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Local Chronology, 1902-3.


Dec. 28.
Death of Mr. S. W. Higginbottom, M.P., 49 years of age.
Dec. 29.
Opening of various extensions of the Wigan Sanatorium.
Dec. 31.
Opening of the New Rooms of the Athenæum Club. - Lieut. Tossel, a Boer Officer, in Wigan.


Jan. 1.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Gospel Mission.
Jan. 2.
First case under the New Licensing Act heard at the Borough Police Court.
Jan. 3.
Jubilee of the Wigan Observer.
Jan. 6.
Wigan Borough Sessions - White Gloves Court. First Time for Forty Years.
Jan. 7.
Death of Mrs. Smith, widow of the late Alderman Jas. Smith, in her 69th year.
Jan. 8.
Death of the Rev. E. A. Dury, Vicar of St. Catherine's, Wigan, aged 74 years. - Alderman R. A. ffarington, J.P., made as Honorary Freeman of the Borough.
Jan. 12.
Opening of the New Mining and Technical College at Wigan. - Mayor's Dance in the Drill Hall.
Jan. 13.
Juvenile Ball, given by the Mayor and Mayoress, in the Drill Hall.
Jan. 15.
The first folio of Shakespeare Facsimile added to the Wigan Library.
Jan. 17.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Teachers' Association.
Jan. 18.
Trinity Presbyterian Semi-Jubilee. - Announcement that the Rev. E. C. Poulter, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Hereford, had accepted the living of St. Catherine's, Wigan, in succession to the Rev. E. A. Dury. - Meeting of Railway Servants at the Public Hall.
Jan. 20.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Cycling Club. - The Township of Aspull annexed to the Wigan Petty Sessional Division.
Jan. 21.
Licensed Victualles' Ball in the Drill Hall. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Temperance and Rescue Mission.
Jan. 22.
Conference in Wigan as to Superannuation of Corporation Workmen.
Jan. 26.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society. - Mr. J. A. Kensit at the Public Hall.
Jan. 27.
Free Church Council Conversazione at the Baptist School, Wigan.
Jan. 28.
Public Meeting in Wigan on behalf of the Liverpool Cathedral Scheme.
Jan. 29.
Makerfield Ploughing Match at Haydock Park. - Death of Mr. John Dickinson, Pawnbroker, Wigan, aged 43 years.
Jan. 31.
Annual Festival of the Wigan and District Co-operative Society. - Annual Festival of the Wigan and District Band of Hope Union.
Feb. 2.
Meeting of Private Traders in the Public Hall, Wigan. - The Explosion at the Orrell Colliery. - Verdict of the Coroner's Jury.
Feb. 3.
Death of Mr. William Kellett, J.P., in his 72nd year.
Feb. 4.
Wigan Conservative Ball. - Borough Licensing Sessions : Surrender of Licences.
Feb. 5.
The Mayor gives a Banquet to the Guardians of the Wigan Union.
Feb. 7.
Unveiling of the War Memorial in Mesnes Park.
Feb. 9.
Death of Mr. G. R. Carter.
Feb. 11.
Ploughing Match at Aspull.
Feb. 12.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions : Proposed Reduction of Licences. - Prize Distribution at the Girls' High School.
Feb. 13.
Welcome Home to a Soldier at Pemberton. - Death of Mr. Francis France (St. Helens), aged 62 years.
Feb. 14.
Meeting of the Lancashire Branch of the National Association of Colliery Managers. - Mr. Spencer Leigh Hughes, the eminent journalist, in Wigan.
Feb. 15.
Concert at the Royal Court Theatre in aid of the Volunteer Memorial Fund.
Feb. 16.
Fire at Appley Bridge Linoleum Works. - The Orrell Colliery Disaster : Prosecution of the Underlooker.
Feb. 17.
Annual Gathering of the Wigan and District Butchers.
Feb. 18.
