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Local Chronology, 1941-42.


Dec. 12.
Wigan Grammar School Speech Day: Alderman H. Farr, J.P., presented prizes. - Death of Mr. Frederick Bithell, prominent Churchman, Mason and Oddfellow, aged 63 years.
Dec. 15.
Death of Mr. Thomas Mason, master grocer and former Wigan Town Councillor, aged 57 years. - Death of Mr. Thomas Chadwick, of Upholland, master grocer, aged 61 years.
Dec. 18.
Inquest at Penrith on Sir Milton Sharp, of Ullswater, formerly of Wigan, aged 61 years.
Dec. 19.
Death of Mr. George Sawbridge, Wigan master butcher, aged 71 years.
Dec. 20.
Death of Mr. James Baybutt, agent to the Wrightington Estate for forty years, aged 66 years.
Dec. 24.
Death at Southport of Mr. Herbert Leech, managing director of the Pepper Mill Brass Foundry, Wigan, aged 84 years.
Dec. 26.
Death of Mr. John Kane, a former chairman of Upholland District Council, aged 70 years.
Dec. 27.
Councillor W. Foster, J.P., of St. Helens, recommended by Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Federation delegate conference as miners' nominee for Wigan Parliamentary vacancy caused by the death of Mr. John Allen Parkinson, M.P. - Death of Mr. Alfred Lymn, J.P., prominent Ince resident and former chairman of Ince District Council, aged 75 years.
Dec. 28.
Death of Mr. Joseph Hy. Ormsby, of Standish, well-known Wigan cricketer, aged 33 years.
Dec. 30.
Wigan Town Council, at special meeting, resolved to give three months' notice to redeem the 5 per cent. Stock 1942-52 on 1st April, 1942.
Dec. 31.
London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Malcolm Sargent, gave concert at Queen's Hall, Wigan. - Death at Lytham of Miss Margaret Watmough, formerly for many years headmistress of Red Rock School, Haigh, aged 73 years.


Jan. 1.
Mr. Robert Stuart Hilton, former general manager of Messrs. J. and R. Stone Ltd. collieries, Garswood, received Knighthood in King's New Year Honour, Mr. Ernest Taberner, town clerk of Croydon, a native of Wigan, being also awarded O.B.E.
Jan. 3.
Announced in "Wigan Observer" that Edward Ashcroft, of 3, Bramble Grove, Pemberton, employe at a Royal Ordnance Factory, had been awarded the George Medal.
Jan. 5.
Explosion at Bickershaw No. 4 Pit, Plank Lane; six men killed.
Jan. 6.
Death at St. Annes-on-Sea of Miss Louie K. Dawson, former prominent Wigan charity worker. - Death of Bishop Robert Dobson, Vicar General of the Liverpool Catholic Archdiocese. aged 75 years.
Jan. 10.
Women born in 1921 registered for war work. - Death of Mr. Frederick Linton, solicitor, of Messrs. Woodcock, Stobart, and Co., Wigan, aged 65 years.
Jan. 12.
Wigan's First British Restaurant opened by the Mayor at the Court Hall, King Street. - Work commenced of removal of iron boundary railings and interior metal fencing from Mesnes Park, Wigan, in National Salvage Drive for the war effort; also followed during week by removal of iron railings from Alexandra Park, Newtown, and Scholes Municipal Gardens.
Jan. 19.
Exhibition opened at Wigan Reference Library of rare books, manuscripts, etc., dealing with wars and armaments of former days. - Death of Rev. John Atkinson Tarver, vicar of Bickershaw, aged 67 years. - Death at Southport of Mr. Edwin France, well-known Wigan Chartered Accountant, aged 67 years. - Big blizzard swept over Wigan.
Jan. 21.
Hindley British Restaurant in Chapel Street, off Market Street, formally opened by Lord Crawford. - Red Cross Penny-a-Week Scheme launched in Wigan.
Jan. 22.
Death of Mr. Samuel Causey, well-known Scholes jeweller and watchmaker, aged 57 years.
Jan. 24.
Report in "Wigan Observer" that Tom Moss, the Wigan comedian, had been elected Prince Rat of the Water Rats (stage artistes' benevolent organisation). - Biographical reference to the late Dr. William Reginald Ormandy, eminent consulting chemist, a native of Wigan, published in "Wigan Observer." - Lecture at Wigan Mining and Technical College by Prof. J. B. S. Haldane on "A Scientist's View on the Soviet War Effort." - Registration of women born in 1909.
