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Local Chronology, 1880-81.


Dec. 22.
Conference at Wigan between the West Lancashire Coal Association and a deputation from the Miners on the suggested arrangement under the Employers' Liability Act.
Dec. 27.
Second performance of the "Messiah" by the Trinity College Local Choir. - Bazaar in aid of St. Joseph's Mission, Wigan. - Death at Stonyhurst College of the Rev. Joseph Hawett, aged 46.
Dec. 29.
Funeral of the late Earl of Crawford and Balcarres in the family mausoleum at Dun Echt.
Dec. 30.
Opening of the Election Campaign in Wigan. Great Liberal meeting; adoption of Mr. John Lancaster as the candidate of the party.
Dec. 31.
Death, from hydrophobia, of Jane Daniels, wife of James Daniels, Newtown, colliery engineman.


Jan. 3.
Enthusiastic meeting in the Theatre Royal; Mr. F. S. Powell adopted as the Conservative candidate. - Noisy meeting of Wigan Trades Unionists. - Sale of work at Dicconson-street Wesleyan Schools. - Meeting of miners in the Public Hall on the Employers' Liability Act.
Jan. 4.
Death of Mr. Thomas Dicconson, of Wrightington Hall, aged 62.
Jan. 6.
Another mass meeting of miners; resolution passed to abide by the Employers' Liability Act.
Jan. 8.
Interment of the late Mr. Thomas Dicconson at Mawdesley. - Presentation to the Rev. A. E. P. Gray, senior curate of the Wigan Parish Church, on his leaving the town.
Jan. 10.
Stoppage of works by a large proportion of the miners in West Lancashire for an advance of wages. - Miners' National Conference at Manchester.
Jan. 11.
Arrival of the writ for Wigan. - Liberal demonstration in the Public Hall.
Jan. 13.
Liberal meetings in the Public Hall and Alexandra Music Hall.
Jan. 14.
Conference of colliery proprietors and workmen at Liverpool; refusal to grant the advance in wages asked for. - Strike disturbances at Downall Green; several constables injured. - Local Government Inquiry at Abram. - Conservative meeting in the Circus. - Death, at Southport, of Admiral Ralph Barton, aged 83.
Jan. 15.
Nomination of candidates to fill the vacancy in the representation of Wigan. - Mass meetings of miners.
Jan. 16.
Hospital Sunday.
Jan. 17.
Disturbances by miners on strike at Abram. - Suspension of the Southport and West Lancashire Bank.
Jan. 18.
Wigan Election; the poll declared as follows:- Mr. F. S. Powell (C.), 3,005; Mr. John Lancaster (L.), 2,536. - Great gale and snowstorm. - Volunteer Officers' ball.
Jan. 20.
Bazaar at St. Thomas's Caroline-street Schools.
Jan. 21.
Mr. Powell took his seat in the House of Commons as member for Wigan.
Jan. 22.
Arrival of the Hussars to Wigan in response to a request from the County Magistrates in consequence of the disturbances in connection with the strike. - Meeting of Miners on Amberswood Common.
Jan. 25.
Serious miners' riot at Skelmersdale; Superintendent Ludlam badly injured. - Shocking riot at Tyldesley; one man killed and several constables injured.
Jan. 26.
Wigan Borough Sessions; 13 prisoners. - Opening of a fund by the Mayor to relieve the distress in the borough. - Great meeting of miners on Amberswood Common; riotous proceedings and serious depredations at collieries in the Ince district. - Arrival of 100 infantry, applied for by the Borough Magistrates.
Jan. 28.
Another riot at Leigh and Atherton.
Jan. 31.
Mass meeting of miners on Newton Common. - Death at Parbold of Mr. John Barton, aged 77, a member of the Wigan Board of Guardians for 40 years.
Feb. 2.
Quarterly Meeting of the Town Council: Adoption of the Public Baths and Washhouses Acts for Wigan.
Feb. 7.
James Dearnley, ironworker, Ince, sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment for the manslaughter of his child on November 10th. - Mr. J. W. Whittaker, architect, Wigan, killed on the railway near Hindley. - Presentation to the Rev. Henry Banks, of his resignation of the pastorate of St. Paul's Congregational Chapel, Hindley.
Feb. 8.