Ratepayers of the Gidlow District strongly protest against the Granting of a Licence for New Hotel in Gidlow Lane. - Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of the Wigan Coal and Iron Company. - Death in South Africa of Mr. Norman Hewlett, fourth son of Mr. W. H. Hewlett, J.P., Standish, aged 24 years.
Feb. 19.
Sale of Work at St. John's Hall. - Lecture by Mr. Whitworth Wallis, F.S.A., at the Mining School.
Feb. 20.
Presentation to Mr. J. W. Hutchinson.
Feb. 21.
First Anniversary of the Wigan and District Davitt Branch of the United Irish League.
Feb. 23.
Concert in the Drill Hall by the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.
Feb. 24.
Rev. P. Hains announces the proposal to Build a New Church for St. Geroge's Parish.
Feb. 25.
Wrightington Breach of Promise Case at the Liverpool Assizes.
Feb. 26.
Death of Mr. Thos. Wilson, of the firm of Messrs. Wilson and Harwood, aged 70 years.
Feb. 27.
Death of the Rev. F. Lamb, pastor of the Methodist Free Church, Wigan, aged 55 years.
Feb. 28.
Celebration of St. David's Day in Wigan.
Mar. 2.
Pemberton Council discuss the Greater Wigan Question. - County Council Inquiry in Wigan as to the Establishment of a Small-pox Hospital. - Adjourned Borough Licensing Sessions : Strong Opposition to the New Gidlow Licences.
Mar. 4.
Sousa and his Band in Wigan.
Mar. 7.
Opening of New Independent Methodist Church at Ince.
Mar. 8.
Opening of a New Organ at Standish Wesleyan Church.
Mar. 13.
Death in New Zealand of Mr. W. S. Rawcliffe, aged 48 years.
Mar. 16.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Women's Liberal Association.
Mar. 18.
Second Annual Exhibition of the Wigan and District Camera Club. - Opening of a Four Days' Bazaar at the Methodist Free Church, Wigan.
Mar. 19.
Institution of the New Vicar of St. Catherine's.
Mar. 21.
Opening of the New Welsh Presbyterian Church, Wigan. - Conference of Shorthand Writers in Wigan.
Mar. 23.
County Council Inquiry at Orrell on the Allotments Question.
Mar. 24.
Discovery of an Old Well in Wallgate.
Mar. 25.
General Annual Meeting of the Wigan Subscription Bowling Green. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Sunday School Union.
Mar. 27.
The King passed through Wigan on his way to London from the Liverpool Races.
Mar. 28.
Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 30.
Trial Trip on the South Lancashire Tramways.
April 4.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Miners' Relief Society. - Collation of the Rev. W. Martin to the Benefice of St. John the Evangelist, Hindley Green.
April 6.
District Council Elections at Pemberton, etc.
April 8.
Cage Accident at the New Zealand Pit, Abram : Two Officials Killed.
April 9.
Death of Mr. James Tyrer, at Newburgh, aged 74 years.
April 10.
Opening of the New Coppull Wesleyan Church. - Death of Miss Mary Wood, of Chapel Lane, aged 82 years.
April 11.
Institution of the New Vicar of Dalton.
April 14.
Opening of the Alexandra Park at Pemberton.
April 15.
The Cage Accident at Abram : Coroner's Inquest.
April 17.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
April 20.
Performances by the Local Amateurs at the Court Theatre. - Presentation to Father Hanley at Ince.
April 21.
Marriage of Dr. Milroy and Miss Taberner.
April 23.
Mr. W. Kay, Deputy Town Clerk of Wigan, appointed clerk and solicitor to the Urban District Council of Dartford.
April 24.
Death of Miss Hardman in her 76th year.
April 25.
The Mayor of Wigan (Councillor Richard Johnson, J.P.), opens Ince and District Subscription Bowling Green. - Presentation to Mr. Roger Green, late clerk-in-charge at the L. and Y. Passenger Station.
