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Local Chronology, 1901-1902.


Dec. 23.
The Swedish Journalist. Ammelatt Arsine, passed through Wigan on his tour round the world. - Annual Meeting of the Hospital Sunday and Saturday Movement.
Dec. 24.
Death of Mr. James Grundy, of the Brynn Hall Collieries, in his 63rd year.
Dec. 26.
Performance of "The Messiah" by the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.
Dec. 28.
Death of Miss Eckersley, aged 59 years.
Dec. 30.
Meeting of the Wigan Town Council. Committee of Inquiry appointed as to proposed purchase of land in Hallgate for tramway purposes. - Old Folk's Treat in the Public Hall, given by the Wigan Amateur Operatic Society.


Jan. 1.
Sale of Work at the Wesleyan School, Wigan. - Presentation to the Rev. J. Goggin at Wrightington.
Jan. 4.
Opening of New Infant Schools at Worsley Mesnes.
Jan. 5.
Rev. Mark Guy Pearse at Hindley.
Jan. 6.
Decision of the Wigan Electric Light and Tramways Committee to purchase the undertaking of the Wigan and District Tramways Company for £45,000. - First Meeting of the Committee appointed by the Corporation to inquire into the proposed purchase of the Hallgate site for Tramway purposes.
Jan. 8.
Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions: Welcome to the New Recorder, Mr. Lancelot Sanderson. - Old Folk's Treat at Hindley.
Jan. 11.
Old Folk's Treat at Abram. - Recommendation of the Electric Light and Tramways Committee to purchase the undertaking of the Wigan and District Tramways Company adopted at a Special Meeting of the Borough Council.
Jan. 13.
Opening of the Pemberton Electrical Works. - Ince Technical Classes: Distribution of Prizes.
Jan. 15.
Appeals Against Assessments of the Wigan Union Assessment Committee at the Liverpool Sessions.
Jan. 16.
Death of Mr. W. V. Quarmby, aged 62 years.
Jan. 17.
Amateur Operatic Society Ball at the Public Hall.
Jan. 18.
Institution of the new Vicar of Abram. - Opening of a new drill room near St. Michael's School.
Jan. 20.
"Dr." O'Donnell committed for trial at the Liverpool Assizes.
Jan. 21.
Local Government Inquiry at Hindley.
Jan. 22.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Temperance and Rescue Mission. - Old Folk's Treat at Ashton. - Licensed Victuallers' Ball.
Jan. 23.
Wigan Rugby Football Club decide to obtain a new ground. - Makerfield Ploughing Match. - Opening of the new rooms of the Y.W.C.A.
Jan. 24.
First Case in the District under the Act relating to the Sale of Intoxicating Liquor to Children. - The Mayor's Dance in the Drill Hall.
Jan. 25.
Mr. C. H. Moody, formerly of the Wigan Parish Church, appointed Organist at Ripon Cathedral. - Co-operative Society Festival at Hindley.
Jan. 26.
Re-opening of the Parich Church organ.
Jan. 27.
The Mayor's Juvenile Ball. - Annual Dinner of the Wigan Burns Club.
Jan. 28.
Military Funeral at Ashton.
Jan. 29.
Suicide of a Wigan Relieving Officer. - Conservative Ball in the Drill Hall.
Jan. 31.
Appointment of Superintendent of Wigan Fire Brigade. - Opening of the New Offices of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Feb. 5.
Liberal Ball in the Drill Hall.
Feb. 6.
Wigan Ratepayers Consent to the Wigan Corporation Bill.
Feb. 8.
Annual Festival of the Wigan Co-operative Society. - Volunteer Dinner at Wigan. - Old Folk's Treat at Pemberton.
Feb. 9.
Memorial Service at St. Mary's Church, Ince.
Feb. 10.
Performace of "Acis and Galatea" by the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.
Feb. 11.
Prize Distribution at the Girls' High School. - Dr. Benson (L) elected unopposed as Councillor for St. Thomas Ward to fill vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. George Sutherland.
