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Local Chronology, 1939-40.


Dec. 10.
Death of Mr. Victor J. Monks, well-known Wigan racing cyclist, aged 31 years.
Dec. 16.
Death of Mr. J. T. Latham, in Essex, former Upholland farmer.
Dec. 20.
Alderman T. Ramsden, the ex-Mayor, presented three pictures to Wigan Boys' Club.
Dec. 22.
Death of Mr. Wm. G. Ainsworth, of Wigan, aged 74 years.
Dec. 23.
Death of Mr. John Hart, of Aspull, well-known bowler, aged 71 years.
Dec. 26 & 27.
Christmas Parties for Salford Child-Evacuees at Wrightington and Parbold.
Dec. 28.
Death of Councillor Job Roberts, J.P., C.C., of Ashton-in-Makerfield, aged 81 years.
Dec. 29.
Death of Mr. Joseph Bootle, of Wigan, former footballer and sportsman, aged 74 years.
Dec. 31.
Wigan Parish Church bells did not ring out the Old Year or ring in the New Year, owing to war-time restrictions.


Jan. 1.
Death of Councillor Aaron D. Jones, chairman of Ashton-in-Makerfield Urban District Council, aged 70 years
Jan. 3.
Councillor Tom Holland, M.B.E., J.P., elected Alderman at monthly meeting of Wigan Town Council, in succession to the late Alderman James Walkden, J.P. - Death of Mrs. Priscilla Middlehurst, of Birchley Hall, Billinge, well-known local Catholic aged 72 years. - Mr. Oliver Somers elected (unopposed) Conservative Councillor for All Saints Ward.
Jan. 4.
Death of Mr. Herbert Evans, M.Sc., of Ashton-in-Makerfield, a master at Wigan Mining and Technical College, aged 33 years. - Death at Southport of Mr. William Arthur Heyes, Wigan master electrical engineer, aged 76 years.
Jan. 5.
Ice breaking operations on Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Wigan district. - Death of Mr. James Moore, well-known Blackrod rifle shot and prominent in Ancient Order of Foresters.
Jan. 6.
Official opening of new Oddfellows' Hall in Church-street, Standish, for Earl of Surrey Lodge (M.U.), Standish.
Jan. 7.
Death at Birkenhead of Mrs. Hannah Ellen Corfield (nee Tomlinson, formerly for 33 years headmistress of All Saints' Infants' School, Wigan).
Jan. 8.
War-time food rationing came into operation.
Jan. 12.
Death at Patricroft of Mr. Robert Forshaw, for over fifty years church worker at Bethel I.M. Church, Newtown, aged 78 years. - Death of Mr. William Turner, of Upholland, aged 81 years. - Mr. Bertram Nicholls, President of the Royal Society of British Artists, installed President of Wigan Education Society.
Jan. 15.
Death at age of 90 years of Sir Samuel Brighouse, of Ormskirk, for 56 years Coroner for South-West Lancashire. - Fatal Collapse at Wigan Borough Police Court of Mr. Alphonso Webster, J.P., former Wigan headmaster, aged 69 years. - Death at Orrell of Mr. Edwin Frederick Endley, well-known public man in Upholland, aged 75 years.-Death of Mr. Solomon Arrowsmith, of Blackrod, oldest inhabitant, aged 90 years.
Jan. 17.
Death of Mr. John Knowles, of Poolstock, a well-known railway official, aged 69 years.
Jan. 18.
Death of Mr. John Fairhurst, of Wigan-lane, Wigan, aged 79 years. - Death at Southport of Miss Elizabeth Ratcliffe-Ellis, sister of the late Sir Thomas Ratcliffe Ratcliffe-Ellis, aged 86 years. - Death at St. Beunos College, North Wales, of Fr. James Bridge, S.J., member of well-known Wigan family and formerly Rector of St. Francis Xavier's College, Liverpool, aged 68 years.
Jan. 20.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that Rev. Dr. C. Campion, D.D., Ph.D., B.A., Parish Priest at St. Marie's R.C. Church, Standish, had been appointed a Canon for Liverpool Archdiocese. - Dedication at Wigan Infirmary of Cot endowed in memory of the late Councillor Edmund Walkden, of Ashton-in-Makerfield.
