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Local Chronology, 1905.


Jan. 4.
Death of Mr. Robert Isherwood, J.P., Miners' Agent. - Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions: One case for trial.
Jan. 5.
Public Meeting of Wigan Ratepayers on the Corporation Bill: Narrow majority for the Bill. - Wigan Amateur Operatic Society's Old Folk's Treat.
Jan. 7.
Commencement of a Gospel Temperance Lantern Mission in Wigan by Mr. Josiah Nix. - Results of Mine Managers' Examination announced. - Presentation to Inspector Harlow.
Jan. 9.
Prize Distribution at the Wigan Mining and Technical College: Speech by Mr. R. L. Morant, C.B.
Jan. 16.
Death of Alderman R. E. Kellett, J.P., aged 56.
Jan. 18.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan District Congregational Association. - Death of Mr. Henry Rimmer, Assessor and Collector of Income Tax, aged 62.
Jan. 19.
Local Government Inquiry at Wigan.
Jan. 20.
The Mayor and Mayoress (Mr. and Mrs. Sharrock) give a dance in the Drill Hall. - Meeting in Wigan under the auspices of the Guild of Showmen to protest against the discontinuance of the Wigan Pleasure Fair.
Jan. 21.
Co-operative Festival in the Drill Hall, Wigan.
Jan. 23.
The Mayor and Mayoress gave a Juvenile Dance in the Drill Hall.
Jan. 25.
The Mayor and Mayoress gave an "At Home" in the Drill Hall. - Fourth annual Match of the Haigh, Aspull, and Blackrod Ploughing Society.
Jan. 26.
Result of the poll on the Corporation Bill: For, 2,128; against, 1,864; majority for the Bill, 264. - Ploughing Match at Garswood.
Jan. 28.
Last Prize Day of the Wigan Church High School.
Jan. 29.
Temperance Sunday Sermons in the Church of England.
Jan. 31.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society. - Cutting first sod of New Bowling Green at Bellingham, Wigan.
Feb. 1.
Dr. Clifford at the King Street Baptist Chapel, Wigan.
Feb. 2.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions.
Feb. 4.
Annual Festival of the Wigan and District Band of Hope Union.
Feb. 5.
The Mayor of Wigan (Mr. W. Sharrock) pays a state visit to Primitive Methodist Church, Central Hall, Wigan.
Feb. 8.
Liberal Ball in the Drill Hall.
Feb. 11.
Open.air Meeting on the Wigan Market Square, in support of the demand to Parliament to help the Unemployed.
Feb. 15.
Annual Dinner of the Wigan and District Traders' Defence League. - Twenty-first Anniversary of the Wigan Temperance and Rescue Mission.
Feb. 16.
Formation of a Property Owners' Association for Wigan and District.
Feb. 17.
Death of Rev. Richard Lambert, formerly Minister of the Methodist Free Church, Wigan, in his 69th year.
Feb. 21.
Free Trade League Meeting at Standish.
Feb. 22.
First annual Dinner of the Wigan and District Working Men's Butchers' Association. - Old Folk's Treat at Lower Ince.
Feb. 25.
Announcement that owing to ill-health Sir Henry Irving was obliged to cancel his engagement to appear at the Royal Court Theatre in April.
Feb. 26.
Unemployed Demonstration in Wigan.
Mar. 6.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society. - Sudden death of the Rev. W. A. Parker, Curate of Standish, aged 42 years. - Miscellaneous Concert by the Wigan Philharmonic Society. - Adjourned Borough Licensing Sessions.
Mar. 10.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
Mar. 11.
Presentation of a Horse Ambulance to Blackrod.
Mar. 15.
Wigan and District Sunday School Union Exhibition of Arts and Industries.
Mar. 16.
Compensation Appeal by Cross, Tetley, and Co. decided in the House of Lords.
Mar. 17.
Northern Union Professional Sub-Committee order the Wigan and Leigh Cup-tie to be replayed on the ground that Leigh had broken the working clause.
Mar. 18.
Announcement that the Chancery action Martin and others v. Jacques and others as to ancient lights had been settled out of court. - Cutting first sod in connection with new Spinning Mill at Coppull.
Mar. 19.
Mayoral visit to the Trinity Presbyterian Church, Wigan.
