Lyril Soap!!

Started by: afton (3)

Hi Brian,
I got here via Google. I was looking for some info on the above soap and there was a link to this site. A member (presumably) was asking about the soap.
Trouble is.....I now can't find the reference to it on site!
Can you help?

Started: 12th Sep 2006 at 16:27

Posted by: brian (838)

Mollie Matthews aked if anyone remembered the soap on an old message (now deleted), it read:

Rael Brook shirts, Pepsodent toothpaste, Brylcreem (can you still get that I wonder), Erasmic shaving stick, Oxydol and Omo. Please! Does anyone remember Lyril soap? Nobody I speak to can remember it but I'm sure I didn't make that up. Camay soap as well. The newspaper behind the outside lavvy door. When it was damp you'd leave a tattoo on yer bum of yesterday's headlines! People used to paste their wallpaper to the walls using flour and water but they don't do that anymore. They just roll it into shapes, shove a few bits and bobs in and put a sauce on top and call it pasta! Yuk! More memories of things you could buy now please as well.

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Posted by: afton (3)

Thanks for the fast response Brian.
Unfortunately it doesn't really help at present! I thought there might have been some info on the soap and who made it, why was it discontinued etc. Will continue Google search.

Replied: 12th Sep 2006 at 17:24

Posted by: john joseph (3197)


I think lyril was a brand name for a basic soap most families made their own "LYE" soap in the past my gran used to make it and threaten to wash our mouths out with it if we were cheeky it was a horid taste lol
maybe if you searched under the word "LYE" it may help


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Posted by: mandie (inactive)

hi i just typed liril soap on google and this is what i found out

Liril Soap

Brand Liril was one of Padamsee's biggest successes, it was a regular lime soap owned by Lever. The objective was to get into many households with a bang. Extensive research was conducted on housewives and young women, and Padamsee's group gained an interesting insight. They found out that the regular Indian woman, who normally lives with her husbands family faces a lot pressure in sustaining the whole family, whether it's the in-laws or her children. She never has a moment of freedom during her daily routine, except for ten minutes, which when she is in the shower. Out of that insight came the Liril advertisement which features a girl clad in a green swimsuit frolicking with great enthusiasm around a waterfall. It may sound obtuse, but that advertisement was so successful when it was released in the seventies. The moment of liberation that Liril provided appealed to the women of India and the soap became the top selling premium soap overnight and has retained that till today.

Its not only freshness, its freedom.

there is also a piccie too

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Posted by: mollie m (6385) 

Yip, yip, yipppeeeeeeeeeeee! Brian. Do you remember me telling you ages ago about my stories about Crusty? Well, in those tales he's still using Lyril soap which he's had since the 50s (hence the fact that he's a smelly old man) and NOBODY remembered Lyril. The advert I remember though was from the 50s of a young lady in a bath with floaty chiffon curtains wafting all around her and a choir singing Lyril, Lyril. Well, I can't sing it on here can I!! I knew I hadn't dreamt it so I'd like to thank you Afton, Mandie and John Joseph. I think it went out of fashion in this country in the 60s when the ladies required a nicer smelling soap like Knight's Castille but am amazed it's still being used in Asia. It stunk rotten!!! I can now finally rest, and when I get to work tomorrow I'm going to print this topic off so I can PROVE it to the non-believers. Thank you all so very much.

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Posted by: brian (838)

I remember - I hope afton comes back to see the replies.

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Posted by: mandie (inactive)

mollie if u go on google and type lyril soap it will come up

Replied: 12th Sep 2006 at 20:25


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