Jan. 21.
Memorial Tablet to the late Rt. Rev. J. P. Hodkinson, D.D., founder at Christ Church, Millgate, dedicated.
Jan. 22.
Councillor Thomas Webster appointed Chairman of Ashton Urban District Council following death of Councillor A. D. Jones. - Ashton Council selected Councillor R. L. Hughes as their representative on the Lancashire County Council to fill vacancy caused by death of Councillor Job Roberts, J.P. - Death of Mrs. Jane Cunliffe, oldest lady in Standish, aged 91 years.
Jan. 23.
Four people injured in gas explosion which wrecked a house in Regent-street, Wigan.
Jan. 24.
Wigan St. John's Ball, 50th (Golden Jubilee) Annual Event. - Death of Mr. John Daniels, well-known Upholland saddler and harness maker, aged 75 years.
Jan. 25.
Death at Lowton of Mr. Peter Parkington, formerly for 40 years headmaster of St. Luke's School, Stubshaw Cross, aged 83 years.
Jan. 27.
Announcement in " Wigan Observer " that Mr. William Gorman, K.C., Recorder of Wigan, had taken a Commission in the R.A.F. for the duration of the War. - Women's Department, Wigan Employment Exchange at Palatine Buildings, Station Road, closed down; registration of women transferred to Dorning Street (Main Exchange). - Publication in "Wigan Observer" of Director of Education's Report on Re-Organisation and Adjustment of the Education Services of the Borough. - Death at Birkdale of Major James Alexander Wood Watts, M.B., M.R.C.S., former Conservative candidate for the Newton Parliamentary Division, aged 69 years. - Rev. T. C. Porteus, vicar of St. George's, Chorley (formerly of Coppull), elected President of Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society. - Heaviest blizzard for generations swept over Wigan and District during week-end, closing roads and railways, isolating districts, mills, collieries, etc., which temporarily ceased to function; and dislocating transport of food and other necessities.
Jan. 30.
Death of Mr. William Brown, well-known Hindley Green resident and Methodist, aged 71 years.
Feb. 2.
Wigan Corporation Bus Services resumed after five days' suspension owing to snowbound streets.
Feb. 6.
Police-Constable James McMahon, of the Lancashire County Police stationed at Ince, decorated by H.M. the King with the King's Police Medal for gallantry, at investiture at Buckingham Palace. - Death at Crompton Abbas, Dorset, of Mr. H. C. Hickinbotham, formerly for 21 years science master at Wigan Grammar School, aged 67 years.
Feb. 7.
Wigan Town Council! discussed question of clearance of snow from streets: Hundreds of men had been engaged during past fortnight, clearing approximately 15,000 tons of snow from Wigan streets at cost of approximately £500 a day.
Feb. 10.
A.R.P. for Animals Volunteers appointed at Wigan meeting.
Feb. 12.
Death of Mr. Patrick Joseph ("Ford") Conroy, J.P.,. well-known Wigan fruit merchant, aged 64 years.
Feb. 16.
Death at Dumfries of Mr. Robert Smillie, veteran miners' leader who had often addressed Wigan meetings, aged 82 years.
Feb. 17.
Registration to-day under National Service (Armed Forces) Act of men in 20-23 years of age group.
Feb. 18.
Death at Paignton of Dr. Elsie Thompson, M.D., D.P.H, J.P., elder daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Royle, of Wigan.
Feb. 20.
Death at Southport of Mr. John William Kenyon, well-known Wigan businessman and sportsman, aged 79 years.
Feb. 21.
Death of Mr. Robert Berry, J.P., of Blackrod, former chairman of Blackrod Urban District Council, aged 64 years. - Death at Watford, Herts., of Mr. Robert Johnson, of Aspull and Wigan, former locomotive driver, aged 81 years.
Feb. 22.
Death of Mr. George Edwin Deakin, of Wigan, aged 75 years.
Feb. 24.