Mr. Bryan Tickle, certificated manager at the Arley Collieries, Ince, run over and killed on the branch railway at Lower Ince.
Feb. 10.
Discovery of the will of the late Mr. William Baker, Smithy Brook, in a hole in the ceiling at the house in which he resided at Goose Green.
Feb. 11.
Presentation of a petition by the Liberal party against the return of Mr. F. S. Powell as member for Wigan.
Feb. 16.
Shevington Triennial School Board election.
Feb. 17.
Makerfield Ploughing Match.
Feb. 18.
Disturbances by colliers at the Garswood Coal and Iron Company's Collieries.
Feb. 21.
Partial Resumption of work by the colliers in the Wigan district. - The Earl of Crawford and Balcarres took his seat for the first time in the House of Lords.
Feb. 22.
Serious rioting at Hindley.
Feb. 25.
General resumption of work by the miners, in accordance with a resolution passed at a delegates' meeting; the masters granting weekly pays but no advance. - Meeting of the Manchester Geological Society in Wigan. - First performance by the Wigan Lyceum Amateur Dramatic Society.
Feb. 26.
Departure of the Military from Hindley and Wigan.
Feb. 28.
Sale of work at St. George's Schools.
Mar. 1.
Death of Mr. James Copland, Standishgate, Wigan, aged 45, for several years representative of St. George's Ward in the Town Council.
Mar. 8.
Wrightington and Standish Ploughing Match.
Mar. 14.
Triennial election of the Wigan School Board, the old members returned unopposed.
Mar. 21.
Meeting of the British Women's Temperance Association in Wigan.
Mar. 22.
Arrival of Mr. Justice Grove and Mr. Justice Bowen, the judges appointed to try the Wigan Election Petition.
Mar. 23.
Commencement of the trial of the Petition presented against the return of Mr. F. S. Powell as member for Wigan.
Mar. 28.
Death of Thomas Leary, factory overlooker, from injuries received during a quarrel the previous day in Great George-street. - Daniel O'Neil apprehended on a charge of manslaughter, but afterwards acquitted at the Liverpool Assizes. - Dinner at Ashton to celebrate the formation of a Fire Brigade for the township.
Mar. 30.
Death, at West Kirby, of the Rev. F. G. Collier, aged 33, late pastor of New Chapel, Horwich, and formerly of St. Paul's Congregational Church, Wigan.
April 1.
Close of the hearing of the Wigan Election Petition. Mr. Powell declared unseated, the petitioners' costs not to exceed £2,000, the judges adding that they should report that they had reason to believe that corrupt practices had extensively prevailed at the election.
April 3.
National Census.
April 5.
The report of the judges on the Wigan Election Petition presented to the House of Commons and ordered to be entered in the journals of the House. - The announcement published in the London Gazette of the assignment of the new Parish of SS. Michael and All Angels', Wigan.
April 7.
Performance of "The Creation" by the Trinity College Local Choir.
April 12.
First meeting of the newly-elected School Board; Mr. R. Darlington re-appointed chairman.
April 13.
Presentation to Mr. T. Coop on his return from a voyage round the world.
April 15.
Opening of a new Primitive Methodist Chapel, at Lowton.
April 16.
Departure of Mr. T. Knowles, M.P., and other directors of the London and North-Western Railway Company for America. - Resolution passed to wind up the Wigan British Workman Public House Company, Limited.
April 17.
Jubilee of the Bridgecroft Chapel, Hindley.
April 19.
Death of the Earl of Beaconsfield. - First Infirmary Ball.
April 20.
Opening of the Wigan New Sewerage Works by the Mayor (Mr. W. J. Lamb.)
April 22.
Consecration of the new Church of St. James's, Westhoughton.
April 24.
Solemn opening of St. William's Roman Catholic Chapel, Ince. - Death at Southport of Mr. William Gaskell, of Wigan, aged 58 years.
April 25.
Death at Hawarden of Mr. James Dougan, formerly of Wigan, and winner of the Queen's Medal at Wimbledon in 1861.
April 26.
Performance of "The Elijah" by the Wigan Musical Society.
April 27.
Annual meeting of the subscribers to the Wigan Infirmary. - Wigan Quarter Sessions, only three prisoners. - Annual meeting of the Wigan Mechanics' Institution.
April 30.
