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Local Chronology, 1937-38.


Dec. 22.
Death of Mr. John Wm. Holt (75), retired chemist, of Scholes. - Presentation to Miss Margaret McKnight, retired after 45 years as teacher at St. Stephen's School, Whelley.
Dec. 23.
Death of Mr. Thomas Greenall, ex-Labour M.P. for Farnworth Division, aged 80 years.
Dec. 24.
Mrs. Annie Barker (71), of Standish, president, Ladies' Section, Standish Park Golf Club, killed in accident in Mesnes-road, Wigan.
Dec. 25.
Death of Mr. Robert Williams (68), former Wigan licensee.
Dec. 27.
Death of Mr. Samuel Hart (58), for 42 years organist at Ashton-in-Makerfield Congregational Church. - Death in London of Violet, Duchess of Rutland.
Dec. 28.
Death of Mr. Arthur Britton (69), retired mining engineer and colliery director, of Ashton-in-Makerfield.
Dec. 29.
Presentation to Rev. R. Campbell Douglas on leaving Douglas Parish Church, Parbold.


Jan. 1.
Mr. Joseph Dickinson, clerk to Westhoughton District Council, made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (Civil Division) in the King's New Year Honours.
Jan. 4.
Bull's Head Hotel, Market Place (licensee Mr. Torn Heywood), closed after purchase by Messrs. James Lowe (Wigan) Ltd., for extensions to Victoria House.
Jan. 5.
Death of Rev. C. W. N. Hutton, rector of Standish, aged about 79 years. - Death of Mr. Thomas Slater, herbalist and dealer in surgical appliances, aged 80 years.
Jan. 6.
Mr. W. H. Tyrer, C.B.E., LL.B., Town Clerk of Wigan, guest of honour at annual dinner Wigan Grammar School Old Boys' Association, when the electric clock installed in the tower of the new Grammar School by the Old Boys was "handed over" to the Chairman of the Governors.
Jan. 7.
Death of Mr. Henry Jackson, of Poolstock, oldest Church of England licensed lay reader in Liverpool Diocese, aged 82 years.
Jan. 8.
Death of Mr. Peter Greenough, Hindley District Council gas and water manager, aged 59 years.
Jan. 10.
Death of Mr. John Jones, managing director of Collin and Co., tailors, Wigan, aged 62 years. - Lantern lecture on her missionary work in Melanesia by Mrs. E. Sprott (nee Emily France), of Wigan. - Death at Brisbane, Australia, of Mr. Vernon Winstanley (76), former Pemberton pit boy who for many years was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, Australia.
Jan. 13.
Death of Mr. Frank Harry Hughes, Wigan accountant. - Institution of Rev. Chas. Gamble as vicar of Adlington.
Jan. 14.
Death of Rev. Thos. Thomas (56), rector of Chillesford, son of Rev. E. Thomas, former curate of St. George's, Wigan.
Jan. 15.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of appointment by Minister of Transport of Alderman F. J. Pagett, of Wigan, as a Traffic Commissioner for the North-Western Area (honorary). - Sir S. Brighouse completed 54 years as County Coroner. - New Methodist Sunday School opened at Roby Mill.
Jan. 16.
Death at Peel, I.O.M., of Mr. John Parker (67), former Pemberton surveyor. - Archbishop Downey presided at C.Y.M.S. Archdiocesan Rally at County Playhouse.
Jan. 17.
Death of Mrs. Sarah McLoughlin, Wigan's oldest inhabitant, aged 99 years.
Jan. 18.
Mr. H. Platt, of Hindley, appointed gas engineer to Bolton Corporation.
Jan. 19.
Death in London of Mr. Alan Edward Munby, M.A., F.R.I.B.A., who designed the new Wigan Grammar School, aged 68 years.
Jan. 20.
Mr. C. T. Maltby elected president Wigan Chamber of Trade. - Bishop W. V. Lucas of Masasi, East Africa, and Bishop Crotty of Bathurst, Australia, addressed meeting in Wigan.
Jan. 22.
Announced Mr. G. H. Fletcher to succeed Mr. A. C. Gibson as Postmaster of Wigan.
Jan. 25.
Aurora Borealis seen clearly in Wigan district. - Death at Fazackerley of Fr. John Wareing, who was first Parish Priest of Sacred Heart, Springfield, Wigan.
Jan. 26.
Dr. W. H. Harris, M.A., Mus. Doc., organist St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, lectured to Wigan organists.
Jan. 27.
Mr. G. Tomlinson (Lab.) elected M.P. for Farnworth to succeed the late Mr. Guy Rowson, M.P., of Wigan. - Wigan Town Clerk opened new Y.M.C.A. Branch at Entwistle House, Hallgate, Wigan. - Death at Hoole, near Preston, of Mr. Wm. Bird (79), former chairman of Aspull Council. - Presentation to Mr. A. Clough, clerk to Abram Council, on leaving to become clerk to Bollington District Council.
Jan. 29.
Death of Mr. Jesse Grundy (74), of Hindley, principal of the firm Messrs. J. Grundy and Sons, Ince. - Maori Choir at Queen's Hall, Wigan.
