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Local Chronology, 1887-88.


Dec. 20.
Appointment, by the Wigan and District Miners, of Mr. S. Aspinwall as Agent.
Dec. 21.
Conclusion of the Inquest on Mr. Wm. Baldwin; verdict of manslaughter returned against Moses Cuerden, the cab-driver. - Annual performance of "The Messiah" by the Trinity College Choir.
Dec. 24.
Distribution of Hot-pots to the poor of Wigan. - Borsdane Mill, Hindley, destroyed by fire.
Dec. 31.
Bazaar at the Methodist Free Church School, Pemberton. - Canary Show at Wigan.


Jan. 4.
Wigan Town Council Meeting: Discussions as to the Gas Investigation Committee, Market rights and tolls, and proposed increased borrowing powers. - Bolton Theatre destroyed by fire. - Upholland Day Schools Tea Party.
Jan. 5.
Old Folks' Treats at Hindley and Golborne.
Jan. 6.
Fire at Neary's Cabinet Works in Greenough-street. - Attempted Suicide by Mary Mattinson in the Wigan Police cells. - Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society in Wigan. - Appointment of Mr. T. Martland as Union Medical Officer for the Borough.
Jan. 7.
Abram Old Folks' Treat.
Jan. 9.
Conservative Demonstration at Ince.
Jan. 10.
Wigan Borough Sessions; five prisoners. - Address by Lord Brabourne to the Primrose League. - Opening of the new Organ at St. Andrew's Church.
Jan. 11.
Presentation to Mr. Jas. Ferguson, farm-bailiff, by the tenantry on the Garswood estate.
Jan. 13.
The Wigan Corporation prosecuted by the Pemberton Local Board for supplying gas under the illuminating standard: Case dismissed.
Jan. 15.
Messrs. I. Lawrence and Sons' Brewery at Ince destroyed by fire.
Jan. 16.
Conservative Meeting at Hindley.
Jan. 17.
Consert in the Drill Hall by Col. Mapleson's Opera Co. - Important discussion by the Hindley School Attendance Committee as to the exemption standard.
Jan. 18.
Wigan Town Council: Special meeting to discuss the Market Tolls question and the Insanitary Dwelling scheme. - Laying the Foundation Stone of the Platt Lane Manufacturing Company's Weaving Shed at Hindley.
Jan. 19.
Volunteer Officers' Ball.
Jan. 20.
Sale of the first portion of the estate of the late Mr. Richard Pennington.
Jan. 23.
Conservative Meeting at Pemberton. - St. Michael's Church Tea Party.
Jan. 24.
Treat by Mrs. Eckersley to the Workhouse Inmates. - Lowton and district Ploughing Match.
Jan. 25.
Farewell Tea Party to the Rev. J. W. Causer.
Jan. 26.
Makerfield Ploughing Match. - Presentation of the jubilee Clock to Billinge Parish Church.
Jan. 28.
Cutting the first sod of the new St. Helens and Wigan Railway. - Opening of a Conservative Club at Coppull. - Death of Richard Smith, of Woodhouse Lane, aged 80 years, the last of Wigan's handloom weavers.
Jan. 30.
Temperance Festival in Wigan.
Jan. 31.
Half-yearly Meeting of the Wigan Tramways Company. - Scarisbrick St. Chapel Tea Party. - St. Joseph's Tea Party.
Feb. 1.
Town Council Meeting: Discussions as to Salaries and Railway Bills. - Presentation to Lord Crawford by Volunteer officers.
Feb. 2.
Arrest of Samuel Hunter in connection with the Salford Gas Frauds.
Feb. 4.
Experiments at Worsley Mesnes Collieries with a new hydraulic Coal-getter.
Feb. 7.
St. James's Congregational Tea Party.
Feb. 9.
All Saints' Tea Party. - Meeting of parishioners respecting the Standish Charities.
Feb. 13.
St. Thomas's Tea Party. - Three men hurt by an accident at the King Pit, Pemberton.
Feb. 21.
Old Folks' Treat at Ince.
Feb. 23.
Restriction of Water Supply in Wigan.
Feb. 27.
Death, at Southport, of Mr. John Henry Peck, J.P., of Wigan, in his 66th year.
Feb. 28.
Trinity Presbyterian Church Tea Party.
Feb. 29.
Moses Cuerden, cab driver, found guilty at Liverpool Assizes of the manslaughter of Mr. W. Baldwin on December 8th, and sentenced to one month's imprisonment.
Mar. 1.
Polling for Burgess Auditors: Messrs. Healy and Byrom elected. - Conference in Wigan as to Temperance rescue work.
Mar. 3.
Cutting the first sod of Messrs. Lever's new Soap Works at Bromborough Pool.
Mar. 5.
Presentation to the Chairman of the Orrell Local Board.