Feb. 17.
Free Church Council Lecture in Wigan.
Feb. 19.
Death of Mr. John Pope, aged 73 years.
Feb. 20.
Standish Appeals against Wigan Union Assessment.
Feb. 21.
The retiring Burgess Auditors, Messrs. J. Rigby and D. Kelly, re-elected unopposed.
Feb. 22.
Trial of "Dr." O'Donnell at the Liverpool Assizes.
Feb. 25.
Death of Mr. Ebenezer Hewlett, aged 68 years.
Feb. 26.
Sunday School Union Exhibition in the Public Hall. - Opening of an Isolation Block at the Infirmary.
Mar. 1.
Dead child found in a brook near Martland Mill Bridge.
Mar. 5.
The Wigan Council make a grant of £1,000 for the Corporation Celebrations. - The Tramway Investigation Committee's report received and adopted. - Lancashire Congregational Union Meetings in Wigan.
Mar. 6.
Opening of Inquest in connection with the Pemberton Mining Disaster.
Mar. 7.
Twelve candidates nominated for eleven seats on Wigan School Board. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Amateur Operatic Society.
Mar. 9.
Death of Mr. J. C. L. Caunce, Solicitor, aged 35 years.
Mar. 12.
Degree conferred on Mr. H. Brierley at Owens College, Manchester. - Educational Conference in Wigan. - Performance of the "Messiah" by the Pemberton and District Choral Society.
Mar. 13.
First meeting of the Housing Reform Council for Wigan District.
Mar. 14.
Mr. F. E. Burgess appointed Relieving Officer for Scholes District.
Mar. 15.
Unveiling Commemorative Tablet at Hindley.
Mar. 17.
Fire at Rose Bridge Mill, Ince. - Five men burned in an Explosion at the Maypole Colliery, Abram.
Mar. 18.
Temperance Demonstration at Hope Hall.
Mar. 19.
Opening of new Primitive Methodist Chapel at Lamberhead Green. - "Burns" Concert at the Public Hall. - Performance of "Joan of Arc" by the Hindley Choral Society.
Mar. 21.
Reception to Pemberton Volunteers back from the War.
Mar. 22.
Death of Mr. J. L. Hedley, Inspector of Mines, 51 years of age.
Mar. 26.
Meeting of Ashton Ratepayers to consider question of New Schools.
Mar. 28.
Opening New Wesleyan Chapel, Platt Bridge.
Mar. 30.
Closing Services in St. Paul's Church prior to the demolition of the building.
Mar. 31.
Death of Mr. S. T. Bowler, aged 76 years.
April 2.
Pit Shaft Explosion at Edge Green. - Sensational Developments of the Wigan Tramway Inquiry at the Meeting of the Wigan Council. - Colliery Appeals at the Wigan Quarter Sessions.
April 5.
Twenty-ninth Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Conference of Orangemen in Wigan.
April 8.
Presentation to Dr. Bairstow.
April 9.
Opening of the Rooms of the Young Men's Christian Association, Quadrant Buildings. - Lancashire Hussars' Dinner at Ashton.
April 10.
Death of Mr. C. Graham, J.P., in his 80th year.
April 13.
Death of Mrs. J. H. Peck, late of Wigan, aged 70 years.
April 16.
Point-to-Point Steeplechases at Wrightington. - Dr. Rees elected a Councillor for Swinley Ward. - Sunday School Union Prize Distribution.
April 17.
"Dr." O'Donnell's Examination at the Wigan Bankruptcy Court.
April 18.
Irish Concert in Wigan.
April 19.
Induction of the Rev. F. Sardeson to the Vicarage of St. James's.
April 21.
Performances by the Local Amateurs.
April 24.
Chancellor Espin's Visitation to Wigan Parish Church.
April 26.
Col. Blundell Opened the Ince Subscription Bowling Green.
April 28.
