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Local Chronology, 1882.


Jan. 1.
The Rev. J. W. Causer commenced his ministry at the King-street Methodist Free Church.
Jan. 2.
Charles Smith, blacksmith, killed by the Scotch Express at the Wigan station. - Sale of Work at the Wesleyan School.
Jan. 3.
Death at Southport of Mr. Alderman Ralph Hilton, J.P., aged 55 years. - Railway Accident at Hindley; much damage to rolling stock.
Jan. 4.
First Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society. - Funeral of Police Sergeant Naughton; for 20 years a member of the Wigan Borough Police Force.
Jan. 5.
First Annual Exhibition at the Wigan Columbarian and Homing Society.
Jan. 6.
Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society in Wigan.
Jan. 10.
Deputation from the Wigan Town Council to the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Directors requesting them to construct a Joint Station at Wigan. - Discussion on the Industrial School Question at the Wigan School Board Meeting.
Jan. 11.
Special Town Council Meeting; Mr. Councillor W. Crompton elected Alderman in the place of the late Mr. Ralph Hilton.
Jan. 12.
Distribution of the Class Prizes and Art Certificates to the Students of the Wigan Grammar School by Mr. F. S. Powell.
Jan. 13.
Death of Mr. James Fairclough Pennington, surgeon, Ashton, aged 65 years.
Jan. 16.
Mr. Robert Richards elected unopposed one of the Members for Scholes Ward.
Jan. 18.
Welcome Tea Meeting at the Methodist Free Church to the Rev. J. W. Causer.
Jan. 19.
Opening of the Cabmen's Shelter in King-street West.
Jan. 21.
Church of England Temperance Society meeting in Wigan.
Jan. 22.
Hospital Sunday.
Jan. 23.
Joseph Middlehurst, collier, Pemberton, died from injuries received during a quarrel the previous Saturday. James Dickinson, the assailant, afterwards found guilty of manslaughter, and sentenced at the Assizes to 15 years penal servitude.
Jan. 25.
Wigan Borough Sessions; 15 prisoners for trial. - Amateur Dramatic Performances. - Serious Gas Explosion at Haigh Brewery.
Jan. 30.
Lecture in the Wigan Public Hall by Mr. F. H. O'Donnell, M.P.
Feb. 1.
Quarterly Meeting Wigan Town Council; the recommendation of the Gas Committee adopted to increase the illuminating power of the gas from 18 to 20 candles. - Death of Mr. Robert Lancaster, second son of Mr. John Lancaster. - Volunteer Ball.
Feb. 2.
Twenty-sixth Makerfield Ploughing Match.
Feb. 4.
Death at Birkdale, Southport, of Mrs. Ann Finch, aged 76 years, relict of the late Mr. Matthew S. Finch, of Wigan.
Feb. 6.
United Kingdom Alliance Meeting in Wigan.
Feb. 7.
Official Inspection in Wigan of the Wilkinson Steam Tram Engine. - Burglary at the Owl Inn, Upholland, and attempted suicide of the burglar.
Feb. 9.
Presentation to Mr. C. M. Percy on his retirement from the service of the Wigan Coal and Iron Company, Limited. - Local Government Inquiry as to the proposed Extension of the Wigan Gasworks.
Feb. 10.
One man killed and another seriously injured by the explosion of a shot at the Meadows Colliery, Wigan.
Feb. 11.
Dinner to celebrate the starting of another Blast Furnace at the Kirkless Ironworks.
Feb. 13.
Close of the hearing of the case Pennington v. Brinsop Hall Coal Co., as to the alleged Pollution of Borsdane Brook.
Feb. 14.
Railway Collision near Upholland Tunnel. - Ploughing Match at Upholland.
Feb. 16.
Trimdon Grange Colliery Explosion, 75 lives lost.
Feb. 17.
Conclusion of the Coroner's Inquiry into the cause of the deaths of three persons killed by the explosion at Abram Colliery on December 19th. - Local Government Inquiry at Abram.
Feb. 20.
Special Town Council Meeting; resolution passed to oppose the Electric Lighting and other Bills.
Feb. 22.
Rainford Ploughing Match.
Feb. 24.
Death at Southport of Major Bankes, aged 38, eldest son of the late Mr. Meyrick Bankes, of Winstanley Hall.
Feb. 25.
Hospital Saturday. - Hearing of the Matrimonial Suit - Robison v. Robison.
Feb. 27.
Prosecution of the Manager of the Sutton Heath Colliery for not providing adequate ventilation; the case dismissed.
Feb. 28.
