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Local Chronology, 1893.


Jan. 1.
Death at Hindley of Dr. John Plant, aged 40 years.
Jan. 2.
Sale of work at King-street Baptist Church, Wigan. - Wesleyan bazaar at Standish. - Bazaar at the Trinity Presbyterian Schools.
Jan. 4.
Caledonian Club ball. - Town Council meeting: Interesting discussion as to the expenses of the Farm Committee. - Old folks' treat at Higher Ince.
Jan. 5.
Old folks' treat at Hindley.
Jan. 7.
Abram old folks' treat.
Jan. 9.
Miners' conference at Birmingham: Mr. S. Woods, M.P., elected president.
Jan. 10.
Wigan Quarter Sessions; nine prisoners. - Presentation of certificates to Wigan Infirmary nurses.
Jan. 11.
Wigan Conservative Club ball. - St. Catharine's bazaar.
Jan. 13.
Meeting in Wigan of the Manchester Geological Society: Mr. H. Hall on the recovery of miss-shots.
Jan. 16.
Distribution of prizes at the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School.
Jan. 18.
Licensed Victuallers' ball. - Infirmary ball.
Jan. 20.
Meeting in Wigan of tenant farmers.
Jan. 21.
First annual tea meeting of the Wigan and District Co-operative Society.
Jan. 22.
Meeting in the Wigan Theatre Royal in aid of the Lancashire locked-out factory operatives.
Jan. 23.
Opening by Lady Gerard of the new Ashton-in-Makerfield Grammar School. - Death at Edinburgh of Mrs. Peace, widow of Mr. Maskell W. Peace, solicitor, Wigan.
Jan. 25.
Sale of work at the Primitive Methodist Chapel. - Lower Ince old folks' treat.
Jan. 26.
Primrose demonstration: Address by Sir G. Baden Powell, M.P.
Jan. 30.
Death of Mr. Higgin, Q.C., chairman of the Salford and Preston Quarter Sessions.
Jan. 31.
Death of Mr. William Platt, provision merchant, Wigan, aged 56 years. - Lowton and district ploughing match.
Feb. 1.
Wigan Town Council: Lively debates as to the management of the farm. - Meeting of ratepayers as to the Wigan Improvement Bill.
Feb. 2.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society. - Makerfield ploughing match.
Feb. 4.
Death of Sister Louise, of the Convent High School.
Feb. 6.
Lecture by the Rev. J. Hirst Hollowell. on religious equality in schools.
Feb. 8.
Wigan Liberal Club ball.
Feb. 9.
Laying the foundation stone of the new All Saints' Home, Wigan. - Old folks' treat at Ashton.
Feb. 10.
Bazaar in aid of the Teachers' Benevolent and Orphan Fund.
Feb. 11.
Public conference on the house to house visitation scheme.
Feb. 12.
Choral demonstration by the Wigan and District Sunday School Union.
Feb. 13.
Special Town Council meeting re tramway contract.
Feb. 14.
Deputation to the Chancellor of the Duchy re appointment of county magistrates.
Feb. 17.
Death of Mr. Thomas Smith, accountant, Wigan, and secretary to the Wigan Public Hall Association. - Meeting of ratepayers at Hindley re Wigan Corporation Bill.
Feb. 23.
Mr. O. N. D. Booth, articled clerk to Messrs. Peace and Ellis, found dead at the Wigan Conservative Club.
Mar. 1.
Town Council meeting: Discussions as to the use of the Park for public demonstrations, and charges for luncheon at opening of M. S. and L. Railway. Attack by Mr. Alderman Ackerley on Mr. W. Woods. - Miners' conference at Birmingham: The proposed general stoppage in the coal trade negatived. - Annual meeting Wigan Public Hall Association.
Mar. 3.
Deputation of miners to Mr. Gladstone on the Miners' Eight Hours Bill.
Mar. 4.
Opening of Garswood Hall Institute, Bryn.
Mar. 6.
Meeting of school managers re forthcoming Wigan School Board Election.
Mar. 13.
Death at Alston Hall of Mr. J. Mercer, J.P., colliery proprietor, and County Councillor for the Ashton Division. - Address by Mr. W. Woods to the Goose Green Liberal and Labour Association.
Mar. 16.
Death of Mr. J. J. D. Glencross, chartered accountant, aged 35 years.
Mar. 21.
Wigan School Board Election: Return of six Churchmen, four Roman Catholics, and one Nonconformist.
