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Local Chronology, 1938-39.


Dec. 22.
Death of Mr. William Boyd, former head gardener at Haigh Hall and well-known local horticulturist, aged 71 years.
Dec. 23.
Death at Blackpool of Mr. Edward Bannister, late of Newtown, for fifty years with Coop and Co., Ltd., Wigan, aged 78 years.
Dec. 28.
First Annual Wigan Infirmary Cot Ball, at Empress Hall.
Dec. 31.
Mr. Albert Sykes retired after thirty-eight years as Clerk to the Ashton-in-Makerfleld Urban District Council.


Jan. 2.
County Magisterial presentations to Police Constable McMahon, of Lower Ince, for "magnificent courage" in effecting a double rescue from drowning. - Wigan Photographic Society's first Members' Exhibition opened at Grammar School.
Jan. 4.
Heavy snowfall in Wigan district. - Town Council sanctioned £46,000 extensions to Transport Department Offices in Market Place. - Death at Warnford Park, Hampshire, of Mr. Henry Charles Woods, F.R.G.S., son of late Col. Will. Woods, of Wigan, aged 57 years. - Lord Crawford delivered the Annual Address to delegates at the Historical Association's 33rd Annual Meeting in Manchester.
Jan. 6.
Mr. James Dove, Wigan Borough Engineer, appointed Borough Engineer to Beckenham Borough Council. - Death of Mr. George Taberner, former Wigan Charity Organisation Secretary, aged 77 years.
Jan. 7.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that Mr. Robert Alstead, J.P., of Wigan, was awarded the O.B.E., in the King's New Year Honours List. - Photo and article in "Wigan Observer" re Davy lamp and tally found, as relics of mine disaster over sixty years ago, in 9 ft. Mine, Pemberton Colliery.
Jan. 8.
Death of Mr. Charles Spary, of Appley Bridge, aged 70 years.
Jan. 9.
Recorder at Quarter Sessions granted application to stop up "Beggars' Walk" and another adjacent footpath between Gidlow and Whitley Crossing.
Jan. 10.
Wigan Corporation sitting as General Purposes Committee, appointed a National Service Committee for Wigan.
Jan. 11.
Judgment for Wigan Coal Corporation, Ltd. (defendants) in £160,000 colliery flooding claim by Westhoughton Coal and Cannel Co., Ltd., in Chancery Division.
Jan. 12.
Death at Nantwich of Dr. George Abbot, former Wigan medical practitioner, aged 85 years. - Death at Christchurch, New Zealand, of Dr. John W. Crawshaw, formerly of Wigan. - Wigan Watch Committee decided to increase strength of Police Force by eight new constables.
Jan. 13.
Big leak in gas mains in King Street.
Jan. 14.
The book, "Miss Weeton: The Journal of a Governess," reviewed in "Wigan Observer." - Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that Mr. W. A. Spofforth, J.P., formerly Labour Agent for Westhoughton Division, had joined the Conservative Party. - Death at Gathurst of Mr. Joseph Peter Heaton, former Sub-Postmaster at Newtown, Wigan, for thirty-eight years, aged 77 years.
Jan. 15.
Death of Mr. Harold Anderton, businessman and former director of the old Wigan Boro' A.F.C., aged 53 years.
Jan. 18.
Death of Alderman James Cavey, J.P., a former Mayor of Wigan, aged 78 years. - Makerfield Ploughing Society's contests (62nd annual) revived at Haydock after lapse of seventeen years. - Death of Mr. Robert Rowbottom, former Chairman of Upholland District Council, aged 67 years.
Jan. 19.
Underground explosion in the abandoned No. 9 Pit, Garswood Hall Colliery, Ashton-in-Makerfield; no casualties.
Jan. 20.
Death at Appley Bridge of Mr. James A. Droney, former Chairman of Ince Urban District Council and Ince businessman, aged 78 years. - Mr. W. T. Miller, of Wigan (retiring president), elected General Secretary of the General Federation of Firemen's, Examiners' and Deputies' Association of Great Britain, at Annual Conference at Cardiff. - German Jewish boy refugees arrived at Catholic Land Association's Hostel at Priorswood Hall, Parbold, for training on the land.
Jan. 21.
Announcement of appointment of Rev. E. A. C. Buckmaster, curate at St. Michael's, Wigan, as Vicar of St. Dunstan's, Edgehill, Liverpool.
Jan. 24.
Six Church Army houses in Queen Street for low wage-earners opened by Mrs. David, wife of Bishop David of Liverpool.
Jan. 25.