Mar. 21.
Death of the Rev. J. F. Hogg-Goggin, Rector of Rufford, and formerly curate at Wigan Parish Church, aged 65 years.
Mar. 22.
Death of Mr. John Yates, Rate Collector for Wigan, aged 67 years. - Annual Conversazione of the Wigan and District Free Church Council.
Mar. 23.
Wigan Factory Workers decide to apply for a 10 per cent. advance in wages.
Mar. 25.
Announcement of the Death of Mr. Hugh Bankes, third son of Mrs. Bankes, of Winstanley Hall, aged 28. - 32nd Annual General Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan and Districts Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 27.
Church Lads' Brigade Exhibition of Gymnastics in the Drill Hall, Wigan.
Mar. 29.
Opening of the New Schools in connection with the Methodist Free Church, King Street, Wigan. - Lecture at Hindley by Mr. J. L. Paton, Headmaster of Manchester Grammar School. - Presentation of Ambulance Awards at Standish.
Mar. 30.
Opening of the new Tramways through Poolstock and to the Ince boundary. - Presentation to Mr. J. Sparkman at the Wigan Post Office prior to taking up his new appointment as Postmaster of Woking.
April 2.
Last Services in the Holgate Congregational Chapel, Orrell.
April 3.
Death of Mr. Charles Gidlow Jackson, J.P., in his 57th year.
April 19.
Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions: A Lengthy Calendar. - Conference of Factory Masters and Representatives of Card and Blowing-room Operatives in Wigan: Decision on the wages question.
April 22.
Brass Band Contest at Standish.
April 27.
Opening of the New Wigan Liberal Club.
April 28.
Announceemnt of the proposed erection of a Great Central Hall in connection with the Wigan Wesleyan Mission.
May 4.
Chancellor Espin's Visitation to the Parish Church.
May 6.
Visit of Liverpool Geologists to the Arley Coal Mine of the Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Company.
May 8.
Prosecutions in Wigan for breaches of the Friendly Societies Act, 1896.
May 9.
Collision on the Corporation Tramway to Ashton. - Mr. William Clark, Garswood Coal and Iron Company, appointed Chairman of the Board of Management of the Lancashire and Cheshire Permanent Relief Society in the place of the late Mr. C. Gidlow Jackson. - Marriage of the Rev H. W. M. Gunning.
May 10.
Conference of Sunday School Workers at New Jerusalem Church, Wigan.
May 11.
Formation of a branch of the Free Trade League for Ince and Wigan.
May 12.
Edward Salmon, house agent, Wigan, sentenced at Liverpool Assizes, for appropriating trust money to his own use.
May 15.
Rev. D. Wilson, of the Trinity Presbyterian Church, Wigan, appointed Moderator of the Manchester Presbytery. - Local Slander Action in the Sheriff's Court, Liverpool Assizes.
May 17.
Mr. M. Stafford, of Liverpool, appointed Postmaster of Wigan. - Presentation to Mr. T. Ellis, hon. stage manager of the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
May 20.
Announcement that Colonel Sylvester, of North Hall, Wigan, had given £10,000 for the poor of Chorley. - Consecration of the Johnson Memorial Church, Bickershaw. - Charge against a Wigan Insurance Agent at Liverpool Assizes; verdict, not guilty.
May 24.
Opening of the new wing of the Convent of Notre Dame.
May 26.
Alderman Johnson, J.P., gave evidence before the House of Lords Committee on the Sunday Closing (Shops) Bill.
May 27.
Consecration of the new portion of Upholland Churchyard.
May 29.
Death of Supt. O'Hara, Wigan County Police, aged 56 years. - Third annual meeting of the Wigan and District Traders' Defence League.
May 31.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Rugby Football Club.
June 3.
Opening of the new Corporation Car Shed and Tramway Offices. - Rose Queen Festival at Platt Bridge.
June 5.
Last Pleasure Fair on Corporation land in Wigan.
June 6.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.
June 10.
Wigan Volunteers proceed to the Brigade camp on Salisbury Plain. - Consecration of St. Nathaniel's Church, Platt Bridge.
June 14.
Conclusion of the Coroner's Inquiry into the Shot-firing Accident at Worsley Mesnes Colliery.
June 15.