Annual meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
May 4.
Quarterly meeting of the Town Council. - Two children drowned in an old delf at Ince. - Bazaar at Standish in aid of the proposed new church at Shevington.
May 8.
Farewell sermon by the Rev. J. Leach on his leaving Pemberton for Kirby.
May 9.
Wigan Volunteer Amateur Dramatic Performance.
May 13.
Meeting to form a St. John's Ambulance Association for Wigan and district.
May 14.
Special Town Council Meeting; adoption of the Millgate site for the Public Baths. - Claim for damage arising out of the late colliers' strike allowed at the Liverpool Assizes.
May 17.
The local mining case of Standish v. Taylor and the Wigan Coal and Iron Company, Limited, formally brought before the High Court of Justice, but afterwards settled. - Retirement of Major Rowbottom from the Wigan Volunteers, having been connected with the force since its formation in 1859.
May 19.
Death at Southport of Mrs. Winnard, mother of the late Mr. Winnard, Surgeon, of Wigan.
May 21.
Hospital Saturday.
May 23.
Arrival at Liverpool of Mr. T. Knowles, M.P., having had to shorten his tour with the Duke of Sutherland in America owing to ill health.
May 28.
Destruction of Sandbrook Mill, Orrell, by fire. - Review of the Lancashire Hussars, at Southport.
May 29.
Death, at Bilton Grange, Rugby, of Mrs. Lancaster, aged 62, wife of Mr. John Lancaster, formerly Member for Wigan.
June 2.
Institution of the Rev. F. D. Creamer to the Vicarage of Upholland, vacant by the resignation of the Rev. C. Bisset.
June 6.
Wigan Infirmary Gala.
June 10.
Inspection of the 4th Lancashire Rifle Volunteers at their encampment at Blackpool.
June 13.
Institution of the Rev. R. G. Matthew, as Vicar of the New Parish of SS. Michael and All Angels', Wigan.
June 15.
General Holiday.
June 16.
Opening of the Baker Will Suit.
June 17.
Announcement made of the appointment of the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres as Chief Commissioner at the Paris Electrical Exhibition. - Sudden death, at Liverpool, of Mr. Meyrick Bankes, of Winstanley Hall, aged 69.
June 20.
Second performance by the Wigan Lyceum Amateur Dramatic Club.
June 21.
Speech Day at the Wigan Grammar School.
June 22.
Funeral of the late Mr. Meyrick Bankes, at Upholland Church. - Distribution of Prizes at the Wigan High School.
June 24.
The Jury in the Baker Will Case discharged owing to their not being able to agree upon a verdict.
June 25.
Special meeting of the Wigan Town Council; resolution passed as to the purchase of the property for the widening of Wallgate.
June 27.
Institution of the Rev. Harry Mitchell as Vicar of St. John's Church, Pemberton.
July 1.
Death of Mr. Thomas Stone, of Newton Park, aged 64.
July 4.
Welcome Tea Party to the Rev. P. Vancesmith, as pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Hindley.
July 5.
Great Thunderstorm in Wigan and neighbourhood - serious damage to property.
July 6.
Public Meeting in Wigan of the Loyal Orange Institution of England.
July 8.
Retirement of Mr. Superintendent Ludlam of the Wigan County Police Force, owing to the injuries received during the colliers' strike; Mr. Superintendent Weir, of Burnley, succeeding him.
July 11.
Meeting to promote the erection of a Volunteer Drill Hall for Wigan. - Selection of Mr. George Heaton's design, "Vive le Maire," for the new Baths.
July 13.
Mr. J. Hadfield Evans, of Haydock, drowned with two others on the coast of Norway.
July 14.
Induction of the Rev. Enoch Franks as pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Wigan.
July 16.
Ince Flower and Canary Show. - Demonstration by the Conservatives; presentation of addresses of sympathy to Mr. F. S. Powell.
July 20.
Presentation to Major Rowbottom by the past and present Officers of the Wigan Detachment of the 4th L.R.V. - Wigan Quarter Sessions; sentence passed on George Latturner and other officials for robberies from both Railway Companies.
July 23.
Wigan Cricket Club Sixth Athletic Festival.
July 28.
Presentation of an exhaustive Report on the Management of Sewage Farms by the Wigan Sewage Farm Sub-Committee.