April 29.
Archdeacon Taylor's Visitation to the Parish Church. - First Annual Meeting of the Traders' Defence League.
May 2.
Opening of the Co-operative Society's Model Bakery. - Speech by Colonel Blundell at Abram on the Needs of the Church of England.
May 3.
Semi-Jubilee of St. Joseph's Church.
May 6.
Opening of the Wesley Hall, Wigan.
May 7.
Pemberton Council Resolves to Oppose any Application to Incorporate Pemberton with Wigan.
May 8.
Messrs. O. & G. Rushton's Appeal in the Action of "Faulder v. Rushton" Dismissed in the High Court.
May 9.
Manual Training Teachers at the Wigan Technical College. - Foundation Stone Laying of a New Primitive Methodist Church at Coppull.
May 14.
Death of Mrs. R. E. Kellett, aged 49 years. - Rev. Dr. Adler, Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Church, visits Wigan. - Formation of a Local Passive Resistance League.
May 20.
Reduction in the Price of Wigan Gas. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
May 21.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Rugby Football Club.
May 22.
Appointment of New Magistrates for Wigan. - Conference of Orangemen in Wigan.
May 23.
Presentation to Workmen for Gallantry in the Accident at the New Zealand Pit.
May 25.
Pemberton Council : Vote in Favour of the Greater Wigan Scheme.
May 26.
Local Government Inquiry at Haigh. - Death of Mrs. Turner-Greene in her 89th year.
May 28.
Special Meeting of the Wigan Council : The Financial Position of the Town Explained. - Trial Trip with Electric Cars to Platt Bridge.
May 29.
Divorce of a former Wigan Doctor.
June 1.
Successful Gala in the Park. - Catholic Processions in Wigan. - Volunteers in Camp on Salisbury Plain.
June 3.
Town Council Meeting : Discussion on the Gas Estate.
June 4.
Opening of the New Bowling Green in the Park.
June 5.
Announcement that Alderman Holmes had consented to take the office of Mayor for next year.
June 8.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Permanent Benefit Building Society.
June 10.
Annual Meeting of Infirmary Donors and Governors.
June 11.
Discussion at the Watch Committee Meeting on Sunday Closing and Publishing Photographs of Prisoners. - Excited Meeting of Pemberton Ratepayers on the Greater Wigan Question.
June 13.
Thomas Scally committed for trial by the Borough Magistrates on a Charge of Manslaughter. - Opening of a new Organ at New Jerusalem Church.
June 14.
Mayor's State Visit to Hope Congregational Church.
June 15.
Cage Accident at Moss Collieries.
June 17.
Wigan Wednesday Cycling Club Pic-nic to Ingleton. - Operatic Pic-nic to Chester.
June 18.
Animated Discussion at Ince Council on the Greater Wigan Question.
June 19.
Death of Mr. C. M. Percy, aged 57 years. - Armenian Sale of Work in Wigan.
June 20.
Wigan Clerks' Walk to Southport.
June 24.
Wigan Shop Assistants' Walk to Southport.
June 25.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Rugby Football Club.
June 27.
Poor Children's Treat to Parbold. - Opening of Poolstock and District Working Men's Club. - Crowning the Rose Queen at Stubshaw Cross. - Death of Judge Wynne Ffoulkes.
June 29.
Appeal Case, Abram Coal Company, Decided by the House of Lords. - Ince Royal Hotel Case : Decision of the King's Bench Division.
July 1.
Death of the Rev. J. W. Greenhalgh, aged 62 years.
July 2.
Ince Council Decline Proposals for a Greater Wigan.
July 5.
Death of Mr. Thomas Milligan, aged 78 years.
July 7.
Gidlow Lane Licensing Appeal decided in the High Court.
July 11.
Orangemen's Service at St. Thomas's Church. - Orange Demonstration at Aspull.
July 13.
Pemberton Ratepayers Vote against Amalgamation with Wigan.
