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Local Chronology, 1896-97.


Dec. 30.
Settlement of the Strike at the Pemberton Collieries. - Higher Ince Old Folks' Treat; 250 guests.


Jan. 1.
A man named Ralph Twist, of Hindley, found dead in Chapel Lane, Wigan, bleeding from the nose and mouth. Accidentally run over.
Jan. 3.
Wigan Quarter Sessions. Six prisoners for trial.
Jan. 6.
Old Folks' Treat at Hindley; 190 guests. - Old Folks' Treat at Golborne; 182 guests.
Jan. 8.
Stirring meeting of the Board of Guardians. Discussion on the drink bill at the Workhouse, etc. - Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society in Wigan. Paper by Mr. G. H. Winstanley on the Fleuss Apparatus for saving life in Mines.
Jan. 9.
Old Folks' Treat at Abram; 250 guests.
Jan. 11.
Death of Dr. James White, J.P., aged 73, and the oldest practising medical gentleman in the town.
Jan. 12.
"Indignation" Meeting of the members of the Wigan Rugby Football Club.
Jan. 13.
Opening of a Fund by the Mayor to help the sufferers from famine in India.
Jan. 15.
Wigan Infirmary Ball in the Public Hall. - Sale of the Derby Arms, Wigan, for £8,300.
Jan. 17.
Death of Mrs. Stuart, widow of the late Mr. Councillor Stuart, J.P. - The dead body of Jane Hughes, a mill girl, found in Rylands' Factory Lodge. Committed suicide.
Jan. 19.
Important Local Government Inquiry at Wigan as to the proposal of the Corporation to obtain an additional supply of water. - Address by Mr. Munro Gibson at Hope Chapel on the union of the Free Churches.
Jan. 20.
Mr. Richard Johnson, J.P., C.A., cut the first sod of a new trotting and athletic ground at Springfield. - Performance of the "Messiah" at Pemberton by the Pemberton and District Choral Society. - Licensed Victuallers' Ball.
Jan. 22.
Another stirring meeting of the Board of Guardians. A new Workhouse inevitable.
Jan. 23.
Co-operative Tea Party in Wigan. Speech by Fr. Bernard Vaughan on competition and co-operation.
Jan. 24.
Labour meeting at the Theatre Royal.
Jan. 26.
Conservative Ball.
Jan. 29.
Church Association Lecture in the Public Hall.
Jan. 30.
Lecture on "Kings, Lords, and Commons," by Dr. Warlow, at the Mining School.
Feb. 1.
Accident at Pemberton Colliery. Mr. W. J. Greener, the manager, killed by a train of tubs in the Bye Pit. The undermanager, Mr. D. Toman, seriously injured. - Death of Mr. Joseph Wilson, J.P., aged 68. Over 30 years a member of the Town Council. - Death of Mr. Wm. Mitchell, J.P., Golborne, aged 74.
Feb. 2.
Announcement of the closing of Norley Collieries.
Feb. 3.
Election of Mr. Sam. Woods for Walthamstow. Grand victory.
Feb. 5.
Presentation to the Mayor (Mr. Alderman Richards) by the Licensed Victuallers' Association.
Feb. 6.
New Primitive Methodist Hall. Inaugural meeting in the Public Hall.
Feb. 7.
Private visit of the Mayor to St. John's. - Service in memory of the late Mr. Joseph Wilson at St. Paul's Chapel.
Feb. 10.
Sunday School Union Exhibition in the Public Hall.
Feb. 11.
Mr. R. H. Leach, aged 36, killed at Parbold Station. - Death of Mr. Henry Atherton, an old Nonconformist, aged 77 years.
Feb. 16.
Remarkable evidence given before the Royal Commission on Licensing by Messrs. S. Laycock, H. Marsden, and E. Marsden.
Feb. 17.
Meeting re Golborne School Charity. No decision; meeting broke up in confusion. - Old Folks' Treat at Ashton. 600 invitations.