Feb. 2.
Wigan Borough Brewster Sessions: Application for new Beech Hill hotel and also new off licence refused, and four licences referred. - Councillor James Horne elected Alderman to fill vacancy caused by resignation of Alderman A. Santus from Wigan Town Council.
Feb. 4.
Death of Mr. Nathan Haydock, of Wrightington Bar, aged 70 years.
Feb. 5.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of appointment as Town Clerk of Paddington, London, of Mr. Wm. Hy. Bentley, of Wigan (town clerk of Swindon). - Death of Mr. Walter James Cairns, of Wigan, aged 65 years. - Nationalisation of Mines Bill moved (2nd reading) by Mr. J. Allen Parkinson, M.P. (Wigan) rejected on vote in House of Commons.
Feb. 7.
Birthday celebration by Mr. Robert Harrison, of Charnock Richard, aged 101 years.
Feb. 9.
Garnett Cup for most gallant act during 1937 by member of Lancashire County Constabulary presented to P.C. Stanley Dobson, formerly of Golborne, for heroic act there on 2nd February, 1937. - Presentation to Miss C. S. Banks by Wigan Education Society who also elected her honorary life member. - Wigan County Brewster Sessions: Record sobriety figures quoted for 1937.
Feb. 10.
Presentation to Mr. J. C. Millar, for long service, by West Lancashire Cricket League.
Feb. 12.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of death at Stafford of Dr. A. E. Hodder, D.S.O., formerly of Wigan, aged 62 years.
Feb. 14.
Wigan Cricket Club Annual Meeting discussed likelihood of having to leave Bull Hey. - Mr. Frank King, of Wigan, elected president of Lancashire Council of Meat Traders.
Feb. 19.
Retirement of Mr. W. F. Macdonald as chief clerk at Wigan County Court. - Presentation on retirement to Mr. A. C. Gibson, postmaster of Wigan. - Annual Meeting of Lancashire and Adjacent Districts' Conference of the Independent Order of Oddfellows held in Wigan. - Death at Southport of Mr. Albert Lowe, master printer, of Wigan, aged 69 years.
Feb. 21.
"Wigan" Stand included in British Industries Fair at Birmingham, 21st February to 4th March. - Mr. Josiah R. Arrowsmith commenced duties as chief clerk at Wigan County Court. - Death at Garstang of Mr. George Sutherland, former Wigan master printer, aged 79 years.
Feb. 22.
Sir Frank Fletcher, M.A., former headmaster of Charterhouse, presented prizes at Hindley and Abram Grammar School.
Feb. 23.
Transfer to automatic telephone system at Pemberton.
Feb. 26.
Presentation to Mr. Ben Park, J.P., on retirement after 40 years from secretarship of Earl of Surrey Oddfellows' Lodge, Standish, at 112th annual meeting of lodge. - Presentation to Mr. A. Crook, of Wigan, of Award of Merit of Amalgamated Engineering Union. - Coppull Subscription Prize Band's golden jubilee celebration.
Feb. 28.
Adjourned Borough Licensing Sessions: Rose Bud Inn, Chapel-lane, and Waterloo Inn, Lyon-street, referred for compensation.
Mar. 2.
Pouishnoff, the pianist, gave recital at Queen's Hall, Wigan. - Wigan Town Council meeting: Announced all the 184 caravans in Wigan and Pemberton now vacated and occupants re-housed. - Mr. John Walters appointed Wigan Cemetery Registrar.
Mar. 3.
Alderman J. Walkden, J.P., resigned chairmanship of Wigan R.F.C. directorate.
Mar. 5.
Announcement Rev. E. B. Bull resigned vicariate Ince Parish Church for living at Bristol.
Mar. 6.
Death of Mr. John Reginald Hewitt, of Wigan, aged 77 years.
Mar. 7.
Wigan Coal Corporation presentation by Lord Crawford to Mr. W. Nelson, chief accountant at Kirkless after 50 years' service. - Mayor opened new Ritz Cinema, Station-road, Wigan.
Mar. 8.
Viscount Cecil of Chelwood addressed Peace Meeting at Queen's Hall, Wigan.
Mar. 9.
Meeting to re-form Wigan Branch of the Red Cross Society. - Institution of Municipal and County Engineers met in Wigan. - Death of Mr. Charles H. Benson (79), of Newburgh, former manager Wigan Corporation Sewage Farms at Hoscar and Pemberton.
Mar. 11.
Death of Dr. John McAlister Boyd, of Wigan, aged 70 years. - Death of Mr. Thomas Bolton, of Newtown, aged 75 years.
Mar. 12.
Death through street accident of Mrs. A. G. Garner, of Orrell, a Salvation Army captain, aged 26 years.
Mar. 14.
Wigan and District Dramatic Society's annual performances: "Boyd's Shop" and "The Two Mrs. Carrolls."
Mar. 23.
Annual "Budget" meeting of Wigan Town Council: Rate of 15s. in the £ (an increase of 3d.) levied.
Mar. 25.
