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People   (Re-unions, trace old friends and relatives.)

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Banks/Bridge family
Trying to make conact with the Susan Bridge that posted Item #: 12361 about her dad - my c...
linacrelad - 2,152 Sticky!
Golborne colliery
Any ex Golborne men about ,pey partridge as posted before ,tuddy did you live in whelley n...
Handsomeminer 765 25,926 30th Nov 2023, 09:26
Whatever happened to...
I attended Wigan Grammar School between 1963 and 1969. Over the last couple of decades I'v...
Bryan Talbot 7 1,111 15th Nov 2023, 22:26
Shevington School and Shevington.
Did anyone go to Shevington Secondary Modern school (now known as Shevington High) in the ...
alan cheetham 81 12,566 8th Nov 2023, 13:02
James 747
Question for Freda Chorlton
Firstly, Thankyou so much for your work indexing the Hindley Cemetery graves. However, ...
Murrayfind1 2 268 31st Oct 2023, 11:09
Wigan wrestling history
I am looking for any information on wrestling in the town, or wrestlers from the town of W...
WiganWrestlingHistory 28 3,637 30th Oct 2023, 16:59
First Mate
Researching family history.
I'm new to this site and can't quite get a handle on how it all works, so thought I would...
bobo199 3 243 11th Oct 2023, 16:02
Some Ryan Family Information Needed
I hope all of you enjoy mysteries and can perhaps help me with any information regarding a...
david dunlop 32 3,805 18th Sep 2023, 01:21
david dunlop
Evans family Hindley Green
My great grandma Annie lived at 2,Green Bank in the 1870s onwards. I am hoping for school ...
646abs.Tony 2 223 17th Sep 2023, 16:35
Bob Cain builder
I’m talking many years ago, But does anyone know what happened to Bob Cain? Used to be ...
kameras 22 5,187 15th Sep 2023, 09:31
john b
Katherine Melling
Sadly my wife's mother past away last month age 73, she lived in Yewdale road on Landgate ...
Mac1964 2 359 25th Aug 2023, 16:07
I have typed message on people site for you both ! G.B.
GOLDEN BEAR - 157 20th Aug 2023, 13:46
John Robert Davies
I am trying to trace any relatives of a JOHN ROBERT DAVIES who lived at a house in No2 QUE...
GOLDEN BEAR 6 329 20th Aug 2023, 13:44
Home made 3 wheel bike
Does anyone remember my great uncle John Woodall, he always rode a home made 3 wheel trike...
JakeDawber23 - 156 17th Aug 2023, 22:34
Mick Kinane
Does anybody remember my great grandfather Mick Kinane? Big fella, tattoo’s, used to d...
JakeDawber23 8 626 13th Aug 2023, 00:20
Cartwright family and Amberswood Common.
Good morning. I'm trying to follow up a lead on my grandmother's side of the family tree ...
KSBev 10 294 8th Aug 2023, 20:06
John Robert Davies
Thank you .
GOLDEN BEAR - 106 7th Aug 2023, 16:33
Saint John Rigby catholic martyr
I am on the search to find about this person called John Rigby. The information I have so ...
Chloebolton22 3 334 30th Jul 2023, 10:29
Bradshaws Girl
Sir Gilbert Mollineux
I’m eager to know more about this person who is a descendant from my nans side of the fa...
Chloebolton22 1 186 28th Jul 2023, 09:02
Town centre
Just wondering what the plans are by the council to cleaning up the buildings on Standishg...
roylew 6 398 27th Jul 2023, 21:30
Old friends
Went to Wigan yesterday and on the way home on the bus got talking to this couple. Talk a...
linma - 386 27th Jul 2023, 21:28
John talbot esquire of salesbury
I’m looking to find out information about John talbot. Hope that someone can find out as...
Chloebolton22 - 139 27th Jul 2023, 20:03
Family History - RONALD CHEETHAM
Firstly, thanks to everyone who has helped in my family tree research so far. I'm now ...
Andy1970 - 176 26th Jul 2023, 15:19
This post should have been in General or Places
roylew - 111 25th Jul 2023, 11:21
1977 to 1979 pontins morcombe
Pontins morcombe. Long shot at finding a long lost first love. Scottish guys were tal...
Jimmymac2 - 267 23rd Jul 2023, 19:06
Matthew Matthew's
I’m trying to find more information on Matthew matthews. So far I have the following inf...
Chloebolton22 5 304 20th Jul 2023, 18:22
trace my grandad
Hello I am tracing my grandad. Name Michael Nyland Born 1895 Died/ date unknown BUT b...
PORTLAND 12 598 18th Jul 2023, 10:31
black bull
is this pub in hardybutts still open,who is running it now and what happened to jimmy the ...
rufustoot 5 2,545 16th Jul 2023, 19:32
Last Thursday i received some very sad news that my last sibling had died in her sleep ,he...
GOLDEN BEAR 7 673 16th Jul 2023, 14:47
Family Tree research: Colin Peet (1942-2012)
Hi. I'm doing some research into my family tree and was wondering if anyone has any inform...
Andy1970 6 308 29th Jun 2023, 08:50
Kate McCartney St James's Poolstock
In St James's church, there is a memorial to Kate McCartney who was head mistress of Pools...
patsharp17 2 307 27th Jun 2023, 09:26
Duches OF york ?
Whilst i am sorry for her majesty the DUCHESS OF YORK to have undergone surgery for breast...
GOLDEN BEAR 1 203 26th Jun 2023, 18:00
WS Greenaway from St Nat's, Platt Bridge
Hello Does anyone know anything about WS Greenaway, associated with St Nat's in Platt Bri...
patsharp17 - 208 19th Jun 2023, 11:28
Hells angels wedding
Just seen the picture of Kay and Pete's wedding in 1973.i can't believe it was 50 years ag...
Magic tree 16 797 12th Jun 2023, 16:26
Home Hairdresser Eileen
Does anybody remember my grandmother.. she lived in Worsley Mesnes and used to have a hair...
JakeDawber23 2 529 1st Jun 2023, 00:33
Jane the salt woman
Just a bit of nostalgia an it's true, my mother told me years ago about Jane in the 30s an...
bentlegs 4 515 21st May 2023, 06:11
Thomas Quick in Wigan
Hi, Sorry I posted under someone else's thread. ( just call me dim ) I am looking fo...
willowandpepper 41 954 21st Apr 2023, 21:54
Was your g-grandmothers' name Margaret or Maggie? What about Donnellys in your tree?
mrs m 10 409 21st Apr 2023, 19:06
Who is the fool Wigan Mick?
Who is this negative fool Wigan Mick? Calling people on peoples posts..
JakeDawber23 23 1,849 12th Apr 2023, 16:25
Sad to announce the death of Dougie
Just wanted to make a post to let people know my Dad passed away suddenly Friday 31 March ...
dougie 1 616 4th Apr 2023, 19:33
Bradshaw family in Whelley
Hello everyone I am looking for information about Leah Bradshaw who lived in Whelley. Sh...
patsharp17 7 528 3rd Apr 2023, 08:38