Interview (with photo) in "Wigan Observer" with Seaman James Halliday who was one of a boarding party from H.M.S. "Cossack" which released nearly 400 British seaman prisoners from German "hell ship," Altmark, off Norwegian coast. - Article in "Wigan Observer" on Wigan Associations of Mr. Jack Jones, M.P. - Death of Miss Anne Oldham, of Shevington, aunt of Rev. H. S. Crabtree, vicar of Shevington, aged 88 years.
Feb. 25.
Death of Mr. Joseph Rosbottom, well-known Poolstock resident, aged 78 years.
Feb. 27.
Death of Mr. J. H. R Entwistle, of Whelley, prominent Churchman and oldest member of Wigan Cricket Club, aged 87 years. - Death of Mr. John Abram, well-known Methodist, of Beech Hill, aged 79 years.
Feb. 28.
Wigan Education Committee submitted estimates for education for £98,995 for coming year.
Mar. 1.
Death of Mr. Thomas Glover, newsagent, of Garswood,. aged 64 years.
Mar. 5.
Death of Alderman Thorley Smith, of Wigan, aged 67 years.
Mar. 6.
Wigan Town Council: Discussion on Employes' allowances whilst with the Colours.
Mar. 7.
Death of Mr. Charles S. P. Fleming, well-known Wigan businessman and prominent local Catholic, aged 58 years. - Death of Mr. James Chadwick, piano tuner, of Wigan, aged 63 years.
Mar. 8.
Death at Haigh Hall of the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, K.T., aged 68 years. - Death of Mr. Joseph Calderbank, Wigan metal broker, aged 66 years.
Mar. 9.
Registration to-day under National Service (Armed Forces) Act of men in 20-24 years age group. - Death of Rev. Gerard Whitehead, MA., vicar of St. Thomas's, Werneth, Oldham, son of former Vicar of Ince, aged 53 years.
Mar. 10.
Death of Mr. Ernest Noble, coal salesman, of Wigan, aged 54 years.
Mar. 12.
Funeral Service at Wigan Parish Church of the Earl of Crawford.
Mar. 13.
Burial of the Earl of Crawford at Balcarres, Fifeshire. - Death of Mr. Cohn McDiarmid, ex-Wigan County Police Constable and former well-known wrestler.
Mar. 14.
Mayor opened canteen and restroom for members of H.M. Forces at 55, Wallgate, Wigan. - Death of Mr. William Cliff, retired farmer, of Orrell, aged 95 years.
Mar. 16.
Death of ex-Councillor William Belshaw, of Ince, aged 69 years.
Mar. 24.
Death of Mrs. Ellen Blackburn, oldest member of St. John's R.C. congregation, Wigan, aged 91 years.
Mar. 25.
Death in London of Canon Frederick Earle D'Anyers Willis, a former vicar of Haigh and Aspull, aged 72 years.
Mar. 26.
Exhibition of original "Punch" drawings by living artists opened by the Mayor in the Wigan Grammar School Hall.
Mar. 27.
Annual "Budget" Meeting of Wigan Town Council: Rate unchanged at 15s. in the £. - Mr. William Hawtin, 32-years-old Wigan Cricket Club professional, killed in explosion at Hawkley Hall, Poolstock.
Mar. 28.
New Earl of Crawford presided at annual meeting of Wigan Coal and Iron Co., Ltd., at Kirkless.
Mar. 29.
Death of ex-Sergt.-Major James Cush, of Wigan, aged 77 years.
April 1.
Presentations to Mr. Joseph Howarth, J.P., on commencing 40th year as Chairman of Hindley Industrial Co-operative Society.
April 3.
Councillor Robert Lewis, J.P., elected Alderman at monthly meeting of Wigan Town Council to fill vacancy caused by death of Alderman Thorley Smith. - New Organ at Wigan Methodist Mission (Queen's Hall) opened by Mr. Harold Dawber, F.R.C.O.
April 4.
Wigan Parish Church Annual Vestry Meeting: Mr. A. S. Waddington appointed Rector's Warden in succession to Mr. J. Hopwood Sayer (resigned).
April 6.
Registration to-day under National Service (Armed Forces) Act of men in 20-25 years age group. - Over 2,000 visitors saw Wigan exhibition of original "Punch" drawings which closed to-day. - Death of Mr. David Gamble, formerly for 47 years Chief Sanitary Inspector to Ashton-in-Makerfield Urban District Council, aged 80 years.
