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Local Chronology, 1879-80.


Dec. 25.
Presentation of silver breakfast and tea services to Mr. Alfred Hewlett, at his residence, Haseley Manor, Warwickshire, from the officials of the Wigan Coal and Iron Company, Limited.
Dec. 26.
Performance of the Messiah by the Wigan Trinity College Choir.
Dec. 27.
Consecration of Atherton Parish Church.
Dec. 28.
Death, at Thornhill, of Mrs. Snape, widow of the late Rev. Charles J. Snape, formerly incument at Blackrod.
Dec. 29.
Samuel Ashcroft, an old man, residing at 13, Clayton-street, committed suicide by hanging himself in his own kitchen.
Dec. 30.
Consecration of the Church of England portion of the new Cemetery at Hindley, by Bishop Kelly, vicar of Kirkby; and dedicatory service in the Noncomformist Chapel by the Rev. H. Banks, of St. Paul's Independent Chapel, Hindley.


Jan. 1.
Bazaar at the Wesleyan School, Wigan.
Jan. 2.
Funeral of Mrs. Snape. - Presentation of prizes to Newton Volunteers. - Suicide of Lucy Fortune, wife of Geo. Fortune, 105, Scholes, by taking rat poison.
Jan. 5.
Mrs. Eckersley's annual treat to the workhouse inmates.
Jan. 7.
Celebration by the Wigan Liberal Association of Mr. Gladstone's 70th birthday (the 27th ult.); addresses by Mr. J. Lancaster and Colonel McCorquodale.
Jan. 8.
Lecture by Mr. C. M. Percy on "Winding and Over-winding at Collieries."
Jan. 12.
Conference of Miners at Wigan; the wages question again adjourned.
Jan. 13.
Town's Meeting in Wigan to take steps to raise means for the relief of the Distress in Ireland; a fund opened.
Jan. 15.
Shocking railway collision at Burscough Junction. - Extraordinary riotous proceedings at Orrell; a cottage demolished.
Jan. 17.
Death, at Longhurst, Wigan, of Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson, relict of the late Mr. Charles Jackson, of Leigh.
Jan. 18.
Hospital Sunday.
Jan. 19.
Special Meeting of the Town Council to consider the New Improvement Bill.
Jan. 20.
Volunteer Officers' Ball.
Jan. 21.
Colliery Explosion at Lycett, Staffordshire; 61 lives lost.
Jan. 22.
Liberal Demonstration; reception of Mr. J. Lancaster and Col. McCorquodale as the Liberal Candidates. - Consecration of the Roman Catholic portion of the Hindley Cemetery.
Jan. 26.
Wigan Quarter Sessions; thirteen prisoners. - Christening the New Fire Engine at Hindley. - Joseph Killock, Goods Inspector, killed on the Railway at Hindley Junction.
Jan. 27.
Thomas Ainsworth, a Clerk in the employ of the Wigan Coal and Iron Co., drowned by the breaking of the ice on the Canal at Kirkless.
Jan. 29.
Conference in Manchester of Authorities of Permanent Relief Societies to consider proposed Miners' National Insurance Fund.
Jan. 30.
The Committee's Report presented at Meeting of Board of Guardians with reference to defalcations by the late Assistant Overseer for the Upholland district. - Committal to the Sessions of William and Thomas Darbyshire, Colliers, for riotous conduct at Orrell. - Mass Meeting of Miners in the Public Hall.
Feb. 4.
Quarterly Meeting of the Town Council; discussion as to the constitution of the Gas Visiting Committee. - Special Report of the Inspector of the Local Government Board as to the Sanitary condition of Ince presented at the Monthly Meeting of the Local Board.
Feb. 5.
Strike in the Wigan Building Trade.
Feb. 9.
William Ellison, Head Gamekeeper to Mr. Meyrick Bankes, sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment for unlawfully shooting a poacher. - Opening of St. John the Baptist Schools, New Springs.
Feb. 10.
