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Local Chronology, 1940-41.


Dec. 10.
Lancashire Chancery Court decision in Hallgate right of way action (Wigan Entertainments Co. Ltd. v. J. H. Lowe and J. R. Lowe).
Dec. 19.
Two concerts by the Halle Orchestra, conductor Dr. Malcolm Sargent, in Queen's Hall, Wigan.
Dec. 20.
Death of Mr. James Turner, Wigan master butcher, aged 48 years.
Dec. 22.
Death of Mr. Robert Abbott, coal merchant and former President of Wigan Chamber of Trade, aged 68 years.
Dec. 25.
Death of Mrs. E. M. H. Lawrence, M.B.E., of Chorley, president of Wigan Infirmary Ladies' Linen League.
Dec. 27.
Death of Mr. Reuben Sharrock, former Wigan and Aspull Rugby footballer, aged 67 years.
Dec. 28.
Names of Officers and Men of the Manchester Regiment Mentioned in Despatches, published in "Wigan Observer." - Death of Police-Constable Philip Hurst, of the Wigan Borough Police Force, aged 49 years.
Dec. 29.
Death of Mr. James Stott, M.A., B.Sc., Headmaster of Blandford Grammar School, Dorset, formerly of Ashton-in-Makerfield, aged 37 years.


Jan. 1.
In New Year's Honours List Sir Frank Boyd Merriman, K.C., President Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty Division of the High Court of Justice, a former Recorder of Wigan, created a Baron, and the O.B.E. (Civil Division) awarded to Mr. William Thomas Miller, of Pemberton, the secretary of the Federation of Colliery Deputies' Associations of Great Britain.
Jan. 4.
Death at Crewe of Mr. James Blackledge, former well-known Wigan licensee, aged 67 years.
Jan. 5.
Death of Charles Henry Simm, coal factor, of Pemberton, aged 60 years.
Jan. 6.
Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions: Mr. W. H. Tyrer, C.B.E., LL.M. (Town Clerk), sat for first time as Clerk of the Peace in succession to the late Mr. Arthur Smith, B.A., LL.B. - Death of Mr. Joseph Richard Boyer, former member of Hindley District Council and retired master builder, of Hindley Green, aged 75 years.
Jan. 8.
Death in Kenya Colony, South Africa, of Lord Baden Powell, the Chief Scout.
Jan. 11.
Death of Mr. Walter Swift, of Wigan, secretary of Amalgamated Union of Operative Bakers, Confectioners, and Allied Workers, aged 61 years. - Death of Mr. James Puddy, well-known Hindley grocer, aged 69 years. - Registration under National Service (Amed Forces) Act of men of 1904 (July to December) class.
Jan. 13.
Death of Mr. Tom Roby, well-known Pemberton grocer and provision dealer, aged 60 years.
Jan. 14.
Death of Mr. John Robert Walmsley, prominent Wigan Methodist and chorister.
Jan. 18.
Heavy snowstorm and keen frost in Wigan district, canals frozen. - Registration under National Service (Armed Forces) Act of men of 1904 (January to June) class. - Death at Southport of Mr. George Henry Smith, formerly director of the late Wigan tailoring firm of Rawson and Coop, aged 82 years.
Jan. 21.
Death at Billinge of Fr. E. Mackesy, retired R.C. Missioner, aged 71 years.
Jan. 22.
Death at Birkdale of Mr. Alexander Wigan, former master builder, of Ince, aged 96 years. - Lady (Harry) Haig presented Arm Badges and Cards to Wigan Women's Voluntary Services.
Jan. 23.
Death of Mr. James Leonard Plowright, a well-known Poolstock churchworker, aged 42 years.
Jan. 26.
Mr. Evelyn Walkden, formerly of Ashton-in-Makerfleld, chosen by Doncaster Divisional Labour Party as Parliamentary candidate for Doncaster vacancy. - Memorial Service to the late Lord Baden Powell at Wigan Parish Church.
Jan. 28.
Mr. Thomas Hodge, former Wigan and Ashton colliery electrical engineer, died aged 68 years.
Jan. 29.
Mr. Robert Mason, former well-known Wigan grocer, died aged 86 years.
Feb. 1.
Details of Fire Prevention Order, 1941, published in "Wigan Observer." - Photograph of Wigan R.F.C., undefeated Lancashire Rugby League Champions 1941, in "Wigan Observer." - Death at Blackpool of Dr. A. O. Bentham, former Medical Officer of Health at Abram, aged 73 years. - "Wigan and District Channel Islanders' Circle" formed.