Feb. 19.
Board of Guardians Meeting. Complaint by Lady Guardians against the Master and Matron.
Feb. 24.
Wigan Liberal Ball. 700 present.
Feb. 25.
Celebration of the 25 years' pastorate of the Rev. H. Wilson at Ashton Congregational Church.
Feb. 26.
Special Meeting of the Board of Guardians as to complaint against Master and Matron. - Death of Mr. Thomas Henry Pearson, aged 45.
Feb. 28.
Irish Amnesty Meeting in Wigan.
Mar. 3.
Bethesda Male Voice Choir at the Drill Hall.
Mar. 5.
Death of Major Relf, late adjutant of the Lancashire Hussars, aged 64.
Mar. 9.
Col. ffarington, Chairman of the Watch Committee, and Captain Bell, Chief-Constable, gave evidence before the Royal Commission on the Liquor Licensing Laws.
Mar. 10.
Mr. Arthur Smith, Ex-Town Clerk, gave evidence before the Royal Commission.
Mar. 15.
Performance of "St. Paul" by the Wigan and District Choral Society.
Mar. 18.
Death of Mr. Richard Taylor, J.P., in his 81st year.
Mar. 20.
Great foot race in Wigan between A. R. Downer and W. Cross.
Mar. 22.
Important Meeting of the General Purposes Committee. Proposal made to erect a new Technical School in Wigan to commemorate the Queen's record reign.
Mar. 24.
Important Meeting of the Watch Committee. Superintendent Macintosh reduced to rank and pay of an inspector.
Mar. 25.
Dr. Hiles at the Wigan School of Music.
Mar. 27.
Annual Meeting Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society. Important business.
Mar. 29.
Adjourned Meeting of the General Purposes Committee. Adoption of the proposal to erect a new Technical School in Wigan on commemoration of the Queen's reign.
April 1.
Death of the Rev. W. Berridge, Vicar of Lowton St. Mary's, in his 67th year.
April 5.
District Council Elections at Pemberton and in other townships of the Wigan Union.
April 7.
Sunday School Union Choir Competition in the Drill Hall. Seven choirs competed. - Public Meeting at Ashton as to the form of the Jubilee Commemoration.
April 12.
Adjourned Meeting General Purposes Committee. Grant of £500 to the Mayor for Festivities on connection with the Commemoration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Decision to have two days for the celebration - June 22nd and 23rd.
April 14.
Appointment of Leonard Barry Superintendent of the Wigan Police Force.
April 15.
Lively Meeting of the Board of Guardians as to selection of Chairman. - Local Indian Famine Fund closed. Amount subscribed, £1,704 15s. 5d.
April 20.
Meeting of Tradesmen. Abandonment of the General Holiday this year so as to fall in with the Jubilee celebrations.
April 24.
Annual Meeting Newton Division Conservative Association.
April 29.
Sale of Work at the Reform Club.
May 1.
Opening Hindley Conservative Club. - May Day Procession in Wigan.
May 3.
Joint Public Meeting in Wigan. Adoption of the scheme to build a Technical School in Commemoration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
May 5.
Noisy Meeting of the Wigan Town Council. - Important statement at the Ince Council as to leakage of water.
May 7.
Strike of local tramway drivers and guards.
May 8.
Lifeboat Demonstration in Wigan.
May 9.
Tramway men's meeting in the Public Hall.
May 12.
Visitation Ven. Archdeacon Taylor to Parish Church.
May 13.
Grand Church Bazaar in the Public Hall.
May 17.
Special Meeting of the Watch Committee. Dismissal of Inspector Macintosh.
May 19.
Annual Meeting of the Donors and Governors of the Infirmary.
May 20.
A Hindley Chancery case at Liverpool Assizes.
May 22.
Miners' Demonstration at Southport.
May 26.
Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Park Lane Chapel.
May 30.
Resignation of the Rev. F. G. Kemp, upwards of ten years Pastor of Scarisbrick Street Baptist Church.