Conclusion of Inquest concerning the Edge Green Sinking Explosion.
April 30.
Commencement of the Chancery Action: H. Faulder and Company v. O. and G. Rushton, Limited. - Local Government Inquiry at Abram.
May 1.
Demonstration of Wigan Free Churchmen against the Education Bill.
May 2.
Sale of the Beech Hill Estate.
May 3.
Vestry Meeting connected with the Wigan Burial Board. - May Day Procession in Wigan. - Laying the Foundation Stone of Victoria Hall, Wallgate. - May Queen Festival at Golborne.
May 5.
Presentation to Mr. R. Clayton, County Councillor for Pemberton.
May 7.
Wigan Council and the Education Bill.
May 8.
Mr. Richard Johnson, J.P., re-elected President of the National Union of Mineral Water Manufacturers' Associations Limited.
May 13.
Conclusion of the Chancery Action against Messrs. O. and G. Rushton.
May 15.
Annual Meeting of the Local Branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
May 16.
Completion of four routes of Electric Tramways in Wigan.
May 17.
Wigan Volunteers leave for Camp on Salisbury Plain.
May 18.
Mr. D. Smith, of Pemberton, drowned near Penrith.
May 19.
Catholic Procession in Wigan. - Infirmary Gala.
May 24.
Death of Mr. W. H. Harbottle, Orrell Mount, aged 63 years.
May 28.
National Science Society at Haigh Hall. - Laying Foundation Stone of the Shaw Memorial Schools, Park Lane.
May 29.
Levying of the Wigan Rates.
May 31.
Return of the Wigan Volunteers from Camp. - Death of Mrs. E. B. Fielden, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Thos. Knowles, M.P.
June 1.
The Conclusion of Peace in South Africa announced in Wigan and District.
June 3.
Councillor Richard Johnson, J.P., of Ince Hall, in response to a requisition, consented to take the office of Mayor of Wigan for the ensuing year. - Hindley Right-of-Way Case at the Liverpool Chancery Court. - Induction of the Rev. H. Williams, B.A., formerly of Winwick, as Rector of Downall Green. - Marriage of Mr. C. H. Stobart.
June 4.
Wigan County Borough Council appoint a Committee to discuss the Greater Wigan Question. - Annual Meeting of Infirmary Subscribers.
June 6.
Novel Licensing Case at the Wigan County Police Court.
June 8.
Death of Mr. Charles Wall, editor of the "Wigan Observer," aged 51 years. - Thanksgiving Service at the Parish Church for the Conclusion of Peace in South Africa.
June 11.
Funeral of Mr. Charles Wall. - Foundation Stones of St. Paul's new Congregational Church laid. - Marriage of Dr. Bairstow. - Laying Memorial Stones of a new Wesleyan Chapel at Coppull.
June 18.
General Holiday. - Amateur Operatic Pic-nic to Keswick.
June 21.
Wigan County Police Sports. - Death of Mr. John Dean (57), farmer, Upholland, resulting from a gun accident.
June 26.
Coronation Observances in Wigan.
June 27.
Death of Dr. J. L. Price, late of Standish, aged 84 years. - Presentation to Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Percy at Ince.
June 30.
Death of Mr. Oswald Peck in his 38th year.
July 1.
Death of Mr. P. F. Rawson, formerly of Wigan, in his 77th year. - Suicide of an actress in Wigan.
July 2.
Salary of the Wigan Town Clerk increased to £1,000.
July 4.
Extension of Hindley and Abram Grammar School.
July 6.
Unveiling Memorial Window in Shevington Church.
July 7.
Visit of Right Hon. R. J. Seddon, Premier of New Zealand, to Wigan.
July 9.
Conference in Wigan to consider a scheme for the Combination of various Authorities for Small Pox Hospital purposes.
July 16.
Visit of the Library Association to Wigan. - Ince Licensing Appeal at Liverpool Quarter Sessions.
July 18.
