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Local Chronology, 1888-89.


Dec. 18.
Presentation to the Rev. Father Gradwell, by the Congregation of St. John's Chapel, Wigan, in celebration of his Silver Jubilee in connection with the Priesthood.
Dec. 27.
Hindley Ratepayers, in public meeting, decide to oppose the Wigan Extension Bill. - Mr. C. M. Percy, in reply to a Deputation from the Wigan Liberal Association, declines to contest the Borough at the next Election.
Dec. 29.
Two lads killed by a fall of roof at Orrell Colliery. - Bazaar at St. Patrick's, Wigan.


Jan. 1.
Bazaar at the Wesleyan School.
Jan. 2.
Monthly Meeting of the Town Council: Discussion as to the re arrangement of the Wards, and the appointment of a Sanitary Inspector. Dense fog in Wigan; two persons drowned.
Jan. 3.
Strike of colliers at Park Lane against the use of roburite. - Dinner, by the Mayor, to the Borough Police Force. - Old Folk's Treat at Golborne.
Jan. 4.
The Pemberton Local Board, at a special meeting, decide to oppose the Wigan Borough Extension Bill.
Jan. 7.
Nomination of Candidates for the Lancashire County Council.
Jan. 8.
Reception and Dance given by the Mayor.
Jan. 9.
Ince Local Board resolve to oppose the Wigan Extension Bill. - The Mayor's Juvenile Ball. - Old Folk's Treat at Hindley.
Jan. 10.
The Mayor's Old Folks' Treat. - Fire at Bradley Hall Farm, Standish.
Jan. 11.
Presentation to Mr. E. Holme Woodcock, by the County Magistrates, on the completion of the new County Police Buildings in Wigan. - Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society in Wigan : Discussion as to the use of roburite in mines and explosions of gunpowder.
Jan. 12.
Old Folks' Treat at Abram. - Foundering of the ship "Priam" off the coast of Spain; Mr. and Mrs. J. Darbyshire, of Wigan, amongst the passengers drowned.
Jan. 15.
Polling for the Election of Members of the Lancashire County Council: Contests in Pemberton, Newton, Adlington, and Culcheth divisions in this district.
Jan. 17.
Rent Audit Dinner at Winstanley.
Jan. 18.
Lengthy discussion, at the Board of Guardians Meeting, as to the proposed pension to Dr. Rogers. - Explosion at Hyde Colliery; 23 lives lost.
Jan. 19.
Death of Mr. William Heaton, Honorary Secretary of the Wigan Infirmary, aged 53 years.
Jan. 20.
Death, at Hyde Park Gardens, London, aged 71 years, of Miss Catherine Woods, eldest sister of the late Mr. Henry Woods, M.P.
Jan. 21.
Public Meeting of Ince Ratepayers: Resolution passed opposing the Wigan Extension Bill. - Distribution of Prizes at St. Thomas's Clayton Street School.
Jan. 22.
Work resumed at Park Lane Collieries, pending the report of the specialists. - Ploughing Match at Lowton. - Funeral of Mr. Heaton at the Wigan Cemetery.
Jan. 23.
Volunteer Officers' Ball. - Resuscitation of the Caledonian Ball.
Jan. 24.
First Meeting of the Lancashire County Council : Election of Aldermen. - Annual Meeting of the Lindsay Habitation of the Primrose League. - Ball given by the Mayor to the Wigan Shop Assistants.
Jan. 25.
Trial and sentence of the three prisoners for the serious assault or Mr. Davies at Douglas.
Jan. 26.
Fatal accident to Mrs. M. Brown, wife of the lessee of the Alexandra Music Hall.
Jan. 30.
Sale of Work at Hope Street Schools. - Meeting of the General Purposes Committee to discuss the scheme for re-dividing the Wards in the Borough. - Conservative Ball.
Jan. 31.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Temperance and Rescue Mission. - Nominations for the vacancies in the Lancashire County Council caused by the election of County Aldermen.
Feb. 1.
Maud Sharples, of Hindley, sent to gaol for six months for cruelty to a child. - Public Meeting of Wigan Ratepayers as to the Extension Bill.
Feb. 4.
Completion of new extensions at the Wigan Waterworks.
Feb. 5.
