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Local Chronology, 1904.


Jan. 1.
Presentation to Mr. James Dawber, Mus.Bac. by the Incorporated Society of Musicians. - Annual Show of the Wigan and District Homing Society.
Jan. 4.
The Ward question discussed at Standish Council Meeting.
Jan. 5.
Wigan Borough Sessions. No prisoners for trial. Presentation of white gloves to the Recorder. - Wigan Amateur Operatic Society's Treat to Old Folks.
Jan. 6.
Death of the Rev. C. D. Pater, formerly of Wigan. - Proposal for new Wigan Baths discussed at the Wigan Council Meeting. - Mr. Hubert Sweeney, Women's Candidate for Wigan, at the Miners' Hall. - A Wigan Sorting Clerk gave evidence before the Departmental Committee inquiring into the wages of Post Office Officials. - Co-operative Society Exhibition in the Drill Hall. - Death of Mr. John Hall, Builder, Park Road, aged 55. - Annual Concert of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants. - Dedication of a Memorial Font at St. Catharine's Church, Wigan.
Jan. 7.
Marriage of Miss Bankes, of Winstanley Hall.
Jan. 8.
The Scattered Home System adopted by Wigan Board of Guardians.
Jan. 9.
Presentation to Mr. A. E. Johnson, Abram Coal Company, on completing 21 years' connection with the collieries.
Jan. 12.
Pemberton Action at the Liverpool Chancery Court.
Jan. 13.
Announcement of the Appointment of Mr. J. Speakman, Postmaster of Wigan. - Third Annual Meeting of the Wigan Branch of the Northern Counties' Hairdressers' Association.
Jan. 14.
Sequel to the Pemberton Breach of Promise Case: Defendant a Bankrupt. - Wigan Watch Committee: Court Theatre Licence again. - MakerfieId Ploughing Society Match at Garswood.
Jan. 15.
The Mayor's Ball in the Drill Hall . - Death of Mr. William Jackson, J.P., of Lathom, in his 72nd year. - Wigan County Police Special Licensing Sessions.
Jan. 17.
London Missioners at the Wesleyan Church.
Jan. 18.
The Mayor's Dance to Juveniles.
Jan. 21.
Allotments Question discussed at Orrell Council Meeting.
Jan. 23.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Teachers' Association. - Annual Meeting of the Wrightington and District Free Church Council.
Jan. 25.
Death of Miss Maggie Grime, well known vocalist, of Hindley. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Wednesday Cycling Club.
Jan. 26.
Meeting at Gidlow to protest against erection of Catholic School in St. Andrew Ward.
Jan. 27.
Public Meeting in Wigan in support of Mr. Sweeney, Women's Candidate for Wigan. - Wigan Conservative Ball.
Jan. 28.
Wigan Licensing Business at the Borough Police Court.
Jan. 29.
Bryn Gates Working Men's Club struck off the Register. - Explosion at Haigh Foundry, £1,500 damages.
Jan. 30.
Announcement of three Wiganers killed by a Boiler Explosion in America. - Presentation to Mr. Giles Heaps, Pemberton.
Feb. 2.
Death of Mr. Henry Farr, aged 75.
Feb. 3.
Inquiry in Wigan as to the Application of the Wigan Corporation for an extension of the Borough boundary by the inclusion of the District of Pemberton. - Prize Distribution at Girls' High School. - Wigan Borough Sessions. - Gidlow Lane Licence Granted. - Haigh, Aspull, and Blackrod Ploughing Society: Match at Haigh. - Death of Mr. William Leech, aged 73. - Liberal Ball in Drill Hall.
Feb. 4.
Death of Mr. Walter Simpson, aged 63.
Feb. 8.
Death of Mr. James Spencer, Lathom, and formerly of Wigan, aged 91.
Feb. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society. - Annual Dinner of the Wigan Butchers' Guardian Association.
Feb. 10.
Wigan County Borough Council discuss Scavengers' Wages. - Sale of Work at St. Paul's Church, Wigan.
Feb. 11.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions. - Reduction of the Number of Licences. - Marriage of the Hon. Ethel Gerard and Baron de Forest at Ashton.
Feb. 12.
Mr. Whitworth Wallis's Lecture on Egypt at the Technical College.
Feb. 15.
Wigan and District Philharmonic Society Concert.
Feb. 17.
New Minister at Hindley Congregational Church.
