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Local Chronology, 1895-96.


Dec. 25.
Death of Mr. Robert Berry, manager at Messrs. Taylors' No. 3 Mill, Wigan.
Dec. 27.
Two men killed by fall of roof at Gidlow Pit, Standish. - Three lads drowned by the breaking of ice at Edge Green, Golborne. - Meeting at Pemberton to discuss the situation between the Vicar and the Schoolmaster.
Dec. 29.
The body of Michael Burke (alias McDonough) found strangled in a house in Back High Street, Standish, occupied by Joseph Ellis Jones, and with whom he was lodging. A verdict of manslaughter against Jones afterwards returned by the Coroner's jury.
Dec. 30.
Old Folks' Treat at Golborne.
Dec. 31.
Unveiling of the memorial portrait of the late Dr. Barnish at the Wigan Infirmary.


Jan. 1.
Wesleyan Bazaar at Platt Bridge.
Jan. 4.
Old Folks' Treat at Abram.
Jan. 6.
Local Government Inquiry at Preston into the proposed additional Districts under the Lancashire County Council.
Jan. 7.
Wigan Borough Sessions; five prisoners.
Jan. 8.
Town Council Meeting: Dr. Berry appointed Medical Officer of Health for the Borough; decision to go to arbitration with the landowners in Library Street, if necessary. - Old Folks' Treat at Hindley.
Jan. 9.
Death at Warwick of Mr. James Seward, aged 64 years, formerly of Wigan.
Jan. 11.
Death at Junction City, Kansas, of Mr. Robert Hay, formerly of Wigan.
Jan. 13.
Death of Mr. Charles George Stone, Ince. Death of Mr. William Lyon, Market Street, Hindley, aged 77 years.
Jan. 15.
Opening by Lady Powell of St. George's New School, Windsor Street. - Old Folks' Treat at Orrell.
Jan. 18.
Death of Mr. Ben Brierley, the well-known Lancashire writer.
Jan. 22.
Sunday School Union Eisteddfod in Wigan.
Jan. 23.
Mayor's Juvenile Ball.
Jan. 24.
Death of Mr. Edward Ainscough, aged 65 years, and for 40 years landlord of the White Lion Hotel, Market Street, Wigan.
Jan. 29.
Wigan Reform Club Annual Ball. - Old Folks' Treat at Ashton.
Jan. 30.
Makerfield Ploughing Match.
Feb. 2.
Opening of the new Wigan Passenger Station on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.
Feb. 5.
Town Council Meeting: discussion on finances. - Inaugural concert by the Pemberton and District Choral Society. - William Bentham, butcher, Standish, committed for trial by Wigan County Magistrates for alleged perjuring in a police prosecution. - Old Folks' Treat at Lower Ince.
Feb. 10.
Meeting in Wigan of the Voluntary Schools Protection Association. - Miners' Deputation to the Home Secretary on the Eight Hours' Bill.
Feb. 13.
Fire at Poolstock Mills. - Presentation to Mr. William Wood, formerly head master of the Wigan High School.
Feb. 16.
The body of Thomas Richard Humphreys (aged 20) found in the canal at Haigh.
Feb. 20.
Eight men killed by an over-winding accident at Higher Hall Pit of the Westleigh Colliery Company.
Feb. 21.
Discussion as to the new Workhouse by the Wigan Board of Guardians.
Feb. 22.
Collapse of the shaft at the Arley Mine of the Ince Coal Company.
Feb. 24.
Institution by the Lord Bishop of Liverpool of the Rev. R. G. Matthew, M.A., Rector of Wigan.
Feb. 25.
Hearing at the Manchester Assizes of the Breach of Promise Case, "Burrows v. Dingley."
Feb. 27.
Local Government Inquiry as to the waste-water system in Wigan.
Feb. 28.
Trial at the Assizes of Jones for the Standish Manslaughter; sentence, three months' hard labour.
Feb. 29.
Death at Southport of Mr. David Lloyd, auctioneer, formerly of Hindley. - Opening of a new Social Club at Hindley Green.
Mar. 2.
Wigan Charity Organisation Meeting. - Death of Mr. J. W. Newell, aged 53 years, Lansdowne Terrace, Wigan, organist of St. John's Church.
Mar. 3.
Institution of the Rev. Hugh F. Lloyd, M.A., as Vicar if S. S. Michael and All Angels, Swinley. - Special meeting of the Wigan Rugby Football Club.