Feb. 4.
Houses damaged by gas explosion in Wilcock Street, Wigan. - Death at Southport of Mr. James Graham, former well-known Wigan fruit, fish and poultry merchant, aged 84 years.
Feb. 5.
London Symphony Orchestra (conductor Keith Douglas) gave orchestral concert with Myra Hess as solo pianiste, at Queen's Hall, Wigan.
Feb. 6.
Mr. Evelyn Walkden, formerly of Ashton-in-Makerfleld, organising secretary of the National Union of Distributive and Allied Workers, elected unopposed as Labour M.P. for Doncaster.
Feb. 7.
Diamond wedding celebration of Mr. and Mrs. George Alman, of Standish.
Feb. 9.
Mr. Thomas Park, prominent Standish resident and Oddfellow, died in his 80th year.
Feb. 12.
Mr. Alexander Layland, former well-known Wigan master plumber, died aged 86 years.
Feb. 13.
Death at Chorley of Mr. Edward Lawrence, J.P., aged 62 years.,
Feb. 14.
Mr. Richard Chapman, well-known Ashton-in-Makerfleld newsagent and hairdresser, died aged 70 years.
Feb. 16.
Rev. John Tanner, vicar of Bickershaw Parish Church, died aged 60 years.
Feb. 18.
Mr. Mark Williams, head of Mark Williams and Sons Ltd., pork butchers, Wigan, died aged 69 years.
Feb. 24.
Death of Capt. Nowell Richardson, of Wrightington, in a cycling accident at Wrightington, aged 61 years. - Monthly meeting of Wigan Education Authority approved estimates for 1941-42 for £100,024 from rates, being first time call on rates exceeded £100,000.
Feb. 26.
Mr. George Croston, former Wigan sportsman and Wigan Rugby footballer, died aged 80 years.
Mar. 1.
Death at Cleveleys of Mr. John Adamson, former headmaster at St. Paul's, Goose Green, Wigan, aged 72 years.
Mar. 5.
Death at Blackpool of Mr. Walter Wood, former junior partner in Middleton and Wood, Wigan, aged 50 years.
Mar. 6.
Death at Chester of Mrs. Eleanor Mayhew, widow of Mr. Horace Mayhew, J.P., D.L., a member of a prominent Wigan family, aged 70 years.
Mar. 8.
Reproduction in "Wigan Observer" of Ministry of Aircraft Production Plaque for Wigan for the town's "Spitfire Fund" effort. - Lancs. v. Yorks. Rugby Union match at Central Park, Wigan: Yorkshire won by 15 pts. to 8 pts. - Pemberton Temperance Band celebrated its Golden Jubilee.
Mar. 13.
Death at Southport of Mr. William Henry Gaskell, former prominent Wigan businessman and master heating and electrical engineer, aged 80 years.
Mar. 18.
Death of Rev. William Josiah Frederick Baker, vicar of Wrightington from 1910 to 1920.
Mar. 23.
National Day of Prayer: Mayor and Corporation of Wigan, and Chairmen and Members of local District Councils attended Divine Service.
Mar. 24.
Wigan Town Council "Budget" Meeting: no change in rate from last year's 15s. in the £.
Mar. 27.
Death of Mr. Albert Jones, of Wigan, former well-known playing member of Wigan Cricket Club, aged 55 years.
April 5.
Men born between 31st December, 1897, and 6th March, 1900, registered for work of National importance, under the Regulation for Employment Order.
April 11.
Death of Mr. William Jukes, one of Wigan's oldest newsagents, aged 89 years.
April 12.
Registration under National Service (Armed Forces) Act of men born in 1903 (1st January to 31st December inclusive).
April 16.
Death of. Mr. Francis Horne, formerly manager for 25 years of the Sandbrook and Signal Cotton Mills, Orrell, aged 63 years. - Lord and Lady Stamp and their heir, the Hon. Wilfrid. Carlyle Stamp, killed during German air raid on London.
April 19.
First registration of women for work of national importance, under the Registration for Employment Order, 1941; women born in 1920 registered.
April 21.
Mr. Frederick William Hughes, former well-known local chemist, died aged 79 years.
April 23.
Disastrous fire at Worden Hall, Leyland, the home of the ffarington family
April 24.
