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Local Chronology, 1884-85.


Dec. 24.
Opening of the new Reredos at St. Michael and All Angels' Church, presented by the Rev. C. D. Pater and Miss Pater.
Dec. 25.
Thomas Bowling, of Market-place, Wigan, found frozen to death in Borsdane Wood, Hindley. - Robert Kellett, mining engineer, found killed on the railway near Bryn.
Dec. 27.
Roper's Mill, Pemberton, destroyed by fire. - Old Folk's Treats at Abram and Upholland.
Dec. 28.
Farewell Sermon at St. Catherine's Church by the Rev. John Fairhurst.
Dec. 29.
Serious Railway Collision at Crow Nest Junction, Hindley; 30 persons injured.
Dec. 31.
Inquiry into the death of a collier killed at Park Lane Collieries; recommendation by Mr. Hall as to the timbering of mines in West Lancashire.


Jan. 1.
Fancy Fair at St. Mary's. - Sale of Work at the Wesleyan Schools.
Jan. 2.
Lecture in Greenough-street Schools by Mr. George Harris Lea, on "Free Trade versus Fair Trade."
Jan. 5.
Serious Machinery Accident at Pennyhurst Mill, Wallgate. - Public Meeting at Shevington with reference to the township water supply.
Jan. 6.
Old Folk's Treats at Golborne and Hindley.
Jan. 7.
Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the Holt and Caldwell prosecutions, the gasworks and its finances, and the new slaughter-houses in New-square. - Public Meeting at Hindley to protest against the Wigan Corporation scheme under the new Seats Bill. Similar protests at Ince, Aspull, and Orrell.
Jan. 8.
Children's Party in the Public Hall, given by the Mayor and Mayoress.
Jan. 9.
Meeting of Farmers in Wigan to consider the rent question. - Treat by the Mayor of Wigan to aged poor. - Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society in the Wigan Mining School: Interesting discussion on safety lamps. - Meeting of the Representatives of the Out-Townships with reference to the Redistribution of Seats Bill.
Jan. 11.
Death, at Aldenham Lodge, Herts., of Mr. Thomas Part, solicitor, aged 86 years.
Jan. 12.
Public Meeting at Pemberton on the Seats Bill: Resolution adopted objecting to join Wigan in any scheme for two members.
Jan. 13.
Free Dinner to poor people in the Volunteer Drill Hall. - Motion in the Lancashire Chancery Court with reference to the will of the late Mr. T. Knowles, M.P.
Jan. 14.
Masonic Ball. - Lord Crawford's Rent Audit: Announcement of reductions in farmers' rents. - Resolution not to join Wigan under the Seats Bill unanimously adopted by the representatives of the out-townships.
Jan. 18.
Hospital Sunday.
Jan. 19.
Petition agreed to for the voluntary winding-up of the Appley Bridge and West Lancashire Corn Mill Company, Limited.
Jan. 20.
United Kingdom Alliance Meeting in Wigan.
Jan. 22.
Volunteer Officers' Ball.
Jan. 23.
New Redistribution Scheme for Wigan adopted at a special meeting of the Town Council, but objected to by the representatives of the out-townships. - Inquiry by the Boundary Commissioner at Manchester as to the new divisions of South-East Lancashire.
Jan. 24.
Consecration of the new Church of St. Paul's, Adlington, by the Bishop of Manchester. - Inquiry, at Liverpool, by the Hon. T. H. W. Pelham, Boundary Commissioner, into the new divisions of South-West Lancashire, and the petitions by the Wigan Corporation for an alteration of the borough boundaries.
Jan. 26.
Conference of Coal Owners and Miners with reference to the basis for a proposed wages sliding scale.
Jan. 27.
Lowton Ploughing Match.
Jan. 28.
Conservative Lecture at Pemberton by Mr. H. Byron Reed. - Ellen Brooks, factory operative, drowned in the Douglas at the Seven Stars; recommendation by the jury that the footpath should be made secure for passengers.