April 8.
Death of Canon Edward K. Bennett, Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Church, Liverpool, a former Parish Priest of St. Oswald's, Ashton-in-Makerfleld, aged 75 years.
April 10.
Inquest on "Bill" Hawtin, Wigan Cricket Club's professional, killed in explosion at Hawkley Hall explosive works.
April 11.
Watch Committee refused application for street collection in lieu this year's Wigan Carnival. - Death of Mr. Edwin Shannon Bell, well-known Wigan seedsman, florist, and naturalist, aged 86 years.
April 12.
Following the succession as Earl of Crawford and Balcarres by Lord Balniel, M.P., who had sat for the Division, Sir Ian Fraser, the blind Chairman of St. Dunstan's Executive Council, was elected unopposed as M.P. (National Cons.) for the Lonsdale Division.
April 13.
Death in Lourdes Hospital, Liverpool, of Fr. James McKenna, Parish Priest of St. John's R.C., Standishgate, aged 49 years.
April 14.
2,600 present at Concert at Ritz Cinema, Wigan, by George Formby and other artistes in aid of War Charities.
April 18.
Death of Mr. Peter Pigot, formerly for 37 years Clerk to Orrell Urban District Council, aged 74 years.
April 20.
Pemberton Parish Church Parochial Hall hallowed by Archdeacon C. F. Twitchett.
April 28.
Mgr. Joseph Moss. D.D., inducted Parish Priest of St. John's. R.C., Standishgate, in succession to the late Fr. James McKenna.
May 2.
Councillor Edward Rigby, of Aspull, electcd an Alderman of Lancashire County Council.
May 3.
Death of Dr. J. W. Unsworth, for forty years Medical Officer of Health for Blackrod, aged 72 years.
May 5.
Death of Mr. James Baxter, well-known Upholland businessman and head of Baxters' Stores Ltd., aged 90 years.
May 7.
Death of Mr. Jonathan Hall, licensee of the Old Pear Tree Inn, Wigan, a bell-ringer for sixty-one years at Wigan Parish Church, aged 77 years.
May 8.
Death at Standish of Mr. Henry Webster, former Chairman of Ince Urban District Council, aged 82 years.
May 9.
Last sitting (and farewell speeches) of Judge H. C. Dowdall, K.C., at Wigan County Court before his retirement.
May 11.
Death of Mr. John Hilton, former insurance superintendent, of Wigan, aged 86 years. - Death at Horncastle, Lincs., of Mr. Thomas R. Rowbotham, formerly for nearly forty years manager for R. Platt Ltd., Wigan, aged 86 years.
May 13.
Death of Dr. Herman Aspinall, of Wigan, aged 66 years. - Whit Monday Bank Holiday cancelled for war reasons by the Government whose appeal for workers to remain at work was observed by majority of local works.
May 18.
Announcernent in "Wigan Observer" that Dutch and Belgian refugees were expected in Wigan, and stating arrangements for accommodation.
May 19.
Mr. Thomas Barton, formerly Headmaster of St. John's School, Pemberton, ordained Deacon by Bishop of Liverpool in Liverpool Cathedral.
May 21.
First annual meeting of the Wigan Infirmary Contributory Scheme.
May 22.
171 Dutch and Jewish war refugees arrived in Wigan.
May 25.
Registration to-day under National Service (Armed Forces) Act of men in 20-27 age group.
May 26.
National Day of Prayer: Mayor attended Wigan Parish Church. - Lord Crawford presided at Uphollarid Red Cross Concert.
June 3.
Coroner R. W. Brighouse held "Treasure Trove" inquest at Hindley on a golden sovereign found by a schoolboy.
June 5.
Wigan Town Council: Proposal to plough up Mesnes Park for production of food defeated.
June 6.
Official welcome at Wigan County Court to His Honour Judge A. T. Crosthwaite (from Salford County Court) on sitting for first time as Judge in succession to Judge H. C. Dowdall, retired.
June 7.
Death of Mr. James Abraham, former Wigan Markets Superintendent, of Wigan, aged 74 years.