Feb. 23.
Gidlow Lane Licence: Protest Meeting at the Methodist Free Church.
Feb. 24.
Opening of the New Congregational Church, Pemberton.
Feb. 25.
Free Church Conversazione at the Wesley Hall, Wigan. - County Council Elections in the Wigan Union. - Death of Mr. John Bond, Nottingham, formerly of Wigan, aged 61.
Feb. 28.
Bishop of Liverpool at the Parish Church. - Dedication of New Organ at St. Paul's.
Mar. 1.
Death of Sir John Scott, a distinguished Wigan Freeman. - The dead body of Mr. T. H. Cowburn solicitor, found in the canal at Crooke. - Adjourned Borough Licensing Session: Gidlow Lane Licence refused.
Mar. 2.
Mr. S. Walsh, Labour Candidate for Ince Division, delivered an address at Ince on "Chinese Slavery."
Mar. 4.
Ashton Passive Resisters at Wigan County Police Court.
Mar. 7.
Adjourned County Licensing Sessions: Six Licenses taken. - Opening of the New Hippodrome, Wigan.
Mar. 8.
Bible Society Centenary in Wigan: Address by the Bishop of Liverpool.
Mar. 9.
Ince District Council again reject Mr. Carnegie's offer of a Library.
Mar. 13.
Converted Brahmin at St. Paul's Church, Wigan.
Mar. 16.
Bazaar at Central Hall, Wigan.
Mar. 17.
Death of Father Smith, of Downall Green.
Mar. 18.
Death of Mr. Thomas Wall, J.P., Principal of the firm of Messrs. Thos. Wall and Sons Ltd., proprietors of the Wigan Observer, in his 89th year.
Mar. 21.
Lecture on the Education Act at Rodney Street Chapel.
Mar. 22.
First Annual Dinner of the Wigan and District Traders' Defence League.
Mar. 26.
Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society: Completion of 30 years' work.
Mar. 28.
Death of Mr. James Brindle, Wigan, aged 60.
Mar. 29.
Mr. S. Walsh addressed his supporters at Hindley Green.
Mar. 30.
Adjourned Licensing Sessions in Wigan: Every Application Refused. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Subscription Bowling Green.
April 2.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and Districts Miners' Permanent Relief Society: An unfavourable year.
April 4.
Athletic Sports at Springfield Park. - Foundation Stone Laying of the Worsley Mesnes Wesleyan School-Chapel.
April 5.
Marriage of Mr. Norman S. Brown.
April 6.
Wigan County Borough Council: Decision as to the Proposed Cattle Mart. - Third Annual Exhibition of the Wigan Camera Club. - -Marriage of Mr. J. E. Sharrock.
April 11.
Operatic Performances by the "Local Amateurs." Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions: Three prisoners for trial.- Death of Mrs. Mapei, of Golborne.
April 12.
Presentation to the Rev. E. Rogers, prior to leaving the Parish Church to enter upon the Rectorate of S. Sepulchure's, in the Holborn District of London.
April 16.
Burial Board Meeting: Enlargement of the Wigan Cemetery.
April 17.
Death of Dr. E. P. P. Macloghlin, aged 45. - Mr. A. Henderson, M.P. for Barnard Castle, and Mayor of Darlington, at St. Paul's P.S.A. - Temperance Demonstration in the Drill Hall.
April 19.
Death of Dr. Hartley, J.P., Pemberton, aged 57. - Clara Butt at the Drill Hall.
April 20.
Wesleyan Bazaar at Hindley.
April 21.
Decision of the Local Government Board to extend Wigan by the inclusion of Pemberton.
April 22.
Local Public-house Appeals at Liverpool County Sessions.
April 23.
Opening Matches of the Wigan Cricket Club. - Death of Mr. F. M. Dobson, aged 47 years.
April 27.
Publication of the Draft Provisional Order for the Amalgamation of Wigan and Pemberton. - Meeting of the Wigan Education Authority: Proposed Roman Catholic School for Gidlow.
April 28.
Archdeacon Taylor's Visitation to Wigan Parish Church. - Death of Mr. T. Y. Byrom, late Registrar at the Wigan Cemetery, in his 75th year.
April 30.
Opening of Ince Subscription Bowling Green.
May 1.
Opening of New Catholic Chapel at Springfield, Wigan. - Trades and Labour Demonstration in the Drill Hall, Wigan; Chinese Labour in South Africa Condemned.