H.R.H. the Duchess of Kent visited Messrs. Eckersleys' No. 3 Cotton Mill, Wigan, and inspected the premises and production of the mill.
April 27.
Exhibition games by Golf Champions at Standish Park Golf Club in aid of War Charities.
April 28.
Wigan visit of Queen's Messengers (North-Western Division) Mobile Canteens for public inspection.
April 30.
Mr. Evelyn Walkden, Labour M.P. for Doncaster, a native of Ashton-in-Makerfleld, made his maiden speech in House of Commons.
May 3.
New Pithead Baths opened at Garswood Hall Collieries.
May 4.
"Double" Summer Time (one extra hour on existing Summer Time) commenced at 2 a.m. to-day. - Tom Burke and other artistes at concert at Ritz Cinema, Wigan, in aid of War Charities.
May 6.
Death following road accident of Mr. William Bromilow, former member of Hindley District Council, aged 74 years.
May 7.
Two concerts by the Arthur Catterall String Quartet at Queen's Hall, Wigan, under auspices of the Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts.
May 8.
Chancellor H. C. Dowdall paid Triennial Visitation to Wigan Parish Church.
May 10.
Rev. John A. Tarver inducted vicar of St. James and St. Elizabeth Church, Bickershaw.
May 14.
Mr. John Robinson Anderton, former headmaster of St. Peter's School, Hindley, died aged 70 years.
May 15.
Mr. William Leigh, former Newtown master plumber, died aged 64 years.
May 17.
Report in "Wigan Observer" of death in Merseyside air raid of Mr. Eugene Louis Fawcett, of Liverpool, uncle of George Formby, the film comedian, aged 58 years. - Report in "Wigan Observer" of promotion of Lieut-Col. J. W. Holmes, Assistant Director of Education for Wigan, to command a Battalion of the Manchester Regiment. - Ashton-in-Makerfield War Weapons Week opened by Air-Commodore E. L. Howard-Williams, M.C. - Golborne War Weapons Week opened by Sir Cyril Entwistle, M.P. for Bolton. - Westlioughton War Weapons Week opened by Mr. G. Tomlinson, M.P., Parliamentary Secretary to Ministry of Labour. - Registration under National Service (Armed Forces) Act for men born in 1902.
May 18.
Mr. Thomas Kendall ("Ken") Horrocks, of Wigan, died aged 49 years.
May 21.
Mr. Walter Smith (secretary to Ince Education Committee) appointed Clerk to Ince U.D. Council, in succession to Mr. A. F. Howgate (retiring).
May 24.
Death announced in "Wigan Observer" whilst on active service in the Middle East, of Capt. Donald Starr, R.A.M.C., aged 39 years. - Charter luncheon of the Wigan Soroptimist Club. - Ashton-in-Makerfield War Weapons Week raised £152,345; Golborne "Week" raised £102,594; Westhoughton "Week" raised £151,370; Orrell, Billinge, and Winstanley War Weapons Week opened by Lord Crawford.
May 27.
First annual meeting of Wigan Infirmary Contributory Scheme.
May 28.
First experimental release of Tear Gas (C.A.P.) in Wigan.
May 29.
Mr. Frederick William Goodwin, Wigan master plumber and former well-known cricketer, died aged 78 years.
May 31.
Report in "Wigan Observer" of 250th Anniversary Celebrations at Tunley Presbyterian Church, Wrightington. - Registration under National Service (Armed Forces) Acts of men born in 1901.
June 1.
The Mayor broadcast on the local wireless relay service an appeal to householders to accommodate evacuees. - Death of Sir Hugh Walpole, 1931-32 president Wigan Education Society, aged 57 years.
June 6.
Inspector Charles Thomas Morgans of the Wigan Corporation Transport Department, retired after 40 years' service. - Retirement of Mr. Wm. Veall, cashier in Wigan Corporation Transport Department, who issued first tram tickets used in Wigan, after 42 years' service.
June 7.
Announced in "Wigan Observer" that Orrell and Billinge-with-Winstanley War Weapons Week had raised £112,802. - Announced in "Wigan Observer" that Adjutant William Santus of the Salvation Army, a Wiganer, had died in Ceylon, aged 33 years. - Bishop H. Gresford Jones, of Warrington, re-dedicated St. Margaret's Home, Goose Green, renovated after damage by enemy action. - Springfield Boys' Club (at Springfield Park) opened by the Mayor. - Mr. Thomas Bateson, former Hindley Fire Superintendent, died aged 71 years.