July 14.
The Mayor's Treat to the Borough Police Force.
July 16.
Wigan Watch Committee and Sunday Trading. - Wigan Corporation decided that Application for the Extension of the Borough shall not include Ince.
July 17.
Lifeboat Demonstration in Pemberton.
July 18.
Lifeboat Demonstration in Wigan.
July 20.
First Meeting of the Pemberton Education Authority.
July 22.
Grammar School Boys Entertained at Ince Hall. - Upholland Agricultural Show.
July 23.
Prize Distributions at the Wigan Grammar School and the Wigan Institute.
July 24.
Formation of a Liberal Two Hundred for Wigan.
July 26.
Mayor's Visit to St. James's Church.
July 29.
Foundation Stone-laying of New Council Offices at Ince. - Extension of St. Andrew's School.
July 30.
Alice Nelligan, indicted for Manslaughter, discharged at Liverpool Assizes. - Passive Resistance Demonstration in the Public Hall.
Aug. 1.
Church Lads' Brigade Camp at Cleethorpes.
Aug. 3.
Winstanley and District Flower Show. - Thomas Scally found Guilty of Manslaughter at Liverpool Assizes, and sentenced to five years' penal servitude; George Brown found not guilty, and discharged.
Aug. 5.
Tramway Men's Alleged Grievances Discussed at the Wigan Council Meeting.
Aug. 6.
Proposed Public Market for Golborne.
Aug. 8.
First Annual Demonstration of Friendly Societies at Ince.
Aug. 11.
Wigan Corporation Bill, 1903, received Royal Assent.
Aug. 12.
The Mayor in a Carriage Accident at Hindley. - Mr. Stephen Walsh adopted Labour Candidate for the Ince Division.
Aug. 15.
Cottage Gardeners' Show at Standish. - Douglas Floral Society's Annual Show.
Aug. 16.
W. Buckler, long distance walker, gave up his attempt to walk 1,613 miles in 1,000 hours at Springfield Park. - Temperance Rally in Wigan.
Aug. 18.
Saccharine Smuggling Case heard at the Borough Police Court. - Death of Mr. W. H. S. Taylor, provision dealer, aged 57 years. - The Mayor started a new Engine and Generator at the Electric Works.
Aug. 21.
Discussion at the Board of Guardians Meeting on the Rearing of Pauper Children.
Aug. 22.
Opening of Hindley Grammar School Extensions.
Aug. 23.
Death at Cirencester of the Rev. G. A. E. Kempson, formerly of Wigan, aged 63 years.
Aug. 24.
At a Special Meeting of Ince Council, Mr. Carnegie's offer of £5,000 for Library purposes declined. - The Mayor interviewed as to Tramway Men's alleged grievances.
Aug. 26.
Traders and Shop Assistants Pic-nic to Eastham. - Opening of St. Paul's New Congregational Church, Wigan.
Aug. 30.
Meeting in the Public Hall for the purpose of Protesting against the action of the Tramways Committee in refusing to meet the Representatives of the Men to discuss grievances. - Dr. McClure at St. Paul's New Church.
Sept. 2.
Appointment of the Wigan Education Committee. - Foundation Stone-laying of a new Congregational School at Pemberton. - First Meeting of the Education Authority for Ashton, Abram, Upholland, Billinge, Orrell, and Winstanley.
Sept. 7.
Pemberton Council decide to take a poll on the Greater Wigan Question. - Pemberton Old Brass Band win first prize at Belle Vue Contest.
Sept. 8.
Decision of Ince Ratepayers in favour of accepting Mr. Carnegie's offer of funds for a Library.
Sept. 9.
First Meeting of the Wigan and Pemberton Education Authorities. - Hindley Horse and Cattle Fair. - Lecture at St. John's Hall, by the Rev. Francis Irwin, S.J., on "Bird Taming Extraordinary". - Mr. Charles Blackshaw, Lecturer on Typography at Manchester Municipal School of Technology, lectured in Wigan.