Death of Mr. William Martlew, for over fifty years with Walker Bros. (Wigan), Ltd., cashier and confidential clerk, aged 72 years. - Recruiting campaign launched in Wigan for National Voluntary Service. - Death at Southport of Mr. John Hartley Hodson, Wigan yeast merchant.
Jan. 30.
Death at Gathurst of Mr. Matthew B. Taylor, retired Wigan grocer, aged 88 years.
Feb. 1.
Duchess of Atholl addressed Wigan meeting re Food for Spain campaign. - Wigan Town Council elected Councillor J. H. Banks, J.P. (Lab.), as Alderman in succession to the late Alderman James Cavey, J.P. - Application for new hotel at Beech Hill refused at Wigan Borough Brewster Sessions. - Lord Balniel, chief guest and speaker at Wigan Chamber of Trade Annual Dinner. - Ministry of Health Public Inquiry at Wigan re Proposed New Baths for Pemberton and additions to Millgate Baths.
Feb. 2.
Complimentary Dinner and Presentations to Mr. Frank Platt and Mr. W. Heaton Starr by Wigan and District Dramatic Society.
Feb. 3.
Death of Mr. George Alfred Christopher, Freeman of the Borough of Wigan, and well-known Wigan public benefactor, aged 70 years. - St. Michael's (Wigan) new Parish Hall opened by Bishop David of Liverpool. - Death of Councillor Harold Hindley, of Lowton, member of Golborne Urban District Council, aged 38 years.
Feb. 7.
Death of Mrs. Helen McClure, widow of Mr. John McClure, former Standishgate businessman, aged 94 years. - Death of Mr. William Lancaster, of Pemberton, aged 76 years.
Feb. 8.
Quarterly fire drill at all cinemas in Wigan County Police area imposed as condition of renewal of licences by Wigan County Brewster Sessions.
Feb. 10.
Death of Pope Pius XI., aged 81 years.
Feb. 12.
References in local Catholic Churches to death of Pope Pius XI.
Feb. 14.
Mr. Norman Pye, of Wigan, read paper on his Visit to Spitzbergen before Manchester Geographical Society. - Mayor presided at Dr. Barnardo's Homes meeting in Wigan.
Feb. 16.
Mr. Robert Alstead, J.P., invested with the O.B.E. by the King at Buckingham Palace.
Feb. 18.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that Mr. Thomas Alker, of Wigan, Town Clerk of Oldham, had been recommended for post of Clerk of the Peace for Oldham. - Reference in "Wigan Observer" to cinema film showing New Conveyor Plant at Bickershaw Colliery. - Announcement (and photo) in "Wigan Observer" that old Georgian doorway at 27, King Street (under demolition), would be re-erected inside Wigan Mining and Technical College.
Feb. 20.
Lord Crawford opened new Hindley Branch of Wigan Savings Bank.
Feb. 22.
The Prime Minister (Mr. Neville Chamberlain) and Mrs. Chamberlain given informal reception at Wigan (L. and N.W.) Railway Station en route to Blackburn.
Feb. 23.
Death of Miss Elizabeth Wray, oldest inhabitant of Platt Bridge, aged 99 years.
Feb. 25.
Publication in "Wigan Observer" of the will of the late Mr. Geo. A. Christopher, a Freeman of Wigan. - Presentations, on retirement, to Rev. J. I. Jones at Hindley Presbyterian (Unitarian) Church. - Death of Mr. Cyril Kershaw, Wigan optician and town's Chief Air Raid Warden, aged 43 years. - Wigan visit and lecture by Colonel J. McDougall, Territorial Commander, Northern Territory, of Salvation Army.
Feb. 26.
Engineering feat in reconstructing Standish Viaduct commenced. - Death at Headingley, Leeds, of Rev. D. C. Tincker, former minister of St. Paul's, Standishgate, aged 77 years. - Fire at Bryn Baptist Church, Wigan Road, Ashton.
Feb. 27.
Death of Mr. John Watson, builder, of Ashton-in-Makerfield, aged 60 years.
Feb. 28.
Presentation to Mr. Nathaniel Wright, retiring Secretary of Park Lane Chapel, Ashton-in-Makerfield.
Mar. 1.
"Newton-in-Makerfield" officially became Newton-le-Willows. - Death at Southport of Rev. G. J. Cliff, former minister of King Street Baptist Church, aged 77 years. - Mr. Stanley A. Dickinson elected President of Wigan Bowling Green, Ltd.
Mar. 4.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of Wigan Coal Corporation's first dividends on 7 per cent. Preference Shares and "A" and "B" Ordinary Shares for 1938.
Mar. 5.
