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Local Chronology, 1891-92.


Dec. 18.
Appointment of the Rev. W. Newberry, of St. Mark's, Newtown, Chaplain at the Wigan Workhouse.
Dec. 19.
Unveiling of the Gidlow Memorial Window in Ince Church.
Dec. 20.
Choral Festival in the Drill Hall by the Sunday School Union.
Dec. 23.
Opening Hindley Sewerage Works.
Dec. 31.
Fancy Fair at St. Mary's School. - Sad death at Worsley Mesnes of a child named Hilton during a quarrel between the parents. A verdict of "Accidental death" afterwards returned by the jury.


Jan. 1.
Annual Bazaar at the Wesleyan Schools. - Death at Southport of Mr. John Peers, aged 67 years.
Jan. 3.
Two boys killed by the collapse of some old buildings in Leyland's Yard, Wigan.
Jan. 6.
Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the provision of Model Lodging Houses in the Borough. - Old Folk's Treat at Higher Ince.
Jan. 8.
Death at Birkdale of Mr. Thomas Hatton, aged 67 years, member of Ince Local Board. - Meeting in Wigan of the Manchester Geographical Society; paper read by Mr. Grundy on "Accidents from Blasting in Coal Mines."
Jan. 16.
Annual Treat to Old People by the Abram Coal Company.
Jan. 18.
Treat to Aged Poor at Upholland.
Jan. 20.
Votes of condolence on the death of the Duke of Clarence passed by the Wigan Town Council, the members afterwards attending a memorial service at the Parish Church. - Local Government Inquiry as to Street Improvements in Wigan.
Jan. 21.
Gunpowder Explosion at New Springs; two men injured. - Dinner to Old People, given by the Mayor.
Jan. 22.
Mayoral Dinner to the Corporation Workmen.
Jan. 23.
Two boys drowned at Haydock.
Jan. 27.
Mayor's Reception and Dance.
Jan. 28.
Application by the Wigan Corporation for a mandamus against the Orrell Local Board dismissed. - Juvenile Dance, given by the Mayor. - Liberal Meeting and Tea Party in Hope Street Schools. - Death of the Hon. Colin Lindsay, uncle to the present Earl of Crawford.
Jan. 30.
Death at Hall Green, Upholland, of Mr. Jonathan Waddington, oil refiner, Ince, aged 56 years.
Feb. 1.
Wigan Licensed Victuallers' Ball.
Feb. 2.
Wigan Infirmary Ball.
Feb. 3.
Town Council Meeting; discussions as to fines on resignation of office, committee expenditure, and sanitary work. - Borough Quarter Sessions; 18 prisoners. - Shop Assistants' Ball; presentation to Mr. Walter Simpson.
Feb. 4.
Death, at Bank Hall, Mawdsley, of Mr. Frederick Crippin, afed 44 years, Colliery Proprietor, Bryn. - Annual Primrose League meeting.
Feb. 8.
Extraordinary Scene at a Funeral in Pemberton Churchyard.
Feb. 10.
Presentation to nurses at the Infirmary: Announcement made of an anonymous offer of £1,000 on condition of the Institution being freed from debt.
Feb. 14.
Meeting in the Royal Court Theatre in support of the Nailmakers on Strike in Staffordshire.
Feb. 15.
Death at Standish Hall of Mr. Nathaniel Eckersley, D.L., J.P., Cotton Spinner, &c., aged 76 years: he was a member of Wigan Corporation for over 40 years, was Mayor six years, and represented the Borough in Parliament from 1866 to 1868. - Meeting in Wigan to organise the tailoresses.
Feb. 17.
Wigan Liberal Club Ball.
Feb. 21.
Death of Mr. William Grime, Market Superintendent, Wigan.
Feb. 24.
Opening of the Wesleyan Mission Hall, School Lane.
Feb. 26.
Town Council Meeting: Vote of Condolence passed to the family of the late Mr. N. Eckersley. - The Proprietor of the Wigan Tramways fined for the bad state of the roads in Pemberton. - Nominations for Lancashire County Council; no contest in the Wigan Union.
Feb. 29.
Another Treat by the Mayor to Old People.
Mar. 1.
Three men killed and one injured by a cage accident at White Moss Colliery, Skelmersdale.
Mar. 2.
Public Meeting of Ratepayers re the Town Clerk's Salary.
Mar. 3.