June 8.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of return to England of Wigan Territorials as part of B.E.F. evacuated from Dunkirk.
June 10.
Wigan Savings Week commenced with motto, "Lend, don't spend." - Fire at Wigan Corporation Cleansing Depot.
June 12.
Wigan Tradesmen's Annual General Holiday: Wigan Chamber of Trade observed it, but Wigan Grocers' Association and Wigan Butchers' Association advised their members not to do so.
June 15.
Registration under National Service (Armed Forces) Act of men in 1911 class. - 707 War Refugees from Guernsey arrived in Wigan for billeting. - National Savings Week ended: Wigan investors placed £56,939 in National Savings during the week.
June 16.
Farewell presentation to Rev. E. Troup. departing Vicar of Pemberton Parish Church.
June 17.
Death at Barrow-in-Furness of Mr. William Burnett, member of a well-known Wigan family, aged 80 years.
June 22.
Illustrations and descriptions of German Troop-Carrier 'planes appeared in 'Wigan Observer." - Death of Councillor James Edward Loe, of Ince, aged 65 years. - Registration under National Service (Armed Forces) Act of men in 1910 Class.
June 27.
Death at Lowton of Mr. Thomas Cook, a well-known local preacher and former colliery official with Bamfurlong Collieries, aged 82 years.
June 29.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that Lieut. E. C. L. Hulbert-Powell, President of Wigan Chamber of Trade and Prospective National Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Wigan, was a prisoner of war in Germany. - £389,064 8s. 0d. (gross) will of the late Lord Crawford published in the "Wigan Observer." - End of week's celebrations of Centenary of Mawdesley Parish Church.
June 30.
Death at Leigh of Mr. Wm. Cunliffe, former Vice-President of Lancashire and Cheshire Colliery Under-Managers' Association, aged 65 years. - Death of Capt. Tom Gordon Millington, a Wigan veterinary surgeon, aged 52 years.
July 1.
By District Registries Order in Council, coming into force to-day, the area covered by the Wigan County Court becomes a District Registry of the High Court.
July 6.
Registration to-day under National Service (Armed Forces) Act of men in 1909 Class.
July 7.
500 of the 700 Evacuees from Germany left Wigan for permanent billets in Cheshire. - Celebrations of Diamond Jubilee of Liverpool Church of England Diocese.
July 8.
Mr. Cornelius Bolton, Assistant Deputy County Coroner for the West Derby district, a partner in Brighouse, Jones, and Co., solicitors, Ormskirk, appointed Coroner for West Derby district in succession to the late Sir Samuel Brighouse.
July 9.
Death at Hull of Sir Reginald Mitchell Banks, K.C., Judge of County Courts on the Hull Circuit, Recorder of Wigan from 1928 to 1934, aged 59 years.
July 10.
Wigan Women's Voluntary Service started local campaign in aid of appeal by Ministry of Aircraft Production for scrap aluminium for use in manufacture of war 'planes.
July 13.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of local movement to raise £6,000 for a "Wigan" Spitfire Warplane. - Registration under National Service (Armed Forces) Act of men in 1908 Class. - Death of Mr. Jesse Oakes, well-known Hindley artist and insurance agent, aged 70 years.
July 18.
Death of Mr. Moses Aspinall, grocer, of Standish Lower Ground, aged 76 years.
July 20.
First list of donations towards Wigan's £6,000 "Spitfire" Aeroplane Fund published in "Wigan Observer." - Registration under National Service (Armed Forces) Act, of men in the 1907 Class.
July 24.
Special meeting of members of the former Wigan Highfield R.F.C. appointed trustees and dealt with the disposal of £266 19s. 2d.; the balance standing to the credit of the Club at the bank. - Death of Mr. Patsy Burns, a well-known Standish worthy, aged 96 years.
July 25.
Extension of burial ground at Holy Trinity Church, Downall Green, consecrated by Dr. A. A. David, Bishop of Liverpool.
July 27.
Announcement in "W.O." of appointment of Mr. J. D. S. Pendlebury, belonging to an old Wigan family, as H.M. Vice-Consul at Candia, Crete. - Registration under National Service (Armed Forces) Act of men in 1906 Class.
