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Local Chronology, 1882-83.


Dec. 17.
Death, at Ormskirk, of Colonel the Hon. Edward Bootle Wilbraham, in his 75th year.
Dec. 18.
Opening of the Cave-Brown Institution at Ashton-in-Makerfield.
Dec. 19.
Bazaar in aid of St. Joseph's Mission, Caroline-street. - Conclusion of the lengthy Local Law Case, Naylor v. Wood: judgement reserved.
Dec. 20.
Sale of Work at the Presbyterian School, Harrogate-street. - Special Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the proposed Tram Line along King-street.
Dec. 21.
Opening of a new Conservative Club at Ince: Addresses by the Hon. A. F. Egerton, M.P. and Mr. F. S. Powell.
Dec. 26.
Election of Mr. T. W. Barker, Solicitor, of Southport, Coroner for the West Derby Division of the County, in the place of Mr. C. E. Driffield, resigned.
Dec. 28.
Opening by Mr. A. Hewlett of a grand Gipsy Sale in the Central Schools, Ince Green-lane.
Dec. 30.
Presentation to Mr. Charles Cockson on his leaving the Wigan Coal and Iron Co., Limited. - Alice Baron killed during a quarrel in Hardybutts; verdict of manslaughter returned against William Ryan, a collier, who was afterwards acquitted at the Liverpool Assizes.


Jan. 1.
Joseph Mercer, checkweighman, killed at the Wigan station of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. - Sales of Work at the Wesleyan School, and Independent Methodist Chapel, Greenhough-street, opened by the Mayor.
Jan. 3.
Meeting of Ratepayers with reference to the Support of Sewers Bill.
Jan. 4.
Treat by the Mayor to Aged Poor. - Farewell dinner by Captain J. S. Darlington to his Company in the Wigan Volunteer Detachment.
Jan. 5.
Publication of a letter from Mr. Gladstone acknowledging a kind Birthday Present from Ince. - Meeting in Wigan of the Manchester Geological Society.
Jan. 8.
First Exhibition Debate in the Public Hall by the Members of the Wigan Parliamentary Debating Society. - William Reid, ironworker, committed suicide by shooting himself whilst riding in a cab from Wigan to Ince.
Jan. 9.
The new buildings of the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School formally taken possession of by the students.
Jan. 12.
Sudden death of Miss Annie Woodcock at the residence of her brother, Mr. R. F. Woodcock, Surgeon, Standishgate, Wigan.
Jan. 17.
Benjamin Brown, of Wigan, goods guard, killed whilst engaged shunting at the Bolton Station.
Jan. 22.
Meeting in Wigan of the Liverpool District of the Lancashire Congregational Union.
Jan. 23.
Volunteer Officers' Ball.
Jan. 24.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: 10 prisoners for trial.
Jan. 25.
Twenty-seventh Annual Meeting of the Makerfield Ploughing Society.
Jan. 26.
Conversazione given by the Mayor and Mayoress in the Public Hall. - Serious Storm: Five men injured at Edge Green. - Three men killed and several injured by an explosion of gunpowder at Melling, near Ormskirk.
Jan. 31.
Death of Mr. William Ainsworth, Wallgate, Wigan, aged 60 years, ex-Alderman and Town Councillor. - Wigan Liberal Club Ball.
Feb. 3.
Band of Hope Festival in Wigan.
Feb. 6.
Local Government Inquiry at Ashton.
Feb. 7.
Quarterly Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to the auditing of the accounts and Mr. Johnson's report.
Feb. 11.
Sudden death at his residence, Lulworth-road, Birkdale, of Mr. Edward Scott, solicitor, of Wigan, aged 44 years.
Feb. 13.
Judgement delivered in the local law case of Naylor v. Wood.
Feb. 15.
The Hon. A. F. Egerton, M.P., took his seat as junior member for Wigan. - Thomas Sharrock, 81 years of age, died from injuries received by being knocked down by two men running on the footpath at Pemberton.
Feb. 16.
Inquiry by Major-General Hutchinson at Pemberton as to the use of steam on the tramways.
Feb. 20.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society. - Presentation to the Rev. G. J. Hammon.
Feb. 24.
Prosecution of colliers at Newton for neglect of work at Messrs. Evans' collieries.
Feb. 27.
Explosion at the Mains Colliery, Ashton: two lives lost.
Mar. 1.
Transfer of the business of the Wigan Stamp Office to the Post Office.
Mar. 3.
Opening and dedicating of the New Organ at St. Michael and All Angels' Church.
Mar. 7.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Public Hall Association.
Mar. 8.