Town Council Meeting; the Salary of the Town Clerk raised to £600 after a lengthy discussion.
Mar. 7.
Temperance Gathering at King Street Baptist Chapel.
Mar. 9.
Bazaar at the Methodist Free Church.
Mar. 12.
Commencement of the Week's Stoppage by the Miners in the district.
Mar. 15.
Death at Southport of Mr. Thomas Taylor, J.P., aged 83 years, head of the cotton spinning firm of Thomas Taylor and Brother, Limited, and the donor of the Wigan Free Library Building. He was Mayor of the Borough in 1854-5.
Mar. 16.
Special Town Council Meeting: Resolution passed authorising the town to take over the whole of the Tram Lines in Wigan and District, and to reconstruct the roads.
Mar. 24.
Local Government Inquiry at Standish as to the proposed Water Scheme.
Mar. 30.
Great Liberal Demonstration in the Drill Hall addressed by Sir Geo. Trevelyan, Bart., M.P.
April 2.
United Kingdom Alliance Demonstration in Wigan: Speech by Sir Wilfrid Lawson, M.P. - Death at Southport of Mr. James Holmes, aged 65 years, for 33 years agent in Wigan for the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Company.
April 6.
Town Council Meeting: Discussions as to the Demolition of Insanitary Property and the Model Lodging house question.
April 9.
Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Opening of a new "Christians' Chapel" at Newtown.
April 11.
Presentation to Mr. Councillor Richard Johnson, President of the Wigan and District Mineral Water Manufacturers' Association.
April 13.
Primitive Methodist Bazaar at Standish.
April 16.
Two Children Drowned in the lodge at the Top Place Ironworks. - Death of Mr. Wm. Collingwood, Chairman of the Standish Local Board, and Agent for the Standish Estate.
April 19.
Death of Mr. Robert Leach, Pawnbroker, Wigan, aged 77 years.
April 21.
Opening of the Extension at the Wigan Free Library.
April 23.
Laying the Foundation Stone of St. Matthew's Church, Highfield.
April 27.
Bazaar at the King Street Baptist Church. - Laying the Foundation Stone of the additional Buildings in connection with St. Catharine's Schools. - Presentation by the Members of Ince Local Board to Mr. Charles Gidlow Jackson, Chairman.
May 4.
Town Council Meeting: the Estimates submitted and Deputation Expenses discussed. - Quarter Sessions: Six Prisoners.
May 5.
Death of the Rev. Vincent J. Bond, S.J., Head Priest at St. John's Roman Catholic Church, Wigan.
May 7.
Lecture in Wigan by Mr. Ben Tillett on "Religion and Labour." - Crowning of the May Queen at Golborne.
May 11.
Annual Meeting of Donors and Governors of the Wigan Infirmary.
May 13.
Meeting in Wigan of the Manchester Geological Society.
May 14.
May Queen Festival at Ashton.
May 15.
Death at Edge Hill, Liverpool, of Mr. Councillor Thomas Stuart, J.P., aged 63 years; Mayor of Wigan in 1887-8.
May 18.
Fancy Fair at St. John's Schools.
May 19.
Presentation of a Horse Ambulance by Mr. Griffith Jones to the Wigan Infirmary.
May 20.
Review of the Lancashire Hussars at Southport.
May 23.
Public Meeting of Weavers to promote organisation.
May 24.
Announcement in the Gazette, amongst other birthday honours, of the conferment of a baronetcy, by the Queen, on Mr. Francis Sharp Powell, member for Wigan.
May 26.
Special Town Council Meeting, to lay the rates.
June 1.
Announcement of the amalgamation of Parr's and the Alliance Banks. - Town Council Meeting; special resolution passed as to the acquiring of the Tramways.
June 2.
Election in St. George Ward; return of Mr. John Worswick in place of the late Mr. T. Stuart.
June 3.
A man accidentally shot dead in a keeper's box at Shevington.
June 4.
Laying the Foundation Stone of a new Mission Church and School at Worsley Mesnes.
June 6.
Infirmary Gala in the Park. - Presentation to Sir F. S. Powell, Bart., M.P., by the parishioners of All Saints', Bradford.
June 9.
Dinner to celebrate the coming of age of Pemberton Local Board.
June 10.
Inspection of the Volunteers at their Encampment at Blackpool.
June 12.
Sudden death of Dr. Adie, homeopathic practitioner, Standishgate, Wigan, aged 32 years.
June 18.