Mar. 24.
Mr. S. Woods, M.P., addresses the House of Commons on the Employers' Liability Bill.
Mar. 25.
Annual meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 26.
Death of Sir Geo. Findlay, general manager of the London and North-Western Railway.
Mar. 27.
A summons for alleged obstruction of the highway by the Salvation Army dismissed by the Wigan borough magistrates.
Mar. 29.
Resumption, after re-construction of the roadway, of traffic on the Wigan and Pemberton tramway.
Mar. 31.
Opening of new Congregational schools at Orrell.
April 5.
Town Council meeting; deputation expenses and the report of the Farm Investigation Committee criticised.
April 9.
Death at Ince Hall of Mr. Wm. Bryham, J.P., County Councillor for Ince Division, aged 74 years.
April 10.
Issue of the report of the Royal Commission on Mining Royalties. - Wigan Quarter Sessions; six prisoners.
April 12.
Banquet and presentations (extending over a week) at Haigh Hall, to celebrate the coming of age of Lord Balcarres. - Laying of the foundation stone by Mrs. W. Woods of the new Reform Club; great Liberal demonstration in the Drill Hall; address by Mr. Acland, vice-president of the Council on Education.
April 18.
Fancy bazaar at the Public Hall. - Presentation to the Rev. J. McFarlane on his leaving St. Mary's Church, Wigan.
April 21.
Death at Knowsley of the Earl of Derby. - Mr. Richard Johnson, J.P., returned unopposed as County Councillor for Ince.
April 25.
Interesting discussion in the House of Commons on the appointment of magistrates in Lancashire. - Death of Mr. John Hothersall, chemist, Standishgate, aged 47 years.
April 28.
A summons against the proprietors of Abbey Lakes Hotel for alleged trading on Good Friday dismissed by the Wigan county magistrates. - Annual meeting in Wigan of the National Association of Mineral Water Manufacturers.
April 29.
Miners' demonstration at Platt Bridge; address by Mr. S. Woods, M.P.
May 1.
Deputation of coalowners to Mr. Gladstone on the Miners' Eight Hours Bill.
May 3.
Town Council meeting; Alderman Ackerley postpones his motion re Mr. W. Woods. - The second reading of Miners' Eight Hours Bill carried in the House of Commons.
May 5.
Consecration of the new burial ground at Ashton.
May 8.
Special inquiry by the Watch Committee as to the escape of a child in Liverpool.
May 9.
The Hindley Local Board discuss the appointment of county magistrates.
May 10.
Annual meeting of the Wigan Infirmary subscribers. - Resignation of Richard Knowles, clerk to the Ince Local Board for 22 years.
May 11.
Bernard Keenan, a labourer, killed in Wellington-street by an Italian organ grinder named Pasquale Panozzo.
May 12.
Meeting in Wigan of the Manchester Geological Society.
May 15.
Opening and dedication of new schools at Ashton, erected by Miss Ruth Evans.
May 18.
The Wigan Corporation Bill before the House of Commons Committee.
May 19.
An infant about a fortnight old found in St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Wigan.
May 22.
Encampment of the Volunteers at South Shore. - Catholic demonstration in Wigan. - Infirmary Gala in the Park.
May 26.
Death of Mr. Richard Walmesley, of Chippenham, Wiltshire, aged 76 years.
May 27.
Sudden death on the Wigan Bowling Green of Mr. Christopher Ruddick, draper, Dicconson-street, aged 58 years.
May 29.
Special Council meeting: increase in the new district rate.
May 30.
Verdict of murder against some person unknown returned by a coroner's jury on body of child found drowned at Poolstock.
May 31.
Inquiry at Leigh as to memorial to include portions of Abram in the Leigh Local Board district: the petition refused.
June 3.
Laying of the foundation stone of a new Roman Catholic School-Chapel at Platt Bridge.
June 5.
Death of Mr. Blumberg, J.P., of Southport, aged 64. - Summonses in connection with the Irish Club, Wigan, dismissed by the magistrates.
June 7.
Town Council meeting: Prolonged and stormy meeting; Mr. Alderman Ackerley moves his motion and Mr. Councillor W. Woods replies; resolution passed to take a poll on question of abolishing Wigan Pleasure Fairs.
June 9.
Robert Halsall, Corporation carter, Greenough-street, murderously attacks his wife and child, and attempts to cut his own throat; all three taken to the Infirmary.