Death at Southport of Mr. John Thomas Burton, eIdest son of late Mr. Wm. Burton, J.P., of Wigan, aged 72 years. - Death of Mr. Peter Rimmer, of Ashton-in-Makerfield, aged 73 years.
Mar. 6.
Wigan Amateur Dramatic Society's performances during week (alternate nights) of "Busman's Honeymoon" and "Viceroy Sarah."
Mar. 8.
Death of Mr. Joseph Falcon, former headmaster of St. John's C. of E. School, Abram, aged 71 years.
Mar. 11.
Report in " Wigan Observer" of speech in Parliament by Ince and Wigan M.P.s on Mr. Gordon Macdonald's Mines Hours Bill, which was "talked out."
Mar. 13.
Application to appeal by Westhoughton Coal and Cannel Co., Ltd., refused, in £160,000 damages claim against Wigan Coal Corporation, Ltd.
Mar. 14.
Death at Southport of Mr. Richard Cecil Corfield, Wigan timber merchant, aged 60 years.
Mar. 15.
First annual dinner of Wigan and District Grocers Association.
Mar. 18.
Presentation at Crooke Council School to Mr. James Lyon, of Shevington, who for thirty-nine years was headmaster of the school.
Mar. 19.
Memorial unveiled in Wigan Parish Church to late Mr. John Heaton, J.P., former Rector's Warden.
Mar. 20.
Wigan St. John's R.C. Amateur Operatic Society began week's production of "The Arcadians."
Mar. 22.
Wigan Borough Licensing Justices introduced new drink regulations for balls and dances.
Mar. 23.
Sudden death of Fr. Philip Mahon, parish priest of St. John's R.C., Standishgate, Wigan, aged 49 years. - Death of Mr. James Hamilton, J.P., of Garswood, aged 86 years.
Mar. 29.
Wigan Town Council levied rate of 15s. in the £, the same as last year.
Mar. 30.
Death at Standish of Mr. William Henry Gabbott, retired L.M.S. Railway cashier, aged 69 years.
April 1.
Wigan attained its Golden Jubilee as a County Borough. - Stand collapsed, with fatal results, on Rochdale R.F.C. Ground during Salford v. Wigan semi-final for Rugby League Challenge Cup.
April 3.
Urban District Council annual elections. - Mayor initiated School-leaving Ceremony for Wigan scholars.
April 5.
Lively "A.R.P." Debate at Wigan Town Council meeting.
April 6.
Sir Cuthbert Cartwright Grundy, J.P., R.C.A., R.I., of Blackpool, opened Pastel Art Exhibition arranged by Wigan Education Authority at Wigan Grammar School. - Death of Mr. Thomas Santus, managing director of Santus's Motor Body Works, Ltd., Wigan, aged 70 years. - Death of Mrs. Hannah Charlotte Catharine Cripps, former Wigan musician, aged 91 years.
April 9.
Centenary of Bridgecroft Congregational Church, Hindley. - Golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Crook, of Lower Ince.
April 13.
Death in Liverpool Infirmary of Rev. William Abraham Sargent, vicar of St. Peter's, Hindley. - Death of Mr. Thomas Wood, managing director of John Wood and Sons, Ltd., ironfounders, Wigan, aged 69 years.
April 16.
Lord Balniel handed £200 cheque on behalf of Platt Bridge Infirmary Helpers' League to Wigan Infirmary.
April 17.
Death of County Alderman Charles Hartley, J.P., of Orrell, aged 80 years. - Performances of "Rose Marie," for six nights, begins by Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society. - Official farewell to Councillor Ernest Swift, retiring after 24 years as a member, at meeting of Upholland Urban District Council.
April 18.
Death at Newport, Mon., of Dr. Maurice Hickey Enright, former Wigan doctor, aged 67 years.
April 19.
Lancashire Junior Cup final at Anfield, Liverpool: Result, South Liverpool 3, Wigan Athletic nil. - Councillor Mrs. Rose Winstanley elected first woman chairman of Ince Urban District Council.
April 21.
Public Health (Coal Mine Refuse) Bill to deal with burning pitheaps, read for third time in House of Commons.
April 22.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of £9,500 grant by the National Fitness Council to the Wigan Corporation towards the cost of new baths at Pemberton. - Death of Mr. Sydney Lamb, Chief Librarian to Ashton-in-Makerfield District Council, aged 56 years.
April 25.
Presentation to Mr. Alfred Darlington on completing fifty years as Clerk to Billinge Urban District Council. - Death of Mr. Gerard Pendlebury, of Wigan, who had been an engine driver for the L. and Y. Railway forty-nine and a-half years, aged 79 years. - Lady Worsley Taylor, chairman of Lancashire County Council Child Welfare Committee, paid visit of inspection to Shevington Child Welfare Centre.