Jan. 26.
Death of Mr. John Critchley, an inspector in Wigan Corporation Transport Department and former Wigan and International Water Polo player, aged 54 years.
Jan. 31.
Registration of boys aged 17 years. - Upholland Warship Week opened by Lord Crawford. - Death of Mr. Ernest B. Naylor, M.Sc., F.I.C., former head of Wigan College Chemistry Department.
Feb. 2.
Death of Mr. John Rigby, engineer, Rechabite, and sportsman, of Appley Bridge, aged 68 years.
Feb. 3.
Death at Southport of Mrs. Deborah Ross, a former Mayoress of Wigan, aged 83 years.
Feb. 4.
Wigan Borough Annual Brewster Sessions.
Feb. 7.
Report in "Wigan Observer" of effects of big blizzard on 19th January. - Upholland Warship Week ended, the £14,000 "Target" being quintupled to £71,903 4s. 1d. - Registration of Women born in 1908.
Feb. 11.
Wigan County Annual Brewster Sessions.
Feb. 14.
Ashton-in-Makerfield Warship Week (Target £120,000) opened by Air Commodore E. L. Howard-Williams, M.C.
Feb. 15.
Dr. Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury, addressed a meeting in the Ritz Cinema, Wigan. - Thanksgiving Services at Wigan Parish Church to celebrate 50th Anniversary of Wigan All Saints' Company of the Church Lads' Brigade, the senior surviving Company of the C.L.B.
Feb. 19.
Wigan Borough Bench reverse previous decisions and grant special Sunday licence for R.A.F. concert at Ritz Cinema on 1st March.
Feb. 20.
Death of Mr. James Stuart, retired director and secretary of Messrs. J. F. Ashton Ltd., tobacconists, Wigan, for over sixty years with that firm, aged 77 years.
Feb. 21.
Ashton Warship Week ended, £120,504 being raised. - Registration of Women born in 1907.
Feb. 23.
Wigan Trustee Savings Bank's first branch Works Bank opened at Messrs. Walker Bros.' Pagefield Ironworks.
Feb. 24.
Death of Mr. Walter Fenton, well-known Wigan house and estate agent, aged 73 years.
Feb. 25.
Death of Mr. Alfred Finch, of Parbold, aged 50 years.
Mar. 1.
R.A.F. Sunday Concert at Ritz Cinema, Wigan, about 2,600 present.
Mar. 3.
Wigan Trades Council and Labour Party adopted Councillor Wm. Foster, J.P., of St. Helens, miners' agent, as Labour candidate in Wigan Parliamentary By-Election.
Mar. 4.
Presentation to Mr. W. N. Owen, rolling stock superintendent for Wigan Corporation Transport Department, on retirement after 41 years' service with the department.
Mar. 6.
Writ for the Wigan Parliamentary By-Election delivered by the Wigan Postmaster to the Mayor.
Mar. 7.
Death at Accrington of Fr. Wm. Gough, S.J., aged 66 years, formerly rector of St. John's R.C., Wigan, and the last Jesuit rector in Wigan.
Mar. 11.
Council of the Royal Society of St. George accepted as honorary member George Ashcroft, 3, Bramble Grove, Pemberton, who, as announced in the "Wigan Observer" on 3rd January, 1942, had been awarded the George Medal. - Councillor Wm. Foster, J.P., of St. Helens, Labour., the only nominee for the Wigan Parliamentary By-Election, declared elected M.P. for Wigan.
Mar. 14.
Orrell and Billinge-and-Winstanley Warship Week (Target £70,000) opened by Lord Crawford.
Mar. 18.
Mr. Wm. Foster (Labour), the new M.P. for Wigan, took his seat in the House of Commons.
Mar. 21.
Aspull Warship Week (Target £14,000) opened by Lord Crawford. - Registration of Women born in 1905. - Orrell and Billinge-and-Winstanley Warship Week ended, £76,817 15s. 6d. being raised. - Death in London of Lord Newton, aged 85 years.
Mar. 23.
Death of Mr. William Woods, M.Sc., F.R.C.V.S., well-known Wigan veterinary surgeon, aged 81 years.
Mar. 24.
Lancashire County Union of the National British Women's Total Abstinence Union held Spring Conference at King Street Baptist Church, Wigan.
Mar. 25.
