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Local Chronology, 1943-44.


Dec. 12.
Presentation of cheque for £425 subscribed by parishioners to Fr. T. L. Duckett, for holy Family R.C. Church, Platt Bridge, to mark Church's Golden Jubilee.
Dec. 21.
Presentation from parishioners of Wigan Parish Church to Mr. W. O. Minay, Mus. Bac., F.R.C.O., A.R.C.M., until lately organist at the church.
Dec. 30.
Death of Mr. Henry Trevor Wanklyn, member of old Wigan family, aged 69 years.
Dec. 31.
Retirement of Mr. Richard Shepherd, compositor, after 62 years' service in composing department of the "Wigan Observer." - Death of Mr. Ernest Austin, former chairman of Wigan Swimming and Water Polo Club, aged 57 years.


Jan. 1.
Announcement of £1,000 legacy to Wigan Infirmary in will of late Mr. Thomas Magee, J.P., chairman of Magee, Marshall and Co., Ltd., brewers. - Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that Supt. G. Thwaite (Garstang Division) had been appointed to succeed the late Supt. T. Duxbury in charge of Wigan County Police Division. - Mr. R. M. Goodwin, Postmaster of Wigan (M.B.E.), and Mr. G. W. Morrison, railway district signalmen's inspector (B.E.M.) included in New Year Honours List. - Death of Mr. John Edward Long, former Inspector of Taxes in Wigan District, aged 71 years.
Jan. 3.
No business for Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions.
Jan. 8.
Mr. Edwin hall, native of Hindley Green, elected President, Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Federation. - Death at Newbury, Berks., of Lt.-Col. James Ashton Fairhurst, T.D., D.L., J.P., M.A., son of a well-known Wigan brewer, aged 76 years.
Jan. 11.
Death of Councillor Daniel Rourke, J.P., Wigan grocer, Roman Catholic, and former Mayor of Wigan, aged 56 years.
Jan. 15.
Registration of 18 years' old girls. - Mr. W. O. Minay, former Wigan Parish Church Organist, addressed annual meeting of North-Western Co-operative Choral Association held at Wigan.
Jan. 22.
Induction of Rev. James Darrock Cook as Vicar of St. Peter's, Hindley.
Jan. 28.
Death of Mr. James Walker, of Pemberton, aged 75 years.
Jan. 29.
Registration of 16 years' old boys and girls. - Mr. A. J. Hawkes, F.S.A., Wigan Borough Librarian, elected President of Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society. - Death of Mr. William Albert Ward, former Ashton Councillor and prominent local Socialist, aged 75 years.
Jan. 31.
Collieries in Wigan district resumed work on acceptance under protest of National Tribunal's minimum wage award.
Feb. 1.
Resumption of Wigan Pleasure Fair in May sanctioned by Wigan Town Council, following war-time discontinuance.
Feb. 2.
Borough Annual Brewster Sessions: Further remarkable decrease in drunkenness.
Feb. 5.
Report in "Wigan Observer" of collapse during storm a fortnight previously of "Parbold Bottle," the stone built beacon on Parbold Hill. - Death of Rev. Parker Johnson, vicar of St. Matthew's, Highfield, and former vicar of St. Elizabeth's, Bickershaw, aged 56 years.
Feb. 9.
Wigan Borough Annual Brewster Sessions: Another big drop in convictions for drunkenness.
Feb. 10.
Dedication of memorial bed at Wigan Infirmary to Brigadier William James Eastwood, for thirteen years Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Infirmary, who died on active service with the R.A.M.C. in the Middle East on 1st May, 1943, aged 40 years. - Death of Mr. Wilfred Clough, timber merchant, of Orrell, aged 80 years.
Feb. 11.
Death of Mr. John Davenport, former solicitor's clerk and official at St. Catharine's Church, aged 79 years.
Feb. 12.
Death at Kendal of Miss Elizabeth Bryham, member of well-known Wigan family and former member of Wigan Education Committee.
Feb. 15.
Death of Councillor Jonathan Cowburn, of Westhoughton, vice-chairman of the Board of Management of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society, aged 66 years.
Feb. 20.
Meeting at Wigan Hippodrome celebrated 26th anniversary of formation of the Russian Red Army.
Feb. 21.
Death of Mrs. Annis Crosley Clark, well-known Orrell lady and public worker, aged 78 years.
Feb. 22.
Wigan Borough Public Assistance Committee's last meeting as such before change of name to Wigan Social Welfare Committee.