April 26.
Annual meeting in Wigan of North-Western Centre of the Institute of Public Cleansing.
April 27.
Mr. Clifford Hodgkinson, accountant to Golborne Urban District Council, appointed Clerk to Abram Urban District Council. - Wigan Juvenile Organisations Committee changed its name to Wigan Youth Organisations Committee at 21st annual meeting.
April 28.
Death of Mrs. Frances Wilson, widow of Mr. W. Tyson Wilson, first Labour M.P. for Westhoughton Division, aged 80 years.
April 29.
"Alarming increase" in nystagmus cases reported at 66th annual meeting of Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Death of Mr. T. A. Halliwell, well-known Orrell Methodist, aged 79 years.
April 30.
Memorial Tablet and Cabinet Housing Cathedral Chimes unveiled in memory of the late Mrs. Alfred Peck, formerly of Wigan, at All Saints' Church, Southport.
May 1.
The Civic Players (Repertory Company) opened their first Wigan season at the Hippodrome with "Interference."
May 4.
Missionaries from Africa (two being former Wigan curates) addressed missionary meeting in Wigan. - Presentation at Wigan G.P.O. to Mr. Alexander G. Gregory, after retirement as Overseer with forty-two years' postal service.
May 6.
£197,325 will of Mr. George Alfred Christopher, a Freeman of Wigan, published in "Wigan Observer." - Wigan Territorials held spectacular "At Home" at Bull Hey.
May 7.
Lord Balniel, M.P., appealed for support for Wigan Boys' Club at Charity Concert at Wigan Hippodrome.
May 11.
Death of Mr. William Leech, retired printer, who had forty-six years' service in "Wigan Observer" composing department, aged 71 years.
May 13.
Announced in "Wigan Observer" that Peter Kane, of Golborne, had resigned his World Flyweight Boxing Title. - Article on "Earliest List of Wigan Taverns" appeared in "Wigan Observer." - Fatal accident to Mr. William Edward Cartwright, rating officer and collector to Orrell Urban District Council, aged 32 years.
May 14.
Foundation stone of new Catholic Church of St. Teresa of Lisieux ("The Little Flower") laid at Roby Mill, Upholland, by Rt. Rev. Bishop R. Dobson, V.G.
May 17.
" Big Black-out" of North-West England (including Wigan) took place from 12-30 am. to 2-30 a.m.
May 20.
Death at Morecambe of Rev. David Smith Rennard, former headmaster of Upholland Grammar School, aged 84 years. - Induction of Rev. G. J. Evans at Hindley Presbyterian (Unitarian) Chapel.
May 21.
Dedication of stained glass window in Holy Trinity Church, Downall Green, to Rev. W. Williams, late Rector. - Mr. John McCartney, of Birmingham (formerly of Church of Christ, Wigan), celebrated Evangelical Diamond Jubilee.
May 23.
Hon. Robt. Gerard, son and heir of Lord and Lady Gerard, came of age. - Wedding in London of Lady Barbara Lindsay, sixth and youngest daughter of the Earl and Countess of Crawford, to Mr. Richard Hurst, son of Sir Cecil and Lady Hurst.
May 24.
Old Parbold Windmill opened as "Lads of the Village" Club.
May 25.
Inquest on Elizabeth Whalley (4) and Robert Whalley (5), brother and sister, of Ince, found drowned. - Monntain Mine of the Coppull Coal Company (formerly Birkacre Colliery) ceased work.
May 27.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of appointment of Mr. S. W. Whitehouse, M.A., headmaster of Wigan Grammar School, as headmaster of Alsop High School, Walton, Liverpool.
May 28.
Wigan Territorials left for Annual Camp, at Halton near Lancaster.
May 29.
Golden Jubilee of Whit-Monday Annual Procession of Wigan Catholic parishes.
May 31.
Death at New Barnet of Mr. James Andrew Seddon, former Labour M.P. for Newton Division, aged 71 years.
June 3.
First registrations in Wigan of Militiamen (age 20-21) under new Conscription Act. - Earl and Countess of Crawford held Garden Party at Haigh Hall; 1,700 guests present. - Bishop David received 500 couriers from Wigan Deanery parishes at Garden Party at Winstanley Hall.
June 4.
Wigan's First "Youth Week" inaugurated to celebrate twenty-first year of Wigan J.O.C. (now Wigan Y.O.C.). - Holy Trinity Church, Ashton, held 101st Open-air Anniversary; 5,000 present.