Mar. 6.
Local Government Inquiry at Hindley. - Important paper on "Mine Rents and Mineral Royalties," read by Mr. C. M. Percy, at the Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society.
Mar. 7.
Local Government Inquiry at Wigan as to increased Borrowing Powers. - Wigan Public Hall Association Meeting. - Town Council Meeting: Deputation from Wigan Market Stallholders explain their grievances.
Mar. 10.
The Woodman Rovers win the Rugby Football Junior Charity Cup. - Laying the Foundation Stone of a Roman Catholic Infant School at Golborne.
Mar. 13.
Hearing of the action, Howat v. Hart, as to an alleged infringement of a Miners' Safety Lamp. - Death at Hartland, North Devon, of the Rev. A. Heal, for many years pastor of Orrell Congregational Chapel.
Mar. 15.
Re-opening of the Victoria Restaurant, Wigan.
Mar. 16.
Hindley Publicans heavily fined for allowing betting on their premises.
Mar. 17.
Annual Meeting of the Lancashire Miners' Permanent Relief Society: A Superannuation Scheme submitted by Mr. Hall.
Mar. 20.
Local Government Inquiry in Wigan as to the new Infectious Hospital.
Mar. 26.
The Rev. Myer Berkovitz, Jewish Minister, killed in Wallgate, by a runaway horse. - A lad named Henry Taylor cut to pieces by a passing train near Pemberton Station.
Mar. 27.
Death of Mr. John Prescott, J.P., D.L., of Dalton Grange, in his 54th year.
Mar. 28.
Death of Mr. Alderman Edward Smith, Darlington-street, Wigan, aged 80 years.
April 4.
Town Council Meeting.
April 5.
Bazaar at All Saints' Schools, Hindley.
April 6.
Shocking Shaft Accident at Douglas Bank Colliery, Wigan: five men killed.
April 9.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: 3 prisoners.
April 10.
Resolution passed by the Local Board to open the Hindley Free Library on Sundays.
April 11.
Wigan Charity Organisation Society's Annual Meeting.
April 14.
Laying the Foundation Stone of New Wesleyan Sunday Schools at Goose Green. - Laying the Corner Stones of a New Free Primitive Methodist Church in Crompton-street.
April 19.
Public Meeting of Ashton Ratepayers on the Burial Ground Question.
April 20.
Pemberton publicans heavily fined under the Betting Houses Act.
April 21.
Conference of Local Authorities on the Local Government Bill; joint action agreed upon with the object of getting the Wigan Union constituted into a County Council. - Death at Clitheroe or Mr. Robert Dewhurst, aged 75 years, formerly senior partner in the firm of Dewhurst, Hoyle, and Smethurst, colliery proprietors.
April 26.
Adjourned Joint Conference of Local Authorities; deputation appointed to wait upon the President of the Local Government Board.
April 30.
Sergeant-Major Hughes, of the Lancashire Hussars, thrown from a horse at Newton and killed.
May 1.
Address by Colonel Eyre, M.P., to the members of the Lindsay Habitation of the Primrose League.
May 2.
Town Council Meeting: Deputation present memorial from the Ratepayers' Association against any increase in borough treasurer's salary.
May 4.
Interview in London between the Wigan Deputation and the Secretary of the Local Government Board. - Visit of the Manchester Geological Society to Wigan: Paper read by Mr. O. Walmesley on Mine Rents and Royalties. - Adjourned Meeting at Ashton on the Burial Question.
May 5.
Crowning the May Queen at Golborne.
May 9.
Annual Meeting Wigan Infirmary. - Two men killed at Messrs. Blundell's collieries through the fall of a metal heap. - Ince Local Board decide to join Wigan for municipal purposes.
May 15.
Death at Biggleswade of Mr. H. J. Whitley, aged 52, of the firm of Ackers, Whitley, and Co., Bickershaw Collieries.
May 16.
Town Council Meeting: Scheme for Amalgamation with the Out-Townships submitted. - Public Meeting of Ratepayers object to any increase in the Borough Treasurer's salary. - Death at Denver, Colorado, America, of Dr. G. Garnett Tatham, formerly Union Medical Officer for Wigan.
May 17.
Suicide of Benjamin Lowe, grocer, Ashton Cross.
May 18.
Inspection of the Lancashire Hussars at Southport.
May 19.
Presentation to the Rev. G. F. Wills on his leaving St. James's Parish for the Vicarage of Upholland. - Twenty acres of game cover on the Garswood Estate destroyed by fire.
May 21.
Infirmary Gala in the Mesnes Park.
May 25.
Further Conference as to the Extension of the Borough Boundaries. - Inspection of the Volunteers at St. Anne's.
May 30.
Deputation to the Streets Committee from the Wigan Tramways Company as to the town purchasing the tram roads.
May 31.
