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Local Chronology, 1897-98.


Dec. 19.
Opening of the New High Altar at St. John's Church, Wigan.
Dec. 20.
Alarming fire at Taylor's Mill. - Funeral of the late Mr. Councillor J. Woods, J.P. - First of a series of performances by the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.
Dec. 26.
Completion of the Rev. W. J. Dickson's ministry at St. Paul's, Wigan.
Dec. 30.
Local Government Board Inquiry in Wigan, as to application of the Town Council for approval to borrow £1,500 for the purpose of extending the Police premises.


Jan. 1.
Mr. W. A. McClure, accountant at the Wigan Branch of the Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Company, appointed manager of the Hanley Branch of the same company.
Jan. 4.
Sanitary and Sewerage Committee of the Corporation ordered that the elementary schools remain closed till the 17th January, in consequence of the prevalence of measles.
Jan. 5.
Old Folks' Treats at Hindley and Golborne. - Bell-ringer's supper and presentation at St. James's. - Protracted meeting of the Wigan County Borough Council; Mr. Fyans complained of some remarks of Mr. Alderman Gee. - Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions.
Jan. 8.
Old Folks' Treats at Abram. - The Engineering Dispute. Expiration of the notices given by Wigan firms. 400 or 500 men affected.
Jan. 11.
Lord Balcarres delivers a political address at Crooke. - Action in the County Court against a local Friendly Society. - Lowton and District Ploughing Society's match at Golborne.
Jan. 12.
Special meeting of the Wigan County Borough Council. Confirmation of the resolution passed on the 1st December, to promote a Bill in Parliament called "The Wigan Corporation Bill."
Jan. 13.
Makerfield Ploughing Society match at Ashton Cross.
Jan. 14.
Geological Society meeting in Wigan. - Election in St. Thomas Ward to fill the vacancy on the Wigan County Borough Council, caused by the death of Mr. John Woods, J.P. Result: Henry Hurst (L), 369; Wm. Livesey (C), 340.
Jan. 15.
Meeting of Colliery Managers in Wigan. Reference to the Workmen's Compensation Act.
Jan. 19.
Letter published in the Observer from a Wiganer, describing the taking of Dargai Hill in the Indian frontier war. - Licensed Victuallers' Ball.
Jan. 20.
Death of Mr. Matthew Benson, J.P.
Jan. 21.
At a meeting in Wigan, the proposal to raise a memorial to the late Lady Lathom was approved.
Jan. 22.
Co-operative Festival in the Drill Hall. Speech by the Ven. Archdeacon Madden. - Notices posted at the Moss Side Iron Works, Ince, belonging to the Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Co., that the works would be closed on February 5th. - Dastardly outrage at Crompton and Shawcross's Colliery. - Opening of a new building at Golborne.
Jan. 24.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society.
Jan. 25.
Celebration of the 139th Anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, by the Wigan Burns Club.
Jan. 26.
Opening of a new Methodist Free Church at Goose Green. - Unveiling a portrait of the late Mr. Mitchell at Golborne Reform Club.
Jan. 27.
Presentation by officers of the 1st V.B.M.R. to Col. ffarington, on his retirement from the regiment. - Old Folks' Treat at Ashton.
Jan. 28.
Infirmary Ball in the Wigan Public Hall.
Jan. 29.
Hindley Green and District Fanciers' Society's first show. - Presentation to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hewlett.
Feb. 1.
Debate between Mr. T. Aspinwall and Mr. W. Wogan at St. Andrew's School, on the Workmen's Compensation Act.
Feb. 2.
Public Meeting at Aspull. Decision to build a Weaving Shed in Aspull. - Meeting of the Wigan County Borough Council. The Electric Light question.
Feb. 8.
Annual Dinner of the Wigan and District Pawnbroker's Association.
Feb. 9.
Conservative Ball in the Public Hall. - Opening of the Gilchrist Lectures at Hindley.