All-In Wrestling contests at Drill Hall, about 1,500 present, in aid of Forces Canteen Fund.
Mar. 27.
Mrs. Cecil Chesterton lectured on Life in Russia at King Street Methodist Assembly Hall, Wigan.
Mar. 28.
Aspull Warship Week ended, £66,825 5s. 2d. being raised.
Mar. 30.
Rev. John Speakman, late of Everton, inducted vicar of Bickershaw. - Wigan Town Council fixed the rate at 15s. in the £ for fifth successive year.
Mar. 31.
Divisional Officer John Jones, of "F" Division (Wigan), No. 28 Area (Bolton, etc.), National Fire Service, formerly Wigan Fire Brigade, retired after over 36 years' service.
April 2.
Death of Mr. William Smalley, Wigan master printer, aged 58 years.
April 3.
Death of Mr. George Roocroft Rhodes, Wigan builder, aged 63 years.
April 4.
Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra gave two concerts at Queen's Hall, Wigan.
April 5.
"Double" Summer Time commenced at 2 a.m.
April 8.
Death of Mr. Percy Walter de Courcy Smale, Mus.Doc., prominent Wigan musician, aged 66 years. - Death of Mr. John Pughe, Wigan choirmaster, aged 62 years.
April 11.
Registration of Women born in 1922.
April 13.
Death at Allerton, Bradford, of Rev. William Alfred Harrison, the first minister at Wigan Wesleyan Queen's Hall Mission, aged 73 years.
April 18.
Lift-boat Day street collection in Wigan realised £324; some collectors wore gas masks during a gas exercise in the town centre. - Golborne Warship Week opened by Commander W.A.C. Dickson, R.N., "Target" £50,000. - Registration of Men aged 18½ years.
April 25.
Registration of Girls 16-17 years of age. - Report in "Wigan Observer" of death in Australia on 11th January of Mr. Frederick Harold Mee, formerly prominent member of Wigan Borough Free Libraries staff, aged 55 years. - Golborne Warship Week concluded, £76,716 being raised.
April 26.
Death of Mr. James Dunn, former well-known Abram resident, aged 58 years.
May 2.
Death of Mr. James Lund Hargreaves, of Southport, former well-known Wigan solicitor's clerk. - Registration of Women of 1904 age group. - Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Federation confirmed election of Mr. J. Hammond, of Wigan, as Miners' Agent for Wigan.
May 4.
Death of Mr. James T. Holland, a former secretary of Wigan Boro' A.F.C. Ltd., aged 67 years. - Death at Willaston, Cheshire, of Mr. Archibald McKerrow Russell, former director and general manager of the Wigan Coal Corporation Ltd., aged 69 years. - Fortescue Repertory Company commenced summer season at Wigan Hippodrome.
May 13.
Wigan Girls' High School annual Sports held for the first time at the school's playing fields at "Ashfield," Standish.
May 15.
Hindley Nursing Association first annual meeting since reorganisation on a contributory basis.
May 16.
Report published of resignation of Mgr. Joseph Dean, D.D., Ph.D., from Rectorship of St. Joseph's College, Upholland. - Death of Mr. Joseph Gobin, licensee for many years of the Boar's Head Inn, Boar's Head, aged 69 years.
May 21.
Mr. Hamilton Brown, of Hale, Cheshire, adopted prospective Conservative candidate for Chorley.
May 25.
Death of ex-Police Inspector James Turner, of Wigan, aged 69 years.
May 26.
Opening of canteen at Messrs. J. and R. Stone Ltd., Park Collieries, Garswood.
May 29.
Death of Mr. William Henry Dobson, farmer, of "Sizergh," Standish, aged 73 years.
May 30.
Registration of Women born in 1902. - Special One-Day Paper Salvage Drive realised 20 tons in Wigan. - Death of Rev. G. W. Olver, former superintendent minister at Standishgate Methodist Church (retired), aged 79 years.
June 1.
Death of Mr. James Gordon McConnell, Wigan land and mining surveyor, aged 82 years.
June 6.
Standish British Restaurant, named "The Mayflower," opened by Mr. Gordon Macdonald, M.P.
June 10.
Mr. W. Foster, M.P. for Wigan, made his maiden speech during the House of Commons debate on coal policy. - "Holidays at Home" Committee formed in Wigan.
June 12.
Arley Hall Estate of 190 acres, including Arley Hall, sold by auction for £6,710.