June 14.
Tradesmen's general holiday. - Appointment of Mr. W. Thistlethwaite clerk to the Ince Local Board.
June 17.
Conservative pic-nic in Haigh Park: Presentation to Lord Balcarres. - Foresters' jubilee at Abram.
June 19.
Decision given by the Wigan magistrates as to the Gidlow-lane apportionment.
June 21.
Death of Mr. W. A. Byrom, Swinley-road, one of the Burgess Auditors, aged 53. - Town Council meeting to pass borough rate.
June 22.
At meeting of ratepayers, amendment carried that no official notice be taken of the Royal wedding day.
June 30.
Joint conference in London of coalowners' and miners' representatives to consider proposed reduction in miners' wages: Resolution come to by coalowners stating that condition of coal trade demanded a 25 per cent reduction in wages, and that notices be given terminating contracts "with a view to obtain such reduction."
July 1.
Shocking accident at Poulton Curve to a Wigan excursion train returning from Blackpool; three lives lost and over 30 passengers injured. - Demonstration and pic-nic by Nonconformist Sunday scholars in Wigan.
July 3.
Wigan Quarter Sessions; four prisoners.
July 4.
Colliery disaster at Dewsbury; 130 lives lost.
July 5.
Town Council meeting: The bill-posting tender discussed.
July 6.
Consecration of St. Thomas's Church, Ashton, after being re-built.
July 8.
Poll on the Fair question: For continuing the Fair, 1659; against, 833. - Notices given by the coalowners throughout the Miners' Federation district terminating all contracts on July 28th. - Death at Carlsbad of the Rev. Canon Cross, of Southport.
July 19.
Show in Whitley Park by the Wigan and District Agricultural Society. - At miners' conference at Birmingham, resolution of "no wage surrender" adopted.
July 20.
Prize day at the Wigan Grammar School.
July 21.
Joint conference in London on the coal trade dispute.
July 26.
Resumption of traffic on the Hindley tramroad. - Conference in London of the Central Association for dealing with distress caused by mining accidents.
July 28.
Stoppage of work at all collieries in the district.
July 29.
Overwinding accident at Chisnall Hall Colliery, Coppull; two men killed. - Death at Ince House, Leamington, of Miss Amelia Gidlow, aged 69 years.
July 31.
Panozzo found guilty of manslaughter at Liverpool Assizes and sent to gaol for six months.
Aug. 2.
Town Council meeting: The police force and the coal stoppage and the bill-posting tender discussed.
Aug. 3.
Mr. S. Woods, M.P., deals with Government printing contracts in the House of Commons.
Aug. 12.
Liberal and Labour demonstration at Newtown.
Aug. 14.
Great miners' demonstration in Wigan.
Aug. 15.
Death of Mr. James Taylor, appointed burgess auditor on the death of Mr. Byrom.
Aug. 27.
Death of Mr. Samuel Richardson, station master at Wigan, on the L. and N.-W. railway.
Aug. 30.
Poll for the vacant Burgess Auditorship; election of Mr. John Rigby. - Borough Brewster Sessions; one old licence refused.
Aug. 31.
Formation of a central committee to deal with the distress in the town. - County Licensing Sessions.
Sept. 4.
Death of Mr. John Tickle, ironfounder, Wigan, aged 56 years.
Sept. 5.
Great mass meeting of miners at Hindley.
Sept. 6.
Town Council meeting: Election of Mr. John Gee alderman; adoption of a scheme under the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890.
Sept. 7.
Strike disturbances at Bickershaw.
Sept. 14.
The Watch Committee discuss the action of the police on the Crown Inn case.
Sept. 15.
The Rev. P. Hains holds a conference with miners in the Public Hall.
Sept. 23.
Election in St. Catharine Ward: return of Mr. W. Riley (C).
Sept. 27.
Decision given by the Revising Barrister on the "Southport cases" brought forward by the Liberals.
Sept. 29.
The miners' conference decide that men can return to work at those collieries paying old rates of wages.
Oct. 4.
Town Council meeting: Mr. McQuaid's motion respecting the police force carried through a misunderstanding.
Oct. 7.
Two men killed whilst surface coal getting at Stubshaw Cross.
Oct. 9.
Conference called by the mayors of leading towns held at Sheffield: Compromise suggested.
Oct. 10.
Wigan Quarter Sessions; ten prisoners. - The coal owners at meeting at Derby demand 15 per cent. reduction.