June 8.
Death of Mr. Robert W. Brighouse, solicitor, of Ormskirk, and Deputy County Coroner, son of the late Sir Samuel Brighouse, aged 65 years. - Centenary celebrations at St. Catharine's, Wigan.
June 10.
Mr. James Coates, assistant secretary, appointed secretary to Ince Education Committee to succeed Mr. Walter Smith, appointed clerk to Ince U.D. Council. - Presentation on retirement, after 21 years as secretary, to Mr. W. Flemming, at annual meeting of Wigan and District Sunday Schools Association Football League.
June 12.
The King's Birthday Honours List published to-day contained a Knighthood for Judge William Procter of the County Court Circuit, which includes Wigan. - Mr. Charles Mittelberger, former Wigan confectioner and caterer, died aged 75 years.
June 15.
Archdeacon Crick, Chaplain of the Fleet, a former curate, re-visited and preached at Wigan Parish Church.
June 16.
"Tear Gas" released for respirator practice in the streets at Pemberton.
June 18.
"Tear Gas" released for respirator practice in the Wigan Market Place and neighbouring streets.
June 21.
Report in "Wigan Observer" of sale of Lord Crawford's Leuchars estate near St. Andrew's, Scotland, for £62,000. - Lord Crawford opened Sports Pavilion at Christopher Park, Martland Mill, the Wigan Mining College recreation grounds. - The 136th annual meeting of the Independent Methodist Churches of the country held at Bethel I.M. Church, Newtown, Wigan. - Registratjon under National Service (Armed Forces) Acts of men of 1900 Class; also of men born between 1st January and 30th June, 1900, under Registration for Employment Order. - Rose Bridge Colliery, Ince, posted notices at pithead that colliery would be closed down "shortly."
June 22.
Presentation of £600 cheque to Canon James O'Meara on occasion of his Golden Jubilee in the Catholic priesthood at St. Oswald's, Ashton-in-Makerfield, where he had spent the fifty years.
June 23.
Ambulance and mobile canteen, provided by Wigan and District Women's War Ambulance Fund presented to the Mayor at Market Square ceremony by Miss A. Fairhurst, ex-Mayoress. - Mrs. Alice Barnes (25), of Standish, killed in fall into ravine on Scafell, and her husband, Aircraftman Tom Barnes, also of Standish, injured.
June 24.
Annual meeting of Wigan Infirmary: references to £78,000 bequest of Mr. George H. Christopher.
June 28.
Report in "Wigan Observer" of death of Mr. Richard, A. Urmston, a former well-known Wigan G.P.O. official and Postmaster of Newton-le-Wiilows for 14 years prior to retirement in 1934, aged 66 years. - Women born in 1917 registered under Registration for Employment Order, 1941. - Death at Churchill, Worcestershire, of Rev. R. Campbell Douglas, a former vicar of Parbold.
July 1.
Mr. William Clarke, secretary of Poolstock Section of' Wigan and District Nursing Association (Queen's Nurses), died aged 50 years.
July 3.
Mr. George Gibson, chairman of the Trades Union Congress addressed meeting to launch Local Savings Committee's summer campaign.
July 4.
Mr. William Stott, a prominent New Springs Methodist preacher and worker, died aged 38 years.
July 5.
Death of Miss Mary McKnight, a former well-known Wigan school teacher.
July 8.
Death at West Kirby of Mrs. Adah Latham, widow of Dr. Wm. Latham, J.P., formerly of Ashton-in-Makerfield, aged 77 years.
July 11.
Death at Bradford of Mr. Thomas Johnson, a former well-known Wigan engineer, aged 69 years.
July 12.
Report in "Wigan Observer" of award of Edward Medal for mine gallantry to Mr. Richard Rylance, under-manager at Maypole Colliery, of 347, Warrington Road, Abram.
July 13.
Mrs. Mary A. Mather, wife of Councillor C. A. Mather, J.P., of Billinge, died aged 72 years.
July 15.
Presentation to Mr. A. F. Howgate, Clerk to the Ince U.D. Council, on retiring after 46 years' service with the Council.
July 22.
Death at St. Annes of Mr. Albert Ernest Rawson, a member of an old Wigan family, aged 70 years. - Death of Mr.William Rodan, Secretary of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society, aged 64 years.