July 30.
Wigan Infirmary Flower Show.
Aug. 1.
Infirmary Gala in the Mesnes Park.
Aug. 3.
Quarterly Meeting of the Wigan Town Council; discussion as to the repair of streets, Gas Works extension, and the new Baths.
Aug. 7.
Presentation of an address to the Rev. W. B. O'Donnell, on his leaving St. Mary's Chapel, Wigan.
Aug. 10.
Conference in London of the Central Association for dealing with Distress caused by Mining Accidents.
Aug. 13.
Public Meeting at Upholland to promote the restoration of Upholland Church.
Aug. 17.
Death, at Malvern, of the Rev. John Jones Dixon, aged 72, for 36 years Vicar of Abram.
Aug. 19.
Visit of a Local Government Board Inspector to Hindley and Blackrod to inquire as to the state of the Parish Churchyards.
Aug. 20.
Motion made in the House of Commons by the Attorney General (Sir Hy. James) that an address be presented to Her Majesty praying for the appointment of a Commission to enquire into the alleged corrupt practices at the last Wigan Election. The motion defeated, the voting being, For a Commission 37; against 43. - Marriage festivities at Wrightington Hall on the return of Major W. Clifton Dicconson and Mrs. Dicconson. - Presentation to the Rev. T. Evans, of Highfield, on his leaving the district.
Aug. 24.
Local Government Board Inquiry at Golborne. - Suicide at Hampstead-road, London, of Philip Hoyall, artist, for several years resident in Wigan.
Aug. 25.
Important discussion in the House of Commons as to the vacancy in the representation of Wigan; a writ moved for but opposed by the Attorney-General, the motion being afterwards withdrawn. - Wigan County Brewster Sessions.
Aug. 26.
Publication of the will of the late Mr. Meyrick Bankes.
Aug. 27.
Suicide of Everard Wenzel, pork butcher, Darlington-street, by cutting his throat with a razor. - Meeting in Wigan of the District Lodge of the South-west Lancashire Good Templars.
Aug. 31.
Wigan Borough Annual Licensing Sessions.
Sept. 3.
Laying the memorial stones of a new Wesleyan School at Hindley.
Sept. 6.
Opening of the new Independent Methodist Chapel in Greenough-street. - Demonstration at Golborne to celebrate the formation of a Liberal Club for that township.
Sept. 8.
Death, at Birkett Bank, Wigan, of Mr. William Melling, J.P., aged 72.
Sept. 12.
Verdict of manslaughter returned by the coroner's jury against Elizabeth O'Donnell for the death of her child; the woman afterwards acquitted at the Liverpool Assizes. - Opening of the Independent Methodist School, Greenough-street.
Sept. 14.
Presentation of a special report by the medical officer (Mr. W. C. Barnish) on the prevalence of typhoid fever in Wigan.
Sept. 19.
Death of President Garfield.
Sept. 20.
Borough Revision. - Opening of the 24th Session of the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School.
Sept. 24.
Resolution to apply for an advance in wages, adopted at a meeting in Wigan of Miners' Delegates. - Band of Hope Festival in Wigan.
Sept. 29.
Annual meeting in connection with the Hospital Saturday and Sunday Movement.
Sept. 30.
Serious explosion at the Park-lane Collieries of the Garswood Coal and Iron Company; two men killed.
Oct. 1.
Wesleyan Bazaar at Aspull.
Oct. 6.
Wigan County Revision.
Oct. 8.
Presentation to Mr. Councillor W. J. Lamb, the retiring Mayor, of a memorial from the Town Council and Borough Bench asking him to fill the office for another year. Mr. Lamb, however, declined the honour. - Presentation of an address from his congregation to the Rev. R. Walmesley, of St. Elizabeth's, Aspull.
Oct. 10.
Extension for a month of the notice given by the miners for an advance in wages.
Oct. 14.
Extraordinary storm; great damage to property in Wigan and district.
Oct. 19.
First visitation of the Bishop of Liverpool to Wigan; address to his clergy in the Parish Church.
Oct. 22.
A contest avoided for the election of Councillors; five Conservatives and five Liberals returned in place of six Liberals and four Conservatives.
Oct. 25.
Bazaar in aid of the Bridge Croft Congregational Church, Hindley.