Scarisbrick Street Chapel Annual Tea Party.
Feb. 6.
Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the borrowing powers of the Borough under the new Bill.
Feb. 7.
Makerfield Ploughing Match. - Public Meeting of Ince Ratepayers: Strong objection expressed to amalgamation with Wigan.
Feb. 8.
Death of Mr. Thomas Bell, Seedsman and Florist, Market Street, aged 65.
Feb. 10.
Addresses, by Mr. C. Bradlaugh, M.P., in the Drill Hall. - Slight shock of earthquake in Wigan.
Feb. 11.
Sacred Concert in Wigan, by United Catholic Choirs. - Presentation to the Rev. Father Crilly, at Aspull.
Feb. 12.
Presentation to Mr. J. Lymme and Mr. W. Patmore of Royal Humane Society's Medals, for a gallant attempt to save life at Hindley.
Feb. 13.
Wigan Liberal Ball. - Presentation to Mr. H. Bouchier, Secretary to Cross, Tetley, and Co. - Meeting of Pemberton Ratepayers as to amalgamation.
Feb. 19.
Public Meeting in Wigan of Cotton Operatives.
Feb. 21.
Wigan Quarter Sessions; 9 prisoners. - Hearing of the Appeal against the Assessment of the Royal Court Theatre.
Feb. 24.
By the overturning of a lamp, Mrs. Taylor and her child, of Lower Ince, were set on fire and received injuries which subsequently resulted in the death of both.
Feb. 25.
Selection by the General Council of Mr. Charles Weld-Blundell as candidate of the Liberal party at the next Wigan Borough Election.
Feb. 26.
Meeting of the Wigan Tramways Company. - St. James's, St. Thomas's, and St. Joseph's Congregational Tea Parties.
Feb. 27.
Announcement made of the intention of Mr. F. S. Powell, M.P., to defray the debt of £1,600 on the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School. - Sale of Work at St. Michael's. - Presentation to the Rev. T. Wilkinson by the congregation of St. Paul's.
Mar. 3.
Death at Great Eccleston of the Rev. Father Wells, formerly of St. Mary's, Wigan.
Mar. 4.
Sale of Work at Goose Green in aid of the Parsonage Fund. - Death at Birkdale or Mrs. Weld-Blundell, mother of Mr. Charles Weld-Blundell, of Crosby Hall.
Mar. 6.
Mr. Thomas R. Lowe, of Mariebonne, assistant-clerk for nearly 35 years to the Wigan Borough Magistrates, found drowned in the Canal in Wallgate. - School Board Meeting: the standard of exemption raised from the 4th to the 5th. - Public Hall Association Meeting: Discussions as to the tenancy of the Wigan Mechanics' Institution. - Town Council Meeting : Lengthy Discussion as to the Wigan Extension Bill and the borrowing powers; Hindley struck out of the Bill.
Mar. 8.
Haigh Curling Club Annual Dinner.
Mar. 9.
Hearing by the Recorder of the Appeal by the Corporation against the decision of the Borough Justices declaring Platt-lane a public road: the appeal allowed with costs.
Mar. 10.
Death of Mr. William Whitaker Tipping at his residence, Bold Hall, St. Helens, aged 69 years.
Mar. 13.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Auxiliary at the London Missionary Society. - Explosion at Brynmally Collieries, Wrexham: 20 lives lost.
Mar. 19.
At a public meeting, resolution passed to form a Co-operative Society for Wigan.
Mar. 20.
Tram Accident at Newtown on the Wigan and Pemberton line: through the overturning of a car nearly 30 persons were injured, one of whom afterwards succumbed. - Close of the Local Chancery Action. Howat v, Hart, respecting miners' safety lamps.
Mar. 22.
Meeting of Lancashire and Cheshire Coal Owners to discuss the proposed Coal Syndicate for the United Kingdom.
Mar. 23.
First Confirmation by the Bishop of Liverpool in St. Michael's Church, Wigan.
Mar. 25.
Laying the Foundation Stone of the New May Mill at Pemberton. - Death at Lyons, in his 73rd year, of the Hon. Charles Hugh Lindsay, third son of James, the twenty-fourth Earl of Crawford.
Mar. 26.