Death of Mr. Reuben Bryan, of Crawford Village, a well-known Rechabite. - Ex.Servicemen's Annual Reunion at Wigan Drill Hall.
Mar. 27.
Fr. Goslin inducted first Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Church, Hindley Green.
Mar. 29.
"Coronation" Tree Planting ceremonies by Corporation in Mesnes and Alexandra Parks and at local schools.
Mar. 31.
Retirement of Mr. Wm. Williams, of Upholland, after 25 years as headmaster of Upholland Moor C. of E. Schools.
April 1.
Fatal fall from Wigan Parish Church flag pole on church tower of Walter Nuttall (35), steeplejack. - Wigan County Police First Annual Ball at the Court Hall, Wigan.
April 4.
Annual Urban District Council Elections.
April 5.
Wigan Schools' Non-Competitive Musical Festival at Queen's Hall.
April 6.
Rev. R. Bond, D.D., president of the Methodist Conference, addressed annual rally of Wigan Methodist Circuit at Standishgate Methodist Church. - Lord Crawford opened English and French Art Exhibition at Wigan Grammar School.
April 8.
Death at Southport of Mr. Frank Ablett, Wigan master builder, aged 54 years.
April 9.
Orrell Y.M.C.A. Dramatic Society won silver cup at Birkenhead Drama Festival.
April 11.
Dr. David, Bishop of Liverpool, hallowed new extensions to St. Stephen's Church, Whelley.
April 12.
Lord Crawford delivered presidential address at Centenary meeting of Manchester Geological and Mining Society. - Death of Miss Esther McNamara (50), of Standish Lower Ground, well-known blind official of Wigan Workshops for the Blind.
April 14.
Death of Mr. William Phythian (61), farmer, of Goose Green.
April 15.
Laxey Wheel, I.O.M., reputed to have been made in Wigan, restored and re-opened to the public.
April 16.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of death in Canada of "Grey Owl," Chief Scout of the North American Indians, who had lectured in Wigan. - Mr. Peter Gallagher (66), of Wigan, died at Wigan Infirmary. - Death of Mr. Wm. Forshaw, J.P., aged 63 years, agent for Lancashire, Cheshire and North Wales Enginemen and Boilermen's Federation.
April 20.
Ministry of Health Public Inquiry (Clearance Orders) at Hindley.
April 22.
Death of Mr. John Postlethwaite, former butcher and licensee, aged 61 years.
April 23.
Announeement in "Wigan Observer" Messrs. Lord and Sharman Ltd., of Pemberton, had purchased Wigan Highfield Rugby Football ground as recreation ground for employes. - Announced that Parbold's 100-years-old Windmill was to be club house for "Lads of the Village" Club. - Death at Gorleston-on-Sea of Rev. C. W. J. Parry, formerly of Wigan, aged 54 years.
April 24.
Dedication of "St. Thomas" Window at St. Thomas's Church, Wigan.
April 26.
Death at Twickenham of Mr. Peter Driver (71), native of Aspull.
April 29.
Death of Mr. H. P. Glover, K.C., Recorder of Preston, aged 59 years.
April 30.
Announcement that Wigan and District Subsistence Production Society was to be discontinued through lack of financial support. - Announced Mr. John Aspinall, of Wigan, appointed postmaster of Widnes and Runcorn.
May 1.
Death of Mr. John Counsell, of Wigan, aged 75 years. - Presentation of "Scouts' V.C." (the Gilt Cross for gallantry) to Ronald Hurst (17), of St. Catharine's Troop, Wigan.
May 2.
Wigan Athletic made club's record score (12-1) against Congleton Town at Wigan.
May 3.
Death at Southport of Mr. James Hurst, a Wigan grocer, aged 69 years. - Ministry of Health Inquiry (Clearance Orders) in Wigan.
May 4.
Registration on formation of the Lancashire and Cheshire Federation of Free Church Women's Councils at Wigan meeting.
May 7.
Death of Fr. Francis William George, rector of St. James's R.C. Church, Orrell, aged 63 years. - Rev. Donald Herman instituted vicar of Dalton Parish Church. - First schools' cricket match played on Wigan Grammar School new sports field on the Mesnes.
May 9.
Rev. John Atkinson Tarver instituted vicar of Christ Church, Douglas, Parbold. - Death of Mr. Thomas Bowden, of Shevington, former detective in Wigan Borough Police Force, aged 62 years.
May 12.
The Mayor (Councillor E. Ball) opened Wigan's new £40,000 Cleansing Depot in Frog-lane.
May 14.
Announcement that Messrs. W. H. Baker Ltd. closed down their foundry in Clayton-street, Wigan, last week-end. - Lord Derby addressed Scouts' Meeting at Wigan Grammar School. - Article in "Wigan Observer" on Mining From the Early Days, including reference to underground canal at Standish.
May 15.
Death at Southport of Mr. Charles Preston Peak, formerly of John Peak and Co. Ltd., Wigan, aged 85 years.
May 16.
Colliery cage accident (five men hurt) at Mains Colliery, Bamfurlong.
May 18.