June 1.
Formation of a Property Owners' Protection Association at Ashton.
June 2.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Rugby Football Club.
June 5.
The Volunteers go to Camp at South Shore. - Consecration of New Springs Church.
June 6.
Resignation of the Rev. G. J. Cliff, Pastor of King Street Baptist Church, owing to ill health.
June 7.
Catholic Schools Demonstration. - Infirmary Gala in the Park.
June 8.
Lively Meeting in the Public Hall to protest against the Church Schools being divided in the Jubilee procession.
June 11.
Settlement of the Tram Strike.
June 12.
Return of the Volunteers from Camp at South Shore. - Laying of the foundation stone of Hope Street School.
June 14.
Meeting of the General Purposes Committee. Councillor Gee replied to the Rev. P. Hains' statements about the Jubilee arrangements.
June 15.
Examination for Mine Managers' Certificates in Wigan.
June 17.
Presentation to the Rev. P. Hains on his 70th birthday.
June 20.
The Queen's Record Reign. Thanksgiving service in the Wigan Parish Church. Special services in other churches.
June 21.
Death of Mr. J. H. Johnson, J.P., of the Abram Coal Company, and first county alderman for Ince and Hindley, at his residence, Hall Garth, Carnforth.
June 22.
Celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in Wigan and district. Grand weather and enthusiastic proceedings.
June 23.
Wigan Rugby Football Club Athletic Sports.
June 24.
Banquet by the Mayor in honour of the Queen's long and glorious reign. - Inquest on John Fairhurst at Shevington. A question of proper treatment.
June 25.
Interesting presentation to Colonel ffarington. - Settlement of the Golborne Colliery dispute.
June 26.
Return of Mr. S. S. Brown to Golborne after a visit to Australia for the benefit of his health. - Presentation to Mr. Wm. Dannett, the Wigan Postmaster, on his retirement.
July 1.
Funeral of the late Mr. J. H. Johnson at Over Kellet.
July 6.
Recognition tea meeting at Gidlow Congregational Mission Church. - Presentation of medallions and certificates at Ince to members of the Wigan Coal and Iron Co.'s Ambulance Class.
July 7.
Visit of American Librarians to Wigan. Inspection of the Library at Haigh Hall.
July 9.
Alarming fire at the Trencherfield Mills, Wigan.
July 10.
Hindley Association Football Club Athletic Festival.
July 12.
Farewell tea meeting to the Rev. F. G. Kemp. Interesting presentations. - Wigan engine-winders' visit to Strangeways Collieries.
July 13.
Opening of the new Wesleyan Church at Standish. - Wigan Borough Sessions; four prisoners for trial.
July 14.
Fifth Annual Show of the Wigan and District Agricultural Society. - Marriage of Miss Brayton at Hindley.
July 20.
Right Hon. R. Seddon, Premier of New Zealand, visited Wigan, and was received by the Mayor, and dined with a few friends at the Victoria Hotel.
July 21.
Alarming fire in the Old Market Place. - Annual visit to and inspection of the Ince Waterworks by the members of the Ince District Council.
July 24.
Laying the corner stone of the Jubilee Record Mill at Ashton by Lady Gerard, and opening of the Victoria Parks, presented to the township by Lord Gerard, by Lord and Lady Gerard. - Death of Mr. C. D. Mortimer, a prominent local musician.
July 28.
Farewell Meeting to the Rev. R. Hebbron. - Sudden death of Mr. John Mort, of Hindley, in a Manchester Restaurant.
July 30.
The Proposed Cattle Mart for Wigan. The site offered for sale.
July 31.
Athletic Sports at Ashton. - Church Lads' Brigade go to Camp at South Shore.
Aug. 2.
Conservative Pic-nic in Haigh Park.
Aug. 5.
Magee, Marshall, and Co.'s Pic-nic to Windermere.
Aug. 6.