Feb. 26.
Registration of 16 years' old boys and girls. - Report in "Wigan Observer" of loss of H.M.S. Janus, Wigan's adopted destroyer.
Feb. 27.
Death of Mr. Arthur Rainey, of Parbold, who met Livingstone in Africa, aged 97 years.
Feb. 28.
Death of Mr. Peter John Gilbody, Mus. Bac., of Upholland, former Orrell headmaster, aged 80 years.
Feb. 29.
Death of Mr. William Counsell, former Wigan master baker, aged 85 years.
Mar. 1.
Death of Mr. Herbert Henry Timberlake, head of Wigan automobile engineering firm, aged 73 years.
Mar. 4.
Registration of 17 years' old youths. - Death of Mr. William Arthur Parkinson, former organiser for the Workshops for the Blind, well-known figure in local Labour movement.
Mar. 6.
Monthly test of air raid sirens.
Mar. 9.
Death at Ellel, near Lancaster, of Sir Lancelot Sanderson, K.C., former Recorder for Wigan, aged 80 years. - Death at Southport of Mr. Richard Pennington, Wigan architect, aged 89 years.
Mar. 10.
Party of twenty American Army Nurses received and entertained by the Mayor.
Mar. 11.
Mr. H. Stuart Rimmer, headmaster of Golborne Parochial School, installed President of the Lancashire County Association of the National Union of Teachers, at the Association's annual meeting in Wigan.
Mar. 12.
Memorial service at Wigan Parish Church for officers and men of H.M.S. Janus, Wigan's adopted warship, lost in action.
Mar. 13.
Death of Dr. Frederick Leigh Angior, O.B.E., of Wigan, aged 74 years.
Mar. 15.
Death of Mr. Edward Dickinson, head of Wigan bottling firm, former sportsman and rugby footballer, aged 78 years. - Sir Percy Meadon, C.B.E., Director of Education for Lancashire, distributed prizes at Ashton Grammar School.
Mar. 20.
Dr. Leslie T. Church, President of the Methodist Conference, preached at Standishgate Wesleyan Church (afternoon) and addressed rally at Queen's Hall (evening). - Death at Southport of Major John Wall, M.A., solicitor, partner in Wall, Milligan and Hopwood Sayer, solicitors, Wigan, aged 57 years.
Mar. 21.
Wigan Borough Social Welfare Committee (former Borough Public Assistance Committee) met for first time under its new title. - Offlcial handing over of the new School Meals Kitchen in Christopher Street, Higher Ince.
Mar. 22.
Wigan Town Council Annual "Budget" Meeting: Rate increased from 15s. to 16s. in the £.
Mar. 23.
Death of Mrs. Sarah Browne, of Upholland, aged 97 years
Mar. 25.
Registration of 16 years' old boys and girls.
Mar. 27.
Death of Mr. Frank Percival Toon, licensee of the Red Lion Inn, Newburgh, aged 60 years.
April 1.
Report of resignation of Rev. E. A. Marsh, curate-in-charge of St. Anne's, Beech Hill (serving as Chaplain in H.M. Forces), and appointment of Rev. J. A. Lawton, acting curate-in-charge, as his successor.
April 3.
Death at Witney, Oxfordshire, of Lady Evelyn Mason, O.B.E., daughter of the 26th Earl of Crawford, aged 73 years.
April 4.
Death of Alderman Joseph Wilcox, of Pemberton, mernber of Wigan Town Council, aged 78 years. - Wigan Town Council: Mr. James Dunn, 16, Dicconson Street, appointed by resolution a member of the Council for St. Patrick Ward, to succeed the late Councillor Daniel Rourke.
April 7.
Death at Blackburn of Mr. Tom Eatock, of Ince, former champion sprinter, winner of Powderhall Handicap, and footballer, aged 48 years.
April 9.
Death of Mr. Thomas Gerrard, prominent Lamberhead Green Rechabite, aged 75 years.
April 14.
Gas-producer type buses first used in Wigan.
April 19.
Death of Mr. Oswald Pillling, well-known retired Wigan master builder, aged 73 years.
April 21.
Princess Elizabeth, eighteen to-day, comes of age.
April 22.
Announcement that Mr. W. Gorman, K.C., Recorder of Wigan, Wing Commander in the R.A.F., had been invalided out of the Service. - Delegates from Northern Counties at public meeting of National League of British Parents, addressed by Mr. T. J. Brown, M.P. for Ince. - Ince Salute the Soldier Week ended: Target £100,000, Result £125,342. Also Adlington, Target £25,000, Result £39,603.