Sept. 10.
Announcement of the result of the ballot of Corporation Tramway Employés respecting alleged grievances.
Sept. 12.
First Meeting of the Education Authority for Standish, &c. - Colonel Will. Woods announces that he declines to stand as Liberal Candidate for Wigan.
Sept. 14.
Exhibition of Artificial Flowers at the Drill Hall. - Revision of the Wigan Voting Lists.
Sept. 16.
Announcement of Proposed Extensions at Wigan Post Office. - Pawnbrokers' Assistants' Walk.
Sept. 17.
Visit of the British Association to Abram Collieries.
Sept. 19.
Unveiling a Memorial Tablet to the late Mr. Thos. Aspinwall, at the Infirmary.
Sept. 22.
Last Meeting of the Wigan School Board. - The Standish Safe Robbery : Prisoners sentenced at Chorley Sessions.
Sept. 23.
Young Men's Christian Association Bazaar in the Public Hall. - First Meeting of the Ince Education Committee. - Championship Walk at Springfield Walk.
Sept. 25.
Finsen Light and Rontgen Rays at the Infirmary. - Bazaar at Orange Hall, King Street.
Sept. 26.
Shocking Motor Car Accident at Ashton. - Wigan and Newton Branches of the Typographical Association meet in Wigan.
Sept. 27.
The Mayor at Ince Church.
Sept. 30.
Sale of Work at Scarisbrick Street Baptist Schools. - Appointment of Mr. T. T. Rankin, Principal of the Wigan Mining and Technical College. - Wigan Education Committee decide to Abolish School Fees.
Oct. 5.
Pemberton Council decide to burn Voting Papers used in the poll on the question of amalgamation with Wigan. - Forty-eight summonses heard in Wigan Police Court against persons who refused to pay the Education Rate.
Oct. 6.
Primitive Methodist Conference at the Public Hall.
Oct. 7.
Passive Resistance Demonstration in Wigan. - Acrimonious discussion at the Wigan Council Meeting on the Tramway trouble. - Scholars' Exhibition of Swimming and Diving at the Wigan Baths.
Oct. 9.
Wigan Board of Guardians appoint a Catholic Chaplain.
Oct. 11.
Jubilee Services at the Baptist Chapel, Scarisbrick Street, Wigan.
Oct. 12.
Announcement that Lord Balcarres, M.P., had been appointed Junior Lord of the Treasury. - Mr. J. N. Foot, Postmaster of Wigan, appointed Postmaster at Peterboro'.
Oct. 14.
Prize Distribution at Hindley Technical School. - Foundation Stone-laying of the Extension of King Street Baptist Chapel, Wigan. - Bazaar at the Independent Methodist School, Greenough Street, Wigan. - Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions : Four Prisoners for Trial. - Messrs. T. Fyans and J. Howard, retiring Liberal Councillors, sever their connection with the Liberal Party, and withdraw from Municipal Elections.
Oct. 18.
Lecture by Mr. Edward Nunn, of the Eighty Club at the Irish National Club, Wigan.
Oct. 19.
Sale of Passive Registers' Furniture by Public Auction in Wigan. - Councillor Fyans speaks on a Conservative Platform in Swinley Ward. - Ruskin Hall Lecture at Platt Bridge.
Oct. 20.
Exhibition at the Drill Hall. - The Mayor and Mayoress at the ball given by the Lord Mayor of London.
Oct. 21.
Opening of the new premises of the Ashton Y.M.C.A. - Death of Sir William George Gunning, son of Sir Henry John Gunning, formerly Rector of Wigan.
Oct. 22.
Lord Balcarres addresses a meeting at Crooke.
Oct. 24.
Nomination Day for Municipal Elections. - Foundation Stone-laying of a new Church at Platt Bridge.
Oct. 27.
