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Local Chronology, 1890.


Jan. 1.
Bazaar at the Wigan Wesleyan Chapel. - The first sod of the new Church of St. Mark, Newtown, cut by Mr. Meyrick Bankes. - Fancy fair at St. Mary's, Wigan. - Independent Methodist Bazaar at Pemberton.
Jan. 2.
Opening celebration in connection with Barley Brook Foundry. - Wigan Presbyterian Church Bazaar. - Two boys drowned in the canal at Appley Bridge.
Jan. 4.
Laying the corner-stone of the new viaduct for the extension of the Wigan Junctions Railway into Wigan; visit of the directors of the Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway.
Jan. 7.
Death of Mr. S. Dunsford, chemist, Market-place, Wigan, aged 47 years.
Jan. 8.
Caledonian Ball. - Town Council Meeting; the question of compensation to owners of insanitary houses dealt with. - Wigan Quarter Sessions; eight prisoners.
Jan. 9.
Reception and dance by the Mayor and Mayoress.
Jan. 10.
Children's dance, given in the Drill Hall, by the Mayor.
Jan. 15.
Death of Dr. John Macloghlin, for many years house surgeon to the Wigan Dispensary. - Death of Mr. Joseph Wilson, postmaster of Wigan, aged 51 years.
Jan. 21.
Meeting of the Lancashire Congregational Union in Wigan.
Jan. 22.
Wigan Conservative Club Ball.
Jan. 24.
Death at Altrincham, in his 78th year, of Mr. Henry Bleckley, Managing Director of the Pearson and Knowle's Coal and Iron Co., Ltd.
Jan. 27.
Public Discussion between Mr. S. Woods and Sir F. Milner on the Eight Hours Question.
Jan. 29.
Dance given by the Mayor to the Shop Assistants.
Jan. 30.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Temperance and Rescue Mission. - Makerfield Ploughing Match.
Feb. 1.
Opening Meeting in connection with the Establishment of a Mining School for Haydock.
Feb. 3.
Sudden Death at Southport of Mr. Ralph Darlington, Town Clerk of Wigan, aged 66 years.
Feb. 4.
Death of the Rev. James Cronshaw, Vicar of St. Thomas's, Wigan, aged 62 years. - Monthly Meeting of the Wigan Town Council.
Feb. 5.
First Infirmary Ball.
Feb. 6.
Colliery Explosion at the Llanerch Pit, Monmouthshire, 176 killed.
Feb. 10.
Public Meeting in Wigan of Railway Servants to Ventilate their Grievances. - Meeting at Standish to Establish a Weaving Shed in the Township. - Presentation of a Horse Ambulance to the Wigan Infirmary by Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Peck.
Feb. 12.
Wigan Liberal Club Ball. - Town Council Meeting - discussions as to the New Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Station, the Gas Investigation Committee, and the Condition of the Streets.
Feb. 15.
Council Meeting in Wigan of the Lancashire and Cheshire Division of the National Union of Conservative Associations.
Feb. 17.
Deputation of Miners to the Home Secretary and Mr. Gladstone on the Eight Hours Bill.
Feb. 20.
Death of Mr. John Makinson, of Upholland, auctioneer.
Feb. 21.
Unanimous appointment of Mr. Arthur Smith, B.A., Town Clerk of Wigan. - Half-yearly Meeting of the Wigan Tramways Company.
Feb. 23.
The Rev. R. Tebbs reads himself in as the new Vicar of St. Thomas's Parish, Wigan.
Feb. 27.
Formation in Wigan of a Branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
Mar. 5.
Town Council Meeting; the new Railway Station and the cost of the new Sanatorium under review.
Mar. 9.
The dead body of Hannah Lydia Birchall, 8½ years old, found at the bottom of an old pit shaft at Ince.
Mar. 10.
Explosion at Morfa Colliery, South Wales, 87 lives lost. - Contest avoided for Election of Wigan School Board. - Conference and Meeting in Wigan in connection with the United Kingdom Alliance.
Mar. 12.
Evidence given by Mr. J. Pickering and Mr. A. Hewlett before the Railway Rates Inquiry as to the Lancashire Coal Trade.
Mar. 14.
In consequence of the colliery masters refusing to grant the men's terms, general strike in the coal trade resolved upon at a National Conference of Miners' Delegates in London. - Death of Mr. George Vaughan, aged 71 years, for some years Town Councillor for Scholes Ward.
Mar. 15.
Stoppage of work in the Lancashire Coal Trade.
Mar. 17.
Wigan County Borough Sessions; 17 prisoners.
Mar. 20.