April 29.
Registration of 16 years' old boys and girls. - Mr. Lewis Pardey, agent for Lord Gerard, retired after fifty years' service on the Garswood Estate. - Death of Fr. Patrick J. Monaghan, Parish Priest of Our Lady's R.C. Church, Bryn, aged 44 years. - Blackrod Salute the Soldier Week ended: Target £6,000, Result £9,360.
April 30.
Eva Turner, prima donna, sang at "Salute the Soldier Week" Concert at Wigan Hippodrome.
May 1.
Fortescue Repertory Players opened their fifth summer session at Wigan Hippodrome with the comedy, "The First Year."
May 4.
Mr. Frank Dean, F.C.I.S., Deputy Town Clerk of Workington, Cumberland, appointed Clerk to Ashton-in-Makerfield District Council. - Death of Mr. Michael Jackson, of Orrell, the oldest practising solicitor in Wigan, aged 81 years.
May 6.
Wigan Salute the Soldier Week ended: Target £500,000, Result £639,327.
May 11.
The Mayor (Alderman H. Dowling) handed cheque for £6,000 resulting from his Merchant Navy Fund Appeal to London representatives of the Merchant Navy Comforts Service. - Moiseiwitsch gave pianoforte recital at Queen's Hall.
May 13.
Hindley Salute the Soldier Week ended: Target £65,000, Result £102,274. Also Coppull (Target £30,000, Result £36,623), Haydock (Target £40,000, Result £71,448), and Horwich (Target £100,000, Result £138,468).
May 15.
Death of Mr. Cecil Mason, former journalist on staff of "Wigan Examiner," aged 37 years.
May 19.
Wigan Fair on Market Square (first Fair since May, 1940).
May 20.
Wigan R.F.C. won Rugby League Championship at Dewsbury, beating them home and away by aggregate of 25 points to 14 points. - Co-operative Centenary Choral Festival Contests for the North Western Section, held at Queen's Hall, Wigan. - Upholland Salute the Soldier Week ended: Target £35,000, Result £47,877. Also Skelmersdale (Target £30,000, Result £43,160), and Westhoughton (Target £120,000, Result £139,661).
May 21.
Presentation at the Court Cinema, Wigan, of illuminated address and cheque for £707 13s. 2d. by his parishioners to Fr. James Whiteley, of St. Mary's R.C. Church, to celebrate his Golden Jubilee in the priesthood. - Empire Youth Sunday celebrations in Wigan.
May 27.
Wigan R.F.C. won Whitehaven and West Cumberland Hospitals Cup by beating Barrow R.F.C. by 18 points to 8 points at Whitehaven. - Standish Salute the Soldier Week ended: Target £65,000, Result £65,049.
May 30.
Exhibition of Americana (rare books, maps, prints and documents relating to the history of America) opened at Wigan Central Public Library by Dr. Richard H. Heindel, Director of the American Library in London.
June 1.
Mr. Robert Foot, Chairman of the Mining Association of Great Britain, in course of tour of British Coalfields, visited Wigan district, and, accompanied by Lord Crawford, descended Wigan Coal Corporation's Parsonage Pit at Leigh.
June 2.
Death of Mr. Harry Mawdsley, director of John Mawdsley Ltd., preserve manufacturers, Wigan, aged 63 years.
June 3.
Registration of 18 years' old youths. - Death of Mr. John Alfred Johnson, J.P., Wigan solicitor, Deputy Borough Coroner, and prominent local Baptist, aged 81 years. - Death of Rev. Thomas Henry Warne, Vicar of St. Peter's, Bryn, aged 57 years.
June 5.
Funeral at Warrington of Mrs. Elizabeth J. Bottomley, former well-known Wigan lady, aged 91 years. - Halle Orchestra Concert organised by E.N.S.A. at Queen's Hall.
June 9.
Induction of Rev. Walter Herbert Bullough as Vicar of St. Matthew's, Highfield. - Death at Exeter of Mrs. Phyllis Margaret Thicknesse, daughter of the late Mr. Henry Woodcock, J.P., Mayor of Wigan in 1858.
June 10.
