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Don't forget the basic rules you all agreed to when signing up to use the boards: * Do ...
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Job Vacancies
Please add other local vacancies. Useful Links: Find a job - [url=https://findajob.d...
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Safely home? What happens when people leave hosp
Have you or someone you know been discharged from any hospital in the last 12 months? W...
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Philip Gormley
I have just had a phone call from Philip's brother. With a very heavy heart I have to info...
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Spitting Image trailer
gaffer 7 78 23rd Sep 2020, 23:36
I know we all have to wear face masks, but I feel sorry for retail workers who have to wea...
henry7 34 446 23rd Sep 2020, 23:07
Danish Bacon
Does anyone know what happened to it, I've never seen it for ages, Is it a Brexit thing ?
Arfur petesake 2 38 23rd Sep 2020, 22:41
Arfur petesake
The PM
Go on line to the Daily Mail and watch Matt Lucas impersonating a bumbling Prime Minister....
linma 11 193 23rd Sep 2020, 22:28
Tommy Two Stroke
Hello friends
Its good to be back in blighty, I'm doing my 14 day isolation and I'm wearing a mask and ...
Arfur petesake 3 80 23rd Sep 2020, 22:22
Tommy Two Stroke
LOCKDOWN !!!!!!!!!
Coming soon, to a street near YOO ...........................................................
Tommy Two Stroke 17 475 23rd Sep 2020, 17:53
Orrell to Pemberton
People used to say this was a rat run that Pem burglars and car thieves used to escape fro...
FAT MICK 13 403 23rd Sep 2020, 17:43
Billinge Biker
infections rising and no wonder
Me and Mrs plum had a evening ride to Southport, just to have a walk in some sea air yes...
tomplum 42 1,084 23rd Sep 2020, 17:02
Wigan Council has been awarded £250k
to help Wigan's homeless rebuild their lives [url=
basil brush - 73 23rd Sep 2020, 12:13
basil brush
Volantary work
Being done at Holy Trinity Church at Downall Green, I've put on before about Kevin Duffy's...
dougie 65 1,363 23rd Sep 2020, 11:54
Can anyone explain when is Britain going to stop all these bloomin boats crossing the chan...
GOLDEN BEAR 34 894 23rd Sep 2020, 10:53
"The BBC is today facing a backlash after announcing it has axed Sue Barker, Matt Dawson a...
Tommy Two Stroke 24 992 23rd Sep 2020, 06:24
Vertically Challenged with an Itch
A midget woman goes to the doctors and says "Doctor I've got an itchy f**ny." He lifts u...
steff63 45 1,233 23rd Sep 2020, 05:49
Dirty Money - The FinCEN Files
Remember this topic, which contained a video, and to which none of you commented on [url=h...
Tommy Two Stroke 22 364 22nd Sep 2020, 11:18
Tommy Two Stroke
Young George Floyd
on Judge Judy [url=
FAT MICK 3 201 22nd Sep 2020, 05:47
biking today in Wigan,
Doing my Thursday chores today and banking was one of them, So I set off on my trusty stee...
tomplum 27 595 21st Sep 2020, 21:46
The most amazing full English
[url=]Coming soon, for £19.00 ("I saw ...
firefox 79 1,088 21st Sep 2020, 21:06
basil brush
Keeping in Touch
From Age UK Wigan Borough’s latest newsletter - [url=
jo anne 3 161 21st Sep 2020, 17:24
Orrells New Footbridge
[url= ]Link
FAT MICK 2 177 20th Sep 2020, 14:25
basil brush
Your ZAKAT in the name of Allah. New Mercedes are needed don't delay.
TerryW 119 1,206 20th Sep 2020, 12:28
Sniper in the brain .....
.... [url=""]regurgitating drain!
tonker 6 219 20th Sep 2020, 12:25
0 years
I have just had a real "Treat" in watching the very first episode of Ratched on Netflix. ...
Tommy Two Stroke 12 260 20th Sep 2020, 12:06
Tommy Two Stroke
Fairport Convention
Original members of the Fairport look back over the bands 50 years. Sounds like a good wat...
TerryW 24 204 20th Sep 2020, 10:01
Fly Tippers
at it again, this roll of carpet was tipped under Scot Lane bridge about 100 yards from Be...
FAT MICK 5 259 20th Sep 2020, 08:36
Coronavirus germs ....
.... are only active between the [url=""]hou...
tonker 3 180 19th Sep 2020, 21:28
Head and heart
Oops, wrong thread.
0 years - 65 19th Sep 2020, 15:53
0 years
The Poets Thread...
CLAIR de LUNE There she goes, following me again... Across the cropped corn and ...
jarvo 287 7,407 19th Sep 2020, 14:17
80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain
No comments.
TerryW 58 641 18th Sep 2020, 22:32
Peter P
Just got your message off my answering machine, Sorry its not monitored so good these days...
tomplum - 81 18th Sep 2020, 21:27
Marriage act 1929
The age of marriage act 1929 increased the age of marriage to 16 yrs Pre 1929 - At common ...
jacks - 89 18th Sep 2020, 20:51
Any plumbers able to install a washing machine.
annefair 4 236 18th Sep 2020, 18:19
just a gripe
Does anyone else get annoyed by sheets being hung on bridges with birthday messages? i wou...
kathpressey 23 525 18th Sep 2020, 16:02
Wigan Local History & Heritage Society
Zoom presentation on Mon 14th Sep at 7pm: The ‘Walking Horse’ and Early Railways in...
jo anne 1 152 18th Sep 2020, 13:52
jo anne
Rule of Six
Is it a big deal to stick to the Rule of Six?
Axcroft 50 874 18th Sep 2020, 06:19
Covid Test Station WIGAN
The address is given as Chapel Lane. Access is gained by going to the junction of Darling...
Jim Latham 4 153 17th Sep 2020, 20:30
Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside - [url=
jo anne 1 66 17th Sep 2020, 20:25
Major incident declared in Greater Manchester
A major incident has been declared by authorities in Greater Manchester following rises in...
Tommy Two Stroke 23 957 17th Sep 2020, 17:24
Tommy Two Stroke
Covid Test Station WIGAN
The address is given as Chapel Lane. Access is gained by going to the junction of Darling...
Jim Latham 2 113 17th Sep 2020, 16:00
Covid In Schools
Kids are being sent home from school with covid now and their school bubble having to self...
TerryW 8 297 17th Sep 2020, 10:53
basil brush
Would you bubble
on your neighbours [url=
basil brush 10 334 17th Sep 2020, 10:49
basil brush