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Local Chronology, 1942-43.


Dec. 14.
Mr. George Alker, farmer, co-opted on Upholland District Council on resignation of Councillor W. Ashton.
Dec. 24.
Death of Mr. Fred Roiley, retired grocery manager for Wigan Co-operative Society, aged 65 years.
Dec. 25.
Church bells were rung to call worshippers to service between 9 a.m. and 12 noon, by Government permission.


Jan. 6.
Death of Mr. Wm. Davenport, well-known Ashton and former Wigan jeweller, aged 93 years.
Jan. 9.
Publication of New Year Honours included: O.B.E. for Lt.-Col. Stanley Bell, J.P., of Haigh; B.E.M. for Mrs. Elsie Price, an R.O.F. overlooker, of Wigan. - Announcement that Lord Crawford was appointed Chairman of the Royal Fine Art Commission. - Registration of Youths born between 1st October, 1924, and 31st March, 1925.
Jan. 12.
Death of Mr. John Richard Hardman, a director of Messrs. James Lowe (Wigan) Ltd., Victoria House, of Wigan, aged 68 years.
Jan. 13.
Death of Mr. John Buckley, former Wigan postman, aged 78 years.
Jan. 14.
Death at Leyland of Mr. John Rutter, well-known local bandmaster, aged 76 years.
Jan. 15.
Death at Southport of Mr. Walter Herbert Morton, secretary and former director of W. Morton and Sons Ltd., Ince, aged 73 years.
Jan. 16.
Mr. Archie Hunt, clerk and surveyor to Upholland U.D.C., retired on superannuation after forty years' service with the Council. - Mr. Seth Blackledge, J.P., of Leigh, miners' agent for the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Federation for 25 years, retired on attaining age of 70 years. - Death at Southport of Mr. Frank Coop, former director of Coop and Co., Ltd., Wigan, aged 83 years.
Jan. 18.
"Desert Song" at Wigan Hippodrome for one week.
Jan. 20.
Death of Alderman Edwin Yates, J.P, former Mayor of Wigan, "father" of Wigan Town Council, former colliery checkweighman, and prominent public man, aged 84 years. - Tornmy Handley, popular B.B.C. comedian ("Itma") entertained Wigan and District War Savings Groups officials at Baths Assembly Hall.
Jan. 23.
Death of Miss Dorothy Annie Balfour, former headmistress of Dalton, C. of E. School.
Jan. 27.
Pouishnoff, famous pianist, gave Chopin recital at Queen's Hall.
Jan. 28.
Death of Major Robert Holt Edmondson, a director of Garswood Hall Collieries Ltd., aged 61 years.
Jan. 30.
Death at Leigh of Mr. Henry Lowe, J.P., formerly for thirty years manager of Chisnall Hall Colliery, Coppull, aged 73 years.
Feb. 1.
Wigan Coal and Iron Co., Ltd., shareholders' meeting sanctioned capital rearrangement scheme involving also shares in Lancashire Steel Corporation Ltd.
Feb. 2.
Mrs. Emily Ashurst (Councillor) elected Wigan's first lady alderman by Wigan Town Council.
Feb. 3.
Turkish Mission visited a North-West Royal Ordnance Factory. - Wigan Borough Annual Brewster Sessions: reported over 50 per cent. decrease in drunkenness in 1942. - Death in Manchester of Mr. James Duddle, Mus.Bac., A.R.C.O., F.T.S.C., former Wigan musician, aged 88 years.
Feb. 5.
Death of Mr. Thomas Taberner, well-known Pemberton resident, aged 79 years.
Feb. 10.
Wigan County Brewster Sessions: over 50 per cent. decrease in drunkenness.
Feb. 13.
Death at Bolton of Dr. Alexander Simpkin, native of Platt Bridge, aged 31 years.
Feb. 14.
Death at Merthyr, South Wales, of "Bert" Jenkins, former Welsh and Wigan R.F.C. International Rugby League centre three-quarter, aged 57 years.
Feb. 15.
Wessex Philharmonic Orchestra, of Bournemouth, gave concert at Queen's Hall, Wigan.
Feb. 17.
Mr. T. J. Brown, M.P., for Ince Division, made his maiden speech in House of Commons during debate on the Beveridge Report.
Feb. 20.