Annual Meeting of Infirmary Donors and Governors. - Wigan Owners and Ratepayers object to proposed New Workhouse at Billinge. - Supt. Pincock, of Rossendale County Police, enters upon his duties as Superintendent of the Wigan County Police.
June 19.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Merchants' and Traders' Association. - Formation of a Rifle Club at Standish.
June 26.
Presentation to the Rev. S. Palmer on leaving Wigan for Edinburgh.
June 29.
Wigan Property Owners confer with the Mayor and oppose the New Workhouse Scheme.
July 1.
Announcement that Mr. Andrew Carnegie had decided to give £5,000 towards the erection of a new Library in Pemberton. - County Police Sports at Springfield Park.
July 5.
Opening of the Standish Tramways. - Garden Fete in the Mesnes Park in aid of the Lifeboat Saturday Fund. - Animated Meeting of Wrightington Ratepayers concerning the demand for a new school.
July 9.
Mayor of Wigan paid a state visit to the Primitive Methodist Church, Lamberhead Green.
July 12.
Rev. D. Wilson, pastor of the Wigan Presbyterian Church, accepts a call to the Presbyterian Church, Lewes, Sussex.
July 15.
Presentation to the Wigan Postmaster by the staff at the Liverpool General Post Office.
July 16.
Disaster at New Boston Pit, Haydock; Five men killed, six injured.
July 17.
Death of Father Lea, of St. John's, Wigan, in his 77th year. - Wigan Corporation Bill passed by the House of Commons Select Committee.
July 18.
Conference of Journeymen Cloggers in Wigan.
July 19.
Agricultural Show at Upholland. - Welcome Meeting to the newly-appointed minister, Rev. F. Morgan Ridge, at the Central Hall.
July 24.
Recognition of Heroism at the Douglas Bank Colliery, Wigan. - Death of Mr. William Johnson, New Springs, aged 69 years.
July 27.
Prize Distribution at the Wigan Grammar School. - Local Action: Bispham Hall Colliery Co. v. Johnson, at Liverpool Assizes. - Last Prize Distribution at the Wigan Institute.
July 29.
Slander Action, Twist v. Dixon, at the Liverpool Assizes.
July 30.
Centenary Celebrations at St. James's, Orrell.
July 31.
Strike of 2,000 miners at Pemberton Collieries.
Aug. 1.
Death of Mrs. Sharrock, Mayoress of Wigan. - Gathurst Builder's Action at the Liverpool Assizes.
Aug. 7.
Church Lads' Brigade Camp at Prestatyn.
Aug. 10.
Appointment of eleven new Magistrates for Wigan.
Aug. 11.
Rev. P. Hains resigns the benefice of St. George's, Wigan. - Wigan Corporation Bill receives the Royal assent.
Aug. 12.
Twenty-first annual Show of the Douglas Floral Society, Parbold.
Aug. 16.
The Markets Committee decide that "as and from this date the Wigan Pleasure Fair be discontinued."
Aug. 19.
Laying Memorial Stones of Ashton Wesleyan Church. - Opening of a Municipal Bowling Green at Newtown. - Band of Hope Conference in Wigan. - Annual Show of the Standish Cottage Gardeners' Association.
Aug. 22.
Local Government Inquiry in Wigan into application of the Corporation to borrow £2,031.
Aug. 30.
Farewell Meeting to the Rev. T. Rathmell. - Annual meeting of the Wigan and Distrlct Band of Hope Union.
Aug. 31.
Formation of a Wigan Grammar School Old Boys' Club.
Sept. 2.
Death of Mr. William Bamforth, of Upholland, aged 74 years.
Sept. 6.
Wigan Temperance and Rescue Mission: Reception by Mr. and Mrs. T. Fyans.
Sept. 8.
Death of Dr. E. H. Beaman, in his 77th year.
Sept. 9.
Opening of the Miniature Rifle Club at Standish.
Sept. 14.
Revision of the Wigan Voting Lists. - Visit of Mining Engineers to Douglas Bank Collieries.
Sept. 16.
Announcement that the Rev. D. A. G. Taylor, of Leicester, had accepted the living of St. George's, Wigan.
Sept. 20.
Testimonial to the Rev. P. Hains.
Sept. 23.
Foot Race, J. Fish v. P. Green, at Springfield Park.