Prosecution arising out of the Edge Green Sinking Pit Explosion.
July 19.
Colliery Managers' Visit to Bamfurlong Colliery.
July 22.
Prize Distribution at the Wigan Grammar School.
July 23.
Upholland Agricultural Show.
July 24.
Prize Day at the Wigan Institute. - Annual Meeting of the Charity Organsiation Society. - A Wycliffe Preacher at the Orange Hall. - Inquiry at Hindley concerning the proposal of the Council to erect New Public Offices.
July 26.
Libel Action against the "Wigan Observer." - Vestry Meeting of Ratepayers: Decision to enlarge the Wigan Cemetery. - Foundation stone laying of New Independent Methodist Chapel at Ince.
July 27.
Death of Mr. Richard Heaton, aged 37 years.
July 30.
Death of Lord Gerrard. - Action at Liverpool Assizes against the Wigan and District Tramways Company.
Aug. 1.
Presentation to Chief-Constable Earnshaw, formerly Superintendent of Wigan Police Force.
Aug. 3.
Presentation to the Rev. Father Woulfe on leaving St. Patrick's, Wigan.
Aug. 4.
Funeral of the late Lord Gerrard at Ashton. - Church Lads' Brigade Camp at South Shore. - Flower Show at Winstanley Park.
Aug. 6.
Animated Debate at the Wigan Council Meeting on the Appointment of Electrical Engineer.
Aug. 9.
Parbold Agricultural Show.
Aug. 10.
Coronation Thanksgiving Service at the Parish Church.
Aug. 16.
Flower Shows at Parbold and Standish. - Death of the Rev. Father Macfarlane.
Aug. 28.
Resignation of Mr. L. R. Rowbottom, Borough Coroner. Appointment of Mr. Harry Milligan to the office. - Formation of the Wigan and District Traders' Defence League.
Aug. 30.
Lifeboat Saturday in Wigan.
Sept. 1.
Presentation to the Hon. Secretary of the Wigan Cricket Club.
Sept. 3.
Vigorous Discussion at the Council Meeting on the question of an Assistant Gas Engineer. - Re-construction and renovation scheme at Wesleyan Church, Wigan.
Sept. 6.
Opening of Victoria Hall, Wallgate.
Sept. 10.
Councillor Fyans read a paper at the Sanitary Congress on "The Housing Problem." - Recognition of the new Pastor at Scarisbrick Street Baptist Church. - Local Government Inquiry in Wigan as to provision of electric motors.
Sept. 11.
Meeting of Private Traders in the Public Hall.
Sept. 13.
Presentation to Mr. James Dickson, at Hindley.
Sept. 20.
Visit of Antiquarians to Haigh Hall.
Sept. 14.
New Catholic School Chapel at Coppull.
Sept. 22.
Conference as to making Wigan a Mining Instruction Centre.
Sept. 24.
Swimming Gala at the Baths.
Sept. 25.
Annual Meeting of Wigan and District Band of Hope Union.
Sept. 29.
Wigan Polo Team win the English Water Polo Championship.
Sept. 30.
General Meeting of Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Co.
Oct. 1.
Presentation to the Deputy Town Clerk of Wigan. - St. Paul's Bazaar in the Drill Hall.
Oct. 2.
Laying Memorial Stone of Welsh Presbyterian Church, Greenough Street.
Oct. 3.
Death of Rev. John Crofts, Vicar of Dalton.
Oct. 6.
Death of Alderman John Gee, J.P., in his 62nd year. - Unveiling Volunteer Memorial Tablet in the Drill Hall. - Sunday School Union Annual Sermon. - Opening of a New Model Lodging-house in Wigan.
Oct. 7.
Death of Mr. John McLoughlin, aged 52 years.
Oct. 8.
Co-operative Society Demonstration in the Drill Hall. - Prize Distribution Hindley Technical Classes. - Salvation Army Convention at Hope Hall.
Oct. 11.
Co-operative Conference at Hindley.