Cossack riders gave display at Central Park.
May 20.
Their Majesties King George VI. and Queen Elizabeth visited Wigan, remaining for quarter of an hour at Mayoral reception on Market Square, as part of four-days' Lancashire tour. They also passed through Ashton-in-Makerfield and Bryn, and through Ince, Hindley, Westhoughton, etc. - In the evening Major Arthur Ratcliffe-Ellis broadcast in the B.B.C. Regional programme apropos the Royal Visit to Wigan.
May 21.
Lancashire and Cheshire Branch of Modem Language Association visited Wigan.
May 24.
Death at Parbold of Mr. William Berry, auctioneer. etc., of Wigan, aged 75 years. - John Wesley Bi-Centenary Celebrations in Wigan.
May 25.
Death of Councillor Peter Knowles, J.P., of Wigan, aged 69 years.
May 27.
Mr. A. M. Knight, barrister, of Wigan, invited to become prospective Liberal candidate for Royton Division. - Death at Bournemouth of Mr. Hugh Ashley Longbotham, C.B.E., a native of Wigan, who founded the King's Roll for ex-Servicemen, aged 57 years.
May 28.
First weekly instalment in "Wigan Observer" of the late Mr. John Counsell's Rugby Football Diary. - Death at Southport of Mr. Alfred Peck, of Wigan, aged 82 years. - Golden Jubilee of Blackrod Conservative Club.
June 4.
Announcement that Wigan Corporation and Ribble Motor Services Ltd. had purchased Messrs. Tennant and Co.'s bus service operating between Wigan, Appley Bridge, Wrightington and Parbold. - Announcement and report of death in Australia of Mr. "Jack" Underwood, former Wigan Rugby footballer, aged 79 years. - The Mayor opened Whelley ex-Servicemen's new club premises.
June 5.
Bishop of Liverpool dedicated new Tower at centenary celebrations at Holy Trinity Church, Ashton-in-Makerfield. - Wigan Territorials left for annual training in camp at Redcar.
June 6.
Death of Mr. Leonard Farnworth, of Wigan, aged 57 years. - Wigan Whit Monday Catholic Procession.
June 7.
Death of Mrs. Mary Heaphy (nee Miss Standish, in business in Wallgate over half a century), aged 83 years.
June 9.
Death of Mr. Robt. Harrison, of Charnock Richard, aged 101 years.
June 12.
Holy Trinity Church, Downall Green, 100th annual Trinity Sunday Procession; congregation of 15,000 at village green service.
June 13.
Five Bishops attended Wigan C. of E. Missionary Festival.
June 14.
New £3,200 extension to Hindley Child Welfare Clinic opened.
June 15.
Wigan Tradesmen's General Holiday.
June 16.
Mr. A. J. Maggs, B.A. (Wales), B.Sc. (London), appointed headmaster of Upholland Grammar School.
June 17.
Death of Mr. George Gummerson, licensee of the Raven Hotel, Wallgate, aged 73 years.
June 18.
Announcement of death in America of Mr. Harold Walker, of Wigan, a noted artist, aged 64 years.
June 19.
Altar rails and two new Side Altars blessed at St. Joseph's R.C. Church, Wigan.
June 20.
Lord Crawford opened new Pithead Baths at Victoria Colliery, Standish.
June 21.
Death of Mr. Richard Baines, well-known Wigan grocer, aged 50 years. - Death of Councillor William Bowden, a Labour representative of St. Andrew Ward, aged 62 years.
June 24.
Death of Mr. Walter Thirlwall, secretary and executive officer of Wigan Co-operative Society, aged 59 years.
June 25.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of appointment of eight new magistrates for the Borough of Wigan.
June 27.
Lord Crawford opened Pithead Baths at Wigan Coal Corporation's John Pit and Giant's Hall Pit, Standish. - Miss E. McAvoy, J.P., appointed chairman of Wigan, Leigh and District Workshops for the Blind at annual meeting.
June 28.
Presentations to Rev. Ivo Keown-Boyd, departing vicar of Upholland. - Institution of Rev. Walter Samuel Mellor as rector of Standish.
June 29.
Resignation of Mr. J. T. Gee, J.P., from chairmanship of governors of Wigan Mining and Technical College after 29 years.
July 2.
Annual Conference in Wigan of Lancashire and Cheshire Federation of Esperantists. - Death of Mr. William Bates, of Wigan, a director of Messrs. Walker Bros. (Wigan) Ltd., aged 65 years. - Mr. W. H. Tyrer, Town Clerk of Wigan, received honorary degree of LL.M. at Liverpool University.
July 3.
Death of Mr. John Ryding, of Standish, aged 69 years. - Death of Mr. George Dixon, J.P., of Abram, aged 66 years.
July 4.
Harrock Hill Footpath Inquiry at Farmers' Arms, Bispham.
July 5.
Rev. W. H. Ashton, M.A., installed Prebendary of Moreton Parva at Hereford Cathedral.
July 9.
Announcement Mr. Harry Sunderland, of Australia, accepted terms from Wigan R.F.C. to become secretary-manager.