Jan. 29.
Announcement made of the intended resignation of Mr. Maskell W. Peace, Town Clerk of Wigan since Sept. 24th, 1866. - Old Folk's Treat at Pemberton. - Twenty-ninth Makerfield Ploughing Match. - Fire at Hindley Saw Mill.
Jan. 30.
Resignation to Mr. Councillor H. Ackerley.
Jan. 31.
Pennyhurst Mill totally destroyed by fire; damages £20,000.
Feb. 1.
Opening of the new Railway from Bolton to Atherton.
Feb. 2.
Meeting in the Wigan Public Hall to denounce the British Opium Trade.
Feb. 4.
Wigan Borough Sessions; eight prisoners. - Quarterly Town Council Meeting: Discussions as to the granting of slaughter-house licences and the extension of the gasworks. - Resolution passed abandoning the Wigan Improvement Bill; Mr. James Platt appointed paid auditor; and the resignation of Mr. Peace accepted, and a motion passed that in future the Town Clerk be required to devote his whole time to the duties of the office. The question of Mr. Ackerley's resignation, after an animated discussion, deferred until the next meeting. - Lord Gerard's annual Rent Dinner.
Feb. 8.
Mr. Charles Bradlaugh, M.P., at the Circus.
Feb. 9.
Summonses against Wigan Grocers under the Food and Drugs Act heard and dismissed. - Aspull decides in public meeting to endeavour to have that township taken from the Westhoughton and added to the new Ince division.
Feb. 10.
Order made in the Lancashire Chancery Court for the voluntary winding-up of the affairs of the Wigan Spinning Company, Limited.
Feb. 11.
Liberal Club Ball.
Feb. 12.
Conversazione and Dance given by the Mayor and Mayoress in the Drill Hall. - Two men killed and two injured by an accident at the Bamfurlong Collieries.
Feb. 14.
Presentation of Prizes to the members of the 4th L.R.V. Shooting Club.
Feb. 16.
Reception of Sunday and Day School Teachers by the Mayor and Mayoress at the Drill Hall. - Sudden death of Dr. J. L. Molyneux, of the Brooklands, Upholland, aged 42 years. - Ratepayers' Meeting at Ashton to consider the new St. Helens and Wigan Junction Railways Bill.
Feb. 18.
Special Town Council Meeting to receive Counsel's opinion with reference to the resignation of Mr. Ackerley. Resolution passed not to accept the opinion or the resignation.
Feb. 20.
Death of Mr. Francis Percy, aged 67 years, manager of the Kirkless Ironworks. - Messrs. T. Swarbrick and W. A. Byrom re-elected Burgess Auditors.
Feb. 25.
Special Town Council Meeting: Mr. Councillor Ackerley's resignation again declined by 16 to 13 votes. - First Annual Meeting of the Wigan Chamber of Commerce.
Feb. 27.
Local Government Inquiry at Blackrod.
Feb. 28.
Evidence given by the Hon. Mrs. W. Gerard in Lord Durham's matrimonial suit.
Mar. 1.
Death, after a brief illness, at his residence, Woodlands, Buckingham, of Mr. Charles Herbert Whaley, son of the late Mr. Thomas Whaley, of Taplow Lodge, Bucks.
Mar. 3.
Issue of the Report of the Sub-Committee on Railway Rates and Charges. - Death, at Westfield House, Rugby, of Mr. Richard Pennington, J.P., of Hindley, aged 85 years. - Death of Mr. Wm. Nickson, of Orrell Gardens, aged 78 years.
Mar. 4.
Town Council Meeting: Resolutions passed that the gas accounts be audited by the professional auditor, and that the new Town Clerk be paid £700 per annum. - Wigan Public Hall Association Meeting. - Miners' Conference at Brimingham.
Mar. 6.
