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Local Chronology, 1893-94.


Dec. 20.
Mr. T. Worthington returned for the vacancy in Swinley Ward.
Dec. 21.
Deputation of Lancashire Miners to the Home Secretary on the Employers' Liability Bill.
Dec. 22.
Representative deputations to Lord Salisbury on the Employers' Liability Bill.
Dec. 23.
Death of Sir George Elliot, the well-known colliery proprietor.
Dec. 30.
Death at Fairfield, Leigh, of Mr. T. T. Hayes, J.P., aged 43 years.


Jan. 1.
Death at Mayfield, Orrell, of Mr. George Gilroy, J.P., aged 70. - Celebration of the Coming of Age of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Jan. 3.
Lengthy Meeting of the Town Council: Discussions as to the Watch Committee's proceedings, Electric Lighting, Refreshment Bills, the Mayor's Ruling, and the Price of Gas.
Jan. 6.
Abram Old Folks' Treat.
Jan. 7.
Death of Mr. George Makinson, ironmonger, Wigan, aged 51 years.
Jan. 9.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: Eight prisoners; decision as to the Whitesmiths' Arms case confirmed.
Jan. 10.
Discussion at Ince Local Board as to the Medical Officer and the Price of Gas.
Jan. 11.
Death at Rock Ferry of Mr. Robert Thompson, J.P., aged 63. - Death in London of Mr. John Whittaker (formerly of Wigan), well known by his writings as "the Lancashire Lad."
Jan. 12.
Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society in Wigan.
Jan. 13.
Primitive Methodist Jubilee at Orrell.
Jan. 16.
Death of Mr. Owen Morris, member of the Upholland Local Board, aged 38 years. - Annual Meeting in connection with the Hospital Saturday and Sunday movement.
Jan. 17.
Mr. W. Woods, J.P., addresses a Liberal Meeting at St. Helens.
Jan. 20.
Inquest at Garswood on William Cunliffe, a schoolboy; serious allegations made against his teacher. - Hindley Poultry Show.
Jan. 24.
Wigan Liberal Club Annual Ball.
Jan. 25.
Death of Mr. John Knowles, chairman of the well known Lancashire colliery firm of Andrew Knowles and Son, Limited. - Sudden death in the train of Mr. Jabez Southworth, of Bolton and Wigan, ahed 59.
Jan. 26.
Death of Mr. W. B. Johnson, J.P., civil engineer, Wigan, aged 66 years.
Feb. 5.
Application by the Rev. P. Hains for an Action for Libel against Mr. Thos. Worthington, J.P., the successful candidate at Swinley Ward Election.
Feb. 6.
Summons granted by the High Court of Justice against the Proprietor and Publishers of the Wigan Observer for alleged Contempt of Court in the then pending Swinley Ward Election Petition.
Feb. 7.
Old Folks' Treat at Lower Ince. - Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the Rating of Ground Values, General Purposes Committee and the Press, the Fining of Police Constables, the Re-construction of the Tramways, and Sanitorium Expenses. - Government Inquiry as to the proposed Demolition of Insanitary Property in Wigan, and the Water Undertaking. - Liberal and Labour Demonstration at Pemberton.
Feb. 8.
Local Government Board Inquiry at Abram.
Feb. 9.
The hearing of the Summons for Contempt of Court against the Wigan Observer dismissed, after a lengthy discussion, by the High Court of Justice; both sides to pay their own costs.
Feb. 10.
Attempted Murder at the Appley Bridge Inn of her husband by Mrs. Thomas Halliwell; prisoner afterwards sentenced at the Liverpool Assizes to five years' penal servitude.
Feb. 13.
One man killed and several injured by a Wagonette Accident at Winstanley.
Feb. 17.
Presentation of the Inquiry Committee's Report to the Ince Local Board; Resignation of the Medical Officer.
Feb. 18.
Death at Pemberton of Mr. William White, aged 85 years, formerly Inspector in the County Police Force.
Feb. 19.
Mr. Keir Hardie addresses the Trade and Labour Council in the Royal Court Theatre, Wigan.
Feb. 22.
Application as to certain particulars in the Swinley Ward Election Petition allowed by the High Court of Justice. - Old Folks' Treat at Ashton.
Feb. 27.
Commencement of the hearing of the Municipal Election Petition against the return of Mr. Thos. Worthington, J.P., Liberal Member for Swinley Ward.
Feb. 28.
Death at Southport of Mr. C. O. Peace, aged 49, brother of the late Mr. Maskell W. Peace.
Mar. 2.
Temperance Demonstration and Conference in the Drill Hall; Address by Lady Henry Somerset. - United Kingdom Alliance Meeting in Wigan.