June 13.
Registration of Women born in 1901. - Death of Councillor Roger Gregory, of Standish, former grocer and member of Standish District Council, aged 75 years.
June 14.
United Nations Day celebrated.
June 15.
Wigan's newly-formed Holidays at Home Committee appointed nine sub-committees. - Death of Mrs. Margaret Josephine Laithwaite, licensee of the Clarence Hotel, Wigan, aged 61 years.
June 16.
Discovery on spare land at Newtown of strangled body of Mrs. Eunice Ellen Clements (25), of 6, Plane Avenue, Newtown, wife of a soldier.
June 18.
Death at Southport of Sir Walter Greaves Lord, recently retired Judge of the High Court of Justice, King's Bench Division, a native of Parbold, aged 63 years.
June 20.
Death at Manchester of Mr. Joseph Polding, of Parbold, former Wigan tobacconist, aged 78 years. - Death of Mr. Thomas Farrimond Ormrod, director of Messrs. Alfred Ormrod and Co., wholesale merchants, of Wigan, aged 66 years.
June 22.
Resignation of Mr. J. T. Rigby, of Appley Bridge, Assistant Wigan Borough Magistrates' Clerk, collecting officer, assistant clerk to the Wigan Borough Licensing Justices, and treasurer to Wigan Compensation Authority, owing to ill-health, after sixty years in the Borough Magistrates' Clerk's Office.
June 27.
Wigan Central Girls' Club, Library Sbreet, opened by Countess of Crawford. - Registration of Women born in 1923.
June 30.
Wigan Town Council acknowledged at monthly meeting the gift to Wigan of a natural history collection by Mr. George H. Bankes, J.P., of Winstanley Hall, near Wigan.
July 4.
Death of Rev. Cecil Ross Simmons, vicar of St. Elizabeth's, Aspull, aged 61 years.
July 5.
Air Training Corps Sunday: parades of Wigan and other local Corps.
July 9.
Death of Mr. Nathan Benson, Newtown newsagent, aged 54 years.
July 11.
Announcement in - "Wigan Observer" that Mr. Gordon Macdonald, M.P. (Ince Division) had been appointed a Government Regional Controller for the coal industry for Lancashire, Cheshire and North Wales, this necessitating his relinquishing his seat in Parliament.
July 13.
Mayor inaugurated Wigan Red Cross Penny-a-Week Fund Rally.
July 14.
Hindley's new War-time Nursery opened by Lady Openshaw, C.C.
July 16.
Mr. Gordon Macdonald, M.P. for Ince, formally resigned Parliamentary representation at meeting of Ince Division Labour Party held in Wigan.
July 19.
Mr. D. N. Pritt, K.C., M.P. for North Hammersmith, addressed meeting in Ritz Cinema, Wigan, on Soviet Russia.
July 20.
War Savings Centre formally opened by the Mayor in premises at junction of Library Street and Market Place previously occupied by the District Bank.
July 24.
Death of Mr. Charles H. Astle, former businessman and District Councillor of Ashton, aged 85 years.
July 25.
Registration for work of national importance of men born in 1894. - Wigan Rural District Council's Mossy Lea water scheme opened.
July 29.
Rev. H. Dunn Pitchford, for the past 9½ years minister of Hope Congregational Church, Wigan, inducted to joint pastorate of Salem Congregational Church, Orrell, and Richmond Hill Congregational Church, Pemberton.
Aug. 1.
Start of Wigan's "Holidays at Home" Week (1st to 8th August inclusive).
Aug. 8.
Report in "Wigan Observer" of swarm of over 30,000 bees in a garden in Clifton Crescent, Wigan. - Registration for war work of women born in 1899.
Aug. 9.
Polish Air Force Choir at Ritz Cinema, Wigan.
Aug. 10.
Curtailment scheme for tradesmen's deliveries in Wigan commenced. - Death of Mr. "Billy" Cunliffe, Wigan licensee and former Warrington and International Rugby League forward, aged 45 years.
Aug. 11.
Ceremony of exchanging commemorative plaques between Wigan and Wigan's adopted Warship, H.M.S. Janus, at Wigan Town Hall.
Aug. 13.
Death at Manchester of Mrs. Agnes Murdock Young (nee McLellan), of Kilhey Court, Worthington, aged 49 years.
Aug. 15.
