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Started by: lizziedownunder (7278) 

Good morning Viewers....

Anagram for today..... A E P C R I L N O

Good...... 32 Very good...... 40 Excellent...... 50+

Words of 4 letters or more, all words must include the letter....... R

Previous solution......
9 letter word........ MODERATED
dame dare dart date dead dear deed deem deer demo doer dome dorm dote dram drat made mead mode read redo reed road rode teed toad toed trod adder adore armed dared dated dater deter domed doted doter dread dream erode mated meted oared odder rated tamed trade tread adored darted demote dreamt emoted eroded madder orated reamed redate* remade roamed teamed termed traded demoted dreamed redated* moderate

Good luck everyone... stay safe....... <3

Replied: 4th Oct 2021 at 22:06

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