Mar. 3.
Resignation of Mr. W. E. Gladstone as Premier and selection of Lord Roseberry as his successor.
Mar. 7.
The Commissioner delivers judgment in the Swinley Ward Election Petition, unseating Mr. Worthington and reporting several persons for corrupt treating. - Monthly Meeting of the Town Council.
Mar. 8.
Sudden death of Mr. Richard Blaylock, of the Crofters' Arms, Wigan, supposed from violence. - Mr. Wm. Woods, J.P., declines the invitation of the St. Helens Liberals to contest that borough at the next Parliamentary Election.
Mar. 10.
Local Government Inquiry at Golborne re Local Board question.
Mar. 19.
Opening of a New Reform Club at Newtown by Mr. W. Woods, J.P.
Mar. 26.
Lord Balcarres opens a Bazaar at the Wesleyan Schools, Wigan.
Mar. 27.
Announcement of the intended resignation of Canon Fergie as Vicar of Ince. - First Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Women's Liberal Association.
Mar. 28.
Bazaar at St. Catharine's Schools.
Mar. 29.
Consecration by the Bishop of Liverpool of the enlargement of Haigh Churchyard. - Death of the Rev. G. Squire, Head Master of Rivington and Blackrod Grammar School.
Mar. 31.
Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Visit of the Sanitary Inspectors' Association to Wigan and Hindley.
April 3.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: Nine prisoners. - Lord Shand, chairman, presides for the first time at the Coal Conciliation Board.
April 4.
Mr. T. Fyans (L) elected for Swinley Ward in place of Mr. T. Worthington, unseated. - Town Council Meeting.
April 5.
Death of Mr. R. C. Snape, of the firm of Taylor Bro., Limited, aged 58 years.
April 6.
Mr. S. Woods, M.P., moves a Resolution as to Mining Royalties in the House of Commons, but is defeated by 150 votes to 43.
April 7.
Death at Boxmoor, Herts, of Rev. Matthew Hudson, for 18 years Pastor of Scarisbrick Street Baptist Chapel, Wigan.
April 9.
Betting Prosecutions in Wigan; heavy penalties. - Death of Dr. O'Reilly, Roman Catholic Bishop of Liverpool.
April 10.
Presentation to Mr. T. Ratcliffe Ellis by the South Lancashire and Cheshire Coal Association for his services as Secretary during the last stoppage in the Coal Trade. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society.
April 11.
Application by Mr. Richard Johnson, J.P., to the Judges re the Commissioner's Report on the recent Swinley Ward Election Petition.
April 15.
Death of Mr. W. Winstanley, jeweller, Wallgate, aged 41 years.
April 18.
Summonses by the Public Prosecutor in connection with the Swinley Ward Petition dismissed by the Wigan Borough Magistrates.
April 19.
The Wigan Liberal Association resolve to ask Mr. W. Woods, J.P., of Warnford Park, to become their Candidate at the next Parliamentary Election.
April 21.
Laying of the Foundation Stones of new Elementary Schools for Haydock.
April 24.
Deputation of Coal-owners to Lord Roseberry.
April 25.
Presentation to ex-Inspector Wm. Gorman on his retirement from the Wigan Borough Police Force. - Four persons burnt to death at Lydiate, near Ormskirk. - The Miners' Eight Hours Bill read a second time in the House of Commons.
April 26.
Fancy Fair at the New Jerusalem Schools.
April 28.
Labour Demonstration in Wigan.
April 30.
Robinson Gowan, member of the County Constabulary, sentenced at Liverpool to five years' penal servitude for Perjury in an Ince Burglary Case. - Death of Mr. George Munro, head of the firm Munro and Co., Wine and Spirit Merchants, Wigan and Bolton.
May 2.
Town Council Meeting: Discussions as to recent Betting Prosecutions, the Gas Undertakings, and the Sewage Farm.
May 6.
Mr. Michael Davitt addresses a Meeting in the Royal Court Theatre, Wigan.
May 7.
Trial at the Liverpool Assizes on Indictment by the Public Prosecutor of Mr. Richard Johnson, J.P., and Mr. Alfred Gibson for alleged Corrupt Practices at the Swinley Ward Election Petition; unreserved acquittal of the defendants.
May 9.
Annual Meeting of Subscribers to the Wigan Infirmary.
May 10.
Local Government Board Inquiry as to the Haigh Water Supply.
May 11.
Manchester Geological Society's Meeting in Wigan.
May 12.
Laying of the Foundation Stones of New Schools in connection with Mount Zion Chapel, Pemberton. - Visit of Hindley Technical Students to Owens College.