Ince Council's first War-time Nursery Opened at Fir Tree Villa, Warrington Road, Lower Ince. - Death of Mr. William Heaton Starr, director of Messrs. James Starr and Sons Ltd., printers and bookbinders, of Wigan, aged 69 years.
Aug. 19.
Resumed inquest, and verdict, on Mrs. Eunice Ellen Clements (25), of Pemberton, found strangled on 16th June.
Aug. 22.
Presentations to Mr. Geo. Hy. Millard, retired schoolmaster, at Highfield Senior School. - Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Federation nominated Councillor T. J. Brown, J.P., of Hindley, as miners' candidate in Ince By-Election.
Aug. 23.
Death of Mr. John Thomas Rigby, of Appley Bridge, assistant clerk to Wigan Borough Justices, aged 76 years.
Aug. 24.
M. Henri Hauck, Director of Labour of Fighting France, addressed Wigan Trades Council and Labour Party on the situation in France.
Aug. 29.
Mr. John Hopwood Sayer, Wigan Borough Coroner, completed 25 years in that office, during which he had held approximately 2,500 inquests. - Wigan Horticultural Society's First War-time Vegetable Show.
Sept. 3.
Wigan celebrated National Day of Prayer. - Death in Canada of Mr. William Wallace Howe, formerly of Wigan, aged 75 years. - Death of Mr. John Orgill, of Springfield, Wigan, former well-known trainer and driver of trotting horses, aged 79 years.
Sept. 5.
Conclusion of Fortescue Repertory Company's season of eighteen weeks at Wigan Hippodrome. - Registration of Women born in 1898. - Death of Mr. Samuel Gregory, J.P., retired master grocer and baker and former chairman of Hindley District Council, aged 79 years.
Sept. 6.
Fire broke out at Wigan Junction Colliery, Platt Bridge. - Amalgamated Engineering Union (Wigan District) presented Mayor and Mayoress (Councillor R. Prestt, J.P., and Mrs. Prestt) with cheques for joint services to the Union during a period of forty-five years, the Mayor being Wigan and district secretary to the Union.
Sept. 7.
Sadlers Wells Opera Company commenced one week of grand operas at Wigan Hippodrome.
Sept. 11.
Ince Division Parliamentary vacancy: Councillor T. J. Brown, J.P., of Hindley Green, and Councillor Mrs. A. Bottomley, J.P., of Standish, nominated by Divisional Labour Party organisations to Selection Conference.
Sept. 12.
Registration of 16-years-old Boys and Girls. - Presentations to Mr. Sidney R. Park, J.P., to mark his completion of 50 years with the firm of W. Park and Co., Forgemasters, Ltd., of Wigan.
Sept. 14.
Old Vic Shakespeare Company commenced a week of Shakespearean plays at Wigan Hippodrome.
Sept. 17.
Death of Couneillor F. W. Wilcocks, former chairman of Hindley District Council and Hindley businessman, aged 84 years.
Sept. 19.
Registration of Men born in 1892. - War-time Nursery at Ashton-in-Makerfield opened by Lady Openshaw.
Sept. 24.
Sudden death at Uxbridge of Roy M. Kinnear (serving with the R.A.F.), former Wigan R.F.C., Rugby League, and Rugby Union (Scottish) International centre three-quarter, aged 38 years.
Sept. 26.
Report in "Wigan Observer" of death at Runcorn of George Van Rooyen, former South African R. U. International, Wigan R.F.C., and Widnes R.F.C. forward, aged 49 years. - Death of Mr. Thomas Winnard, of Orrell, former master tailor and prominent Methodist, aged 68 years.
Oct. 2.
103rd Annual conference of Union of Lancashire and Cheshire Institutes held in Wigan: Address by Mr. R. A. Butler, M.P., President of Board of Education.
Oct. 3.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that Wigan Ten-Weeks' National Savings Compaign (Target £210,000) realised £228,346 and entitled the town to have its name on five Churchill Tanks. - Registration of Women born in 1897. - Ince Divisional Labour Party adopted Councillor T. J. Brown, J.P., of Hindley Green, as prospective Labour candidate in Ince By-Election. - Death of Mr. Edwin Chamberlain, Wigan musician, music dealer, and Catholic, aged 67 years.
Oct. 8.
Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (conductor, Dr. Malcolm Sargent) at Queen's Hall, Wigan.
Oct. 10.
New York Yanks played Californian Eagles at Baseball at Central Park, Wigan.
Oct. 11.
