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Local Chronology, 1885-86.


Dec. 15.
Sale of Work at the Presbyterian Schools, Wigan.
Dec. 21.
Presentation to Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Percy at Pemberton by the Liberals in the Ince Division.
Dec. 22.
Performance of the "Messiah" by the Trinity College Choir.
Dec. 23.
Colliery Explosion at Mardy, South Wales; 81 lives lost. - Death, at Southport, of Miss Elizabeth Lowe, aged 76, formerly of Wigan.
Dec. 29.
Explosion at the Taylor Pit, Shevington: one man killed and 14 injured. The pit afterwards flooded in consequence of the seam being on fire. - Celebration of Mr. Gladstone's birthday by the Platt Bridge Liberal Club.
Dec. 30.
Tea Meeting at All Saints', Hindley; introduction of the new vicar, the Rev. C. J. Buckmaster.
Dec. 31.
Death, at Southport, of Mrs. Hargreaves, aged 70, widow of the late Mr. Thomas Hargreaves, of Oakhurst, Lancashire.


Jan. 1.
New Year's Sales of Work at the various churches and chapels.
Jan. 2.
John Johnson, of Hindley Green, aged 54, committed suicide by drowning, having previously tied a 56lb. weight round his neck.
Jan. 4.
Treat by the Mayor and Mayoress to the Aged Poor. - Illness of the Mayor.
Jan. 5.
Mrs. Eckersley's Treat to the Workhouse Inmates. - Old Folk's Treat at Golborne.
Jan. 6.
Town Council Meeting: Opinion of Counsel read as to duplicate voting at Municipal Elections; discussions as to the Professional Auditor's work and annual dinners to officials; and the recommendation of the Library Committee as to the printing of the Reference Catalogue adopted. - Inquest on the Taylor Pit Explosion. - Thomas Highfield, station master at Ince on the Wigan Junction Railway, committed suicide by hanging himself in his own office. - Annual Tea Party at Upholland.
Jan. 7.
Ice Accident at Ormskirk; two boys drowned. - Old Folk's Treat at Hindley.
Jan. 8.
Meeting, in Wigan, of the Manchester Geological Society.
Jan. 9.
Old Folk's Treat at Abram.
Jan. 13.
Severe Storm: The tramway connecting Newtown and Meadows Collieries broke down. - Conservative Tea Meetings at Pemberton and Platt Bridge to celebrate Colonel Blundell's election for the Ince Division.
Jan. 14.
Coversazione and Dance given by the Mayor and Mayoress in the Drill Hall.
Jan. 15.
The Mayor's Juvenile Party. - Indignation Meeting of Golborne Ratepayers with reference to the gas question.
Jan. 17.
Hospital Sunday.
Jan. 18.
Liberal Meeting at Hindley: Presentation to Mr. Percy. - Heavy fall of snow.
Jan. 19.
Meeting of the Wigan Conservative Working Men's Club: Address by Mr. F. S. Powell, M.P. - Miners' National Conference at Birmingham.
Jan. 20.
Choral Festival at the Wesleyan Chapel by the Wigan Noncomformist Choir Union. - Opening of the Mersey Tunnel. - Licensed Victualler's Ball.
Jan. 21.
Opening of the Reformed Parliament. - Meeting of Haigh Parishioners; scheme adopted for the extension and re-seating of Haigh Church. - Old Folk's Treat at Ashton.
Jan. 23.
Death of Mr. Charles Latham, Bolton-road, Ashton-in-Makerfield.
Jan. 26.
Liberal Meeting at Ince: Presentation to Mr. C. M. Percy.
Jan. 27.
Volunteer Officers' Ball.
Jan. 28.
Thirtieth Annual Meeting of the Makerfield Ploughing Society.
Jan. 31.
Visit of the "Tichborne Claimant" to Wigan.
Feb. 1.
Opening of a new Reading Room at Kitt Green.
Feb. 2.
Local Government Inquiry at Ince. - Lowton Ploughing Match.
Feb. 3.
Quarterly Meeting of the Town Council; Discussion as to the cost of deputations, the auditing of the Gas accounts, the paving of Dicconson-street West, and the sanitary condition of the borough. - Wigan Quarter Sessions; 13 prisoners for trial.
Feb. 8.
Presentation to Mr. Harold Wright, the Liberal candidate at the general election for the Chorley Division.
Feb. 9.