May 14.
Infirmary Gala in the Park.
May 15.
Death at Thornhill of Mrs. Rowbottom, widow of the late Mr. Lever Rowbottom.
May 16.
Meeting of Abram Ratepayers re the Charities.
May 18.
Inspection of the Volunteers at their Encampment at South Shore.
May 21.
Opening of the Manchester Ship Canal by the Queen.
May 23.
County Council Inquiries at Wiga, Ashton, Ince, Billinge, &c., under the new Local Government Act. - Death at his residence in Winstanley of Mr. Hugh Anderson, aged 43.
May 26.
Dedication of New Jerusalem Church. - Weavers' Demonstration and Pic-Nic in Wigan.
June 1.
Review of the Lancashire Hussars at Southport.
June 5.
Application by Mr. Richard Johnson, J.P., respecting the Commissioner's Report re the Swinley Ward Election Petition refused by the Judges in the Queen's Bench Division. - Ordination of the Rev. W. J. Dickson as Pastor of St. Paul's Church, Wigan. - Meeting to form a branch in Wigan of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
June 6.
Laying of the Foundation Stone of New Schools for St. Andrew's Parish. - Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the Gas Undertaking and the proposed 5s. District Rate.
June 12.
Death of Mr. John Hargreaves, jeweller, Wigan, aged 58.
June 13.
Tradesmen's General Holiday.
June 16.
Death of Mr. John Lowe, Governor of the Wigan Workhouse, aged 59.
June 18.
Special Town Council Meeting to lay a new District Rate.
June 23.
Albion Colliery Explosion, S. Wales: 282 lives lost.
June 25.
After a conference in London with Lord Roseberry, Mr. T. Aspinwall selected as Liberal and Labour candidate for Wigan, and retirement of Mr. W. Woods from the contest.
June 28.
Deputation of Coal Owners to Lord Salisbury on the Miners' Eight Hours Bill.
June 30.
Laying of the Foundation Stone of New Schools for St. Michael's Parish.
July 4.
Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the address to the Royal Family, the Fair Contract Clause, and Deputation Expenses. - Consecration Service in connection with the Memorial Church at Highfield.
July 6.
A Two Years' Settlement of the Wages Question come to by Coalowners and Miners' Representatives.
July 7.
Annual Demonstration by the Wigan and District Sunday School Union.
July 9.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: Five prisoners.
July 16.
Dinner by the Mayor to the Members of the Corporation, in celebration of the christening of the son of the Duke and Duchess of York.
July 18.
Agricultural Show in Whitley Park. - Opening of a Mission Church at Low Green.
July 19.
The Settlement in the Coal Trade signed by Coalowners and Miners' Representatives.
July 25.
Induction of the Rev. J. Kerr-Craig as pastor of the Wigan Presbyterian Church.
July 27.
Conference in London of the Central Association for Dealing with Distress Caused by Mining Accidents.
Aug. 1.
Town Council Meeting: Railway Fares and the Demolition of Insanitary Property discussed.
Aug. 7.
Presentation to Mr. Richard Johnson, J.P., the President, by the National Mineral Water Manufacturers' Association.
Aug. 8.
Death, at his residence, Ashton Hayes, near Chester, of Mr. William Hayes, of the Abram Coal Company, aged 74.
Aug. 15.
Withdrawal in the House of Commons of the Miners' Eight Hours Bill. - Consecration of the Right Rev. Thomas Whiteside as Roman Catholic Bishop of Liverpool.
Aug. 16.
Important Instructions given by the Watch Committee to the Chief Constable respecting Licensed Houses in the Borough.
Aug. 23.
Laying of the Memorial Stones of the New Rooms for the Wigan Boys' Mission.
Aug. 29.
Wigan Borough Brewster Sessions: Objections laid by the Temperance Party to the renewal of certain licences.
Aug. 30.
Wigan County Licencing Sessions. - Death, at Birkdale, of Mr. W. Chalk, J.P., of the firm of Thompson and Co., Wigan, aged 53 years.
Sept. 3.
Collapse of the Lancashire Coal Sales Association.
Sept. 5.
Town Council Meeting: The Watch Committee and Civilian Evidence, and the Platt Bridge Tramway Scheme discussed.
Sept. 7.
Superannuation allowance granted by the Wigan Board of Guardians to Mrs. Lowe, the retiring matron. Mr. S. Woods, M.P., elected Parliamentary Secretary at the Trades Union Congress.
Sept. 8.
Laying of the Foundation Stone of a New Infant School for Chapel Green, Hindley.
Sept. 20.