Death of Alderman William Glover, J.P., master builder, and a former Mayor of Wigan, aged 73 years.
Oct. 13.
Death of Mr. John Holmes Barker, retired cashier and accountant at Wigan Head Post Office, aged 75 years. - Death of Mr. Jonathan Green, of Bryn, former builder and contractor, aged 80 years.
Oct. 15.
Aspull Council Chairman (Councillor J. Higham) invested by Lord Crawford with new chairman's chain of office purchased by public subscription.
Oct. 18.
Death of Mr. James Henry Butter, Wigan master baker, aged 74 years.
Oct. 20.
Efficiency medals presented to Nurses at Wigan Infirmary at annual meeting of Ladies' Linen Loague. - Councillor T. J. Brown, J.P., of Hindley Green (Labour candidate), returned unopposed as the only nominee, this being nomination day, in Ince Division By-Election.
Oct. 21.
Councillor T. J. Brown, J.P. (Ince, Labour), took his seat in Parliament.
Oct. 23.
Death at Rochdale, of Mrs. Elizabeth Alice Brierley, widow of Dr. Henry Brierley, LL.D., former Registrar of Wigan County Court, aged 76 years. - Death of Mr. Sydney C. Abbott, Wigan sportsman, aged 49 years.
Oct. 24.
Article in "Wigan Observer" on Wigan's Re-habilitation Clinic for injured miners.
Oct. 25.
Memorial unveiled at Aspull (Wigan Road) Methodist Church to the late Rev. G. W. Olver, former Superintendent Circuit Minister.
Oct. 28.
Death of Mr. Thomas James Gilyatt, headmaster of St. Anderw's School, Wigan, aged 63 years.
Nov. 2.
Iron railings round Wigan Grammar School Playing Field on the Mesnes removed (work commenced to-day) for salvage for war effort.
Nov. 9.
Mayor's Day: Councillor Edwin Greenhalgh (Labour) elected Wigan's 696th Mayor, and he appointed Councillor J. T. Lynch (Labour) as Deputy Mayor.
Nov. 11.
Armistice Day: no Two Minutes' Silence or public observance this year. - Death of Mr. Tom Joynson, well-known Bickershaw resident, aged 74 years.
Nov. 14.
Rev. Eric Olaf Beard inducted Vicar of St. Elizabeth's, Aspuil. - Capt. Lance B. Todd, former All Blacks (New Zealand) and Wigan R.F.C. three-quarter, aged 59 years, killed in motor car accident at Oldham.
Nov. 15.
Church bells were rung by Government decree to celebrate Allies' victory in Battle of Egypt. - Civil Defence Day: local Civil Defence Services accompanied the Mayor to St. Catharine's Church.
Nov. 16.
Work commenced, and completed during the week, of removal of the large iron gates from Mesnes Park and Alexandra Park for salvage for war effort.
Nov. 19.
Death of Alderman Patrick Murphy, chairman of Wigan Borough Public Assistance Committee and a former Mayor of Wigan, aged 78 years.
Nov. 21.
Miss Rosita Forbes, explorer, lecturer, and writer, delivered travel lecture in Wigan.
Nov. 21.
Minister of Health, Mr. Ernest Brown, visited hostels at Boar's Head and Worthington. - Marquis of Donegall visited Wigan Boys' Club Cadet Battalion.
Nov. 23.
Sir Isaac Newton Tercentenary exhibition of books at Wigan Public Library opened by Mr. Leonard S. Newton, a descendant of the Newton family.
Nov. 26.
Minister of Fuel and Power, Major Gwilym Lloyd George, addressed Pit Production Committees from Wigan and Burnley areas at Ince Moss Colliery. - American Thanksgiving Day observed in Wigan Schools.
Nov. 28.
St. Patrick's Youth Club, Wigan's first Catholic Boys' Club, Scholes, opened by Very Rev. Dean C. Campion.
Dec. 1.
Death of Miss Elizabeth McAvoy, J.P., Wigan's second lady magistrate, and first lady member of Wigan Town Council, aged 56 years.
Dec. 2.
Death of Mr. John Hampson, Bickershaw businessman, and former member of Abram District Council, aged 74 years.
Dec. 3.
Death of Mr. Edward Slater, stationmaster at Wigan L. and N.E. Railway Station, aged 64 years.
Dec. 12.
Death of Mr. Stephen Holt, of Hindley, aged 71 years.

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