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Local Chronology, 1899-1900.


Dec. 26.
Old Folks' Treat given by Wigan and District Operatic Society.
Dec. 28.
Death of the Rev. A. Richardson, Vicar of Shevington, aged 65 years.
Dec. 29.
Death of Mr. W. H. Brancker, County Magistrate.
Dec. 31.
Resignation of Judge Wynne-Ffoulkes, formerly Judge of the Wigan County Court.


Jan. 3.
Resolution of the Wigan County Borough Council to confer the Freedom of the Borough on the Earl of Crawford, Chairman of the Library Committee, in celebration of the attainment of the majority of the Library.
Jan. 4.
Laying the foundation stone of the power house of the Permanent Electrical Works in Bradford Place.
Jan. 5.
Presentation to Mr. H. G. Ackerley by the Board of Guardians.
Jan. 6.
Death of Mrs. Fairclough, wife of Mr. C. H. Fairclough, Chairman of the Oldfield Brewery Company.
Jan. 8.
The tender of Messrs. J. Henshaw and Sons, of Liverpool, of £32,850, for the erection of the New Wigan and District Mining and Technical College, accepted by the Building Committee.
Jan. 9.
Wigan Quarter Sessions. Only one prisoner for trial.
Jan. 10.
Wigan and District Christian Endeavour Union Demonstration in Wigan.
Jan. 11.
Technical Instruction Prize Distribution at Ince.
Jan. 12.
The Mayor's Juvenile Party and Ball in the Drill Hall.
Jan. 17.
Licensed Victuallers' Ball in the Drill Hall. - Formal Opening of the New Sewage Works at Hindley Green.
Jan. 18.
Makerfield Ploughing Match at Newton.
Jan. 19.
Second Annual Ball of the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
Jan. 20.
Annual Festival of the Wigan and District Co-operative Society in the Drill Hall.
Jan. 22.
Prize Distribution at the Church Girls' High School.
Jan. 23.
Lowton Ploughing Match.
Jan. 24.
First Winding of Coal from the Arley Mine of the Chisnall Hall Collieries, Coppull.
Jan. 25.
Marriage of Lord Balcarres and Miss Constance Pelly. - Call to the Rev. D. Wilson, M.A., to the Pastorate of the Wigan Presbyterian Church.
Jan. 29.
Lecture in Public Hall by Mr. T. R. Dodd, Secretary of the Uitlanders' Council, Johannesburg.
Feb. 2.
Infirmary Ball in the Drill Hall.
Feb. 4.
Special Services at the Parish Church and St. John's to bid farewell to the Wigan Volunteers accepted for service in South Africa.
Feb. 8.
Father Bernard Vaughan at Hindley. Address on "The Arrival of the Democracy."
Feb. 9.
Departure of Wigan Volunteers for the War.
Feb. 12.
Death of Mr. Thos. Airey, Brewer, aged 78. - Sunday School Union Eisteddfod in Wigan.
Feb. 14.
Liberal Ball at the Drill Hall.
Feb. 18.
Death of Judge Jones, of the Wigan County Court.
Feb. 19.
Operatic Performance by the Local Amateurs at the Royal Court Theatre.
Mar. 1.
Death of Mr. John Smethurst, Bryn, in his 52nd year.
Mar. 3.
Important Educational Conference in Wigan.
Mar. 7.
Death, at Southport, of Dr. Monks, J.P., aged 72.
Mar. 13.
Induction of the Rev. D. Wilson to the Pastorate of the Presbyterian Church.
Mar. 18.
Irish Demonstration in Wigan. Speech by Mr. W. Redmond, M.P.
Mar. 20.
Judge Bradbury, successor to the late Judge Jones, took his seat for the first time at the Wigan County Court.
Mar. 21.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Sunday School Union.
Mar. 22.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Liberal Association.
Mar. 28.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Cricket Club.
Mar. 31.
27th Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
April 3.
Performance of "Redemption" by the Wigan and District Choral Society.
April 5.
Presentation to Mr. James Brown on retiring from the Chairmanship of the Board of Management of the Infirmary.
April 7.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
April 19.
Wigan Quarter Sessions. Ten prisoners for trial. - Presentation at Haigh Hall to Lord Balcarres, M.P., by his Constituents in the Chorley Division, on the occasion of his marriage.
April 22.
"Ian Maclaren" preached in the Drill Hall.
April 25.
Ordination of the Rev. James Sutcliffe to the Pastorate of the Golborne Congregational Church.
May 7.
Formation of a Liberal 500 for the Ince Division.
May 8.
Bricklayers' labourers' strike in Wigan settled after a conference between masters and the men held at the Observer office at the invitation of the Editor of the Wigan Observer.
May 16.
Foundation stone of a new mill laid at Pemberton.
May 18.
Great enthusiasm in the town and district on receipt of the news of the Relief of Mafeking.
May 26.
Special Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society. Important changes as to benefits and contributions. - Foundation stone of New Catholic School at New Springs laid by Dr. Bilsborrow, Bishop of Salford.
May 30.
Annual Meeting of Infirmary Donors and Governors. The question of lady visitors discussed.
June 2.
Departure of Wigan Volunteers for a fortnight's camp on Salisbury Plain. - Dr. Chevasse, the new Bishop of Liverpool, at the Parish Church.
June 22.