Application for a Mandamus granted by the High Court of Justice compelling the Town Council to declare Mr. Ackerley's seat vacant. - Claim against the Pemberton Local Board for compensation water dismissed by the county magistrates.
Mar. 9.
Opening of New Line from Platt Bridge to Pennington.
Mar. 11.
Special Town Council Meeting: Counsel instructed to appear in response to the mandamus.
Mar. 13.
Annual Meeting of the shareholders of the Wigan Tramways Company.
Mar. 14.
Football Cup-tie Competition: Wigan v. Aspull.
Mar. 16.
Lecture at Ince, by Mr. C. M. Percy, on "The Liberalism of the Future." - James Tait, travelling draper, Dicconson-street, committed for trial on the charge of fraudulent bankruptcy.
Mar. 17.
Deputations from the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School interview the City of London Livery Company.
Mar. 21.
Motion made by Mr. N. Eckersley, M.P., in the House of Commons, that Wigan be struck out of the schedule of the new Seats Bill of towns which had to lose one member. Voting: For the motion 65; against, 91; majority, 26. - Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 22.
Presentation of a Memorial Window to Our Lady's Chapel, Aspull, by Lady Stafford, in memory of her mother, Mrs. F. S. Gerard.
Mar. 23.
The case of "The Queen v. the Wigan Corporation" argued in the High Court of Justice; the Council ordered to declare the seat vacant. - Presentation to the Rev. John Fairhurst.
Mar. 26.
Local Government Inquiry as to the extenstion of the Wigan Gas Works.
Mar. 30.
Band of Hope Festival in the Drill Hall.
April 1.
Prolonged Sitting of the Town Council: Mr. Ackerley's seat declared vacant; the question of Mr. Marsden's new premises in Wallgate referred back to the committee; the resignation of Mr. Alderman Darlington accepted, his appointment as Town Clerk confirmed, and a cordial vote of thanks awarded to Mr. Peace for his services to the town.
April 6.
Opening of a Liberal Club at Pemberton.
April 9.
Mr. T. Stuart returned unopposed for the vacancy in All Saints' Ward.
April 10.
Formation of a Farmers' Club for Wigan and District.
April 11.
Decision come to at a Miners' Conference in Wigan to bring out a Labour Candidate for the Ince Division.
April 13.
Liberal Meeting in Hope-street School: Address by Mr. Geo. Harris Lea. - Adoption of Colonel McCorquodale as Liberal Candidate for the Newton Division.
April 14.
Conversazione by the Wigan Kyrle Society in the Drill Hall. - Return of seven of the retiring Wigan Guardians, and Mr. John Woods in place of Mr. T. Smith.
April 16.
Fancy Fair at St. John's, Wigan. - Third Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society. - Adoption by the Council of the Liberal Association for the Ince Electoral Division of Mr. C. M. Percy as the candidate for the party.
April 17.
Death of Canon Brandreth, rector of Standish, aged 72 years.
April 18.
Mr. Eckersley intimates his acceptance of the invitation to become Conservative Candidate for the Ince Division.
April 20.
Mr. C. Bradlaugh, M.P., at the Public Hall. - Meeting of Miners to consider over-production and the selection of a Parliamentary Representative. - Conservative Meeting at Pemberton in celebration of "Primrose Day."
April 21.
Funeral of the late Canon Brandreth in Standish Churchyard.
April 22.
Town Council Meeting to consider the estimates for District Rate. - Wigan Borough Sessions; four prisoners.
April 23.
Presentation of a new Canopy to Father Chapman at St. Joseph's Chapel.
April 25.
Liberal Meeting in the Public Hall: Adoption of Mr. C. M. Percy as the Liberal Candidate for the Ince Division. - Resolution passed at Miners' Conference that the miners could select and support their own candidate. - Close of the Rugby Football Competition: Victory of Wigan. - Sale of Work at Goose Green.
April 26.
