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Local Chronology, 1891.


Jan. 1.
Fancy Fair in St. Joseph's Schools, Wigan. - Wesleyan Bazaar at Hindley. - Bazaar at the Trinity Presbyterian Schools.
Jan. 2.
Local Government Inquiry at Pemberton.
Jan. 3.
Mayoral Hospitality to the Volunteers.
Jan. 5.
Presentation to the Rev. Geo. Fox, of the Unitarian Chapel, Park-lane, on his retirement after 26 years' service.
Jan. 6.
Annual Meeting of the Lindsay Habitation to the Primrose League.
Jan. 7.
Town Council Meeting: Lengthy discussions as to the constitution of the Watch Committee, the abolition of meter rents, and the condition of the Wigan streets.
Jan. 9.
Presentation of the Royal Humane Society's medal to Police-constable Betts, for bravery at Ince.
Jan. 10.
Increase of Spinners' Wages in Wigan. - Treat to old folks at Abram.
Jan. 11.
Meeting of the local Railway Servants.
Jan. 12.
Deputation of Lancashire Colliery Proprietors to the President of the Board of Trade, on the subject of railway rates and charges.
Jan. 14.
Reception and Dance given by the Mayor and Mayoress. - Death of Mr. James Jolley, aged 84 years, formerly registrar for Wigan.
Jan. 15.
The Mayor's Juvenile Dance.
Jan. 20.
Second Infirmary Ball. - St. Mary's Tea Party.
Jan. 21.
Conference in London between coalowners and miners' representatives on the eight hours question. - Licensed Victuallers' Ball. - Col. Blundell, M.P., at the Pemberton Conservative Club. - Distribution of Prizes at St. Catharine's Schools by the Mayoress. - Treat to old folks at Ince.
Jan. 22.
Sale of Work at Ince. - Meeting of local Weavers to promote organisation in the district.
Jan. 29.
Makerfield Ploughing Match.
Jan. 31.
Death of Mr. William Woods, veterinary surgeon, aged 64 years.
Feb. 2.
Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions: 9 prisoners.
Feb. 3.
St. Thomas's and Scarisbrick-street Tea Parties.
Feb. 4.
Town Council Meeting: The resolution of the Gas Committee to abolish meter rents approved, and technical education grant discussed. - Meeting of ratepayers to oppose the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Bill. - Ince Local Board adopt the same action on the Bill.
Feb. 5.
Mr. S. Woods and Mr. T. Aspinwall examined by the Mining Royalties Commission.
Feb. 10.
St. George's Church Tea Party: Reference by the Vicar to the late Mr. C. Bradlaugh. - Presentation to the Rev. G. J. Whitfield at Ince.
Feb. 11.
Adjourned Conference of Coalowners and Miners on the eight hours question.
Feb. 12.
St. James's Church Tea Party: Announcement of gift towards Mission Church.
Feb. 14.
Presentation by Wigan and district railway officials to Mr. W. J. Tongue, late assistant district superintendent of the L. & N.-W. Railway Company.
Feb. 19.
Public Meeting in Wigan in support of the Royal Albert Asylum for Idiots and Imbeciles.
Feb. 22.
Death at Hyeres, France, of Mr. Cecil R. M. Standish, second son of the late Mr. C. H. L. W. Standish, of Standish Hall.
Feb. 24.
Trinity Presbyterian Church Annual Soiree.
Feb. 25.
Wesleyan Bazaar at Ince.
Mar. 2.
Wesleyan Centenary Services in Wigan.
Mar. 3.
St. Catharine's Whelley Mission Church Tea Party.
Mar. 4.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Public Hall Association. - Treat by the Mayor to the old folks. - Monthly Meeting of the Town Council: Presentation of the freedom of the borough to the ex-Mayor (Mr. Alderman James Smith); discussions as to the management of the Wigan Grammar School and the cost of the new Council Chamber; the Burgess Lists ordered to be printed in street form in future. - Old folks' treat at Lower Ince.