Formation of a Ratepayers' Association for Wigan. - Presentation from the Whelley Mission to the Rev. E. and Mrs. Heald on their leaving the district.
June 3.
Census of the Borough taken by direction of the Corporation: Total, 52,791.
June 4.
Death at Eccles of Mr. William Strickland, actuary of the Wigan Savings Bank.
June 5.
Deputation from Out-Townships to Mr. Ritchie.
June 6.
Town Council Meeting: The salary question referred back. - Local Government Inquiry at Billinge.
June 8.
Mr. Ritchie announces in the House of Commons that Wigan should be included in the list of County-Boroughs under the Local Government Bill.
June 13.
Death at Ince Hall of Mrs. Bryham, wife of Mr. Alderman Bryham, aged 79 years.
June 15.
Special Town Council Meeting: Memorial adopted to Mr. Ritchie.
June 16.
Visit of Inspection and formal opening of the Roburite Explosive Works at Gathurst. - Prize Day at the Wigan Grammar School.
June 18.
Presentation to Inspector John Moan on his retirement from the Borough Police Force.
June 20.
General Holiday.
June 24.
Census taken of the Township of Ince: Result, 18,226. - Death of Mr. James Marsden, colliery manager, Whelley, aged 74 years.
June 26.
Conference in London of the Central Association for Dealing with Distress caused by Mining Accidents.
June 28.
Reception by the Mayor and Mayoress in the Drill Hall.
July 3.
Inquest at Lancaster on the death of Terence Gough, a Wigan patient in the Lancaster Lunatic Asylum.
July 4.
Town Council Meeting: Scheme for the Conversion of the Corporate Debt approved.
July 5.
Severe Thunderstorm in Wigan.
July 6.
Samuel Hunter sentenced at the Old Bailey, London, to five years' penal servitude.
July 7.
Two men killed by a fall of roof at Pewfall Colliery, Haydock.
July 10.
Wigan Borough Sessions: Three prisoners.
July 13.
Public Meeting at Ince to promote the erection of a new cotton mill in the township.
July 15.
Death of Mr. John Horridge, of Birkett Bank, aged 54 years.
July 18.
Presentation of Certificates to Nurses at the Infirmary.
July 20.
Death at Twyford Abbey, Ealing, of Lady Gerard, widow of the late Lord Gerard, of Bryn. - Strike of Cotton Operatives in Wigan.
July 21.
Death at Oak Bank, Surbiton, of the Rev. W. Coombs, aged 74 years, for 17 years Incumbent of St. Catharine's, Wigan, and afterwards Vicar of Douglas, Parbold.
July 22.
Starting of the Pennington Memorial Clock in St. Peter's Church, Hindley.
July 24.
Funeral at Ashton of the Dowager Lady Gerard.
July 26.
First Distribution of Prizes at the Wigan Church High School for Girls.
July 30.
Hearing of the Libel Action against Mr. S. Woods, miners agent, brought by the underground managers at the Garswood Collieries: damages, £150. - Presentation to the Rev. F. D. Cremer on his leaving Upholland.
July 31.
Two men killed at Laithwaite's Stone-delf, Upholland.
Aug. 1.
Town Council Meeting.
Aug. 2.
James Dawber sentenced to 14 years, and William Rigby to seven years' penal servitude, for an assault on Robert Unsworth, of Orrell, on the railway.
Aug. 12.
Shocking 'Bus Accident at Parbold to a Bolton excursion party; one man killed and 20 injured.
Aug. 13.
Death of Mr. Elijah Prescott, Schofield Lane, aged 78. - Savage attack on Mr. Hugh Davies, of Wigan, by a party of roughs at Douglas, Isle of Man.
Aug. 16.
Laying of the Foundation Stone of the new Hope Chapel on the Mesnes.
Aug. 17.
Death, at Kensington Park Gardens, London, of the widow of the late Mr. John Mayhew, of Wigan, aged 77.
Aug. 21.
Half-yearly Meeting of the Wigan Tramways Company.
Aug. 22.
Sudden death of Mr. George Henderson, of Orrell House, aged 71.
Aug. 29.
Borough Licensing Sessions: the proposed new hotel on the Mesnes.
Sept. 1.
Laying the Foundation Stone of a new Conservative Club at Golborne.
Sept. 5.
Town Council. - First General Meeting of the Ratepayers' Association.
Sept. 6.
County Licensing Sessions. - Opening of an interesting case as to the sale of Danish butter in Wigan.
Sept. 7.
Local Government Inquiry at Billinge.
Sept. 12.
First Annual Cattle Show and Fair at Hindley.
Sept. 13.
Presentation to the Rev. Father Chapman on his leaving St. Joseph's.
Sept. 14.
Revision of the Borough Voting Lists.
Sept. 15.
Miners' Demonstration in Wigan.