Mar. 4.
Town Council Meeting: The Gas Engineer's application for an increase in salary refused.
Mar. 5.
Joint inquiry as to the scheme for Guardians' representation in the Wigan Union; the Corporation plan adopted.
Mar. 8.
Death of Mr. Henry Fairhurst, auctioneer, Ince.
Mar. 9.
Parish Councils Elections: Polls demanded at Shevington and Wrightington. - Death of Mr. Thomas Scott. aged 77 years, superintendent of the Wigan Corporation Baths.
Mar. 11.
Contest avoided for election of the Wigan School Board.
Mar. 13.
Death of the Very Rev. Dean O'Reilly, of St. Oswald's, Ashton, aged 67 years.
Mar. 17.
County Council Elections at Orrell, Hindley, and Westhoughton, under the enlarged representation scheme.
Mar. 20.
Mr. Jenner Fust comments on the administration of relief in the Wigan Union.
Mar. 23.
Hearing of the claim of Darbyshire and others to estates at Orrell; appeal dismissed.
Mar. 26.
Epidemic of measles: 12 day schools ordered to be closed.
Mar. 28.
Annual Meeting of and Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 31.
Annual Meeting Wigan Liberal Women's Association.
April 1.
Town Council Meeting: Complaints as to gas bills.
April 3.
Conference in Wigan of the Lancashire Sunday School Unions Association.
April 6.
Death of John William Heaton from a fall following a quarrel in Scholes; a verdict of "Death from misadventure returned."
April 7.
First meeting of the new School Board.
April 8.
Wigan Borough Sessions; seven prisoners.
April 14.
Hearing of the charge against Richard Tatley by the Wigan County Bench; the maximum penalty imposed. - Inaugural meeting in Wigan of the Evangelical Free Church Council.
April 15.
Ordination of the Rev. C. F. Richardson, M.A., of Lancashire College, as Pastor of Hope Chapel, Wigan.
April 16.
Local Government Inquiry at Standish.
April 21.
Meeting in Wigan as to the Armenian massacres.
April 22.
Presentations by All Saints congregation to the Revs. H. F. Lloyd and A. C. Brown.
May 2.
Death of Mr. Symington, grocer, one of the representatives of Swinley Ward in the Council, aged 47.
May 5.
Proposal to raise the exemption standard adjourned by the Wigan School Board.
May 6.
The Town Council discuss the new rates and Gas Engineer's annual report.
May 8.
Meeting in Wigan of the Manchester Geological Society: Mr. C. M. Percy on Safety in Colliery Winding.
May 12.
Presentation to Mr. J. M. Ashurst by the members of the Hindley Local Board.
May 13.
A verdict of wilful murder returned against John Vaughan for causing the death of his brother-in-law, John Green, William Street, Wigan. - Wigan Infirmary annual meeting.
May 15.
Local Government Inquiry at Ashton.
May 16.
Laying of the foundation stone of the Gidlow Lane Mission Chapel.
May 20.
Public meeting to promote a memorial to the late Rector of Wigan (Canon Bridgeman). - Annual meeting of the Wigan Rugby Football Club. - Swimming galas at the Baths.
May 21.
Review of the Lancashire Hussars at Southport.
May 22.
Election of Mr. Robert Johnson, butcher, as Councillor for Swinley Ward.
May 25.
Infirmary Gala. - Roman Catholic Demonstration.
May 28.
Special Town Council Meeting to lay the rates.
May 29.
Inspection of the Volunteers in Camp at Morecambe. - The Roman Catholic inmates and Sunday worship discussed by the Board of Guardians.
June 1.
Death at his residence, Birkdale, of the Rev. Canon Fergie, B.D., for 30 years Vicar of Ince, aged 69 years. - Election of additional Guardians under the new scheme.
June 2.
Death at Southport of Mr. Thomas Hall, egg and butter merchant, formerly of Wigan, aged 80. - Death at Culquhasen, Glenluce, of Mr. Jardine, saddler, formerly of Wigan, aged 81.
June 3.
Town Council Meeting: The Watch Committee proceedings; the appointment of Corporation rent collector, and the establishment of Library Delivery Stations discussed. - Charles Hall, alias Standish, committed for trial for alleged frauds in connection with his claim to the Duxbury Hall Estates.
June 4.
Local Government Inquiry at Abram.
