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Don't forget the basic rules you all agreed to when signing up to use the boards: * Do ...
brian - 17,083 Sticky!
Job Vacancies
Please add other local vacancies. Useful Links: Find a job - [url=https://findajob.d...
jo anne 51 5,907 Sticky!
Safely home? What happens when people leave hosp
Have you or someone you know been discharged from any hospital in the last 12 months? W...
pippa 18 3,582 Sticky!
Unknown Bowling Green
After the success I had in finding the Platt Bridge Church Can anyone identify where this ...
admin 1 157 Sticky!
Autumn statement
Pensioners will be pleased they are getting an 8.5 percent rise next April
First Mate 126 1,739 1st Dec 2023, 13:05
Happy new boots day
Treated myself to a new pair yesterday and . they are great, snug fitting , weather proof,...
tomplum 10 286 1st Dec 2023, 12:52
Doctors letter to the Telegraph.
SIR – The concept of GPs having their own patients (Leading Article, November 30) – ...
gaffer - 43 1st Dec 2023, 10:44
Alistair Darling
The former Labour Chancellor has passed away at the age of seventy. A reminder that we on...
gaffer 3 179 30th Nov 2023, 21:35
Billinge Biker
BBC News Night
Finally it’s been confirmed that Newsnight is getting the snip, losing 10 minutes of ai...
First Mate 11 237 30th Nov 2023, 19:22
peter israel
First Snow
This morning car covered with a light dusting of snow. Nothing serious. Quite used to ...
ena malcup 12 290 30th Nov 2023, 16:02
Tommy Two Stroke
Which were your favourite toys when you were a child? One of mine was the Magic Robot...
mollie m 46 584 30th Nov 2023, 14:21
will this cost me money ?
Today I'm in the back garden and smell smoke, I looked about and saw flames coming from a...
tomplum 8 289 30th Nov 2023, 14:18
Tommy Two Stroke
The Poets Thread...
CLAIR de LUNE There she goes, following me again... Across the cropped corn and ...
jarvo 432 14,800 30th Nov 2023, 11:44
So Sad
R.I.P Alf Barnes boxer, use to do the doors down Wigan, nice chap
basil brush 8 596 29th Nov 2023, 23:05
What makes you lose your temper?
Four me it’s queueing for someone to answer the phone. Today I got to number two in the ...
i-spy 7 216 29th Nov 2023, 20:06
mollie m
go take a last look
at the fiddlers ferry Cooling towers because, Starting at the end of January 2024 they are...
tomplum 13 654 29th Nov 2023, 17:33
Tommy Two Stroke
Elgin Marbles
Should we send them back to Greece? https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/531d5...
First Mate 13 263 29th Nov 2023, 16:35
Sun 26th on Talking Pictures TV at 17:00hrs.Some special film clips of Wigan. The programm...
Jim Latham 10 586 29th Nov 2023, 14:01
Travellers from the Middle East
They came knocking on my door asking. " Hello Inn Keeper, Can we have a room for a month ...
tomplum 10 358 29th Nov 2023, 13:20
Dr Woke
I had been looking forward to watching the first of three Dr Who Specials last Saturday, w...
Tommy Two Stroke 7 257 29th Nov 2023, 13:16
Tommy Two Stroke
Jeremy Clarkson thinks he may have the onset of dementia. I think he is a total pratt and ...
PeterP 2 143 29th Nov 2023, 11:32
First Mate
Is this church still standing and in use? If it isn't? can someone give the location of wh...
admin 13 258 28th Nov 2023, 16:41
Nissan UK and Brexit
From todays Sunday Times. [url=https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/brexit-critic-nissa...
gaffer 19 380 28th Nov 2023, 16:32
ena malcup
Working from home council workers with second jobs
gaffer 4 262 28th Nov 2023, 14:31
Pub crawl
My Wife and I were out last night and decided to have a bit of a walk round some places we...
WN1 Standisher 17 558 28th Nov 2023, 10:12
Sustainable levels
Rushi sunak says today Migration to high we need to get it to sustainable levels ,looks...
surfer_tom 8 189 28th Nov 2023, 01:22
Bully dogs
Petition on line to take off the streets American xl bully dogs after attacks in st hel...
surfer_tom 29 992 27th Nov 2023, 16:11
ena malcup
What was going on?
What was going on in Wigan Park area yesterday. Traffic diversions etc, and lots of folk g...
jacks 4 287 27th Nov 2023, 15:16
Today’s photo is a terrific one, of WW’s Brian himself. I must say he’s changed a lo...
jo anne 3 200 26th Nov 2023, 16:14
jo anne
I would not believe
if not that I had seen it with my own eyes: This morning, I performed a task which I mu...
ena malcup 37 590 26th Nov 2023, 11:54
Tommy Two Stroke
scammers again
To the person who has stolen my Microsoft Office,, I'm coming after you, you have my Word...
tomplum 2 179 26th Nov 2023, 11:41
Tommy Two Stroke
Heart Bleeds [url=https://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2023-11-25/conditions-at-ex-raf-base-...
basil brush 12 346 26th Nov 2023, 07:52
Owd Codger
Anyone like spam?
First Mate 42 661 25th Nov 2023, 18:43
mollie m
Far-right Geert Wilders may follow UK and lead Dutch exit from EU after election win. [ur...
First Mate 26 477 25th Nov 2023, 18:20
Tommy Two Stroke
win a Orange
here is my new modelling project, If you guess what it is, you win an orange https:/...
tomplum 46 754 24th Nov 2023, 15:54
ena malcup
Black friday tomorrow folks
I'm getting a 55 inch Smart TV from Amazon. normal price is £429 The black Friday price i...
tomplum 44 921 24th Nov 2023, 14:33
Tommy Two Stroke
The 'Tickets'
As we used to call them. ie technical qualifications: Yesterday, had Gas engineers w...
ena malcup 7 283 24th Nov 2023, 08:11
covid inquiry
SO after you have been listening to the covid inquiry.... Are you still pro Boris and neg...
peter israel 53 795 23rd Nov 2023, 23:55
It's November
It's November...but Arriva buses are sporting "Happy Christmas" on their route signs !!! A...
Billinge Biker 5 245 22nd Nov 2023, 21:11
mollie m
The Four Seasons
No, not the classical works by Vivaldi, but the four seasons of the year. Which do you ...
mollie m 16 353 22nd Nov 2023, 02:27
mollie m
Message From Spain
Hi Tom I hope everything is ok in Wigan. Please conveyer my sincere apologies for that rem...
tomplum 21 802 21st Nov 2023, 17:35
By which, I am referring to Ricky Gervais's comedy programme of this name. Just watched...
ena malcup 4 185 21st Nov 2023, 13:18
Southern News
Chris Eubank is to write a book on Ethics , If its a success, he has promises to write a b...
tomplum 5 280 21st Nov 2023, 10:02
basil brush