Sermon by the Bishop of Manchester at Standish on the death of Canon Brandreth.
April 27.
Adoption by the Conservative party of Mr. F. S. Powell as the Candidate at the General Election.
April 29.
Wigan Mechanics' Institution Annual Meeting. - Presentation to Mr. Jonathan Longbotham on his leaving the Norley Collieries.
May 1.
Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society in Wigan: Discussion on the use of Gunpowder in Mines and Safety Lamps.
May 6.
Town Council Meeting: Discussions on the Wages of Scavengers, the Professional Auditorship, the Chairmanship of the Parliamentary Committee, Mr. Marsden's Property, and the Management of the Sewage Farm.
May 7.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Infirmary. - Death of Mr. Joseph Meek, J.P., of Swinley Hall, aged 75 years.
May 8.
The House of Commons assents, on the motion of Mr. Egerton, to the name of the Ince Division being changed to Hindley. - Presentations to Inspector Keir and Sergeant Savage on their retirement from the County Police Force.
May 13.
Formation of a Wigan and District Football Association.
May 15.
Conservative Meeting at Aspull: Address by Mr. Frank Hardcastle.
May 23.
Inspection of the Lancashire Hussars at Southport. - Presentation to Mr. T. Wall, J.P., by his employés.
May 25.
Infirmary Gala in the Park. - Shocking death from neglect of a child in Holland's-yard, Lower Morris-street.
May 27.
Liberal Meeting in Scholes: Adoption of Mr. T. Worthington as candidate at the Municipal Elections.
May 28.
Conservative meeting at Hindley: Address by Mr. N. Eckersley, M.P.
May 29.
Inspection of the 4th L.R.V. at the encampment at Scarborough.
May 30.
Death of the Rev. Charles Thomas Quirk, rector of Golborne, aged 73 years.
June 1.
Confirmation by the Bishop of Manchester at Standish.
June 2.
Conference of Permanent Relief Society Representatives at Manchester.
June 3.
First Annual Dinner of the Wigan Rugby Football Club.
June 4.
Town Council Meeting: Cattle in Woodcock-street, and the auditing of the Accounts the principal matters discussed.
June 5.
Liberal Meeting at Hindley.
June 8.
Death, very suddenly, at Hasely Manor, near Warwick, of Mr. Thomas Fisher, M.D., of Stone House, Pemberton, in his 82nd year. - Presentation to the Rev. Father Kirwan at St. Joseph's Chapel. - On the motion of Lord Crawford the House of Lords replaces Ince instead of Hindley as the name of the new Parliamentary Division.
June 10.
Death of the Rev. Alfred Hewlett, D. D., vicar of Astley, in his 82nd year.
June 15.
Presentation to the Rev. D. Price, late curate of St. Thomas's, Wigan.
June 18.
Colliery Explosion at Clifton Hall, Pendleton; 177 lives lost. - Presentation of Prizes at the Wigan High School By Mrs. Thomas Taylor.
June 20.
Speech Day at the Wigan Grammar School. - Conservative Demonstration in Haigh Park. - Laying of Foundation Stone of a new Primitive Methodist Chapel at Ince.
June 22.
Special Town Council Meeting with reference to the working of the Sewage Farm. - Liberal Demonstration at Pemberton. - Swimming Gala at the Wigan Baths. - Unveiling a bust of Cardinal Manning at St. Joseph's.
June 27.
The Foundation Stone of an Independent Methodist School Chapel at Bryn laid by Colonel McCorquodale.
June 30.
Re-election of Sir Richard Cross for South-West Lancashire on his appointment as Home Secretary in the Conservative Government. - Death at Aldwinch, Northamptonshire, of the Rev. Sir Henry J. Gunning, Bart., in his 82nd year. The deceased gentleman was rector of Wigan and rural dean from 1833 to 1864.
July 1.
Town Council Meeting: The increased Gas capital and the Circus building discussed. - The St. Helens and Wigan Junction Railways Bill passed by the House of Lords' committee.
