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Local Chronology, 1894-95.


Dec. 28.
First Meeting of the New Board of Guardians; noisy proceedings.
Dec. 31.
Urban District Councils hold their first meetings.


Jan. 1.
Opening of a Wesleyan Bazaar at Hindley.
Jan. 2.
Wigan Town Council Meeting: The resolution of the General Purposes Committee recommending Mr. J. J. Charnock for appointment as Town Clerk confirmed after some discussion.
Jan. 3.
Church Tea Party at Upholland; Address by Mr. A. B. Forwood, M.P.
Jan. 5.
Treat to Old Folks at Abram.
Jan. 6.
Distribution of Prizes at Scarisbrick P.S.A.
Jan. 7.
Mr. Tom Ellis, solicitor, appointed Deputy Justices' Clerk for the Borough. - Wigan Borough Sessions: Two prisoners.
Jan. 9.
Infirmary Ball. - Presentation to Superintendent O'Brien on his retiring from the Police Force. - Death at Southport of Mr. Samuel Swire, J.P., in his 82nd year.
Jan. 11.
Suicide of Mr. James Powell, greengrocer, 92, Wigan Lane. - The Wigan Liberal Association, by 39 votes to 9, decline to accept Mr. T. Aspinwall as Liberal Candidate for the Borough. - Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society in Wigan; Papers read on Coal Dust Explosions in Mines.
Jan. 14.
Deputation from Pemberton District Council wait on Ribble Joint Committee with reference to the Inspector's Report on the Sewage Farm. - Death at Cannes of Rev. Philip Vancesmith, late minister of Hindley Presbyterian Chapel.
Jan. 18.
Presentation to Mr. Thomas Lymn by workmen and others at Messrs. Crompton and Shawcross's Collieries.
Jan. 19.
Address on Co-operation by the Hon. and Rev. A. T. Lyttelton.
Jan. 25.
Discussion as to the Medical Officer's Salary at the Guardians' Meeting.
Jan. 26.
Opening of another series of Free Lectures in connection with the Mining School.
Jan. 28.
Public Hall Association Meeting.
Feb. 2.
Suicide of John Smith, carter, Lower Morris Street.
Feb. 6.
Town Council Meeting: Lengthy discussions as to the Banking Account, Electric Lighting, and the Platt Bridge Tramway.
Feb. 8.
Jeremiah Gibson, collier, accidently shot dead in the Bold Hotel, Worsley Mesnes.
Feb. 9.
Serious Fire at the Old Wigan Post Office; narrow escape of the Observer premises. - Marriage of Mr. J. H. Mason, of Eynsham Hall, Oxon, and Lady Evelyn Lindsay, only daughter of the Earl and Countess of Crawford.
Feb. 11.
Farm Fire in Beech Hill Lane.
Feb. 13.
Recognition Meeting at King Street Baptist Chapel to the Rev. G. J. Cliff.
Feb. 14.
Meeting of the Wigan and District Women's Liberal Association.
Feb. 15.
Special Town Council Meeting as to the New Tramway Route.
Feb. 18.
Visit of Mr. Tom Mann to the Royal Court Theatre.
Feb. 20.
Wigan Reform Club Ball.
Feb. 23.
Death of Mr. Thomas Berry, J.P., manager of Trencherfield Mills, Wigan, aged 58 years.
Feb. 27.
Wigan Charity Organisation Annual Meeting. - Mrs. Wright, known as "Wigan Liz.," found dead at Withnell.
Feb. 28.
Special Town Council Meeting: Acceptance of Mr. Arthur Smith's resignation as Town Clerk, and appointment of Mr. J. J. Charnock as his successor.
Mar. 2.
Death at Southport of Mr. William Hopwood, aged 78 years.
Mar. 5.
Resignation of Mr. Robinson as Secretary of the Wigan Trades Council.
Mar. 6.
Town Council Meeting: Objection taken to the Tramway Route. - Polling for Ince and Hindley County Council Elections; return of Mr. Richard Johnson and Mr. Wm. Johnson. - Decision to sell the Public Hall came to at a Meeting of Shareholders.
Mar. 7.
Inquiry into the Abram Charities.
Mar. 9.
Appointment of Mr. G. W. Smith Relieving Officer. - Death of Dr. Harold J. Molyneux, Upholland, in his 43rd year.
Mar. 11.
