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Handbags   (The sad, the bad and the ugly. Non-productive stuff here.)

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gaffer 4 688 19th Jun 2024, 21:39
mollie m
single yellow line with kerb markings ,bryn st
can you park on any single yellow lines with kerb markings on them if you have a blue badg...
whups 3 339 7th Apr 2024, 23:46
one of my socks has gone missing...
where do they go to. Is there a sock world out there.
i-spy 77 3,052 1st Jan 2024, 15:53
ena malcup
For members who like steam locomotives
Some good photographs [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZCADI77g2I]here. The era wh...
ena malcup 20 1,420 26th Dec 2023, 21:28
ena malcup
Now that's a word I've not heard for ages. I shall add to my save the English language lis...
i-spy 30 2,474 12th Dec 2023, 11:57
How strange
Make a thread and the last one on the list disappears. to page 2 but no pages after that....
First Mate 13 476 5th Dec 2023, 20:37
ena malcup
The Turnip Prize 2022
Time to put our thinking caps on - the 2022 competition will open for entries in a few wee...
jo anne 18 767 5th Dec 2023, 19:34
jo anne
https://i.imgur.com/13WRd4O.jpg] Test
gaffer - 286 1st Oct 2023, 12:49
home made porn
Time and time again we read about people whether rich and famous or ordinary folk who make...
PeterP 2 568 30th Jul 2023, 07:58
Wherefore art thou....help! gotta prob...
©art© 11 2,551 10th Jun 2023, 16:27
ena malcup
Alexa seems to think she is being spoken to: 1 Repeatedly last night when I watched a...
ena malcup 7 1,570 28th May 2023, 17:17
I frequently use one of [url=https://www.gas-tool.com/upload/2018-11/01/ButaneBlowTorchFac...
ena malcup 15 763 15th May 2023, 20:28
laptop screen
Is it me or are laptops getting more and more adverts thus cutting the screen size down. M...
PeterP 11 539 5th May 2023, 13:02
Auto stop and start
My car has a automatic gearbox with auto stop and start The gear shift is P -park R-re...
PeterP 21 1,006 14th Apr 2023, 20:50
Free Videos
cindy 5 469 22nd Mar 2023, 14:28
Just wondring
I was just wondering about this. [url=https://www.wiganworld.co.uk/communicate/mb_messa...
First Mate 9 1,658 21st Jan 2023, 20:28
How places have not changed for the better
I must have been bored and looked on some of the comments I had posted from our visits to...
PeterP - 393 20th Jan 2023, 08:40
Harry's New T-Shirt ......
Transferred to General.
tonker - 435 13th Jan 2023, 18:27
Internet Searches
How to use search like a pro: 10 tips & tricks for Google & beyond - [url=http://www.thegu...
jo anne 11 1,672 6th Jan 2023, 17:41
ena malcup
I have had computers for many years but the truth is I only know the basics. I have always...
PeterP 14 1,454 4th Jan 2023, 16:20
Name changes
Over the last few years names though spelt the same have been pronounced different. We st...
PeterP 3 400 4th Jan 2023, 14:28
ena malcup
Full Rainbow
At midnight tonight, Gyles Brandreth is launching a new word puzzle website: [url=https:/...
jo anne 4 983 26th Dec 2022, 20:55
jo anne
Eggs-cuse me
But does anybody know why large eggs are so small these days. Medium are plentiful but lo...
i-spy 31 1,845 15th Dec 2022, 15:09
jo anne
Unfamiliar bird
Saw a bird today high up in a tree singing its head off.It was larger than a blackbird or ...
retep1949 6 552 7th Dec 2022, 17:03
Remember free air to blow up your tyres?
it used to be part of the service at petrol stations. today it cost me 50p (ten bob!!!) an...
i-spy 18 1,434 1st Dec 2022, 19:29
mollie m
Ready meals
How come when they are not ready to eat when you are ready to eat them. Lady next door had...
i-spy 10 700 30th Nov 2022, 13:09
ena malcup
A shocking fact about socks … [url=https://twitter.com/qikipedia/status/1595009200652...
jo anne 2 360 23rd Nov 2022, 08:54
jo anne
tree huggin'
do you ever hug trees ? here's a unhugged tree https://i.imgur.com/80Y8Cu4.jpg]
Arfur petesake 93 3,187 19th Nov 2022, 05:57
Spelling by TTS,
TTS, i know you are no mug & i like to read your post but one thing gets up my nose, why d...
bentlegs 19 1,155 22nd Oct 2022, 10:55
Edinburgh Fringe 2022
Dave's Funniest Joke Of The Fringe 2022 winner is Masai Graham. I tried to steal spaghe...
jo anne 13 852 16th Oct 2022, 10:30
ena malcup
International phonetic alphabet
Sometimes, customer service departments and suchlike are, shall we say, less than helpful....
ena malcup 9 660 16th Oct 2022, 10:10
ena malcup
"I've got an idea..."
ena malcup - 354 13th Oct 2022, 14:13
ena malcup
last regular service steam train in Europe
ena malcup 4 634 18th Aug 2022, 21:13
ena malcup