May 2.
A woman named Turner found decapitated in Wigan. William Turner, the husband, arrested for murder.
May 4.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Women's Liberal Association.
May 6.
Mr. Richard Johnson, J.P., re-elected President of the National Union of Mineral Water Manufacturers.
May 7.
Death in Australia of Mr. William Leader, formerly a Solicitor in Wigan.
May 10.
Coroner's Jury returned Verdict of Wilful Murder against William Turner. - Death of Father Webster, of St. Mary's, Wigan, aged 59 years.
May 12.
William Turner committed by the Borough Magistrates for trial for the Murder of his Wife.
May 13.
Budget Day at Wigan Council: The New General District Rate.
May 16.
Further Concessions to Pemberton announced in connection with the Greater Wigan Scheme. - Presentation to Mr. Inspector Pickering at Ince.
May 17.
Second Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Traders' Defence League.
May 18.
Death of Mr. James Tonge, F.G.S., formerly of Westhoughton. - Wigan Board of Guardians adopt the Scattered Homes System.
May 20.
Funeral of the late Mr. Abraham Kay, Westwood Hall, aged 81 years.
May 22.
Wigan Volunteers leave for Camp at Ramsey, Isle of Man.
May 23.
Annual Procession of Catholic Scholars in Wigan. - Wigan Infirmary Gala.
May 24.
Death of Mr. T. F. Walsham, schoolmaster, Wigan, aged64.
May 26.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Rugby Football Club. - Annual Meeting of the Association for the Care of Young Girls.
May 28.
Death, at Birkdale, of Mr. H. P. Brandreth, F.R.G.S., son of the late Rev. Canon Brandreth, Standish, aged 54 years.
May 30.
William Lundy, of Wigan, committed to prison by the Vice-Chancellor of the Lancashire Chancery Court for Contempt of Court.
May 31.
Coroner's Jury Censure an Ince Doctor for Carelessness.
June 1.
Peter Turner, Hindley, charged with Wilful Murder of his Wife. - Reference at the Wigan County Borough Council to record year at Gas Works. Nett profits £11,050 3s. 4d.. Decision to have Concerts in Open Spaces in the town.
June 2.
Board of Trade Inquiry in Wigan into the Boiler Explosion at Bryn Hall Colliery.
June 3.
Death of Mrs. Brandreth, widow of the Rev. Canon Brandreth, aged 74 years.
June 5.
Centenary of the Orrell Congregational Sunday School.
June 7.
Local Government Board Inquiry at Hindley into application of Hindley Council for power to borrow £28,000 for Sewerage and Sewage Purposes.
June 9.
Death in Prison of Martin Tighe, committed to penal servitude for Wife Murder.
June 11.
Death of Mr. Thomas Wright, of Abram, aged 67.
June 12.
Church of England Minister at Hope Chapel.
June 13.
Passive Resistance Demonstration in Wigan. - Annual Meeting of Wigan Permanent Benefit Building Society.
June 14.
Annual Meeting of Infirmary Governors and Donors.
June 15.
General Holiday in Wigan. - Royal Humane Society award Bronze Medal to Rober Mercer, Ince, and Testimonial to William Dowey, Lower Ince, for rescuing a man named Cassidy from a bye-wash at Ince. Cassidy succumbed subsequently, and the Society granted an "In Memoriam" to his relatives.
June 17.
Death of Mr. Moses Fisher, Wigan, aged 65.
June 22.
Opening of New Municipal Buildings at Ince.
June 23.
Presentation to Mr. T. Ratcliffe Ellis, by the Mining Association of Great Britain.
June 28.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Merchants' and Traders' Association.
June 29.
Local Government Board Inquiry into the application of Wigan Corporation to borrow £45,870 for the purposes of the Gas undertaking. - Announcement of the adoption of Mr. J. A. Seddon, St. Helens, as Labour Candidate for the Newton Division. - Prize Day at Upholland Grammar School.
June 30.
Death of Mr. Alderman William Millington, aged 55 years.
July 2.
Death of Mr. Alfred Barlow, J.P., aged 76.
July 3.
Earthquake Shock in Wigan.
July 6.
Garden Party in Mesnes Park in aid of Lifeboat Saturday Fund.
July 9.
Foundation Stone Laying of the Johnson Memorial Church at Bickershaw. - Wigan Catholic Young Men's Societies' Pic-nic to Eastham.