John Disley, Oil Refiner, sentenced to nine months' imprisonment for making a false declaration of marriage at Wigan. - Twelfth annual Wrightington and Standish Ploughing Match. - Death of Mr. Jno. Cadman, Longshaw House, Billinge, aged 62 years.
Feb. 11.
Termination of the Strike in the Building Trade.
Feb. 12.
Twenty-fourth Annual Makerfield Ploughing Match.
Feb. 13.
Public Meeting in Wigan in favour of Proportional International Disarmament.
Feb. 14.
Hospital Saturday.
Feb. 18.
Rainford Ploughing Match.
Feb. 20.
Strike of Tacklers, &c., employed in Wigan Cotton Mills, and stoppage of work of other Operatives.
Feb. 22.
Capture of "Smashers" at Ince.
Feb. 24.
Presentation of a Special Report by the Medical Officer as to the outbreak of Scarlet Fever in Wigan.
Feb. 25.
Soirée at the Wigan Operative Conservative Association. - Skelmersdale, Dalton, and Upholland Ploughing Match.
Feb. 27.
Death, at Reading, Berkshire, of the Rev. J. Bailey, Senior Curate at the Wigan Parish Church, and formerly Vicar of Abram.
Mar. 1.
Completion of the Sewage Farm at Standish. - Blowing-in of New Furnaces at Kirkless. - Lecture by Mr. C. Bradlaugh in the Public Hall, Wigan.
Mar. 4.
Presentation to Fathers Ryan and McGrath at the Presbytery, St. Patrick's.
Mar. 5.
Resumption of work in the Wigan Cotton Trade.
Mar. 6.
Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 8.
Announcement made by the Government of their intention to dissolve Parliament.
Mar. 9.
Lecture by the Rev. T. F. Fergie on "Health."
Mar. 10.
Opening of the Election Campaign in Wigan.
Mar. 15.
Meeting of Hindley Ratepayers with reference to the Local Board Expenditure.
Mar. 16.
Meeting of Standish Residents to consider Local Topics.
Mar. 17.
Opening of St. Patrick's New Church by the Right Rev. Dr. O'Reilly. - Meeting of Golborne Ratepayers.
Mar. 18.
Great Liberal Demonstration; speeches by Mr. J. Lancaster and Col. McCorquodale.
Mar. 19.
Annual Dinner of the Wigan and Haigh Curling Club.
Mar. 22.
The Right Hon. R. A. Cross and Col. Blackburne at Pemberton and Hindley. - Meeting of Irish Electors in Wigan; speeches of Mr. F. H. O'Donnell and Dr. Cummins.
Mar. 23.
Conservative Demonstration in the Public Hall; reception of Lord Lindsay and Mr. T. Knowles.
Mar. 27.
Open-air Meeting of Liberals in Scholes. - Brass Band Contest at Blackrod.
Mar. 30.
Nomination of Candidates for Wigan. - Conservative Meeting in the Theatre Royal. - Mr. Storey (L) and Col. Stanley (C) at Standish.
Mar. 31.
Liberal Demonstration in the Public Hall. - Mr. Roger Leigh elected one of the members for Rochester.
April 1.
Polling for Wigan; return of the old members, Lord Lindsay and Mr. Knowles. Result: Lindsay, 2,946; Knowles, 2,913; Lancaster, 2,880; McCorquodale, 2,655.
April 2.
Death of Mr. John Harvie, chief agent of the Haydock Collieries, aged 51.
April 5.
Mr. Wm. Rathbone and the Hon. Col. Molyneux at Pemberton, Ince, and Hindley.
April 6.
Polling for South-West Lancashire. Result: Cross (C), 11,420; Blackburne (C), 10,905; Rathbone (L)9,666; Molyneux (L), 9,207.
April 8.
Election of Guardians; contests at Abram and Worthington. - North-West Riding Election; Mr. F. S. Powell one of the defeated candidates.
April 9.
Hearing of a summons against the Surveyor of Abram with reference to Bickershaw Lane.