June 5.
Annual meeting of the Wigan Branch of the R.S.P.C.C.
June 13.
Opening of a memorial to the late Rector at St. Andrew's Church.
June 15.
Mr. C. M. Percy addresses a meeting of the Primrose League in the National Schools.
June 16.
Laying the foundation stone of the New Church of St. John the Baptist at New Springs.
June 17.
Death at Stanwix, Carlisle, of the Rev. T. Wade Powell, M.A., brother of Sir Francis S. Powell, Bart., M.P., aged 66 years.
June 24.
Opening of a new organ at Bridgewater Congregational Church, Hindley.
July 1.
Wigan and District Agricultural Society's Annual Show. - Town Council Meeting.
July 2.
Death at Bolton of Mr. James Edwardson, J.P., aged 67 years - for many years member of the Wigan Town Council.
July 4.
Open-air demonstration by the Wigan and District Sunday School Union. - Rose Queen demonstration at Ashton.
July 7.
The Wigan School Board raise the exemption standards.
July 8.
Church Bazaar at Standish. - The Coal Trade Conciliation Board practically dissolved at a joint meeting in London. - Wigan Wednesday Cycling Club Athletic Festival.
July 11.
The memorial stones laid of a new Conservative Club at Hindley.
July 14.
Visit of the North of England Mining and Mechanical Engineers to Wigan.
July 15.
Borough Sessions; 10 prisoners. Charles Hall Standish sent to gaol for 13 months for the Duxbury Park Estate frauds; John Enion, underlooker, sentenced to 3 months' imprisonment for frauds at the Meadows Colliery, Wigan.
July 18.
Death at Manchester of Mr. Elias Dorning, the well-known mining engineer and surveyor, aged 77 years.
July 19.
Mr. Frank Swift drowned whilst bathing in the Whitley reservoir.
July 23.
Prize Day at the Wigan Grammar School.
July 24.
Three men killed by falls of roof at the Moss Colliery, Lower Ince.
July 25.
Dedication of a new peal of bells at St. James's Church, Wigan, in memory of the late Mr. N. Exkersley.
July 27.
Several persons injured by a railway accident at Adlington.
July 28.
Verdict of manslaughter returned against the mother for neglect of her child Margaret Murrican.
July 29.
The bodies of Margaret Jane Lewis and her child found drowned in the canal.
July 31.
Conference in London of the Central Association for dealing with distress caused by mining accidents. A claim to the Orrell Estates dismissed at the Liverpool Assizes.
Aug. 1.
Vaughan found guilty at the Assizes of the manslaughter of his brother-in-law, and sentenced to 16 years' penal servitude.
Aug. 3.
Conservative pic-nic in Haigh Park.
Aug. 4.
Death at his residence, Brooklands, Newton-le-Willows, of Mr. Alderman James Smith, J.P., aged 62 years, ex-mayor of Wigan, and one of the freemen of the borough.
Aug. 5.
Town Council Meeting: The condition of the streets, insanitary houses, and the need of a new County Court discussed.
Aug. 11.
Death of Mr. Joseph Roper, of the May Mill, Pemberton, aged 85 years.
Aug. 13.
Visit of Lieut. Eloff (President Kruger's grandson) to Wigan.
Aug. 15.
Laying of the foundation stone of new Roman Catholic Schools at Golborne. - Death at Abram of Mr. Thomas Grundy, mining engineer, aged 37 years.
Aug. 26.
Wigan Borough Brewster Sessions.
Aug. 27.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions. - Death of Mr. John Grinrod, aged 52 years, head master of Ince Central Schools.
Aug. 29.
Sudden death in Wallgate of Mr. George Hanson, colliery salesman, Newtown, aged 44 years.
Sept. 2.
Town Council Meeting: Election of Mr. R. E. Kellett as alderman, discussion as to the electric lighting, the cost of prosecutions, and the state of the streets. - Opening of the new tramway to Platt Bridge. - Laying of the memorial stones of a new Wesleyan Methodist Church at Standish.
Sept. 9.
First annual show of the Upholland and District Horticultural Society. - Annual inspection of the Wigan Waterworks.
Sept. 10.
Discussion at the Watch Committee as to alleged "blackmailing" in the police force.
Sept. 13.
Centenary celebrations by Wesleyan Methodists at Lamberhead Green.
Sept. 15.
Mr. Alderman Layland declines to accept the mayoralty for a second year.