Announcement that Tom Moss, the Wigan comedian and revue producer, had been appointed "King Rat" (president of the Grand Order of Water Rats, the variety profession's philanthropic society). - Death at Southport of Col. W. Mitchell Roocroft, C.M.G., J.P., former Wigan surgeon, aged 83 years.
Feb. 21.
Death of Mr. Thomas Laurie Brown, former Wigan pawnbroker, accountant, and Borough Elective Auditor, aged 83 years.
Feb. 22.
Wigan Coal and Iron Co., Ltd., capital reduction scheme confirmed by Chancery Court in London. - Death of Mr. Patrick Gillooly, prominent Trades Union official and former member of Wigan Town Council, aged 72 years. - Wigan Education Committee passed estimates for £110,046 net charge upon rates, a net increase of £6,464, equivalent to a 4d. increase on the Education Rate from 5s. 0.72d. to 5s. 4.72d. in the £.
Feb. 27.
England (15 points) v. Wales (9 points) Rugby League International at Central Park, Wigan.
Mar. 4.
Wigan Watch Committee accepted notice of retirement on superannuation by Supt. H. Rigby, with effect from 4th April.
Mar. 7.
International Women's Day celebrated by pageant at Ritz Cinema, Wigan. - Death at Morecambe of Mr. Herbert Marsden, former Wigan master tailor, aged 83 years.
Mar. 10.
Replica of badge of H.M.S. Barfoss (adopted by the township) presented to Hindley.
Mar. 12.
Death of Mr. Robert G. Dawson, J.P., Wigan master builder and former town councillor, aged 72 years.
Mar. 14.
Rt. Hon. Arthur Greenwood, M.P., Leader of Parliamentary Labour Party, addressed Labour Demonstration at the Pavilion, Library Street, Wigan.
Mar. 16.
Death of Mr. James Kenney Best, of Standish, aged '71 years.
Mar. 17.
Death of Mr. Denis Whittle, former Wigan tradesman, aged 81 years. - Death of Mr. James William Leach, well-known Wigan tobacconist, aged 71 years.
Mar. 21.
Youth Sunday celebrated at Ince.
Mar. 22.
Joe Davis, world snooker champion, played at Wigan Conservative Club for Red Cross Fund. - Norman Evans, famous Lancashire comedian of radio, stage, and screen, opened week's performances at the Hippodrome.
Mar. 23.
Wigan Town Council annual Budget meeting: rate unchanged at 15s. in the £.
Mar. 24.
First Ince British Restaurant opened at Keble Street I.M. School.
Mar. 25.
Death of Mr. Peter Porter, one of Wigan's oldest inhabitants, aged 94 years.
Mar. 26.
Death of Mr. William Gaskell, former member of Orrell District Council and a local Quaker, aged 58 years.
Mar. 27.
Memorial plaques to Mr. John Crook and Mr. James Marsden, J.P., unveiled at Church of Christ, Rodney Street.
April 3.
Wigan Coal and Iron Co., Ltd., annual meeting.
April 4.
"Double" Summer Time commenced.
April 11.
Death of Mr. John Heywood, Wigan music dealer, aged 72 years.
April 12.
Wigan Corporation's bus curfew (9-30 Monday to Friday, 10 o'clock Saturday, 9 o'clock Sunday) came into operation.
April 13.
Religion and Life Campaign launched in Wigan.
April 17.
Sandy Macpherson, B.B.C. organist, made first Wigan appearance at Queen's Hall concert. - Ince "Wings for Victory" Week ended; grand total £136,748 11s. 11d. (Target £96,000). - Blackrod "Wings for Victory" Week ended, target of £7,900 exceeded by £9,000.
April 21.
Death of Mr. W. R. Deakin, head of W. R. Deakin Ltd., Wigan jam manufacturers, former Wigan Borough magistrate and town councillor, aged 81 years.
April 23.
Church bells (single only, being Good Friday) called worshippers to church, the ban having been lifted by Parliament.
April 24.
Announced that Capt. James Talbot (25), of Church Street, Orrell, bad been awarded the O.B.E., for bravery in North Africa.
April 25.
Wigan church bells rang again, including peals at Parish Church and other churches locally.
April 26.
Death at St. Annes of Dr. James Wood, M.D., former Wigan doctor, aged 85 years. - Death of Mr. Nathaniel Wright, grocer and former Ashton councillor, aged 76 years.