Oct. 14.
Death of Mr. Peter Moorfield, Platt Bridge, aged 57 years.
Oct. 15.
Grand Bazaar and Exhibition at the Technical College.
Oct. 16.
Formation of a Private Traders' Defence League at Ashton.
Oct. 20.
Opening of Ohmy's Circus in Wigan.
Oct. 22.
Farewell Missionary Meeting at Rodney Street Chapel. - Dr. McClure at the Pupil Teachers' Centre. - Cycle Parade at Ashton.
Oct. 24.
Sir F. S. Powell made a Freeman of Bradford. - Nominations for Municipal Elections: No contests.
Oct. 25.
Presentation to the Ex-Mayor of Wigan (Councillor Fyans).
Oct. 27.
Presentation of Prizes at Ince Technical Classes.
Oct. 29.
Mayor and Mayoress "At Home." - Performance of "Elijah" by the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society. - Wesleyan Bazaar at Standish. - Half-yearly Meeting of the Wigan Cricket Club.
Oct. 30.
Councillor J. T. Gee elected Alderman in the room of his father, the late John Gee.
Nov. 3.
Presentation to the Ex-Mayoress, Mrs. Fyans.
Nov. 5.
County Council Inquiry in Wigan into applications by three local authorities for additional representation.
Nov. 6.
Choral Festival at the Parish Church. - Prize Distribution at the Girls' High School.
Nov. 10.
Councillor Richard Johnson, J.P., elected Mayor of Wigan. Great Banquet in the new Technical College. - Fisk University Jubilee Singers at the Public Hall.
Nov. 11.
Meeting of Mineral Water Manufacturers in Wigan.
Nov. 17.
Death of Sir John Stokes, Chairman of the Roburite Company.
Nov. 18.
Clara Butt Concert in the Drill Hall.
Nov. 22.
Annual Show of the Wigan and District Cage Bird Society.
Nov. 24.
Christian Endeavour Rally in the Public Hall. - Inquiry as to transferring Aspull to the Wigan County Police Division.
Nov. 25.
Protestant Demonstration in the Public Hall.
Nov. 26.
Free Church Council Demonstration in Wigan against the Education Bill. - Annual Meeting of the Reform Club.
Nov. 27.
Address by Miss Ryley at the Reform Club.
Dec. 3.
Railway Servants' Concert in the Drill Hall. - Technical Prize Distribution at Ashton. - Temperance Demonstration at the Wesleyan Chapel. - Dedication of a Church Organ at Haigh.
Dec. 4.
A Scholes woman poisoned her child and then committed suicide.
Dec. 6.
Chief of the Order of Shepherds at Aspull.
Dec. 9.
Notorious Hindley Green Betting Prosecutions at the Liverpool Sessions. - Explosion at Orrell Colliery. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Centre of the Northern Anglers' Association. - Annual Dinner of the Wigan and District Master Builders' Association.
Dec. 10.
Bazaar ar the Victoria Hall, Wallgate.
Dec. 11.
Church Pastorial Aid Society Meeting at the Public Hall.
Dec. 13.
Meeting of Musicians in the Old Council Chamber. - Planting of a Coronation Tree at Wrightington.
Dec. 15.
Performances by the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
Dec. 16.
Mr. Thomas Robey appointed Clerk to the Hindley District Council.
Dec. 17.
Resolution of the Wigan General Purposes Committee to confer Freedom of the Borough on Alderman R. A. ffarington, J.P. - Opening of Shaw Memorial Schools, Park Lane. - Performance of "The Messiah" by the Pemberton and District Choral Society. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Swimming Club.
Dec. 21.
Meetings on behalf of the Penrhyn Quarrymen at the Theatre Royal.
Dec. 22.
Unveiling of a Memorial Tablet at Standish.
Dec. 23.
Annual Meeting of the Hospital Sunday and Saturday Movement.
Dec. 26.
Performance of the "Messiah" by the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.

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