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Started by: WiganHistoryPod (3)

Hi everyone,

I'm Tom. I decided that I'd start a podcast which told the story of Wigan history, while on lockdown.

I ingeniously called it the Wigan History Podcast. I thought others might enjoy it too.

I've now released the teaser and an episode about prehistoric Wigan.

If you would like to listen you can check it out. Wigan History Podcast

You can also search for "Wigan History Podcast" on your podcast app of choice.

Let me know your thoughts!

Started: 24th May 2020 at 21:24

Posted by: Pewfall (185) 

What is a podcast Tom? Anyroad I clicked on your link, clicked a second time, then got a screen telling me to (support you) give you money suggesting £5. nice try but politely ehm No ta.

Replied: 24th May 2020 at 23:35

Posted by: WiganHistoryPod (3)

Hi Pewfall,

A podcast is a form of on-demand audio you can listen to on most devices.

If you click on my website you'll see a large white player (on mobile it's right down the bottom).

Click the big play button and my podcast will start playing.

Haha, donations are voluntary for those who enjoy the podcast. There are some small running cost involved in podcasting. I'm not trying to steal your money. Promise!

Replied: 25th May 2020 at 09:00

Posted by: tonker (23935) 

Nobody’s going to give £5 to listen to nothing but repeated, copied, made-up bullshit about Wigan, that isn’t about Wigan, when they can watch a multitude of films, all repeating the very same, copied, made-up bullshit, about Wigan, for nothing. On saying that, it might have been fair to have listened to the claimed ‘history’ before passing judgement. But I simply couldn’t be bothered. And there’s too many distractions.

Replied: 25th May 2020 at 12:07

Posted by: firefox (3239)

Replied: 25th May 2020 at 12:23

Posted by: WiganHistoryPod (3)

Hi Tonker,

To be clear, the podcast is completely free to listen to. The donations are voluntary.

I'm also not claiming to be breaking ground on Wigan History here, I merely want to tell the story on a different medium.

I hope none of it is "made up", I'm working with both the Museum of Wigan Life and the Wigan Archaeological Society who are fact checking all the historical research. (As I mention in the trailer, I'm not a historian, I just enjoy history)

Thought it might be nice for some people during lockdown, that's all.

But thanks for your feedback, I might have to rearrange the website as it might be misleading regarding the donations.

Replied: 25th May 2020 at 14:27

Posted by: tonker (23935) 

You're are welcome, WiganHistoryPod Mon!

Here's a word of advice - don't believe ANYTHING either the Museum of Wigan Life or the Wigan Archaeological Society tell you. Most of what they claim is rubbish, and I've told them so!

Kindly pass on my regards to the Museum of Wigan Life and tell them they can't have my Peter Kane fight programs, regardless of what they want to give me for them!

Also, tell the Wigan Archaeological Society that they don't know their arse from their elbow when it comes to archaeology. "maybe we don't know as much as we'd like to, but it's nice to speculate" is a pathetic statement when they are publishing stuff which is wrong and the public believes it. They are an amateur set-up, trying to be clever.

On a final note, don't get the wrong impression of me.
Wigan is an ancient town, with loads of history. Why, then, do people have to recite history about other towns, whose only link to Wigan is the Local Government Act 1972?

Replied: 25th May 2020 at 19:23

Posted by: blackrodweaver (623) 

I had a listen Tom well narrated .Will keep on listening.

Replied: 25th May 2020 at 20:25

Posted by: priscus (inactive)

You have got a strange way of pronouncing 'Wiend'. Are you not from these parts?

Replied: 25th May 2020 at 21:52

Posted by: tonker (23935) 

"Wined"? "Winn - Stanley"?

Hahahaaaha! I took the time to listen, over a cup of tea and a toast butty and, d'you know what?, I think this "I'm Tom" bloke doesn't even know where Wigan is, never mind tell us anything to do with it's pre-historic history(?)

'Wigan'? .... it doesn't even come into it. He talks about Newton le Willows, Bolton, Chorley, Tyldesley and, just as I suggested earlier, is only interested in Wigan Council.
Most of what "I'm Tom" says there is read, directly, from Wigan Archaeological Society's website. Word for bloody word. And it's WRONG!

This thread is a fake, a fraud, and should be removed. £5 contribution my backside!

Put this photo of a couple of Pre-Historic Wiganers in your Museum of Wigan Life, 'I'm Tom'!

Replied: 26th May 2020 at 11:48
Last edited by tonker: 26th May 2020 at 13:54:26

Posted by: tony j (771) 

here we go again, he's back " the font of all knowledge" have you found a cure for covid 19 yet ??

Replied: 26th May 2020 at 14:06

Posted by: firefox (3239)

He has, I imbibed some and and cured now. CURED!

Replied: 26th May 2020 at 14:36

Posted by: tonker (23935) 

I disagree!

Replied: 29th May 2020 at 00:16

Posted by: basil brush (16868)

whp, just ignore him.

@tony j

Replied: 1st Jun 2020 at 13:20

Posted by: tony j (771) 


Replied: 1st Jun 2020 at 14:37


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