Oct. 11.
Special Council meeting rescinds Mr. McQuaid's motion. - Miners' Federation meeting at Wigan reject the masters' proposals and demand old rate of wages.
Oct. 16.
Presentation to the Rev. Joseph Jones on his resignation of the pastorate at Hope Chapel. - Disturbances by miners at Ince Hall pits.
Oct. 17.
Rioting in Haydock: Several persons injured.
Oct. 19.
Work resumed at the old rate at Bamfurlong Collieries.
Oct. 23.
Meeting in Wigan of the Tenant Farmers' Association.
Oct. 25.
Annual meeting Wigan Liberal Club.
Oct. 26.
The Rev. P. Hains addresses a meeting of ratepayers in the Public Hall.
Oct. 30.
Town Council meeting to close the year's work.
Nov. 1.
Contests in nine out of the ten wards in the borough: return of six Conservatives and three Liberals, a gain of two seats to the former.
Nov. 2.
Trial at Liverpool of the Ince rioters: Fines inflicted.
Nov. 3.
Death of Mr. William T. Pennington, cotton spinner, Hindley, and County Councillor for the division, aged 28.
Nov. 4.
Another joint conference of coalowners and miners in London fails to settle the coal dispute.
Nov. 7.
Vote of "no surrender" passed at mass meeting of miners at Wigan. - An enlargement scheme adopted by the Wigan Charity Organisation Society. - Two colliers killed at Kirkless Colliery by a fall of roof.
Nov. 8.
Death of Mr. James Alexander, Queen-street, aged 84.
Nov. 9.
Annual Town Council meeting; Mr. N. ffarington Eckersley elected Mayor.
Nov. 10.
Local Government Inquiry in Wigan as to proposals to borrow money for the gas undertaking.
Nov. 11.
Presentation in Wigan to Mr. S. Woods, M.P., by the Typographical Association. - Laying the memorial stones of a new edifice for the new Jerusalem Church, Wigan.
Nov. 15.
A contracting-out clause in the Employers' Liability Bill defeated in the House of Commons. - Death at Lower Whitley of Mr. Richard Procter, aged 92. - Death of Mr. Wm. J. Darbyshire, late corn miller, aged 68.
Nov. 17.
Joint conference at the Foreign Office, under the presidency of Lord Roseberry, of coalowner and miners' representatives; a settlement arrived at on basis of old rate of wages, with a Conciliation Board to follow.
Nov. 18.
Death of Dr. J. B. Gilbertson, coroner for the Hundred of Amounderness.
Nov. 20.
Work resumed at the collieries throughout the district. - Prize distribution at the Wigan Mining School: Address by Mr. T. Snape, M.P. - Death of Mr. Charles Glover, secretary of the Wigan Master Builders' Association.
Nov. 21.
Death of Mr. B. Davies, J.P., of Adlington Hall, aged 68.
Nov. 22.
Professor Boyd Dawkins presents the prizes at the Hindley Technical Classes. - The Earl of Ellesmere opens new infant schools at Newtown. - Sentence at Liverpool on the Haydock rioters.
Nov. 24.
Wm. Thistlethwaite, clerk to the Ince Local Board, sent to gaol for four months for embezzling the money of the board.
Dec. 5.
Deputation to Lord Salisbury from Miners' Permanent Relief Societies.
Dec. 6.
Town Council meeting: Mr. Councillor Layland elected alderman, vice Mr. Alker, resigned: proposed street improvements occasion lengthy discussions.
Dec. 7.
Miners' conference at Birmingham; contracting-out of the Employers' Liability Act condemned.
Dec. 8.
The House of Lords inserts a contracting-out clause in the Bill.
Dec. 9.
Death of Mr. T. Charlson, corn merchant, aged 57.
Dec. 12.
Contest for the vacant County Councillorship at Hindley; election of Mr. R. C. Howorth.
Dec. 13.
Appointment of Mr. B. Howgate as clerk to the Ince Local Board.
Dec. 14.
Local Government Inquiry at Upholland re water supply.
Dec. 16.
Unveiling of the Brayton memorial in Hindley Cemetery. - Death at Southport of Mrs. Park, widow of Mr. Henry Park, iron merchant, for five years Mayor of Wigan.
Dec. 20.
Death of the Rev. Enoch Franks, aged 64, pastor of the Wigan Presbyterian Church.

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