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Local Chronology, 1886-87.


Dec. 18.
Ellen France, aged 6 months, murdered by her mother, Mary France, at Aspull; Mrs. France afterwards found to be insane. - Opening of Horwich Reform Club. - Distribution of prizes to the Wigan (4th L.R.V.) Shooting Club.
Dec. 19.
Twentieth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Ince Local Board; special sermon by Canon Fergie.
Dec. 22.
Two men killed at Snydale Hall Colliery by the breaking of a rope in a jig-brow.
Dec. 30.
Primitive Methodist Bazaar at Higher Ince. - Fancy Fair at St. Patrick's. - Treat to Juvenile Hawkers in Wigan.


Jan. 1.
Sale of Work, Wesleyan School, Dicconson-street. - Thomas Hunter killed during a quarrel in the Angel Inn, Scholes; John McDermott and Thomas Cannon committed for trial, but afterwards acquitted at the Assizes.
Jan. 5.
Monthly Town Council Meeting: Memorial adopted against the continuance of the London Coal Dues. Long discussion as to Gas Minutes and Contracts. - Old Folk's Treat at Golborne.
Jan. 6.
Reception and Ball given by the Mayor and Mrs. Park. - Old Folk's Treats at Pemberton and Hindley.
Jan. 7.
Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society in Wigan. - The Mayor's Juvenile Party.
Jan. 10.
Annual Treat to the Aged Poor by the Mayor and Mayoress. - Concert by Col. Mapleson's Opera Company. - Haigh Congregational Tea Party.
Jan. 11.
Conservative Meeting in the Public Hall to celebrate the inauguration of the Lindsay Habitation of the Primrose League; address by Lord Crawford. - Address by Mr. C. M. Percy, at Leigh, on the political outlook.
Jan. 13.
Old Folk's Treat at Ashton.
Jan. 17.
Hearing of the Local Chancery Case, "Stuart v. Green." - Dismissal of the appeal of Mr. Herbert Fletcher against the ruling of the judges refusing to set aside the umpire's award in the Ladyshore Arbitration Case.
Jan. 18.
Death of Mrs. Eliza Hammond, of Hindley, from hydrophobia.
Jan. 20.
Mr. Ellis Lever committed for trial by the Stipendiary for an alleged libel on Mr. Samuel Hunter, gas engineer to the Salford Corporation.
Jan. 21.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: six prisoners for trial. - Judgment delivered by the Recorder in the appeal by the London and North-Western Railway Company against the assessment of their lines and station in Wigan. - Four boys drowned by the breaking of ice on a pond at Coppull.
Jan. 24.
Meeting held to consider the advisableness of erecting a new May Mill at Pemberton.
Jan. 25.
Meeting of ladies in Wigan in connection with the Women's Jubilee Tribute to the Queen. - St. Joseph's Annual Tea Party. - Recognition Meeting at Scarisbrick-street Baptist Chapel of the Rev. F. G. Kemp, pastor.
Jan. 26.
The body of a newly-born child found in the canal in Miry-lane. - Volunteer Officers' Ball. - Liverpool Election: Defeat to Mr. Goschen.
Jan. 30.
Farewell Sermon, in Pemberton Church, by the Rev. Harry Mitchell, on his preferment to the living of Prescot.
Jan. 31.
Mr. James Fairhurst, of the Dog and Partridge Inn, found dead in bed, at his residence.
Feb. 1.
News received in Wigan of the loss of the emigrant ship Kapunda, with over 200 lives, Mr. Horace Tarbuck and several others from Wigan being amongst the passengers drowned. - Lowton District Ploughing Match.
Feb. 2.
Local Government Inquiry, at Hindley, as to the Sewage Farm Scheme. - Old Folk's Treat at Aspull. - Quarterly Meeting of the Town Council: Memorial adopted to the Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway, praying them to proceed with the extenstion of the Wigan Junctions Railway to the centre of the borough; discussion as to gas manufacture and Corporate salaries. - Evidence given by Mr. J. G. Hawkins, at Manchester Assizes, in the Ellis Lever Libel Case.
Feb. 3.
Makerfield Ploughing Match. - Institution of the Rev. H. Mitchell as vicar of Prescot.
Feb. 4.
Conclusion of the Lever Libel Case: Verdict of "not guilty."
Feb. 6.
Death, at Orrell, of a boy named John Thomas Liptrot, from injuries inflicted by a man named Moses Green, who was committed for trial, and was afterwards found guilty of manslaughter, but sentenced to only four days' imprisonment.
Feb. 7.