Mar. 10.
Meeting in Wigan in connection with the Church of England Waifs and Strays.
Mar. 11.
Inquest on the sudden death of an inmate of the workhouse: Strong comments as to how the post-mortem examination was made.
Mar. 17.
Settlement at the Liverpool Assizes of the breach of promise case, "Oldham v. Whitfield."
Mar. 19.
Death at Rochdale of Mr. Thomas Smith, aged 72 years, formely corn and flour dealer in Wigan.
Mar. 23.
Death at Ashton Moss of Mr. George Holland, aged 56 years, for 31 years manager of the Winstanley Collieries. - Local Government Inquiry at Standish re water supply.
Mar. 27.
Death of Mr. Wm. Lea, J.P., of Freckleton, aged 64 years.
Mar. 28.
Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 30.
Presentations to the Rev. E. H. Brodhurst on his leaving Wigan.
April 1.
Town Council Meeting: The Sanatorium and medical officer's fees criticised.
April 8.
Death of Mrs. Roaf, in her 87th year, widow of the late Rev. W. Roaf, of St. Paul's Chapel, Wigan.
April 24.
First Meeting of the new Board of Guardians.
April 25.
Consecration by Bishop Ryle of the New Church of St. Mark, Newtown.
April 28.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: 10 prisoners.
May 1.
General Strike in the Wigan Building Trade. - Local Government Inquiry at Aspull.
May 2.
Strike at the Ironworks of the Wigan Coal and Iron Company.
May 4.
Resumption of Work by the Joiners.
May 5.
The Leeds and Liverpool Canal Bill in Committee in Parliament: Evidence given on behalf of the Wigan coalowners.
May 6.
Town Council Meeting: The estimates for the rates approved. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Infirmary.
May 8.
Meeting in Wigan of the Manchester Geological Society: Paper read by Mr. C. Cockson on mining explosives.
May 13.
Death in London of the Rev. Canon Cadman, aged 71 years, a native of Billinge.
May 15.
Annual Inspection of the Lancashire Hussars at Southport.
May 16.
Visit of the Wigan Volunteers to Aldershot. - Re-opening of Upholland Methodist Free Church.
May 18.
Infirmary Gala in Wigan Park.
May 28.
Special Meeting of the Town Council to lay the necessary rates.
June 1.
Sod cut of new Collieries at Coppull for the Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Company.
June 2.
Presentation to Wm. Hall of the Royal Humane Society's testimonial, for bravery at Ince.
June 3.
Town Council Meeting: Gas affairs, the paving of streets, medical officer's charges, and the demolition of insanitary property lengthily discussed.
June 4.
First Ordinary Meeting of the newly established Wigan and District Billposting Company, Limited.
June 6.
Miners' Demonstration at Hindley.
June 8.
Annual Meeting of the Pemberton Working Men's Conservative Club.
June 10.
Christening of the new Fire Engine "ffarington".
June 13.
Death of Mr. C. A. Cronshaw, solicitor, and deputy coroner, aged 30 years. - Presentation by the miners of the district to their agent, Mr. Thomas Aspinwall.
June 14.
Shocking outrage on a man and woman in Scholes.
June 15.
Appointment of the Rev. G. C. Chambres, M.A., as head master of the Wigan Grammar School.
June 17.
Death of Mr. John Walls, aged 56 years, for many years secretary for the Wigan and District Licensed Victuallers' Association.
June 19.
Resolution passed at a public meeting called by the Mayor that if possible the Royal Agricultural Society be invited to hold their 1893 meeting in Wigan. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society.
June 20.
End of the Building Strike in Wigan. - Great Miners' Demonstration at Southport.
June 25.
Four men killed and two injured in a shaft at the King Pit, Haydock.
June 27.
Death of the Very Rev. T. M. Margison, O.S.B., of St. Joseph's, Wrightington Hall, aged 78 years. - Foundation Stone of a new Wesleyan School for Ince laid by Mr. C. G. Jackson. - Conservative Pic-nic in Haigh Park.