Presentation, at Platt Bridge, of the Royal Humane Society's medals to Wm. Brown and John Garnett for saving the lives of two boys from drowning. - Hearing of the action, Lever and Co. v. Hazlehurst and Son, better known as the Sunlight Self-Washer Soap case.
Feb. 10.
Conservative Tea Meeting at Lower Ince. - Hearing of the local action, Roocroft v. Johnson. - Wigan Liberal Club Ball.
Feb. 11.
United Kingdom Alliance Meeting in the Public Hall.
Feb. 15.
Death of Viscount Cardwell, aged 72. - Presentation to Mr. R. Johnson by the Liberals in the Ince Division.
Feb. 19.
Special Town Council Meeting: resolution passed that application be made for a provisional order for the appointment of the loan debt of the Corporation.
Feb. 22.
Opening of a Liberal Club at Goose Green. - Distribution of Prizes at the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School. - Hearing of the charge against seven men for a brutal attack on the police at Hindley.
Feb. 23.
Speeches in Parliament by Mr. F. S. Powell and Colonel Blundell on the Employers' Liability Act Amendment Bill.
Feb. 26.
Meeting of the Shareholders of the Wigan Tramways Company, Limited.
Feb. 27.
Hospital Saturday.
Mar. 1.
Opening of a Liberal Club at Newtown. - Poll for Election of Burgess Auditors: Messrs. G. J. Healy and T. Smith returned. - Very heavy Snow Storm in Wigan and district.
Mar. 3.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Public Hall Association. - Wigan Town Council Meeting: lively discussions over the Gas and Farm Committees' minutes; deputation to the Council from the owners of uninhabitable houses, the question of the demolition of these being afterwards again adjourned.
Mar. 8.
Destructive fire at the shop of Mr. F. H. Taylor, Market-place.
Mar. 11.
Sudden death of Mr. Wm. Marsh, of Holly House, Hindley, aged 64 years.
Mar. 13.
Death of Mr. John Brewis, cotton spinner, of Golborne, aged 63 years.
Mar. 15.
Mary Matthews, factory operative, killed by a swingboat at Lamberhead Green. - John Smith, shoemaker, Great George-street, committed suicide by poisoning. - Conservative Meeting at Platt Bridge. - The Mayor, having recovered from his serious illness, resumes his official duties.
Mar. 16.
Gas Explosion at the house of Mrs. Barr, Cuppull-lane: three lives lost and several persons injured.
Mar. 17.
Presentation to the Rev. P. W. Darnton on his resigning the Pastorate of Hope Chapel, Wigan. - Ratepayers' Meeting at Upholland. - Irish Demonstration in the Public Hall.
Mar. 18.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society.
Mar. 20.
Sudden death of the Rev. W. B. Bryan, Vicar of Haigh, aged 53 years. - Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Meeting at Pemberton to protest against the agitation for Parliamentary powers prohibiting the employment of women about collieries.
Mar. 21.
Death, at his London residence, of Mr. Thos. Bright Crosse, J.P., aged 90 years, member of Parliament for Wigan in 1841.
Mar. 22.
Death of Mr. James Fairhurst, of Wigan-lane, brewer, in his 75th year.
Mar. 23.
Death, at Southport, of Mrs. Crook, in her 84th year, widow of the late George Crook, Baptist minister at Wigan.
Mar. 24.
Death of Mrs. Darnton, wife of the Rev. P. W. Darnton.
Mar. 26.
Local Government inquiry in Wigan.
Mar. 29.
Conference of Colliery Proprietors and Miners with reference to a proposed sliding scale for the regulation of wages.
Mar. 31.
The Hindley Tramcar blown over at Ince.
April 1.
Death, at Southport, of Mr. William Roscoe, aged 88 years; formerly agent for Lord Crawford.
April 2.
First sitting of the House of Commons Committee on the Bill for the Amendment of the Employers' Liability Act.
April 3.
The first sod cut of the new Colliery of Messrs. R. Evans and Co., at Golborne.
April 5.
Public Meeting in Wigan with respect to the Colonial and Indian Exhibition.
April 7.
Town Council Meeting: Resolution adopted to borrow £10,000 for street repairs and improvements. - Wesleyan Bazaar at Platt Bridge.
April 10.
Band of Hope Demonstration in Wigan. - A Youth Killed by a fall of houses at Westhoughton. - Meeting of Pit Brow Women at Bryn.
April 12.
The final report issued of the Royal Commission on Accidents in Mines. - Declaration of the Voting at the Guardians' Election. - Opening of a Working Men's Club and Reading Room at Bryn Gates.