Mr. Thomas Alker, of the Weavers' Arms, Scholes, found dead in Warrington Lane, aged 50.
Mar. 12.
Death at Standish of Major Thomas Hilton, aged 59.
Mar. 13.
Presentation to Mr. W. H. Hewlett by the old members and officials of the Aspull Local Board. - Presentation to Mr. William Heaton, Chief Clerk at the Wigan Post Office, on his retirement.
Mar. 14.
Makerfield Ploughing Match.
Mar. 15.
Scheme for increased representation on the Wigan Board of Guardians discussed by local authorities.
Mar. 23.
Turning on of a Public Water Supply for Shevington.
Mar. 25.
Meeting of Churchmen in Wigan as to Welsh Dis-establishment; address by the Bishop of Chester.
Mar. 26.
Death at Birkdale, in his 80th year, of Mr. George Tarbuck, formerly of Wigan.
Mar. 27.
Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
April 2.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Liberal Association.
April 3.
Town Council Meeting; Resolution unanimously passed to present Sir. F. S. Powell, Bart., M.P., with the Freedom of the Borough. - Polling for County Council Election at Pemberton; return of Mr. S. S. Brown.
April 6.
Death at Blackpool of Mr. Joseph Hill, Auctioneer, formerly of Wigan.
April 10.
Election of Mr. W. C. Gully, M.P., Recorder of Wigan, as Speaker of the House of Commons. - Wigan Borough Sessions: Eight prisoners.
April 13.
Unfurling of New Banner by the Society of Railway Servants.
April 14.
Railway Servants' Meeting in Wigan. - Death at Chorley of Mr. Wm. Fairhurst, eldest son of the late Mr. James Fairhurst, of the Warrington Lane Brewery.
April 15.
Annual Conference in Wigan of the National Union of Catholic Teachers.
April 17.
Opening of the Boys' Reading Room; the donor, Sir Francis Sharp Powell, Bart., made a Freeman of the Borough.
April 18.
Conference in Wigan of the Northern Counties Central Credit Drapers' Association.
April 20.
Death at Wilmslow of Mr. J. M. Dunlop, formerly Manager of the Wigan Branch of the District Bank. - Laying of the Foundation Stone of St. George's New Schools.
April 23.
Sale of the Plant and Collieries of the Orrell Coal and Cannel Company.
April 24.
Opening of a New Wigan Cycle Factory in Chapel Lane.
April 25.
Presentation to Mr. Jas. R. Knowles, late manager of the Pearson and Knowles Collieries.
April 26.
The Pennington Mills, Hindley, unsuccessfully offered for Public Sale.
May 1.
Town Council Meeting: The price of Gas reduced.
May 2.
Mr. Joseph Walton, Q.C., appointed Recorder of Wigan, vice Mr. Gully, resigned.
May 4.
May Day Procession in Wigan.
May 8.
Infirmary Annual Meeting.
May 10.
Manchester Geological Society Meeting in Wigan.
May 13.
Selection of Mr. Will. Woods as Liberal candidate for Ashton-under-Lyne.
May 14.
Hearing of the Libel Action - Croft v Woodcock.
May 15.
Presentation to Mr. W. Johnson, J.P., C.C., by the Abram Local Board.
May 19.
Sudden death of General Feilden, M.P., for the Chorley Division.
May 22.
Opening of Standish Police Court.
May 27.
First Annual Meeting of the Wigan Branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
June 3.
Roman Catholic Demonstration. - Infirmary Gala.
June 5.
Town Council Meeting.
June 7.
Inspection of the Volunteers in their camp at Blackpool.
June 8.
Lively Local Veto Meeting on the Market Square.
June 12.
Roman Catholic Open-air Fete and Fancy Bazaar.
June 17.
The Public Hall building offered for sale.
June 19.
Annual Trademen's Holiday.
June 24.
Resignation of the Ministry.
June 27.
Death of Mr. W. C. Barnish, aged 55 years, Medical Officer of Health for the Borough. - Mr. T. Aspinwall adopted as Liberal candidate for the coming Parliamentary Election.
June 29.
Third Annual Show of the Wigan and District Agricultural Society.
July 1.
Opening of the St. Helens and Lowton Railway for Goods and Mineral Traffic.
July 2.
Opening of the Electoral Campaign in the Ince Division.
July 3.
Town Council Meeting.
July 4.
Sir F. S. Powell opens the Campaign in the Borough.