Close of the Coroner's Inquest into the Ince Murder Case; verdict of murder returned against William Dickinson, the step-father of the child. - Settlement of the dispute in the coal trade at a general conference in London. Work afterwards resumed. - Death of Mr. Edward Brookes, of Standish, aged 81 years.
Mar. 25.
Hearing of the action at Leeds, brought by the Salford Corporation against Mr. Ellis Lever.
Mar. 26.
Last Sitting of Mr. W. W. Ffoulkes as judge of the Wigan County Court.
Mar. 28.
Mr. F. T. Webb, Chief-constable of Wigan, appointed Chief-constable of Leeds.
Mar. 31.
Disappearance of two girls, named Selina Humphreys and Jane Holland, from their homes in Ince; the dead bodies afterwards found in the canal.
April 1.
First Meeting of the New Wigan School Board.
April 2.
Town Council Meeting: The Salaries Question discussed, and the launching of the scheme for the conversion of the Corporation Stock announced. - Close of the Magisterial proceedings in the Ince Murder Case; Dickinson and his wife both committed for trial.
April 7.
Death of Mr. Henry Bridge, landlord of the Raven Hotel, Wallgate, aged 42 years.
April 8.
Opening of New Offices for the Billinge Local Board.
April 10.
Appointment of Captain A. Bell, as Chief-constable of Wigan.
April 11.
Polling for a Churchwarden at Pemberton; Election of Mr. James Pickering.
April 12.
Annual Meeting Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Consecration of the New Wigan Masonic Lodge, No. 2326.
April 14.
Stormy Vestry Meeting at Pemberton on the Surplice Question.
April 15.
Conservative Demonstration at Pemberton. - Mayoral Hospitality to the Police Force; Presentation to the late Chief-constable.
April 18.
End of the Strike at Messrs. Stones' Colliery.
April 24.
Bazaar in aid of a New Primitive Methodist Chapel at Douglas Bank.
April 26.
Laying of the Foundation Stone of St. Mark's Church, Newtown, by Mrs. Bankes.
April 29.
Public Inquiry by a Local Government Board Commissioner into the New Re-distribution Scheme for the Borough of Wigan. - Death at her London residence of Miss Catherine Woods, in her 81st year, sister of the late Mr. Henry Woods, for many years one of the Borough Representatives in Parliament. - Government Inspection of St. Thomas's Church Burial Ground, Ashton.
April 30.
Last Meeting of Members of the Wigan Mechanics' Institution.
May 2.
Selection of Mr. Samuel Woods, by the Miners' Federation, as Labour Candidate for the Ince division at the next Parliamentary Election.
May 3.
Opening of the New May Mill, Pemberton.
May 5.
Annual meeting of Subscribers to the Wigan Infirmary.
May 7.
Fire at Abram Colliery; Engine-house destroyed. - Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the New Re-distribution Scheme, and a Reduction in the General District Rate announced.
May 10.
Marsh Brook Cotton Mill, Hindley, destroyed by fire.
May 17.
Close of the trial at the Assizes as to the Ince Murder Case: Dickinson acquitted, and the indictment against his wife withdrawn.
May 19.
Special Town Council Meeting as to the Conversion Scheme and Insanitary Property.
May 21.
Meeting of the Wigan Shop Assistants; an earlier hour of closing on the weekly half-holiday adopted.
May 24.
Encampment of the Wigan Volunteers at Deganwy.
May 26.
Infirmary Gala in the Mesnes Park.
May 30.
Review of the Lancashire Hussars at Southport.
June 1.
Opening of New Chancel and Altar at St. Mary's Chapel, Wigan.
June 4.
Andrew Coutts, Provision Merchant's Assistant, drowned whilst bathing in the Wigan Corporation Baths. - Town Council Meeting.
June 7.
Demonstration in Wigan by Lancashire Fire Brigades.
June 10.
Meetings in Wigan as to the proposals granting Compensation to Publicans.
June 12.
Hearing of the Libel Action by the Headmaster of the Wigan Grammar School; Defendant committed for trial. - Opening by Mr. S. Woods of his Electoral Campaign in the Ince Division.
June 17.
Presentation of an undress badge to the Mayor of Wigan (Mr. Alderman James Smith).
June 19.
Garden Party given by the Mayor in Mesnes Park.
June 21.
Great Miners' Demonstration at Southport. - Visit of the Bishop of Salford to Aspull.
June 24.
Shock of Earthquake in Wigan.
July 1.
Death of Mr. W. Crawford, M.P., Miners' Agent.
July 2.
Town Council Meeting: The Pollution of the Douglas and the Insanitary Houses Question discussed.