Suspension of Mr. J. G. Hawkins, by the Wigan Gas Committee. - Death of Mr. Peter Rylands, M.P. for Burnley, and a director of the Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Company (Limited).
Feb. 9.
Wigan Liberal Club Ball. - Re-opening of the Parish Church Organ after removal to the chancel.
Feb. 10.
Deputation of miners to the Home Secretary respecting the new Mines Bill.
Feb. 11.
Special Meeting of the Wigan Town Council: Mr. Hawkins discharged, and a committee appointed to investigate the whole system of trading and management of the Gas Works.
Feb. 12.
Shevington School Board Election. - Mrs. Elizabeth Cooke, of Wigan, found dead on Southport sands. - Presentation to the Explorers after Bedford Colliery Explosion.
Feb. 13.
Opening of St. Cuthbert's Church, Pemberton.
Feb. 15.
Meeting to welcome the Rev. Joseph Jones, pastor of Hope Chapel.
Feb. 18.
Elizabeth Jenkinson, of Newton-le-Willows, accidentally killed by her brother through the careless handling of a gun. - Resolution passed by the West Lancashire Coal Association declining to accede to the miners' demands for an increase in wages or restricted working hours.
Feb. 20.
Death, at her London residence, of Lady Cardwell, widow of Viscount Cardwell, aged 72 years.
Feb. 21.
Death of Mr. John Gerrard, J.P., of The Grove, Adlington, aged 58 years.
Feb. 22.
St. George's Tea Party: the Vicar on the Jubilee Schemes.
Feb. 23.
Police-Sergeant Alexander Mitchell, of the County Constabulary, accidentally drowned in the canal at Ince.
Feb. 25.
Annual Meeting of the shareholders of the Wigan Tramways Company: a Committee of Inspection appointed. - Lecture, by Father Perry, on "The Sun."
Feb. 28.
Meeting of Hindley ratepayers to consider the market question. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Branch of the British Women's Temperance Association.
Mar. 1.
Fish Bank Farm, Heath Charnock, destroyed by fire; 22 cattle and three horses burned to death. - Poll for the election of Burgess Auditors; return of Messrs. Healy and Byrom.
Mar. 2.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Public Hall Association. - Monthly Town Council Meeting: Resignation of Mr. Percy as member of the Gas Investigation Committee; discussion as to Hospital Accommodation.
Mar. 4.
Suicide, by strangling herself with a woollen shawl, of Mrs. Mary Johnson, Pemberton.
Mar. 5.
Deputation of Mine Owners to the Home Secretary.
Mar. 8.
Selection of Mr. Joseph Timmins, of Leigh, as gas engineer for Wigan. - Triennial Election of the Wigan School Board: a consent avoided.
Mar. 15.
Death, at his London residence, 16, South-street, Park-lane, of the Rt. Hon. Robert Tolver Gerard, first Baron of Bryn, aged 78 years. - Death of Mr. Elias Nixon, of Wigan, from injuries received through a trap accident, at Aspull, on March 10th. - Public Meeting in support of the Church House movement. - Deputation of Colliery Proprietors to the First Lord of The Treasury, with reference to the London Coal Dues.
Mar. 16.
Public Meeting to arrange for the celebration of the Queen's Jubilee in Wigan.
Mar. 17.
Death of Mr. William Topping, one of the representatives of Queen-street Ward in the Town Council, aged 56 years.
Mar. 19.
Unveiling of the Memorial Stone of the Bedford Colliery Explosion. - Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Relief Society. - Interment of the remains of Lord Gerard in the family vault at St. Oswald's Catholic Church, Ashton. - Blessing the site of New Catholic Schools for New Springs and Top Lock.
Mar. 21.
Meeting at Hindley in support of the erection of a new weaving-shed at Platt Lane.
Mar. 26.
John Ellis, of New Springs, an excursionist to Liverpool, killed on the London and North-Western Railway Station at Wigan.
Mar. 29.
Three lives lost by a fall of roof in the Park Mine of the White Moss Colliery Company, Skelmersdale.
Mar. 30.
Mr. H. J. Walmesley announces his intention of giving £500, and his common rights, for the purpose of making a Public Park on Amberswood Common, for the Township of Ince.
April 1.
Annual meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society.
April 2.
Induction of the Rev. Edward Francis Forrest, as Vicar of Pemberton.
April 5.
First Meeting of the New School Board: Election of Mr. J. Pendlebury as chairman.
April 6.
Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the Gas Investigation Committee: An indemnity given. Dr. Page's report and the paving of back yards.
April 11.
Declaration of the result of the voting for Guardians in Wigan and Pemberton.