Report of nomination of Rev. Clifford Arthur Martin, M.A., vicar of St. Andrew with St. Catherine, Plymouth, as Anglican Bishop of Liverpool in succession of Dr. A. A. David (resigned). - Report of King's Birthday Honours: British Empire Medal (Military) for Actg. Tempy. Sergeant Harold Roy Edmondson, Royal Marines (previously a compositor at the "Wigan Observer" Office), and Order of Merit for Lord Passfield (formerly Mr. Sydney Webb) and Sir Giles Scott (architect of Wigan War Memorial). - Aspull Salute the Soldier Week ended: Target £50,000, Result £55,313. Also Wigan R.D.C. (Target £50,000, Result £66,486), and Golborne (Target £60,000, Result £102,433).
June 13.
Death of Mr. Harry Speakman, licensee of the Stag Hotel, Garswood, and formerly well-known Wigan licensee and cinema managing director, aged 71 years.
June 14.
Wigan Tradesmen's Annual Holiday ("General Holiday"). - Death of Mr. Frank Morris, of Frank Morris and Stringfellow Ltd., funeral undertakers and motor coach proprietors, aged 48 years.
June 16.
The Mexican Ambassador In London, Dr. Don Alfonso de Rosenzweig Diaz, visited the Americana Exhibition at Wigan Library, accompanied by his son, Senor Roberto Diaz.
June 17.
Independent Methodist Connexion held 139th Annual Conference at New Springs Methodist Church. - Death at Prescot of Mr. R. G. M. ("Dick") Jones, former Conservative Agent for Wigan, Secretary-Manager of Wigan Conservative Club, and former member of Wigan Town Council, aged 56 years. - Ashton Salute the Soldier Week ended: Target £100,000, Result £121,920.
June 23.
Death of Rev. Gordon Crewe Chambres, M.A., headmaster of Wigan Grammar School from 1891 to 1926, aged 83 years.
June 24.
Registration of 16 years' old boys and girls. - Orrell and Billinge Salute the Soldier Week ended: Target £50,000, Result £63,876. Also Newton-le-Willows (Target £125,000, Result £167,795), and Rainford (Target £25,000, Result £43,185).
June 29.
Death of Mr. Charles Walters, Lower Ince master painter and prominent local Freemason, aged 62 years.
June 30.
Det.-Inspector Thomas Cheetham, of Wigan Borough Police Force, retired on superannuation after nearly thirty years' service.
July 2.
Golden Jubilee celebrations at St. Matthew's, Highfield.
July 6.
Death at Twickenham of Rev. J. WoodUord Causer, Methodist Circuit Minister in Wigan, 1881-88, aged 88 years.
July 7.
Death at Godalming of Mrs. Janet Hewlett, widow of Mr. W. H. Hewlett, formerly of Strickland House, Standish, aged 94 years.
July 8.
Report of death in action of Capt. James Helier White (31), younger son of the late Dr. Robert Prosser White, of Wigan.
July 10.
Arrival in Wigan of 500 children evacuees from London.
July 12.
Death at Southport of Mrs. Martha Gee, former Mayoress of Wigan, wife of Mr. Joseph Thomas Gee, aged 86 years.
July 15.
Over 600 evacuees (mothers and children) arrived in Wigan from the London area.
July 20.
Death of Lord Hesketh (formerly Sir Thomas Fermor Hesketh), aged 62 years.
July 21.
Death of Dr. John Witherow Pitt, formerly in practice at Platt Bridge, aged 66 years.
July 22.
Blood Transfusion Campaign, for Blood Donors, began in Wigan for one week. - Registration of female 18 year olds. - Abrarn Salute the Soldier Week ended: Target £32,000, Result £47,277. - Death at Hoole, Chester, of Mr. R. H. Wood, former Wigan magistrate, insurance superintendent, and Methodist and ternperance worker, aged 83 years.
July 29.
Registration of 16 years' old boys and girls.
Aug. 2.
Death at Rochdale of Mr. Herbert ("Bert") Gowers, compositor for 62 years, of which 41 were spent on the staff of the "Wigan Observer," aged 82 years. - Presentation to Mr. George Dunsford, Chief Analytical Chemist at Kirkless for Wigan Coal Corporation, on retirement after 54 years' service with the Corporation and its predecessor, the Wigan Coal and Iron Co. Ltd.
Aug. 3.
Death at Neath, Glam., of Mr. George Berwick Lowe, second son of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Lowe, formerly of Victoria House, Wigan, aged 51 years.
Aug. 5.
Wigan "Holidays at Home" Week commenced.
Aug. 8.