Press view of the new Athletic Grounds at Springfield Park. - Death of Mr. Joseph Tarbuck, of Monument House, Wigan.
Aug. 11.
Visit to the Waterworks by the Water Committee of the Wigan Corporation. - Upholland and District Agricultural Society Annual Show.
Aug. 14.
Death of Dr. Johnstone, of Hall Green, Upholland.
Aug. 18.
Announcement that Mr. N. Bosworth, of Rawdon College, had accepted the Pastorate of King Street Baptist Church, Wigan. - Opening of the new Athletic Ground, Springfield Park. - Mr. John Munro, son of Mr. George Munro (Munro and Co.) drowned in the Thames.
Aug. 19.
Dedication of a reredos at the Wigan Parish Church, in memory of Canon Bridgeman, the late Rector.
Aug. 21.
Sir F. S. Powell's Jubilee Medals distributed to school representatives.
Aug. 25.
Wigan Annual Brewster Sessions. A spirit licence granted to the Swan Meadow Inn.
Aug. 26.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions. No new licences granted.
Aug. 28.
Laying the foundation stones of the new Primitive Methodist Central Hall and Sunday Schools, Wigan.
Sept. 1.
Town Council Meeting. The Liberals protest against the interference with free speech in the Old Market Place by the chipping of the stone basement of the big lamp.
Sept. 6.
The Mayor (Mr. Alderman Richards) asked to take the office for another year, but declined to do so.
Sept. 8.
Hindley Horse and Cattle Fair.
Sept. 12.
Death of Mr. John Bolton, J.P., in his 80th year.
Sept. 14.
Extraordinary Burial Scandal at Golborne.
Sept. 15.
The Rev. W. H. Watkinson, President of the Wesleyan Conference, at the new Wesleyan Church, Standish.
Sept. 16.
Death of Mr. Councillor John Johnson, J.P., aged 74.
Sept. 19.
Death of Mr. H. T. Griffiths. - Re-opening of St. Patrick's Chapel, Wigan, after extensive alterations and improvements.
Sept. 21.
Important decision of the County Court Judge re the Ashton and District Model Building Society.
Sept. 22.
Local Government Board Inquiry at the Workhouse with regard to charges made against a relieving officer.
Sept. 23.
Important Betting Cases at the Borough Police Court. Wigan betting men heavily fined.
Sept. 28.
Important Colliery Action in the County Court. - A Wigan Slander Action at the Sheriff's Court, Preston. Damages £25.
Oct. 1.
Presentation to Mr. and Mrs. Webster and Mr. Trotman at Aspull. - Mr. J. N. Foot entered on his duties as Wigan Postmaster.
Oct. 2.
Laying the foundation stones of a new Methodist Church at Goose Green. - Announcement of the death of Mr. T. Halliwell, a Wigan Missionary, at the Mission Station, Bocas Del Toro, South America.
Oct. 4.
Election in St. Thomas Ward to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mr. John Johnson. Mr. William Johnson, son of the deceased councillor, elected by a majority of 67.
Oct. 5.
Presentation of a handsome silver bowl to the St. John's Catholic Club Billiard Team, by Col. Woods, J.P.
Oct. 6.
Meeting of the Town Council. Discussions on the Tramway Route and the Free Speech Question. - Heated discussion at the Ince Council Meeting.
Oct. 9.
Band of Hope Festival at Upholland. - First Annual Meeting of the Wigan Pupil Teachers' Centre. - Unveiling the Fergie Memorial Window in Ince Parish Church.
Oct. 13.
Performance of Mendelssohn's "Elijah" in the Drill Hall by the Wigan and District Sunday School Union Choir.
Oct. 19.
Sir F. S. Powell, M.P., consented to be Mayor of Wigan, but it was found afterwards he was not qualified, and could not be elected. - Decision of the Wigan Town Council to apply for a new Act of Parliament giving powers to construct additional tramways, etc.
Oct. 24.
