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Local Chronology, 1883-84.


Dec. 21.
Death at London of Caroline Walmesley, widow of Mr. W. G. Walmesley, of Westwood.
Dec. 27.
Scholes Ward Election. Poll: Mr. T. Knowles, 1119; Mr. C. M. Percy, 1116.
Dec. 29.
Mr. T. W. Barker, solicitor, of Southport, coroner for this division of the county, killed by a runaway tram engine at Newtown, on the Wigan and Pemberton line. - Seventh Annual Old Folks' Treat at Upholland.


Jan. 1.
Sale of Work at the Wesleyan School, Standishgate.
Jan. 2.
Mrs. Eckersley's Annual Treat to the Workhouse Inmates. - Funeral of the late Mr. Barker, at Preston Patrick, near Kirkby Lonsdale.
Jan. 3.
Opening of the Government Inquiry into the Tramcar Accident. - Treat to the Aged Poor by the Mayor and Mayoress. - Death of Mr. Thomas Gidlow, in his 68th year, at Hollywood House, Heaton.
Jan. 4.
Meeting in the Wigan Mining School of the Manchester Geological Society. - Distribution of Certificates by Lord Crawford to the Members of the Wigan Centre of the St. John Ambulance Association.
Jan. 6.
Sudden fall of the Arch of Pilkington Old Bridge, over the London and North-Western Railway at Coppull, whilst preparations were being made for taking it down; seven of the workmen killed and several others injured.
Jan. 7.
Special Town Council Meeting: Election of Mr. H. S. Woodcock Governor of the Wigan Grammar School in place of Mr. T. Knowles.
Jan. 10.
Opening by the Mayoress of the New School Premises in connection with the Wigan Trinity Presbyterian Church.
Jan. 12.
Sudden death of Mr. George T. Moore, solicitor, of Warrington, aged 54 years. - Presentation of Prizes by Mrs. ffarington to the successful Competitors in the Wigan Shooting Club.
Jan. 12.
Strike of Mill Hands at Golborne against a Reduction in Wages.
Jan. 14.
Close of the inquiry into the Coppull Bridge Accident: Verdict, "Accidental Death." - Public Nomination at Ormskirk of Candidates for the vacant County Coronership.
Jan. 16.
Polling at Ormskirk for Coroner in succession to the late Mr. T. W. Barker. Result: Mr. S. Brighouse, 1,988; Mr. H. L. Riley, 792; Majority, 1,196. - Robert Nixon, coal dealer, of Rawtenstall, found guilty at the Liverpool County Sessions, of obtaining coal by fraud from the Garswood Coal Company, and sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment.
Jan. 18.
Lecture at the Wigan Public Hall by Mr. C. Bradlaugh, M.P., on "Perpetual Pensions." - Annual Conversazione of the Wigan Art and Sketching Club.
Jan. 20.
Hospital Sunday.
Jan. 23.
Reception by the Mayor and Mayoress.
Jan. 24.
Death of Mr. J. E. Wilson, Greenough-street, one of the Borough Burgess Auditors. - Close of the Coroner's Inquiry into the death of Mr. Barker. Thomas Hale (manager of the Wigan Tramways Company) and Joseph Thompson (driver) committed for Manslaughter. - Children's Dance and Ball given by the Mayoress. - Sudden death, at his residence, Euxton Hall, of Mr. W. M. Ince Anderton, aged 58 years.
Jan. 29.
Funeral of the late Mr. W. M. Ince Anderton at Euxton.
Jan. 30.
Wigan Quarter Sessions, 16 prisoners.
Jan. 31.
Meeting to form a Chamber of Commerce for Wigan and District. - Distribution of Prizes by Mrs. Eckersley to the successful students at the Mining and Mechanical School.
Feb. 5.
Lecture by Mr. F. S. Powell in the Wigan Public Hall, on "The Political Situation."
Feb. 6.
Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the Proposed Joint Railway Station, the Free Library and Darlington-street east.