Sept. 18.
John Nathan Hannah, of Ashton, committed for trial for alleged perjury in a police case, but the bill was afterwards cut by the grand jury at the Liverpool Assizes. - Death of Mr. Albert Cowburn, of Park View, Wigan, aged 56 years.
Sept. 19.
Laying of the memorial stone of the new Congregational Church at Abram. - Interesting proceedings at the Revision Court as to a councillor's vote.
Sept. 20.
Centenary celebrations in connection with the Scarisbrick Street Church, Wigan.
Sept. 21.
Stormy meeting of the General Purposes Committee as to the mayoralty.
Sept. 23.
Sir Herbert Perrott delivers an address on Ambulance Work at Abram.
Sept. 25.
Floods in Wigan; serious damage by the overflowing of the Douglas.
Sept. 30.
Mr. Wm. Morton, jun., of Ince, accidentally drowned whilst boating in the Haigh Canal.
Oct. 3.
Death of the Rev. J. F. Harris, senior curate at Standish Parish Church, aged 46.
Oct. 7.
Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the election of mayor and the proposed new water supply.
Oct. 9.
Annual distribution of prizes at the Wigan and District Mining and Technical School.
Oct. 10.
Heavy sentence on Wigan footballers for riotous conduct at Morecambe.
Oct. 12.
Performance in the Drill Hall by the Wigan Sunday School Union Choir. - Reopening of the Wigan Public Hall after extensive alterations.
Oct. 16.
Sunday services and the action of the lady guardians lead to a stormy discussion at the meeting of the Board of Guardians.
Oct. 17.
Meeting of teachers in Wigan to consider the new Education Bill.
Oct. 20.
Borough sessions; seven prisoners.
Oct. 28.
Special meeting of the Town Council to wind up the year's business.
Nov. 1.
Death at his residence, Rendcomb Park, Gloucestershire, of Mr. James Taylor, J.P., one of the founders of Taylor Brothers, Victoria Mills, Wigan, aged 85 years. - No contests at the Municipal Elections.
Nov. 3.
Diocesan Conference in Wigan; address by Mr. T. R. Ellis on Church Reform.
Nov. 4.
Death of Mr. Thomas Wilkinson, aged 48 years, one of the members for Victoria Ward in the Council.
Nov. 9.
Annual meeting of the Town Council: Election of Mr. Alderman R. Richards as mayor. - Presentation to Father Melling by his many friends at Wrightington.
Nov. 13.
Hearing of the Assessment Appeal at Liverpool of the case of Jackson v. the Wigan Union Assessment Committee. - Another lengthy discussion at the Board of Guardians on religious services at the Workhouse.
Nov. 22.
Death of "Uncle Jack" (Mr. William Barton) for many years a valuable contributor to the columns of the "Wigan Observer."
Nov. 24.
William Connell sentenced to three years' penal servitude at the Liverpool Assizes for a brutal assault on his wife.
Nov. 25.
Conservative meeting at Standish; addresses given by Lord Balcarres, M.P., and Mr. C. M. Percy.- Election of Mr. George Sutherland, J.P., as member for Victoria Ward.
Nov. 29.
Special meeting of the Town Council to consider the proposed cattle mart in the borough.
Nov. 30.
Presentation of portraits by the members of the Golborne District Council. - Hearing of the Local Breach of Promise Case "Boardman v. Scaife."
Dec. 2.
Town Council Meeting; the Watch Committee's inquiry the principal subject of discussion.
Dec. 9.
Wigan and District Fanciers' Society's show in the Drill Hall.
Dec. 11.
The Wigan Board of Guardians settle the question of religious services in the Workhouse.
Dec. 13.
Meeting of Railwaymen in the Public Hall.
Dec. 14.
Performance of the "Messiah" by the Wigan and District Choral Society. - Death of Mr. John Wadeson, Ashfield Cottage, Standish, aged 71.
Dec. 17.
Church Bazaar at Ince. - Earthquake shocks throughout the district.
Dec. 19.
Distribution of Prizes by Miss Helen Gladstone, in connection with the Church High School.
Dec. 21.
Performance of the "Messiah" by the Wigan and District Sunday School Union.
Dec. 23.
Town Council Meeting to consider the proposed equation of the sinking fund.
Dec. 24.
Lengthy discussion by the Board of Guardians as to the conduct of the Master.

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