June 5.
Public Inquiry at Holland Moor, Upholland, regarding proposed £20,000 C. of E. Senior School for Upholland and Billinge-and-Winstanley.
June 8.
The Mayor (Alderman T. Ramsden) opened extensions to the Wigan Summer School at Ainsdale, Southport. - Sir Ronald Charles Lindsay, British Ambassador at Washington, brother of the Earl of Crawford, made Knight Grand Cross, Civil Division, of the Order of the Bath, in the King's Birthday Honours List. - Death at Lytham of Mr. J. W. Abernethy, former Wigan Inland Revenue officer, aged 79 years.
June 9.
Physical Training display at Central Park to mark close of first Wigan Youth Week; message in casket from Youth of 1939 to Youth of 1990 handed to Mayor, to keep in Borough archives.
June 10.
Mayor opened local fund for Dependants of the ninety-nine victims of the "Thetis" Submarine Disaster near Anglesey. - New Sunday School opened at St. John's Methodist Church, Hindley.
June 12.
Councillor John W. Thorley, of Hindley Urban District Council (Lab.), elected a member of Lancashire County Council. - Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Edward Flynn, Rector of St. Mary's, Chorley, former Vice-Rector at St. Joseph's College, Upholland, appointed Bishop of Lancaster.
June 13.
Wigan Infirmary Annual Meeting; new Contributory Scheme commended. - Mr. John Wintersgill, J.P., of Wigan, celebrated 80th birthday.
June 16.
Death of Mr. Frederick Catterall, of Ince, former member of Wigan Territorials' Band for thirty-one years, aged 54 years.
June 18.
Death of Mr. William Simpson, of Gidlow Lane, Wigan, aged 88 years.
June 19.
Visit and demonstrations by four well-known athletes-C. B. Holmes, W. F. G. Crozier, H. K. Lister and J. B. Doherty-at Worsley Mesnes Recreation Ground for Wigan Boys' Club.
June 20.
Death of Mr. Percy Chadwick, of Wigan, head of the Mining Department at Leigh Municipal College, aged 45 years.
June 24.
Marriage of Peter Kane, ex-World Flyweight Champion, at Golborne, to Miss Margaret Dunne. - North-Western Branch of Institute of Parks Administration visited Wigan.
June 25.
Lancashire Association of Change Ringers at Wigan Parish Church rang Grandsire Caters (5,021 changes) to celebrate successful American tour of King George VI. and Queen Elizabeth.
June 26.
Manchester Chancery Court made Order for winding up of Westhoughton Coal and Cannel Co., Ltd.
June 27.
Golborne Telephone Exchange transferred to new Automatic Exchange.
June 28.
Wigan Education Authority decided to provide bombproof air raid shelters for the whole of the children attending Wigan schools.
July 5.
Wigan Town Council agreed to support scheme for reorganisation of R.C. schools in the Borough at net cost to Wigan Education Authority of £44,181.
July 6.
Court of Appeal gave judgment dismissing the appeal, with costs, of the Westhoughton Coal and Cannel Co., Ltd., in their claim for £160,000 damages against Wigan Coal Corporation, Ltd. - Wigan Conservative and Unionist Association Executive recommended Mr. Evelyn Charles Lacy Hulbert-Powell, barrister, of London, as Prospective National Conservative candidate for Wigan. - Dean Thicknesse, of St. Albans, former Rector of Wigan, visited Wigan Parish Church Annual Sunday Schools Festival.
July 8.
Wigan Carnival: Annual Procession curtailed by rain.
July 10.
Wigan Catholic Pilgrims left for Lourdes.
July 11.
Death of Mr. John Marsh Johnson, of Lamberhead Green, aged 86 years.
July 12.
Two hundred Choristers at Prosser White Musical Trust Fund Festal Evensong at Wigan Parish Church.
July 13.
Wigan included in North of England "Black-out" from midnight to 4 a.m.
July 14.
Death of Mr. Thomas Wilson, solicitor, of Wigan, aged 76 years. - Mr. William Taylor, M.A., B.A., Principal Lecturer in Mathematics and Master of Method at Edinburgh Provincial Training College, appointed Headmaster of Wigan Grammar School.
July 17.
Death of Mr. John Anderton, former Sexton and Verger for forty years at St. John's, Pemberton, aged 71 years.
July 20.
Death of Dr. William Edmund Cooke, of Wigan, Director of Pathological Department at Wigan Infirmary, aged 58 years.
July 22.
Death at Southport of Mr. John C. Heald, head of Heald and Son, solicitors, Wigan, and oldest practising Wigan solicitor, aged 80 years.