July 10.
Re-constructed clock in tower of St. Thomas's Church, Ashton, hallowed by Archdeacon C. F. Twitchett.
July 13.
New Catholic Church of The Sacred Heart, Springfield, consecrated by Dr. R. Downey, Archbishop of Liverpool. - Death at Great Bradley Rectory, Suffolk, of Mrs. Maria Woolstone Rowbottom, widow of Major Lever Robert Rowbottom, former Wigan Coroner, in her 90th year. - Dedication of new organ at St. Paul's Congregational Church, Hindley.
July 14.
Wigan Girls' High School first annual Swimming Gala at Wigan Baths.
July 16.
Announcement Mr. William Hitchen (cashier) appointed secretary to Wigan and District Equitable Co-operative Society succeeding the late Mr. Walter Thirlwall. - Announcement of death in Switzerland of Mr. Henry Ince Anderton, aged 58 years, of Euxton.
July 17.
Death at Sale, Cheshire, of Miss M. Woodward, former matron of Billinge Hospital. - Mass rally of cyclists on Wigan Market Square.
July 19.
Twelve Dutch students entertained in Wigan.
July 20.
Lord Stamp (formerly Sir Josiah Stamp) was introduced in the House of Lords and took the oath. - Death at Southport of Mr. Robert Bradley Harrison, former headmaster of Ince Central C. of E. School, aged 72 years.
July 21.
Case of smallpox discovered in Wigan. - Death at Barnard Castle of Rev. C. F. Richardson, former pastor at Hope Congregational Church, Wigan.
July 23.
Rev. James E. Nelson ordained and inducted into the Tunley Presbyterian Church, Mossy Lea.
July 24.
First Mass at opening service at new Sacred Heart Church, Springfield.
July 25.
Wigan's cheque for £1,000 handed over for Christie Hospital and Holt Radium Institute, Manchester.
July 26.
Death of Mr. Tom Ainscow, auctioneer, of Hindley, aged 67 years.
July 27.
Wigan Town Council: Discussion on diphtheria treatment. - Formal opening of new Rex Cinema, Hindley.
July 30.
Death at Bispham, Blackpool, of Mr. James Ellis, former inspector at Wigan for Ministry of Health.
July 31.
Death of Mr. Frank Mitchell, of Wigan, aged 72 years.
Aug. 1.
Wigan County Police Sports. - Sir Samuel Brighouse, county coroner, 89 to-day. - First Week's Holiday with Pay for Miners began.
Aug. 3.
Death of Mr. James Moorfield, former headmaster of All Saints' School, Hindley, aged 63 years.
Aug. 4.
Rev. Philip Cuthbert Wells instituted vicar of Upholland. - Death at Chester of Mr. Harold Edward Duxbury Abbott, J.P., aged 62 years.
Aug. 9.
Mechanised Army Unit visited Wigan.
Aug. 10.
Death of Mr. Thomas J. Beare, Wigan G.P.O. telephones engineer, aged 52 years.
Aug. 11.
Death of Mr. Daniel Kelly, former Wigan County Court Bailiff, aged 75 years.
Aug. 12.
Lightning struck Hindley Council Offices, a house at Parbold, and other objects in Wigan district.
Aug. 13.
Weavers' strike at Clifton Mill, Poolstock, settled after work stoppage since previous Monday morning.
Aug. 15.
Work begun reclaiming dirt tip at No. 5 Moor Pit, Aspull, for conversion to public park and recreation ground.
Aug. 16.
Death in Liverpool of Mgr. T. J. Walshe, former parish priest of St. Mary's, Wigan, aged 77 years.
Aug. 20.
Gracie Fields visited Wigan en route for Munition Works Gala at Euxton. - Death of Mr. John Robert Hilton, of Marsh Green, former Wigan R.F.C. player, aged 66 years.
Aug. 24.
Fire at Northern Counties Motor Works, Wigan Lane.
Aug. 25.
Death at Southport of Mr. Robert Barlow, official of Eckersleys Ltd., aged 88 years.
Aug. 26.
Licence granted for new Rex Cinema, Hindley.
Aug. 27.
Final weekly instalment of the late Mr. John Counsell's football diary appeared in "Wigan Observer." - Announcement of death on Holiday cruise of Mr. John Ashurst, of Hindley, borough engineer of Oldham, aged 60 years. - Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of closing down of Connolly's Oyster Bar near County Playhouse, King-street.
Aug. 31.
Presentation, on retirement, to Mr. L. R. Lowe, headmaster of Scot Lane Council School. - Fire at Albion Cotton Mills, Wingates, Westhoughton.
Sept. 3.
Death of Mr. William Burgess Johnson, oldest Wigan solicitor, aged 82 years.
Sept. 4.
Rev. Bruce H. White commenced as minister of Wigan (King Street) Methodist Circuit. - Death of Mr. John Andrew Ball, for over fifty years prior to retirement in 1928, on Editorial Staff of the "Wigan Observer," aged 81 years.
Sept. 7.