Third ordinary general meeting of the Roburite Explosives Company, Limited : shareholders criticise the management.
Mar. 27.
Death at his residence, Rochdale, of Mr. John Bright, "the tribune of the people", aged 77 years.
Mar. 28.
Inquiry by the Charity Commission as to the working of the Wigan Grammar School scheme. - Baptist Conference in Wigan.
Mar. 30.
Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Local Government Inquiry at Ince as to the water supply and the proposal of the Local Board to borrow money for works to soften the water.
April 1.
Wigan to-day became a County Borough under the new Local Government Act.
April 3.
Town Council Meeting : Discussion as to railway station accomodation and the proposed alteration in Wallgate. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society.
April 6.
Inquiry in Wigan by Mr. C. M. Chapman, on behalf of the Royal Commission, into the Wigan Markets and Fairs: Attack on the Pleasure Fairs, and the grievances of stallholders ventilated. - Bursting of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal on Ince Moss through exposed subsidence by coal workings. - Death at his residence, Broad Oak, Rossett, North Wales, of Mr. Enoch Moss, proprietor of the Elms Colliery, Wigan.
April 8.
Mr. F. S. Powell, M.P., entertained to dinner in their new premises by the members of the Wigan Conservative Club.
April 9.
Hearing by the Select Committee of the House of Commons of the application under the Commons Act for the enclosure by the Ince Local Board of a portion of Amberswood Common as a public park. - Opening celebration in connection with the completion of the Platt Lane Weaving Shed at Hindley.
April 10.
Sale of Work at Scarisbrick-street Baptist Chapel.
April 12.
Prosecution by the Government Inspector of the Moss Hall Colliery Company for alleged breach of the Mines Act: The case dismissed.
April 13.
Death at his residence, 14, Grosvenor-road, Birkdale, of Mr. Thomas Cropper Ryley, formerly of the Haigh Foundry Company.
April 19.
Laying the Foundation Stones of New Primitive Methodist Schools at Platt Bridge.
April 25.
Local Government Inquiry at Billinge as to the scheme for erecting new public offices. - The Governors of the Wigan Infirmary, at a special meeting, decide to dispense with the services of an honorary secretary.
April 28.
Presentation to the Rev. J. C. Walker on his leaving St. George's parish.
April 29.
Confirmation in the Wigan Parish Church by the Bishop of Shrewsbury. - Address by Mr. F. S. Powell, M.P., at a meeting of the Primrose League.
May 1.
Town Council Meeting: the Pleasure Fairs again discussed; satisfactory report presented from the Gas Committee; more talk as to the new Railway Station, and presentation of the estimates for the New Rates.
May 4.
Suicide of a servant named Alice Walker in Abbey Lake, Upholland.
May 5.
Unveiling of the Pearson and Knowles' Memorial Window in St. Mary's Church, Lower Ince.
May 6.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: 7 prisoners. - Wigan Infirmary Annual Meeting.
May 8.
Inquest on the body of Alice Ann Heaton, killed by the tram accident at Newtown.
May 10.
Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society in Wigan: Discussion as to the use of roburite in mining.
May 14.
Presentation to the Rev. C. G. Wilkinson on his leaving the Crawford Village Mission, Upholland.
May 16.
Local Government Inquiry at Pemberton as to proposals to borrow money for private street improvements.
May 17.
Death of Mr. James Dickinson, of Balcony Farm, Upholland, aged 76 years.
May 18.
Special Town Council Meeting to pass New Rates. - Crowning the May Queen at Golborne and Ashton.
May 22.
Wigan Mechanics Institution Annual Meeting.
May 23.
Wigan Rugby Football Club Annual Meeting.
May 24.
Publication of the report of the experts as to the effects of the fumes of roburite on workmen using the explosive.
May 25.
Death of a child named Mary Ann Hughes, at Ince, from opium purchased at a drysalters: verdict of "death from misadventure" afterwards returned. - Bazaar in St. Peter's School, Bryn. - Opening of a new Conservative Club at Golborne. - Memorial Stone laid of an extension to the Presbyterian School, Wigan.
May 27.
Liberal Meeting at Ashton.
May 29.
Severe Thunderstorms in Wigan.
May 30.