Aug. 1.
Death of Mr. James Eckersley, oldest inhabitant of New Springs, aged 94 years.
Aug. 3.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that Mr. Cyril E. Marsden, J.P., of Wigan, had been appointed Commander of the Wigan Borough Battalion of the Home Guard. - Death of Mr. Thomas Pearson, prominent Wigan Catholic and businessman, aged 43 years.
Aug. 4.
Death of Mr. W. H. Roby, former Clerk to Abram Urban District Council, aged 68 years.
Aug. 5.
Bank Holiday to-day cancelled by Royal Proclamation: banks in Wigan open but most shops closed.
Aug. 8.
Death of Mr. William Morgans, former Assistant Inspector of Postmen at Wigan G.P.0, aged 66 years.
Aug. 10.
Announced in "Wigan Observer" that Rev. Thomas Halliwell, vicar of St. Peter's, Chorley, and formerly vicar of St. George's, Wigan, had been appointed Principal of Trinity College, Carmarthen
Aug. 13.
Death of Mr. Herbert John Parsons, former Wigan photographer, aged 69 years.
Aug. 15.
Induction by Bishop of Liverpool (Dr. A. A. David) of Rev. John Henry Bartlett as Vicar of St. John's, Pemberton.
Aug. 18.
Death of Corps Supt. Harry Potter, of the Wigan St. John Ambulance Brigade, aged 61 years.
Aug. 20.
Death of Fr. William Brophy, for 33 years Parish Priest of St. Williams' R.C., Ince, aged 71 years.
Aug. 22.
Death in Malta of Lord Strickland, a descendant of the Standish family, of Standish Hall, aged 79 years.
Aug. 24.
Article in "Wigan Observer" on Earl of Crawford's collection of Napoleonic "broadsides" of 1803 loaned to Wigan Library for exhibition and afterwards toured on exhibition by Ministry of Information.
Aug. 25.
R.A.F. Band gave services and concert at Ritz Cinema, Wigan, in aid of Wigan "Spitfire" Fund. - Freemasons' Service at Wigan Parish Church.
Aug. 26.
Presentation to Miss Ellen Oakes on retiring after 23 years as Clerk and Sexton at All Saints', Hindley.
Aug. 29.
Two Bombs dropped by enemy aircraft near North-West Town doing damage to Church and Churchyard and to houses; no fatalities but a few minor injuries through broken glass.
Aug. 30.
Death of Mr. Arthur Smith, Wigan solicitor, Clerk of the Peace for Wigan, Clerk to the Wigan County Justices, and a former Town Clerk of Wigan, aged 76 years.
Aug. 31.
Final performances of Fortescue Repertory Company's 16-weeks "season" at Wigan Hippodrome. - Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that 1,331 engineers not engaged or not fully engaged on Government work, registered under the Industrial Registration Order in the Wigan area last week.
Sept. 1.
Death at Port St. Mary, I.O.M., of Mr. John Robert Gilmour, of Wigan, aged 60 years.
Sept. 4.
Enemy aircraft dropped a bomb which demolished a house near a North-West town and caused minor injuries but no fatality. Bombs were also dropped in various parts.
Sept. 5.
Old Vic Players (on tour) produced "She Stoops To Conquer" in Wigan Grammar School Hall. - Methodist Church in North-West town demolished by bomb from enemy aircraft.
Sept. 6.
Old Vic Players in "The World Is Yours."
Sept. 7.
Old Vic Players repeated "She Stoops To Conquer." - Photo in "Wigan Observer" of model of first locomotive to run in Lancashire. - Bickershaw Colliery Band won Belle Vue Brass Band Championship and £2,000 Trophy.
Sept. 8.
National Day of Prayer: Mayor attended Wigan Parish Church.
Sept. 11.
Death at Orrell (in retirement) of Fr. George Swarbrick, former Rector of St. Patrick's, Wigan, aged 76 years. - Garden Fete at Haigh Hall in aid of War Charities (first day).
Sept. 14.
Garden Fete (second day) at Haigh Hall for War Charities. - Announcement in 'Wigan Observer" that Cinemas and the Hippodrome had agreed to conclude their programmes at 9 p.m. each day.