Resignation of the Master of the Workhouse.
June 26.
Bursting of the Canal at Poolstock.
June 27.
Foundation stone of New Wesleyan Church laid at Appley Bridge.
July 4.
Resignation of Mr. John McQuaid as one of the Councillors of St. Patrick Ward.
July 7.
Annual Demonstration of the Wigan and District Sunday School Union.
July 11.
Fixing the Commemoration Tablet in the New Technical College, Wigan, by the Countess of Crawford. - Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions. Ten prisoners for trial.
July 14.
Orange Demonstration in Wigan.
July 19.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society.
July 20.
Death of Mr. Charles Fairclough, Chairman of the Oldfield Brewery Co.
July 24.
Railway Accident at Hindley. Two persons killed and several injured. - Prize Day at the Wigan Institute.
July 25.
Announcement that Mr. Superintendent Brassington, of the County Police, had been appointed to take charge of the Burnley District. - Prize Day at the Wigan Grammar School.
July 26.
Extraordinary Meeting of Infirmary Governors to discuss the question of lady visitors.
July 27.
Presentation of Ambulances by the Wigan County Police to the Councils of Pemberton, Orrell, and Upholland. - End of the Wigan Cotton Strike as a result of a joint conference of masters and representatives of the employés held by Mr. Charles Wall, Editor of the Wigan Observer.
Aug. 1.
Death of Mr. John McKerrow, at Southport, in his 82nd year. - Government Inquiry at Wigan as to the causes of the railway accident at Hindley.
Aug. 4.
The Rev. H. W. M. Gunning, Senior Curate at the Parish Church, appointed to the living of Abington, Northamptonshire.
Aug. 8.
Presentation of the Freedom of the Borough of Wigan of Lord Crawford. Banquet by the Mayor.
Aug. 15.
Agricultural Show at Upholland.
Aug. 21.
Coroner's Inquest on the Railway Accident at Hindley.
Aug. 26.
Special Service in Standish Parish Church in Memory of Private Kennedy Ball, who died whilst on active service with the Wigan Detachment of Volunteers serving in South Africa.
Aug. 28.
Death of Mr. James Proe, aged 76.
Aug. 29.
Wigan Borough Brewster Sessions. Successful applications for enlargement of hotels.
Sept. 1.
Lifeboat Saturday Demonstration in Wigan.
Sept. 4.
Action at the Chancery Vacation Court, Liverpool, against Messrs. O. and G. Rushton, Wigan, for infringement of the trade mark of Messrs. H. Faulder and Co. relating to sale of jam.
Sept. 5.
Mr. H. F. H. Woodcock, son of the late Mr. E. H. Woodcock, killed whilst hunting at High Moors, Bellingham, Kington.
Sept. 9.
Special Service in St. Mary's Church in Memory of Private Frank Munro, of the Wigan Volunteers, killed in action in South Africa.
Sept. 10.
Mr. Councillor Fyans, in response to an invitation of the Liberal members of the Town Council, consented to accept the office of Mayor.
Sept. 26.
Important Light Railway Inquiry in Wigan.
Sept. 27.
William Wood, collier, committed for trial on Coroner's warrant for the murder of his wife, Ellen Wood, at Wigan.
Sept. 28.
Sudden Death of Mr. J. W. White, Clerk to the Ashton Council, aged 28.
Oct. 1.
Parliamentary Election in the Borough. Sir F. S. Powell re-elected.
Oct. 2.
Col. Blundell re-elected unopposed in Ince Division.
Oct. 4.
Resignation of Mr. J. J. Charnock, Town Clerk of Wigan.
Oct. 6.
Death of Dr. R. H. Cowan, in his 43rd year.
Oct. 13.
Death of Mr. J. J. Charnock, late Town Clerk of Wigan, 45 years of age.
Oct. 17.
Wigan Borough Sessions. Five prisoners for trial.
Oct. 20.
Band of Hope Festival at Wigan.
Oct. 21.
Death of Mr. G. Caldwell, J.P., C.C. - Death, at Southport, of Mrs. Thomas Wall, in her 83rd year.
Oct. 24.
Complimentary Banquet to Mr. Richard Johnson, J.P., at the Hotel Cecil, London. - Opening of the New Wesleyan Chapel at Appley Bridge.
Nov. 1.
Lord Gerard's return from the war. Great rejoicings at Ashton.
Nov. 9.
Election of Mr. Councillor Fyans Mayor of Wigan.
Nov. 11.
Mayor's State Visit to St. Mary's Church, Standishgate.
Nov. 12.
Bishop Brindle, D.S.O., at the Drill Hall.
Nov. 18.
Opening of new organ in St. Joseph's Church.
Nov. 21.
Presentation of Prizes at the Mining School.
Nov. 27.
Appointment of Mr. Harold Jevons, Deputy Town Clerk, Swansea, Town Clerk of Wigan.
Dec. 1.
Peter Kennedy, at the Liverpool Assizes, sent to prison for 12 months, with hard labour, for manslaughter at Wigan.
Dec. 3.
Public Meeting in Wigan. Decision to give a public welcome to the Volunteers returning from the war.
Dec. 5.
William Wood sentenced to death at the Liverpool Assizes for the murder of his wife at Wigan.
Dec. 7.
Annie Simm, charged with murdering her child, found guilty of manslaughter, and sent to prison for 12 months without hard labour.
Dec. 8.
Co-operative Conference in Wigan.
Dec. 17.
Performances by the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
Dec. 20.
Sentence of William Wood, found guilty of wife murder, commuted to penal servitude for life.

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