Sept. 25.
Operatic Performances by the Local Amateurs.
Sept. 26.
Death of Mr. Thomas Holker, Wigan, aged 74 years.
Sept. 27.
Prize Distribution, Hindley and Abram Grammar School.
Sept. 30.
Visit of Lancashire Association of Change Ringers to Wigan.
Oct. 1.
Visit of the Mayor of Wigan (Mr. W. Sharrock) to Pemberton Parish Church.
Oct. 2.
Consecration of the new Church of England Portion of the Wigan Cemetery.
Oct. 4.
Schools Swimming Gala at the Wigan Baths.
Oct. 5.
Debate on Trade Unionism at the Wesley Hall between Mr. S. Walsh and Mr. J. Openshaw, barrister-at-law.
Oct. 8.
Foundation Stone-laying of the New Catholic School at Springfield.
Oct. 10.
Mr. Henry Brierley resigns his positions as a member of the Wigan County Borough Council and the Wigan Education Committee.
Oct. 11.
Visit of Will Crooks, M.P., to Wigan. - Wigan Borough Sessions: Five prisoners for trial.
Oct. 12.
Robbery at the Lower Ince Post Office.
Oct. 14.
Meeting of School Attendance Officers of the National Association in Wigan.
Oct. 16.
Gift of £400 from the Earl of Ellesmere to purchase the site for the Carnegie Library at Pemberton.
Oct. 18.
Presentation to Mr. A. E. Benson by the Local Amateurs.
Oct. 19.
Appointment of a Distress Committee for Wigan under the Unemployed Workmen Act, 1905.
Oct. 22.
Death of Mr. Joseph Hampson, retired builder, late of Wigan, aged 65 years. - Nelson Centenary: Special Service at the Wigan Parish Church.
Oct. 23.
First Meeting of the Distress Committee appointed by the Wigan Corporation under the Unemployed Workmen Act, 1905.
Oct. 24.
Dr. Bairstow, organist at the Wigan Parish Church appointed organist and choirmaster of Leeds Parish Church.
Oct. 25.
Autumnal Meeting of the United Methodist Free Churches held in Wigan. - First Anniversary of the Wigan Wesleyan Mission.
Oct. 26.
Opening of the New Wesleyan Church, Ashton. - Passive Resistance Demonstration in Wigan.
Oct. 28.
Mr. Taylor, Night Stationmaster of Holyhead, appointed Stationmaster L. and N.-W. Railway, Wigan. - Conference of National Union of Teachers in Wigan. - Laying Foundation Stones of Methodist Free Church, Hindley Green.
Oct. 29.
State visit of the Mayor (Mr. W. Sharrock) to St. John's R.C. Church, Wigan.
Oct. 30.
Wigan Bowling Club: Opening of the New Green.
Oct. 31.
Wigan County Borough Council Meeting: Resignation of Councillor Brierley.
Nov. 1.
Ten Municipal Contests in Wigan: Labour gains. - Half-yearly Meeting of the Wigan Cricket Club. - Wigan Waitress's tragic death at Rusholme, Manchester. - Death of Canon Blundell, Rector of Halsall, aged 71 years.
Nov. 2.
Conciliation Board Meeting: Miners' wages to be unchanged until end of year. - Meeting of the Wigan Women's Liberal Association. - Presentation to Alderman Layland, J.P., in appreciation of his public services to the borough. - Visit of St. Helens Library Committee to the Wigan Free Public Library.
Nov. 3.
Local Government Board inform Wigan Guardians that they refuse to see a deputation on the New Workhouse question.
Nov. 6.
Tragic Death of Mr. R. Ritson, a Wigan engineer, aged 22 years.
Nov. 7.
Local Government Inquiry as to extension of St. John's Churchyard, Pemberton.
Nov. 8.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
Nov. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan County Borough Council: Councillor Hugh Ross elected Mayor. - Institution of the new Vicar of St. George's, Wigan. - Passive Resisters summoned at the Wigan Borough Police Court. - Presentation to Mr. H. M. Dawber at the Wigan Wesleyan Church. - Presentation of a trophy to the Wigan Chess Club by Sir F. S. Powell.
Nov. 12.