April 10.
Announcement of the appointment of Mr. John Thompson FitzAdam, Recorder of Wigan, vice Mr. Joseph Catterall, resigned. - North Lancashire Election. - Death of the Rev. E. Lovegrove, M.A., formerly of All Saints', Hindley.
April 11.
The Rev. P. W. Darnton, B.A., formerly of Queen-street Chapel, Chester, commenced his ministry at Hope Chapel, Wigan.
April 14.
Visit of the Wigan Mining School Students to Warrington.
April 18.
Blessing the Foundation Stone of a New Roman Catholic Seminary, near Ashurst Beacon.
April 20.
Erection of a Table in the Wigan Belfry to commemorate the ringing of a first set of Grandsire Triples. - Suicide of a Glazier named Martin Casey, whilst in drink.
April 21.
Annual Meeting of the Subscribers to the Wigan Infirmary.
April 23.
First meeting of the newly-elected Board of Guardians; Mr. C. F. Clark appointed Chairman.
April 26.
Wigan Borough Sessions; fourteen prisoners for trial; Reception of the new Recorder.
April 27.
Bazaar at the New Jerusalem Schools; address by Colonel McCorquodale.
April 28.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Mechanics' Institution. - Presentation by private friends of Mr. Charles Gidlow Jackson, of the Wigan Coal and Iron Co., on his leaving the town.
May 1.
May-Day Festivities at Ince.
May 3.
False Alarm of Fire at the Theatre Royal. - Confirmation at the Parish Church. - Conversion of Ince Working Men's Club into a Liberal Club.
May 5.
Quarterly Meeting of the Toen Council; the financial position of the Corporation.
May 9.
Laying the Memorial Stones of New Wesleyan Day and Sunday Schools at Platt Bridge.
May 12.
Laying the Foundation Stone of the Enlargement of the Mariebonne Schools, Wigan-lane.
May 13.
Bazaar in aid of Hindley Green Church Schools.
May 14.
Important case at the County Police Court as to the adjustment of Colliery Weighing Machines.
May 15.
Special Town Council Meeting for laying a new District Rate.
May 17.
Gala in the Park in aid of the Infirmary. - A Local Board for Abram ordered to be formed. - Opening of a Recreation Ground at Ashton-in-Makerfield.
May 18.
Presentation of Addresses by Wigan Liberals to Mr. Jno. Lancaster and Col. McCorquodale.
May 19.
Death of Mr. James Diggle, of Hindley Green Hall, aged 69. - Recognition Tea Party to the new Pastor of Hope-street Congregational Church. - Sudden death of Christopher Smethurst, Innkeeper, Hall Green.
May 20.
Bazaar in aid of the Methodist Free Church Schools, Hindley Common.
May 25.
Fire at Mrs. Reid's shop, Wallgate.
May 26.
Turning on the Water from the Pemberton Waterworks.
May 31.
Public Meeting to consider proposed Improvements in Wallgate.
June 3.
Speech by Mr. Knowles, M.P., on Employers' Liability Bill.
June 4.
Judgement given in the Court of Appeal in the case of the Liquidator of the Wigan Rolling Mills v. Exors. of Mr. J. Smethurst. - Inspection of the Lancashire Hussars at Southport.
June 5.
Presentation by the Officials at the Wigan Coal and Iron Co. to Mr. C. G. Jackson. - Laying the Memorial Stone of a new Presbyterian Church at Wrightington.
June 11.
Consecration at York of the first Bishop of Liverpool (Canon Ryle). - The Preamble of the Wigan Improvement Bill passed.
June 18.
Hearing of the case in the Probate Court with reference to the Estate of the late Mr. Wm. Baker, of Goose Green.
June 19.
Wigan Cricket Club fifth Athletic Festival.
June 22.
Prize Day at the Wigan Grammar School.
June 23.
Special Town Council Meeting; discussion as to the Wigan Improvement Bill.
June 24.
Inspection of the Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry at Lancaster.