July 10.
Death of Mr. Richard Wright, Relieving Officer, Orrell.
July 14.
Appointment of Honorary Medical Officers for the Wigan Infirmary.
July 15.
Discussion at the Board of Guardians on proposed expenditure on New Workhouse.
July 16.
Wigan Poor Children's Treat Association Pic-nic to Parhold: Nearly a thousand children entertained. - Oddfellows' Demonstration at Ashton.
July 20.
Ninth Annual Show of the Upholland and District Agricultural Society. - Re-opening of King Street Baptist School after extensions and renovations.
July 21.
Issue of an addition to the Wigan Reference Library Catalogue. - Prize Distribution at Hindley Grammar School.
July 22.
Mr. Richard Johnson, Councfflor for Victoria Ward, elected an Alderman in the room of the late Alderman Millington.
July 23.
Mr. William Sharrock, Harvey House, Gathurst, selected as Wigan's next Liberal Mayor. - Annual Demonstration of the Wigan and District Sunday School Union.
July 25.
Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions: The Grand Jury cut the bill of indictment relating to an alleged railway assault: Prosecutrix and Defendant both absent.
July 26.
Opening of the Pemberton Tramway after alteration of gauge. - Prize Day at Wigan Institute.
July 27.
Wrightington Brass Band Bazaar. - Prize Day at Wigan Grammar School. - Annual Inspection of the Wigan Sewage Farm.
July 28.
Magee, Marshall, and Co.'s Trip to Buxton.
July 30.
Foundation Stone Laying of New Tramway Offices in Wigan.
July 31.
Church Lads' Brigade Camp at Prestatyn.
Aug. 1.
Conference of Churches of Christ in Wigan.
Aug. 2.
William Turner, of Wigan, found guilty at Liverpool Assizes of Wife Murder, but not responsible for his actions at the time; confined during His Majesty's pleasure.
Aug. 3.
Wigan Corporation appoint a Committee to consider the question of erecting New Municipal Offices. - Peter Turner, collier, Hindley, found guilty of manslaughter at Liverpool Assizes, and sentenced to ten years' penal servitude. - Conciliation Board Meeting: Miners' wages reduced five per cent.
Aug. 4.
Opening of a Club for Wigan Tramway Employés. - Sunday School Demonstration at Hindley.
Aug. 5.
Death of Mr. John Williams, formerly a coach-builder in Wigan, aged 72 years.
Aug. 6.
Rechabite Demonstration in Wigan.
Aug. 10.
Opening of the New Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Worsley Mesnes.
Aug. 13.
Publication in the Observer of the local evidence before the Departmental Committee on the Workmen's Compensation Act. - Opening of a New Conservative Club at Goose Green. - Annual Show of the Douglas (Parbold) Floral Society.
Aug. 14.
Wigan Extension Bill received the Royal Assent.
Aug. 17.
Rev. R. C. Fillingham, the Passive-Resisting Clergyman, addressed a Passive Resistance Meeting at Orrell. - Death of Sergeant-major James Butters, aged 68 years.
Aug. 20.
Announcement that the Board of Education approved of provision to provide Roman Catholic School for 200 Infants and Standard I. children in St. Andrew Ward, on the understanding that a Council School be provided. - Annual Show of the Standish Cottage Gardeners' Association.
Aug. 21.
Rev. G. Dixon Thompson began his ministry in the Wigan United Methodist Free Church Circuit.
Aug. 22.
Death of Colonel Darlington, V.D., aged 52 years.
Aug. 23.
Trades Exhibition at the Drill Hall.
Aug. 26.
Outline of the Scheme for New Municipal Offices presented to a meeting of the General Purposes Committee. - Thomas P. Yarwood, Ince, appointed Relieving Officer for Orrell, in room of the late Mr. Wright. - Dr. Winstanley (Ashton) elected County Councillor for the Ashton Electoral Division.
Aug. 27.
The Mayor (Alderman C. B. Holmes) opens a fund for the relief of distress in Wigan. - United Trade and Labour Demonstration at Ince.
Aug. 28.
Death of Mr. William Trevor Wanklyn, Borough Treasurer for Wigan, aged 69 years.
Aug. 31.
Death of Mr. John Crook, aged 69 years. - Death of Mr. William Wogan, aged 54 years. - Opening of the New Council Offices at Hindley.