April 27.
Death of Mr. Henry Peak, of John Peak and Co., Ltd., Wigan chemical manufacturers, aged 79 years.
April 28.
Death of Mr. Frederick Betley, former Wigan Corporation gas engineer and manager, aged 74 years.
May 3.
Fortescue Repertory Company commenced Summer season at Wigan Hippodrome with "Aren't We All" comedy for first week.
May 4.
Alderman Tom Holland, O.B.E., resigned from Wigan Town Council which elected Councillor Harold Dowling to Aldermanic vacancy. - Mr. Harry Houghton (Conservative, Swinley Ward) and Mr. John Noble (Conservative, All Saints' Ward) co-opted as councillors to succeed Alderman Dowling (promoted) and Councillor R. G. M. Jones (resigned) respectively.
May 5.
Death of Mr. James Leigh Hartley, former deputy supt. registrar for Wigan, aged 81 years.
May 8.
Death of Coundillor George Valentine Wilcock, of UpIlolland, partner in Wilcock and Bridge, auctioneers, Wigan, aged 50 years.
May 12.
Death of Mr. Thomas Winstanley, of Orrell, generous benefactor to Wigan Infirmary, aged 77 years.
May 14.
Third anniversary of formation of the Home Guard (at first styled "Local Defence Volunteers").
May 15.
Announcement that Brigadier William James Eastwood, before enlistment honorary orthopaedic surgeon at Wigan Infirmary, had died on active service with the R.A.M.C. in North Africa, aged 40 years. - Hindley "Wings for Victory" Week ended; grand total £119,282 7s. 8d. (Target £80,000). - Wigan R.D.C. "Wings for Victory" Week ended; grand total £66,677 14s. 0d. (Target £50,000). - Haydock "Wings" Week, total £65,108 (Target £40,000). - Orrell, Billinge and Winstanley "Wings for Victory" Week ended; grand total £53,000 (Target £45,000).
May 16.
Eva Turner, the prima donna, sang at concert at Ritz Cinema, Wigan (with R.A.F. Band), in aid of Wigan "Wings for Victory" Week. - Empire Youth Sunday demonstration in Wigan. - Local Battalions of the Home Guard celebrated 3rd birthday (date last Friday).
May 19.
Death of Mr. Oliver Ormrod, managing director of A. Ormrod and Co., general merchants, Wigan, aged 88 years.
May 20.
Death at Manchester of Mr. William Butters Shaw, formerly a grocer and Presbyterian Sunday school teacher in Wigan, an authority on history and official records of Presbyterianism, aged 68 years.
May 21.
Sale by auction of various farms, cottages, and ground rents on Haigh Estate.
May 22.
Report of killing of marauding foxes at Standish and Billinge. - "Wings for Victory" Weeks ending to-day resulted: Wigan £650,640 (Target £432,000); Coppull, etc., £43,000 (Target £20,000); Golborne £97,000 (Target £60,000); Standish £77,424 (Target £60,000).
May 23.
Rev. Benjamin Bee, B.A., commenced his ministry at Hope Congregational Church, Wigan.
May 24.
Concert by Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (conductor Louis Cohen) at Queen's Hall.
May 26.
Sir Sydney Nicholson, M.A., Mus.Doc., M.V.O., visited and heard St. Michael's Church Choir, Wigan.
May 28.
Strike by drivers and conductors of Wigan Corporation Transport Department; work resumed next morning pending negotiations.
May 29.
Ashton "Wings for Victory" Week ended with £136,905 (Target £120,000); Aspull £71,558 13s. 1d. (Target £40,000).
May 31.
Death at Birkdale of Mr. John House, former Wigan Borough magistrate and mining engineer, and agent and general manager of Douglas Bank Collieries, aged 81 years.
June 1.
Tocvn Council decided to issue to ratepayers over 21 years of age, permits to fish in Corporation's Worthington and Arley Reservoirs.
June 5.
Publication of King's Birthday Honours List, including M.B.E. for Mrs. Emily Sprott, a Wigan missionary in the Solomon Islands, and the King's Police Medal for Mr. T. Pey, the Wigan chief constable. - Upholland "Wings for Victory" Week ended, result £48,229 (Target £35,000). - Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society held diamond jubilee meeting in Wigan. - Registration of women born in first half of 1924.