Special service, Methodist Free Church, Wigan, in memory of Mr. Thomas Halliwell. - Nominations for Municipal Elections. Twenty-one candidates for ten seats. - Chancery Action at Manchester re Strangeways Collieries.
Oct. 26.
Church of England Temperance Society. Meeting in the Public Hall.
Oct. 27.
Opening of Wigan and District Trades' Exhibition in the Drill Hall by Sir F. S. Powell, M.P. - Special Meeting of the Wigan Town Council. - Wigan and District Mining and Technical School. Distribution of prizes in the Public Hall. - The Mayor (Mr. Alderman Richards) accepted the invitation of a deputation to again fill the office for the ensuing year.
Oct. 31.
Meetings of railway men and engineers at Wigan.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections; contests in all the wards. One Liberal and nine Conservatives retired, and six Liberals and four Conservatives were elected, the Liberal Party gaining five seats.
Nov. 3.
Annual Choral Festival at the Parish Church.
Nov. 5.
Sale of the Dicconson Arms Hotel, Wigan, for £7,100.
Nov. 6.
An interesting old Ashton document published in the "Observer."
Nov. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan County Borough Council. Alderman Richards re-elected Mayor. Opposition vote by the Liberal party. Alderman ffarington retired from Chairmanship of the Watch Committee. The Liberals refused various vice-chairmanships.
Nov. 10.
Performance of "The Rose Maiden" in the Public Hall, by the Wigan and District Choral Society.
Nov. 13.
Notices given by engineering firms in the Wigan district that 25 per cent. of their employés would be discharged the following Saturday.
Nov. 17.
Wigan and District Sunday School Union. Visit of Mr. Alderman Belsey, J.P., of Rochester, and Chairman of the Sunday School Union Council of London. - The Silver Jubilee of St. Joseph's Schools, Wigan. Presentations to Messrs. C. A. Farnell and J. Howard, headmaster and class teacher.
Nov. 19.
The notices to employés of local engineering firms withdrawn.
Nov. 22.
Technical Prize Distribution at Ince. Address by Mr. Nasmyth.
Nov. 23.
Death of Mr. Peter Trickett, late Councillor for Poolstock Ward. - Tragic death of the Countess of Lathom. Killed by a carriage accident on the estate. Narrow escape of Lady Evelyn Mason, only daughter of the Earl of Crawford.
Nov. 24.
Liberal Women's Social at St. Paul's School, Hindley. - Recognition of the Rev. N. Bosworth as Pastor of King Street Baptist Church.
Nov. 27.
Funeral of the Countess of Lathom. Royal tributes of sympathy.
Nov. 29.
Deputation of Catholic Priests to the Watch Committee to complain about certain religious lectures delivered in the Market Place. Disorderly scene at night, the lecturer, Mr. Hyslopp, having to be escorted to the Police Station.
Nov. 30.
Extraordinary Mining Accident at Skelmersdale. Tawd Vale Colliery completely flooded.
Dec. 1.
Important Meeting of the Town Council. Discussion on the proposal to obtain power to acquire a site for a Town Hall. - Annual Meetings of the Wigan and District Free Church Council.
Dec. 5.
Commencement of the Wigan United Mission (Undenominational). Missioner: Mr. George Clarke, London. - The dead body of Caroline Blundell, 51 years of age, of Standish, found in the North Marine Lake, Southport.
Dec. 6.
More disorderly scenes in the Old Market Place. One man arrested with an iron bar in his possession.
Dec. 13.
Performance of the "Messiah" by the Wigan and District Choral Society.
Dec. 15.
Performance of the "Messiah" by the Wigan and District Sunday School Union Choir. - Important Meeting of Wigan Owners and Ratepayers. Consent given to the promotion of the Wigan Corporation Bill.
Dec. 16.
Death of Councillor Jno. Woods, J.P., aged 61 years.
Dec. 17.
The dead body of Wm. Porter, a Wigan stationer, found in the canal at Haigh. Verdict, "Found drowned."

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