A to Z Quiz

A to Z quiz of Wigan, answer to question A begins with A, answer to B begins with B and so on....

Some questions are easy, some are near impossible!

The winner of this quiz was James Foster, well done.

A.  Wigan is twinned with which French town?

B.  Name the pub in Clayton Street that was demolished in 1984.

C.  What was the Roman name for Wigan?

D.  Uncle Joe's factory is in which street?

E.  What was the name of Uncle Joe's shop in Crompton Street?

F.  Name Aspull's famous post.

G.  What is the surname of the Wiganer known as the 'Human Mole'?

H.  Charnley Arms is on the site of which former Standish nightclub?

I.  What is the surname of the famous Wigan artist?

J.  Name UK's largest sports retailer, based in Wigan.

K.  What is the surname of the Wigan-born comedy actor who died in 1988 whilst filming in Spain?

L.  Name the driver of the locomotive that disappeared down a shaft at Bickershaw Colliery in April, 1945.

M.  What was Wigan's first town hall called?

N.  Name the Wigan company that makes buses.

O.  What is the name of Wigan's museum of memories?

P.  Name the family-run furniture shop in Millgate that has recently closed.

Q.  Name Wigan town centre's 88 bedroomed hotel.

R.  1950s Hindley had 3 picture houses, The Palace, The Vic and The ......

S.  What species of bird is featured on Wigan's borough crest?

T.  The monument on Wigan Lane is in memory of whom?

U.  Which Wigan street has the most guest houses?

V.  Name the former chart-topping Wigan rock group.

W.  Name the company what was once Wigan's largest engineering business.

X.  What was the name of the proposed £150m ski and leisure complex that was refused planning permission?

Y.  The .......... opened in Wigan in 1922.

Z.  A recent tourist attraction in Haigh Hall, now closed.

A.  Angers

B.  Buck I'th Vine

C.  Coccium

D.  Dorning Street

E.  Emporium

F.  Fingerpost

G.  Green (Norman Green)

H.  Henry Africas

I.  Isherwood

J.  JJBs

K.  Kinnear (Roy Kinnear)

L.  Ludovic

M.  Moot Hall

N.  Northern Counties

O.  Opie's Museum of Memories

P.  Penningtons

Q.  Quality Hotel

R.  Rex

S.  Sparrow Hawk

T.  Thomas Tyldesley (Sir)

U.  Upper Dicconson St

V.  Verve

W.  Walker Bros.

X.  Xanadu


Z.  Zoo

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