July 1.
Town Council Meeting: Representative appointed, after discussion, on the Council of the University College, Liverpool.
July 2.
Laying of the Foundation Stone, by the Mayor, of the new Savings Bank in King-street.
July 3.
Abandonment of the proposal to invite the Royal Show to Wigan.
July 5.
Extraordinary subsidence of the roadway in Chapel-lane.
July 7.
Presentation to Mr. Alfred Hewlett, J.P., on his retirement from Chairmanship of the Conservative Party in the borough.
July 13.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: 10 prisoners. - Death at Burnely, of Mr. Daniel Davies, aged 85 years, formerly of Wigan.
July 14.
Adoption by the Executive of the Liberal Association of Mr. Thomas Aspinwall, miners' agent, as Candidate for the party at the next Borough Election. - Death of the Hon. Algernon F. Egerton, member for Wigan from 1882 to 1885.
July 16.
Examination of Mr. C. M. Percy by the Mining Royalties Commission.
July 24.
Conference at the Mansion House of Representatives of Miners' Permanent Relief Societies.
July 25.
Death of Mr. Councillor James Jackson, printer, aged 50 years. - Opening of the new Parish Church at Haydock.
July 27.
Death of the Rev. J. Briggs, Hindley, aged 75 years. - Meeting of the Wigan Liberal Three Hundred: Mr. Aspinwall's candidature approved.
Aug. 2.
Great Catholic Demonstration in Wigan: Visit of the Duke of Norfolk: Conference of the Catholic Young Men's Societies of Great Britain.
Aug. 3.
Imposing Procession of Catholic Delegates and Scholars.
Aug. 5.
Town Council Meeting: Discussion on the salaries question, on insanitary houses, and the suggested closing of a street in Warrington-lane.
Aug. 6.
Sudden death, at Llandudno, of Mr. Job Hallmark, spirit merchant, one of the directors of the Oldfield Brewery Company.
Aug. 8.
Extraordinary Municipal Election in St. George's Ward: Return of Mr. D. Dix. - Death of Mr. George Boulton, of Harrock Hall, aged 72 years.
Aug. 9.
Jubilee Celebrations of the Church of Christ, Wigan.
Aug. 13.
Two men killed by a shaft accident at Norley Collieries.
Aug. 18.
Two men killed by a fall of roof at Garswood Hall Collieries.
Aug. 19.
Public Meeting in connection with the Wigan and District Trades Council: Addresses by Messrs. T. Aspinwall and S. Woods.
Aug. 26.
Wigan Borough Brewster Sessions.
Aug. 27.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions.
Sept. 2.
Town Council Meeting: Motion passed approving of more open spaces in the borough, and adoption of the Museums and Gymnasiums Act, so far as it relates to gymnasiums.
Sept. 5.
Death of Dr. Hall, of Ince, aged 46 years.
Sept. 6.
Farewell Meeting at Hindley to the Rev. Philip Vancesmith on his leaving the district.
Sept. 10.
Fatal Explosion at Moss Hall Collieries: Two killed and two injured.
Sept. 19.
Laying of the Foundation Stone, by Mrs. Eckersley, of the extension of Standish Church Day and Sunday Schools.
Sept. 24.
Conference in Wigan between the Local Authorities and the Wigan Mining School Committee as to a scheme for taking over the school in connection with the Technical Education Grant. - Sale of the Wigan Tramways to Mr. John Gee.
Sept. 28.
Extraordinary disturbances at Duxbury Hall.
Oct. 3.
Death, at Hindley, of Mr. John Seddon, J.P., of The Firs, Southport, aged 75 years.
Oct. 7.
Town Council Meeting: Resolutions passed appointing a Committee to deal with the Tramway Lines, and approving the proposal to join in the scheme for applying the Technical Education Grant to the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School.
Oct. 10.
Mass Meeting of Iron and Steel Workers addressed by Messrs. Aspinwall and Woods.
Oct. 15.