Annual Meeting in Wigan of the United Free Gospel Churches.
June 20.
John Burns "gives a hand" to Sam. Woods at a mass meeting on Amberswood Common. - Announcement of the resignation of the Chief Magistracy by the Mayor (Mr. William Woods), in consequence of the action of the Conservative party on the Eight Hours question.
June 21.
The Nonconformist case against Home Rule: Uproarious Meeting in the Drill Hall.
June 22.
Great Meeting in the Drill Hall in support of Mr. Aspinwall's candidature for the borough; speeches by Mr. T. Burt, M.P., Mr. Crilly, M.P., &c.
June 24.
The Resignation of the Mayor accepted at a Special Meeting of the Town Council: Lively proceedings; Mr. Alderman Alker appointed returning officer for the coming Parliamentary Election. - Death of Mr. Edward Edwardson, assistant borough engineer, aged 32 years.
June 27.
Conservative Demonstration in the Drill Hall; speeches by Sir F. S. Powell, Col. Blundell, and Lord Balcarres.
June 28.
Dissolution of Parliament.
June 29.
Special Town Council Meeting; election of Mr. Councillor Phillips, Mayor.
July 2.
Great Miners' Demonstration in Wigan. - Demonstration by Nonconformist Sunday Schools in Wigan.
July 3.
Severe thunderstorm in Wigan.
July 5.
The Right Hon. A. J. Balfour addresses a Conservative Meeting in the Drill Hall.
July 6.
Wigan Borough Parliamentary Election: Return of Sir F. S. Powell, Bart.
July 8.
Polling in the Ince and Westhoughton Divisions: Return of Mr. S. Woods and the Hon. E. Stanley.
July 11.
Newton Election: Return of Mr. T. W. Legh. - Quarter Sessions; four prisoners. - Town Council Meeting; lively discussion about carters' wages. - Presentation to the Town Clerk by members of the Corporation. - Death of Lord Winmarleigh.
July 13.
Visit of Wigan Waifs to Southport Sands.
July 25.
Conference in London of the Central Association for Dealing with Distress caused by Mining Accidents.
July 26.
Local Government Inquiry in Wigan as to Gas Consuming Powers.
July 27.
Church Bazaar at Standish.
July 30.
Conservative Pic-nic in Haigh Park. - John Moran, of St. Patrick Street, killed during a row in the house of Mrs. Kate Glancy, who was afterwards committed for trial for manslaughter, but was acquitted at the Liverpool Assizes on December 10th.
Aug. 2.
Mr. Walter Parratt, formerly organist at Wigan Parish Church, and now of Windsor, knighted by the Queen.
Aug. 3.
Town Council Meeting; the question of open spaces again discussed.
Aug. 11.
Mr. S. Woods, M.P., replies in the House of Commons to a speech by the Right Hon. J. Chamberlain, M.P. - Defeat of the Government.
Aug. 14.
Dedication of New Windows in SS. Michael and All Angels' Church. - Death of Mr. Thomas Milner, jeweller, Market Place, aged 43 years.
Aug. 17.
Death of Dr. Robert Fraser Woodcock, Standishgate, Wigan, aged 38 years.
Aug. 24.
Visit of Wigan Liberals to Hawarden.
Aug. 25.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions.
Aug. 26.
Colliery Explosion at Park Slip, Tondu, near Bridgend.
Aug. 31.
Wigan Borough Brewster Sessions.
Sept. 7.
Town Council Meeting; resolution passed conferring the freedom of the Borough on the Hon. Mr. Justice John Scott, judicial adviser to the Egyptian Government.
Sept. 12.
Three men suffocated in the Havannah Collieries, Haydock.
Sept. 18.
Great Meeting in the Theatre Royal addressed by Mr. Tom Mann.
Sept. 19.
Opening of Liberal and Labour Clubs at Goose Green and Hindley. - Revision of the County Voting Lists.
Sept. 21.
Re-opening of Scarisbrick Street Baptist Chapel. - Presentation of the freedom of the borough to Mr. Justice Scott.
Sept. 22.
Opening of the Borough Revision; objections to Southport residents heard and adjourned.
Oct. 3.
Opening of the Central Station in Wigan of the M. S. and L. Railway.
Oct. 5.
Presentation to Mr. Councillor Gee by the members of the Wigan Subscription Bowling Green, - Town Council Meeting; election, after an interesting discussion, of Mr. James Hilton as alderman in place of Mr. W. Crompton, resigned.
