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Banks/Bridge family
Trying to make conact with the Susan Bridge that posted Item #: 12361 about her dad - my c...
linacrelad - 1,103 Sticky!
anyone know any of the the 'Voses' now or then?
kb10975 17 595 29th Jul 2021, 10:21
Searching for.
Does anyone know anything of the Grant family that lived in Greenwood Avenue in the 1950'...
peterg125 - 104 22nd Jul 2021, 14:41
Susan Alice Town
Hi all. Does anyone have any contact with Susan Alice Town who used to live on Hazel Avenu...
Andy1970 - 127 14th Jul 2021, 18:21
Elizabeth Mary Foster
Died 26 March 1948 lived at 22 Mutual Street York Ontario Canada. Does anyone have acces...
annefair 8 595 13th Jul 2021, 17:03
Hey there i would just like to ask if there are any Metal Box colleague's out there who wo...
GOLDEN BEAR 34 842 6th Jul 2021, 15:55
Fairhurst Family Fields Farm Lee Lane Abram Wigan
Would anyone know of this family that lived at Fields Farm, probably before the second Wor...
Evie 16 897 4th Jul 2021, 11:05
Searching for Evie
Hello, I'm looking for a lady named Evie who posted on here asking about FAIRHURST in Abra...
SJP1989 - 110 1st Jul 2021, 17:51
Caroline Street Ince
Does anyone remember living in this Street in the 1950's early 1960's?
Evie 5 1,064 1st Jul 2021, 14:51
Information or RELATIVES of Joseph Holmes 1831
PLEASE Hello!! I found this topic through Google and just joined the site so I can fin...
LindaHolmes 17 312 27th Jun 2021, 21:24
christine marsden
Has anybody come across anybody with the surname Holme? Or maybe have known anyone in th...
dellhse 46 4,806 20th Jun 2021, 05:59
Golborne colliery
Any ex Golborne men about ,pey partridge as posted before ,tuddy did you live in whelley n...
Handsomeminer 631 20,879 19th Jun 2021, 11:47
Anyone remember Kellogg international
Corporation? they were in Abram . I worked there in the late 60s.As a Trainee Draughtsman....
kameras 16 1,874 13th Jun 2021, 07:21
John Chadwick
John Chadwick of the Standish butchers has died.
cindy 1 537 12th Jun 2021, 16:26
Barry Mason
Below is a message from my brother Godfrey Talbot about his recollections of Barry Mason ...
aardvaarkcreative 2 291 8th Jun 2021, 20:41
wigan girls high school
I started a thread looking for wghs & wgs friends and then continued on teachers at wghs.p...
Magic tree - 195 8th Jun 2021, 18:52
Magic tree
old mate
looking to find a bernard smith think he lived in balcarres avenue whelley wigan and i thi...
houghy1 - 154 6th Jun 2021, 15:34
kevin horrocks
what ever happened to him.last seen in wigan by me being thrown out of a pub with four fri...
rufustoot 6 806 25th May 2021, 15:10
Abraham Ashcroft
I am trying to trace any family of Abraham Ashcroft who passed away in Ince in 1961. He wa...
lynnepa - 170 21st May 2021, 16:35
find a friend
I am trying to find JAMES BOLTON an ex policeman who was at PEMBERTON station but formerly...
davee 6 606 19th May 2021, 11:15
Wallpaper hanger /Painter
Hi can anyone recommend a good wallpaper decorator local in Wigan poolstock area ,i don't ...
GOLDEN BEAR - 156 15th May 2021, 14:52
Pitricia Mitchell
Does anyone know her, husband Ralph Mitchell?
Platty - 137 13th May 2021, 20:00
John Stanton (Kingsway wigan)
Does anyone know John Stanton who used to live in Kingsway wigan? Must be 19606 or 70s
kameras 1 1,334 11th May 2021, 23:46
St john Pemberton
Anyone wanting bmd for st john's Pemberton try their site dates from 1800s to 2000+ www.s...
christine marsden 5 435 9th May 2021, 21:47
christine marsden
ancestry family tree search
Can anyone see on Ancestry the name Sheila Fearon looking for info on Mary Elizabeth or El...
annefair 6 327 5th May 2021, 16:04
does ny one rem dehaans meet works park lane abram
hiya does anyone remember dehaans meat works , or worked there in the past about 1970 than...
nannaspet 113 8,472 4th May 2021, 20:01
john b
Southport Video
As we all know Fat Mick as stopped posting his video's on WW, I for one found most worth w...
dougie 5 342 4th May 2021, 19:27
Dennis Moss
I have been trying for years to track down an old friend. Dennis Moss who lived in Beech H...
Gawthorpe81 - 158 2nd May 2021, 11:51
WILSON burials Wigan '38 & '48
I'm trying to locate the burials of my great grandparents:- JANE ELLEN WILSON (BERRY) 15 ...
macwil48 14 1,668 25th Apr 2021, 22:41
christine marsden
Wigan wrestling history
I am looking for any information on wrestling in the town, or wrestlers from the town of W...
WiganWrestlingHistory 22 923 25th Apr 2021, 17:19
1938 road traffic accident George Ratchford
Hi I am trying to find out information on my relative George Ratchford who was killed in ...
Gillmul 7 437 24th Apr 2021, 08:58
Find an old friend
Hi everyone. I’m new to this site and I’m trying to find an old friend. His name is Da...
shellbermuda - 450 18th Apr 2021, 20:42
friends wghs and wgs
Does anyone remember hilary parkinson and kate fisher from high school and padi boland fro...
Magic tree 5 1,102 13th Apr 2021, 12:16
Help finding a marriage record
Hi, I wonder if anyone can help, I'm looking for a marriage between Thomas Ryan (b.1853 in...
cath476 28 3,796 8th Apr 2021, 10:42
Some Ryan Family Information Needed
I hope all of you enjoy mysteries and can perhaps help me with any information regarding a...
david dunlop 31 2,550 7th Apr 2021, 20:37
mesnes high school
i was there for a while twenty seven years ago, (HELLO) to all that was there
ipter 61 12,233 3rd Apr 2021, 13:49
Who lived at address in 1911
Can anyone help with who lived at 25 Milton Street Poolstock in 1911. Thank you
annefair 8 453 2nd Apr 2021, 11:25
William alker
Looking for a death of the above born 1830 /31in wigan ,he was alive in 1888 at his daught...
christine marsden 10 617 28th Mar 2021, 20:56
Hi to you all hope you are keeping well this is a shout out to busy bee (if still on here)...
lilicangel18 12 533 28th Mar 2021, 10:08
If anyone remembers my brother Geoff Winstanley originally from Norley Hall, then Uphollan...
CazzaR - 316 25th Mar 2021, 19:08
Captain Thomas Newton M.C.-grave of
Found the grave of this brave man in Wigan Cemetery Lower Ince recently. He was killed a f...
flaggy delf 65 2,836 20th Mar 2021, 13:18
flaggy delf