Death at Hindley of Mr. Joseph Hallas, formerly Master of the Hindley and Abram Grammar School, aged 78 years.
Mar. 15.
Extraordinary subsidence of land and buildings at Ince, owing to old colliery workings; one man killed.
Mar. 16.
Conference in Wigan of Local Board Authorities with reference to the support of main roads over colliery workings.
Mar. 17.
Tenth Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 21.
Appointment of Mr. John Pearson, of Golborne Park, Chairman of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company.
Mar. 22.
Serious Fire at the Victoria Mills, near Golborne, belonging to the Lowton Spinning Company.
Mar. 28.
Death of Mrs. F. S. Gerard, of Aspull House, aged 71 years.
Mar. 30.
Opening of a Chess Club in connection with the Wigan Mechanics Institution. - Sale of property in Wallgate and King Street West, by the Wigan Corporation.
April 6.
Hearing of the Wigan witnesses before the Select Committee on the Ribble Navigation Bill.
April 10.
Mr. John Mayall, of Highfield House, Blackrod, killed near Horwich Station, on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.
April 11.
Contests for Guardians, in Aspull and Upholland only; the old members returned.
April 13.
Strike of Wigan Cabmen against the new regulation badges.
April 14.
Final tie for the Wigan Football Charity Cup Competition.
April 19.
Confirmation by the Bishop of Manchester at Standish.
April 20.
Jane Langton, tried at the Manchester Assizes, for the murder of her child at Shevington; the jury found the prisoner was of unsound mind.
April 23.
The Bill of the Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway Co., for extending the Wigan Junction Railways through Wigan to Longton, before the Select Committee of the House of Commons.
April 25.
Wigan Quarter Sessions, ten prisoners for trial. - Annual meeting of the Wigan Mechanics Institution.
April 26.
Hearing of the Rating Appeal by the Wigan Rolling Mills Company.
April 28.
Sale of the Pictures in the Aston Rowant Gallery, belonging to Mr. Thomas Taylor.
April 30.
Laying the Memorial Stone, by Mr. W. S. Barrett, of the extension of the schools connected with St. Paul's, Goose Green. - Death, at her residence, Haigh House, of Mrs. Helen Sumner, in her 80th year.
May 2.
Quarterly meeting of the Wigan Town Council. - Annual meeting of the Subscribers of the Wigan Royal Albert Edward Infirmary.
May 4.
One man killed and three injured, by a fall of roof at Stone's Colliery, Ashton.
May 6.
Death at Southport, of Mr. Richard Platt, Printer, of Wigan, aged 38 years; formerly one of the representatives of Swinley Ward in the Town Council. - Death at 2, Palace Green, Kensington, of Mr. Robert Daglish, C.E. and J.P.
May 7.
Sudden death at Southport, of Ann, widow of the late Mr. J. C. Leach, of Wigan, aged 68 years.
May 12.
Special Town Council Meeting for making general District Rate. - Annual inspection of the Lancashire Hussars at Southport.
May 17.
Conclusion of the hearing of the suit, brought by the Rev. G. J. Hammon against the Rev. P. Hains.
May 18.
Inspection of the 4th L.R.V., at their encampment at Deganwy.
May 21.
Appointment of Mr. James Ohm, M.A., Head Master of the Wigan Grammar School, in succession to the Rev. A. Evans, M.A., resigned.
May 22.
Sergeant Lang, of the Hindley Volunteers, killed whilst engaged shunting at the California Pit, Aspull.
May 24.
Death at Paris, of Mr. Charles Lionel Widdrington Standish, of Standish Hall.
May 30.
Death at Macroon, Ireland, of Ann Guest, wife of Mr. J. H. Nichols, of Sandfield House, Lowton. - Opening of the Abram Waterworks.
June 2.
Death at his residence, Anderton Hall, Chorley, of Mr. Alderman James Burrows, J.P.
June 4.
Announcement of the partnership entered into between Mr. Maskell W. Peace and Mr. Thomas Ratcliffe Ellis, solicitors.
June 6.
Death of Mr. Peter Jackson, in his 68th year; for many years one of the Liberal members for Scholes Ward.
June 7.
Public Meeting in support of a trademen's half holiday.
June 9.
Joseph Heaton, collier, died during a quarrel in Scholes with Nathaniel Hilton, another collier; Hilton committed for trial by the magistrates, but acquitted at the assizes. - Laying the Memorial Stone of Hindley Primitive Methodist Chapel by Mr. R. Pennington, junr.
June 11.
Opening of St. Luke's New Girls' and Infant School, Orrell, by Mrs. Bankes, of Winstanley Hall.
June 16.