Sept. 5.
Pemberton Old Band win second prize at a Brass Band Contest at Belle Vue.
Sept. 7.
Wigan Harmonic Male Voice Choir give a Concert in the Drill Hall. - New Town Hall Scheme adopted by the Wigan County Borough Council. - Marriage of Miss Madge Ellis and Mr. A.E. Fair. - Wigan and District Private Traders' Pic-nic to Blackpool.
Sept. 10.
Canine Show at Ashton.
Sept. 12.
Death of Alderman A. G. Leigh, Chorley, formerly of Ashton, aged 58 years.
Sept. 14.
Horse and Cattle Fair at Hindley.
Sept. 15.
Wigan Water Polo Team beaten by Hyde Seal in the final for the National Championship.
Sept. 18.
Commencement of a great Wesleyan Mission in Wigan.
Sept. 28.
Wigan Water Supply restricted owing to the drought. - Mr. G. H. Mockler appointed Organising Inspector to the Wigan Education Authority.
Sept. 29.
Colonel Cody, "Buffalo Bill," and his Wild West Exhibition at Pemberton.
Sept. 30.
Death of Mr. John McClure, J.P., in his 73rd year.
Oct. 1.
Death of Mr. Wm. Meadows, of Pemberton, in his 84th year. - Serious fire at Salter & Salter's Boot Warehouse, Market Place.
Oct. 3.
Public Meeting in Wigan in connection with the Liverpool Church Congress.
Oct. 5.
Meeting of the Wigan and District Building and Trades Federation at Hope street Schools. - Sale of Work at the Young Women's Christian Association. - Wigan Elementary Schools Swimming Gala at the Wigan Baths.
Oct. 12.
Baptist Bazaar in the Drill Hall.
Oct. 13.
Wigan Water Polo Team defeated by Hyde Seal in the final for the Northern Counties Challenge Cup.
Oct. 15.
Presentation to Mr. A. H. Leech, J.P., at Westhoughton.
Oct. 16.
Parade of Catholic Young Men's Societies in Wigan.
Oct. 18.
Opening of new Waterworks at Pemberton. - Conclusion of inquest Shropshire Motor Car Collision. Verdict, "Accidental Death."
Oct. 19.
Presentation to Mr. James Marsden, J.P., Wigan, on completing fifty years' connection with Messrs. Coop and Co., Limited, clothing manufacturers, Wigan.
Oct. 20.
Platt Bridge Free Church Council Meetings.
Oct. 21.
Opening of the Wigan and Ashton Electric Tramway.
Oct. 22.
Rechabite Jubilee Celebrations at Pemberton. - Celebration of the coming of age of Mr. Tom Airey, son of Mr. George Airey, Victoria Brewery, Wigan.
Oct. 24.
The Mayor and Mayoress (Mr. Alderman and Mrs. C. B. Holmes) gave an "At Home" at the Municipal Buildings, Wigan. - Wigan and District Philharmonic Society Concert in the Drill Hall. - First visit of Miss Ada Crossley. - Half-yearly meeting of the Wigan Cricket Club.
Oct. 27.
Liberal Meeting at Standish.
Oct. 29.
Wigan and District Teachers' Association "At Home." - Presentation to Mr. James Marsden, J.P., by the Churches of Christ in the Wigan District.
Oct. 30.
Rev. R. G. Matthew, Rector of Wigan, appointed Honorary Canon of Liverpool Diocese.
Nov. 1.
First Municipal Elections in the extended borough of Wigan. - Contests in eight of the fourteen wards. - Mr. A. E. Johnson, J.P. (Abram Collieries), elected president of the Lancashire and Cheshire Coal Association.
Nov. 2.
Wigan County Borough Council: Increase of the Electrical Engineer's salary. - Opening of the new Abram Council Offices.
Nov. 3.
Passive Resisters summoned at Wigan Borough Police Court. - Pemberton Technical Classes Prize Distribution. - Meeting at the Central Hall, Wigan, on behalf of Irish Church Missions.
Nov. 7.
Final Meeting of the Pemberton District Council.
Nov. 9.
First Annual Meeting of the Wigan County Borough Council under the Enlargement Scheme. - Mr. Wm. Sharrock appointed Mayor. - Annual Festival of the Wigan and District Choral Association at the Wigan Parish Church.
Nov. 10.
Lord Gerard, only son of the late Lord Gerard, attains his majority.