Feb. 10.
Suicide of Jno. Hill, grocer, Marsh Green, Pemberton.
Feb. 14.
Committee formed in Wigan to relieve distress in the West of Ireland. - Shocking Trap Accident at Orrell; Miss Hartley killed. - First of six Operatic Performances given in the Royal Court Theatre by local amateurs.
Feb. 15.
Announcement by his Honour Judge Jones at the Wigan County Court that barristers would attend the court unbriefed.
Feb. 16.
Wigan Reform Club Ball in the Drill Hall. - Old Folks' Treat at Orrell.
Feb. 19.
Annual Dinner of the Sergeants of the 1st V.B.M.R., held in Wigan.
Feb. 22.
Sunday School Union Eisteddfod in the Public Hall.
Feb. 25.
Death of Mrs. E. Lymn, Lady Guardian for Hindley.
Feb. 28.
Commencement of the sale of the late Mr. J. H. Johnson's Library.
Mar. 1.
Burgess Auditors' Election; the retiring Auditors re-elected.
Mar. 2.
Announcement of the death of Mr. John Rylands, of Warrington.
Mar. 3.
County Council Elections.
Mar. 6.
Death of Mr. W. R. Roger, Wigan, aged 21 years.
Mar. 8.
First attendance of unbriefed barristers at the Wigan County Court.
Mar. 9.
Suicide of Thomas Morris, brewer, at Poolstock.
Mar. 12.
Orange Conference in Wigan. - Simon Peter Heaton and James Ward, railway men, killed on the Lancashire and Yorkshire line, at Kirkby.
Mar. 13.
Concert at the Royal Court Theatre in aid of distress in the West of Ireland.
Mar. 17.
Nomination of Guardians, District and Parish Councillors.
Mar. 24.
Owing to Epidemic of Measles, Whelley Schools ordered to be closed a fortnight. - Ince Township Meeting. Appointment of Overseers; Nonconformists claim representation.
Mar. 26.
25th Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 28.
Authority given by the Court of Chancery to reduce the capital of Messrs. Thomas Taylor and Bro., Limited, Wigan.
Mar. 29.
The dead body of Mr. Wm. Rigby, mining engineer, Wigan, found in the canal at Gathurst - verdict, found drowned.
Mar. 30.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Sunday School Union.
April 4.
Election of Guardians and District Councillors.
April 8.
Death of Mr. E. Holme Woodcock, Clerk to the Wigan County Justices.
April 19.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Women's Liberal Association.
April 22.
Suicide of Mr. James Hill, clerk to the Ashton Council.
April 23.
Opening of the New Ground of the Wigan Cricket Club at Bull Hey. - Meeting of the Lancashire Association of Sunday School Unions in Wigan.
April 27.
Sad death of Captain Bell's son.
May 2.
Appointment of Mr. Henry Brierley registrar if the Wigan County Court, in succession to Mr. E. H. Woodcock, deceased.
May 4.
Opening of Hope Church New Sunday Schools.
May 12.
Mr. T. R. Taylor, solicitor, appointed Clerk to the Wigan County Magistrates, in the place of the late Mr. E. H. Woodcock. - Death of Mr. James Pickering, Harvey House, Gathurst, aged 70 years.
May 17.
Visit of the Prince of Wales to Garswood Hall.
May 18.
Review of Lord Gerard's Yeomanry Regiment at Southport by the Prince of Wales. His Royal Highness afterwards visited Wigan, and was presented with an address by the Mayor and Corporation.
May 19.
Death of Father John Turner, S.J., of St. John's, Wigan. - Widespread regret in Wigan and the district at the death of Mr. W. E. Gladstone.
May 28.
Funeral of Mr. Gladstone. Memorial Service at Hope Chapel.
May 29.
The Volunteers go to South Shore for a week's encampment.
May 31.