Feb. 7.
Makerfield Ploughing Match.
Feb. 8.
The Indictment in the Pemberton Tram Accident cut by the Grand Jury at the Liverpool Assizes.
Feb. 11.
Tea Party to celebrate the Opening of Scholes Liberal Club.
Feb. 20.
Fire at Haydock Lodge Lunatic Asylum. - Formation of a Branch in Wigan of the White Cross Army.
Feb. 22.
Messrs. W. B. Johnson and W. A. Byrom elected Burgess Auditors. - End of the Golborne Cotton Strike.
Feb. 26.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society. - Presentation to Major F. S. Gerard by the Members of the Aspull Hunt Club. - Presentation of Prizes at St. Thomas's Schools by Mr. F. S. Powell.
Feb. 29.
First Meeting of the newly-formed Chamber of Commerce.
Mar. 1.
Celebration of the Re-opening of the Wesleyan Day Schools, Standishgate. - Deputation to Mr. Sheriff Smith from the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School, with respect to the London City Guilds.
Mar. 5.
Town Council Meeting: The gas profits, repairs of back yards, &c. discussed. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Public Hall Association.
Mar. 7.
Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society in Wigan: Mr. Hall on Lighting and Blasting in Mines.
Mar. 8.
Eugene Louis Fawcett, letter carrier, accidently shot in the Wigan Post Office by another Messenger. - Unopposed Election of four Churchmen, three Roman Catholics, two Congregationalists, and one Wesleyan as Members of the Wigan School Board.
Mar. 13.
Warrants issued for the apprehension of John Yates Mawson, accountant and sharebroker, for embezzlement and forgery.
Mar. 15.
Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 21.
Death of Colin Hodkinson, aged 19, from injuries received during a football match at Wigan, on March 8th.
Mar. 25.
Sunday Closing Meeting in the Public Hall.
Mar. 28.
Re-union of Old Scholars at the New Jerusalem Schools.
April 1.
Opening of the Wigan Junction Railway for passenger traffic.
April 2.
Town Council Meeting: Resignation of Mr. W. B. Johnson, Burgess Auditor.
April 5.
One man killed and three injured by an explosion of gunpowder at the Taylor Pit, Standish Lower Ground.
April 8.
Mr. T. Swarbrick elected Burgess Auditor in room of Mr. Johnson. - Exhibition Debate by the Wigan Parliamentary Debating Society.
April 9.
Meeting of the Wigan Liberal Council: Adoption of Mr. George Harris Lea as Liberal Candidate for the borough. - Visit to Wigan of the Lancashire and Cheshire Branch of the British Medical Association.
April 10.
Declaration of the voting for Election of Board of Guardians.
April 15.
Conservative Demonstration at the Wigan Theatre: Addresses delivered by the Borough Members. - Arrest of Mawson by the Spanish Authorities at San Sebastion, whither he had absconded.
April 19.
Laying of the Foundation Stone of a new Church School at Pemberton, by Colonel Blundell. - Election in Swinley Ward to fill the vacancy caused by the bankruptcy of Mawson. Result of the Poll: Mr. W. B. Johnson, 352; Mr. H. Glover, 245.
April 21.
Death, at his London residence, Frankfort House, Fitzjohn Avenue, of Mr. John Lancaster, of Bilton Grange, Rugby, aged 69 years. Mr. Lancaster represented the Borough of Wigan from 1868 to 1874. He was for many years Chairman of the Wigan Coal and Iron Co., and Chairman and one of the promoters of the Lancashire Union Railway.
April 25.
Interment of the remains of Mr. John Lancaster at Bilton.
April 28.
Death of Mr. Charles Edward Driffield, for 31 years Coroner for the West Derby Division of the County.
April 29.
Closing of the Wigan Day Nursery. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Mechanics' Institution.
May 1.
Roman Catholic Bazaar at Standish.
May 2.