July 24.
Mr. J. W. Jones, B.A., Second Master at Wigan Grammar School, retired after 36 years' association with the School. - Mr. George Hampson, a former Pemberton Colliery Company official, died aged 74 years. - Last winding at Rose Bridge Colliery, Higher Ince, which is to be dismantled.
July 27.
Death of Mr. Amos East, of Standish, an old soldier and campaigner in the Egyptian War in the '80's, aged 78 years.
July 28.
Presentation at Asbton-in-Makerfield of five gold medals and framed certificates for long service with the Ashton Branch of the National Union of Distributive and Allied Workers.
July 29.
Mr. Robert White, a former Orrell and Pemberton Rugby footballer, one of 22 miners killed in explosion at Crigglestone Colliery, near Wakefield.
July 31.
Wigan War Work Campaign: Town Procession and Market Square meeting.
Aug. 1.
Mr. Thomas Mawdesley, chief clerk of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society, appointed secretary to the Society in succession to the late Mr. William Rodan. - Death at Melling, Lancashire, of Mrs. Edith Blanche Darlington, widow of Col. Henry Darlington, V.D., former Wigan solicitor, aged 83 years.
Aug. 2.
Registration for war work of women born in 1916.
Aug. 3.
Deatb of Mr. W. J. Hulse, well-known Aspull Methodist and church organist, aged 60 years. - Death of Mr. James Lucas, farmer and former chairman of Aspull District Council, aged 91 years.
Aug. 9.
Retirement of Inspector S. E. Foster after 39½ years' service with Wigan Corporation Tramways and Transport Services.
Aug. 15.
Mr. John Harrison Lowe, aged 42 years, senior partner in James Lowe and Sons, auctioneers, etc., Wigan, killed in fall from railway train at Southport. - Death of Mr. Joseph Worswick, well-known Wigan photographer, aged 42 years.
Aug. 16.
Article in "Wigan Observer" on Mr. Wm. Veall who retired on 6th June last after 42 years in Wigan Transport Department; he was cashier and the man who issued the first tram tickets in Wigan. - Men born in 1897 registered under Registration for Employment Order, 1941.
Aug. 17.
Death of Mr. John William Higham, master plasterer and decorator, aged 63 years.
Aug. 21.
Death of Mr. John Lowe, of Golborne, undertaker, tailor, and church worker, aged 80 years.
Aug. 24.
Death of Mr. John Henry Richards, of Standish, formerly for forty years Clerk to Standish Urban District Council, aged 71 years.
Aug. 26.
Deatb of Fr. F. A. Crow, O.S.B., formerly for many years Parish Priest of Our Lady and All Saints' Church, Parbold, aged 78 years.
Aug. 28.
Death of Mr. Thomas John Dook, former station master at Wigan L. and N. E. Railway Station, aged 68 years.
Aug. 29.
Death of Mr. James Roper, a chorister for over forty years at Shevington Parish Church, aged 70 years.
Aug. 30.
Women born in 1915 registered for war work.
Aug. 31.
Mock "Invasion" Exercises by Military and A.R.P. Services in Wigan.
Sept. 1.
Death of Mr. Simon Miller, Platt Bridge, aged 86 years.
Sept. 3.
Death of Mr. John Preston, prominent Lamberhead Green Methodist, aged 64 years.
Sept. 6.
Three-days' celebrations commenced of centenary of Church of Christ, Rodney Street, Wigan. - Registration under National Service (Armed Forces) Acts of men born between 1st July and 31st December, 1922.
Sept. 7.
National Day of Prayer.
Sept. 12.
Death of Mr. Michael Gray, prominent Standish and Almond Brook Methodist, aged 65 years. - Two men killed and five injured in explosion in Wigan Coal Corporation's John Pit, Standish Lower Ground.
Sept. 13.
Registration for war work of men born in 1896.
Sept. 14.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sumner, of Roby Mill, broadcast through the B.B.C. to their five children evacuated to Canada, who listened in.
Sept. 16.
Death of Mr. Arthur J. Yates, formerly head of Wigan Corporation Rates Department, aged 74 years.
Sept. 17.
Death of Mrs. Mary Ann Lamb, well-known Wigan Methodist, welfare worker, and temperance advocate, aged 91 years.
Sept. 19.
Death of Mr. John Hayes, well-known retired Hindley licensee, aged 87 years.