Death of Mr. John Grundy, J.P., of the Hindley Field Coal Company, aged 54.
Sept. 24.
Address by Sir Francis Sharp Powell, Bart., M.P., at the Sanitary Congress at Liverpool.
Sept. 25.
Presentation of Technical School Prizes at Hindley. - Meeting of the Lancashire Congregational Union at Ashton.
Sept. 26.
Bazaar at the Convent of Notre Dame, Wigan.
Sept. 27.
Dinner and Presentation on the completion of the Pemberton Waterworks.
Sept. 28.
Sale of the Wigan Brewery to Messrs. Magee, Marshall, and Co., of Bolton, for £175,000.
Sept. 30.
Mr. William Hayes, landlord of the New Inn, Higher Ince, killed at the London and North-Western Station, Wigan.
Oct. 1.
Inaugural Ceremony in connection with the new Water Scheme for Parbold.
Oct. 3.
Town Council Meeting: The Resolution of the Watch Committee and the Cost of the Election Petition the prinicpal subjects discussed.
Oct. 4.
Appointment of Mr. J. W. Horne as Clerk to the Wigan School Board. - Death of Mr. John Harris, Temperance Missioner, Wigan, aged 70.
Oct. 6.
Liberal and Labour Demonstration at Ince.
Oct. 7.
Opening of the new Catholic Church at Wrightington.
Oct. 8.
Adjourned Licensing Session; the full licence to the Swan Meadow Inn refused.
Oct. 9.
Meeting in Wigan of the Congregational Union of England and Wales.
Oct. 10.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: Four prisoners.
Oct. 15.
Annual Distribution of Prizes at the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School.
Oct. 21.
Centenary Services in connection with St. Paul's Congregational Church, Hindley.
Oct. 23.
Meeting at Ince in support of Mrs. Richd. Johnson's Candidature for the Guardianship.
Oct. 29.
Town Council Meeting: Appointment of a Committee of Inquiry into the allegation against members of the Watch Committee.
Oct. 31.
Presentation to Canon Fergie on his resignation of the Vicarage of Ince. - Presentation to Major Rowbottom on his resignation of the Clerkship to the Wigan School Board.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections: Contests in seven wards.
Nov. 2.
Stormy Meeting of the Wigan Board of Guardians.
Nov. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Town Council: Election of Mr. Daniel Dix as Mayor; announcement of the intended resignation of the Town Clerk, Mr. Arthur Smith.
Nov. 13.
The Wigan Rugby Football Club suspended for alleged professionalism.
Nov. 14.
Exhibition of Arts and Industry by the Wigan and District Sunday School Union.
Nov. 19.
Conservative Demonstration in the Drill Hall: Visit of Lord Ashbourne. - Lambert Hodgkinson, of Wigan, discharged at the Liverpool Assizes on the charge of having caused the death of his wife on the 16th October.
Nov. 21.
Meeting of Hindley Ratepayers on the Markets Question. - Thomas Porter, of Hindley, acquitted at Liverpool Assizes on the charge of having caused the death of his wife on October 24th.
Nov. 28.
General Purposes Committee Meeting to receive the report of the Committee of Inquiry. - Opening of New Schools in St. Andrew's Parish. - Another meeting of Hindley ratepayers on the Market Question.
Nov. 30.
Acrimonious discussion by the Wigan Board of Guardians on the Pension Question. Mrs. Lowe's Pension confirmed.
Dec. 4.
Stormy meeting of Hindley ratepayers re the Market.
Dec. 5.
Town Council Meeting; prolonged discussions, principally on the Inquiry Committee's report.
Dec. 6.
Local Government Inquiry at Aspull re Loan for Sewerage Works.
Dec. 10.
Death of Miss Dean, aged 16, daughter of Mr. John Dean, farmer, of Upholland, from a gun shot accidentally discharged whilst she was watching her father and others rabbit shooting.
Dec. 12.
Death, at his residence, Lancaster House, Parbold, of Mr. Hugh Ainscough, corn miller, in his 79th year. - Sudden Death of Dr. Markland, Whelley, aged 29 years. - Opening of a Trades and Industrial Exhibition in the Drill Hall. - Meeting in connection with the Hospital Saturday and Sunday movement.
Dec. 14.
Another lively meeting of the Board of Guardians.
Dec. 17.
First Elections in the Wigan Union under the new Local Government Act for Urban District and Parish Councils and the new Board of Guardians.
Dec. 19.
Polling for Wigan Guardians under the new Act.
Dec. 20.
Opening of the new Mission Hall for Boys, in Powell Street.
Dec. 22.
Great Gale: Much damage done to property.

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