July 25.
Death of Mr. Alfred Goodman, of Platt Bridge, well-known local Methodist preacher.
July 26.
Lord Derby reviewed large gathering of Lancashire Constabulary at Haydock Park at Centenary Celebrations of the Force.
July 27.
Death of Mr. James McLoughlin, for fifty years a Billinge licensee, aged 72 years. - Death of Mr. Tom Wilding, well-known Standish businessman, aged 66 years.
July 29.
Lady Balniel opened new Pithead Baths at Wigan Coal Corporation's Clock Face Colliery, St. Helens.
July 31.
Wigan Branch of the "Gallipoli Association" (exServicemen) formed in Wigan.
Aug. 1.
Death of Mr. Ernest Hocken, Wigan Mayor's Attendant, aged 59 years. - Sir Samuel Brighouse, County Coroner, celebrated his 90th birthday.
Aug. 5.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that Wigan's invitation to Royal Lancashire Show for 1940 had been accepted: Show to be held at Winstanley Park. - Death a few hours before his 90th birthday of Mr. Joseph Hilton, of Kitt Green.
Aug. 7.
Death of Mr. James Lyon, of Shevington, former Headmaster of Crooke Council School, aged 70 years.
Aug. 8.
Death at St. Annes of Dr. John Blair, J.P., formerly of Wigan, aged 77 years.
Aug. 9.
Death of Mr. Patrick James Garrick, former Headmaster of St. Joseph's Boys' School, aged 68 years.
Aug. 10.
Death of Mr. John Aspinall, office attendant for thirty-eight years at Wigan County Court and prominent R.A.O.B. official, aged 71 years.
Aug. 16.
Presentation at St. Patrick's, Wigan, to Fr. J. Coghlan, one of the assistant priests, on his departure to St. Bridget's, Liverpool.
Aug. 17.
Death of Mr. John Onions, of Wigan, aged 74 years.
Aug. 23.
Touring party of Lancashire Association of Bell-ringers rang double Norwich Court Bob Royal at Wigan Parish Church. - Death of Fr. James Parkinson, of Our Lady of Lourdes R.C. Church, Carnforth, a native of Wigan, aged 45 years.
Aug. 24.
Death of Mr. Robert Pilkington, of Platt Bridge, last surviving member of the Maypole Colliery Disaster Inquest Jury, aged 74 years.
Aug. 26.
First of four weekly instalments in "Wigan Observer" of diary impressions of a Tour in Canada and U.S.A. of Alderman John McCurdy, J.P.
Aug. 27.
Rev. G. W. Olver, retiring after fifty-two years' ministry in the Methodist Church, preached his farewell sermon at Standishgate Wesleyan Church. - Rev. P. S. Watkinson preached farewell sermon at Queen's Hall before going to Southport. - Death of Mr. Joseph P. Dawber, of Wigan, aged 72 years.
Aug. 30.
Death of Mr. George Farrimond, of Newtown, aged 71 years.
Aug. 31.
Presentation to Mr. F. W. Hampson, of Wigan, to mark retirement as Superintendent of Wigan "A" Division, Royal London Mutual Insurance Society, Ltd. - First sod cut on site for £2,124,000 scheme for new Mental Hospital and Mental Deficiency Scheme at Latham Park.
Sept. 1.
First batch of children evacuees (from Salford and Manchester areas) arrived in Wigan and were taken to homes in Shevington, Parbold, Worthington, and Wrightington. - Death at Blackpool of Col. Harold Parker, D.S.O., T.D., the Preston District Coroner, aged 57 years.
Sept. 3.
War declared at 11 am, between England and Germany and at 5 p.m. between France and Germany. - Wigan Territorials handed Battalion Colours to the Mayor (Alderman T. Ramsden) for safe keeping during the war. - Death of Mr. James Higham, of Wigan, aged 67 years. - Death of Mr. John Aldred, of Wigan, aged 69 years.
Sept. 4.
Football and other organised outdoor games, also cinemas, theatres, etc., suspended as a war measure.
Sept. 9.
Government permitted resumption of football and indoor entertainments in neutral and reception areas (Wigan being included in this category) until 10 p.m. - Announcement that Wigan Corporation archives and other treasures had been removed from the Wigan Central Library to a safe place in the country.
Sept. 10.
Death at Southport of Mrs. Amelia Eleanor Poole, widow of Mr. Decimus Poole, founder of Poole's Warehouse, Wigan, aged 90 years.
Sept. 12.
Death of Mr. Thomas Culshaw, dairyman, of Wigan, aged 67 years.