Wrightington and Standish Ploughing Match.
Mar. 1.
Announcement made of the Appointment of Lieut.-Colonel McCorquodale as High Sheriff of Lancashire for the ensuing year. - Mr. Peter Holt, colliery manager, of Worsboro' Bridge, near Barnsley, killed at the Wigan Station of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. - Inauguration of the Wigan Irish Club. - Close of the Wigan Borough Coroner's Inquiry into the Abram Explosion. - Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of the Wigan Public Hall Association; new managers elected.
Mar. 5.
The Rev. C. G. Hopkinson preached his farewell sermons on retiring from the Vicarage of All Saints', Hindley.
Mar. 6.
Death at Fleetwood, of Mr. Joseph Catteral, aged 69 years; for 18 years Recorder of Wigan.
Mar. 14.
Death at his residence, Aspull, of Mr. Ald. Robert Gregson, aged 66. - Meeting in Wigan of the western division of the Lancashire and Cheshire Association of Baptist Churches.
Mar. 15.
Sudden death of Mr. Henry Alty, of Wigan, borough engineer of Plymouth, aged 38 years.
Mar. 18.
Annual General Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 20.
Strike of Moulders in Wigan.
Mar. 23.
Special Town Council Meeting; Election of Mr. James Smith as Alderman, in succession to Alderman Gregson; discussion on deputation expenses, the repairing of streets, and proposed New Town Hall.
April 1.
Opening of the Wigan Telephone Exchange.
April 2.
Opening of St. Paul's New Sunday and Day Schools, Hindley.
April 4.
Sudden death in his office of Mr. Thomas Brown, aged 36, Manager of Messrs. Henry Robinson and Co.'s Spirit Stores, King-street.
April 7.
Sudden death of Mr. Thomas Taylor, Certificated Manager of the Abram Collieries.
April 8.
Swinley Ward Election: Polling. Mr. J. Y. Mawson (C) 308; Mr. M. Benson (L) 287.
April 10.
Re-opening of the Wigan Theatre Royal.
April 13.
Special Town Council Meeting; Adoption of an address to the High Sheriff, Lieut.-Colonel McCorquodale. - Meeting of the old and new trustees of Ashton Charities. - Presentations by Mr. Ald. ffarington of Bible, &c., to the Mayors of Wigan, for use in the Parish Church.
April 15.
Declaration of the Voting for Wigan Guardians; seven of the retiring members and Mr. S. Meaden being returned, Mr. Meaden beating Mr. Harrison by one vote.
April 18.
Tudhoe Colliery Explosion, Durham; 26 lives lost. - Meeting to establish a Swimming Club for Wigan. - Presentation to Parliament of the Home Office Report on the Abram Colliery Explosion. - First performance of the "Women of Samaria," by the Trinity College Local Choir.
April 19.
Explosion at Stanley Colliery, Durham; 13 lives lost.
April 20.
Reception in Wigan and Newton of the High Sheriff of Lancashire, Lieut-Colonel McCorquodale; presentation of an address from the Wigan Corporation.
April 25.
Mr. John Scott, barrister-at-law, of Wigan, appointed a Puisne Judge at the High Court of Bombay.
April 26.
Wigan Borough Sessions, seven prisoners sent for trial. - Annual meeting of the Wigan Mechanics Institution. - Opening of a New School and Mission Room at Ince.
April 27.
Local Government Inquiry at Pemberton.
May 2.
Motion for the issuing of a writ for Wigan made in the House of Commons by Mr. Lewis; the writ refused, the voting being - for the motion 142, against 220.
May 3.
Quarterly Town Council Meeting; Stormy discussion as to the Gas Manager and his connection with the Theatre.
May 4.
Annual meeting of the donors to the Wigan Infirmary. - Sudden death at Maghull of Mr. Wm. Copland, draper, Wigan, aged 25.
May 7.
Great excitement on receipt of the news of the assassination in Dublin of the Chief Secretary and Under Secretary for Ireland.
May 9.
Suicide of Mr. Joseph Walsh, butcher, Standishgate.
May 10.
Death at Southport, of Mr. Robert Ashton, solicitor, Wigan, aged 46. - Hearing of the case Turner v. Baker, arising out of the will of the late Mr. W. Baker, of Goose Green.
May 11.
Death at Newtown, of Mr. James Tickle, ironfounder, in his 76th year.
May 13.
Special Town Council Meeting to lay a new district rate.
May 16.