Annual Picnic in Haigh Park of the Wigan Conservative Working Men's Club. - Terrible Catastrophe in a Sunderland Music Hall; nearly 200 children killed.
June 18.
The Royal assent given to the Wigan and District Support of Sewers Act.
June 20.
Special Town Council Meeting: Election of Mr. S. Alker, alderman; discussion as to the Southport foreshore.
June 21.
Prize Day at the Wigan Grammar School and the Wigan High School.
June 24.
Laying the Memorial Stone of St. Marie's Roman Catholic Church, Standish.
June 25.
Opening by Lord Lathom of the Bazaar in aid of the restoration of Upholland Church.
June 26.
Death of the Rev. Thomas Higham, Vicar of Bishop Thornton, Yorkshire, formerly of St. Catherine's Wigan, aged 59 years.
June 27.
Local Government inquiry at Ashton, as to the proposed Infectious Hospital for that township.
June 28.
Death of Mr. John Leyland, J.P., of the Grange, Hindley, in his 70th year.
July 5.
Mr. J. Phillips, chemist, elected representative for All Saints' Ward in succession to Mr. S. Alker, appointed alderman. - Resolutions passed at a public meeting to establish a Day Nursery for Wigan.
July 8.
Welcome Services at the King-street Baptist Church to the Rev. A. F. Mills, the newly appointed pastor.
July 9.
Special meeting of the Donors of the Wigan Infirmary to consider the regulations affecting the medical department.
July 15.
Formal opening of the extension of the Hindley Green Day and Sunday School. - Wigan Operative Conservative Association Pic-nic.
July 16.
Mr. James Worsley, of Golborne, aged 73 years, accidentally poisoned.
July 18.
Bazaar at the Rivington and Blackrod Grammar School.
July 21.
Volunteer Pic-nic in Haigh Park. - Ince Flower and Canary Show.
July 25.
Wigan Borough Sessions, nine prisoners: Decision given in the Wigan Rolling Mills Rating Appeal.
July 28.
Wigan Cricket Club Athletic Festival. - Miners' Demonstration at Haydock; Addresses delivered by Mr. T. Burt, M.P., and Mr. Chas. Bradlaugh, M.P.
July 31.
Opening of a three nights' Debate by Dr. Sexton and Mr. C. Watts, in the Public Hall, on "Secularism v. Christianity."
Aug. 1.
George Hough, collier, sentenced to penal servitude for fourteen years for having attempted to murder John William Neil, at Ince, on June 14th. - Quarterly Town Council Meeting: Discussion as to an alleged obstruction in Clarence-yard.
Aug. 2.
John Fearnley, coachman, Bryn, died from hydrophobia.
Aug. 7.
Annual Meeting and Conference in Wigan of the Members of the Churches of Christ in Great Britain.
Aug. 9.
Opening of the Wigan Gas Exhibition in the Mining and Mechanical School.
Aug. 13.
Opening of the Wigan Day Nursery.
Aug. 18.
Samuel Smalley, 39 years of age, found dead at his post at the Sulphate of Ammonia Department at the Wigan Gasworks.
Aug. 25.
Temperance Demonstration in Haigh Park.
Aug. 27.
Presentation to the Rev. George King Pryor at the Wesleyan Schools on his leaving the district.
Aug. 28.
First Entertainment by the Wigan Swimming Club in the Corporation Baths.
Aug. 29.
Borough Licensing Sessions.
Aug. 30.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions.
Aug. 31.
First Exhibition by the Wigan and District Floral and Horticultural Society.
Sept. 1.
Hearing of the Action against Pemberton Policemen for False Imprisonment.
Sept. 5.
Gas Exhibition at Hindley.
Sept. 9.
Death of Mr. Hugh Birley, M.P.
Sept. 13.
Death of Mr. Edward Clough, for 34 years Parish Sexton.
Sept. 14.
Visit of the Library Association of Great Britain to Haigh Hall and the Wigan Free Library.
Sept. 18.
Joshua Rigby, farmer, of Lowton, found murdered in his own house: John Gibbon apprehended. and a verdict of murder returned against him by the Coroner's Jury, but he was afterwards acquitted at the Liverpool Assizes.
Sept. 21.
Institution of the Rev. Wm. Cadman, M.A., as Resident Canon of Canterbury Cathedral.
Sept. 22.
Visit of the Members of the British Association to Abram Collieries.
Sept. 24.
Consecration of the Restored Chancel at Upholland Church. - Laying the Foundation Stone of a School-Church at Belle Green-lane, Ince, by Mr. Alfred Hewlett.
Sept. 25.
Opening of the New Roman Catholic Seminary at Upholland.
Sept. 27.