Sept. 20.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of Appointments of Officers in Wigan Fire Brigade (now "F" Division under new scheme); aiso of award of British Empire Medal (Civil Division) to Sgt. Thomas Callaghan, of the Fire Brigade. - Final performance by Fortescue Repertory Company at Wigan Hippodrome after "season" of twenty weeks. - Death .of Mr. Arthur Ernest Naylor, J.P., former member of Standish District Council, aged 54 years.
Sept. 27.
Women born in 1914 registered for war work.
Sept. 28.
Rev. A. E. Buer, vicar of St. Paul's, Goose Green, preached farewell sermon on retirement.
Sept. 29.
Will Fyffe, Scottish comedian, headed variety bill at Wigan Hippodrome during the week.
Oct. 3.
Merseyside String Orchestra (conductor Louis Cohen) gave performances at Queen's Hall, Wigan.
Oct. 4.
John Pit Inquest report in "Wigan Observer." - Institution of Rev. Charles Barnes as Vicar of Douglas Parish Church, Parbold.
Oct. 5.
Death at Chatham of Mr. Robert W. Watkins, former senior Committee Clerk in Wigan Town Clerk's Department, aged 62 years. - Mr. D. R. Grenfell, M.P., Secretary for Mines, addressed meeting at Pavilion Cinema, Wigan. - Death of Mr. John Potter, prominent Wigan Methodist, aged 81 years.
Oct. 7.
Presentations to Councillor Richard G. M. Jones, secretary and manager of Wigan Conservative Club, on resignation and removal to Prescot.
Oct. 11.
Registration for war work of men born in 1895.
Oct. 14.
Death of Mr. John Lancaster, formerly cashier at Rylands Mill, Wigan, aged 65 years.
Oct. 16.
Death of Mrs. Alice Charnock, of Abram, oldest Platt Bridge Methodist, aged 94 years.
Oct. 18.
Death of Mr. Robert Smith, of Pemberton, a well-known local railway official, aged 75 years. - Death at Old Trafford, Manchester, of Mr. Herbert S. Bamlett, a former manager of Wigan Boro.' A.F.C., and a former well-known Soccer referee, aged 59 years.
Oct. 21.
Wigan Town Council scheduled in three sections the metal railings and fences in the town in connection with removal for war effort.
Oct. 22.
Fr. Gilbert Smyth, aged 38 years, assistant priest at St. Mary's R.C. Church, Standishgate, fatally injured when knocked down by a motor car in Standishgate. - Death of Mr. James Taylor, well-known Ince newsagent, aged 70 years.
Oct. 23.
Lady Beddoe-Rees, of Central Executive Committee, London, addressed annual meeting of Wigan Branch of the N.S.P.C.C.
Oct. 25.
Opening by Lord Crawford of Wigan's Warship Week. - Mr. Gordon Macdonald, M.P., opened Standish Warship Week. - Death of Councillor Robert Finney, a member and former chairman of Standish District Council, aged 64 years. - Metal bollards removed from Bishopgate entrance to Wigan Parish Churchyard. - Registration for war work of women born in 1913.
Oct. 26.
Tontine Methodist Church celebrated Golden Jubilee.
Oct. 28.
Presentation of silver salver to Mr. J. W. Jones, B.A., retired second master of Wigan Grammar School, by members of the Wigan Grammar School Old Boys' Association and other old boys of the school.
Nov. 1.
Standish Warship Week ended having realised £69,142 ("Target" was £62,000). - Lord Crawford opened Abram Warship Week. - Death of Mr. Thomas Henry Morgan, prominent Standish Oddfellow and former Prov. G.M. of Wigan and Standish District, aged 65 years. - Wigan Warship Week ended having realised £558,419 ("Target" was £700,000). - Celebrations commenced of 300th Anniversary of All Saints' Church, Hindley.
Nov. 4.
Mr. Frank Edward, of Standish, a director and general manager of the Wigan Coal Corporation Ltd., elected president of the Lancashire and Cheshire Coal Association at the annual meeting in Manchester. - Memorial clock unveiled at Wigan Infirmary to the late Mrs. Edward Lawrence, M.B.E., by Wigan Infirmary Ladies' Linen League.
Nov. 7.