Sudden death at his sister's residence in Hyde Park Gardens, London, of Mr. Henry Woods, of Warnford Park, Bishop Waltham, Hants; for 17 years one of the Members for Wigan in the Liberal interest. Mr. Woods was in his Sixtieth year.
May 19.
Close of the 24th session of the Wigan Mining School. - Review of the Lancashire Hussars at Southport.
May 25.
Town Council Meeting to confirm the regulations as to the Public Baths.
May 27.
Laying the Memorial Stone of Bridge Croft Congregational Schools, Hindley.
May 29.
Opening of the Wigan Public Baths by the Mayor, Mr. Alderman Hopwood. - Death of Mr. James Millar, aged 68, at his residence, the Priestlands, Dumfries. - Athletic Sports at Ashton. - Infirmary Gala in the Mesnes Park.
May 31.
Local Government Inquiry at Haydock.
June 2.
Inspection of the 4th L.R.V. at their encampment at Blackpool. - Meeting of School Managers respecting the carrying out of the Education Acts in Wigan.
June 5.
Meeting in connection with the St. John Ambulance Association; address by the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres. - Sale of Work in St. Thomas's Caroline-street Schools.
June 7.
Bazaar in aid of St. Paul's New Schools, Hindley.
June 11.
Re-opening of Upholland Church.
June 13.
Experiments with the new Lime Cartridges at the Alexandra Pit. - Conference of School Managers and the Wigan School Board on the Free School Question.
June 14.
General Holiday.
June 16.
Registration, under the Limited Liability Act, of Messrs. Thos. Taylor and Bro., Victoria Mills, Wigan.
June 19.
Two men killed at the Mount Cliff Colliery, Horwich.
June 20.
Death, after a very brief illness, of Mr. Councillor Charles Wood, chemist, aged 37.
June 21.
Investigation, by the Gas Committee, into the charges brought against their Engineer. - Prize Day at the Wigan High School. - Interview between the Guardians and the School Managers and School Board, to discuss the payment of School Fees for pauper children.
June 22.
Prize Day at the Wigan Grammar School.
June 23.
Death, at Haseley Manor, Warwickshire, of Mrs. Hewlett, aged 77, wife of the Rev. Dr. Hewlett, vicar of Astley.
June 24.
Resolution passed at a conference in the Public Hall to form a local Band of Hope Union.
June 26.
Cutting the first "sod" of the new Tramway Line from Wigan to Ince and Hindley. - Extraordinary encounter, at Hindley Grammar School, between two of the Trustees and the Schoolmaster.
June 27.
Ellen Turner died from injuries inflicted by her husband, William Turner, collier, Skelmersdale; Turner found guilty of murder.
June 28.
Death, at his residence, Beaufort Grange, Sale, of Mr. Joseph Ingram, J.P., formerly of Wigan, aged 63 years.
June 29.
Inquiry, by the Sanitary and Sewerage Committee, into the charges brought against one of their members; verdict, "not proven." - Presentation of Prizes at the New Jerusalem Schools.
June 30.
Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society in Wigan.
July 4.
Strike of Colliers at Messrs. Evans and Company's Pewfall and Downall Green Collieries.
July 9.
Death, at Hill Top House, Hindley, of Mr. George Ormrod, aged 69 years, formerly member of the Wigan Town Council.
July 11.
Death of George Winstanley, nail maker, Orrell, from injuries supposed to have been inflicted during a quarrel; an open verdict, however, returned.
July 12.
Fourth Annual Conference, in London, of the Central Association for dealing with Distress caused by Mining Accidents.
July 13.
Destructive Fire at Hindley Old Mill.
July 14.
Strike of the whole of the Miners employed by Messrs. Richard Evans and Co.
July 15.
Conservative Picnic in Haigh Park; addresses by Mr. Thos. Knowles, M.P., Mr. F. S. Powell, and others.
July 18.
Discovery of the body of the late Earl of Crawford and Balcarres in the grounds at Dunecht, near the mausoleum, from which it was stolen last year,
July 19.
Laying of the Foundation Stone of the New Chancel of Upholland Church by the Earl of Lathom; Address and Sermon by the Bishop of Manchester. - Election in All Saints' Ward; Mr. A. Barlow (C) 215; Mr. J. Marsden (L) 197. - Wigan Borough Sessions; ten prisoners for trial. - Conclusion of the inquiry by the Gas Committee; resolution passed that the charge was not established.
July 22.
Wigan Athletic Sports. - Ince Flower and Canary Show.
July 26.
Interment at 4 o'clock in the morning of the body of the late Lord Crawford, in the Lindsay vault underneath the Wigan Parish Church.
July 27.