Oct. 8.
Opening of a public water supply for Standish.
Oct. 10.
Quarter Sessions; ten prisoners.
Oct. 11.
Decision given by the Revising Barrister on the adjourned cases.
Oct. 12.
Death, at Huyton, of Mr. William Verity, architect, of Wigan, aged 32 years.
Oct. 15.
Laying the Foundation Stone of new Congregational Schools at Orrell.
Oct. 20.
Death, at his Southport residence, of Mr. William Crompton, J.P., aged 69 years, of the firm of Crompton and Shawcross, colliery proprietors, Ince. He was elected Mayor of Wigan in 1869, and again in 1878.
Oct. 24.
Presentation, by the Miners' Federation, to Mr. Councillor Richard Johnson, J.P., agent to Mr. S. Woods, M.P., during the Ince Election.
Oct. 26.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Liberal Club.
Oct. 27.
Death of Mr. Ralph Betley, F.G.S., aged 55 years, borough analyst and lecturer at the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School. - Local Government Inquiry in Wigan as to borrowing powers for waterworks purposes.
Oct. 28.
Death of Mr. W. H. Rice, aged 40, head of the mantle department of Messrs Coop and Co., Dorning Street.
Oct. 30.
Church Parade of Friendly Societies at Pemberton.
Oct. 31.
Town Council Meeting to close the proceedings of the municipal year.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections: Contests in the whole of the Wards; gain of two seats for the Liberals.
Nov. 7.
Opening of a Labour and Liberal Club at Newtown.
Nov. 8.
The Appeal of the Conservatives against two decisions of the Barrister at the Borough Revision dismissed by the Court of Queen's Bench.
Nov. 9.
Sudden Death at Southport of Mr. Alderman Maskell Wm. Peace, aged 58 years, head of the firm of Peace and Ellis, Solicitors, Wigan, Secretary to the Wigan Coal and Iron Co., and to many important Mining Associations, and Town Clerk of Wigan from 1866 to 1885. - Annual Meeting of the Town Council: Re-election of Mr. Councillor Phillips as Mayor; stormy proceedings; a motion in favour of evening sittings defeated.
Nov. 14.
Special Town Council Meeting to promote a Bill in Parliament for Extending the Tramways and other purposes. - Death of a Puddler named Jas. Smith after a friendly sparring match at Ince; verdict of "Death through misadventure" returned by the jury.
Nov. 15.
Second Annual Show by the Wigan and District Chrysanthemum Society.
Nov. 17.
Announcement made of the Extinction of the Debt on the Building Fund of the Wigan Infirmary.
Nov. 19.
Sudden Death of Dr. John G. Brayton, of Hindley, aged 50 years.
Nov. 21.
Presentation to the Rev. R. G. Matthew by the parishioners of SS. Michael and All Angels' Church, at the Annual Tea Party.
Nov. 24.
Service at the Masonic Hall in memory of Mr. Maskell Wm. Peace, founder of the Peace Lodge.
Nov. 27.
Visit of Masonic Brethren to the Parish Church. - Temperance Sunday in Wigan; joint meeting at Hope Chapel.
Nov. 28.
Opening of St. John's Catholic Club.
Nov. 29.
Liberal Meeting at Ashton; speech by Mr. T. D. Sullivan, M.P. - Meeting of ratepayers at Newtown to discuss the lack of School Accommodation in the Township.
Nov. 30.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Nonconformist Association.
Dec. 3.
Presentation to Mr. S. Woods, M.P., miners' agent, by the Garswood Hall Lodge of the Miners' Trade Union.
Dec. 4.
Trades Union Meeting in the Theatre Royal.
Dec. 5.
Social Meeting of Liberals in Hope Street Schools.
Dec. 7.
Town Council Meeting; Election of the Mayor (Mr. Phillips), as Alderman in place of the late Mr. Maskell Wm. Peace; stormy discussion as to the chairman of the Farm Committee's railway contract ticket.
Dec. 8.
Dr. W. Mitchell Roocroft appointed surgeon to the Police Force by the Wigan Watch Committee. - Presentation of prizes by the Hindley Technical Instruction Committee.
Dec. 10.
James Findley, assistant surgeon, sentenced at the Liverpool Assizes to two years' imprisonment with hard labour for an attempted murder of his wife at Ashton-in-Makerfield on November 14th.

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