Death of Mr. James Kay, colliery proprietor, Coppull, aged 69. - Starting of the Western No. 2 Mill, Wallgate, Wigan, belonging to Messrs ffarington Eckersley and Company, Limited.
May 31.
Opening of the new Lancashire and Yorkshire route from Manchester to Liverpool via Pendleton and Hindley. - Death at his residence, Hurst House, Prescot, of Mr. Joseph Evans, J.P., D.L., proprietor of the extensive collieries of Messrs. Richard Evans and Co., Haydock, Golborne, Ashton, &c.
June 1.
Crowning of the Rose Queen at Stubshaw Cross.
June 5.
Town Council Meeting: Resolution adopted calling on the Treasury to provide a new County Court building; the position of Wigan and the new grants explained; and the re-paving of Standishgate discussed.
June 6.
Opening of the Wigan Co-operative Stores: Demonstration in the Public Hall. - Presentation of a testimonial from the Royal Humane Society to Mr. Peter Prescott for the rescue of a child from drowning on School Common.
June 8.
Annual Meeting in Wigan of the Lancashire Branch of the National Association of Colliery Managers. - Death of Mr. John Grime, aged 75 years, for over fifty years registrar of births and deaths for the Hindley District. - Departure of the local volunteers for their encampment in the Isle of Man.
June 10.
Wigan Infirmary Gala in the Mesnes Park.
June 16.
Mary Dury, of Ashton, killed at Bryn Station and her child badly mutilated.
June 19.
Conference between coal-owners and miners' representatives on the wages question: the masters concede five per cent. increase from July 1st, and another five per cent. from October 1st. - Commencement of the sale, in London, of the second portion of Lord Crawford's library.
June 20.
Death at his residence, Spring Bank, Pemberton, of Mr. William Hardy, barrister at law, and formerly deputy coroner for the county ; aged 52 years.
June 25.
Conference in London of the Central Association for dealing with Distress caused by Mining Accidents.
June 28.
Town Council Meeting: the Extension Bill and the paving of streets with granite setts again under discussion.
July 3.
Wigan Tradesmen's Holiday. - Close of the Inquest on the body of a labourer killed at the Roburite Works whilst cleaning a flue.
July 4.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: 8 prisoners. - Two men killed by a fall of roof at the Moss Hall Collieries.
July 5.
Appointment by the Wigan Board of Guardians of Mr. C. G. Durrant as Registrar for the Hindley Division.
July 6.
Visit of the Wigan Volunteers to Coppull Grange.
July 9.
Suicide of Mr. James Woodger, draper, Standishgate.
July 10.
A Wednesday half-holiday from 4 p.m. granted to their assistants by the Wigan tradesmen.
July 11.
The Wigan Extension Bill at last reached by the Special Committee of the House of Commons.
July 12.
The Extension Clauses in the Wigan Bill thrown out by the Parliamentary Committee.
July 13.
Annual Picnic in Haigh Park of the Wigan Conservative Club. - Crowning the Rose Queen at Lowton.
July 15.
Consecration of Shevington Churchyard by the Bishop of Manchester.
July 16.
Meeting in Wigan in connection with the proposed Catholic Poor Law School: Address by Bishop O'Reilly.
July 20.
Crowning of the Harvest Queen at Hindley Green.
July 23.
Jonathon Heyes, pupil teacher, killed at Beech Hill Farm by the accidental discharge of a gun.
July 25.
Visit of the Royal Manchester, Liverpool, and North Lancashire Agricultural Society to Wigan : Show in Whitley Park; Opening of the Exhibition of Local Industries by the Earl of Crawford.
July 26.
Visit of the British Society of Mining Students to Wigan.
July 27.
Close of the Agricultural Show.
Aug. 2.
The Wigan Borough Improvement Bill passed the House of Lords Committee with certain alterations. - Resumed Discussion by the Manchester Geological Society on roburite.
Aug. 3.
Death at Southport of Mr. Johnson Grounds, jeweller, Standishgate, Wigan, aged 60.
Aug. 7.
Town Council Meeting: Explanations given as to the Wigan Improvement Bill.
Aug. 8.
Trial and sentence at Liverpool Assizes of Charles Hall for fraud: the two other prisoners acquitted. - Public Meeting of Daywagemen in Wigan with respect to wages.