Right Rev. Bishop Juan B. Cabrers, first Bishop of the Spanish Reformed Church, visited St. Thomas's Church.
June 1.
Meeting of the Wigan County Borough Council. - The late Mr. Gladstone. Vote of condolence. - Presentation to Father Freyne.
June 3.
Death of Mr. Charles White, chief engineer of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.
June 4.
Presentation to Mr. W. A. McClure.
June 5.
Opening of a short Mission in Wigan by Mr. George Clarke.
June 10.
Presentation to Mr. L. Barry, late Superintendent of the Wigan Police Force, on his appointment as Chief Constable of Rochdale.
June 11.
Special Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society as to the position of the Society under the Workmen's Compensation Act.
June 11.
Laying the foundation stone of a new Church at Hindley Green. - Park Lane Co-operative Society: Coming of age festivities.
June 12.
General Booth conducted Evangelical Services in the Drill Hall.
June 15.
Catholic Conference in the Public Hall. - General Holiday. - Local Government Inquiry at Appley Bridge as to the application of the Wigan Rural Sanitary Authority to borrow £750 for works of water supply.
June 24.
John Thomas Alker killed by an electric shock at the Park Collieries, Garswood. - Presentation to Mr. Henry Hill at the Observer Office.
June 28.
Lancashire and Cheshire Branch of the British Medical Association: Annual Meeting in Wigan.
July 2.
Foundation stones of the new Reform Club at Goose Green laid.
July 3.
The Rev. D. C. Tincker commenced his pastorate at St. Paul's Church, Wigan. - Dedication of memorial windows at Golborne Parish Church.
July 19.
Sad death of Miss E. C. Fair at Haigh.
July 22.
Selection of a site at Orrell for a new Workhouse by the Wigan Board of Guardians.
July 24.
Irish Demonstration in the Public Hall.
July 25.
The Wigan Corporation Bill received the Royal Assent.
Aug. 1.
Postal Clerks' Conference in Wigan. - Church Lads' Brigade Camp at South Shore.
Aug. 3.
Ratepayers' Meeting in Wigan: Protest against the Orrell site for new Workhouse.
Aug. 5.
Death of Mr. Walter Wren, Liberal candidate for Wigan in 1882.
Aug. 13.
Annual Show of the Parbold and District Horticultural Society. - Opening of the Jubilee Drinking Fountain at Parbold.
Aug. 20.
Opening of the Kendal Street Independent Methodist Church.
Aug. 21.
Death of Mr. Christopher Fisher Clark, Park Lane.
Aug. 26.
Visit of the Library Association to Wigan and Haigh Hall.
Sept. 3.
Death of Mr. Josiah Gaskell, J.P., Burgrave Lodge, Ashton. - Lifeboat Saturday Demonstration in Wigan.
Sept. 7.
Upholland Agricultural Show.
Sept. 11.
Death of Mrs. W. Mayhew, at Duxbury Park, Chorley.
Sept. 16.
The Royal Hotel, Wigan, offered for sale.
Sept. 24.
Conference of Orangemen at the Ship Hotel.
Sept. 28.
Performance of Mendelssohn's "Hymn of Praise" in the Drill Hall by the Sunday School Union Choir.
Sept. 30.
Death of Mr. Councillor John Heaton.
Oct. 2.
Wigan Trades and Labour Council: Lecture on "Tram Municipalisation," in the Public Hall.
Oct. 3.
Mr. John Kensit, the "New Reformation Leader," at the Public Hall.
Oct. 5.
Wigan County Borough Council and the municipalisation of tramways.
Oct. 5 and 6.
Visit of Barnum and Bailey's Show to Wigan; grounds at Ince Hall.
Oct. 8.
Strike of Moulders in Wigan.
Oct. 10.
Opening of a drinking fountain at Standish.
Oct. 11.
Death of Mr. Robert Stuart, solicitor.
Oct. 13.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: Important point raised as to prisoners being witnesses under the New Criminal Evidence Act.