Sept. 13.
Death at Kendal of Mr. William Bryham, former director of Douglas Bank Colliery, Wigan.
Sept. 19.
Hindley Church of Christ presented A.R.P. Ambulance to Hindley District Council.
Sept. 23.
Reports and photos in "Wigan Observer" of first local war casualties on active service.
Sept. 25.
Inaugural meeting of local Information Committee for Wigan.
Sept. 28.
Agreement for engagement as Secretary-Manager of Mr. Harry Sunderland with Wigan R.F.C. amicably terminated at special meeting of directors.
Sept. 29.
National Registration Day.
Sept. 30.
Announcement of appointment of Dr. G. A. Cary Lynch, of Liverpool, to succeed late Dr. W. E. Cooke as Pathologist at Wigan Infirmary.
Oct. 3.
Committee appointed for Wigan Citizens' Advice Bureau. - Fuel rationing compelled introduction of restrictions in Wigan Corporation Bus Services.
Oct. 4.
Wigan Town Council: Corporation's offer of land, seeds and implements for allotments.
Oct. 7.
Biographical sketch and photo of Councillor A. Wilde, J.P., C.C. (a Wiganer), of Shoreham-bySea, appointed a magistrate for Sussex County. - Rev. L. F. Geary inducted Vicar of St. Peter's Church, Hindley.
Oct. 8.
Celebratjon at St. Benedict's, Hindley, of 150 years of Roman Catholicism in Hindley. - Summer time extended, owing to the war and lighting restrictions, until 2 a.m., 19th November.
Oct. 9.
Death of Counciflor Joel Unsworth, of Golborne, aged 83 years.
Oct. 13.
Death at Blackrod of Mr. Gerard Hart, well-known ex-Professional Bowler and ex-Winner of Talbot and Waterloo Bowling Handicaps.
Oct. 14.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of resignation of Sir Thomas Rosbotham as National Labour M.P. for Ormskirk Division. - Interview in "Wigan Observer" with Mr. and Mrs. Israel Fletcher, formerly of Wigan, on holiday from New Zealand. - Review in "Wigan Observer" of history of Co-operative Movement in Wigan district. - Death of Mr. William Revill, of Appley Bridge, general manager of a Wigan explosives firm, aged 51 years.
Oct. 15.
Death of Mr. Edward Meade, well-known Wigan Catholic, aged 80 years.
Oct. 16.
Railway smash at Winwick: Wigan railway guard killed.
Oct. 17.
Meeting decided no Wigan Wellwishers' Fund this year owing to war.
Oct. 20.
Wigan (Autumn) Pleasure Fair cancelled owing to the war. - Presentation to Mr. Benjamin Rouse, former Wigan R.F.C. player, on retirement from Wigan Corporation Transport Department after thirty-seven years.
Oct. 21.
Men of 20-22 years class (about 1,238 in Wigan district) registered under National Service (Armed Forces) Act.
Oct. 22.
Death at Little Hulton of Mr. Henry Fairhurst, J.P., former Chairman of Standish District Council in his 87th year. - Wigan rehearsal of A.R.P. Services.
Oct. 23.
The Mayor opened Wigan and District Citizens' Advice Bureau at No. 3, Waligate.
Oct. 27.
Commander Stephen King-Hall (National Lab.) returned unopposed as M.P. for Ormskirk, succeeding Sir Thomas Rosbotham (National Lab.) who resigned.
Oct. 28.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that Mrs. Margaret Armstrong, and two of her four children (Joyce and Ann), were drowned in the liner "Yorkshire" torpedoed in the Atlantic. - Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society at special general meeting altered Rules to reduce Society's liability in accident risks in war-time.
Oct. 29.
Death of Mr. Francis Donnelly, well-known Catholic and former bowler, aged 91 years.
Oct. 30.
New Regulations for earlier closing of shops came into force.
Oct. 31.
Wigan Town Council (at last meeting of Municipal year) extended Shops Closing Hours by one hour each on four days and half-an-hour on Fridays under powers given by Defence Regulations; also discussions on Food Control, etc. - Nine members of Horwich Railway Fire-fighting Team injured (one fatally) in railway accident at Hindley Station.
Nov. 2.
N.S.P.C.C. (Wigan Branch) Annual Meeting: Announcement that Society's name had been changed from National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children to National Society for the Protection and Care of Children.
Nov. 4.
Illustrated article in "Wigan Observer" on 18th Century Toasting Tumbler, part of old Corporation "Regalia" discovered. - Death of Mr. Joseph W. Hurst, of Hindley Green, former Hindley Cemetery Registrar, aged 73 years.