Aug. 15.
Experiments with tonite at Melling.
Aug. 18.
Presentation of a Testimonial from the Humane Society to Henry Atherton, for the brave rescue of a child from a disused pit at Orrell.
Aug. 23.
Half-yearly Meeting of the Wigan Tramways Company.
Aug. 24.
Experiments with roburite and blown-out shots at Gathurst.
Aug. 26.
Close of the Strike of Hinge-makers at Ashton.
Aug. 28.
Wigan Borough Licensing Sessions.
Aug. 31.
Richard Middlehurst, engine-fitter, of Wigan, drowned whilst bathing at Barrow-in-Furness.
Sept. 4.
Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the proposed increase of salaries to officials: the Gas Engineer advanced £100.
Sept. 5.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Ratepayers' Association. - Wigan County Licensing Sessions.
Sept. 6.
Annual Meeting in Manchester of the National Association of Colliery Managers.
Sept. 12.
Hindley Horse and Cattle Fair. - Transfer of the sum of £5,000, bequeathed by the late Mr. John Rylands to the Wigan Infirmary. - Treat, by the Mayor, to the street news-boys.
Sept. 15.
The Rev. Joseph Darlington preached his first sermon in St. John's Chapel, Wigan, after his admission to the Priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church.
Sept. 18.
Formation of a Co-operative Society at Platt Bridge.
Sept. 20.
Revision of the Borough Voting Lists.
Sept. 21.
Great Demonstration of Lancashire Miners at Bolton.
Sept. 26.
Public Meeting to promote the formation of a Young Men's Christian Association in Wigan. - Adjourned Borough Licensing Sessions.
Sept. 28.
Lecture by Mr. A. J. Snell on "Electrical transmission of power as applied to mining operations." - Two men killed by a fall of roof at Prospect Pit, Standish.
Sept. 29.
Death of Sergeant T. R. Lowe, of the Wigan Volunteer Force, aged 22 years.
Sept. 30.
Collapse of the Liverpool Cotton Corner. - Strike of Daywagemen at some of the collieries in the Wigan district, but the dispute only lasted a few days, terms being arranged.
Oct. 2.
Town Council Meeting: Resolution adopted asking the retiring Mayor to accept office for a second year, but this Mr. Rogers subsequently declined to do; special committee appointed to select a Mayor.
Oct. 5.
Laying the Foundation Stone, by Mrs. Legh of Lyme, of an addition to St. James's Church, Haydock. - Miners' Demonstration at Aspull. - The Relief Returns in the Wigan Union discussed at a Poor Law Conference at Preston.
Oct. 7.
Swimming Gala at the Baths.
Oct. 8.
Amateur Entertainment in the Royal Court Theatre in aid of Coppull Church. - Opening of a Miners' Conference at Birmingham.
Oct. 9.
Wigan Borough Sessions: 9 prisoners.
Oct. 10.
Presentation of Certificates to Nurses at the Wigan Infirmary.
Oct. 11.
One man killed and another injured by the bursting of a boiler at the Branch Pit, Ince.
Oct. 12.
Conference in Wigan of the Lancashire and Cheshire Band of Hope.
Oct. 14.
Cutting the First Sod of a New Pit for the Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Company on Ince Moss.
Oct. 15.
Address by the Rector at the opening meeting of the Wigan Literary and Debating Society.
Oct. 16.
Explosion at Mossfield Colliery, Staffordshire; nearly 70 lives lost.
Oct. 17.
Death at Tunbridge, Kent, aged 67 years, of Mr. John Scott, contractor, formerly of Upper Dicconson-street, Wigan.
Oct. 20.
The Freemasons accompany the Mayor to church: Sermon preached by the Rev. T. Barton Spencer, Grand Chaplain of England.
Oct. 22.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Liberal Club.
Oct. 23.
Presentation of an Address at Ince Blundell Hall, from Wigan Liberals, to Mr. Gladstone.
Oct. 25.
Distribution of Prizes at the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School.
Oct. 28.
Death at Kiddington Hall, Woodstock, of Mr. Henry Lomax Gaskell, formerly of Wigan, aged 76 years.
Oct. 30.