Presentation to the Rev. E. A. Dury, vicar of St. Catherine's, by the parishioners.
May 3.
Final heat Wigan Union Football Charity Cup Competition. Presentation of the cup to the successful club, Aspull, by Mr. G. H. Lea.
May 5.
Opening of a Working Men's Club at Poolstock.
May 7.
Death at Hastings of Major Frederic Sewallis Gerard, formerly of Aspull House, aged 72 years. - Town Council Meeting: Stormy discussion as to Mr. Johnson's resignation and contracts given by the Gas Committee. - Wigan Borough Sessions. - Annual meeting of the Wigan Infirmary.
May 14.
Formation of a Volunteer Fire Brigade for Pemberton.
May 17.
Special Town Council Meeting: Laying of a new district rate.
May 18.
Opening of the new Roman Catholic Chapel of St. Marie of the Annunciation at Standish.
May 20.
Inspection of the Lancashire Hussars at Southport.
May 21.
Arrival in Wigan of Mawson from Spain. Mawson committed for trial at the Liverpool Assizes.
May 22.
Notice issued of the winding up of the Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Company, Limited. - The Hallgate Club Company fined for breach of excise regulations.
May 28.
Notice issued for the closing of all Public Elementary Schools in the borough in consequence of a serious epidemic of scarlet fever. - Consecration and opening of a new Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady and All Saints, at Parbold. - Liberal meeting at Ashton.
June 2.
Gala in the Mesnes Park in aid of the Wigan Infirmary.
June 4.
Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the closing of the Park Gates and the Rail system.
June 6.
Inspection of the 4th L.R.V. at their encampment at Deganwy.
June 10.
Death of Mrs. James Gidlow, of Arley Hall, aged 73 years.
June 14.
Formation of a Wigan Industrial Brigade.
June 16.
Swimming Gala at the Public Baths.
June 17.
Tea Meeting to celebrate the 25th year of the ministry of the Rev. E. Franks.
June 19.
Presentation of Prizes at the Wigan High School.
June 21.
Laying of the Foundation Stone of the Volunteer Drill Hall in Powell-street, Wigan, by Lieut.-Col. the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres.
June 27.
Arrangements come to by which Mr. C. G. Jackson took possession of certain of the collieries of the Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Co.
June 30.
Notices issued for a reduction of 10 per cent. in miners' wages in West Lancashire. - Local Government Inquiry at Pemberton.
July 1.
Public examination under the Bankruptcy Act of Mr. J. Y. Mawson. - Capt. Alison, fomerly Chief Constable of Wigan, appointed Chief Constable of the County of Somerset.
July 2.
Town Council Meeting: The Extension of the Gasworks.
July 3.
Public Meeting at Hindley to discuss the proposed alteration of Hindley Fair day.
July 5.
Presentation to Mr. J. Dawber, Mus. Bac., by the Society of Professional Musicians. - Conservative Demonstration in Haigh Park.
July 9.
Conference between West Lancashire Colliery Proprietors and their Miners on the wages question.
July 12.
Band of Hope Demonstration in Westwood Park.
July 15.
Meeting of the Wigan Liberal Council on the Franchise Bill.
July 16.
Stoppage of work by West Lancashire Miners.
July 19.
Wigan Athletic Sports: Distribution of Prizes by the Countess of Crawford. - Show of Window Plants and Canaries at Ince.
July 22.
Thomas Barton, jun., sentenced to two years' imprisonment; William Dawber, six months; James Whittle, twelve months; and Peter Turton, eighteen months' imprisonment for frauds on the Wigan Coal and Iron Company.
July 23.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: Thirteen prisoners. - Partial resumption of work at the West Lancashire Collieries.
July 24.
The Sovereign Cotton Mill, Warrington-lane, worked by the Executors of Mr. T. Knowles, M.P., burned down; damages, £20,000.
July 28.
Mawson tried at the Liverpool Assizes for forgery and embezzlement, and sentenced to seven years' penal servitude.
July 29.