Oct. 26.
Local Government Board Inquiry at Hindley.
Oct. 27.
Laying the foundation stone of Public Baths for Wigan by the Mayor (Mr. W. J. Lamb). A cheque for £1,000 handed over to the town by Mr. John Knowles on behalf of his father, Mr. T. Knowles, M.P., who was unable to be present. Luncheon with the Corporation and friends by the Mayor.
Oct. 30.
Serious fire at Orrell Hall Farm.
Oct. 31.
Special Town Council Meeting; discussion as to the alteration of the fair days, the storage of the patent journals, and the repair of Scholes.
Nov. 1.
Partial stoppage of work by the miners in the Wigan district. - Death of Mr. Alexander Macdonald, M.P. for Stafford, and President of the Miners' National Union.
Nov. 3.
First public trial of Mr. Wilkinson's new steam engine on the Wigan Tramways.
Nov. 4.
Distribution of Prizes at the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School by the Countess of Crawford. - Resolution granting an advance of 10 per cent. in wages passed at a meeting of West Lancashire Colliery Proprietors at Liverpool.
Nov. 7.
First performance of "Samson" by the Trinity College Local Choir.
Nov. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Town Council; Election of Mr. Alderman Hopwood, Mayor of the Borough for the ensuing year.
Nov. 10.
Wigan Borough Sessions; 20 prisoners.
Nov. 16.
Visit of the Mining School Students to the Garswood Collieries.
Nov. 17.
Excursion of the Members of the Manchester Geological Society to the West Lancashire Coalfield.
Nov. 19.
Laying Memorial Stone by Mr. R. Pennington, J.P., of a new Day and Sunday School in connection with St. Paul's Independent Chapel, Hindley. - Opening of Conservative Clubs at Golborne and Newton by Sir R. A. Cross. - Wrestling Match between Acton and Smith for £200 and the Championship.
Nov. 21.
Presentation to the Very Rev. Thomas Margison, O.S.B., at Wrightington, in honour of having reached the Golden Jubilee of his religious profession.
Nov. 22.
The Disputed Will of the late Mr. Wm. Baker proved, by consent, in the Probate Court.
Nov. 26.
Address by Mr. W. Pickard at Hindley Common on "Accidents in Mines". - Liberal Demonstration at Golborne.
Nov. 28.
Presentation to the Rev. J. Price, on his severing his connection with Whelley Mission Church.
Dec. 1.
Two men killed by a fall of roof at Scot Lane Collieries, Aspull. - Discovery of the robbery of the body of the late Earl of Crawford and Balcarres from the family Mausolwum, at Dun Echt; the outrage supposed to have been perpetrated sometime during the summer months.
Dec. 6.
Mrs. Holcroft, wife of Mr. T. Holcroft, Clogger, Wigan, killed on the railway at St. Helens. - Mr. A. P. Widdows, cotton spinner, found on the railway at Adlington fatally injured.
Dec. 7.
Special Town Council Meeting: Presentation of a report by Mr. W. B. Johnson, one of the burgess auditors, on members of the Council trading with the Corporation.
Dec. 8.
United Kingdom Alliance Meeting in Wigan.
Dec. 9.
Presentation of the Silver Trowel and Mallet to Mr. T. Knowles, M.P., Commemorative of the laying of the Foundation Stone at the Public Baths.
Dec. 12.
Election of Mr. T. Burt, M.P., at a Conference at Birmingham, President of the Miners' National Union, as successor to the late Mr. A. Macdonald, M.P.
Dec. 13.
Local Government Inquiry as to the application by the Corporation for power to borrow £15,000 for extension of the Gasworks.
Dec. 14.
Ordination of the Rev. A. Duffill as pastor of St. Paul's Independent Chapel, Hindley. - Liberal Demonstration at Pemberton.
Dec. 15.
Presentation to the Rev. J. Fallon, late curate of St. James's Church, Wigan.
Dec. 16.
Resolution passed at a Public Meeting to form a Charity Organisation Society for Wigan.
Dec. 19.
Terrible Colliery Explosion at the Arley Pit, Abram, belonging to the Abram Coal Company. Loss of nearly 50 lives, including Mr. J. R. Cronshaw, son of the Rev. J. Cronshaw, (underlooker at the Colliery).

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