July 4.
Death of Mrs. R. T. Morris, of Rock House, Upholland, aged 63.
July 7.
Mr. Henry Granger Foster, of Rainford, shot by John Duckworth Pickavance and his wife Mary Jane Pickavance, as he was walking from his home to the station.
July 9.
Local Government Inquiry as to the proposed alterations at the Free Library.
July 10.
Meeting of Parishioners and Ratepayers at Ashton as to the Burials Question.
July 12.
Laying of Memorial Stones of the new Primitive Methodist Chapel at Douglas Bank.
July 14.
Wigan Borough Sessions; nine prisoners; hearing of the case against Hibbert and Sherrington for defrauding the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company.
July 18.
Discussion at the Wigan Board of Guardians as to the Rating of Public-houses in the Wigan Union.
July 23.
Consecration of the New Burial Ground at Pemberton. - Meeting to form a Trades Council for Wigan and district.
July 24.
Meeting of Ratepayers at Pemberton on the Gas Question.
July 25.
Conference at the Mansion House, London, of authorities interested in Miners' Permanent Relief Societies. - Important Sale of Public-house Property in Wigan. - Mr. Joseph Dean, farmer, of Upholland, killed on the railway at Pimbo Lane.
July 26.
Hearing at the Liverpool Assizes of the local Breach of Promise Case, Heron v. Mort.
July 31.
Mr. J. Moon, of Manchester, declines the invitation of the Liberal Executive to contest the borough.
Aug. 1.
Pickavance and his wife tried at the Liverpool Assizes for the murder of Mr. Forster at Rainford, and found not guilty.
Aug. 6.
Town Council Meeting: Grant to the Borough Treasurer; Hearing of Appeals by Owners of Insanitary Property.
Aug. 7.
Eric Granger pleads guilty at the Liverpool Assizes to libelling Mr. Ohm, and is released on his own recognisances.
Aug. 9.
Primrose Demonstration in Garswood Park. - Imposing Roman Catholic Demonstration in Wigan.
Aug. 13.
Re-opening of the Organ at St. Michael's Church.
Aug. 18.
Outrage at Pemberton Parish Church; Choir Surplices torn and stolen.
Aug. 23.
Interesting proceedings in celebration of the completion of the Sunlight Soap Works.
Aug. 25.
Visit of the Water Committee to the reservoirs to inspect the recent improvements.
Aug. 27.
Wigan Borough Brewster Sessions.
Aug. 28.
Wigan County Brewster Sessions.
Aug. 30.
Death of Mr. James Parker, Scarisbrick-street, aged 49 years.
Sept. 3.
Town Council Meeting: Hearing of further appeals as to insanitary houses.
Sept. 4.
Inquest on the body of a child supposed to have died from neglect; the mother (Mary Duggan) committed for manslaughter.
Sept. 5.
Annual Meeting in Wigan of the National Association of Colliery Managers; Mr. William Rogers elected president.
Sept. 6.
Visit of Colliery Managers to the Ship Canal Works, Eastham. - Demonstration by Cyclists in Wigan.
Sept. 12.
Appointment of Mr. Thomas Bolton as Assistant Overseer for Wigan in place of his father, resigned.
Sept. 16.
Application for a Licence for the Theatre Royal refused by the Wigan Watch Committee.
Sept. 17.
Opening of the New Organ at Hope Chapel, Wigan.
Sept. 24.
Opening of the New Children's Wing at the Wigan Infirmary, the gift of Mr. J. H. Johnson, of the Abram Coal Company.
Sept. 25.
Formation of a Wigan Philharmonic Society.
Oct. 1.
Mr. Alderman Smith declines the office of Mayor for a second year. - Town Council Meeting; the dealing with insanitary property postponed, owing to the change in the law; the purity of the water supply called in question.
Oct. 4.
Conference of School Managers and Teachers; address by Mr. S. T. Brewer,
Oct. 5.
Sudden death, at Leigh, of Mr. Superintendent Weir, formerly of the Wigan County Petty Sessional Division.
Oct. 11.
Distribution of Mining School Prizes at Haydock.
Oct. 14.
Death at Haslingden, in his 45th year, of Mr. Peter Johnson, bank manager, formerly of Ince.
Oct. 15.
Dog, Poultry, and Pigeon Show in the Wigan Drill Hall. - Church Bazaar at Newtown. - Resolution passed by Wigan Town Council to confer the freedom of the borough on the retiring Mayor.
Oct. 16.
Government prosecution of Mr. Herbert Fletcher, of Ladyshore Collieries, for using naked lights in his mines.