Nov. 11.
Serious Fire at Trencherfield Mill, Wigan. - Local Government Enquiry at Hindley into application of Hindley Council for power to borrow £700 for hospital purposes.
Nov. 12.
First case from Pemberton heard at Borough Police Court under Extension Scheme. - Presentation to Mr. T. Arthur, Chief of the Railway Staff at Springs Branch, on his retirement from the service. - Opening of a new Organ at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Lamberhead Green.
Nov. 13.
The new Mayor (Mr. W. Sharrock) visits the Parish Church in the morning, and the Primitive Methodist Church, Lamberhead Green, at night. - Railway Servants' Meeting at Ince Public Hall.
Nov. 14.
Interment of Sergeant W. Allen, of the Wigan Detachment of the 1st V.B.M.R.
Nov. 15.
Inaugural Address to the Royal Statistical Society by the President, Sir F. S. Powell, Bart., M.P.
Nov. 16.
First Meeting of the Wigan Educational Committee under the Amalgamation Scheme. - Local Government Inquiry in Wigan into the application of the Wigan Corporation for sanction to borrow £13,414 for the provision of working class dwellings on a site in Spring Gardens and Frog Lane. - Presentation to Father Dowley by the Wigan Gaelic League. - Madame Albani, the celebrated prima donna, sang for the first time in Wigan at a concert in the Drill Hall.
Nov. 17.
Local Government Inquiry at Ashton into the application of the Ashton Council for power to borrow £6,900 for the purpose of the gas undertaking.
Nov. 23.
Wigan Parish Church Bazaar in the Drill Hall. - Meeting of the General Purposes Committee to consider the position of the unemployed in the town. - Prize Distribution at Hindley Technical School. - Public Meeting in St. Andrew Ward, Wigan, in connection with the Wigan and District Women's Liberal Association.
Nov. 24.
Mr. George Dickson appointed Borough Treasurer of Wigan. - Mr. Alfred Hewlett, Haigh Cottage, Wigan, fined at Church Stretton for furiously driving a motor car.
Nov. 25.
Mr. H. Milligan (Borough Coroner) held his first inquest in Pemberton.
Nov. 29.
Conference of members of the Corporation and the Board of Guardians on the unemployed. Suggested public works in Wigan. - Public Meeting in Ince Town Hall on behalf of the candidature of Mr. S. Walsh, Labour Candidate for the Ince Division.
Nov. 30.
Protestant Demonstration in Hope Assembly Hall. - Prize Distribution in connection with Higher Ince Education Classes.
Dec. 1.
Mr. Henry Moorfield elected a Councillor for Central Pemberton Ward.
Dec. 3.
Presentation to Councillor P. Partington at Pemberton.
Dec. 6.
Annual Dinner of the Wigan and District Master Builders' Association. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Free Church Council.
Dec. 7.
Wigan County Borough Council resolve that the Pleasure Fairs be discontinued. - Presentation to Mr. H. S. Woodcock, J.P., in recognition of his care for the welfare of the Wigan Savings Bank during 26 years as honorary treasurer.
Dec. 8.
Drink Licence to the Royal Court Theatre renewed.
Dec. 9.
Wigan Water Supply restrictions removed. - Pathetic Suicide of a Mill Girl at Pemberton. - Presentation to Mr. H. Darbyshire, late Manager of Duxbury Park Colliery. - Presentation to Mr. H. Patchett, mill manager at May Mills, Pemberton.
Dec. 12.
Performance of "Merrie England," by the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society. - Sale of Passive Resisters' goods in Wigan.
Dec. 13.
Presentation to Mr. T. Southworth, Chairman of the Hindley Council, in recognition of his long public services.
Dec. 14.
Prize Distribution at Ashton Grammar School.
Dec. 15.
Adjourned Inquest on the Hindley Burning Case. - Public Meeting at Lower Ince; A Recreation Ground wanted.
Dec. 16.
Presentation to Mr. Henry Rawcliffe, on his 80th birthday, by officials and employés of the Haigh Brewery.
Dec. 21.
Annual Meeting of Hospital Sunday and Saturday Fund.
Dec. 25.
Rev. A. H. Crowfoot, curate, commenced his duties at Wigan Parish Church.
Dec. 28.
Lord Gerard's Coming of Age celebrated at Garswood Hall. - Performance of "Elijah" at the Drill Hall by the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.

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