Special Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the granting of Theatrical Licences in Wigan; the Mayor enrolled as the first Freeman of the Borough. - Complimentary Banquet to the Mayor; Mr. Rogers presented with the Freedom of the Borough.
Oct. 31.
Opening by Lady Crawford of a Sale of Work to provide funds for the restoration of Ince Vicarage.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections: Contests in All Saints, Swinley, and Scholes Wards.
Nov. 5.
Application by Lancashire Miners for a further advance in wages.
Nov. 6.
Meeting of the General Purposes Committee to select a Mayor: the name of Dr. Berry, which had been suggested, not being acceptable to a section of the Conservative party, it was decided to request Mr. T. Stuart to again accept office. - Death at Pendleton, of Mr. John Peacock, solicitor, aged 63, formerly of Wigan. - Gas Explosion at the new Hope Chapel: three men injured.
Nov. 8.
Announcement made of the formation of the Haydock Collieries into a limited company.
Nov. 9.
Annual Town Council Meeting: As the majority in the Chamber were unwilling to accede to the conditions laid down by Mr. Stuart, provided he accepted the mayoralty, Mr. Alderman Ackerley, who was absent from the meeting, appointed chief magistrate of the borough. - Election of Aldermen : The retiring members appointed with the exception of Mr. Alderman Bryham, whose place was filled by Mr. W. J. Lamb.
Nov. 11.
Conservative Meeting in the Drill Hall.
Nov. 12.
Address by Mr. H. Hall, inspector of mines, on "The duration of our coal supply."
Nov. 14.
Grand Liberal Bazaar in the Drill Hall, opened by Lord Sandhurst.
Nov. 15.
The Liberal Bazaar, opened by Mr. Charles Weld-Blundell.
Nov. 16.
Fire at Westwood Farm.
Nov. 21.
Presentation to Local Officials in connection with the Agricultural Show in Wigan.
Nov. 22.
Special Town Council Meeting: Mr. Alderman Ackerley, having declined to take office, Mr. Alderman James Smith is appointed Mayor, and consents to fill the chair.
Nov. 25.
Annual Meeting in connection with the Hospital Saturday and Sunday Movement.
Nov. 26.
Opening of the Wigan Branch of the Y.M.C.A. - Miners' Conference at Newport.
Nov. 27.
Meeting of Wigan Factory Operatives to consider the question of organisation. - First Meeting of the Mining Royalties Commission.
Nov. 29.
Death of James Rothwell, aged 18, from a gunpowder accident on the 5th November.
Dec. 1.
Opening of the new Hope Chapel.
Dec. 4.
Town Council Meeting: Announcement made of the decision of the Railway Company to carry forward the Wigan Junction Railway into the centre of the borough, and discussion as to the utilization of the old Hope Chapel site.
Dec. 5.
Gift of £2,000 by Mr. James Henry Johnson, of the Abram Coal Company, for the providing of a Children's Wing for the Wigan Infirmary.
Dec. 7.
Contracts applied for the the enlargement of the Wigan Station of the London and North-Western Railway.
Dec. 8.
Death of Major W. C. Clifton Dicconson, of Wrightington Hall, aged 68 years.
Dec. 9.
Ball and Presentation in connection with the Wigan Liberal Bazaar. - John Bradshaw, collier, killed during a wrestling bout at Park Lane; verdict of "Accidental death" afterwards returned by the coroner's jury.
Dec. 11.
Presentation to the Ex-Mayor and Mrs. Rogers by the Wigan Shop Assistants.
Dec. 13.
Decision come to by the West Lancashire Coal Owners to give the men an additional ten per cent., unconditionally, from January 1st.
Dec. 14.
Opening of a Liberal Club at Golborne : Presentation of an Address to Mr. W. Mitchell, J.P., the donor of the building.
Dec. 16.
Home Rule Meeting in Wigan: Addresses by Mr. Nolan, M.P., and Mr. Conway, M.P. - Miners' pit set conference in Wigan: Demand made that the increase in wages shall also be given to daywagemen.
Dec. 18.
Distribution of shooting prizes to the Wigan Volunteers.
Dec. 20.
Annual Meeting of the County Agricultural Society at Warrington: Special vote of thanks passed to the Mayor of Wigan and the Local Committee for their exertions in connection with the show at Wigan.

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