April 12.
Death of Helena, wife of Mr. Horace Mayhew, J.P., Bank House, Wigan.
April 13.
Cutting the sod of new mines at Garswood Hall Colliery. - Bazaars at Adlington and Hindley.
April 19.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: Eight prisoners.
April 20.
Miners' Conference at Manchester.
April 21.
Formation of a Wigan Trademen's Association.
April 27.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Mechanics' Institution.
May 2.
Letter read at the Wigan Jubilee Committee, from Mr. James Henry Johnson, of the Abram Coal Company, announcing his intention of giving £5,000 for the promotion of technical knowledge in Wigan and district. - Adoption of the Free Libraries Acts by the ratepayers of Hindley.
May 4.
Town Council Meeting: The estimates for district and borough rate submitted.
May 6.
Meeting, in Wigan, of the Manchester Geological Society.
May 7.
Crowning the May Queen at Golborne.
May 8.
Consecration by the Bishop of Salford of the Foundation Stone of the New School in Cale-lane, New Springs.
May 9.
A Donation of £1,000 promised by Mr. F. S. Powell, M.P., towards a suitable scheme for establishing a Technical Institute in Wigan. - Meeting of Wigan Tradesmen respecting the Jubilee Holidays.
May 11.
Inquiry by an Inspector from the Charity Commissioners into the proposal to devote surplus funds of local charities to the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School. - Joint Conference between the Mining School Committee and the Jubilee Committee, respecting an extension scheme in connection with the school.
May 12.
Inquest on a child who died in the Ince Fever Hospital; censure on the management. - Church Bazaar at Ashton.
May 13.
Inspection of the Lancashire Hussars at Southport.
May 15.
Death at Wichita, State of Kansas, America, of Mr. Timothy Coop, J.P., of Wigan, in his 70th year.
May 16.
Conviction of Mr. Herbert Fletcher, of the Ladyshore Colliery, for non-compliance with the umpire's award as to the use of safety lamps.
May 17.
Visit of pit-brow women to London, and interview with the Home Secretary as to the new Mines Bill.
May 20.
Special Town Council Meeting to pass the estimates for the rates.
May 26.
Visit of Sir Edward Watkin, M.P., and his co-directors of the M., S., amd L. Railway to Wigan, and interview with the Council as to the extension of the Wigan Junction Railway. - Death, at Garswood, of Mr. A. B. Moubert, aged 69, for many years agent for Lord Gerard, and chairman of the Ashton Local Board. - Colliery Explosion at the Bryn Pits, Lily-lane, Ashton, belonging to Messrs. R. Evans and Co.; three lives lost and several injured.
May 27.
Laying of the Foundation Stone of the New County Police Courts in Crawford-street.
May 28.
Opening ceremony in connection with the memorial clock to Mr. C. Latham at Ashton Congregational Church.
May 29.
Death of the Rev. John Mould, of the Wigan Primitive Methodist Curcuit, aged 65 years.
May 30.
Infirmary Gala in the Park. - Laying the Foundation Stone of a new Independent Methodist Chapel at Lamberhead Green.
May 31.
Announcement made of a gift from the Rector of a site for a Technical School.
June 1.
Presentation to the Rev. T. H. Leeson on his leaving St. Thomas's Church, Wigan. - Decision by Colliery Proprietors to reduce miners' wages. - Town Council Meeting.
June 2.
Review of the 4th L.R.V. at Lytham, the volunteers proceeding there from their camp at Blackpool.
June 3.
Death, at his Golborne residence, of Mr. John Pearson, J.P., aged 63 years, chairman of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company, and head of the firm of Messrs. Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Company. - Death, at Hindley, of Mr. Henry Walls, surveyor and mining engineer.
June 4.
Formation in Wigan of a Lancashire Colliery Managers' Association. - Conservative Demonstration in Haydock Park.
June 6.
Death of Mr. John Bryham, mining engineer, Ince.
June 7.
Golden Jubilee of the Very Rev. T. M. Marginson, O.S.B., of Wrightington.
June 8.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Infirmary.
June 9.
Conference, in London, of Miners' Permanent Relief Societies.
June 13.
Commencement of the Sale, in London, of Lord Crawford's Library. - Death, at Leigh, of Mr. John Beswick Perrin, M.R.C.S. - Judgment given in the Local Will Case "Storer v. Mellor and others."
June 14.
Extraordinary Meeting of the Wigan Tramways Company to receive the Report of the Investigation Committee.
June 15.
Fancy Fair at St. Joseph's.
June 16.
Speech Day at the Wigan Grammar and Wigan High Schools.