Mr. R. F. Woodcock appointed Surgeon to the Wigan Police Force.
July 31.
Presentation to the Rev. W. G. Sale on his retiring from the curacy of St. Thomas's Church.
Aug. 1.
Consecration of St. Andrew's Church, by the Bishop of Liverpool. - Laying the Foundation Stone of a School-Church at Marsh Green.
Aug. 2.
Quarterly Town Council Meeting; animated discussion as to the price of Gas. - Action against the Manager of the Wigan Theatre for musical copyright fees; case dismissed.
Aug. 5.
Jubilee of Pemberton Parish. - Banquet in the Public Hall in honour of the coming of age of Mr. John Walmesley, son of Mr. Richard Walmesley, of the Hall of Ince.
Aug. 7.
Mr. Lewis gave notice of a motion for the issuing of the Wigan Writ, but did not proceed with it.
Aug. 15.
Hearing of the action, Coop and Company v. Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Company, at the Liverpool Assizes.
Aug. 16.
Extraordinary conduct or Mr. T. A. H. Robison, of Orrell Mount, on an attempt being made to apprehend him under a warrant of the Lord Chancellor for Contempt of Court; the police twice fired at. - Decision come to by the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School Committee to erect a temporary building on the Grammar School Croft.
Aug. 18.
Presentation to Mayor and Adjutant Relf by the Officers of the Lancashire Hussars.
Aug. 19.
Opening of Bridgecroft New Sunday Schools, Hindley.
Aug. 21.
Fall of a bridge on the railway near Hindley. - Execution, at Kirkdale, of Wm. Turner, for the murder of his wife at Skelmersdale.
Aug. 26.
Volunteer batallion drill in Haigh Park.
Aug. 30.
Wigan Brewster Sessions; No new licence granted, and the transfer of an hotel licence to the new building on the Mesnes refused.
Aug. 31.
County Brewster Sessions.
Sept. 4.
Opening of Preston Guild.
Sept. 6.
End of the colliers' strike at Messrs. R. Evans and Company's collieries.
Sept. 11.
Opening of the arbitration case respecting the claim brought by the Orrell Coal and Cannel Company against the Wigan Corporation for the mines under the sewer pipes.
Sept. 22.
Revision of the Borough Voting Lists. - The West Lancashire Coalowners refuse the application od the men for an advance in wages.
Sept. 24.
Presentation to the Rev. Hugh Campbell on his resigning the pastorate of St. Paul's Chapel, Wigan.
Sept. 27.
Presentation to Mr. Alderman E. Smith by the Independent Order of Oddfellows, M.U.
Sept. 28.
Performance by the Lyceum Amateur Dramatic Club. - The miners withdraw for a month their notices for an increase in wages.
Sept. 29.
Death, at Preston, of Mr. Wm. Altham, aged 73 years, formerly of Wigan.
Oct. 1.
Sudden death of Mr. Jas. Gidlow, J.P., of Arley Hall, aged 72.
Oct. 5.
Annual Meeting in connection with the Infirmary Hospital Saturday and Sunday Movement.
Oct. 6.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Tramways Company.
Oct. 8.
Death of Mr. Alderman Thomas Byrom, J.P., aged 82 years; the oldest member of the Corporation and the senior borough magistrate.
Oct. 10.
Revision of the County Voting List. - Wesleyan Bazaar at Hindley.
Oct. 11.
Presentation to the Rev. H. Hall on his resigning the ministry of King-street Baptist Chapel.
Oct. 12.
Public Funeral of the late Mr. Alderman T. Byrom.
Oct. 13.
Interview between the Wigan Gas Committee and Deputations from the Local Boards in the out-townships on the Electric Lighting Bill.
Oct. 14.
Special Council Meeting; Mr. H. Park elected alderman.
Oct. 17.
Sad death of Mrs. Mary Hall, widow, Millgate, Wigan, aged 76 years, from accidental poisoning. - Selection of the Hon. A. F. Egerton as the Conservative candidate at the approaching election.
Oct. 18.
Bazaar at the Methodist Free Church. - Laying the Foundation Stone of a new wing to the Church Schools at Newtown by the Earl of Ellesmere. - Meeting of Miners in the Public Hall on the Wages Question. - Mr. William Johnson, aged 63 years, proprietor of the Alexandra Music Hall, killed by a fall down stairs.
Oct. 21.
Bazaar at Downall Green opened by Colonel Blackburne, M.P.
Oct. 23.