Complimentary Luncheon by the Chairman (Mr. Alderman Layland) to the Watch Committee.
Oct. 28.
Bazaar at Wesley Hall. - Presentation to Mr. J. N. Foot. - Half-yearly Meeting of the Wigan Cricket Club. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Benefit Building Society.
Oct. 29.
Death of Mrs. Fergie, widow of the late Rev. Canon Fergie, formerly Vicar of Ince.
Oct. 31.
Starting of the new Chimes of the Parish Church Clock, the gift of the Mayor (Councillor Richard Johnson).
Nov. 1.
Death of Dr. F. Ormrod, of Workington, and formerly of Hindley, aged 60 years. - Death of Mr. Henry Farrimond, one of the Councillors for St. Catherine Ward.
Nov. 2.
Mr. Sam Woods, Liberal and Labour Candidate, withdraws from the Contest in the Newton Division, owing to ill-health. - Contests in Six Wigan Wards : The Conservatives gain two seats. - Mr. Bradburn appointed Chairman of Pemberton Council, in succession to Mr. W. Sharrock, resigned.
Nov. 3.
Presentation to the late Secretary of the Young Men's Christian Association.
Nov. 4.
Sudden death of Mr. B. P. Hartley, Stationmaster, L. and Y. Railway, Wigan, aged 54 years. - Concert by the Wigan Harmonic Male Voice Choir in the Public Hall. - Parochial Choir Festival at the Parish Church.
Nov. 5.
Death of Mr. Robt. Ainscow, formerly of Abram, aged 63.
Nov. 6.
Local Government Board Inquiry in Wigan into appeals against the scheme for a Joint Small-pox Hospital.
Nov. 8.
Unveiling the Darlington Memorial at Charnock Richard Church.
Nov. 9.
Alderman C. B. Holmes elected Mayor of Wigan. - Motor Car Driver chanrged with Manslaughter at the Wigan County Police Court. - Presentation to Mr. Foot, at the Wigan Post Office. - Free Church Council Meeting at Wrightington.
Nov. 10.
Impersonating a Dead Golborne Doctor : Trial at Manchester Police Court. - Prize Distribution at the Pupil Teachers' Centre. - Action against a Pemberton Councillor at Wigan County Court : Jury's Curious Verdict. - Debate on Free Trade and Protection at the Wesley Hall.
Nov. 11.
Death of Mr. A. C. Smethurst, formerly of the Limes, Boar's Head, aged 69 years. - First Address at St. Catherine's Tea Party by the new Vicar. - Public Meeting of Ratepayers at Shevington decides that Crooke Village shall be lighted. - Performance of "The Golden Legend" and "Gallia" by the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society.
Nov. 12.
Lecture by Rev. J. P. Sandlands, at St. Thomas's Schools.
Nov. 15.
Unveiling Memorial Tablet at Bridgecroft Congregational Church, Hindley. - The Mayor's first State Visit to the Parish Church. - Concert by the Pemberton Old Brass Band at the Royal Court Theatre.
Nov. 16.
Distribution of Prizes at the Catholic Pupil Teachers' Centre.
Nov. 17.
The alleged Dr. Part committed for trial at Manchester. - Marriage of Miss Bessie Kellett. - Death of Mrs. Johnson, wife of Mr. W. Johnson, J.P., of the Abram Coal Company, aged 55 years.
Nov. 18.
Announcement that Mr. Herbert Sweeney had been selected by Women Workers to contest Wigan in opposition to Sir F. S. Powell.
Nov. 19.
Mr S. Walsh, Labour Candidate for the Ince Division, opens his campaign. - Local Government Inquiry at Ashton.
Nov. 21.
Concert at the Wesh Church, Greenough Street.
Nov. 23.
Prize Distribution at St. Mary's Schools. - Inspector Berry, of the Wigan Borough Police Force, appointed Chief Constable of Macclesfield. - Ince Technical Classes; Distribution of Prizes.
Nov. 25.