Internatiorial and County cricketers in Mayor's XI v. War Comforts Fund XI match at Bull Hey, for "Daily Dispatch" War Comforts Fund; proceeds over £200. - Another 719 mothers and children evacuees arrived in Wigan from the London area (over 400 went following day to St. Helens owing to Wigan Holiday Week).
Aug. 13.
Centenary celebration of Foundation Stone laying at Wesleyan Methodist Church, Standisligate.
Aug. 19.
Announcement that Lt.-Col. Stanley Bell, O.B.E., J.P. (24th Lancashire Btn. Home Guard) had been promoted Colonel (to command No. 31 Sector, Wigan).
Aug. 22.
Sir Edward C. Bairstow, organist of York Minster and formerly organist at Wigan Parish Church, celebrated 70th birthday, and B.B.C. broadcast musical programme. - Mayor entertained a party of American Army Officers, also fifty wounded American soldiers.
Aug. 23.
Wigan on the Air in B.B.C. "Home Flash" Series (Repeated two days later). - Death of Mrs. Anne Walsh, widow of the Rt. Hon. Stephen Walsh, M.P., aged 82 years.
Aug. 26.
Registration of 16 years' old boys and girls.
Aug. 28.
Death of Mr. Henry Caldwell, former Hindley District Council chief rate collector, aged 63 years.
Aug. 31.
Dr. Somerville Hastings, chairman of London County Council, visited Wigan during his tour of reception areas for evacuees from London.
Sept. 1.
Death of Mrs. Martha Elizabeth McClure, widow of Mr. William Ewart McClure, M.Sc., many years headmaster of Ashton Grammar School, aged 71 years.
Sept. 2.
Registration of 18 years old youths.
Sept. 3.
Fifth anniversary of outbreak of the War: National Day of Prayer (Mayor attended St. John's Church, Pemberton).
Sept. 4.
Mr. and Mrs. William Greene, of 13, Hornby Street, Wigan, celebrated their Diamond Wedding.
Sept. 6.
Another 450 evacuees arrived in Wigan.
Sept. 13.
New Bishop of Liverpool, Rt. Rev. Clifford Arthur Martin, paid his first official visit to Wigan and addressed "welcome" meeting in Queen's Hall and preached at Parish Church.
Sept. 16.
Improved Street Lighting commenced in Wigan Streets. - Wigan's gas-producer type motor buses withdrawn for conversion to use of petrol.
Sept. 17.
Double Summer Time ended at 2 a.m. (2nd hour off).
Sept. 23.
Final performance of Forescue Repertory Company at Wigan Hippodrome after twenty-one weeks' "season." - Report in "Wigan Observer" of interview with Corporal Thomas Jones, of Wigan, who escaped from German execution squad.
Sept. 24.
Death of Mr. David Cowser, formerly Town Councillor and member of Wigan Education Committee, a former Deputy Mayor of the Borough, and latterly on Education Department Staff, aged 60 years.
Sept. 25.
Death of Councillor Luke Burgess, of Abram, aged 65 years.
Sept. 26.
Presentation to Mr. Robert Arthur Fort, joint chief surveyor to Wigan Coal Corporation Ltd., on retiring after service since 1890.
Sept. 27.
Mr. J. Bonar Wood held his first inquest as Deputy Wigan Borough Coroner.
Sept. 30.
Registration of 16 years' old boys and girls. - Ex-Prisoners of War entertained by the Mayor. - Performances by the Ballet Rambert at Thicknesse Hall, Wigan. - Rev. Robert Hedley Dowthwaite instituted Vicar of Abram.
Oct. 1.
Death of Mr. Richard Bridge, partner in Wilcock and Bridge, auctioneers, Wigan, aged 60 years.
Oct. 5.
Death at Kendal of Mr. John Buckley, formerly head of the old Wigan Pupil Teachers' Centre, aged 79 years.
Oct. 7.
Report in "Wigan Observer" of interview with Fr. Thomas Moran and Bro. William Moran, two Wigan brothers returned from internment in France.
Oct. 10.
Death at Penwortham of Mr. George Lansfield, former Stationmaster of Wigan L. and N.W. and L. and Y. stations, aged 77 years.
Oct. 13.
Death of Mr. William Marsh, retired railwayman and prominent member of St. Andrew's congregation, Wigan.
Oct. 14.
Report in "Wigan Observer" of speeches by local M.P.s in Parliament on the Town and Country Planning Bill, with reference to pit heaps and flashes in Wigan district. - Rev. Reginald Birkett Salmon instituted Vicar of St. Peter's, Bryn.