A Contest avoided at the Municipal Elections by a compromise. Eight Conservatives and two Liberals retired, and six Conservatives and four Liberals returned unopposed; Mr. Marsden taking the vacancy caused by Mr. Park's elevation to the aldermanic bench, and Mr. Benson filling the seat occupied by Mr. R. Platt, who did not seek re-election.
Oct. 24.
Ten per cent. increase in Miners' Wages granted at a meeting of the South-West Lancashire Coal Association. - Charles Soutar, a rat catcher, tried and found guilty at Edinburgh, of having been concerned with others in removing the body of the late Earl of Crawford and Balcarres from the family vault at Dunecht, and sentenced to five years' penal servitude.
Oct. 26.
Re-opening of the Wesleyan Chapel, Lamberhead Green.
Oct. 30.
Special Town Council Meeting; resolution passed to reduce the price of gas. - Mr. Alderman Hopwood requested by a deputation to continue as Mayor of Wigan for another year, but he declined the honour.
Nov. 1.
Consecration of St. Elizabeth's Church, Aspull, by the Bishop of Liverpool.
Nov. 3.
Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society in Wigan. - Conference in Wigan of Local Board Authorities on the question of mines under sewage pipes.
Nov. 4.
The honorary degree of LL.D. conferred on the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres by the Edinburgh University. - Mr. Walter Wren, of London, selected by the Liberal Committee as their candidate at the forthcoming election for the borough. - The memorial stones laid of a new United Methodist Free Church at Hindley Common.
Nov. 7.
First Haydock Park Coursing Meeting. - Clay Cross Colliery Explosion; 45 killed. - Mr. Charles Gidlow Jackson elected President of the South West Lancashire Coal Owners' Association for the ensuing year.
Nov. 8.
Wigan Quarter Sessions; 24 prisoners for trial. - Public Meeting of Ratepayers on the Corporation Arbitration Case.
Nov. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Town Council; Mr. Alderman Henry Park unanimously elected Mayor; Settlement of the Orrell Coal Company's Arbitration Case, after a warm discussion.
Nov. 13.
Conference in Wigan of Local Boards as to the support of sewage pipes.
Nov. 15.
Formation of a Ratepayers' Association for Wigan.
Nov. 16.
Adoption of Mr. Walter Wren by the Liberal party as their candidate.
Nov. 19.
The Archbishop of York preached in the Wigan Parish Church.
Nov. 20.
Mr. Robison sentenced, at the Liverpool Assizes, to five years' penal servitude for unlawfully resisting his apprehension on August 16th.
Nov. 22.
Liberal Meeting in the Public Hall. - Local Government Inquiry at Blackrod, as to the Churchyard extension.
Nov. 23.
The Writ for Wigan moved for in the House of Commons, and, after a discussion, granted.
Nov. 24.
Arrival of the Writ.
Nov. 25.
Special Town Council Meeting respecting the Explosives Act. - Laying the Foundation Stone of St. Luke's new girls and infant School, Orrell, by Mrs. Bankes. - Suicide by poisoning of Mrs. Jaggar, wife of Mr. John Jaggar, landlord of the Leigh Arms, Hindley.
Nov. 27.
Conservative Meeting in the Theatre Royal.
Nov. 28.
Nomination to fill the Vacancy in the representation of Wigan.
Dec. 1.
Liberal Demonstration in the Public Hall; addresses by Mr. Walter Wren, Mr. W. Summers, M.P. and Mr. Joseph Arch.
Dec. 2.
Wigan Borough Election. Result of the Poll: Hon. A. F. Egerton (C), 2,867; Mr. W. Wren (L), 2,243.
Dec. 3.
Death at Southport of the Rev. Thomas Culshaw, aged 35.
Dec. 4.
The Purl Brook Mill, Horwich, burned down.
Dec. 5.
First Conversazione of the Wigan Art and Sketching Club. - Death at his residence, Cheetham, Manchester, of Mr. John Stott, late of Wigan, aged 63 years.
Dec. 6.
Annual Exhibition of the Wigan Columbarian and Homing Society.
Dec. 9.
Memorial placed in the Wigan Parish Church in memory of the late Mr. Alderman Thomas Byrom, J.P.
Dec. 11.
Joint Meeting of the old and new Trustees of the Ashton Charities. - Mr. C. E. Driffield, owing to ill-health, resigned his post of Coroner for South-West Lancashire, having filled the office for 31 years. - First Examination of the Wigan Classes for the certificates granted by the St. John Ambulance Association.
Dec. 12.
Annual Dinner of the Wigan Cricket Club.
Dec. 17.
The Bishop of Salford preached at Aspull.

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