Sept. 22.
Visit of the Typographical Association to Wigan.
Sept. 24.
Pemberton Local Board decide to join Wigan.
Sept. 26.
Public Inquiry at Ince as to the proposed Park on Amberswood Common.
Sept. 27.
At the Meeting of the Royal Manchester, Liverpool, and North Lancashire Society, it was resolved that the Society hold the 1889 Show in Wigan. - Fatal Chimney Accident at Messrs. Stone's Colliery, Garswood. - Adjourned Licensing Sessions.
Sept. 28.
Scheme for amalgamation approved by Wigan, Ince, and Pemberton.
Oct. 3.
Town Council: Discussion as to the Greater Wigan.
Oct. 5.
Mr. Councillor Stuart declines to accept the mayoralty for a second year.
Oct. 7.
Re-opening of St. George's Church after restoration.
Oct. 8.
Opening of the new Conservative Club in Wigan: Address by the Solicitor-general in the Drill Hall.
Oct. 10.
Death of Mr. Brice Grant Dean, painter, &c., Standishgate, aged 50. - The Ince Local Board resolve to take the opinion of the ratepayers as to amalgamation.
Oct. 11.
Mr. W. Rogers receives a requisition from the Conservative party, asking him to be Mayor, and consents.
Oct. 14.
Opening of the new Organ in Abram Parish Church.
Oct. 19.
An advance of 10 per cent. in Miners' Wages granted by the West Lancashire Coal Association.
Oct. 20.
Dedication of the new Window in Upholland Church.
Oct. 22.
Consecration of the Maskell Peace Masonic Lodge.
Oct. 29.
Town Council Meeting.
Oct. 30.
Laying the Foundation Stone of the new Sanatorium.
Nov. 1.
Municipal contests in Scholes and All Saints' Wards.
Nov. 3.
Presentation to Miss Gidlow by the parishioners of Ince Church.
Nov. 4.
Re-opening of Ince Church after renovation. - Death of Mr. A. H. Crossley, wholesale clothier, aged 47.
Nov. 5.
Anti-Vaccination Meeting.
Nov. 7.
Death of Mr. James Wood, of Monument House, aged 77 years.
Nov. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Council: Election of Mr. W. Rogers, Mayor.
Nov. 10.
Death of Mr. Councillor James Gerrard, of Stone House, Pemberton, aged 41.
Nov. 12.
Verdict of Manslaughter returned against a boatman named Lyon for the death of a painter, at Lower Ince; Lyon afterwards acquitted at the Assizes. - St. Michael's Church Tea Party. - Summonses brought by the Corporation against property owners in Platt-lane, for repair of the streets, dismissed by the Borough Bench.
Nov. 13.
Distribution of Prizes at Clayton-street School.
Nov. 14.
St. Catharine's Tea Party.
Nov. 19.
Wigan Borough Sessions; 7 prisoners. - Hearing of the appeal case, "Fairhurst v. the Wigan Corporation."
Nov. 21.
Mr. N. ff. Eckersley returned unopposed for the vacancy in Queen-street Ward.
Nov. 26.
Performance of "St. Paul" by the Trinity College Choir.
Nov. 27.
Meeting in connection with the Hospital Sunday and Saturday Movement. - United Kingdom Alliance Meeting.
Nov. 28.
Death of Mr. Solomon Horrocks, Douglas House, Standish, aged 68.
Nov. 29.
Death, at Covent Garden Hotel, London, of Mr. Councillor Charles Oldfield, of Wigan and Southport, aged 62.
Nov. 30.
Opening of the new Wigan County Police Court and Offices.
Dec. 1.
Ellen Berry, a mill girl, drowned in the Douglas owing to the fog.
Dec. 4.
Two men killed by a shaft accident at the Moss Pit, Bickerstaffe.
Dec. 5.
Town Council Meeting: Interesting discussion as to the election of Burgess Auditors.
Dec. 6.
Distribution of Prizes to the Volunteers.
Dec. 7.
First Meeting in connection with the 1889 Agricultural Show in Wigan. - Meeting at Pemberton on the Amalgamation question. - Discussion in Parliament on the Employers' Liability Bill. - Presentation to Dr. and Mrs. Abbott on their leaving the town.
Dec. 8.
Election, unopposed, of Mr. J. Woods for the second vacancy in Queen-street Ward. - Opening of the Steam Laundry at Upholland.
Dec. 10.
Meeting to promote the candidate of Mr. W. S. Barrett as County Councillor for the Pemberton Division.
Dec. 11.
Death, at Longford Hall, Stretford, in his 88th year, of Mr. John Rylands, head and founder of the firm of John Rylands and Sons, Limited.
Dec. 12.
Annual Distribution of Prizes to the Students at the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School.
Dec. 17.
Visit of the Maori Football team to Wigan.

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