July 2.
Sale of Work at Aspull opened by Lady Stafford.
July 4.
Presentation at Ashfield, by the Mayor and members of the Corporation, of a piece of plate and illuminated address to Mr. Maskell W. Peace, on his retirement from the Town Clerkship of Wigan.
July 8.
Stoppage of work at the Wigan Victoria Mills.
July 11.
Demonstration by Temperance Societies in Wigan.
July 18.
Wigan Cricket Club Athletic Festival.
July 22.
Borough Sessions; 10 prisoners.
July 23.
Commencement of the extension of the Wigan Gas Works.
Aug. 1.
Reception at Pemberton of Sergeant John Greenall on his return from the Soudan.
Aug. 3.
Wigan and District Floral and Horticultural Show in Westwood Park.
Aug. 4.
Mr. Thomas Shortrede, agent for the Winstanley estates, found shot through the head in the grounds of his residence, Park House, Winstanley. An open verdict afterwards returned.
Aug. 5.
Town Council Meeting: The question of the abolition of the Wigan Pleasure Fairs adjourned.
Aug. 6.
Great Liberal Open-air Meeting at Newtown.
Aug. 10.
Sudden death, near Billinge, of Mr. James Green, butcher, Wigan, aged 51 years.
Aug. 12.
Deputation to Lord Iddesleigh from Provincial Free Libraries.
Aug. 17.
Sudden death of Mr. James Birchall, of York-street, Wigan, aged 67, one of the oldest engine drivers on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.
Aug. 20.
Opening of the new Wing at the Infirmary by Miss Gidlow, the donor; reception by the Mayor and Mayoress.
Aug. 26.
Wigan Brewster Sessions.
Aug. 27.
County Brewster Sessions. - Acceptance by Mr. N. Eckersley, M.P., of plans for the Free Library at Hindley.
Aug. 29.
Re-opening of St. John's Chapel, after renovation.
Sept. 2.
Town Council Meeting: The Pleasure Fair question adjourned until the annual meeting.
Sept. 7.
Visit of Cardinal Manning to Wigan: Great meeting of the League of the Cross in the Drill Hall.
Sept. 9.
Opening of the Revision Courts for the borough and county divisions.
Sept. 11.
Presentation at Wigan to several of the explorers after the Clifton Hall Colliery Explosion.
Sept. 14.
Meeting of Roman Catholics in Wigan to protest against exclusion from public offices. - Meeting of Conservatives in the Public Hall: Announcement of the retirement of Mr. N. Eckersley, and selection of Col. Blundell as candidate of the party for the Ince Division.
Sept. 21.
Application by the Corporation for an injunction against the owners of the Circus building declined.
Sept. 24.
The water supply to the borough turned off from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. owing to the drought.
Sept. 25.
Removal of Superintendent Weir from the Pemberton to the Leigh Police Division.
Sept. 26.
Conference of Elective Auditors at Manchester.
Sept. 28.
Lecture by the Rev. J. Guinness Rogers in connection with the Centenary of St. Paul's Chapel, Wigan.
Sept. 29.
Opening of a series of Lectures in the Public Hall, on Christian Evidences.
Oct. 5.
Serious Boiler Explosion at the Trentham Manure and Bone Works, Newtown.
Oct. 7.
Town Council Meeting: Discussion on the Street Improvement expenses and Coke contracts.
Oct. 12.
Lecture by Mr. Arthur Arnold, M.P., on "The Free Land League."
Oct. 14.
Public Meeting of Roman Catholics on the Free Education question. - Presentation of Prizes by Colonel Blundell at the Ince Central Schools.
Oct. 16.
Great Liberal Meeting in the Drill Hall: Addresses my Mr. H. H. Fowler, M.P., and Colonel McCorquodale.
Oct. 17.
David Wm. Jones, artist, of Poolstock, found dead in Dean Wood.