June 6.
Mr. D. N. Pritt, K.C., M.P., addressed Wigan audience on "Russia To-day."
June 7.
Wigan Town Council at special meeting discussed bus drivers' strike on 28th May. - Death of Mr. Oliver Hart, of Blainscough Hall, Coppull, aged 56 years. - Sirens test in North-west at noon.
June 8.
Death of Mrs. Evelyn Jean Buckmaster, widow of Rev. Charles John Buckmaster, former Vicar of Hindley, aged 84 years.
June 11.
Death of Dr. John Warburton, of.Wigan, aged 64 years.
June 12.
Abram "Wings for Victory" Week ended, result £41,426 (Target £30,000).
June 13.
Dedication to the late Brigadier W. J. Eastwood (Wigan Infirmary Orthopaedic Surgeon) of a Chapel at his 8th Army Hospital in North Africa.
June 19.
Registration of males born between 1st July and 30th September, 1925. - Central kitchen for miners' colliery canteens opened at Foundry Lane, Pemberton, by Mr. Gordon Macdonald, Regional Fuel Controller. - Peter Kane (Golborne) beaten in 61 seconds of the 1st round of the Flyweight Championship title fight by Jackie Paterson (Glasgow) at Hampden Park, Glasgow.
June 23.
Wigan Tradesmen's General Holiday.
June 26.
Announcement of appointment of twelve new magistrates for the borough (Alderman E. Ball, Councillor J. L. Barbour, Mr. F. W. Boggis, Mrs. C. J. Brimelow, Miss A. Fairhurst, Councillor H. R. Hancock, Mr. A. Jackson, Councillor A. J. Lowe, Mrs. J. Melling, Mrs. M. Readman, Councillor F. W. Roberts, and Mr. A. I. Winnard).
June 29.
Lord Crawford made his maiden speech in House of Lords.
July 5.
Sirens Test in North-west at noon.
July 10.
Announcement that Mr. Frank Bailey, Mus.Bac., F.R.C.O., of Southport, had accepted post of organist at Wigan Parish Church. - Death of Mr. Harold Bottomley, juvenile employment officer for Wigan and prominent in Youth Welfare movements, aged 56 years.
July 14.
Dr. Malcolm Sargent conducted Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra at Queen's Hall.
July 18.
Death of Mr. John Ashurst, headmaster of Lamberhead Green Council School, Orrell, aged 53 years.
July 19.
Death at Ashton-under-Lyne of Rev. W. B. W. Bilbrough, former superintendent of Wigan Station Road Methodist Circuit, aged 64 years.
July 25.
Death of Mr. Daniel Ritson, J.P., former prominent Ince railway official, aged 65 years. - Death of Mr. Wm. Joseph White, Army veteran marksman and former postman, of Ashton, aged 71 years.
July 27.
Lord Derby visited Wigan and on behalf of H.M. the King presented to Mr. T. Pey, O.B.E., chief constable of Wigan, the King's Police and Fire Services Medal awarded to him in the King's Birthday Honours. - Dedication to Mr. Harold Bottomley of Wigan Sea Cadets' ship's bell used for their parades at Gidlow Senior School.
July 28.
Death of Mr. Albert Edward Saunders, well-known Wigan wholesale fruit merchant and all-round amateur sportsman, aged 56 years. - Opening of extension to Hindley War-time Nursery.
July 31.
Lord Crawford opened Art Exhibition at Wigan Grammar School. - C.Y.M.S. of Great Britain held 66th Annual Conference in Wigan, first time since 1891.
Aug. 2.
Death of Miss Alice Wall, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Wall, founder of the "Wigan Observer," aged 83 years.
Aug. 7.
Registration of women born between 1st July and 31st December, 1924.
Aug. 9.
Second Ince British Restaurant opened.
Aug. 10.
Death of Miss Annie Moyers, of Billinge, prominent worker for many charities, and a school teacher, aged 56 years.
Aug. 21.
Death of Rev. John A. Banks, for twenty years minister of St. Paul's Congregational Church, Standishgate, aged 53 years.
Aug. 23.
Disastrous outbreak of fire at the Vulcanite Works, Seven Stars, Wigan.
Aug. 26.