Oct. 14.
The Mayoralty: Meeting of the General Purposes Committee: The offer by the Liberals, that each party should nominate a mayor in turn, rejected by the Conservatives.
Oct. 15.
Wigan and District Pupil Teachers' Centre: Distribution of Prizes.
Oct. 16.
Death of Mr. John Shaw Darlington, solicitor.
Oct. 17.
Mining School: Distribution of Prizes. - Operatic performances by the Wigan Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.
Oct. 19.
Band of Hope Festival in the Public Hall.
Oct. 20.
Conclusion of the Moulder's strike.
Oct. 22.
Death of Mrs. Eleanor Ryley, widow of the late Mr. Thos. Cropper Ryley.
Oct. 26.
Opening of Trades Exhibition in the Drill Hall.
Oct. 29.
Presentation of the Bolton and District Cricket Association Senior Cup to Haigh Cricket Club, who won it for the first time this year.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections: contests in all wards. The Liberals gain a seat.
Nov. 3.
Death of the Rev. Canon St. George, Vicar of Billinge.
Nov. 9.
Annual meeting of the Wigan County Borough Council. The Liberals give a negative vote in the election of Mayor. Mr. Councillor J. T. Gee appointed to the office.
Nov. 15.
The new Compensation Act. First case in the Wigan County Court.
Nov. 16.
Dedication of a new Organ at Upholland Church.
Nov. 17.
Appointment of the Rev. F. B. A. Miller, M.A., vicar of Billinge in succession to the Rev. Canon Howard St. George, deceased. - Sale of Digmoor Estate, Upholland, for £2,840. - Sudden death of Mrs. James Hurst, Wigan.
Nov. 19.
Death of the Earl of Lathom.
Nov. 21.
Election in Lindsay Ward to fill vacancy caused by Mr. Millington being elected an alderman. The Liberals win the seat by a majority of seven.
Nov. 24.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Free Church Council.
Dec. 1.
Shocking suicide of Mr. P. Peters, formerly station master on the L. and N.W. Railway at Wigan.
Dec. 2.
Announcement of important find of Cannel at Abram.
Dec. 4.
Death of Mr. John Pendlebury, J.P., 62 years of age. - Opening of Temperance Mission in the Public Hall, conducted by the Rev. L. M. Isitt, the New Zealand orator.
Dec. 5.
Presentation to Mr. H. N. Bryan, president of the Hindley Conservative Club, for his services in connection with the building of the new clubhouse.
Dec. 6.
Prize distribution at Ashton Grammar School.
Dec. 7.
Close of the Trades, Commercial, and Art Exhibition in the Drill Hall. - The Wigan County Borough Council adopt the resolution of the Electric Light Committee that an installation be put down to supply the town with electric light.
Dec. 8.
Resignation of the Chief-Constable, Captain Bell.
Dec. 12.
Matthew Logden Warren (54), farmer, Ashton, sentenced at the Liverpool Assizes to 12 months' imprisonment, for assaulting an Irish labourer named James Quinn, on the 15th July, 1898.
Dec. 13.
Jno. Garlic (39), joiner, formerly in business at Ashton, sentenced at the Liverpool Assizes to five years' penal servitude for obtaining goods by false pretences from various firms in the country.
Dec. 14.
Performance of "Elijah" in the Drill Hall by the Wigan and District Sunday School Union Choir.
Dec. 15.
Death at Lyme Park of Lord Newton, in his 70th year, first Baron of Newton-le-Willows.
Dec. 16.
Public Meeting called by the Mayor, at the request of representatives of Churchmen, Roman Catholics, and Nonconformists, held in the Old Council Chamber, decided that a memorial to the late Mr. Jno. Pendlebury should be provided.
Dec. 17.
Opening of a new Reform Club at Goose Green.
Dec. 19.
Lord James of Hereford accepts chairmanship of the Coal Conciliation Board.

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