June 25.
Publication of the new Scheme for the Management of the Ashton Charities.
June 27.
Demonstration in Wigan in celebration of the Centenary of Sunday Schools.
June 30.
Conversazione in the Public Hall in connection with the Sunday School Centenary.
July 1.
Opening of the Gasworks Siding. - Enthronement of the Bishop of Liverpool.
July 3.
Volunteer Battalion Day at Worsley; resignation of Colonel Armitage.
July 5.
Maurice Green, a Wolverhampton blacksmith, killed at the Wigan Station of the L. & N.-W. Railway.
July 6.
Mr. T. Knowles, M.P., moved an Amendment in the House of Commons to the Employers' Liability Bill.
July 8.
Death, at Salford, of Elizabeth Davies, from supposed injuries inflicted by her husband, a plumber at Hindley; the man afterwards committed for trial.
July 11.
Resignation of the Rev. R. Lambert, pastor of the Methodist Free Church, King-street.
July 13.
First Abram Local Board Election.
July 14.
Wigan Infirmary Flower Show.
July 15.
Colliery Explosion at Newport, Monmouthshire.
July 17-18.
Sunday School Centenary Celebrations at Hindley. - Ince Flower and Canary Show.
July 20.
Inauguration of a new Liberal Club at Platt Bridge.
July 21.
Wigan Borough Sessions; three prisoners.
July 26.
Opening of the new Presbyterian Church School at Wrightington.
July 28.
Resignation of Capt. Alison, on his appointment Assistant Chief Constable of Lancashire.
July 29.
Opening of the Parish Church and St. Michael's Bazaar by Sir R. A. Cross.
July 31.
Opening of the Wigan Tramways; luncheon at the stables at Pemberton. - Inspection of the Volunteers at Worsley. - Laying of the Memorial Stone of a new Independent Methodist School-Chapel for Ince.
Aug. 2.
Infirmary Gala in the Park.
Aug. 4.
Quarterly Meeting of the Town Council; discussion as to the Wigan Improvement Bill and the doings of the Gas Committee.
Aug. 6.
Deputation of Miners to the Home Secretary.
Aug. 10.
Fatal accident to Mrs. Shortrede, wife of Mr. Thomas Shortrede, of Winstanley.
Aug. 12.
Capt. T. R. Kennion appointed Chief Constable of Wigan.
Aug. 15.
James Caldwell, attendant in the imbecile ward at the Workhouse, seized with a fit whilst having a bath, and afterwards died.
Aug. 16.
Presentation to the Rev. R. Lambert on his leaving the town.
Aug. 21.
Special Town Council Meeting to consider the financial position of the Corporation.
Aug. 23.
Suicide of Mrs. Jane Vernon at Haydock Lodge.
Aug. 25.
Order made for the winding up of the Wigan and District Cooperative Society. - Wigan Borough Licensing Sessions.
Aug. 26.
Wigan County Licensing Sessions.
Aug. 28.
Hindley Athletic Festival.
Sept. 1.
First visit of the Royal Commission on Accidents in Mines to Bryn.
Sept. 4.
Laying the Foundation Stone of a new Independent Methodist School-Chapel at Pemberton.
Sept. 6.
Two boys killed at Brinsop Hall Colliery.
Sept. 8.
Seaham Colliery Explosion.
Sept. 9.
Presentation of Prizes by the Bishop of Liverpool at Upholland Grammar School.
Sept. 11.
Volunteer Pic-nic in Haigh Park; coming of age Festivities.
Sept. 18.
Ashton Recreation Ground Flower Show.
Sept. 19.
Blessing the foundations of St. William's new Roman Catholic Church, Ince.
Sept. 22.
Bazaar at Lathom House.
Sept. 23.
Borough Revision.
Sept. 30.
Strike of Weavers at the Victoria Cotton Mills.
Oct. 2.
Wigan Bicycle Club Annual Races.
Oct. 4.
Sudden death in a railway train of Mr. W. A. Lucas, of Shouthport.
