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Handbags   (The sad, the bad and the ugly. Non-productive stuff here.)

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How strange
Make a thread and the last one on the list disappears. to page 2 but no pages after that....
First Mate 9 301 27th Nov 2023, 18:55
ena malcup
The Turnip Prize 2022
Time to put our thinking caps on - the 2022 competition will open for entries in a few wee...
jo anne 16 584 25th Nov 2023, 22:32
jo anne
For members who like steam locomotives
Some good photographs [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZCADI77g2I]here. The era wh...
ena malcup 14 808 30th Oct 2023, 22:51
ena malcup
https://i.imgur.com/13WRd4O.jpg] Test
gaffer - 117 1st Oct 2023, 12:49
Now that's a word I've not heard for ages. I shall add to my save the English language lis...
i-spy 29 2,205 28th Sep 2023, 17:06
one of my socks has gone missing...
where do they go to. Is there a sock world out there.
i-spy 74 2,748 29th Aug 2023, 08:37
home made porn
Time and time again we read about people whether rich and famous or ordinary folk who make...
PeterP 2 401 30th Jul 2023, 07:58
Wherefore art thou....help! gotta prob...
©art© 11 2,327 10th Jun 2023, 16:27
ena malcup
Alexa seems to think she is being spoken to: 1 Repeatedly last night when I watched a...
ena malcup 7 1,400 28th May 2023, 17:17
I frequently use one of [url=https://www.gas-tool.com/upload/2018-11/01/ButaneBlowTorchFac...
ena malcup 15 634 15th May 2023, 20:28
laptop screen
Is it me or are laptops getting more and more adverts thus cutting the screen size down. M...
PeterP 11 412 5th May 2023, 13:02
Auto stop and start
My car has a automatic gearbox with auto stop and start The gear shift is P -park R-re...
PeterP 21 879 14th Apr 2023, 20:50
Free Videos
cindy 5 370 22nd Mar 2023, 14:28
Just wondring
I was just wondering about this. [url=https://www.wiganworld.co.uk/communicate/mb_messa...
First Mate 9 1,540 21st Jan 2023, 20:28
How places have not changed for the better
I must have been bored and looked on some of the comments I had posted from our visits to...
PeterP - 301 20th Jan 2023, 08:40
Harry's New T-Shirt ......
Transferred to General.
tonker - 319 13th Jan 2023, 18:27
Internet Searches
How to use search like a pro: 10 tips & tricks for Google & beyond - [url=http://www.thegu...
jo anne 11 1,505 6th Jan 2023, 17:41
ena malcup
I have had computers for many years but the truth is I only know the basics. I have always...
PeterP 14 1,280 4th Jan 2023, 16:20
Name changes
Over the last few years names though spelt the same have been pronounced different. We st...
PeterP 3 316 4th Jan 2023, 14:28
ena malcup
Full Rainbow
At midnight tonight, Gyles Brandreth is launching a new word puzzle website: [url=https:/...
jo anne 4 716 26th Dec 2022, 20:55
jo anne
Eggs-cuse me
But does anybody know why large eggs are so small these days. Medium are plentiful but lo...
i-spy 31 1,675 15th Dec 2022, 15:09
jo anne
Unfamiliar bird
Saw a bird today high up in a tree singing its head off.It was larger than a blackbird or ...
retep1949 6 456 7th Dec 2022, 17:03
Remember free air to blow up your tyres?
it used to be part of the service at petrol stations. today it cost me 50p (ten bob!!!) an...
i-spy 18 1,325 1st Dec 2022, 19:29
mollie m
Ready meals
How come when they are not ready to eat when you are ready to eat them. Lady next door had...
i-spy 10 590 30th Nov 2022, 13:09
ena malcup
A shocking fact about socks … [url=https://twitter.com/qikipedia/status/1595009200652...
jo anne 2 264 23rd Nov 2022, 08:54
jo anne
tree huggin'
do you ever hug trees ? here's a unhugged tree https://i.imgur.com/80Y8Cu4.jpg]
Arfur petesake 93 2,903 19th Nov 2022, 05:57
Spelling by TTS,
TTS, i know you are no mug & i like to read your post but one thing gets up my nose, why d...
bentlegs 19 1,065 22nd Oct 2022, 10:55
Edinburgh Fringe 2022
Dave's Funniest Joke Of The Fringe 2022 winner is Masai Graham. I tried to steal spaghe...
jo anne 13 780 16th Oct 2022, 10:30
ena malcup
International phonetic alphabet
Sometimes, customer service departments and suchlike are, shall we say, less than helpful....
ena malcup 9 585 16th Oct 2022, 10:10
ena malcup
"I've got an idea..."
ena malcup - 284 13th Oct 2022, 14:13
ena malcup
last regular service steam train in Europe
ena malcup 4 552 18th Aug 2022, 21:13
ena malcup
For years I have passed comments on the PAD and album pages but it only now I think to mys...
PeterP 15 2,043 27th Mar 2022, 11:33
For anyone who hasn’t yet tried it, Wordle is a great word game a bit like the Mastermin...
jo anne 15 1,556 25th Mar 2022, 19:58
Tommy Two Stroke
Houses at school
We were talking about when we went to senior school and were put into groups (houses) and ...
PeterP 28 2,521 6th Mar 2022, 14:12
Christmas/New Year
Well Christmas as been and gone and I hope every one made the most of it. We had a very qu...
PeterP 1 648 27th Dec 2021, 18:45
The Turnip Prize 2021
Guess the titles of this year’s four finalists … https://i.servimg.com/u/f50/19/24...
jo anne 2 737 1st Dec 2021, 20:11
jo anne
Homes under the hammer
During this Lock-down Watching more TV, I Have noticed that there seems to be a slightly l...
cindy 12 1,328 1st Dec 2021, 15:02