Oct. 20.
Jack London, British and Empire Heavyweight Boxing Champion, boxed an exhibition bout of three 2-minute rounds with Rex Arnold, Northern Command heavyweight Champion, at tournament in Wigan Baths Hall.
Oct. 24.
Councillor T. J. Brown, J.P., M.P. for Ince Division, resigned membership of Hindley District Council.
Oct. 26.
Death of Archbishop William Temple, aged 63 years.
Oct. 28.
Registration of 16 years old boys and girls. - Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that in future Police Courts would be termed Magistrates' Courts. - Miners' Rehabilitation Centre opened at Sandiways, Cheshire.
Oct. 29.
Death of Canon T. A. E. Davey, canon residentiary of Liverpool Cathedral and former vicar of St. Mark's, Newtown, Wigan, aged 53 years.
Nov. 1.
Death of Rev. Samuel Bryson, formerly vicar of St. Mary's, Ince, aged 75 years.
Nov. 3.
Death of Mr. Tom Richards, retired member of Borough Treasurer's Department staff, aged 79 years. - Death of Mr. John William Chadwick, of Southport, head of Messrs. T. Chadwick and Sons Ltd., wholesale grocers and provision merchants, Newtown, aged 66 years.
Nov. 4.
Rev. Gilbert Briggs inducted minister of St. Paul's Congregational Church, Standishgate.
Nov. 7.
Presentation by the Lancashire and Cheshire Coal Owners to Major Arthur Ratcliffe-Ellis on his retirement from the position of secretary of the Lancashire and Cheshire Coal Owners' Association.
Nov. 8.
Death of Dr. James Hunter, M.B., Ch.B., of Ashton-in-Makerfield, aged 68 years.
Nov. 9.
Councillor John Holland, J.P. (Labour), elected Wigan's 698th Mayor.
Nov. 11.
Death of Mr. Thos. Ogden, a former member of Hindley District Council, aged 72 years.
Nov. 12.
The Mayor (Councillor John Holland) paid his first State Visit to Church; he attended Hope Congregational Church.
Nov. 13.
Running of Wigan Corporation buses, after war-time restrictions, extended until 10 p.m. every night.
Nov. 14.
Death of Mr. G. W. Latimer, head of Messrs, William Latimer, grocers, Market-street, Wigan, aged 63 years.
Nov. 15.
Death of Mr. David Lindsay Harbottle, solicitor, formerly Town Clerk of Blackpool and a native of Wigan district, aged 67 years. - Members of newly-formed Wigan Little Theatre gave first performance, "Arms and the Man," by George Bernard Shaw, in St. Michael's Hall, Wigan.
Nov. 20.
Death of Mr. John Edward Magraw, writer and sonneteer, in his 69th year.
Nov. 21.
Death at St. Annes-on-Sea of Mr. Percy Rushton, Wigan businessman, in his 62nd year. - Death of Mr. Robert Marsden, proprietor of Messrs. Harcourt and Co. Ltd., explosive agents, aged 77 years.
Nov. 25.
Registration of boys and girls born between 20th October and 25th November, 1928.
Nov. 29.
Dean Wood pumping station of Orrell Urban District Council, estimated to supply 300,000 gallons of water a day, officially opened.
Dec. 2.
Announced in "Wigan Observer" that N.F.S. emergency war-time water tanks in certain parts of the borough were to be dismantled. - Youths born between 1st January and 31st March, 1927, registered under National Service Acts.
Dec. 3.
"Stand Down" Parade in Wigan of 26th and 24th Battalions of Home Guard, and at Golborne of the 76th Battalion.
Dec. 6.
Death of Miss Elizabeth Leech, of Orrell, for thirty years a nursing sister in Queen Alexandra's Nurses, and who was awarded the Mons Star, aged 80 years.
Dec. 9.
Week-end Conference for Youth Leaders opened in Wigan by the Mayor (Councillor J. Holland, J.P.).
Dec. 13.
Halle Orchestra Concert at Queen's Hall, John Barbirolli conducting.
Dec. 14.
Joint Conference of the Electricity Commissioners and the Ministry of Town and Country Planning at Wigan Rural District Council Offices, into a proposed supply of electricity to Beechwood Colliery, Harrock Hill, a well-known local beauty spot, the question of replacing overhead cables with underground cables after the war being under consideration.

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