Death of Mr. Robert Hedley Coulson, of Wigan, editor of "The Science and Art of Mining," Wigan, and connected with it for over fifty years, aged 69 years. - Presentations to Mr. Wilf Burton, a popular Wiganer, on retiring and leaving the town to reside in Cornwall.
Aug. 28.
Announcement of retirement of Mr. Harry French, of Ashton, for 34 years secretary to Local Education Committee for County District No. 19 (based on Ashton). - Registration of 16-years-old boys and girls.
Sept. 3.
Wigan's "Wings for Victory" Plaque presented by Air Vice Marshall Sir L. Slatter, K.B.E., C.B., D.S.C., D.F.C. - National Day of Prayer: services in Wigan and district.
Sept. 4.
Bickershaw Colliery Band won 91st Annual Brass Band Championship Contest at Belle Vue.
Sept. 6.
Sadler's Wells Opera Company commenced week of opera at Wigan Hippodrome, producing "Madam Butterfly," "La Traviata," "The Marriage of Figaro," and "La Boheme." - Four weeks' book and paper salvage drive started in Wigan. - Air Raid Sirens Test in North-west, including Wigan, at noon.
Sept. 8.
Death of Mr. Enoch Livesey, former chairman of Aspull U.D.C., aged 71 years. - Lancashire and Cheshire Federation of Free Church Women's Councils held autumn conference in Wigan.
Sept. 11.
Russian delegates to T.U.C. at Southport given civic reception by the Mayor on visiting Wigan R.F.C. v. Halifax match at Wigan. - Registration of women born in 1896.
Sept. 13.
"Old Chelsea," musical romance, commenced week's performances at Wigan Hippodrome.
Sept. 14.
Councillor Frank Fairhurst (Lab.), member of Wigan Town Council, adopted prospective Labour candidate for Oldham.
Sept. 16.
Sale by auction of pictures belonging to the late Mr. J. Allen Parkinson, M.P. for Wigan.
Sept. 17.
Death of Mr. John Forshaw, well-known local swimmer and sacristan at St. John's R.C. Church, Standishgate, aged 65 years.
Sept. 18.
Registration of youths born between 1st October and 31st December, 1925. - "Religion and Life" Week campaign closed in Wigan. - Lancashire Authors' Association held quarterly meeting in Wigan.
Sept. 20.
"Florodora" musical comedy commenced week's performances at Wigan Hippodrome.
Sept. 22.
Lt. E. H. Temme, only man in the world to have swum the English Channel and the Bristol Channel from both sides, gave exhibition of swimming at Wigan Baths.
Sept. 24.
Death of Mr. Archibald Galbraith Walker, M.Inst.C.E., joint managing director of Walker Bros. (Wigan) Ltd., Pagefleld Ironworks, aged 61 years. - Death of Mr. John Hodgson, former Wigan Water Polo player and swimming administrator, aged 62 years.
Sept. 26.
Last organ recital as organist at Wigan Parish Church by Mr. W. O. Minay, B.Mus., F.R.C.O., A.R.C.M. - "Battle of Britain" Sunday: Mayor paid state visit to Parish Church.
Oct. 2.
First Annual Wigan Brass Band Contest, held at Drill Hall. - Death of Mr. Albert G. J. Edes, retired assurance company superintendent and former local Soccer football administrator, aged 63 years.
Oct. 4.
Death of Dr. E. H. A. Pask, medical superintendent of Wrightington Hospital, aged 58 years.
Oct. 6.
Wigan visit of members of the Indian Army.
Oct. 9.
Death of Capt. George Deakin, M.C., member of well-known Wigan family, aged 47 years.
Oct. 11.
Halle Orchestra (conductor John Barbirolli) at Queen's Hall.
Oct. 13.
Mr. W. S. Morrison, Minister of Town and Country Planning, visited Wigan and gave address on post-war planning.
Oct. 16.
Announcement of death of Sir Robt. Stuart Hilton, O.B.E., managing director and deputy chairman of the United Steel Companies Ltd., Sheffield, a native of Wigan, aged 72 years. - Women aged 48 registered to-day. - Announcement of award of Imperial Service Medal in the Home Civil Service to Miss Sarah Ethel Wise on retirement as Supervisor Class I at Wigan Telephone Exchange. - Subscriptions passed £1,000 required to endow bed at Wigan Infirmary in memory of Mr. W. J. Eastwood, orthopaedic surgeon.