Annual Dinner of the Wigan Subscription Bowling Green. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Free Church Council. - Lecture-Concert at the Mining and Technical College. - Congregational Bazaar at Hindley to raise funds for a New Church. - Inauguration of a New Organ at Independent Methodist Church, Lamberhead Green.
Nov. 26.
Church Missionary Meetings in the Public Hall.
Nov. 27.
Sentences passed at the Liverpool Assizes on the sham "Dr. Part," for bigamy, and on John Wilson, for assault on a Wigan gentleman.
Nov. 28.
Masonic Dance at the Masonic Hall, Tower Buildings.
Nov. 29.
United Temperance Council Demonstration in Wigan. - Mr. Wm. Redmond, M.P., in Wigan.
Nov. 30.
Distribution of Prizes at the Mining and Technical College.
Dec. 2.
Rev. W. G. Spriggs Smith, Vicar of St. John's, Terrington, Wisbech, a passive register, lectures in Wigan. - Technical Prize Distribution at Pemberton. - The Town Council decide to improve the Parish Churchyard.
Dec. 4.
Presentation to the Ex-Mayor at Ince Hall. - Complimentary Dinner to Mr. Brewer, Inspector of Schools, by the Wigan and District Association of the National Union of Teachers.
Dec. 5.
Presentation to Father Louis, of Platt Bridge. - Meeting of the Wigan Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society.
Dec. 6.
Mr. David Christie Murray at the Irish Club, Wigan.
Dec. 7.
Col. Blundell at Hindley Conservative Club. - The Ex-Mayoress (Mrs. R. Johnson), describes her Continental Tour to the members of the Wigan and District Women's Liberal Association.
Dec. 8.
Starting of Two New Engines at Pemberton Electricity Works.
Dec. 9.
Death of Mr. Thomas Pennington, of Pemberton, aged 87 years. - Publication of Wigan's Memorial to the Local Government Board, asking for a Local Inquiry on the "Greater Wigan" question. - Presentation to the Headmaster of Hindley and Abram Grammar School. - Mr. John Taylor lectures at the Miners' Hall, Wigan, on the Fiscal Policy, under the auspices of the Wigan and District Trades and Labour Council.
Dec. 10.
Pemberton Breach of Promise at Liverpool Assizes. - Wigan Watch Committee refuse to renew the Excise Licence of the Royal Court Theatre. - Church Pastoral Aid Society Meeting in Wigan. - Rainford Collieries re-started after being stopped from the latter end of August.
Dec. 11.
Appeal Case, Catterall v. Cross, Tetley, & Co., under the Workmen's Compensation Act, decided in the Court of Appeal.
Dec. 12.
Orange Conference in Wigan. - Wigan and District Cage Bird Society's Show.
Dec. 14.
Performances by the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society, at the Royal Court Theatre.
Dec. 15.
Coming of Age of Mr. Charles Gerard Walmesley : Banquet at the Public Hall. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Centre of the Northern Anglers' Association. - Presentation to Inspector Berry, of the Borough Police Force, on his appointment as Chief Constable of Macclesfield.
Dec. 16.
The Mayor and Mayoress give an "At Home" at the Municipal Buildings.
Dec. 17.
Meeting of Private Traders at Lamberhead Green. - Pemberton Slander Action at the Sheriff's Court, Preston.
Dec. 18.
Annual Meetings in connection with the Hospital Saturday and Sunday Movement.
Dec. 19.
Miners' Meeting at Hindley Green to consider the Wages Question.
Dec. 21.
Performance at the Royal Court Theatre in aid of the Wigan Poor Children's Treat Association. - Wigan Swimming Club : Presentation of Medals.
Dec. 23.
Re-union at the Pupil Teachers' Centre.
Dec. 28.
Performance of "The Messiah" at the Drill Hall by the Wigan and District Philharmonic Society : First appearance of Mr. Charles Santley in Wigan.

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