General resumption of work by the Miners. - Fire at the Hindley Conservative Club.
July 30.
Death at Aix les Baines of Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Leigh, wife of Mr. Roger Leigh, M.P. for Rochester.
July 31.
Public Meeting at Shevington with reference to the water supply.
Aug. 1.
William Holt, treasurer for the Borough of Wigan, apprehended under a warrant for embezzlement and falsification of the borough accounts.
Aug. 6.
Town Council Meeting: The frauds on the borough.
Aug. 7.
Garden Party at Standish Hall.
Aug. 8.
Annual Show of the Wigan and District Floral and Horticultural Society.
Aug. 11.
James Heaton, engine winder, charged with manslaughter, arising out of an accident at Pemberton Collieries, but discharged.
Aug. 12.
Liberal Demonstration in the Circus on the Franchise Bill.
Aug. 16.
Gala and Sports in Westwood Park. - Laying of the Memorial Stone of a new Independent Methodist Free Church School at Platt Bridge, by Mr. W. Johnson.
Aug. 18.
Re-opening of the Wigan Elementary Schools.
Aug. 19.
John Caldwell, Professional Auditor to the borough, apprehended on charge of being concerned in the frauds of the Corporation.
Aug. 25.
Special Town Council Meeting: Mr. W. T. Wanklyn appointed Borough Treasurer in the place of Holt discharged.
Aug. 27.
Wigan Borough Brewster Sessions.
Aug. 28.
Wigan County Brewster Sessions. - Presentation to Mr. Geo. Gilroy by the members of the Ince Local Board.
Sept. 3.
Town Council Meeting: Discussions as to officials and private works, the Corporation accounts, and the cost of deputations.
Sept. 5.
Arrest of John Reynolds, former clerk of Caldwell's, charged with conspiracy in connection with the Wigan frauds.
Sept. 7.
Death at Newholm, Dumfries, of Mr. John Copland, aged 54 years, formerly of Wigan.
Sept. 8.
Committal of Holt, Caldwell, and Reynolds to the Liverpool Assizes, the first two charged with larceny and falsification of accounts, and all three charged with conspiring to defraud the Corporation.
Sept. 11.
Application for a Music Hall licence for the Circus refused by the Magistrates.
Sept. 13.
Garden Party by the Mayor and Mayoress in the Mesnes Park.
Sept. 16.
Revision of the Borough Voting Lists. - First meeting of the creditors of Messrs. Joseph Meek and Sons, Wigan.
Sept. 17.
Opening of the Quadrant Café. - Opening of new Church Schools at Pemberton by Sir Richard Cross, Bart., M.P.
Sept. 18.
Death at his residence, Ellesmere Park, Eccles, of Major Jonathan Waddington, aged 60 years. - Visit to Wigan of the Naval Officers of the Argentine Republic.
Sept. 21.
Mr. Thomas Livesley, of Ashton-in-Makerfield, killed by lightning on the summit of Snowdon.
Sept. 22.
Opening of Belle Green Mission School, Ince.
Sept. 26.
Presentation of Addresses at Wigan to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P., on his return from Scotland.
Sept. 29.
Opening of the 27th Session of the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School: Distribution of Prizes by Mr. F. S. Powell.
Oct. 1.
Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the duties of officials.
Oct. 2.
Presentation of his portrait to Mr. F. S. Powell by Bradford Conservatives.
Oct. 3.
Death of Mrs. Blundell, wife of Colonel Henry Blundell-Hollinshead-Blundell, of Deysbrook, Lancashire.
Oct. 11.
Conservative Demonstration in the Circus. Addresses by Mr. E. Gibson, Q.C., M.P., Sir R. A. Cross, M.P., and others. - Two children suffocated by a fire at Downall Green.
Oct. 15.
Bazaar in aid of St. Joseph's Schools. - Distribution of prizes at Upholland Grammar School.
Oct. 18.