July 5.
Liberal and Labour Demonstration in the Public Hall.
July 6.
Fire at the Hussey House Colliery, Hindley. - Wigan and District Sunday School Demonstration.
July 8.
Sudden death at a St. Helens wedding of the Rev. Joseph Gradwell, S.J., for 20 years Rector of St. John's Roman Catholic Church, Wigan. - Fire at Wilkinson's Foundry. - Dissolution of Parliament.
July 9.
Wigan Quarter Sessions; The new Recorder congratulated on taking his seat.
July 12.
Great Meeting in the Drill Hall: Address by the Right Hon. A. J. Mundella. - Conservative Meeting in the Court Theatre.
July 14.
Death at Thornton of the Rev. John Corrigan, a former resident in Ince.
July 15.
Polling for the Borough: Sir F. S. Powell, 3,949; Mr. T. Aspinwall, 3,075.
July 16.
Death of Col. G. McCorquodale, aged 78 years.
July 17.
Polling in the Ince Division: Col. Blundell, 5,235; Mr. Sam. Woods, 4,790.
July 19.
Death at Southport of Mr. F. W. Tarbuck, solicitor, Wigan, aged 35 years.
July 20.
First Lifeboat Saturday in Wigan.
July 22.
Resignation of Dr. Marsden, as Medical Officer of Health for Standish and District.
July 25.
Bryham Memorial dedication Service in Ince Church.
July 29.
Opening of the Walmesley Park, Ince. - Thomas Mayor, collier, killed in a street fight at Upholland; Wm. Smith, his opponent, committed for manslaughter, but afterwards released at the Liverpool Assizes.
Aug. 5.
Death at Ashfield, Standish, of Mrs. Eckersley, widow of the late Mr. Nathaniel Eckersley.
Aug. 7.
Town Council Meeting: Discussions as to Grammar School Governorship, Artisans' Dwellings, and Electric Lighting.
Aug. 10.
Primrose League Demonstration in Haigh Park.
Aug. 12.
Summonses for alleged Bribery at the recent Borough Election taken out against Mr. Councillor Litherland, dismissed by the Wigan Magistrates.
Aug. 15.
Action under the new Corrupt Practices Prevention Act for Libel during Ince Election brought by Mr. Sam. Woods against Mr. James Keen, heard by the Wigan County Bench; defendant fined £5.
Aug. 16.
Death of Mr. Robert Worsley, J.P., Standishgate, aged 76 years.
Aug. 17.
Miners' Demonstration at Haydock; visit of Sir Charles Dilke.
Aug. 19.
Special Town Council Meeting; the Scheme for Artisans' Dwellings approved.
Aug. 26.
Mr. J. Cheetham, J.P., and Mr. C. Whitburn committed for trial by the Wigan County Justices for alleged conspiracy at Pemberton Collieries.
Aug. 28.
Wigan Borough Licensing Sessions.
Aug. 29.
Wigan County Brewster Sessions.
Aug. 30.
Conference in London of representatives of Miners' Relief Societies.
Sept. 4.
Town Council: The Orange Demonstration, the new District Rate, and Technical Education discussed.
Sept. 10.
Death of Mr. Joseph Hilton, for many years one of the Relieving Officers for the Borough.
Sept. 11.
Opening of the Gidlow Memorial Wing at the Infirmary by Lady Maud Wilbraham.
Sept. 18.
Death at Hall Garth of Mrs. Johnson, wife of Mr. James Henry Johnson, of the Abram Coal Company.
Sept. 20.
Special Council Meeting to lay a New District Rate. Mr. D. Dix asked to consent to accept the Mayoralty for another year.
Sept. 21.
David Taylor, dataller, knocked down and killed by a cyclist at Upholland; the rider censured.
Sept. 23.
Public Meeting of Anti-Vaccinators to protest against Prosecutions.
Sept. 24.
At a Special Meeting of the Board of Guardians, the granting of a salary to the Assistant Clerk defeated.
Sept. 25.
The Countess of Derby opens a Church Bazaar at Ashton.
Sept. 29.
Detective-Sergeant Kidd killed and Detective Osborne seriously assaulted whilst attempting to arrest a number of thieves surprised whilst pilferring goods waggons near Wigan Station on the L. and N.-W. Railway.
Oct. 1.
Three lives lost by an Explosion at the Wellington Pit, Tyldesley. - Local Government Inquiry at Hindley re Gas Works.