Bazaar in aid of a new Church at New Springs.
Oct. 16.
Adjourned Conference on the Technical Education Scheme: a Provisional Committee appointed to carry it out.
Oct. 17.
Gathering of Oddfellows in Wigan.
Oct. 20.
Wigan Dog, Pigeon, and Poultry Show.
Oct. 21.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Liberal Club.
Oct. 24.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: 10 prisoners.
Oct. 26.
Miss Sarah McClure, daughter of Mr. John McClure, J.P., of Wigan, drowned by the sinking of the barque "Charlwood," off the Eddystone. - Special Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the new L. and Y. Railway Station, sanitary matters, and the fines for non-service.
Oct. 28.
Sudden death in a railway train, near Ince, of Mr. Arthur McClure, bank clerk.
Oct. 29.
Public Meeting at Hindley on the Markets Question.
Oct. 30.
Conference of Local Authorities as to the purchase of the roads of the Wigan Tramways.
Oct. 31.
Opening of a new Wesleyan School at Ince.
Nov. 2.
Municipal Elections: Gain of one seat by the Liberals.
Nov. 4.
Distribution of Prizes at the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School.
Nov. 5.
Death, at Appley Bridge, of Mr. Enoch Heyes, grocer, formerly one of the Town Councillors for the Queen-street Ward.
Nov. 7.
Inspection of the Leeds Electric Tramways by the Wigan, Ince, Pemberton and Hindley Local Authorities.
Nov. 9.
Annual Town Council Meeting: Re-election of Mr. W. Woods as Mayor; lengthy discussion as to the constitution of the Free Library Committee.
Nov. 11.
Opening of the new premises of the Hindley Conservative Club.
Nov. 13.
Adjourned Conference as to the Tramways.
Nov. 16.
First Wigan and District Chrysanthemum Show.
Nov. 19.
Public Inquiry at Pemberton on the Ward Question. - Mr. George Caldwell gives evidence before the Labour Commission.
Nov. 20.
Mr. Gee takes possession of the Wigan Tramways.
Nov. 21.
Margaret Atherton, wife of Henry Atherton, found dead at Ince after a drunken carouse: The husband committed for murder, but afterwards found guilty at the Liverpool Assizes of manslaughter, and sentenced to 20 years' penal servitude.
Nov. 23.
St. Michael's Tea Party.
Nov. 24.
Local Government Inquiry in Wigan as to borrowing money for the Waterworks.
Nov. 25.
Recognition of the Rev. D. P. Packer as pastor of the King-street Baptist Church.
Nov. 28.
Death of the Rev. Joseph Wilson, B.A., for many years chaplain at the Wigan Workhouse.
Dec. 1.
Fire and Panic at May Mill, Pemberton. - Discussion at the School Board as to the attendance of children at school.
Dec. 3.
Town Council Meeting: Resolution adopted requiring a return as to all Corporation Land. - Mayoral Hospitality to the Council. - Mandamus granted against the Orrell Local Board on application from the Wigan Corporation.
Dec. 4.
Mayoral Dinner to the Borough Magistrates and ex-Councillors.
Dec. 5.
Laying the Foundation Stone of a new Parish Church at Ashton. - Dinner by the Mayor to the Volunteers.
Dec. 10.
Mr. G. L. Campbell, J.P., gives evidence before the Labour Commission. - Deputation of School Managers to the Borough Magistrates as to the administration of the Elementary Education Act. - Lord Crawford has the Order of the Thistle conferred upon him by the Queen at Windsor.
Dec. 11.
Death, at his residence, Bolnore, Hayward's Heath, Sussex, of Mr. Henry Woodcock, J.P., banker, aged 77 years, for 27 years member of the Wigan Town Council, and Mayor of the borough in 1858-9. - Severe storm in Wigan.
Dec. 12.
Death of Mrs. Grime, wife of Mr. Wm. Grime, New Market-street, aged 58 years.
Dec. 16.
Wesleyan Bazaar at Lamberhead Green.

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