April 15.
First Annual Meeting of the new Wigan Literary and Debating Society.
April 17.
Meeting of Pit Brow Women at Haydock.
April 19.
Death, at his London residence, of Mr. John Thompson FitzAdam, Recorder of Wigan.
April 24.
Final Tie in the Wigan Charity Challenge Cup Rugby Foot-Competition; victory of Aspull. - Laying the Foundation Stone of a Roman Catholic Church at Horwich.
April 26.
Conservative Meetings at Orrell and Pemberton.
April 27.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Mechanics' Institution.
May 1.
Conservative Demonstration at Aspull: Opening of two new Bowling Greens by Mr. F. Hardcastle, M.P.
May 3.
Opening of St. Andrew's Allotment Gardens by Mrs. Kenyon.
May 4.
Sale of Work at St. Michael's Schools opened by the Hon. E. Kenyon. - Town's Meeting at St. Helens on the Pit Brow Women's question.
May 5.
Quarterly Meeting of the Town Council: Criticism on the management of the Gaswork; Counsel's opinion to be taken as to a further prosecution of the late Borough Treasurer; and estimates submitted for the new rates. - Appointment of Dr. J. B. Gilbertson coroner of, the Hundreds of Amounderness and Leyland, in the place of the late coroner, Mr. W. Gilbertson.
May 6.
Conference, in London, of the Central Association for Dealing with Distress caused by Mining Accidents. - Information received of the Appointment of Mr. William Court Gully, Q.C., as Recorder of Wigan. - Presentation to Colonel McCorquodale by the Liberals in the Newton Division.
May 7.
Meeting, in Wigan, of the Manchester Geological Society. - Meeting of Wigan Tradesmen to arrange as to the observance of holidays. - Suicide of James Ramsdale, joiner, Worsley Mesnes.
May 9.
Laying the Foundation Stone of a new Infant School for St. Joseph's Parish.
May 10.
Samuel Jones and Elizabeth Ann Lowe, of Lower Ince, drowned in the canal at Poolstock.
May 11.
Opening of the Liverpool Exhibition by the Queen.
May 14.
Speech by Colonel Blundell in the House of Commons on Mining Royalties.
May 15.
Annual Inspection of the Lancashire Hussars at Southport.
May 17.
At the inquest on a woman found drowned at Poolstock two men, named Webb and Churchill, censured for their "disgusting behaviour."
May 19.
Local Government Inquiry at Wigan with reference to the application for money to carry out street improvements. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Infirmary. Special Council Meeting to lay the new District Rate.
May 21.
News received in Wigan of the murder of the Rev. John and Mrs. Houghton, at the Methodist Mission station at Golbanti, East Africa. - Wigan Quarter Sessions: The new Recorder welcomed by the Mayor and Magistrates.
May 27.
Letter read from Mr. C. M. Percy at the meeting of the Council of the Ince Liberal Association declining to consent to again contest the constituency.
June 2.
Town Council Meeting: Resolutions passed that the books relating to the Gas Department be kept at the Borough Treasurer's office, and that no further prosecution be undertaken against Holt.
June 5.
Fire at the Kirkless Hall Farm.
June 6.
Death, at Llandudno, of Major Stott, of the 4th L.R.V.
June 7.
Defeat of the Government on the Home Rule Bill.
June 9.
Wesleyan Bazaar at Golborne. - Church Bazaar at Upholland.
June 10.
Unionist Demonstration in Wigan.
June 12.
Death of the Rev. Robert Walmesley, Vicar of St. Elizabeth's, Pennington Green, aged 44.
June 14.
Infirmary Gala.
June 18.
Selection, by the Wigan Liberal Council, of Mr. C. M. Percy as the candidate of the party for the borough at the General Election. - Meeting of the Ince Liberal Council: Adoption of Mr. G. P. Taylor, barrister, as their candidate.
June 19.
Inspection of the 4th L.R.V. at their Encampment at St. Anne's. - Adjourned Infirmary Gala. - Severe Thunderstorm: One man killed and two injured on the Mesnes.
June 21.
Mr. F. S. Powell selected by the Wigan Conservatives as their candidate at the Borough Election. - Colonel Blundell selected by the Conservatives in the Ince Division.
June 22.
Opening of the Election campaign in the Wigan and Ince Divisions.
June 23.
Prize Day at the Wigan Grammar School.
June 24.