Public Inquiry at Ince re proposed new cemetery in Westwood-lane, Ince. - Wigan Town Council: discussion on development of Billinge Hospital and provision of a Maternity Home.
Sept. 8.
Minister of Health, Mr. Walter Elliott, visited Wigan. - Mr. Lennox Boyd, M.P., Parliamentary Secretary to Ministry of Labour, visited Wigan. - Public Inquiry re Hindley Council's application to borrow £20,580 for sewerage scheme.
Sept. 9.
Death at St. Helens of Fr. Patrick Hayden, S.J., former rector at St. John's, Standishgate, Wigan, aged 78 years.
Sept. 10.
Death of Mr. Sylvester J. Higham, oldest established Wigan dentist, aged 77 years.
Sept. 11.
Death of Mr. John Higham, teacher at St. John's School, Pemberton, aged 32 years. - Death of Mr. Leonard Joy Evans, general manager and secretary of Hindley Industrial Cooperative Society, aged 60 years.
Sept. 13.
Death of Mr. Joseph Anderton, well-known Platt Bridge Methodist, aged 61 years.
Sept. 14.
Death of Mr. Edmund Barton, of Ince (former secretary to British Columbia Mining Board of Examiners), aged 85 years.
Sept. 15.
Dr. K. H. Watkins, Manchester surgeon, native of Newton-le-Willows, killed in motoring accident in Germany.
Sept. 17.
Foundation stone laid for new Sunday School for St. John's Methodist Church, Hindley.
Sept. 19.
Death of Mr. John Liptrot, well-known Pemberton master builder, aged 83 years. - Northern District Branch of National Association of Baths Superintendents held annual conference in Wigan.
Sept. 20.
Death of Mr. Clifton Graham Dickinson (of Dickinson and Co., Ltd., Wigan pawnbrokers), aged 49 years.
Sept. 22.
Peter Kane, of Golborne, won World's Fly-weight Boxing Championship by beating Jackie Jurich (U.S.A.) on points in 15 rounds fight at Liverpool. - Room in Clock Tower at Grammar School handed over to Wigan Grammar School Old Boys' Association.
Sept. 23.
Civilian gas masks (aggregate weight 45 tons) arrived for distribution in Wigan.
Sept. 24.
Presentation on retirement to Mr. Thomas Worthington, chairman of Messrs. W. H. S. Taylor and Co., Ltd., Wigan. - Northern Association of Bell Ringers held annual conference in Wigan. - Newtown British Legion Banners dedicated.
Sept. 25.
Dedication of Stained Glass Window at Coppull Parish Church.
Sept. 26.
Death of Mr. Thomas Beattie, J.P., formerly of Ince, aged 70 years.
Sept. 27.
Death at Howe Bridge of Mr. E. Sydney Fear, schoolmaster, formerly of Wigan, aged 48 years. - Death of Mr. Robert Simm, of Standish, aged 88 years.
Sept. 29.
Death at Liverpool Infirmary of Mr. George Taylor, formerly for 35 years secretary of Wigan R.F.C., aged 72 years. - Dr. Maude Royden addressed Wigan Pacifist meeting.
Sept. 30.
Lt.-Col. R. A. France, T.D., Wigan solicitor, succeeded to command of 5th Btn. Manchester Regiment (Wigan Territorials) and Major J. W. Holmes, M.B.E., T.D., of Wigan, became 2nd in command. - Retirement of Dr. James Bennett, for 12 years M.O.H. for Golborne. - Annual meeting Wigan Athletic A.F.C. Ltd.: announcement that mortgage on Springfield Park been paid off. - Death of Mr. John Lindsay Cooper, oldest photographer in Wigan, aged 64 years. - Death of Mr. Samuel Glover, Upholland, builder and stonemason, aged 86 years. - Rev. Herbert Stoneley instituted vicar of Christ Church, Ince.
Oct. 1.
Final performance by Lawrence-Williamson Repertory Company at Wigan Hippodrome after "season" commencing 4th April last. - Foundation Stone laid of new Parish Hall for St. Michael's, Wigan.
Oct. 3.
Extensive storm damage in Wigan and district: large tree in front of Abbey Lakes blown down. - Death of Mr. George Parkinson, Wigan's oldest coal dealer, aged 84 years.
Oct. 4.
Death of Mr. Thomas Topping, former Orrell Councillor, aged 77 years.
Oct. 5.
Dedication of stained window to late Rev. John Woods, first vicar, in St. Matthew's Church, Highfield, Pemberton.
Oct. 6.
Death at Ainsdale of Mr. W. J. Brown, chairman of Vulcanite Ltd., Wigan, aged 63 years. - Formal opening of extension (formerly Bull's Head Hotel) to business premises of Messrs. James Lowe (Wigan) Ltd., Victoria House, Market Place. - Death of Mr. Joseph William Brewer, former Poolstock chorister and cricketer, aged 55 years. - Death of Mr. James Freeman, former chairman Wrightington Parish Council, aged 71 years.
Oct. 7.
Death of Mr. James Johnson, oldest inhabitant of Upholland, aged 92 years. - Dedication of "Wigan and District Bed" at Christie Hospital and Holt Radium Institute, Manchester.