Sept. 16.
A 21-years-old girl killed and seven other people injured by bomb near a North-West town.
Sept. 17.
Funeral of two members of the Home Guard killed near Wigan.
Sept. 22.
Induction (the first in Ince) of Fr. William Rylance, native of Wigan, as Parish Priest of St. William's, lnce, in succession to the late Fr. William Brophy.
Sept. 23.
Enemy bomb dropped near North-West town; mother and son slightly injured.
Sept. 26.
Wigan Athletic A.F.C. Ltd. at Annual Meeting announced suspension of football for present season, owing to war. - Exhibition at Wigan Public Library of Lord Crawford's English "Broadsides" re Napoleon's projected invasion of England closed.
Sept. 27.
Death of Mr. Joseph Cassinelli, well-known Wigan ice-cream merchant, aged 68 years.
Sept. 28.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of demolition of brewery chimney at Haigh, well-known local landmark.
Oct. 2.
Death at Croft, near Warrington, of Fr. John Donohoe, a former assistant priest at St. Patrick's, Wigan, aged 75 years.
Oct. 5.
Death of Mr. William Smith, managing director of Smith's Dairies, lnce, aged 74 years.
Oct. 8.
Death of Mr. William Catterall, of Newtown, former member of Wigan Town Council, aged 77 years.
Oct. 9.
Death at Blymhill Rectory, Shifnall, Salop, of Prebendary Ernest Richard Orlando Bridgeman, eldest son of the late Canon the Hon. George Thomas Orlando Bridgeman, Rector of Wigan 1867-1895, aged 89 years.
Oct. 12.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that cheque for £7,821 10s. 6d. had been sent from Wigan "Spitfire Aeroplane Fund" to Ministry of Aircraft Production.
Oct. 14.
Death at Haydock Lodge of Dr. Arthur M. Watkins, aged 78 years.
Oct. 15.
Sir Noel Curtis-Bennett, K.C.V.O., addresscd Wigan meeting in connection with launching of Wigan War Weapons Week to be held in December.
Oct. 17.
Death at Darliagton of Mr. Ernest L. Milward, formerly prominent colliery manager and mining official in the Wigan district, aged 54 years.
Oct. 18.
Death of Mr. Norman L. Dowswell, former well-known musician and Wiganer, aged 73 years.
Oct. 21.
New Sales Purchase Tax came into operation. - Standish Savings Week commenced.
Oct. 23.
Extensions to Beech Hill Council Infants' School opened by the Mayor, Councillor A. C. Fairhurst, J.P. - Presentation to Mr. T. S. Mayall, managing director of Garswood Hall Collieries Co., Ltd., on completion of fifty years' service with the firm.
Oct. 26.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that Mr. Nicholas Tuite, of Wigan, had been appointed Clerk to Wigan County Justices in succession to the late Mr. Arthur Smith, BA., LL.B. - Announcement of death in London during enemy bombing of Miss Ada Margaret ("Peg") Sixsmith, member of a well-known Wigan family. - Letter of thanks in "W.O." from Lord Beaverbrook, Minister of Aircraft Production, for £7,821 10s. 6d. from Wigan "Spitfire" Fund. - Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that Dr. Mary Tomlinson, of Pemberton, a medical missioner in India had been appointed a magistrate in India.
Oct. 30.
Two concerts at Queen's Hall, Wigan, by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
Oct. 31.
Wigan Town Council Meeting: Mr. W. H. Tyrer, C.B.E., LL.M., Town Clerk of Wigan, appointed Clerk of the Peace for the Borough, salary £100 per annum, in succession to the late Mr. Arthur Smith, B.A., LL.B. - Death of Mr. John Thomas Miller, a well-known Pemberton businessman, aged 64 years.
Nov. 1.
Sir Walter Greaves-Lord at the age of sixty-two resigned as Judge of the High Court of Justice, King's Bench Division, owing to ill-health.
Nov. 2.
Interview in "Wigan Observer" with Mr. Cyril Livesey, of Wigan, a rescued member of the crew of the liner "Empress of Britain" sunk by enemy action on 26th October.