Two men killed in a sand pit at Aspull.
June 27.
Laying of the Foundation Stone of the new Roman Catholic Church of St. Cuthbert's, Pemberton.
June 29.
Visit of Mr. Herbert Gladstone to Wigan: Great Liberal Demonstration. - Prize Day at the Wigan High School.
June 30.
Hearing of the Local Insurance Appeal Case, Macfarlane v. the Royal London Friendly Society. - General Holiday.
July 1.
Visit of Col. Sir F. Stanley to Wigan: Great Conservative Demonstration.
July 3.
Wigan Borough Election: Return of Mr. Powell.
July 5.
Mr. Michael Davitt at the Drill Hall.
July 6.
Town Council Meeting: The question as to the price of gas referred back to the Committee.
July 7.
Ince Election: Re-election of Colonel Blundell. - Leigh Election: Return of Mr. Caleb Wright.
July 8.
Newton Election: Return of Sir R. A. Cross.
July 10.
Conservative Demonstration in Haigh Park.
July 11.
Opening of a new Catholic Chapel at Horwich.
July 12.
Opening of the Ladyshore Colliery Arbitration Case.
July 14.
Wigan Quarter Sessions; 3 prisoners.
July 16.
Prosecution of Ashton Publicans under the Betting Act; heavy fines inflicted.
July 24.
Wigan Cricket Club 11th Annual Athletic Festival. - Laying the Foundation and Memorial Stones of a new Wesleyan Methodist School at Aspull.
July 29.
Volunteer Bazaar in the Drill Hall.
July 31.
Inquest on the body of Margaret Platt, a pit brow girl, killed at the Fir Tree House Colliery; the management censured.
Aug. 1.
Gas Explosion at Ladyshore Colliery; four men injured.
Aug. 4.
Town Council Meeting: The purchase of additional land for the Gasworks confirmed. - Opening of a Wesleyan Methodist Bazaar at Blackrod by the Countess of Crawford.
Aug. 7.
Conservative Pic-nic at Pemberton.
Aug. 9.
Presentation to Mr. G. P. Taylor, the Liberal Candidate at the Ince Election.
Aug. 10.
Public Presentation to the Mayor and Mayoress (Alderman and Mrs. Park) from the members of the Corporation and the Inhabitants. - Local Government Board Inquiry at Hindley. - Adjourned Meeting of Standish Ratepayers respecting the Burial Ground question and the Standish Charities.
Aug. 13.
Colliery Explosion at the Woodend Pit, Bedford Leigh: 38 lives lost.
Aug. 16.
Election in the Newton Division, caused by the elevation of Sir R. A. Cross to the House of Lords; return of the Conservative candidate, Mr. T. W. Legh.
Aug. 25.
Wigan Borough Licensing Sessions.
Aug. 26.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions.
Sept. 1.
Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to payment of Surveyor's Commission in connection with the Gasworks extensions.
Sept. 9.
Presentation to Mr. Alderman E. Smith by the local members of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows.
Sept. 15.
Experiments with Safety Lamps at Leigh.
Sept. 16.
Visit of Cardinal Manning to Wigan. - Revision of the List of Borough Voters. - Vestry Meeting at Ashton to consider the Burial Question.
Sept. 18.
James Wilson, secretary to the Wigan Orange Society, run over and killed at Ashton. - Suicide of James Ball, farmer, of Orrell. - The Foundation Stone of a new Church at Shevington laid by Mrs. Brandreth.
Sept. 22.
Half-yearly Meeting of the Shareholders in the Wigan Tramways Company.
Sept. 23.
Close of the Coroner's inquiry into the Wood End Colliery disaster.
Sept. 25.
Demonstration at Garswood to celebrate the formation of the Garswood Habitation of the Primrose League.
Sept. 27.
Laying the Foundation Stone of a new Baptist Chapel at Bryn.
Sept. 29.
Death, at Bournemouth, of Mrs. Ann Thicknesse, aged 54, wife of Archdeacon Thicknesse, and daughter of the late Mr. Ralph Thicknesse, of Beech Hill, Wigan.
Sept. 30.
Special Meeting of Borough Justices for the confirmation of licenses. - At a Special Meeting of the Town Council, Alderman Park accepts a unanimous requisition to become Mayor again for the following year.
Oct. 5.
Induction of the Rev. W. Hutton, the new Rector of Standish.
Oct. 6.
Town Council Meeting: Lively discussion as to the gas contracts and Surveyor's charges; resignation of Mr. Alderman Hopwood as Chairman of the Gas Committee.