Oct. 8.
Mayor of Wigan launched appeal for Refugees in Czecho-Slovakia. - Death of Mr. Thomas Major, well-known Wigan master slater, aged 74 years.
Oct. 9.
Peter Kane (Golborne), world's fly-weight boxing champion, had little finger of right-hand amputated by operation at Christopher Nursing Home, Wigan.
Oct. 10.
Mr. H. Morrison, M.P., leader of the London County Council, addressed meeting in Wigan Co-operative Hall. - Formal handing over to Wigan Infirmary of bed tables and case paper racks, as gifts made by Wigan Men's Unemployed Centre.
Oct. 13.
Sir Leonard Woolley, the archaeologist, delivered inaugural address as president of Wigan Education Society. - Archbishop R. Downey attended silver jubilee dinner of Wigan Branch of Catenian Association at Town Hall. - Golden Jubilee celebration of Wigan Conservative Club (Market-street Section).
Oct. 15.
Presentation by Upholland Grammar School Old Pupils' Association to Mr. F. U. Woods, M.A., former headmaster of school.
Oct. 16.
Death of Lord Stanley, Dominions Secretary and heir to Lord Derby, aged 44 years.
Oct. 17.
Mr. Kenneth H. R. Edwards, assistant director of education for Wigan, appointed deputy director of education for Oldham.
Oct. 19.
Broadcast concert by Wigan Orchestral Society and Wigan and District Male Voice Choir, and Mr. Cedric Derbyshire, bass soloist, of Bryn, in "Music of the People" series from Queen's Hall, Wigan. - Mr. E. R. Kirkpatrick (of Leigh), national president of Federation of Sub-Postmasters, attended Wigan branch dinner.
Oct. 21.
Centenary of opening of railway traffic between Wigan and Preston (North Union Railway). - Rev. Henry Ellis, M.A., instituted vicar of St. Catharine's, Wigan. - Death at Ashleigh, Southwell, Notts., of Rev. Charles Henry James, M.A., formerly for forty years at Haigh Parish Church, aged 90 years. - Sir George Etherton (clerk to Lancashire County Council), opener, and Sir Francis Ince Anderton (donor of site) attended opening of new Ince Social Service Club.
Oct. 22.
Beating Salford at Swinton by 10 pts. to 7 pts. in Lancashire Cup final, Wigan R.F.C. established record, this being seventh win of trophy.
Oct. 24.
Mr. Vernon Bailey (71), of Bolton, well-known crockery dealer, fatally burned in stall fire at Wigan Fair.
Oct. 25.
Mayor of Wigan (Councillor E. Ball) addressed Wigan Round Table on "Transport." - Death of ex-Det.-Inspector Samuel Fearn, of Wigan, aged 83 years. - Address to Wigan and District Rugby League by Mr. John Wilson, secretary to the Rugby League. - Mr. Harry Sunderland, new manager of Wigan R.F.C., arrived in Wigan from Australia to take up duties.
Oct. 26.
Miss E. Amy Buller, warden of Liverpool University Hall for Women Students, presented prizes at Wigan Girls' High School Speech Day.
Oct. 27.
Mr. A. F. Tschiffely gave Wigan address on his horseback ride from Argentina to Washington.
Oct. 28.
Sir Frank Fletcher, M.A., headmaster of Charterhouse School, presented prizes at 81st anniversary of Wigan Mining College Founders' Day.
Oct. 29.
Retirement after 46 years' railway service of Mr. Edward Houghton, passenger agent at Wigan L. M. and S. Station. - Queen Elizabeth's gift of a picnic basket made by blind men at St. Dunstan's, auctioned at St. Stephen's Bazaar, Whelley. - Interview in "Wigan Observer" with Mr. Allan Pendlebury, of Victoria-street, Newtown, on his return from two years' round the world tour on a bicycle. - New Social Service Centre at New Springs opened by Mr. Rhys Davies, M.P.
Oct. 31.
Mayor of Wigan opened new branch of Public Library at Gidlow Senior School for Gidlow and Beech Hill area.
Nov. 1.
Standish Council announced £91,700 Five Year Works Plan. - Presentations to Mr. E. B. Naylor on retirement after 33 years as head of Wigan Mining College Chemistry Dept. - Death at Southport of Mr. Frank Samuel Hammersley, former accountant at District Bank, Wigan, aged 71 years. - Death of Rev. Francis Smith, rector of St. Luke's, Lowton, aged 79 years. - Wigan Municipal Elections: contests in only five wards; results showed no change in political state of parties.
Nov. 3.
Announcement at meeting of Executive Committee of Lancashire Branch of Council for Preservation of Rural England that electric cables in vicinity of Ashurst Beacon will be carried underground. - Death of Mr. Richard James Davies, of Scholes, former well-known Scholes licensee, aged 69 years.
Nov. 5.
Announcement in "Wigan Observer" of reorganisation scheme for railway signals in Wigan. - Mr. Allan Pendlebury, of Newtown, Wigan, broadcast in B.B.C's "In Town To-night" programme on his return from cycling round the world.
