donahue elected Mayor.
Nov. 10.
Announcement that Inspector Kelly, of Leigh, had been appointed Superintendent of the Wigan County Police. - Cutting the First Sod on the Site of the New Wesleyan Mission Hall.
Nov. 11.
The New Mayor Pays a State Visit to St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church. - Free Church Council Mission in the Drill Hall.
Nov. 13.
Opening of a Local Government Board Inquiry into the Application of the Wigan Corporation for sanction to borrow £48,200 for purposes of electric lighting, etc.
Nov. 21.
Announcement that the Conservative Members of the Wigan Council had Terminated the Agreement as to Alternate Nomination of Mayors.
Nov. 22.
Death of Mrs. Platt, widow of the late Richard Platt.
Nov. 23.
Death of Mr. Thomas Halliwell fifty-four years a bell-ringer at the Wigan Parish Church, aged 68 years.
Nov. 24.
Grand United Order of Oddfellows: The Grand Master Visits the Bud of Hope Neutral Lodge.
Nov. 28.
Presentation to Railway Servants in recognition of their bravery in preventing a serious collision at L. and Y. Railway Station, on October 8th. - Smoking Concert in connection with the St. John Ambulance Brigade, Wigan Division.
Dec. 2.
Meeting of Railway Servants in Wigan.
Dec. 3.
Shop Robbery in Standishgate: £380 worth of Jewellery Stolen. - Mr. J. W. Turner's Opera Company at the Royal Court Theatre: Presentation of an Address of Welcome and eugoly to Mr. Turner.
Dec. 5.
Annual Meetings of the Wigan and District Free Church Council.
Dec. 6.
Miss M. W. Kidd, M.A., of the Bradford Girls' Grammar School, appointed Head Mistress of the Wigan Girls' High School.
Dec. 7.
Death of Mr. John Carr Wilson (37), fourth son of the late Mr. Joseph Wilson, J.P., following injuries by a runaway horse at Heswall.
Dec. 8.
General Lord Methuen unveils the Darlington Memorial Tablet in the Wigan Parish Church. - Second Annual Show of the Wigan and District Canine Society.
Dec. 11.
Father Hays, Catholic Temperance Advocate, addressed a Public Meeting at Pemberton.
Dec. 12.
Annual' Prize Distribution at the Wigan Mining and Technical College. - Local Government Board Inquiry in Wigan into the application of the Corporation for sanction to borrow £650 for the purpose of laying out land in Boyswell Lane for Public Walks and Recreation Ground. - Annual Meeting in connection with the Wigan Hospital Sunday and Saturday Movement. - Hindley and Abram Grammar School Prize Distribution. - Technical Classes Prize Distribution at Ashton.
Dec. 13.
Annual Dinner of the Wigan and District Master Builders' Association.
Dec. 15.
Death of Mr. John Swift, Plumber and Decorator, aged 58 years.
Dec. 17.
Inquest touching the Death of Mr. John Ramwell, Solicitor, of Hindley, aged 44 years. - Performances at the Royal Court Theatre by the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society. - Death at Southport of Mr. William Dean, aged 68 years.
Dec. 25.
Old-fashioned Christmas Weather in Wigan and District: Tram Cars "snowed-up" several nights.
Dec. 26.
Death of Mr. Thomas Lawton, Saddler, late of Darlington Street, aged 70 years.

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