Oct. 8.
Messrs. Lawrence and Sons' new Spinning Mill at Chorley destroyed by fire.
Oct. 14.
Summonses against Wigan publicans for keeping lotteries dismissed by the Borough Justices. - Death, at Sydney, Australia, of Dr. W. F. Mackenzie, formerly of Wigan.
Oct. 18.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Branch of the United Kingdom Alliance. - Presentations to the Rev. C. D. Pater, by the congregation of St. Michael's, on his leaving the parish.
Oct. 20.
Meeting in Wigan of the Provincial Grand Lodge of West Lancashire Freemasons.
Oct. 21.
Dedication of a Memorial Window in Standish Church to the late rector, Rev. Canon Brandreth.
Oct. 25.
Opening of Branch Lines at Hindley and Bamfurlong in connection with the London and North-Western Railway system.
Oct. 27.
Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions: Eight prisoners. - St. Catharine's Bazaar in the Public Hall.
Oct. 30.
Visit of the Wigan Mining School Students to the Darcy Lever Collieries. - Town Council Meeting.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections: Return of 7 Conservatives and 3 Liberals, a gain of one seat to the former.
Nov. 5.
Suicide at Hindley of a collier named James Boydell, after having made a savage attack on his wife.
Nov. 6.
Celebration by Wigan Freemasons of the Centenary of the Lodge of Antiquity, No. 178.
Nov. 8.
Hearing of the action, Ashton v. France, in the Lancashire Chancery Court at Manchester. - Conference of West Lancashire colliery masters and men respecting the proposed sliding scale.
Nov. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Town Council: Election of Mr. Alderman Park, Mayor for the fifth year in succession. Stormy discussion as to the appointment of committees and their chairmen. - Reception by the Mayor and Mayoress in the Borough Courts.
Nov. 12.
Lieutenant H. F. Eckersley killed at Kyettha, near Mingyan, Burmah, whilst leading the attack on the Kymandine Prince's forces.
Nov. 13.
Opening of a Conservative Club at Ashton by Lord Gerrard.
Nov. 15.
Visit of Dr. Page, Local Government Inspector, with reference to the sanitary condition of the borough.
Nov. 16.
First Eisteddfod at Pemberton. - Annual Distribution of Prizes at the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School.
Nov. 17.
Sale of Work at St. Paul's Schools, Wigan. - Presentation to Father Kirwan by the congregation of St. Joseph's.
Nov. 19.
Conservative Tea Party and Ball at Aspull.
Nov. 22.
Opening of the new Royal Court Theatre, Wigan. - Miners Conference in Manchester.
Nov. 25.
Conservative Soiree at Hindley.
Nov. 29.
Presentation to Father Monaghan by the congregation of St. Mary's.
Nov. 30.
Messrs. Arnott and Co.'s Paper Staining Works, at Golborne, totally destroyed by fire.
Dec. 1.
Town Council Meeting: Appointment of the Chairman of the Sanitary Committee; the question as to the increase in the price of gas and Hawkins' patent referred back.
Dec. 2.
Testing of the new holder at the Wigan Gas Works. - Judgment given in the action Lever and Co. v. Goodwin Brothers.
Dec. 3.
Announcement made of the appointment of the Rev. Harry Mitchell, Vicar of Pemberton, to the vicarage of Prescot.
Dec. 5.
Visit of Mr. Charles Bradlaugh, M.P., to Wigan. - Special Service at St. Jame's Church in memory of Lieutenant Eckersley.
Dec. 8.
"Principal Nero," a coloured man, convicted at Salford Sessions for obtaining money by false pretences.
Dec. 10.
Severe Gale: Wreck of the Southport and St. Anne's Lifeboats: 27 lives lost.
Dec. 11.
Sale of Work at Downall Green, opened by Mr. T. W. Legh, M.P.
Dec. 12.
Opening of the completed portion of the new Exchange Station, Liverpool.
Dec. 14.
Complimentary Banquet in the Wigan Public Hall, by the Conservatives in Wigan and the Ince Division, to Mr. F. S. Powell, M.P., and Colonel Blundell, M.P.
Dec. 15.
Public Meeting in connection with the Hospital Saturday and Sunday movement.
Dec. 16.
Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce. - The appeal by Mr. Herbert Fletcher against the Umpire's award in the Ladyshore Colliery arbitration, dismissed by the Queen's Bench.

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