Visit of the British Association to the Wigan Coal and Iron Company's Works.
Sept. 28.
Presentation to the Rev. Edward Grennan on his leaving St. Joseph's Mission, Wigan.
Oct. 2.
Six men killed by a winding accident at the Shackerley Collieries, Tyldesley. - Local Government Inquiry at Ince as to the proposed Sewerage Scheme for that township.
Oct. 3.
Local Government Inquiry at Hindley.
Oct. 16.
Miners' Conference in Wigan: Resolution passed to apply for an advance in wages.
Oct. 17.
Local Government Inquiry at Abram.
Oct. 26.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Tramways Company, Limited.
Oct. 27.
Laying the Memorial Stones of the extension of the Wigan Presbyterian Day and Sunday Schools. - Inaugural Free Lecture of the course arranged by the Wigan Free Library Committee.
Oct. 30.
The Rev. John Banks. formerly of Wigan, brought up at Liverpool on the charge of embezzlement, but discharged. - Death of Mr. Thomas Clarkson, of Pemberton, aged 62, formerly Superintendent of the Wigan County Police Force.
Oct. 31.
Special Town Council Meeting to consider the erection of a Town Hall on the Mesnes.
Nov. 1.
Contest for Town Councillors in Scholes only: Return of the retiring members. - Messrs. McNaughton and Thom's Printworks at Birkacre, near Chorley, destroyed by fire.
Nov. 3.
Working Men's Excursion from Wigan to the Oldham Exhibition.
Nov. 6.
Public Meeting of Ratepayers to consider the proposed erection of a Town Hall.
Nov. 7.
Annual Meeting in connection with the Hospital Saturday and Sunday movement. - Wigan Quarter Sessions: Seven prisoners. - Explosion at the Altham Colliery, Accrington: Mr. John Frederick Seddon, Mining Engineer, thrown out of a trap and killed as he was returning from taking part in the exploration of the workings.
Nov. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Town Council: Re-election of Mr. Ald. Park, Mayor of the borough; further discussion as to a Town Hall.
Nov. 13.
Death at Haslingden, of Mr. Peter Johnson, of Ince, aged 75.
Nov. 14.
Sudden death of Mr. Samuel Lancaster, J.P., of Nantyglo House, Blaina, South Wales, aged 54. - Celebration in Wigan of the 400th Anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther.
Nov. 16.
Special Town Council Meeting: The Town Hall question shelved for twelve months.
Nov. 22.
Resignation of Capt. T. R. Kennion, Chief Constable of Wigan. - Third Annual Show of the Wigan Columbarian Society.
Nov. 24.
Notices sent in by West Lancashire Miners for an advance of 15 per cent. in wages.
Nov. 27.
Ordination of the Rev. T. Wilkinson, Pastor of St. Paul's Congregational Church, Wigan.
Nov. 28.
Opening of the Wigan Grammar School Bazaar by the Countess of Crawford and Balcarres.
Nov. 29.
Interview at Liverpool between miners' delegates and colliery proprietors as to the application for an advance in miners' wages.
Dec. 3.
Death, at his residence, Darnhall Hall, Winsford, of Mr. Thos. Knowles, senior member for the borough, aged 59 years.
Dec. 4.
Resolution passed at a Miners' Conference at Sheffield to withdraw the notices applying for an advance in wages until next year.
Dec. 5.
First Monthly Meeting of the Wigan Town Council.
Dec. 6.
Funeral of Mr. Knowles in Ince Cemetery: Imposing public demonstration.
Dec. 7.
Mr. John Stephen, of Pemberton, drowned whilst skating at Thwaites Delf.
Dec. 8.
Mr. Nathaniel Eckersley acceded to the request of the Conservative Party to become their Candidate at the Election to fill the vacancy in the borough. - Colonel McCorquodale declined the invitation of the Liberal party to be their Candidate owing to the state of his health.
Dec. 10.
Decision come to by the Wigan Liberal Committee not to oppose the Election of Mr. N. Eckersley.
Dec. 11.
Violent storm in Wigan and district: much damage to property and several persons injured.
Dec. 12.
Bazaar in aid of St. Thomas's Clayton-street Schools.
Dec. 13.
Meeting in Wigan of the Council of the Central Association for dealing with Distress caused by Accidents in Mines.
Dec. 18.
Appointment of Mr. F. T. Webb, of Lancaster, Chief Constable of Wigan.
Dec. 21.
Unopposed return of Mr. Nathaniel Eckersley, of Standish Hall, as member for Wigan.
Dec. 24.
Special Town Council Meeting to object to Wigan being joined to Warrington under the New Bankruptcy Act.

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