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I am trying to put together a history of the Speedway in Wigan in 1947, 1952 and 1960. Has...
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a tale of two clubs...
one employed and lauded a wife beater whilst one did [url="
laughing gravy 18 202 26th Sep 2020, 13:09
laughing gravy
Well Well Well
So how did trafford get on in the tiny Wigan Little Theatre European Also Rans Trophy toni...
0 years 24 458 26th Sep 2020, 11:37
Assists in Football
A team score 4 for instant. Who gives a toss who has passed the ball to the goalscorer. Wh...
peter g 32 301 26th Sep 2020, 11:34
chatty you win, i'm outta here
i will never post in the sports section again.. 0years sorry but for my own sanity i ha...
laughing gravy 67 1,105 26th Sep 2020, 00:02
Is it not time to stop all this crap about Billy Liar etc. We can’t discuss anything reg...
broady 2 64 25th Sep 2020, 10:50
Rugby League
Well Wigan again going through to the semi's 36 - 4 final whistle just gone
berylh 12 280 24th Sep 2020, 16:22
baker boy
poor premier league
I am sick and fed up of listening to all these football managers and owners complaining be...
GOLDEN BEAR 1 64 23rd Sep 2020, 20:51
Well Well Well
Looks like it will be quiet on here tonight. Taxi for Ole!
0 years 23 315 22nd Sep 2020, 12:38
The biggest bestest club
laughing gravy 1 98 19th Sep 2020, 23:58
Taxi for
Should Pep stay at City until March 2021 he will have been City's longest serving manager/...
0 years 11 176 19th Sep 2020, 23:55
Heart and head
I predict it will be an unpredictable season with City having slipped back last season a...
0 years 1 51 19th Sep 2020, 18:35
Nickin' our players again. Why would Jota want to play reserve footy?
jarvo 1 70 19th Sep 2020, 12:26
peter g
Warriors flood of 'world class' players!
Wigan Warriors Head Coach Adrian Lam has said his side have no excuse for the way they per...
wigvet 10 493 19th Sep 2020, 09:40
Looks like Grealish has snubbed trafford.
Oh, the ignomy!
0 years 24 295 18th Sep 2020, 19:40
I see our bookie pals have the berties at odds on to win the P L this season. Is this a f...
grimshaw 7 89 18th Sep 2020, 16:00
Latest Latics
And now it comes to light from the administrators that our ' new ' owner asked them about ...
WN1 Standisher 5 637 18th Sep 2020, 11:15
Tommy Two Stroke
trafford looking to break the transfer record
again in a hopelesss pursuit of glory, yet the gullable say they dont buy titles..
laughing gravy 13 331 18th Sep 2020, 00:06
The Fall...
Watched it this morning, the epic clash between Mary Decker and Zola Budd. I've got to...
jarvo 5 181 12th Sep 2020, 16:54
Ole's first full season in charge......
What a glorious first full season in charge of Manchester United by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ...
chatty 39 601 7th Sep 2020, 19:16
Ive just read how the berties can get tax dodger lionel to the emptihad. I do hope that f...
grimshaw 29 444 6th Sep 2020, 13:28
Harry Maguire
should trafford get rid now? This sorry episode has brought shame to trafford, the Prem...
0 years 20 444 5th Sep 2020, 15:32
At a time when trafford's captain and his "has been" club are in the headlines across the ...
0 years 56 655 4th Sep 2020, 00:07
chatty lying again
maguires sister was interviewed by police yet never mentioned albanians..tut tut tut billy...
laughing gravy 16 486 3rd Sep 2020, 10:58
Deary me.............
UNITES ARAB EMIRATES2020: The authorities, particularly the State Security Agency (SSA), ...
chatty 14 327 2nd Sep 2020, 17:13
Even Yaya's asking.....
Why's no one phoned Blue Star? [url=
chatty 16 323 23rd Aug 2020, 17:13
Liverpool's record breaking season
So the media would have us believe that this season has been a record breaking one for Liv...
0 years 41 824 21st Aug 2020, 08:27
Well well well...
[url=]Aint that a shame And not a "dodgy decision" in sig...
chatty 35 534 20th Aug 2020, 18:08
up and running
Great to be able to watch some rugby gain. I enjoyed Wigan's game although it got a bit sc...
kathpressey 16 458 17th Aug 2020, 05:34
Well, that didn't go according to plan
It started with Pep selecting an unfamiliar formation (presumably with an eye on the germa...
0 years 11 268 16th Aug 2020, 21:17
0 years
I see a group of Hull players and coaches have tested positive. This will mess up the fixt...
kathpressey 5 234 13th Aug 2020, 09:07
Latics have their relegation confirmed
Sad to see Wigan Athletic fail in their appeal against the 12 point deduction for going in...
builderboy 10 384 12th Aug 2020, 21:25
baker boy
Ridiculous EFL rules?
Talk about "kick a man whilst he is down" ! It seems Latics will not be able to sign playe...
fedup 11 558 5th Aug 2020, 11:03
WN1 Standisher
Well done. Agree with you 100%. Peed off with all this BLM crap. All lives matter.
broady 12 392 4th Aug 2020, 15:05
gone by october
chatty grimshaw have a few sovs on the taxi going for ole before any other manager
laughing gravy 52 1,510 30th Jul 2020, 12:21
PAUL Cook leaving Latics
albion 2 203 29th Jul 2020, 15:25
WN1 Standisher
Toronto 'Fold'
Toronto Wolfpack have withdrawn from the remainder of the 2020 Super League season.
wigvet 11 461 29th Jul 2020, 09:19
Well it's......
[url=]Turned out nice again
chatty 13 395 26th Jul 2020, 18:45
0 years
the big eleven..
another must win game coming up for the "worlds biggest"club or they will be in a relegati...
laughing gravy 14 618 26th Jul 2020, 18:26
Not a good idea
Why on earth are the Premier League presenting the trophy to Liverpool after this evenings...
roylew 13 479 24th Jul 2020, 22:15
He has stopped posting on the sports pages. ( another penalty)
broady 8 320 19th Jul 2020, 21:01
0 years