June 17.
Hearing at the Liverpool Chancery Court, of the Local Mining Case "Walmesley v. Jackson."
June 18.
Planting Jubilee Trees in the Park.
June 20.
Celebration, in Wigan, of the Queen's Jubilee by a Scholars' Demonstration and treat to old folks, waifs and strays, &c.; adoption of an Address to the Queen by the Council, and Thanksgiving Service held in the Parish Church. - Cutting the first sod of the Public Park on Amberswood Common by Mr. H. J. Walmesley, and festivities at Ince. - Presentation of a gold jubilee medal to the Chairman of the Ince Local Board.
June 21.
Town's Demonstration in Wigan in honour of the Jubilee, and festivities in the surrounding townships. - Handing over to Hindley by Mr. N. Eckersley of the Leyland Free Library, Museum, and Public Park. - General rejoicings. - National Thanksgiving Service in Westminster Abbey.
June 23.
Division in the House of Commons as to the employment of women on the pit brow; the amendment prohibiting this defeated.
June 25.
Benjamin Marks, engine driver, killed at Wigan Station whilst on an excursion from Bradford to Southport. - Sudden death on the cricket field at Northwich of Mr. John Hayes, of the Abram Coal Company.
June 26.
Death, at 114, Standishgate, of Mr. John Woods, pawnbroker, aged 77 years.
June 27.
Sarah Baron, Grayson's-yard, burned to death through the upsetting of a paraffin lamp. - Rejoicings at Winstanley to celebrate the coming of age of Mr. Meyrick Bankes.
July 4.
Suicide at Forfar of Mr. John Turton, Assistant Inspector of Mines for North and East Lancashire.
July 6.
Town Council Meeting: Refreshment bills and the purchase of Hope Chapel Site discussed.
July 8.
Death, at Springfield, of Mrs. Wanklyn, wife of the Wigan Borough Treasurer.
July 10.
Death, at his Hindley residence, of Mr. Richard Pennington.
July 12.
Suicide by drowning, at Garswood, of Police-sergeant William Jump, stationed at Haydock.
July 14.
Fire at Mr. Stott's timber yard, Millgate.
July 16.
Laying the Foundation Stone of the New Conservative Club, Market-street.
July 18.
Wigan Quarter Sessions; five prisoners.
July 19.
Body of a newly-born child found in Frank-street, Hallgate; verdict of murder returned against someone unknown.
July 20.
Fire at Low Green Mills, Hindley; damages £1,000.
July 22.
Consecration of the New Church of St. Anne's, Shevington, by the Lord Bishop of Manchester.
July 23.
Laying of the Foundation Stones of a New Wesleyan Sunday Shool at Golborne.
July 27.
Jubilee Treat at Gathurst to the Wigan Workhouse children.
July 28.
Complimentary Banquet to Mr. Israel Knowles, chairman of the Ince Local Board.
July 31.
Last Service in the Old Hope Chapel.
Aug. 1.
Death, at St. Helens, of Mr. John Cross, miners' agent, aged 55.
Aug. 2.
Death, at Hilton House, Blackrod, of Mr. John Thompson, aged 70, for 21 years guardian for the township. - Alfred Hindley drowned in the canal at Ince after "mayor-choosing" in that township.
Aug. 3.
Consecration of the New Chancel at Haigh Church. - Town Council Meeting: the scavenging of open yards decided upon, and the question of dealing with insanitary dwellings referred to a special committee.
Aug. 6.
Hearing at the Liverpool Assizes of the local action "Dawson v. Wigan Corporation.
Aug. 14.
Death, at his Southport residence, Sandheys, Birkdale, of Mr. William Brown, aged 61 years, cotton spinner of Wigan and Golborne.
Aug. 18.
Visit of the British Archaeological Society to Wigan.
Aug. 20.
Serious 'Bus Accident in Wigan; one man killed and several children injured.
Aug. 25.
County Licensing Sessions.
Aug. 27.
Joseph Bibby, collier, killed during a drunken brawl in Whelley: Joseph Tynsdale committed for trial on a charge of manslaughter.
Aug. 31.
Borough Licensing Sessions.
Sept. 3.
The New Coal Mines Regulation Bill read a third time in the House of Commons.
Sept. 7.
Town Council Meeting: resolution passed agreeing to the terms for the purchase of the Hope Chapel site.
Sept. 10.
Primrose League Demonstration at Garswood.
Sept. 16.
Details furnished to the Board of Guardians of the bill of costs in the Railway Assessment Appeals. - Revision of the Borough Voting Lists.