Oct. 19.
Death of Mr. Frederick R. Morton, director of W. Morton and Sons, Ltd., grocers, Ince and Wigan, aged 69 years.
Oct. 20.
Death of Mr. John Gorton, headmaster of Aspull C. of E. School, aged 52 years.
Oct. 23.
Announcement of award of D.C.M. to Sgt. Harry H. Hampson, M.M., Royal Tank Regiment, R.A.C., of 68, Swinley-Road, Wigan. - Registration of women born in 1894. - Section of the C. of E. portion of the Ince new cemetery, off Westwood Lane, consecrated by Bishop of Liverpool, Dr. A. A. David.
Oct. 27.
Presentation to Mr. G. H. Fletcher, postmaster of Wigan, on leaving to become postmaster of Blackburn.
Oct. 30.
Godfrey Talbot, B.B.C. war correspondent, lectured at Queen's Hall on "Across Africa with the Eighth Army." - Registration of 16-years-old boys and girls.
Nov. 1.
Death of Mr. James Anderton, well-known Wigan business man, aged 84 years.
Nov. 2.
Local soldiers, repatriated from Prisoners of War Camps in Germany and Italy, given civic reception by the Mayor.
Nov. 4.
Death of Mr. Herbert Parker, stationmaster of Hindley, aged 56 years.
Nov. 7.
Archbishop Downey addressed meeting of 2,000 Catholics on the Education Bill at the Court Cinema.
Nov. 9.
Alderman Harold Dowling (Cons.) elected Wigan's 697th Mayor. - Death of Miss Marie Sybella ("Cissie") Castelli, for 46 years on Wigan Head Post Office staff, aged 66 years.
Nov. 13.
Announcement that Eastwood Memorial Fund, Wigan Infirmary, now closed, total received £1,212 3s. 0d.
Nov. 14.
Rt. Hon. Ernest Bevin, Minister of Labour, addressed public meeting in Pavilion Cinema, Wigan. - Death of Mrs. A. M. A. Benson, widow of the late Dr. M. Benson, J.P., aged 76 years.
Nov. 21.
Death of Mr. Alfred Parsons, well-known Wigan printer for over half a century employed at the "Wigan Observer" Office, aged 86 years.
Nov. 27.
Registration of boys and girls 16 years of age.
Nov. 30.
Halle Orchestra gave "Ensa" concert for war workers at Queen's Hall, Wigan.
Dec. 4.
Full report in "Wigan Observer" of B.B.C. broadcast by Sgt. Harry Hampson, D.C.M., M.M., Royal Tank Corps, of Swinley Road, Wigan, on his battle experiences in Sicily. - Death of Mr. Richard France, well-known member of Wigan Parish Church, Oddfellow, and Conservative, aged 78 years.
Dec. 6.
Air Raid Sirens Test at noon.
Dec. 8.
All effects of Standish Park Golf Club sold by auction.
Dec. 9.
Death of Mr. Johnson H. Liptrot, Wigan builders' merchant, aged 65 years. - Presentations at Wigan County Court to Mr. Richard Wilkinson, retiring early in January after over fifty years a clerk in the Court offices. - Official opening of Wigan Squadron (No. 1178) Air Training Corps ("Raftrain") at St. John's Hall, Dicconson Street.
Dec. 11.
Registration of 17-years-old youths. - Report of death in Rhodesia of Mr. Arthur Peck, member of well-known Wigan business family, aged 71 years. - Reported end of Wigan coalfield dispute. - Presentation to Mr. G. McNamara on completing 21 years as secretary to Wigan and District Weavers, Winders, etc., Association.
Dec. 14.
Death of Mr. James Entwistle, director and former chairman of Wigan R.F.C., aged 57 years. - Death of Mr. James Telford, of Parbold, former Wigan tradesman, aged 94 years. - King George VI was 48 to-day.
Dec. 15.
Mayor entertained six members of Australian and New Zealand Air Force.
Dec. 17.
Death of Police Supt. Thomas Duxbury, in charge of Wigan County Police Division, aged 60 years.
Dec. 19.
Sunday Club for H.M. Forces opened at National and Bluecoat School, Hallgate, by the Mayor.

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