Rev. D. A. G. Taylor, the new Vicar, commenced his ministry at St. George's, Church, Wigan. - The newly-elected Mayor (Councillor Ross) paid a visit in state to the Parish Church. - Death of Mr. Thomas Hickson, Wesleyan Local Preacher, aged 70 years.
Nov. 13.
Formation of a Ladies' Association for Wigan district in connection with the Wigan Royal Albert Asylum, Lancaster. - Sunday Closing Demonstration at Hope Congregational Church, Wigan.
Nov. 14.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Education Committee. - Bye-election in Swinley Ward: Victory of the Labour Candidate, Mr. Joseph Parkinson.
Nov. 15.
Wigan Watch Committee abandon ten mile limit for speed of Motor Cars.
Nov. 16.
Local Government Board Inquiry at Hindley into the application of the Hindley Council to borrow £26,000 for sewerage works. - Address by Vice-Chancellor Dale to the Wigan and District Sunday School Union.
Nov. 21.
Public Debate on Christianity v. Secularism between Mr. W. R. Bradlaugh and Mr. Percy Ward. - Bishop of Liverpool's Visitation to the Parish Church. - The dead body of Miss Mary Jane Gaskell, mistress of St. Luke's School, Orrell, found in the canal at Appley Bridge.
Nov. 22.
Wigan and District Free Church Councils Meeting in Wigan.
Nov. 24.
Death of Father Barker, S.J., of St. John's, Wigan. - Death of a woman who in man's attire had visited Wigan and other places committing frauds.
Nov. 25.
First annual Show of the Wigan and District Canine Society.
Nov. 28.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Temperance Council.
Nov. 29.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Swimming and Water Polo Club. - Death of Mr. R. H. McCartney, Headmnster of Poolstock School, aged 61 years.
Nov. 30.
Abram Horse Case at the Liverpool Assizes. - Presentations to the Rev. J. S. Barnes on leaving St. Michael's for Daresbury.
Dec. 1.
The Mayor of Wigan (Councillor H. Ross) opens a Fund for the Unemployed. - Resignation of the Vicar of Coppull.
Dec. 2.
Thomas Barker, Wigan, convicted at the Liverpool Assizes for perjury at the Wigan County Court. - Mr. T. Sloan, M.P., in Wigan.
Dec. 4.
Conference of Undertakers in Wigan.
Dec. 6.
Re-opening of Orrell Congregational Church, Orrell. - Animated Wigan Council Meeting: Motion for a Committee of Inquiry rejected. Decision to Purchase Tramway from Standish to Coppull. Superannuation Scheme for Workmen adopted.
Dec. 7.
Ballot of Pemberton Miners on Strike: Majority against resuming work. - Annual Dinner of the Wigan and District Builders' Association.
Dec. 8.
Institution of the Rev. D. A. Rowlands to the incumbency of the new parish of Bickershaw. - Annual Meeting of the Hospital Sunday and Saturday Movement.
Dec. 9.
Death of Mr. Thomas Marshall, J.P., of The Larches, Wigan, aged 76 years.
Dec. 11.
Performances by the Wigan and District Operatic Society.
Dec. 12.
Conclusion of the inquest on the electrocution of an Ince Drawer. - Mr. Edgar Robinson, of Gainsborough, appointed organist of Wigan Parish Church in succession to Dr. Bairstow.
Dec. 13.
Lecture at the Wigan Mining College on Southern Polar Exploration by Mr. Louis C. Bernacchi. - Rev. Mark Guy Pearse in Wigan. - Sale of Passive Resisters' goods in Wigan.
Dec. 14.
Grant of £195 from the Queen's Unemployed Fund to the Wigan Distress Committee. - Retirement of Inspector Fearn.
Dec. 15.
Death of the Rev. H. C. Bull, formerly vicar of St. James's, Wigan, aged 72 years.
Dec. 16.
Annual Festival of the Wigan and District Co-operative Society. - Wigan Volunteer Sergeants' Annual Dinner.
Dec. 17.
Service in memory of the late Mr. Thomas Marshall, J.P., at Standish Parish Church.
Dec. 18.
Death of Mr. John Knight, Wigan, aged 67 years.
Dec. 19.
Presentation to Dr. Kenny at St. Mary's, Wigan.
Dec. 22.
Death of Mr. J. W. King, butcher, Wigan.

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