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Started by: lizziedownunder (7278) 

Good morning Viewers....

Anagram for today..... C M O Y T I D H O

Good..... 8 Very good...... 10 Excellent...... 12+

Words of 4 letters or more, all words must include the letter...... T

Previous solution.....
9 letter word....... PARCELLED
aced aped card cede clad dace dale dare deal dear deep deer dell lade lard lead read reed alder arced cadre caped cared cedar creed decal drape eared elder laced ladle paced padre paled pared pedal plead raced called cradle dealer leader leaped palled pealed pedlar placed reaped capered cleared declare pleader cellared recalled replaced

Good luck safe......<3

Replied: 27th Sep 2021 at 23:09

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