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Wigan Cemetery (at Lower Ince) Records Index

Many thanks to the Friends of Wigan Heritage Service, in particular Freda Chorlton for her hard work in producing this index.

Index covers 3rd Sept 1856 to 30th Nov 2007

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Plot: E 504
Religion: C of E
2 records found.
Surname Forename Age Place of Death Date Year Notes Grave Cremation Religion

* against grave number denotes unrelated burials, ie. Public grave, not all public graves are marked.


Bibby James 65 yrs 6 Coal Yd. Warrington Ln. 13-Feb 1861 E 504 * C of E


Winstanley Andrew 8 mo 3 Farrimond's Yd. Schofield Ln. 12-Feb 1861 E 504 * C of E