Oct. 2.
Town Council: The Watch Committee's proceedings, Electric Lighting, &c., discussed.
Oct. 5.
Laying the Foundation Stone of a New Social Club at Hindley Green.
Oct. 9.
Jubilee celebration of the Wigan Wesleyan Chapel.
Oct. 10.
Two colliers named Elijah Winstanley and William Kearsley committed for trial for the murder of Detective Kidd; Wm. Halliwell sent for trial for assaulting Osborne.
Oct. 15.
Opening of the Wigan Church Schools Bazaar in the Drill Hall.
Oct. 16.
The retiring Mayor (Mr. D. Dix), withdraws his consent to filling the office for another year.
Oct. 20.
Death of Mr. R. B. Seddon, Hindley, aged 42 years.
Oct. 21.
Special Meeting of Watch Committee to discuss certain complaints re Church Bazaar.
Oct. 22.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: Six prisoners. - Presentation at Ince to Inspector Jump, of the County Police, on his leaving the district. - Restarting of the Dallam Ironworks at Ince.
Oct. 30.
Final Meeting of the Town Council: Change in the treatment of sewage adopted. - At a Meeting of the General Purposes Committee, Mr. Alderman Layland selected as Mayor.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Contests in Five Wards: No change in the representation.
Nov. 2.
Two men drowned at the Peelwood Colliery of the Tyldesley Coal Company, Limited.
Nov. 7.
Distribution of Prizes at the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School, by Sir J. T. Hibbert.
Nov. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Town Council: Election of Mr. Alderman R. Layland as Mayor: Messrs. R. A. ffarington, J. Hilton, C. B. Holmes, W. J. Lamb, and J. Phillips elected Aldermen. A special vote of thanks accorded to Mr. W. Mayhew on his retirement from the Council.
Nov. 15.
Protracted Meeting of the Board of Guardians: The Vaccination Prosecutions again reviewed.
Nov. 20.
Sudden death in London of Mr. Charles Clifton Dicconson, of Wrightington Hall, aged 62 years.
Nov. 25.
Death at The Hall, Wigan, of the Hon. and Rev. G. T. O. Bridgeman, Rector of Wigan for 31 years; aged 72 years. - Interment of the late Squire Dicconson at Wrightington.
Nov. 26.
Winstanley and Kearsley found guilty of the wilful murder of Detective Kidd, and sentenced to death at the Liverpool Assizes. Halliwell, who gave Queen's evidence, discharged.
Nov. 27.
Special Town Council Meeting to consider the Sanitary arrangements.
Nov. 28.
Imposing Public Memorial Service at the Parish Church to the late Rector of Wigan.
Nov. 29.
Michael Gallagher sentenced to six months' imprisonment for Perjury in a reported serious assault case on the Canal Bank, at Wigan.
Nov. 30.
The Jury stopped the case of alleged Conspiracy against Cheetham and Whitburn at the Liverpool Assizes, and discharged both defendants.
Dec. 2.
Opening of a new Church of England School at Standish Lower Ground.
Dec. 4.
Death of Mr. Atherton Thomas Selby, mining surveyor, Leigh, aged 60 years. - Town Council Meeting: The appointment of Medical Officer referred back to the Committee.
Dec. 7.
Second Annual Show of the Wigan and District Fanciers' Society.
Dec. 10.
Deatht at San Remo of the Rev. A. E. P. Gray, Vicar of Wallasey, and formerly Curate at the Parish Church. - Hospital Saturday and Sunday Meeting.
Dec. 11.
Death of Mr. Robert Waddington, aged 52, tailor and draper, Wigan. - Death of Mr. F. Price, a native of Standish, county coroner for the Salford Division. - The Home Secretary respites Kearsley, one of the murderers of Detective Kidd, and commutes his sentence into one of penal servitude for life.
Dec. 12.
Death of Mr. Sam. Proe, cab proprietor, Wigan, aged 49 years.
Dec. 17.
Execution of Elijah Winstanley at Walton Gaol, for the murder of Detective Kidd.
Dec. 18.
The Town Council at a Special Meeting decide to appoint a Medical Officer of Health not required to devote his whole time in the duties of his office. - Colonel Will. Woods, J.P., of Whitley, Wigan, and Warnford Park, Hants, consents, in response to an unfluential deputation, to become Liberal and Labour Candidate for the Borough of Wigan.

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