Nov. 6.
Silver Jubilee celebrations at St. Marie's R.C. Church, Standish, of Rev. Dr. Christopher Campion, parish priest.
Nov. 8.
Presentation of "Selnec" Cup to Wigan Unemployed Centre.
Nov. 9.
Alderman Thomas Ramsden (Labour) elected Wigan's 692nd Mayor: new Mayor appointed Councillor Frank Fairburst (Labour) as Deputy Mayor.
Nov. 10.
Death of Mr. Thomas Edward Jones, of Poolstock, retired grocer, aged 66 years.
Nov. 11.
Death of Capt. James Johnson, retired sea captain, of Aspull, aged 66 years.
Nov. 12.
Official opening by Mr. Peter Prescott, J.P. (president of the society) of the Wigan and District Equitable Co-operative Society Ltd. new Central Stores in Standishgate. - Golden Jubilee celebrations of Coppull Subscription Band.
Nov. 14.
Death of Mr. John Aldred, of Hindley, former member of Hindley District Council, aged 64 years.
Nov. 18.
Miss Victoria Hopper, film and stage star, visited Brown and Haigh's Clothing Factory, Wigan. - Mr. W. L. Hitchens, chairman of Cammell, Laird, and Co., Ltd., shipbuilders, presented prizes at Wigan Grammar School Annual Speech Day.
Nov. 22.
Big (Gas) Lamp taken down and removed from centre of Wigan Market Square.
Nov. 23.
Mr. James W. Holmes (chief clerk) appointed assistant director of education for Wigan.
Nov. 24.
Lady Percy Bates addressed Wigan and District Free Church Council at annual meeting.
Nov. 25.
Mr. Harry Sunderland, secretary-manager of Wigan R.F.C., broadcast in the B.B.C. "Personalities of the North." - Speeches in Parliament by Mr. J. Allen Parkinson, M.P., and Mr. Gordon Macdonald, M.P., on Public Health (Coal Mines Refuse) Bill.
Nov. 26.
Extensions to St. Luke's Church, Orrell, consecrated.
Nov. 29.
Public Inquiry re proposed demolition of The Folly and Gregson's-yard, Wigan-lane.
Nov. 30.
Capt. C. G. Lancaster, grandson of former Wigan M.P., elected M.P. (Cons.) for the Fylde Division.
Dec. 1.
Borough Bench refused Christmas Licensing Hours Extension.
Dec. 3.
Article in "Wigan Observer" on holograph letter, dated 5th October, 1778, from Sir Beaumont Hotham to the Duke of Portland on the "emancipation" of the Borough of Wigan.
Dec. 5.
County Bench refused Christmas Licensing Hours Extension.
Dec. 6.
Standish Council sanctioned purchase of Ashfield House and grounds, Standish, for use as new Council Offices and playing flelds. - Brig.-Gen. C. R. P. Winser unveiled War Memorial in St. Luke's Church, Orrell. - Presentation of Address and Portrait to Lord Crawford by Council of Central Association of Miners' Permanent Relief Societies to commemorate silver jubilee of his presidency of the Association.
Dec. 7.
Death of Mr. Harry S. Southworth, Wigan businessman and sergeant of special constables, aged 70 years.
Dec. 9.
Death in Southport of Miss Mary Preston (76), daughter of late Mr. John Preston, of Wigan, prominent hospital matron in Great War. - Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Baron, of Higher Ince, aged 91 years.
Dec. 10.
Centenary celebration of Burial Brief Society at Machine Inn, Pemberton. - Sir Edwin Lutyens, president of Wigan Education Society 1934-35, elected president of the Royal Academy.
Dec. 11.
Major Sir Francis Fetherston Godley, National Chairman of the British Legion, addressed ex-Servicemen in the Pavilion, Wigan.
Dec. 12.
Fire at No. 3 Mill of Messrs. Thomas Taylor and Brother Ltd., Miry-lane; estimated damage £60,000.
Dec. 13.
Fire at Coppull Ring Spinning Mill, Coppull. - Suggested increase from 2d. to 3d. of Workpeople's Weekly Contribution at annual meeting of Wigan Infirmary Hospital Saturday and Sunday Funds.
Dec. 14.
Opening of £6,000 extensions to Hindley and Abram Grammar School. - Opening of £3,000 extensions to Nurses' Home at Whelley Hospital.
Dec. 17.
Lord and Lady Balniel officiated at opening ceremony of the extension of the Home, in New Market-street, Wigan, of Wigan and District Nursing Association (Queen's Nurses). - Re-dedication by Ven. J. P. Baker, Archdeacon of Warrington, of peal of eight bells and west window, after restoration, at St. James's Church, Poolstock. - Peter Kane, of Golborne, flyweight boxing champion of world, broadcast in "Spotlight on Sport" in Northern programme.
Dec. 19.
Mr. L. M. Burton, senior solicitor to Dagenham Borough Council, appointed clerk and solicitor to Ashton-in-Makerfield Urban District Council in succession to Mr. Albert Sykes (retired), clerk for 38 years.

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