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Started by: lizziedownunder (7278) 

Good morning Viewers....

Anagram for today...... G N I T I L G N H

Good...... 10 Very good...... 13 Excellent...... 16+

Words of 4 letters or more, all words must include the letter........ I

Previous solution......
9 letter word........ SPEARMINT
amen emir item main mane mare mart mast mate mean meat mine mint mire mist mite name perm pram prim ramp ream same seam semi stern tame tamp team temp term time tram trim meant merit miner miser prime prism remit smart smear smite stamp steam tamer timer tramp airmen armpit impart inmate inseam marine marten master mister permit pieman pitman pitmen remain simper stamen stream tamper minaret pastime primate raiment seminar smarten

Good luck everyone... stay safe..... <3

Replied: 30th Sep 2021 at 23:04

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