Presentations of cheques and framed certificates of the Carnegie Hero Trust Fund to Mr. Richard Rylance, of Abram, undermanager at Maypole Colliery, and Mr. Thomas Styles Seddon, of Platt Bridge, workman at the same pit, for brave ruscue of William Pennington, of Platt Bridge, trapped by fall of roof in Maypole Colliery on 21st February.
Nov. 8.
Women born in 1912 registered for war work. - Death of Mr. Alfred Darlington, former Clerk and Surveyor to Billinge District Council, aged 78 years. - Abram Warship Week ended, having realised £29,569 15s. 9d. ("Target" was £8,000).
Nov. 9.
Church and school services in connection with Greenough Street I.M. Church, which was destroyed by enemy action in September, 1940, commenced at Central Hall, Station Road, Wigan.
Nov. 10.
Issue commenced of "Points" ration books for canned goods. - Death of Mr. Ralph Mawdsley, well-known Haigh farmer, prominent Lancashire agriculturist, and secretary for many years of Haigh, Aspull, and Blackrod Ploughing Society and Foal Show, aged 60 years. - Councillor Robert Prestt, J.P. (Labour), elected Wigan's 695th Mayor and Councillor Henry R. Hancock (Labour) appointed Deputy Mayor.
Nov. 14.
Mr. John Ernest Satchell,. of Wigan, a director of Poole's Central Warehouse, died aged 42 years. - Mr. Frank Sheargold, one of Wigan's oldest musical celebrities, died aged 85 years.
Nov. 15.
Announcement of death on active service of Pilot Officer H. A. Nicholson, Instructor of Physical Training at Wigan Grammar School. - Mr. S. Mortimer Holden, founder and leader of Britain's Pensions and Family Allowance Movement 52 years ago, addressed meeting in Wigan.
Nov. 16.
Thanksgiving Service at Wigan Parish Church in connection with 50th anniversary of Church Lads' Brigade.
Nov. 17.
Wigan magistrates refused application for Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (conductor Dr. Malcolm Sargent) to give Sunday Concert at Ritz Cinema on 30th November.
Nov. 18.
Death at Ashton of Mr. Albert Sykes, formerly for 38 years Clerk to Ashton-in-Makerfield U.D. Council, aged 76 years.
Nov. 19.
Death of Mr. William Preston, former member of Orrell District Council and well-known Rechabite, aged 69 years.
Nov. 21.
Death of Mrs. Helena Maude Quarmby, formerly Health Visitor for Ince District Council, aged 72 years.
Nov. 22.
Registration for war work of women born in 1911. - Wigan Rural District Warship Week opened by Lord Crawford at Appley Bridge.
Nov. 24.
Late Alderman Robert Richard's Freedom of Wigan casket presented to the Wigan Library by his only surviving son, Mr. Tom Richards, of Wigan.
Nov. 25.
Death at Toronto, Canada, of Mr. Thomas Lowe, former Assistant Art Master at Wigan Mining and Technical College, aged 77 years.
Nov. 27.
Death at Morecambe of Capt. Geoffrey Howard Barnish, D.S.O., R.D., R.N.R. (retired), J.P., Marine Supt. and Harbour-master at Heysbam, a member of a well-known Wigan family, aged 54 years.
Nov. 29.
Emergency Feeding Arrangements for Wigan published in "Wigan Observer." - Wigan Rural District Warship Week ended, having realised £88,856 1s. 11d. ("Target" was £62,000). - Hindley Warship Week opened by Lord Crawford.
Nov. 30.
Death at Hempstead, Norfolk, of Mr. Thomas Polding, formerly of Wigan and Parbold, retired estate agent, aged 75 years.
Dec. 3.
Miss S. C. Banks, former Headmistress, presented prizes at Wigan Girls' High School annual speech day.
Dec. 4.
Wigan and District Council of Evangelical Churches annual meeting: Rev. E. Jones, of Queen's Hall Mission, elected president.
Dec. 6.
Hindley Warship Week ended, having realised £169,724 ("Target" was £85,000). - Ince Warship Week opened by Lord Crawford.
Dec. 7.
Death of Mr. John Allen Parkinson, C.B.E., J.P., M.P., Labour Member of Parliament for Wigan, aged 71 years.
Dec. 13.
Holcombe Hunt met at Red Lion, Newburgh. - Ince Warship Week ended, having realised £172,561 12s. 1d. ("Target" was £62,000 at first, later raised to £150,000). - Youths born between 1st January and 30th June, 1923, registered for service with the Forces.

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