Inquest on two children found dead in Scholes from destitution and neglect. - Opening of the second series of lectures in connection with the Wigan Free Library. - James Igo, farm labourer, killed by suffocation during a scuffle in a lodging-house at Upholland. Peter Walsh, another lodger, committed for murder; afterwards found guilty of manslaughter at the Assizes, and sentenced to 12 years' penal servitude.
Oct. 21.
Distribution of prizes at Clayton-street Schools by Mr. Powell.
Oct. 22.
Presentation to Mrs. Grime by the congregation of All Saints.
Oct. 23.
Presentation to the Rev. J. W. Causer, pastor of the Methodist Free Church, King-street.
Oct. 25.
Demonstration in the Circus in connection with the jubilee of St. Catherine's Schools.
Oct. 29.
Report issued by the burgess auditors on their investigation of the borough accounts. - Public presentation of a Royal Humane Society Medal to Mr. Joseph Booth. - Town Council Meeting. Stormy discussions as to coke contracts and the burgess auditors' charges.
Oct. 30.
Presentation to Mr. Henry Hawkins on his resigning the managership of the Hindley Gasworks.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections: Return of the four Liberals and six Conservatives.
Nov. 4.
First annual Congregational Tea Party of the Wigan Parish Church. - Deputation to the Home Secretary on shot firing in mines. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Tramways Company.
Nov. 8.
Mr. Biggar, M.P., and Mr. Redmond, M.P., at the Public Hall.
Nov. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Town Council: Re-election of Mr. Ald. Park, Mayor. Lengthy discussions as to the appointment of committees.
Nov. 12.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: Eight prisoners.
Nov. 13.
Presentation to the Rev. Canon Fergie on his leaving Ince Parish on a voyage for health's sake.
Nov. 15.
Opening of Ince Sewage Works.
Nov. 18.
Fall of a house in Warrington-lane; one boy killed and another injured.
Nov. 25.
Trial at the Liverpool Assizes of Holt, Caldwell, and Reynolds.
Nov. 26.
Owing to the scarcity of water in Wigan, the supply stopped from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. each day.
Nov. 28.
Sentenced passed on the three prisoners found guilty of frauds on the Wigan Corporation. Caldwell, 7 years penal servitude; Holt, 18 months imprisonment; and Reynolds, 12 months imprisonment.
Nov. 30.
Death of Lord Stafford, at his seat, Costessy Park, near Norwich, in the 82nd year of his age.
Dec. 3.
Town Council Meeting: Committee appointed to present memorial to the Prime Minister against the abstraction of one of the members of the borough, as proposed by the new Redistribution Bill.
Dec. 8.
Public Meeting of Ratepayers on the new Wigan Improvement Bill. - Conference in Wigan, between masters and men, respecting a sliding scale to regulate colliers' wages in West Lancashire.
Dec. 9.
Presentation to the Rev. M. Hudson on his resigning the pastorate of Scarisbrick-street Baptist Chapel.
Dec. 10.
Opening of a new Organ in St. Catherine's Church.
Dec. 12.
Death, at Southport, of Mr. Samuel Stock, of Blackley Hurst, near St. Helens, aged 77 years.
Dec. 13.
First Concert by the Wigan Kyrle Society.
Dec. 15.
Annual Meeting in connection with the Hospital Saturday and Sunday movement. - Meeting of Farmers at Ashton to receive the replies from landlords to the memorial for a reduction in rents. - Church of England Temperance Society Meeting in the Public Hall.
Dec. 16.
Visit of the released Tichborne Claimant to Wigan.
Dec. 17.
Public Meeting in Wigan in connection with the Wycliffe Quincentenary Commemoration.
Dec. 20.
Opening of the Volunteer Drill Hall by the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres. - Special Town Council Meeting to consider the proposed Provisional Order for further borrowing powers for the Gas Works, and the action to be taken by the Corporation respecting the Redistribution Bill.
Dec. 22.
Performance of the Messiah by the Trinity College Local Choir.

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