Nov. 5.
War-time restrictions prohibited bonfires and fireworks on Guy Fawkes Day this year.
Nov. 8.
Alderman T. Ramsden presented some of his Pictures to Hindley Council to mark his year of office as Mayor of Wigan. - Death at Plymouth of Mr. William Beattie, former Wigan Detective and Borough Coroner's Officer, aged 64 years.
Nov. 9.
Mayor Choosing in Wigan: Councillor A. C. Fairhurst, J.P. (Cons.), elected 693rd Mayor of Wigan; Councillor A. J. Lowe (Cons.) appointed Deputy Mayor.
Nov. 11.
No Cenotaph Service (Armistice Day) in Wigan this year owing to the war. - Air raid sirens in Wigan at 11-10 a.m. sounded alarm, caused accidentally at Corporation Electricity Works; "All Clear" sounded at 11-14 a.m.
Nov. 13.
Joint Conference at Manchester of Colliery Owners and Miners in Lancashire and Cheshire decided "No strike or lock-out for duration of the war and for six months afterwards."
Nov. 14.
Distribution commenced in Wigan of Gas Helmets for Babies.
Nov. 18.
Death of Mr. Isaiah Brown, well-known Shevington insurance agent, aged 71 years. - Pithead Baths opened by Mr. S. Blackledge, J.P., at Wigan Junction Colliery, Bickershaw.
Nov. 19.
Summer time (extended this year from 8th October) ended. - Air raid rehearsal in Wigan of A.R.P. Services.
Nov. 20.
"Pathetone Weekly" at Court Cinema, Wigan, screened Autumn Tints Cycling Club Celebration of 70th birthday of its founder, "Owd Tom Hughes," of Wigan, at Walton-le-Dale.
Nov. 22.
Mr. G. Tomlinson, M.P., presented prizes at Wigan Grammar School Speech Day.
Nov. 23.
Mr. Wm. Blackhurst (Deputy Coroner) appointed Preston District County Coroner in succession to the late Col. H. Parker.
Nov. 25.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" Royal Lancashire Show for Wigan in 1940 postponed: Loss on 1939 Show at Lancaster £2,182. - Lord Crawford opened Pithead Baths at Alexandra Pit, Whelley. - Rev. J. A. Banks, of St. Paul's, Standishgate, inducted President of Wigan and District Free Church Council. - Death of Mr. George Jackson, Supervisor at Wigan Employment Exchange and prominent Wigan Athletic A.F.C. supporter, aged 53 years.
Nov. 27.
Death of Alderman James Walkden, J.P., former Mayor of Wigan, and a Wigan builder and sportsman, aged 67 years.
Nov. 28.
Commander Stephen King-Hall (Ormskirk, Nat. Lab.) made maiden speech in Parliament.
Nov. 30.
Death of Mr. Albert Edward Stoker, Wigan businessman and former Wigan Town Councillor, aged 71 years.
Dec. 2.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" that two Government factories, to employ about 4,000 people, will be erected in Wigan. - Rev. J. Martin Hall, M.A., inducted Minister at Park Lane Unitarian Chapel.
Dec. 4.
Death of Mr. Walter Bayman, well-known Wigan organist and insurance agent, aged 64 years. - Death of Mr. Peter Gorton, former manager of Bryn Hall Colliery, aged 86 years.
Dec. 7.
Amiual Meeting of Wigan Ladies' Life-boat Guild: Reported that for year cheque for £205 4s. 7d., a record subscription, sent from Wigan to Life-boat Institution.
Dec. 9.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of appointment of Mr. Cyril E. Marsden and Major J. S. A. Walker, both of Wigan, as Magistrates for Lancashire County. - CalI-up of 22-years-old men for Military Service: about 800 registered in Wigan.
Dec. 10.
Death of Mr. Wm. B. Swalwell, prominent R.A.O.B. official, licensee, and former Wigan Town Councillor, aged 67 years. - New organ dedicated at Blackrod Parish Church.
Dec. 13.
Death of Mr. William Marsden, for 69 years a chorister at Hope Church, Wigan, aged 81 years.
Dec. 14.
Mr. J. Allen Parkinson, M.P., celebrated completion of 21 years in House of Commons as Member for Wigan.
Dec. 15.
Air Raid Warning Siren tests in Wigan.
Dec. 17.
Golf match between four well-known Champions at Appley Bridge for Mayor of Wigan's Fund for War Purposes.
Dec. 18.
Death of Councillor Christopher Lowe, of Standish, fatally injured in Standish "black-out" road accident, aged 52 years.

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