Sept. 19.
Meeting at Hindley to erect a Public Memorial to the late Mr. R. Pennington.
Sept. 21.
Special Town Council Meeting: the purchase of Hope Chapel site confirmed.
Sept. 24.
Conservative Meeting at Platt Bridge.
Sept. 27.
Opening of the Wigan Church High School for girls.
Sept. 28.
Dedication Festival at St. Michael's and All Angels' of the new aisle and baptistry. - Report presented by the Chief Constable as to the safety of the Wigan Theatres and Music Halls.
Sept. 29.
Deputation to Mr. W. Peace requesting him to be Mayor for the ensuing year; the honour declined.
Oct. 1.
Explosion of blasting powder in a house in Frog-lane; narrow escape of the inmates.
Oct. 2.
Death, at Bournemouth, of Mr. Richard Evans, of the Haydock Collieries, aged 76 years.
Oct. 3.
Conference of temperance workers in Wigan.
Oct. 5.
Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the application for further borrowing powers for various purposes. - Presentation to the Mayor (Mr. Alderman Park) of a gold badge in commemoration of the Jubilee.
Oct. 7.
Deputation to Mr. Councillor Stuart from the Conservative party requesting him to be Mayor; the offer accepted. - Conference in Wigan of the British Women's Temperance Association.
Oct. 10.
Death, at Thornhill, of Mr. William R. Waddington, aged 51, oil merchant, and member of the Ince Local Board. - Opening of the winter session of the Wigan Literary and Debating Society.
Oct. 11.
Liberal Demonstration in the Drill Hall; address by the Marquis of Ripon on the Irish question.
Oct. 13.
Death, at 61, Mesnes-street, of Mr. Charles C. Strowger, printer, aged 67 years.
Oct. 15.
Twenty-first anniversary of the consecration of St. Peter's Church, Hindley.
Oct. 17.
Conservative Demonstration in the Drill Hall; address by Mr. E. Stanhope, M.P.
Oct. 18.
Special Meeting of the Wigan Tramways Company to discuss the proposed extension to Platt Bridge. - Cutting the sods of New Collieries at Garswood for Messrs. Stone.
Oct. 19.
Recognition Meeting of the Rev. J. J. Berry as pastor of King-street Baptist Church.
Oct. 21.
Death of Mr. William Pickard, J.P., miners' agent, at his residence, Park View, Wigan, aged 65 years.
Oct. 23.
Visit of Mr. C. Bradlaugh, M.P., to Wigan.
Oct. 24.
Public Funeral of Mr. Pickard in the Wigan Cemetery. - Annual Distribution of Prizes to the students of the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School.
Oct. 26.
Meeting of the General Purposes Committee: resolution passed to circulate the report of the Gas Investigation Committee.
Oct. 29.
Special Town Council Meeting: the Gas Report referred to another meeting. - Wigan Quarter Sessions; two prisoners for trial. - Annual meeting in connection with the Hospital Saturday and Sunday movement.
Oct. 31.
Special Council Meeting to consider the Gas Report; the report adopted but publication deferred.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections in Scholes and Swinley Wards.
Nov. 3.
Sudden death, at Platt Bridge, of Mr. Harold E. Hobbs, mining engineer, aged 23 years.
Nov. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Town Council: election of Mr. Thos. Stuart as Mayor.
Nov. 13.
Death, at Richmond Green, Surrey, of Major Edward S. Kearsley, J.P., aged 67 years, formerly of Hindley.
Nov. 30.
Special Town Council Meeting: resolution passed authorising the publication to the ratepayers of the report of the Gas Investigation Committee.
Dec. 2.
Application granted, by the Wigan County Magistrates, for the establishment of a Roburite Manufactory at Gathurst.
Dec. 6.
Consecration, by the Bishop of Liverpool, of the new Church of St. Mary's, at Lower Ince.
Dec. 7.
Monthly Town Council Meeting: the proposed Provisional Order approved.
Dec. 8.
Mr. William Baldwin, aged 26, tarpaulin manufacturer, knocked down and killed by a cab at the corner of Dicconson-street; a verdict of manslaughter afterwards returned by the coroner's jury against the driver, Moses Cuerden.
Dec. 10.
Special Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society; resolution passed increasing the weekly contributions.
Dec. 14.
Death, at Darnhall Hall, Cheshire, of Mr. John Knowles, J.P., aged 34, only son of the late Mr. Thomas Knowles, M.P. - Bazaar in Hope-street Schools.
Dec. 15.
Presentation of the Report of the Investigation Committee to the Wigan Rugby Football Club.

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