Nov. 5.
Annual Meeting and Golden Jubilee of Wigan Branch of the N.S.P.C.C. - Wigan and District War Ambulance Fund Committee handed to the Mayor £1,059 15s. 0d. on winding up the Fund.
Nov. 9.
Registration under National Service (Armed Forces) Act of men in 1905 (July to December) Class. - Mayor-Choosing Day: Alderman J. H. Banks, J.P. (Labour), elected Wigan's 694th Mayor; Councillor E. Greenhalgh (Labour) appointed Deputy Mayor.
Nov. 10.
Death of Mr. Henry Meadow, pawnbroker, and bell-ringer at Wigan Parish Church, aged 68 years.
Nov. 11.
Death at Parbold of Mr. John Harrison, formerly for 38 years Headmaster of Bispham Free Grammar School, Parbold, aged 76 years. - Tom Newman and Sydney Smith, well-known billiards and snooker professionals, visited Wigan Bowling Green, Ltd., Bellingham, giving exhibitions of billiards and snooker in aid of the British Red Cross Society, £142 being raised in one night. - No Armistice Service at Wigan War Memorial this year owing to the war.
Nov. 12.
Mr. Herbert Wroe, aged 59 years, general manager at Eckersleys' Cotton Mills, Wigan, killed by his own car.
Nov. 13.
Memorial Service at Wigan Parish Church for Mr. Neville Chamberlain, ex-Prime Minister of Great Britain, who died on 9th November, aged 71 years.
Nov. 15.
Lord Crawford presented prizes at Wigan Grammar School Speech Day.
Nov. 16.
Registration under National Service (Armed Forces) Act of men in 1905 (January to June) Class.
Nov. 23.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of appointment of Corps Officer W. T. Bolton, S.B.S.J., of Wigan, as Corps Superintendent of the Wigan Corps of the St. John Ambulance Brigade to succeed the late Supt. H. Potter.
Nov. 24.
Death of Mr. James Clough Millar, aged 68 years, former member of Wigan County Court staff and well-known local sportsman.
Nov. 25.
Court of Appeal informed by Westhoughton Coal and Cannel Co., Ltd., of their decision not to petition House of Lords for adjournment until after the war of their Appeal in action against Wigan Coal Corporation Ltd.
Nov. 30.
Obituary and biographical sketch in "Wigan Observer" of Mr. John Taylor Shaw, aged 56 years, native of Wigan, who rose from pit boy to H.M. Inspector of Mines. - Mayor formally opened Wigan's War Weapons Week at ceremony on Market Square.
Dec. 1.
Death of Mr. Henry Grimshaw, of Orrell, formerly for many years Chief Accounts Clerk at Wigan L.M.S. (Wallgate) Station, aged 64 years.
Dec. 3.
Death of Mr. Walter Atherton, one of the proprietors of the Empress Hall, Wigan, a well-known Wigan businessman and Catholic, aged 66 years.
Dec. 5.
Death of Mr. Herbert T. Ward, F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M., organist at the County Playhouse, Wigan, aged 62 years.
Dec. 7.
Reference in "Wigan Observer" to H.M.S. "Wigan" with Mayor's offer of comforts for the crew. - Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that the war again prevented Wigan Well-wishers' Christmas Fund this year. - Wigan War Weapons Week concluded: £815,483 invested in Government securities; Congratulatory telegrams received from Chancellor of the Exchequer and President of National Savings Committee.
Dec. 11.
Death of Mr. Matthew Buckley, of Mariebonne, Wigan, headmaster of St. Stephen's School, Whelley, aged 58 years.
Dec. 14.
Rev. Bruce H. White inducted President at Annual Meeting of Wigan and District Free Church Council. - Report in "Wigan Observer" of presentation to Mr. Harry Lowe, J.P., of Wigan, in completing fifty years with the Royal London Mutual Insurance Society.
Dec. 15.
Dedication of communion Rails at St. Anne's Church, Shevington, in Memory of Rev. George Blagden Hopkins, formerly for twenty-eight years Vicar of the Parish; also Holy Table in Memory of Mr. James Cunliffe, formerly Church Warden for many years.

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