Oct. 18.
A boy named Thomas McDermot killed by a stray shot from a shooting gallery at Stubshaw Cross.
Oct. 23.
Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions; 11 prisoners.
Oct. 24.
A proposal to superannuate the retiring Assistant Overseer, Mr. John Bolton, defeated at the meeting of the Wigan Board of Guardians.
Oct. 29.
Distribution of Prizes at the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School.
Oct. 30.
Opening of the New Council Chamber, and presentation of a clock to the town by the Mayor; Council Meeting and Mayoral Banquet. - Death of Mr. James Atherton, of Blackledge House, Upholland, in his 81st year.
Nov. 1.
First Municipal Elections under the new Re-distribution Scheme; gain of one seat to the Liberals.
Nov. 3.
Conservative Meeting in the Drill Hall; visit of Sir John Gorst, Q.C., M.P.
Nov. 5.
Presentation to the President of the Wigan Subscription Bowling Green.
Nov. 8.
Laying of the Foundation Stone of New Schools for St. Mary's Church, Wigan. - Severe Storm in Wigan.
Nov. 10.
Annual Town Council Meeting: Election of Mr. Wm. Woods as Mayor; stormy proceedings as to the appointment of Committees. - Dinner by the Mayor to the members of the Corporation and the Library Authority.
Nov. 12.
Death, at Longhurst, Haigh, of Mr. Wm. Rogers, J.P., mining engineer, ex-Mayor of Wigan, and President of the National Association of Colliery Managers in his 44th year.
Nov. 13.
Accident at Golborne Gas Works; two lives lost.
Nov. 15.
Presentation of prizes to Pupil Teachers in the Wigan district. - Sale of Work at Haigh.
Nov. 16.
Death, at his residence, 22, Scarisbrick-street, Southport, of Mr. Alderman Henry Park, J.P., iron merchant, Mayor of Wigan from Nov. 1882, to Nov., 1887, aged 63 years.
Nov. 17.
Colonel Blundell at Goose Green.
Nov. 18.
Death of Mr. George B. Masters, auctioneer, aged 45 years.
Nov. 19.
Visit of the North Staffordshire Institute of Engineers to Abram Collieries. - Meeting of Pemberton Ratepayers to discuss the Ward Question.
Nov. 20.
Deputation of Solicitors to the Watch Committee objecting to the appointment of Public Prosecutor for Wigan.
Nov. 22.
Fire at Standish Bleach Works.
Nov. 24.
Attempted murder of Mr. William Campbell, hairdresser, Rodney-street, by Joseph Turner, aged 19, a former assistant.
Nov. 25.
Meeting to establish a Weaver's Union in Wigan.
Nov. 26.
Mayoral Banquet to Borough Magistrates and Ex-town Councillors. - Bazaar at Hope-street Schools. - Wigan Wesleyans resolve to erect a Mission Hall in School Lane.
Nov. 27.
Special Town Council Meeting: Election of Mr. Robert Richards as Alderman in the room of the late Mr. Park.
Nov. 28.
Death, at his residence, Bradford House, Bolton, of Mr. Edward Cross, aged 56 years, County Councillor for the Westhoughton Division.
Dec. 1.
Presentation to the Rev. Geo. Fox, by the Park Lane Co-operative Society.
Dec. 3.
Town Council Meeting: The purchase of a larger fire engine confirmed, and the Town Clerk appointed prosecuting solicitor.
Dec. 4.
Local Government Inquiry at Standish.
Dec. 6.
Deputation of Colliery Managers to the Home Secretary.
Dec. 8.
Treat by the Mayor to Corporation Workmen. - Presentation to Mr. W. Gouldsworth, Surveyor to Ashton Local Board, on his retirement.
Dec. 9.
Hospital Sunday and Saturday Meeting.
Dec. 10.
Primitive Methodist Bazaar at Pemberton.
Dec. 12.
Death, at his residence, Wigan, of Mr. Herman Walmesley, aged 74 years.
Dec. 15.
Performance of the Messiah by the new Philharmonic Society.
Dec. 17.
Volunteer Prize Distribution in the Drill Hall. - Turner tried and sentenced to ten years' penal servitude for the attempted murder of Campbell.
Dec. 18.
Death, at Sutton, Surrey, of the Rev. T. Marsden, aged 80 years, formerly curate at Standish. - Election in Lindsay Ward. - The announcement made at the Liverpool Assizes of the settlement of the action re the Tipping estates.
Dec. 22.
Bazaar at the Wigan High School.
Dec. 24.
Licence granted to the Theatre Royal by the Wigan Watch Committee.

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