Oct. 6.
Presentation of Prizes at the Wigan Mining and Mechanical School.
Oct. 7.
County Revision.
Oct. 9.
Laying the Memorial Stone of a new Independent Methodist Church, Greenough-street.
Oct. 12.
Confirmation by the Bishop of Liverpool at Haigh. - Lecture by Mr. C. Bradlaugh, M.P., at the Public Hall.
Oct. 13.
Local Government Inquiry at Hindley.
Oct. 15.
Termination of the Weavers' Strike.
Oct. 20.
Uproarious Meeting of Ratepayers at Pemberton to consider the Free Libraries Act.
Oct. 21.
Presentation to Captain Alison, late Chief Constable of Wigan.
Oct. 22.
Conference in Wigan to consider a proposed arrangement under the Employers' Liability Act. - Return of the retiring Councillors unopposed.
Oct. 24.
Richard Bennion, joiner, drowned in the canal at Ince, when returning home from church.
Oct. 25.
Public Meeting to receive the Hospital Sunday and Saturday Accounts. - Adoption of the amalgamation scheme of the Wigan Mechanics' Institution and the Literary and Scientific Society.
Oct. 27.
Faculty granted for alterations in All Saints' Church, Hindley. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Liberal Club.
Oct. 28.
Special Town Council Meeting; discussion as to an extension of the Gasworks. - Destruction by fire of the old Mill of Messrs. James Eckersley and Sons, Limited.
Nov. 1.
Opening of the Park Pavilion.
Nov. 2.
Second visit of the Royal Commission on Accidents in Mines to Bryn.
Nov. 6.
Inuaguration of a series of Saturday evening Entertainments in Wigan. - Liberal Demonstration at Earlestown.
Nov. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Town Council; election of Mr. W. J. Lamb, Mayor; warm discussion as to the Gas Committee.
Nov. 10.
Death of Mrs. Catherine Garathy, Victoria-street, aged 110. - Quarter Sessions; 19 prisoners.
Nov. 17.
Performance of "Judas Maccabæus" by the Trinity College Choir. - Presentation to the Rev. J. Banks at Liverpool.
Nov. 19.
Second Conference as to the proposed arrangement under the Employers' Liability Act.
Nov. 21.
Death of a child at Ince, from alleged violence by its father; prisoner committed for trial.
Nov. 23.
Conference of Miners at Manchester; discussions as to the Employer's Liability Act.
Nov. 25.
First Meeting of the Committee as to proposed Baths and Wash-houses for Wigan.
Nov. 29.
Meeting of Miners in the Public Hall.
Dec. 1.
Discussion at the Ashton Local Board as to the assessment of colliery property.
Dec. 2.
Meeting of the United Kingom Alliance in Wigan.
Dec. 4.
Hearing of a Petition for winding up of the Ince Hall Rolling Mills.
Dec. 8.
Lecture in Wigan by Mr. E. Ashmead Bartlett, M.P. - Death of Mr. Anthony Eccles, of Walthew House, aged 65.
Dec. 9.
Address in the Public Hall by the Bishop of Liverpool on the spiritual requirements of the Diocese.
Dec. 10.
Meeting of Colliery Proprietors; application for an advance by the men refused. - Penny raig Colliery Explosion.
Dec. 12.
Meeting of Railway Servants in Wigan on the Employers' Liability Act.
Dec. 13.
Death at the Villa Palmieri, Florence, of the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, aged 68 years.
Dec. 17.
Selection of Mr. John Lancaster (L) and Mr. F. S. Powell (C) as the candidates to contest the vacancy in the representation of the borough caused by the elevation of Lord Lindsay to the peerage.
Dec. 20.
Conference of Miners' Delegates in Wigan; resolution passed to give notices for an advance in wages.
Dec. 21.
Miners' Conference in Manchester. - Meeting of Irishmen in Wigan; addresses by Mr. T. P. O'Connor, M.P.m and Dr. Cummins, M.P.

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