Oct. 20.
Inquest on the body of Jones. A verdict of death from natural causes returned. - Liberal Demonstration at Aspull.
Oct. 22.
Sudden death of the Bishop of Manchester. - Serious affray between poachers and gamekeepers in Garswood Park. - Sale of Work at Pemberton. - Death of Mr. L. A. Majendie, husband of Lady Margaret Lindsay, second daughter of the late Lord Crawford.
Oct. 26.
Rejoicings at Lathom House on the coming of age of Lord Skelmersdale. - First Annual Meeting of the Wigan Kyrle Society.
Oct. 27.
Great Liberal Meeting in the Circus.
Oct. 29.
Conservative Demonstration in the Drill Hall; Addresses by Mr. F. S. Powell and Mr. Ashmead Bartlett, M.P.
Oct. 31.
Town Council Meeting: The sale of coke again discussed.
Nov. 1.
Six Conservatives and four Liberals returned as Town Councillors in place of five Conservatives and five Liberals who retired. - Colonel Blundell at the Hindley Public Hall.
Nov. 3.
Decision given in the Mining case of Berry v. the Rainford Coal Company.
Nov. 4.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: 13 prisoners. - Meeting in connection with the Hospital Saturday and Sunday movement.
Nov. 5.
Meeting to establish a branch in Wigan of the Girls' Friendly Society.
Nov. 9.
Presentation of an address to Mr. Gladstone on his passage through Wigan to Midlothian. - Deputation to the Mayor requesting him to accept the mayoralty for a fourth year; the request declined. - Over-winding Accident at the Middle Place Colliery, Ince; one man killed. - Sudden death of Mr. Thomas Swarbrick, of Church-street, aged 42 years, one of the burgess auditors. - Annual Meeting of the Town Council: Mr. Park re-elected Mayor. The Fair question again postponed.
Nov. 12.
Liberal Demonstration in the Circus.
Nov. 13.
Meeting of the Farmers' Club to consider the Parliamentary Candidates' replies to their questions.
Nov. 17.
Notices given by the Miners for an advance of 10 per cent. in wages.
Nov. 19.
Receipt of the Writs for the Parliamentary Elections.
Nov. 23.
Nomination for the Wigan Borough Election. - Great Conservative Meeting in the Drill Hall. - Presentation of the Mayor's portrait to the Free Library.
Nov. 24.
Nominations for the Ince, Westhoughton, Newton, and Chorley Elections.
Nov. 25.
Polling for the Wigan Borough Elections: Mr. F. S. Powell (C.), 3637; Mr. George Harris Lea (L.), 2721. - Nomination for the Ormskirk Election.
Nov. 27.
Ince Election: Colonel Blundell (C.), 4271; Mr. C. M. Percy (L.), 3725. - Westhoughton Election: Mr. F. Hardcastle (C.), 6011; Mr E. Cross (L.), 3741. - Election of a Burgess Auditor: Mr. T. Smith returned by a majority of 706 over Mr. G. J. Healy.
Nov. 28.
Suicide of Mr. James Henry, student at the Roman Catholic College at Upholland.
Nov. 30.
Ormskirk, Leigh, Chorley, and Newton Elections: Return of Mr. A. B. Forward (C.), Mr. Caleb Wright (L.), General Fielden (C.), and Sir R. A. Cross (C.).
Dec. 1.
Railway Collision at Hindley.
Dec. 7.
Application granted to Mr. Councillor Worthington for an extension of time in which to make his return of election expenses.
Dec. 9.
Town Council Meeting: The motion for the abolition of the Pleasure Fairs withdrawn. - Decision given in the Aspull Sewage case.
Dec. 14.
Jubilee Meeting in Wigan of the Church Pastoral Aid Society.
Dec. 15.
Conservative Tea Party at Ince. - Discovery of the body of a child in the waiting-room at Wigan Station of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.

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